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A TI with RF Measuring Device can = Dangerous Conclusions

Low Cost RF/MW reading devices are often purchased by TIs as a defensive tool against their targeting fears. However, the general topic (TSCM – Technical Security CounterMeasures) is just that: TECHNICAL, and readings from such a device can easily lead a TI to panic and over react. Here is why, and how to get more out of such devices, without the risk of serious mistakes.

by H. Michael Sweeney   Facebook  

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What you will learn reading this post:
• all TIs could benefit from professional TSCM electronic sweeps;
• that isn’t likely to happen;
• the poor-man’s TSCM pro isn’t a pro, and might be a fraud;
• there are low-cost meters but improper use can be dangerous in many ways;
• there is a solution, and help implementing it — and here it is…

The way it is

A Targeted Individual can almost always benefit greatly from a professional TSCM sweep. Such a sweep, clandestinely done, could provide significant courtroom quality proof of electronic surveillance and/or harassment with directed energy weapons or mind altering signals, such as EEG entrainment, subliminal messaging, V2S, implants, and more. If you are new to targeting and don’t know these terms, read my books. With very rare exceptions, virtually all TIs are exposed to some form of electronic targeting, and such a sweep can precisely identify who is operating the equipment, the nature of targeting, and evaluate the threat and suggest defensive/offensive options. That typically includes their providing documented reports and personal courtroom expert testimony. Combined with optional services equivalent to a private investigator, it could even end up revealing who ordered and is behind the targeting. They can also potentially detect bioimplants in the victim’s body.

Just some of the gear needed for a professional TSCM sweep completely meeting a TI’s needs.

Unfortunately, there are two reasons no TI has ever used TSCM professionals with success, and hardly any have ever used it, at all. The first reason is, that only the wealthy can afford it. A truly effective sweep of a home or work place, can cost between $20,000 and $60,000. That is because the professional will need to apply towards a million dollars worth of specialized gear, and must have decades of experience in order to be qualified to do so and have the results stand up in court. Rather than ‘meters,’ they employ sophisticated signal analyzers and other toys for a full-spectrum solution (including light and audio threats).

Sigh. Add to Christmas wish list, and hope Santa is generous.

The second reason, is that all such qualified TSCM are almost always ex government/intelligence community/military/military contractors, and are therefore, by default, subject to ‘conversion,’ because almost all targeting is ultimately at the hands of those same players. By request or by bribe, the risk is that they will give a false report showing no targeting. It is simply impossible to vet a TSCM pro against this risk, unless you happen to have a personal family/friendship relationship in place from the start. I had such a contact, and the government framed him on illegal weapons and drug charges and put him in jail, confiscated all his equipment. James Atkinson (‘Granite Island’) helped me write my first book, filling it with informative information about TSCM and what government agency uses what frequencies for what purposes (data table and other information in The Professional Paranoid). Friends are keeping his informative web site up and running for him. Visit.

So what is a TI to do? One solution, is to go with less than a true pro TSCM guy with all that gear, someone like me, perhaps, who has nearly $20,000 in gear, and some investigated skills (I’ve put a lot of people in jail, shut down illegal CIA fronts, forced corrupt officials to resign, and ended targeting for clients). Unfortunately, there are crooked people out there pretending to be ‘like me’ using even less sophisticated gear (regardless of what they claim). I have seen YouTube videos of alleged ‘bioimplant scans’ where the scanner was charging $100 per implant found, and gee… everyone scanned naturally had between three and six implants, or more — until their money ran out. And yet, not.

The problem was, the meter being used, like most such meters, has an instruction manual warning that false readings will be obtained if one touches the sensing area of the meter (the business end). You are supposed to hold them a certain way to avoid that. A fraudulent scanner, however, holds it differently, such that he merely moves his finger to tap or touch the front whenever he wants to ‘find’ an implant, bug, signal. Sadly, this service was widely promoted by one of the largest and best known TI community groups. It even resulted in a multimillion dollar lawsuit, and that group ultimately disintegrated. One clue it was a scam was ignored by all: to get the scan, you had to fly into a small remote town with all of one Police officer, check into a hotel, and get scanned within a small window of time. Poof! the scanner was gone before the fraud could be reported and investigated, and many thousands of dollars richer for a half-day’s work.

A decent start if you have something in the range of $10K to spend. It is virtually a hand-held spectrum analyzer… that unfortunately does not see military gear.

Another solution is to buy your own meter. Prices can be as low as $100, even less (be wary when so). Not quite a perfect solution, in truth, because no such product, even towards $20,000, is designed and sold for the kind of use to which the TI intends. They are designed to measure the same kinds of signals (with significant limitations, usually), but for other cause, such as testing equipment against RF emission safety standards, or to ensure they are putting out the right kind of signal. The instruction manuals only speak to such uses, and the manufacturers/sellers have zero interest in helping a TI do what they need to do with the product. Nor will they accept returns based on failures to be useful in such an application. You are on your own.

Because of the technicalities involved, and in the face of a lack of instructions, it is not only extremely rare that a given TI will know what a given reading means, but also quite likely that they will make a false and potentially dangerous wrong conclusion as to meaning, and then take wrong actions in defense of that false conclusion. A TI easily makes silly mistakes, and the results can be frightening (ex: aiming the meter at the sky will yield seriously high readings, but is NOT a threat. Many TIs assume it means satellite targeting. No, no, and no.) An example of a serious wrong action would be false accusations of an innocent party, or spending limited financial resources for shielding or legal defenses applied uselessly.  And there is another common risk…

All too often, a TI will call Police or go to other authorities or perhaps seek legal, medical, or psychological professional help, meter and readings in hand, intending to ‘prove their case.’ All they end up accomplishing, is being marked down as a very strange person with a strange little box and an even stranger and unbelievable story; a lunatic who needs mental health care. No one will understand the little black box or its readings, much less the story offered behind it all. They have never heard of TSCM, most likely, and so the entire concept is like talking about the kind of propulsion systems used on flying saucers. And if they do know about TSCM, they will know your meter is a ‘joke,’ and automatically conclude that your use of it and conclusions are just as silly, no matter what the truth is.

Note: there is one other potential ‘poor man’ solution — the use of a smart phone ap to simulate an RF/EMF meter. Yes, and no. Extremely limited range and scale of operation, extremely broad angle of view, and quite prone to misinterpretation. At best, it gives a general indication something may be amiss or a threat, but offers little proof or useful confirmation. ONE GOOD USE of such pas, as is true for low cost meters, is documenting excessive Smart Meter RF/EMF radiation, which makes it easier to force power companies to revert back to regular dial meters (beware of fake dial meters with a thick back — which conceals yet another Smart Meter without digital readout).

Don’t give up too fast… all is not lost

Don’t give up on the notion, because there are some useful uses for such meters, if approached properly. One must simply alter expectations, and have a better grounding in how to properly use low cost meters such as those described herein from, for the purpose. I can help with that. But let’s first talk about expectations:

Implant quite similar visually (smaller) to one found in my own leg some 35 years ago. State of the art, today, can be 200 times smaller, translucent, tissue colored, and bond with tissue: invisible to a surgeon and to x-ray. MRI sees only an inconsequential image blemish.

a) you are not going to use them to find implants with much chance of success. There is only one type of implant they MIGHT find, which is the type which constantly broadcasts information. An example might be a tracking implant, or a health monitoring implant. Under the right circumstances, you might find such an implant. But most implants used in targeting are either not going to broadcast anything… instead receiving signals useless in detection — or they are going to deliberately use special broadcast methods most meters cannot see or respond to usefully;

b) you are not going to use them to find V2S, subliminal, or EEG manipulation signals. You can see these signals, but they blend into the background and do not stand out as such; they cannot be isolated and identified with simple meters;

c) you can use them with some confidence to identify DEW and other targeting signal directional sources. While it is relatively easy to misread signals and erroneously presume them an attack signal, if read during an attack and relying on the strongest signal sources, only, you are likely correct in the presumption. You can then plan shielding strategies more effectively, and narrow your list of suspect enemy positions and personnel to those within that angle of attack. With some luck, you might actually pinpoint the source and perps involved, but it won’t be legally useful. But focused video surveillance (don’t break the law), with luck, may confirm suspicions sufficiently to be considered legally useful evidence. Rely on video documentation of not just the doings at such sites, but also video of meter readings during attacks, to prepare potentially useful evidence… useful to perhaps interest someone into considering your story… knowing the likelihood is that they will still reject it as lunacy. Risk vs. Benefit is your decision guide about attempting to convince them;

d) you can use them to identify the type of signal, in some cases. They type and sophistication of the meter, and your ability to use them properly, will determine if that is the case, or not. It is quite easy to make wrong assumptions, as there are so many kinds of attack signals across a broad spectrum of frequencies (bands of RF energy). Most serious threats operate at frequencies well above the capabilities of low cost meters. Even my $20,000 gear cannot see above 12 gHz microwave, which is where most military bands operate. But if your enemy is not military based, you might have a chance with $20K gear… but with gear costing hundreds of dollars, your chances diminish to the point of being limited, perhaps, to seeing things an amateur or Cop might employ.

e) you can use them to warn of a DEW attack before it becomes a problem in terms of physical/mental effect. There is one particular low cost meter best suited to this use, allowing you to relocate yourself away from the attack area… the meter will advise when escape has been achieved (cease the warning). It will also indicate if you are being ‘tracked’ by a signal by some means (generally some kind of surveillance, or by a locating implant), and can give you a general sense of the direction of the attack signal source, much like the Trifield. It is not, however, a great substitute for the capabilities of the Trifield beyond that, but it is a better warning device than the Trifield, because it is automatic, and always operating, unless switched off. It can even clip to your clothing or be carried in a pocket, or set down anywhere near you;

f) you can use such meters to determine if the signal levels exceed safety limits set by government and NGO organizations. This, in turn, can sometimes be used to force government agencies, most notably the FCC, OSHA, to investigate on your behalf, though it is quite likely such investigations will not match your findings; the enemy will simply shut down temporarily. But at least you get a brief vacation from assault. When concerned about safety levels, you will want to carefully review online searches to compare the latest (always being adjusted downward) standards and what a level represent in terms of health issues, and that will prove to be quite technical — you need to carefully compare your meter reading and scale used for the set limits, which may require unit conversion (usually a matter of multiplying or dividing by 10 or 100; most such resources will give you instructions for conversion or cite alternate unit results for you). With luck, your findings can be matched to specific known physical symptoms for a given reading level, which if matched to your symptoms and reading levels obtained, can be useful if well documented (video of your readings and symptoms + industry data);

g) you might be able to use them to find surveillance technology, to include listening devices and cameras. Again, sophistication and skill of the user are key. There are devices better suited to this purpose which remain low in cost. Use a search engine (bug and camera detection gear) for that. Same for (phone bug detection). See my post on cellphones.

Now as to the other key requirement, proper use

Fortunately, there are two specific low-cost devices I can recommend with confidence, and for which I can provide rather specific instructional advice on how to use them for TI needs. They are the devices I started with early on for my own needs, after some considerable informed research — and successfully used to confirm my own electronic targeting, source location, and identity of the operator at that location. It allowed effective shielding response which ended the threat, and finding of listening devices. It helped me to develop other tactics to defeat targeting which did not involve shielding. They had other benefits, as well, not the least of which was improved peace of mind.

As result, I made a special deal with the manufacturer (Trifield): they would sell them to me at a small discount for resale to TIs, and send TI requests for information or purchase to me… on the proviso (my idea) that I provide an instruction manual for TI uses, be responsible for any returns and customer service issues arising from TI uses. They did not want that business at all, and would not sell them to TIs if they understood such was their use/need. While I am no longer in a position to provide the service, which as a kind of rent-to-own trial program for which no one ever declined to own (it worked well for them), I do still offer the instructions (an emailed .pdf file, illustrated).

These are for the trusty and versatile Trifield meter (avoid the more costly blue-faced version, generally less useful to TI needs) and SmartAlert 2 microwave detection device offered at Both meters are very low cost: you can buy both for less than $300, just don’t mention targeting. My manual gives broad instructional use for both meters, and additionally includes an idea on how to modify (at relatively low cost) an entire room to be a faraday cage without dramatic change in the appearance of the room.

I used to sell the instructions for $20, with the purchase price applied to the purchase of a meter. The idea was that one could see what the instructions were like without risking the investment in a meter, and if thinking it doable, go for the meter without wasting the $20, as I made it free with a meter if purchased outright. It was a confidence-building approach to decision making.

I also tried to talk people out of doing it by pointing out everything in this article. Only if they got past all the negatives, and still wanted to proceed, DID I HAVE CONFIDENCE IN THEIR DECISION. I needed to feel it was right, too, because I did not want a meter to be returned — a wanted a successful use of it to better the user’s targeting situation.

Since I no longer sell the meter, I make the file available on request by email to anyone willing to make a contribution to the Free Will Society, and our effort there to establish Free Will Haven, a targeting-free, low-cost, self-sustaining intentional community (learn more here). There are two ways to go: A $20 donation gets you the manual. A $50 donation gets you the manual AND membership in the Free Will Society (you must have a Facebook account, as well, to participate in membership dialogs) and an ebook copy of The Professional Paranoid, which also talks about privacy/security issues, which includes material also related to meter use as described in the introduction (frequency usage).  That, alone is a $12 value. By all means, donate more, if so moved.

Note: A secondary goal of the Free Will Society, is to subsequently establish a mobile strike team with a full professional TSCM sweep capability, to include a van full of gear (image above). This would be used not only by Free Will Haven, but be able to be sent anywhere in the country to target perps covertly, and nail them to the cross, and blow the whole topic of political control technology wide open in media, and in the halls of government… globally. And yes, that means yet another million dollars are needed. So add zeros to your donation 🙂

The manual’s instructions can generally be applied to any similar products, if one simply reads between the lines, and compares the differences between meters usefully. This is true even if talking about the $20K flavor, though the capabilities will expand greatly as meter sophistication (and price) increases. Just keep in mind that an expensive and more sophisticated meter will likely require some IEEE technical expertise, such as I actually have. I even have some background in microwave technology, and signal processing as employed by the intelligence community (selling and installing such technology, as well as general security and alarm equipment).

The greatest improvement high-end gear offers will be in the range of frequencies (bands) which can be analyzed, but there are many other benefits to better units, as well. For instance, the ability log to memory the readings as you go, plug them into a computer for even more signal analysis (big step up in usefulness), and improved sensitivity in range and angle of reading. A low cost meter reads rather broadly, say 30-40 degrees of arc, perhaps more, where my meter reads as little as 3-6 degrees of arc. Most low cost meters don’t even specify, and the ‘funnel’ nature of a broad angle contributes to misinterpretations of reading importance or meaning. Narrow is good, but you can compensate by taking care and multiple readings from multiple angles (triangulate).

Why am I Being Targeted? A Valuable Question for TIs

Being targeted is all about unanswered, yet critical and deeply troubling questions, psychological torture being at least half the intent of targeting. The foremost question is usually ‘Why?’ or ‘Why me?’ There only three answers which matter, and they are not impossible to discern, and knowing can improve one’s ability to resist.

by H. Michael Sweeney   Facebook  

copyright © 2016, all rights reserved. Permission to repost hereby granted provided entire post with all links in tact, including this notice and byline, are included. Quote freely, links requested. Please comment any such repost or quote link to original posting.
What you will learn reading this post:
• there are three primary reasons why TIs are targeted;
• knowing which it is can result in better defensive/offensive strategies;
• it is possible to discern the difference in many cases;
• there used to be a fourth kind, but what it really is will surprise you.

The way it is

Of the 12,000 plus persons reaching out to me over the last two decades because they were being targeted with some form of Political Control Technology (PCT), almost without exception, the first thing asked is ‘Why… why me?’ Naturally, there are endless other questions which are also asked, all of them seemingly unanswerable, and all of them deeply troubling and part of the psychological mind games which are inherent in all forms of mind control.
27419003986.jpegThere were three or four possibilities, and the best answer which could be offered up front was simply to cite those reasons, a generic answer which lead to no peace of mind, and which usually lead to even more difficult to answer questions. And yet, to get to the bottom of things and mount a viable defensive/offensive strategy, such questions needed to be answered; you cannot fight a problem you do not understand.
This is why targeting tactics include significant effort into misleading the TI into thinking all manner of incorrect facts about their targeting. Out of the 12,000, I have only ever encountered perhaps 4 who truly had it right. Defending the wrong problem results in failure, amplifies the power of the mind games through frustration of defeats, and sets the TI up for looking insane (or even driving them to that state), almost always another goal of the targeting, the very means of neutralization, and the best measure of success.
And so, in order to get those answers, I established my free Helps Kit (, and its use, in turn, enabled me to offer a variety of for-fee consulting services aimed at formulating appropriate combat tactics. In almost all cases, even if not electing my services, the Kit lead to some improved understanding and ability to withstand targeting. The services almost always amplified that result, and in all-too-few cases, enabled a complete stop of the targeting, usually with some form of remuneration or compensation to the victim through what I term a ‘blackmail insurance policy.’
So YES, it is right to ask why. So let’s look at the generic answer, and see where it leads us.

The Three Answers

I and others used to think in terms of a fourth factor, which at least seemed to be another category, but it is not, by and large. And yet, as we will see, it remains telling and useful. Let’s start with the big three, first.

1) the actual intended use is ‘political,’ which translates as any form of disapproval of the TI which may require punishment or neutralization short of an assassin. Whistle blowers or potential whistle blowers, cult members evicted from, or who quit the cult, etc;
2) ‘experimentation’… extending the state of the art;
3) ‘training.’ Guinea pigs for trainees are targeted in order to achieve across the board predictable efficiency.
What we used to perceive as a fourth reason was sometimes called ‘Joyriding’. In truth, if falls into experimentation, but not upon the TI — upon the perps. Actual joyriding can take place… the unauthorized used of tech/methods for personal gratification… but more than likely, to the abuser, it is in the realm of ‘political,’ to
them at a personal level. But the bulk of joyriding would seem to be experiments upon the perps.
93d5bea6cce0329abcf9fc97431684c0.jpgMany perps are themselves TIs, either actual mind control victims or persons (typically sociopaths or psychopaths) who are put into experiments to see how THEY react in a perp situation based on THEIR psychological profile and the specific circumstances of the TI-to-perp interaction/response cycle. In fact, the TI is almost superfluous to the equation, once their suitability has been determined (their profile), and considered a consumable and expendable item in the project — though controls exist to prevent such harms as might result in Police investigations which might defy cover up arrangements.
An easy example is the infamous Yale experiments on authority conducted by (presumed CIA) Psychologist Stanley Milgram, ostensibly funded by CIA under MK-Ultra. There, volunteer students were given the choice of playing teacher or student roles in what was described as a learning experiment, with an observer who was authority over the ‘teacher,’ who was de facto authority over the ‘student.’ The teacher would test the student and punish wrong answers with an electrical shock, increasing the voltage for repeat errors. There were lies in the mix which changed the reality to something else, but in the end, the observer would instruct the teacher to continue the increases in voltage to the level of lethality.
In that study, those playing student were not real student volunteers, but paid actors, and no one was actually being shocked or harmed. But a similar study by Professor Phil Lombardo, the Stanford Prison Experiments, resulted in actual sadistic violence so troubling that it had was made into a motion picture. There, everyone was being studied, but the guards believed only the prisoners were being studied, so the core experiment was focused on them. This experiment, too, is thought to have had government backing of some sort, as this was in the days of COINTEL and COINTELPRO operations by FBI and the U.S. Army under Nixon, a program thought enhanced and behind much of today’s targeting of citizens. In any event, it had been ‘blessed’ by the American Psychiatric Association, which at one time was headed by former CIA mind control scientists (like all such organizations).

Knowing the difference can alter TI tactics

 One needs to fight the right problem. So it is critical to know which reason applies. There are some general defenses which can be used regardless of the form of targeting, but there are also specific defenses which in the end, are likely more productive. While every TI’s situation and circumstances can dramatically impact on exactly HOW to effect such defenses, and especially offensive responses, what follows below are my ‘generic’ answers which are, unfortunately, somewhat simplistic in description. A TI should be very cautious in experimentation trying to find the best way to implement a given solution.
The key most generics which apply to all reasons for targeting, are a bit more straightforward. Chief among them is to increase site security (i.e., pickproof deadbolt on a primary entrance, all other entrances secured such that only breaking and entering is an option — which perps don’t like to do because it leaves physical evidence in support of the victim’s claims of targeting). That can also mean use of video security monitoring systems, security lighting, and so forth. I am not a fan of monitored alarm systems (most such firms have intelligence community ties), but I do like off-the-shelf component alarm systems, perhaps with online monitoring by YOU.
Another generic tactic is to Stop, Think, then Act, instead of simply to react. Instead of reacting to a targeting stimuli or event, STOP: Think about what they want or expect you to do in reaction, and instead, Act (as actor) in some random contrary way. They use your reactions to gauge effectiveness of their methods, and methods are calculated based on your psychological profile. Acting, done believably (don’t over act, don’t elect a totally absurd response) can screw with them in ways which sees them doubting both their methods and the accuracy of your profile, and cause them to retreat to square one, reducing your trouble and giving you a rest period. However, before that happens, you must brace for increased attack levels, until they accept that something is truly wrong.
And, of course, I also advise at least the first two books in the Professional Paranoid series. The Professional Paranoid gives how-to advice with respect to traditional targeting, which is always part of PCT targeting. The second, MC Realities, gives how-to advice about the PCT variety. The third book, The Defensive Field Guide, is simply a compendium of references and resources, primarily educational and especially useful as ‘proofs’ when trying to convince non believers that the technology and history of its use by government is real. Learn more about my books, music, and videos on these kinds of topics using my WordPress pull down menu (page top). Additional blog posts on topic are also available, here.
Political targeting almost always involves a ‘full-court press.’ The victim will likely suffer electronic weapon targeting, gangstalking, dirty tricks designed to destroy all resources, including finances, relationships, and reputation. They tend to be harassed by law enforcement and other civil agencies, and will likely in time discover they have been implanted with various devices to allow tracking, cause pain, provide voices in their head, and perhaps, suffer use of chemicals and gasses. Everyone will seem to turn against them, for they have been turned by the flashing of badges and requests for ‘help’ by ‘investigators’ of some horrible thing (i.e., pedophilia, terrorism, etc.)
The best defense is to determine exactly what thing it is they fear about you such that targeting was justified in their mind (which may be false beliefs about you). It usually has to do with something work related, or if a college student, something witnessed or experienced at school. Knowing the reason for the targeting will give you the who. With the who, why, and how answered, it is often possible to crate that blackmail insurance policy.
But it also may be that you had already been a victim of childhood abuses designed to create split personalities which could be ‘programmed’ to make you into a programmable person (think in terms of a Jason Bourne or Manchurian Candidate). For every Bourne successfully created, there are likely dozens of ‘failures’ which are kept around to become patsies or for fodder in some future plot. Such persons are often targeted to keep them off balance and looking insane in order to prevent exposure of the greater programming project. If you think you might be one of these, contact me for further evaluation.
Experimental targeting almost always does NOT involve a full-court press. It is usually to test a specific PCT or PCT combination. In some cases, this is actually a better experience as a TI, because of that fact. But in other cases, it can mean very exceptional and horrific targeting levels. Where it is the perps who are the subject of the experiment, it is more likely for the TI to have a  yo-yo experience, even seeming lapses in targeting. Finally, another clue is bizarre symptoms atypical from other TIs. This usually means some new, advanced technology is in play. The more ‘crazy sounding’ the experience is, especially against other TI experiences, the more likely is it experimental tech… unless, of course, one actually is schizophrenic. But even that can be a clue (see training targeting, next).
If it is concluded that perps are the true subjects, you can apply the same defense as advised in the training targeting (next). Otherwise, it is hard to give specific advice for something which may not be based on known technology or methods, but it is just as likely to be based on psychological experimentation as it is technical. In the later case, there will be no bizarre experiences (comparatively). In either event, I suggest you contact me and perhaps we can figure out something to try which is based on whatever is going on.
Training targeting will again feature yo-yo symptoms/effects, and perhaps brief lapses in targeting, but the symptoms will not be atypical of other victims. Because it will involve perps who may be ‘stupid’ about important errors that can be made, it is typically used against people who already have some history of mental health treatment. Schizophrenia, paranoia, or extreme schisms are popular ‘excuses’ which can hide any such targeting errors and prevent exposure of the training project. Authorities will presume the mental state of the victim the cause of their complaint, even to the point of ignoring physical evidence, such as burns on the body, which would be thought self inflicted. As in all targeting cases, regardless of type, reason, etc., I advise never to go to authorities unless you have courtroom quality evidence and witnesses or other proofs to counter any notion of mental illness.
Another clue it is training leads to defensive options. One will see a routine change of players, if one can locate the nearby perp operating posts. Training commonly requires at least one ‘instructor’ and one or more ‘trainees’ at a time. They are not family, and are not in the same social or affluence levels, and will tend to seem odd matches for each other, both in dress, and likely, in age. And, there are likely three sets of them to allow three shifts a day (not always – where targeting varies during the day and is consistent at night, the nighttime targeting may be automated), which would mean a lot of coming and going of different people. And, as there will be graduations, there will be a larger cycle of all new people, which may or may not include brief lapses in targeting, or renewed cycles of targeting experience which might be described as starting low and simple, and advancing to high and complex, over time.
The defense is simply to document the comings and goings, and the patterns of electronic attack signals. Rely on video, get license plates, record times, etc. This may enable you to obtain help from authorities, or perhaps to take legal action. But I warn you, the material must be legally compelling, and overwhelming. You will need a lawyer’s advice more than mine.

About Death Threats

Many TIs talk about thinking their perps are trying to kill them. Some talk about actual death threats and events which seem to be ‘failed attempts.’ Some reference  deaths which have taken place as ‘suspicious.’ It is true that numerous TIs have died while being targeted. These deaths are not outside of the norms of actuarial tables for a given group of people, given the many tens of thousands of TIs who actively so identify themselves. And as investigator, I have yet to see any compelling evidence of an actual murder, or staged accidents. I know of only one accidental death at the hands of a perp… which would possibly warrant a murder charge… definitely warrant manslaughter charges.
So, despite the insistence of TIs, I am equally adamant that murder is not the intent of targeting. Given the resources and skills of who is involved in targeting, if they wanted a person dead, they would be dead. They would not issue a threat or any other kind of warning, they would just get the job done. And, keep in mind that one reason targeting has been developed and deployed for political use is specifically to avoid murders. Murders can result in investigations which have the potential of blowback. But targeting creates a ‘mentally ill plaintiff’ who will be ignored, and is who is therefor a political (and social, financial) zero.
Therefore, where a targeting situation involves such threats, I deem it to mean one of two things. Either the TIs defenses are becoming effective and they seek to deter… using a bluff… in which case it is likely to be in a political targeting situation — or it is part of an experimental targeting project. In all cases, it is a mind game and should be ignored outwardly, while inwardly increasing defensive posture and alertness. If actual attempts are made, that is entirely another matter, and should be documented and likely, taken to law enforcement. Not that they will do anything about it, but it gets it on the record, such that if things become more serious, they might respond appropriately.

Fake News and Its Suppression: Who Benefits?

Fake News is a political weapon which is designed to cut two ways into your freedoms, and send us deeper into the grip of the New World Order. This case study reveals it.

by H. Michael Sweeney   Facebook  

copyright © 2016, all rights reserved. Permission to repost hereby granted provided entire post with all links in tact, including this notice and byline, are included. Quote freely, links requested. Please comment any such repost or link to original posting.

What is Fake News?

Depends on who you ask, and when.
Were you to ask me or the next guy, say five or ten years ago, the answer would likely be ‘fake news web sites,’ those sites which feature click bait ‘BREAKING!’ headlines which are shockingly unbelievable… but just plausible enough to get you to click. If you bother to Google, you often find the story has already been debunked by someone, or that the image used is other than claimed. You also have to worry about sites like the Onion, which use deliberately over the top ‘fake news’ as a form of politically commentary.
The stories found at fake news sites, rich with advertising to make them money for your trouble, offer no cited source, no links to a verifying source, typically have no byline (author) cited, or the author is nobody you ever heard of, and they don’t have an About US, or it is next to useless. Often, the site is truly fake, pretending to look like a legitimate news source, either by name, or outright theft of ‘look and feel’ of a mainstream site (i.e., has NOTHING to do with ABC news, despite use of their logo). has nothing to do with any news station, though designed to look like it does.
Were you to ask, today, at least half of the country, would additionally answer, Government, and Mainstream Media. Time and again they have been caught promoting stories proven to be false, always for political reasons. In the most recent Presidential campaign, the bias of media was so extreme and visible, that they no longer bothered to fact check Democrat/Hillary claims, and spent endless time fostering false narratives about Trump, story after story after story.
By way of example: If Trump said (and he did) “Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’ll be able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing,” suddenly Hillary and media were claiming Trump was asking Russia to spy on Hillary… twisting the meaning of very clear words intending no such thing, but instead implying Hillary’s sloppy personal server emails were a National Security Risk, already very likely to have been hacked by (anyone who cared to do so), while at the same time highlighting the criminality suspected in the deletion of emails prior to FBI investigation.
But if you ask Democrats, or Government, or Media, it is only Web sites which have been critical of THEM or their own ‘news’ stories. They would include Activists and Conspiracy Theorist reviews such as Alex Jones, and actual legitimate news sites which dared go against mainstream in the election, such as FOX News, RT News. Well, I don’t trust FOX to be ‘fair and balanced,’ or ‘unafraid,’ either, but I’ve never seen RT do anything but expose things needing exposing, and reporting verifiable facts, and conduct verbatim interviews without talking over and interrupting, as is common to US mainstream. They would also include virtually all Conservative viewpoint sources, and many neutral sources long accepted as offering verifiable content, such as World Net Daily, Breitbart.
The scary part of these lists, which is nothing more than political blacklisting, is that there is a clear focus as to who is being targeted. Yes, they lump in with those they wish to ‘target’ by such labeling, actual fake sites, such as Before Its News and Federal Jack, and that is intended to legitimize via guilt by association inclusion of sites they wish to destroy for political reasons. But when you examine the list, you find out that there is such a focus; it is conservatives (opposed to the current liberal Democrats in power), Orthodox religious sites vocally opposed to select liberal policies, such as abortion, and anyone who faults Global Warming.
In fact, the primary accusation is: “This site publishes information that cannot be validated and that is anti scientific fact.” The grammatical error is theirs (‘that,’ instead of ‘which’). News sites which cite and links to their source can be validated. If you have a problem with the source, go after them. Scientific Fact? What is that? Science continually reverses and revises itself as more is learned over time. When something like Global Warming is involved, where you have legions of scientists who disagree with scientists who have a vested interest in the ‘official science’ for political reasons, the expression ‘anti-science’ is itself propaganda, and disinformation; fake news. Science is only theory until proven and accepted as fact, and that’s clearly not the case when scientists themselves cannot agree, and there is a political agenda involved — in this case the New World Order’s wish to establish Carbon Tax, Carbon Currency, and Carbon Credits.
In short, the whole Fake News, as news, in the news, is itself, manufactured Fake News for political purposes. It is so fake, in fact, that many sites listing fake news, do not even identify themselves and tend to pop up overnight, which likely means they are created through the Democrats, Establishment Republicans, George Soros, or their cronies. They, themselves, are fake. Example:

How to fight fake news

The problem with fake news as a tactic, even when from media, the Democrat machine, the Establishment Republicans, the CIA or FBI (Agency or individual rogue Agents), George Soros, or from sources in other countries, and of course, professional fake news Web sites, Conspiracy Theorists who don’t know jack, or anyone else… is it is EASY to see if it fake or at least suspect enough to look closer. Do they cite their source with a link? Do they give a byline? Do they dare offer an About Us which is useful?
HOWEVER, this only happens (looking closer) if you/we CARE. By heaping fake news upon us continually and endlessly with one thing after another, from fake source after fake source, and through ‘legitimate’ sources, as well — as they have ever since Trump threw his ring into the hat, the defenses of those who support truth and/or trump, or both, are worn down, and we become lax, thinking this, too, shall pass. We stop bothering to look, and presuming that because we see the lie, that others will too, before being hoodwinked. No. They won’t. Apathy and laziness reign.
This is why fake news works; apathy and presumptions allow it to be spread unopposed on social media. The only way to fight it is to relentlessly point it out: “Fake News: no source cited, no links to verify, no author, see what was actually said, here (link).” Or similar. IT IS THEREFORE UP TO EVERY CITIZEN TO REJECT FAKE NEWS, SEEK IT OUT, PROTEST IT, EXPOSE IT, and DECRY THE SOURCES, ALL WHO REPEAT IT, AND ALL WHO BELIEVE IT, ALL WHO BENEFIT BY IT IN THEIR SILENCE.Always check About Us, if they dare have one.

Case Study in fake news of the most dangerous and treasonous kind.

At the time of this writing, the pushers of the latest and most dangerous fake news are the Democrats, Establishment Republicans, Soros, the current Democrat Government, and George Soros. Their real TARGET AUDIENCE is, in this case, the Electoral College voters who are still being exposed to the avalanche of lies, lies, lies. A lie repeated often enough, in the company of more lies in support, eventually seem as if the truth. The core lie (fake news), is that Trump, Putin, Wikileaks, and select FBI officials conspired against Hillary. Specifically, that Putin hacked the DNC and shared files damaging to Hillary with Wikileaks, in support of Trump, and that Trump conspired with FBI to refute those charges.
It is wholly inconceivable that a Conspiracy can be formed by a single business man, a high ranking FBI agent, the Russians via Putin, and a non partisan Web leaking service (Wikileaks). If they can make enough Electoral College voters believe this lie, the outcome of the election comes into question. The stakes are high, and the hope is that there are enough fools to follow. To believe this latest fake news, you have to believe that:
a) that Wikileaks is a tool of Putin, a Fake News story planted by who? The Democrats. Planted when? When Wikileaks releases happened to revolve around Hillary. Who benefits? Democrats/Hillary;
b) that Trump bribed people in FBI to refute Russian hacking, a Fake News story planted by who? The Democrats. Planted when? After they lost the election. Who benefits? Democrats/Hillary;
c) that Trump and Putin have colluded or that Putin has elected to support Trump over Hillary. Collusion is a Fake News story planted by who? Hillary. Planted when? In the middle of a hard political fight. Who Benefits? Democrats/Hillary. As to wether or not Putin would prefer and support Trump, such is HIS RIGHT, as it is true for every individual and nation on the planet. The U.S. acts to sway elections in other countries, and should expect other countries to seek influence in our own. Hell, we even used mind control on the entire country of Bosnia to sway their elections using Command Solo Aircraft, as admitted by USAF;
d) that Putin risked an international incident, and arranged for the DNC computer to be hacked in order to share with Wikileaks, a Fake News story planted by who? The Democrats/Hillary? Planted when? In the heat of the campaign, and again well after they had lost. Who benefits? Democrats/Hillalry. If this was not fake news, why did the ‘honorable’ Democrat Congressmen NOW calling for investigation not call for it on day one? In truth, we now learn, John Podesta’s own personal carelessness with an obvious email phishing ploy lead to the least, and not hacking in the traditional sense as claimed by the Democrats, such that… (see next);
e) that all 17 US Intelligence Agencies agree that hacking by the Russians took place and shared with Wikileaks, which means the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, and the 16 INDEPENDENT agencies beneath it, EACH INDEPENDENTLY came to like conclusion through THEIR INDEPENDENT DETECTION/INVESTIGATION. This includes very unlikely Agencies, such as DEA, Atomic Energy, and each spy arm of the U.S. Military, non of which monitor anything more than those Web resources which impact on THEIR INDIVIDUAL MISSIONS. This Fake News was planted by who? Hillary. When? During the heat of the campaign, and again later, after loosing, renewed by Democrats. Who benefits? Democrats/Hillary. Again, if TRUE THEN, why wait until NOW to get upset about it enough to call for investigation? Email Phishing happens all the time, to everyone, and is way-too easy to detect to have been a sophisticated hacking effort by the Russians. It was Podesta’s stupidity, and nothing, else;
DO YOU SEE ANY PATTERN HERE, at all? But wait. We are not done, yet. Who are the other players in EACH and EVERY case? The same liberal media outlets that promoted Democrat/Hillary’s other campaign lies through the campaign. Soros. Many of the same Establishment Republicans who can’t stand loosing power to the People. So, who are the real conspirators, here? If you think about it, every player… Republican and Democrat Establishment, Hillary, controlled media, Soros… they are all part of The New World Order, either as front-line politicians with treasonous intent, or manipulated minions obeying orders.
I say Treason, because the NWO seeks above all else to destroy the sovereignty of all nations in favor of a One World Government; when your own congressional members and President seek to abandon your own laws and the Constitution in favor of Global laws contrary to your own, it is destruction of sovereignty, and therefore, Treason. When they are Bilderbergers or members of Skull and Bones or the Round Table Groups, which either require oaths which disavow the Laws of the Land or have policies and/or mission statements which support a One World Government, that is a violation of the Oath of Office, and is Treason.

Fake News real goal and threat: Democracy, the Constitution, Freedom

If those in media and government who deem themselves sole authority on what is and is not fake news are allowed to do so, We, The People, are doomed. In the tradition of the New World Order ploy of ‘creating a problem’ in order to ‘provide a solution,’ which was pre determined to achieve a hidden agenda, fake news outcry was launched specifically in order to proved just such a solution. By problem-solution-agenda, I mean that the solution just happens to be ready to go in time for immediate application (strike while the iron is hot… the people are lathered up and ripe for exploitation), and has some draconian underpinnings not readily visible without close scrutiny.
Example: As I first exposed in the Professional Paranoid Newsletter, and later in my books, The Patriot Act was already written prior to 9-11. Homeland Security was established secretly two years to the day prior to 9-11, but enabled by the Patriot Act, so it could be immediately ‘activated.’ Now comes fake news, and it, too, has ‘just in time’ legislation already written.
And lo and behold, both the House and the Senate have Bills already quietly being passed to counter ‘fake news.’ In the Senate, we have the Countering Disinformation and  Propaganda Act, and in the House, HR6393, part of the Annual Defense Intelligence Authorization Act, which has been amended to target ‘Russian Propaganda’ and, by association, other forms of ‘fake news.’
Now, the links provided above by me are deliberately from sites being officially declared by government and media as ‘fake news,’ but I defy you to find anything fake in their reporting. They give you the links to the actual material so you can judge for yourself, and reveal anything fake in their presentation. THAT does not meet my criteria for fake news, but because their report is contrary to the official story government would prefer, essentially whistle-blowing, it meets government’s criteria, and by extension, that of a controlled and biased media.
The scary part is this. Both of these acts give the government the power to establish what is effectively a Ministry of Truth (a la Orwell’s 1984), which can ultimately be used to completely shut down all dissenting voice in America and elsewhere, especially on the Web. It also can lead to establishing punishment for saying things publicly which oppose government, a de facto sedition law which inhibits free speech. That is one of things we went to war with King George over. 
Add into all this the additional censoring by Google and Facebook, and all you are going to be able to do is ‘guess’ what the truth is. Try using Google or any of the major engines to find something out using controversial or heated topics which oppose the official story. It used to be you got exactly what you requested. But now, you mostly get official versions up front, as if you didn’t really know exactly what to type in what you were looking for, and they figured that out, for you. To find what you are actually looking for, you may have to go pages and pages deep into the results.
Example: For this post, I typed in “What did trump really say about russian hacking” which produces almost exclusively opinions about what Trump said, not what he actually said. Even the one which comes close, does not go back to his original quote. It took me quite a long time to actually get back to his original quote. This is censorship for political purposes, in this case reflecting the desired liberal/Democrat and Establishment Republican desire to destroy non establishment Trump. To find the truth, ‘guessing’ will not cut it, and neither will accepting media, Google, or government’s claims, et. al.
Dig! Dig! Dig!

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Who’s Killing the Bilderbergers?

Some 17 years ago, the Unified Conspiracy Theory was formulated. It was so accurate — it was able to predict in 1999 the 2001 downing of the WTC by jetliners and resulting Middle East Oil Wars, and other major news events. Now it can be seen at work in my newest book on the Bilderbergers — where fact and fiction collide… fatally.


by H. Michael Sweeney   Facebook  

copyright © 2016, all rights reserved. Permission to repost hereby granted provided entire post with all links in tact, including this notice and byline, are included. Quote freely, links requested. Please comment any such repost or link to original posting.
Upate Feb. 20, 2017 Paranoia Publishing is set to start shipping hard cover copies of this book as early as first week of March. Amazon will carry it right away. ebook copies available direct from author now at half price ($6 – will return to normal price once hard copy is available) via paypal orders to proparanoidgroup at gmail com. 

What led to this book? The definitive International conspiracy.

After ten years of research into crimes of the New World Order, I began to theorize that the bulk of America’s dark bumps in the night were not simply random crimes by assorted forces for varied agenda, but completely orchestrated as a single, logical, step-wise plan toward a single, yet visible goal. It resulting in the Unified Conspiracy Theory, and it was reasoned that if one knew the goal, and the steps thus far taken, such a plan was predictable, and as a theory, the ultimate test would be to do just that.

The first three predictions made with the UCT were so scary, that I had to take actions, do something… anything I could think of, to attempt to thwart them. The first was, that some kind of terror event would bring down the WTC with jetliners, and result in a series of Middle East Oil Wars. So, in the Fall of 1999, knowing no authorities would bother to respond usefully, or quickly, I published a quickly written screenplay featuring such a plot, and put it online with explanative warnings, hoping against hope it might force any such plan to be aborted. No such luck, of course, even though Oliver Stone’s people took a look at the script in search of a project. They thought it an impossible ‘false flag’ scenario.



The second UCT prediction was an assassination attempt on 1992 Independent Presidential Candidate H. Ross Perot, or his family, in order to force him out of the Primary run against Clinton/Bush. I took no chances, and this time, notified the Secret Service of my concerns, expecting they would ask me for details. I used my backchannel contact, someone I had worked with before on several Treasury matters. Some several weeks later, Perot did back out of the election, even though the very night he did so, he had won enough votes to be guaranteed a place on the General Ballot. A few weeks after that, my SS contact confirmed that an attempt had been made just before the Primary, against his family; mailed Anthrax. That has its own telling ‘false flag’ backstory.

The third was that there would be at least two more major false flag attacks to follow, specifically naming the type of attacks, and the cities. One of them was my home town, which I had predicted would suffer a bio-terror attack, and I even identified the means of delivery and rogue CIA Fronts to be used. But by the time frame where that might become a more current concern, I had finished my book set, Fatal Rebirth, which spelled these things out quite clearly, again hoping it might spoil any such plan. I also took steps to notify the City.

Again, no useful results, but fortunately, knowing such details enabled me to personally thwart that attack, or at least postpone it. It is featured on this Blog’s home page.  But I was definitely able to thwart second, different terror attack in the same time frame, likely a Plan B to the former. It was called Gas Station Tasking when announced by President Bush; the use of private planes to dive bomb the area’s largest gas station while a tanker truck was offloading gasoline, at the busiest time of the street traffic day. This is also detailed on the home page.

This could easily have taken out two gas stations, four restaurants, two banks, two two hotels, and potentially, two major shopping complexes, and the traffic on the busiest intersection in the County, plus a major Interstate and two State highways. Identified, were two of FBI’s Top Ten Most Wanted Terrorists, and others, including the Christmas Tree Bombers. They were getting help from an FBI Agent known to me, and so, as it was a false flag operation, FBI, CIA, FAA, DHS, in response to my going public, never asked for my evidence, which included fingerprints, video, multiple eye witness confirmations, and more. The cover up was started before the President even heard about it. See home page.


Why UTC matters to this new book

Other UTC predictions have since come to pass, as well. The reason this is all mentioned here, at all, is because the UTC does not just affect America, it relates perfectly to World affairs, as well. And in this world, we have various Round Table Groups of Globalists who push for a One-World Government, which is to say, elements of the modern-day Illuminati. Such groups as the Tri-Lateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, and the Grandaddy of them all, the Bilderbergers, and many more (even United Nations, World Bank, et. al), all tend to be cut from the same New World Order mold.


This image relates to one of two strings of real World International murders footnoted in Who’s Killing The Bilderbergers, as cited in this book. From


Which in turn is to say, largely fascist, all-too often satanic, and decidedly power elitists seeking to rule the World through manipulation and control of (everything), and willing to do so at any cost, by any means. Not to go overboard, it is important to note that, with the exception of the Bilderbergers, most Round Table Groups, like FreeMasonry, attempt to draw in newbie membership who are completely innocent Sheep. This gives surface viability and credibility of these groups to mainstream in ways which allow them to mask the darker roles they play in seeking the Globalist rule, while also giving fresh students to draw into their world, especially the more successful up and comers. There is a backstory there, as well, as I have first hand knowledge, x 2 telling examples, having been such an up and coming business man.

Ergo, this new book is designed to do much the same thing as Fatal Rebirth; to warn you just what these people are doing, and why… and why you should be mad as hell about it and doing something to stop them. Only, my new book is global in scope, where Fatal Rebirth concerned itself only with America. And, while Fatal Rebirth began unfolding in 1947, Who’s Killing the Bilderbergers is a current-day affair. As such, it is perhaps more urgent, that you read it, and soon — because the future is revealed to be bleaker than the Dark Ages and time of the Inquisition, for those not forewarned and forearmed.


The plot thickens

I describe this book as ‘an International Novel of Novel International Affairs.’ A grand murder mystery across multiple Continents, trying to resolve mysterious death after death of prominent Globalist leaders. Are they simply random deaths by happenstance, or murders by elaborate design? Officially, they are not due foul play, and yet… each one has many unanswerable questions clouding that view. Just as troubling, their deaths seem to be tied to various strange conspiracy theories, while at the same time tied to various Globalist agenda, either narrative affording motive for murder. And, of course, it is soon enough discovered that they all turn out to be Bilderbergers.


Each Bilderberger tends to be an Officer or Board Member of multiple corporations, and has sway over yet others through major stock holder positions, or contractual agreements. Of course, many of these companies, in turn, control other companies, sometimes, long lists. Now, imagine what this Cloud Map would look like if we knew the actual identity of ALL Bilderbergers, and not just this handful. Then add CFR, Trilateral Commission, Club of Rome, Council on Foreign Relations, and on, and on; the Round Table Globalists; the modern-day illuminati.

By the time the truth of the deaths starts to be uncovered, the UTC will have started to reveal itself in action. In like manner to UTC’s ability to be predictive, readers will be propelled quickly into the future, headlong into the one final prediction which is the ultimate form of fatal rebirth… for us all. That particular prediction WILLmost certainly come to pass; it has, after all, been foretold by many authors well before my time. Among them, Satanist and high Mason, Adam Weishaupt; it is the entire purpose of and predictive goal of the Illuminati Plan, as he formulated it in 1776, when the group started their journey toward a New World Order (he first coined that term).

As this book reveals, just when it comes to pass, is largely up to you. You, are what you’ve been waiting for. They hope you don’t know that, and remain Sheeple.


An important detail

And, along the way to that story-ending element, readers will also encounter countless real-World conspiracies laid at the feet of Bilderbergers, all done in ways which let the individual decide for his or herself, which, if any, may seem fanciful, and which are more likely true.  There is much documentation within the main body, plus more than 150 footnotes (an average of one every page turn), to help that process along. Some of those footnotes are illustrated graphically. The Climax and Ending will then show you the progressional nature of the Globalist plan as it unfolds toward the very last step in the plan, the point of no return for Mankind. These conspiracies back up the UTC usefully, and in fact, understanding them helps refine the UTC more usefully; one tends to validate the other, in both directions.


Advance orders and special pricing, and bonus

Pre Orders for the ebook version (emailed .pdf) are being accepted now via PayPal to pro paranoid group at gmail com. Special introductory pricing of $5 is in place, pending hardcopy release. Once hardcopy is available, the price will be raised to $12. Hard copy will be available through Paranoia Publishing (com) soon.

AS SPECIAL PART OF THIS OFFER, anyone who pre orders will also receive two free additional .pdf files as bonus gifts: a copy of Volume One of Fatal Rebirth, and a copy of the Proparanoid Newsletter Special Edition on the Canamex Highway, and how it relates to formation of the North American Union. These represent a $16 additional value, for a total savings of $23.

The purpose behind the madness is to generate buzz, so please share this with everyone you know.



Smart Meters, Stray Voltage, and Targeted Individuals

There is a little known and underreported TI targeting method and symptom based on Stray Voltage, which is usually marked by a dramatic prevalence of ‘static discharges’ when touching things. But there are other symptoms, and happily, tests and cures.


by H. Michael Sweeney   Facebook  

copyright © 2016, all rights reserved. Permission to repost hereby granted provided entire post with all links in tact, including this notice and byline, are included. Quote freely, links requested. Please comment any such repost or link to original posting.
What you will learn reading this post:
• What stray voltage is and why it can be a threat, especially for TIs;
• The symptoms and risks of stray voltage (and targeting);
• The possibility of yet another Smart Meter conspiracy;
• How to detect and eliminate Stray Voltage.

Stray Voltage?

2000px-Potenzialtrichter_Freileitung.svg.pngStray voltage is the technical term given by the power and electronic industries to a situation where an electrical charge is present in the ground, itself. It can also be present in a structure, such as your home or workplace. It tends to be far more likely to be present at the ground-floor level than upper floors, and is commonly found present at insignificant levels almost anywhere electricity is used. It can even be found in places where there is no AC power nearby present, at all, if there is Quartz bearing rock in the substrate. Concentrations of Ferrous rocks and ground water near the surface can impact, as well.

In structures, the type of structure materials and design can impact prevalence, as can furnishings and the layout of property. And though considered rather rare as an actual problem, for some reason, it is normally thought of or understood as being significantly more problematic in rural farms (especially noted in dairy farms) more than in bedroom communities, though it can be found even in downtown high rise areas. It seems to impact Cows in many observable ways, to include reduced milk production, troubled births, general health and premature deaths.

The power industry takes great care to prevent stray voltage levels from being detectible or able to impact living things, including you and me, but things can go wrong. When that happens, and depending on how strong it ends up being, it can be quite detectible, and generally, unpleasant, if not harmful or even dangerous. Some forms are capable of outright electrocution, such as created by downed high-tension power lines. While this post uses the term Smart Meters in the title, it is less about that, except that a possible conspiracy may exist between Smart Meters and stray voltage, as outlined below.

There are many reasons stray voltage might be present at problematic levels. I see these as divisible into three threat levels and causes. The first may be relatively minor in threat level, caused by natural eventualities unrelated to targeting, and unlikely to escalate in nature. An example might be living near to high-tension lines running parallel to metal fencing on your property, where a kind of induction takes place causing the fence to produce an electrical current.

The second is also unrelated to targeting in causality, but may be far more serious, even dangerous, and quite likely to escalate — such as may due to electrical shorts or combinations of other unhappy electrical happenstances. The important thing to take away is that the bulk of stray voltage may have nothing to do with being targeted, but any presence which is detectible should be of great concern to anyone, and pinned down immediately.

The third? I have recently discovered a new possibility, thanks to a coincidentally… even accidentally discovered set of facts learned from one of my very first TI clients. I say coincidentally, because in considering the new information, it dovetailed very nicely with other client information which had otherwise led nowhere. As result, I am now quite confident that there can be deliberate targeting by artificially creating and controlling stray voltage for the purpose.

It can be used to establish a variety of selectable threat levels and targeting effects (symptoms), to include other forms of electronic targeting. This level is not officially recognized to exist by the power industry, though the potential for conspiratorial knowledge and participation in its use surely exists. One would be unwise to broach the possibility with power companies or other parties, unless part of a legal response effort, as mentioned herein. The good new is, that regardless of the three types, any serious threat levels can be dealt with, almost always.

To weaponize AC power in this way (there are other, previously known and frequently spoken of ways, such as found in my book, MC Realities), simply requires shunting of power to the earth at one or, as is more likely, multiple locations around the property. This would likely be done through a control mechanism to throttle the voltage diverted, even to an ‘off’ position, something akin to a remotely controlled dimmer light switch. Naturally, it will consume significant electricity, and that will turn out to be a blessing, as we shall see.

After reading this short introductory post, a TI would be well served to learn more about the topic, even if not thinking themselves impacted by stray voltage, currently. As the link to that information only addresses the first two reasons, the reader should indeed finish this post, first. After reading BOTH sources, then, and only then should they attempt to fit their circumstances into the dialog and consider the best course of action. Feel free to contact me if unsure, at proparanoidgroup gmail com.


Symptoms, regardless of cause

At natural ambient and other low levels of stray voltage there should like be no outward signs discernible. We only need worry about the phenomena if we do start to sense effects. We have all experienced the random static discharge of touching a door knob after walking across a carpet. While discounting such experiences as carpeting woes, they can also be due to stray voltage, which can certainly augment or simulate carpeting-caused static build up, as not all carpets generate the problem to the same degree, or even at all. When you get such discharges in the absence of carpeting, that is a typically a clear sign of stray voltage — though cold dry air can contribute, as well.

Note: normal static discharge is usually relatively high in voltage but low in amperage, quite akin to that associated with spark plugs in an engine; unpleasant to experience, but relatively harmless, more likely to cause injury from jerking away with violent contact with another object, than from the actual shock. They may generate a small visible flash of light, an actual spark jumping a few millimeters, at most. But stray voltage can produce far more varied and dramatic, even dangerous results. There have been instances of seeing discharges which travel inches or even feet, making zapping or popping noises, producing heat. The risk of fire and explosion cannot be ignored, where flammable fumes or pure Oxygen sources might be present. Obviously, the voltage levels in such cases are even higher, as may be the amperage and risk of electrocution.

Basic RGBSerious levels of stray voltage can cause effects similar to other forms of electronic targeting, and may indeed be augmenting such targeting from other sources. In point of fact, especially for persons who also suffer electro-sensitivity, there is a small chance that some persons who see themselves as being a TI may in fact not be. Accidental, or even natural stray voltage might be causing enough symptoms of targeting, by itself, to erroneously presume targeting. This would be good news if the individual is not also experiencing non electronic targeting symptoms, such as organized stalking, or other forms of harassment.
Electronic targeting symptoms are radiographic in nature (radio and electromagnetic), and therefore, stray voltage symptoms, would typically be some combination of any number of things which match those same symptoms. The range of symptoms is broad, from headaches, nausea, dizziness, mood swings, sleep problems, sensations of burning, tingling, vibrating, tinnitus or humming sounds, as well as more unpleasant physiological symptoms such as heart palpitations, chest pains, muscle and joint pains, fibromyalgia-like conditions, twitching or trembling, and so forth. Arguably, there are other symptoms, as well, but these are the more commonly reported ones, and the easiest to identify as being abnormal. That said, the caveat is valid: don’t presume a system does not have a medical explanation; always see a Doctor (without talking about targeting) to make sure you do not have a ‘simple’ health issue in need of treatment.

In fact, stray voltage can simulate or stimulate a variety of general health problems in humans and animals, alike. When doctor’s tests find no other explanation, stray voltage (or other electronic targeting) may be to blame. Some animals are more able to sense stray voltage and will naturally avoid areas where it exists in undesirable levels; they can be ‘Bird Dogs’ to the problem by strange behaviors or health issues. High levels of stray voltage can also cause plants to die, or may result in random discharges between objects otherwise insulated. By way of example, a visible mini-lightening flash between an automobile and the ground or nearby fence or garage door frame.

The interesting thing about stray voltage is that its effects may be amplified by humidity and moisture, or even temperature. Therefore, such effects might tend to be more noticeable if walking in the rain or while wet, as when exiting the shower. Serious stray voltage could make swimming pools and standing water dangerous. But even relatively harmless but noticeable levels of stray voltage can be dangerous, because whatever is causing them could be capable of sudden and unexpected increases to dangerous levels. Take no chances, and deal with it right away, if symptoms are present. See below.


Smart Meters and stray voltage; a possible new conspiracy


The cover story for the hazmat-like wardrobe used in Smart Meter installation is ‘arc flash’ protection, yet no such precautions are needed for ordinary meter installation. In the UK, the protection is even heavier duty than this; suitable for sci-fi spacemen.

A lot of people, including many TIs, feel that the entire power industry’s move to Smart Meters is a Big Brother and/or industry conspiracy. Like most good conspiracies, there are multiple theories involved, ranging from price gouging to spying to mind control, and more. But the big concern and commonality in many of these theories tends to include the very same health issues as found in stray voltage.

Yet when the industry itself, as well as third-party independent testing firms investigate, most such studies indicate smart meters are no more dangerous than your computer’s wifi connectivity. I’m quite unconvinced about their conclusions, but I also understand how conspiracies work, and how the intelligence community thinks — and specifically, how they think about and employ mind control tactics.

It dawns on me as result of the dichotomy between the reality of Smart Meter user experience and test results, that there may be a conspiratorial answer which explains the conflict. Once a Smart Meter is installed, perhaps Big Brother comes along and uses the Meter to establish stray voltage. That would account for the health effects and higher bills, and certainly still enable spying and mind control capabilities.

The simple fact is, the studies giving a clean bill of health to Smart Meters are only testing the meters and the air waves. They are not testing for stray voltage. So, if you have a Smart Meter and are experiencing Smart Meter woes, perhaps you ought to test for stray voltage. If you find it exists, you will undoubtedly be advised by a lawyer that you have an excellent actionable case against the power company.

Note: It has been discovered that the power industry, in order to address public distrust of smart meters, is instead apparently installing meters which look identical at a glance to the old mechanical meters, but which conceal a ‘trojan horse‘ Smart Meter under the skin. They are, however, supposed to be easy to spot. TAKE NO CHANCES, and check YOUR METER, today, even if an ‘opt out’ user. And, if told you were not getting a Smart Meter and discover a trojan horse, you once more have a reason to contact a lawyer, and the media.


Stray voltage as targeting weapon

Deliberately causing stray voltage as a harassment tool is not the only ‘advantage’ to perps. Because electricity can carry embedded RF signatures, it can cause an entire area, such as a home and its yard, to become a kind of transmitter of other forms of targeting signals, just as can house wiring. It can therefore become a kind of amplifier of such methods. But to employ it requires something which should ideally be relatively easy to detect, and defeat.

Simply shunting your existing AC power to ground, a deliberate ‘short,’ if you will, is NOT normally going to be done because the power bill would go up dramatically, and tip the victim off that something was amiss. Therefore, the perp would need a second electrical service on site, which means a separate meter head, which they then ‘weaponize’ for the purpose. In apartments, it might simply mean using a neighboring unit’s meter. In a home, it may mean a separate power line to a concealed meter somewhere on the property or just outside the property line. It may be an underground service, even if the property is otherwise serviced by an overhead feed.

In an apartment situation, all the meter heads for a group of units are mounted at the same location, and labeled as to address/unit. If suspicious, you can wait until a high consumption power period (i.e., using your stove to cook), and then go look at the meters. If you do this when you see signs no one is present at the suspect neighboring unit (not using their stove), but their power meter is drawing more power — you may have found proof of the method and the perp.

In the case of a single domicile, simply call the power company and ask if there is more than one meter assigned to the address, or if there is a meter or extra meter assigned to neighboring lots. If the answer is yes, ask if any extra meter is in use and being billed, or if you might be able to acquire the meter for your own use (to justify why you ask). Any extra meter may be proof of the method and, with some legal steps, lead to identifying a perp.


Proving stray voltage

protocols_figure_4To confirm any such targeting, you will need to prove stray voltage is present, the same thing which should be done if symptoms are present and targeting is not involved. There are three ways to do this. One is to call the power company, which has a legal liability to insure stray voltage does not exist, in the same manner that natural gas providers must worry about gas leaks. Another is to call an electrician. Either of these methods can also result in identifying and curing the source cause of stray voltage. It will likely be up to you to document their findings, such as with video or witnesses — though they may be willing to provide written documentation where they bear no liability risk. Again, you probably should not mention targeting concerns to these people.

The third method is less useful in terms of evidence unless you are an electrical engineer or have similar credentials validating the quality of your findings; you can obtain test equipment and test the matter yourself, again documenting every step as you go. It is not quite as simple as the illustrated image, and should involve more than one kind of instrument. The procedures will vary depending on where you need to test, and what the location is like or contains in the way of objects and surfaces. The entire property should be assessed, and if done usefully, will ‘map out’ zones of impact from high to low. More information on the ‘how’ is available online, including that link you should read after finishing this post.

Regardless of which method used, where targeting is suspected, know that the power can be turned off remotely as soon as any perps involved discover testing is about to take place. This means you will want to covertly order any such tests, and ideally, try to find a way to avoid having whomever shows up to conduct the test show up in a marked truck, and having them quickly first test somewhere out of sight from any possible perp surveillance position. THAT is the hard part. Doing that yourself is much easier, of course.


Impact, conclusion

If you are a TI or suspect same, I urge all readers of this post to comment as to their findings or conclusions upon further investigation. In two and a half decades of contact with 12,000 TIs, I have only known of perhaps three or four cases where stray voltage was in any way evidenced. As result, it appears to be an entirely ‘unknown’ targeting method (assuming such was the case). I have only recently been made aware of the possibility that a power company can have two different meter heads assigned to a property under two different account names WITHOUT the property’s  owner/renter’s awareness, even though BOTH are in use — by SOMEONE.

It can only serve the greater TI community to learn if this is more wide spread than thus far observed, especially given that it can be easily detected and defeated if and when in use. Ditto because of the advent of Smart Meters, in which case this new information may be a very useful weapon for use by activists against the power industry, and legal pressure (lawsuits) by user-victims. It is equally important because where targeting is not involved, education on topic may lead to resolving a potentially deadly stray voltage of less sinister origin, and address final cure to otherwise unresolvable health issues.

And, in closing, let me state it once more. Any instance of serious stray voltage, even if not related to targeting, likely represents an actionable legal issue; you should consult with a lawyer about suing the Power Company and/or whomever pays the bill on any secondary meter head causing the effect, or any otherwise weaponized meter head.






TI Defense: 30 Tips to Help Fight Back

If there is one thing I’ve learned after having contact with 12,000 Targeted Individuals over some 25 years, it is that without help, they have no good chance at properly dealing with their targeting. There are many reasons self help fails, and yet the solutions are not that complex.

by H. Michael Sweeney   Facebook  

copyright © 2016, all rights reserved. Permission to repost hereby granted provided entire post with all links in tact, including this notice and byline, are included. Quote freely, links requested. Please comment any such repost or link to original posting.

The TI dilemma

I have never met a long-term Targeted Individual (TI) who did not have the same generalized and massive array of problems. The easiest victims to help were those who had only recently become aware of targeting, as their problem list was much shorter, making defensive solutions easier to derive and implement. But for everyone else, the list of issues was, well, mind boggling. I would see it in the very first communication (typically email or letter). It would be as if a letter about life from Lil Abner’s (by Al Capp) character, Joe Btfsplk, who never had a good thing happen to him or anyone around him.


Note: I am no longer in a position to offer such personal helps. I do still offer a free Helps Kit by email which is useful to the TI in multiple ways, and I’ve written many how-to books on topic which are quite detailed and useful, to date still the only ones of their kind, as far as I am aware. I am still open to email contact at proparanoidgroup at gmail com, and can field simple generic questions, but I no longer engage in situational analysis and tactical advice, investigations, or direct intervention. This post is intended to help take up that slack.

That first contact would be pages long, typically, in story telling mode, and full of unhappy emotion, a hard thing to read; both in terms of eyestrain and emotional drain. Paragraph after paragraph of one problem or targeting issue after another. There would be a long list of events and suspect perps (perpetrators). It would commonly entail problems with their job, their family, their church or other membership, their neighbors, the cops, the legal system, the medical system, their financial situation, their computer security, and more, to include actual targeting symptoms impacting their health, and at times, the health of their pets and their plants.

The effects would be physiological, emotional, mental, and in some cases, impact physical objects. It must have been even harder for them to compose it, than for me to read it. Each such effect might entail a variety of individual symptoms and clues as to cause. Oddly enough, typically NON OF IT IS USEFUL in providing helps. Their valiant and painful plea for help ends up being little more than an exhaustive rant in terms of value in a practical investigative analysis. The ONLY way to tackle targeting usefully, either as a helper or as a victim, is to start completely over, which is why the Helps Kit was evolved; it started over in a way which simplifies, organizes, and quantifies useful information.

A Detective investigating a crime does not want to hear the long drawn out account of the victim up front. They start with a GENERIC description of the nature of the crime from the Cop on the scene (who did get that account from the victim), and then they INTERVIEW the victim with SPECIFIC simple questions aimed at nibbling away at facts in order to find the ones which represent CLUES. “What did you see? What was said?” and so forth, each question hopefully suggesting another. They then use the answers to solve the crime. A good model for helpers and TIs, alike. A flood of data drowns the truth, but point-by-point realizations build toward it.

There is another problem. While their described symptom or effect may perfectly match a known Political Control Technology (PCT) or method, it is also absolutely true that each and every example could also be due to a natural medical situation, or have a simple but yet as unknown social, or financial cause. Since authorities and professionals who are the natural ‘go to’ for help prefer not to believe in the Boogey Man, the assumption is always that a natural cause is to blame. A wise TI would do the same, seeking to eliminate any such possibility.

Failing the wisdom creates more problems for the TI, even when the go-to helper cannot find the natural cause or address it, because it is next easiest to blame the TI for the problem, even to the point of accusing them of being a paranoiac schizophrenic; the easy out. For the record, when working long term with a TI, I will in time discover the truth, and the truth is, purely imagined targeting among those reaching out to me has proven quite the exception. But some might be delusional, of course, but I’ve also learned that persons with mental issues are often selected for targeting in training projects, so that any serious mistake by trainees will be far less likely to draw interest of authorities, who will make the assumption the whole thing was imagined.


The bigger problem


Targeting: The covert Elephant in the Room which must be devoured if to well survive, but HOW?

As result of all these things, a TI is faced with so many problems, and so many clues, that they can literally find themselves immobilized by confusion, unable to reason it out, or even unable to cope. And yet, there is always one more problem, far more serious than the rest: they do not understand the truth of their targeting situation. I’ve never known a long term TI who did not have a false belief as to the nature, cause, purpose, source, and method of their targeting. This is by design, a primary goal of targeting; to create a false belief structure which makes it impossible to defend against, because defenses will be aimed at the wrong problem.

This further makes easier another primary goal, to make the victim seem crazy, either by their reactions being seen as paranoiac, or by telling others things deemed insanely impossible. But to underscore, the biggest problem is that their defenses will not meet the need, resulting in failure and frustration, a tool for their tormentors. So, finally, they come to me in a desperate state, not just in terms of needing help, but in terms of simply needing someone to listen to them and actually believe their story.

No one should presume a TI’s story to be imagined or fake, though it is true there are some who pretend for ulterior motives. In time, the truth will out. But because of their failure to truly understand the nature of their targeting, they might have been led to believe almost any untrue thing which cannot be seen as rational. For instance, one victim (who was schizophrenic, as well) believed they were beset by Alien vampires. In truth, the targeting was evolved against the person because they had discovered a firm involved in illegal dumping of biohazard materials, and to insure that her story was not believed by authorities, they led her to so believe. They relied on her schizophrenia to protect them from discovery both as perps inflicting mind control, but as criminals violating Federal law. The schizophrenia, itself, made that easier to accomplish.


How to eat an Elephant

The old saying is, one bite at a time. Here are the bites, a series of axiomatic advice points presented in a somewhat stepwise manner, the same things I would normally work through with every client. Remember, only you can decide any risks involved, and take the wisest course of actions based upon those perceived risks. This is merely a guideline of what has worked well in the past, and is generic in nature…

  1. Acknowledge your belief structure has been manipulated and you do not likely truly know the who, what, why, and how of things; you have been deliberately mislead. Following this guideline should help address that flaw, but only if you remain open to the possibility. Educate yourself about PCT and know your enemy, and always seek and eliminate any possible alternative explanations — but also keep in mind the pitfall cited at this post’s end;
  2. Be wary of professionals which we should otherwise rely upon, such as doctors, lawyers, dentists, and private investigators. Most will either walk away or take advantage of you on the assumption you are crazy, or worse, seek to have you evaluated by mental health professionals. The best strategy regarding that, is to seek an evaluation on your own: a written clean bill of mental health can be a wonderful defense if eventually accused of being delusional, even if by authorities. If you must find a professional, including a therapist, your best bet is to go to a city at least 50 miles away, and find a relatively recent graduate (i.e., a lawyer new to the Bar), of some minority race. They are likely to be hungrier for work, and more anxious to do a good job, and less likely to have had their morals corrupted over time by the industry. Avoid saying you are targeted, just tell them your concern and enough facts to get their interest. Answer their questions, but where a question requires an answer which gets into targeting details, give the details, and offer no presumption of cause, even if asked. Let THEM make that conclusion on their own, or not — it should not change how they perform for you;
  3. Cops, on the other hand, will either instantly so peg hole you, or worse, turn out to be in place assets working with the enemy against you. If you MUST do so (as in reporting a crime), or if you choose to become a TI activist or otherwise ‘go public’ (includes any Web presence), follow the advice found here;
  4. Start and maintain an event log. Use a voice activated (VOX) recorder kept on your person to make verbal notes describing questionable events, suspect persons, vehicles, etc. Leave it on to capture events directly, automatically. Transfer this at days end using headphones, to a computer spreadsheet or database file. It should include Time, Date, Location, Description, Details, and your emotional or intuitive thoughts at the time as to what it might mean. Compare new events of the day with older events, looking for patterns, frequent appearances of the same person, vehicle, etc. With respect to persons, give them a ‘code name’ based on their appearance or behavior until able to acquire their actual name. For vehicles, do get plate numbers, but since plates can be replaced or stolen, also note vehicle damage, stickers or decals, and the like. This will help you get closer to the truth of your targeting, and may be useful as evidence at some point;
  5. Remember that if you have a pattern in your life (such as going to work the same general time of day along a given route), so do others. Do not be concerned in such routines to see others around you repeatedly, because other people also have routines which may overlap with yours. DO be concerned if seeing the same person/vehicle at disparate locations and times when out of routine, and especially if also noted while in routine;
  6. Establish site security at home, and to the extent possible, work. My book, The Professional Paranoid will help, but in general, you need to insure no door, window, or opening can be accessed from the outside, even with a key, without breaking and entering. Perps don’t like to do that, because it leaves proof you are not imagining things. The only entrance that should be key accessible, should be via a pick proof deadbolt lock. Put one on your garage door, as well. If you can, install security lighting and a video monitoring system. Protect rooms and entrances or items with simple alarms, and employ and document any trip traps you set per the instructions in my book;
  7. Establish computer security AFTER site security. Backup all files, wipe the hard drive, reformat, reinstall OS, set new password, reinstall apps, restore files. Discard wireless keyboard. Disconnect from Internet. Buy cheap used iMac and set it up to be a local server, connect it to the Internet with Web sharing turned on, connect your main computer to it. Download a Web security monitoring utility to run continuously on the Mac, check it daily. Reset your router/modem to factory specs, install new password. Repeat this process and reset and all passwords regularly, do not use same PW for all. Consider to join the Free Will Society, a closed Facebook Group I maintain (application is via the Helps Kit mentioned in the Note near page top), or any of the many public TI Groups on FB (I am member of many);
  8. Improve personal security, starting with phone. NO CELL PHONE IS YOUR FRIEND. Keep it in a foil pouch, turned off when not in use. Where that is not practical, remove battery and install only to check for calls to make calls, or other use. If a smart phone, there are a number of apps I suggest you install. Mobile Justice from ACLU; an aircraft tracker that sees transponders; Spectrum Analyzer and/or EMF Detector; RSOE EDIS notifier; iTriage health advisor. You MUST disengage certain features. Cary a camera ready to go (not cell phone) and voice activated recorder to document events. More advice in my book, including land lines and general bug detection;
  9. While observing (3,4), avoid trying to deal with the sum total of the problem. It becomes a matter of ‘too many clues,’ per the introduction of this post. Instead, choose any ONE. Then review all others for any which seem related, aligned, supportive, or opposing, and set them aside for study as a subset. Analyze these, alone, formulate a means to prove or disprove each clue, and based on those results, validate, reject, or find the subset unresolvable, and move on to the next subset;
  10. You MUST presume any physiological symptoms are potentially actual health issues and seek a Doctor’s advice. When doing so, do NOT mention targeting, but it is OK to mention external symptoms (pets, plants, etc.) as might possibly be related. Pursue any suggested treatments until no treatment proves useful. ONLY THEN will you know the truth, and be closer to true understanding of your targeting, andy you may actually improve or cure actual health problems as well. Along these lines, anything you can do to impact your physical, mental, and psychological well being is to your good — become a health nut and try everything that claims a benefit, as everyone’s situation and physiology is different, but products seldom attempt claims of addressing targeting effects; you won’t know until you try it — but try only one new thing at a time, or you won’t know which is responsible for good outcome;
  11. Deal with Gangstalking. Very simple. Ignore it. It is only there to jerk your chain, and that only happens if you allow it to happen. You can choose not to be upset, worried, etc. Document it, yes, but laugh at it and them for wasting their time and money. This is simple in concept, and yet hard to do because of human nature. Stop, Think Act, practice, practice, practice;
  12. My book MC Realities offers a very good review of how to detect, identify, and deal with PCT. Once a better understanding is obtained from he previous steps, you can start to defend yourself more usefully with these trial and error methods, which should give you some good specific truths about your targeting.  In general, we worry about implants, which can include voice to skull (V2S), Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) which cause physical harms, mood/sleep control; and other electronic tech which can also account for V2S. The precise defensive/offensive tactics will vary to type and specifics. Shielding is almost always the best defense, but there are so many factors that the easiest thing to do is to shield an entire room for a few hundred dollars, but other methods should be tried first, as that is where the targeting truths can be learned. Where there are problems still encountered, feel free to contact me;
  13. If your targeting involves pain inducement DEW, or you have actual medical conditions which cause pain, ask me for my Jedi Mind Trick, the best way to describe a method I have developed which allows one to mask pain with nothing more than the power of their mind. It is difficult to master and requires practice, but once mastered, it is easy to apply, and for some users, it can also turn your body into an EMF meter for advanced warnings of attacks, and has application to general problem solving, including the issue of true understanding of the targeting’s nature. I use it to eliminate pain from toothaches (a Molar who’s roots were growing through my gums, into my mouth, and into my cheek), burns, fibromyalgia, and even tinnitus, and I can use my hands to find power lines in walls, as well as microwave and EMF sources. Demonstrated it many times;
  14. Once defensive efforts are well in hand, there may be some significant offensive opportunities. These are outlined in my books. Should you think any are appropriate, feel free to run your ideas about implementation by me for fine tuning or other commentary;
  15. As a rule, a TI has no concrete knowledge of the reason why they are targeted. Exceptions tend to be incorrect, as earlier mentioned. Knowing the who and why us the key-most truth, as it can sometimes lead to establishing a blackmail insurance policy. This key can sometimes be discovered in memories.  Go back in time in your mind to a point roughly six months to a year prior to first noticing your targeting. You would be looking for some odd or unusual event or thing overheard or seen. It might be an argument or a document or a conversation which, at the time, did not make much sense to you, but stood out as unusual in some way. Almost always, it is a work related memory, especially if your work had some relationship to government, intellectual property, high finance, or high profile legal matters; the sort of place where conspiracies and dark crimes might hatch, take place, or be evidenced. Should you find such a memory, contact me for general advice on how to verify its usefulness and take advantage of it;
  16. Where defense cannot be well achieved or maintained, relocation can typically buy several weeks to months of temporary relief. Often, simply going mobile can offer at least partial, if not full relief for a time, especially when not in your own vehicle, and leaving behind all personal possessions (new clothes, luggage, etc.) and taking no phone, NOT CALLING ANYONE, visiting online accounts, or purchasing anything on a card. For a more permanent solution, consider residency at Free Will Haven, a targeting-free self-sufficient and low-cost intentional community project of the Free Will Society, which is based on tiny homes living. I myself have been living quite comfortably in about 120 square feet (excessively tiny) for the last three years, and am quite content to do so, sacrificing little in the way of lifestyle, otherwise. Again, an application is contained within the Helps Kit mentioned in the Note near page top.
  17. Be prepared for local, regional, national, or even global social turmoil, be it disaster, civil unrest, martial law, real or false flag terrorism, revolution, race war, or political or financial upheaval. PCT has been being ramped up in terms of victim numbers (some estimates place the national number as high as 12,000,000) and individual intensity. It is my belief that the reason so many people are being targeted and the targeting is increasing, is we are heading to a crescendo designed to amplify any crisis turmoil in order to enable a shift in government form, all in the name of restoring national security and social order. Arrange to have a 90 day supply of food and emergency supplies and basic tools. Leverage your preparedness with a visit my special Facebook pages and review each post found there: the Post Apocalyptic Library of portable survival how-to knowledge; the Post Apocalyptic Local Area Defense Network, especially useful to TIs even without a crises event; and the FEMA, Martial Law, Revolution Database;
  18. Consider dropping off of the Grid; escape the Matrix (there is an actual matrix involved), perhaps even with a new identity. This is seldom possible while still being targeted, but the attempt, if done properly, can buy you significantly more targeting-free time before you are reacquired. This two-part post can help.


Additional advice

There are also some common mistakes that TIs make which can be avoided. Oddly enough, almost every TI has already made them, and yet, tends to continue making them, failing to see the risk they pose until till late. Here is a summary list, but remember, there are no hard and fast rules. There can always be an exception. If you think you have encountered one, contact me for review to see if I might not agree, or why not.

  1. NEVER seek help from authorities or ERTs due to targeting, itself. If an actual injury or crime is involved, such as vandalism, death threat, theft, etc., by all means report it, as having it on record can be useful evidence of targeting for possible use at some future point — but do not mention targeting concerns, and once more, follow the guidelines found here. If questions are asked as to why someone might undertake an action against you, you CAN mention that there have been strange things happening and you might choose one or two examples, if asked to cite them, but state you have no understanding as to why anyone would do so, and that you have no suspects (even if you do). The last thing you want is an investigation which concludes you are mental, which is where it almost always will end up going the moment you deviate. It may be wise to apply this rule to friends and family, and certainly to co workers, as you can end up destroying relationships with disclosure. The only exception should likely be limited to those living with you, and even then, you will pay a price. I lost a wife and a foster daughter to it, and possibly another daughter;
  2. NEVER react to targeting stimuli if you can avoid it. Train yourself to Stop, Think, and ACT, do not REACT. You, STOP yourself from reacting, THINK about what they are trying to cause you to do (i.e., get angry), and the ACT contrary to that in some random manner. This both negates the purpose of the targeting, and causes perps all manner of concern, either about the validity of the psychological profile they had prepared on you in order to determine the best targeting methodology, or the operational reliability or skill of any equipment or perps involved. This can at times lead to dramatic increases in targeting efforts, but if you continue the ploy, it will lead to them trying to ‘repair’ whatever problem they think is the cause. That typically results in a small rest period of no attacks. Eventually, it can destroy the effort entirely, especially if this method is applied by someone in early targeting, as it prevents them from advancing to other kinds of targeting, or they advance and abandon the failing method(s). This, and use of the Jedi Mind Trick, and numerous blackmail insurance policies (each time I created one for a client, it protected me, as well) is how I have managed to negate nearly three decades of attempted targeting and its consequences; I do not consider myself a TI, because I keep winning;
  3. NEVER be overly concerned about death threats, being followed, or about gang stalking events, it will simply make you wax paranoid, and be seen as such. The people who engage in PCT would simply kill you, not threaten you, if they wanted you dead. Unless a threat was quite specific and included a warning that you should do or not do something, ‘or else’ vividly described, it has no basis in any real threat. If you get a threat with such a basis, that basis must represent a clear and present danger to THEM, in order to be valid. Telling you to stop being an activist, or stop investigating why you are being targeted, does not count, unless perhaps, you have gotten to the point where you can CLEARLY identify and prove with legally useful smoking-gun caliber evidence the who, why, when, what and who of it. In such a case, you have the makings of a blackmail insurance policy which can not only counter the threat, but force capitulation and even remuneration for your troubles at their hands. That was how I ended my first targeting, and was offered $40,000 per my demand. It has become the model for all client help efforts ever since. Being followed or gang stalked is merely a jerk-your-chain tool that goes back to Stop, Think, Act. The only real danger is in giving into it. The only targeting which is a real threat is PCT based on electronics of one kind or another, chemical or biological assaults, physical abuses (i.e., rape, beating, accessing you while you sleep), and dirty tricks which impact finances, relationships, reputation, and the like;
  4. NEVER presume another TI, TI activist group or organization, or general Web resource to know what they are talking about regarding PCT or solutions, for the likelihood they have it right is very low. Take it with a grain of salt, and tuck it away for comparison to other resources. Books are a far better bet at getting at the straight dope. Older books will by now have a reputation establishing usefulness. Avoid newer books or other sources by anyone claiming to be an insider, ex intelligence operative, or other ‘expert,’ as they are likely providing disinformation to insure you continue to fight the wrong problems;
  5. NEVER hook up with another person, especially another TI. There are many reasons this is important advice, and I assure you that the risks you undertake with even a casual date or one night stand is significant. I see it play out again and again. Rare is the TI that can better their circumstance by not living alone, and a sexual adventure is far too easily a set up opportunity of one kind or another;
  6. NEVER pay money to anyone offering implant scans, ‘scientific’ testing, or new age solutions without EXTREME CARE; it is likely a scam, even if there are YouTubes or personal testimonies, the likelihood remains high. Research, research, research. Even if you actually did locate an implant by some method, the number of people able to have an implant removed can be counted on one hand; the medical industry will not cooperate. I have yet to see any positive results from testing services or new age approaches, but if you want to submit a chemical sample to an actual laboratory for chemical or spectrum analysis to find out what it is, that is worth the time and money;
  7. Avoid participating in poorly conceived TI activist efforts to outreach, or outreaching directly yourself. By poorly conceived, I mean an effort which does not heed the advice employed here. At best, such efforts defame and set back the TI movement and each person associated with it, labeling them as mental. Many of these efforts are designed and promoted by perps, and used as a kind of ‘evaluation survey,’ especially those asking you provide personal histories or statements. If legitimate, such statements will tend to seem crazy to anyone not already believing that targeting is real — adding another ‘crazy story’ to a stack of them will not change their minds.


Other facts to consider

The following may temper your views in seeking full understanding and formulating defenses. Simply keep them in mind when reasoning things through.

  1. Many perps are themselves victims of mind control, typically the worst kind, the Monarch/MK Ultra kind. They know not what they do, literally; they are programmable people based on multiple personalities which can be triggered at will. While some perps are psychopaths, these, are not, though they my be controlled to exhibit the same behavioral traits;
  2. You may be such a programmable person, yourself, and like them, not be aware. If such a person, and also targeted, you represent some form of ‘failure’ in the programming, and the targeting is designed to neutralize any damage you might cause to the program if you become fully aware of your true situation, which is a real possibility as you work through understanding and defensive efforts. The important and terrible truth is, that such a person will sabotage their own daily efforts in this regard, and make no progress whatsoever. Such a person will likely exhibit many additional symptoms as found in my book, MC Realities. Most notable among these is a question or belief they were targeted or abused as a child, or themselves have  abuser thoughts or have so abused. Should you come to suspect you are a programmable, you should contact me for special advice too complex for this forum;
  3. All PCT is Satanic in nature, origin, and intent. Your enemy is as forecast: Powers and Principalities, and there is scientific proof available. Therefore, your best ally is religious faith, and the best faith for the purpose is Christianity, and the best Christian Church (because it is acknowledged to hold closest to God’s Word in the original Greek and Hebrew translations) is the Wisconsin Synod of the Lutheran Church. There is a whole chapter in my book, MC Realities, which explains exactly why this is true in both practical and Biblical terms;
  4. You will hear it said all the time, that TIs fear they are being murdered, or that they have been murdered. THERE HAS NEVER been such a case. Being a TI can certainly mean to be suffering in great pain, and it may certainly to some, at times feel like it has the potential to kill. But thus far, the only known deaths of TIs have been from suicides or accidents, or natural causes such as old age or disease, according to official records. While it is true that there are ways to fake such deaths and such ways are known by our enemies… and it is true that some potentially deadly illnesses such as cancer may be caused by targeting… death is NEVER the goal. They invest perhaps a quarter-million dollars a month on a full-time TI. There is no point in killing off such an investment. So the only deaths which bother me are the suicides, because that kills not just the person, but effectively the soul, as that is the only unforgivable sin; a sin against the Holy Ghost. If you give in to it, you are surrendering to your enemy, Satan, not just the perps. I am in communication with literally dozens of persons who have professed to have been being murdered as far back as 1992 or so, and they are STILL HERE, some of them still making the claim from time to time. Only two out of 12,000 are known to have died, one of old age and disease, and the other in a traffic incident;
  5. There is no place one can go where targeting is not likely to follow within weeks to months, save one or two foreign countries. The only one of these that has been verified by multiple TIs, is Ecuador, which to me does not make sense, but it seems to be true, with three such instances reported to me personally from TIs I had vetted as legitimate TIs.

Why Stand Alone in a Crisis? Join the P.A.L.A.D.I.N.s

What will happen if a natural disaster or social upheaval comes and government cannot, or will not be able to defend you, your home, or your community? When armed marauders or looters come, will you stand alone, or will you have your own local network of helpers: Paladins?

by H. Michael Sweeney   Facebook  

copyright © 2016, all rights reserved. Permission to repost hereby granted provided entire post with all links in tact, including this notice and byline, are included. Quote freely, links requested. Please comment any such repost or link to original posting.
Reading this post you will learn…
• there are disaster and upheaval threats not even government can always quickly address;
• individuals cannot well defend against marauding gangs and other threats in a crisis;
• Paladins (modern-day ‘Knights’) may be a simpler, easier, safer solution than Militia;
• Paladins can be useful at any time for humanitarian missions of their own devise;
• Paladin Units (unite) can protect each other, their communities, and beyond, as needed.

medieval-armored-knight-on-horseback-sampleWhat is a Paladin?

“Paladin” is another word for Knight, a kind of soldier of good moral character who in times of Olde served his fellow knights, community, country, and God. P.A.L.A.D.I.N. members are similar, and yet different. They are somewhat modeled after the Paladins in the popular Fallout computer game series, but THIS IS NO GAME. Fallout takes place in a future post apocalyptic World where there is no government, and everyone is struggling to survive, which literally means at times, kill or be killed, perhaps even eaten by others. Several groups compete for control with lust for power as their agenda, but the Paladins were formed in an attempt to maintain order and protect against such threats — a bit like self-organized Police the people come to rely upon.

Almost no one is truly prepared for disaster or civil upheaval. When it strikes, the impact of the disaster is therefore nearly total. All one has to do is look back on Katrina, or any other major disaster or upheaval around the World where local governments were unable or unwilling to respond — to see the value in not having to stand alone in a crises. FEMA and other government ‘help’ in Katrina was less than ‘useless’ for an extended period of time, actually causing more harm than good in many cases. Local law enforcement was either unavailable or, at times, a serious threat to many a resident’s well being. Likewise for the National Guard.


Is this you? No go bag, emergency plan, store of supplies? No guns and ammo, survival skills? No hope, no future?

In such events, local governments at any level collapse and become non existent in domino fashion, while regional and national governments play political waiting games. The following is a quote from From Disaster to Lessons Learned: What Went Wrong in the Response to Hurricane Katrina?

The Dissolution of Government

As noted earlier, disaster response in the U.S. is predicated on a system of “cascading failure,” in which successively higher levels of government are called in as lower levels are overwhelmed. However, the system requires some government to be in place. When the storm hit, local government in New Orleans, for all intents and purposes, ceased to exist. Both politicians and administrators had evacuated prior to landfall, and what little structure was in place was immediately rendered ineffective. The severity of the disaster also paralyzed state government and stunned federal government officials. A period of many hours passed before coherent calls for help began to travel up and down the system; even then, they were generally unfocused and nonspecific. Mayor Nagin’s media appeals for the federal government to “send everything” were heartfelt, but were so general they were difficult to act upon.

Meanwhile, at higher levels of government, a political showdown was brewing between the White House and Gov. Kathleen Blanco of Louisiana. Louisiana’s National Guard was heavily deployed to Iraq at the time of the storm, and the governor had activated pre-existing agreements with other states to “borrow” National Guard troops prior to landfall. These troops were quickly moved to the area, but the White House wanted to federalize the troops, while Gov. Blanco wanted to keep them under state control. The White House also disputed the timing of the governor’s request to release active-duty military troops into the area, although later evidence showed that the request had come much earlier than initial White House claims.


Even once on site, FEMA and National Guard, et. al., cannot be everywhere at once, and they cannot solve all the problems and threats people face. In some cases, policy or needs dictates result in harm to individual residents, mostly unintentional, but at times, intentional. In the end, almost everyone needs to fend for themselves for a protracted period of time, and that often means defending themselves from each other, or facing general extreme hardships or death, alone.

In Katrina, nearly 2,000 died, and many died at the hands of others (including authorities who opened fire on crowds trying to escape across a bridge). There were, in addition to looters and aggressive authorities, at least one known roving gang of vigilante Whites who had set about to kill Blacks they deemed looters, ‘loosely defined.’ The true number of murders is unknown; few records were kept given the mass casualties, but ‘bullet riddled corpses’ were not hard to find. Where there is no law, lawlessness ensues.

Bad things happen

Disasters are all too common, some worse than others. But imagine an outright siege caused by insurgents, racial violence of the sort this country has recently seen, or even military invasion such as foreseen in Operation Lion Dance; where Chinese flood into America via the Canamex rail system, hiding in container cars which can be parked on any rail siding in America from a laptop. Or perhaps it is simple revolution or civil war born of irreconcilable political differences. There are many such threats, none of which are especially likely, but all of which are specifically possible.

P.A.L.A.D.I.N. stands for Post Apocalyptic Local Area Defense Information Network; the core organization. Do not let the gloomy sounding name deter or fool you. While it certainly could be a possibility that doom and gloom awaits us on a regional, national, or global scale (it is after all forecast by virtually every religion and many experts in military, financial, and political circles), any simple disaster or localized upheaval can result in a crisis government is unable or unwilling to address quickly. It is even possible, some believe, that government might become the cause or actual threat themselves, such as in a military coup. But if having Paladins available to help you fend off a crises in a post apocalyptic tragedy, how much better then that they could be available in a lesser threat, such as a killer quake or storm?

Here are just a few such threats — do you have everything in place to survive? Will you, alone, be able to defend them from those who do not? Or will you be waiting for government to get around to attempting to rescue you, not as a soul in need of help, but a mere politically acceptable (expendable) statistic should they fail?

• Sudden Poll Shift — a sudden shift could melt the ice caps and cause serious globally felt quakes
• Sudden Ice Age or Ice Cap Melt — choose your favorite scientist and worry with them
Super Volcano — doomsday shroud encircles the planet killing all crops, causing ice age
Super Earthquake — hundreds of thousands or even millions could be homeless and helpless
Asteroid Strike — we’ve already had nearly a half-dozen near misses in the last twenty years
EMP Attack — total loss of all things electric, throwing us into pre industrial age
• Solar CME Flare — same as EMP attack, but potentially global in impact
Planet X — we know it’s coming soon, its effects upon Earth could be catastrophic
Nuclear or Bio Terrorism — could render an entire region helpless
Pandemic — we keep coming close to having one, it’s only a matter of time
Financial Collapse — what happens when money has no value or is unavailable?
Civil Insurrection — race war, revolution, response to Martial Law, gun seizure
Military Coup — a top U.S. General has forecast it possible
• War or Nuclear War — no nation is immune from invasion or sneak attack
Alien Threat — leaders of several nations and scientists have said it possible
• Prophetic End Times Tribulation — seven years a mix of the above, or worse

The P.A.L.A.D.I.N. concept is simple, and addresses an important question: is it better to stand alone trying to protect your home and family against armed marauders or other dangers seeking to take what you need to survive from you, even your very lives… or to be prepared? Prepare a go bag and survival supplies, by all means, but to become a Paladin is to pre establish a local mutual defense network which can protect you and yours, your fellow Paladins, your community, and by extension, your country and way of life. P.A.L.A.D.I.N. is a non militia solution that can effectively become functional equivalent of a small and focused militia — on demand. It does not suffer the overhead and commitment of a militia, nor the political tainting.

Paladins may also elect to engage in general humanitarian missions at any time, for any reason or cause; actively active activists. This includes the possibility of providing aid to stalking victims, the homeless, or anyone being unfairly treated by another group in some way which cannot be well addressed by local authorities. It can even mean choosing to side with civilians against authorities in a non violent protest; whatever the Unit deems appropriate. Were I a Paladin near to the tribal protests in the Dakotas over the oil pipelines, I would have urged my Unit to give on-site support, for instance.


Armor wearing Paladins standing guard in Fallout 4, by Bethesda Game Studios (

Everyone should join!

Anyone who has much to loose if accosted by armed strangers in a crises should join. Stalking victims and other persons who have experienced unusual targeting should definitely become a Paladin. This will enable you to call upon other Paladins when threats return, and help to document, prosecute, or thwart such targeting. Activists should join Paladin, as it becomes a tool useful in a cause, where you can make good argument to fellow Paladins to engage with you — and enables protection should those opposed to your cause elect illegal harassment campaigns against you (target you). Minorities and others who are consistent victims of gang harassments should also join, as it provides yet one more ally and strengthens your ability to stand against aggression, especially in rioting. Ex military should definitely join as an alternative to a Militia, which often has a bad PR image due to a political or religious bent they may have assumed. All are welcome.

To be a Paladin does not require ownership of a gun, but it is ideal.  To own a gun does not require good training or a military background, but it is ideal. Weaponry and combat skills are only important WTSHTF big time, and most gun owners do know how to handle themselves, and they also tend to own more than one weapon, which means that in a pinch, they can share, teach, and lead. The primary requirement is to be of good moral character and to care about your family, your community, and your country. The rest will take care of itself; unity is the key factor.

P.A.L.A.D.I.N. Units of 6 or more Paladins are formed in any given Zip Code once at least half of the members do have arms, and at least one of them has some military or leadership background suitable for acting as Commander. Such leaders are provided with tactical advice on formation and operation of their Unit, and given contact information for any adjacent Units. Paladins can then call upon each other to request aid, or to propose missions to aid others. There are provisions in the formation of Units which allows local Units to join up for improved functionality, and for like hookup with Units in other communities, should regional operations be necessary.

Membership is by default anonymous except between Unit members and adjacent Unit Commanders, but that does not mean members must remain secret. Indeed, public evangelism and recruitment is encouraged (promotional materials will be made available). There is no membership fee to join. However, once a Unit is formed, a small annual membership fee determined by the Unit can be assessed to help fund missions or enhance emergency response capabilities. There can be some small personal expense in order to facilitate Unit functionality, such as the purchase of a Walkie Talkie by each member.

Each Unit is autonomous and stands alone in responsibility; it is not a political body or under the command of a national head, such as myself, even as founder. Therefore, there is no legal liability or risk except for those actions the Unit itself elects to undertake. I am not bound by your actions, nor are yours dictated or bound by mine. You serve only your own Unit member’s best interests and mission goals for public good, and remain subject to all laws in the doing, each member insuring the next does nothing which threatens Unit integrity or viability.

There is no political leaning or bent, nothing which should alarm authorities. In fact, Units should consider making themselves available as volunteers to authorities as emergency helpers or, where law enforcement has such programs, reserve deputies. In such a case, each member is free to participate or abstain, which is generally true in all missions. Units should be prepared to submit to lawful military or law enforcement once order is restored in a crisis, and should maintain records of all actions for use by any needed law enforcement investigations after the fact. That serves both as protection for the Unit and members, as well as a means to prosecute evil doers who may have been confronted by the Unit. Everything is above board and transparent within the Unit, and as private or as public as the Unit itself elects.

TO JOIN: simply email your interest to join to proparanoidgroup at gmail com and provide your City, State, and Zip. This does not obligate you to anything. This will be used to update a database of members maintained anonymously at my Facebook page for the purpose. That page is organized in a way which allows determining if a Unit can yet be formed in a given Zip — your evangelism in recruiting other members is key to that eventuality.

Once a Unit can be formed, members are so advised and connected to one another for the purpose of determining if they should form, and if forming, deciding who will be their Commander. They are also provided with additional support advice on how best to proceed as a functioning unit. Once forming, individual members are then obligated only to commit to the goals established by the Unit for mutual self defense and whatever additional good they may do for community and beyond, in or out of crisis (missions.) Risk and investment are minimal. Rewards can include the possibility of continued life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness — in the face of dire circumstances bent on preventing same.

Other material to consider

mlawThe Post Apocalyptic Library is an important collection of life-saving information  commonly beyond the average person’s current knowledge base, and which will NOT BE AVAILABLE once disaster strikes. It is a series of links to critical information which can be learned online or downloaded and printed for placement in a go bag or emergency supplies for later use. It is advised that extra copies should be made in advance for handout to others.

The FEMA, Martial Law, and Revolution Database is a collection of materials which seek to educate the public about individual risks and likelihood of events beyond their control, and/or give advice on how best to survive or react. It is an eye opening review of little known facts which may prove quite sobering. Don’t be yet another Sheeple caught totally unaware.

Dropping off the Grid: abandon the Control Matrix
. This author has done so for the last three years, and though living a rather spartan life by comparison to what came before, the freedom is enhanced, and the quality of life (happiness) with it. Living simply has proven to be more satisfying — and should be much safer in the event of major troubles. Here is a snapshot of possibilities. I will soon be offering a Seminar or other promotional venue (i.e., video) on the topic.

An Intentional Community is one way to live off the Grid. Here is one example, a low-cost, self-sufficient community based on tiny homes, a project of the Free Will Society I founded to helped stalking victims: it is called Free Will Haven. It has a gofundme. Such a community is by default more or less the functional equivalent of Paladins.





The Pitfalls of Presuming TIs are Schizophrenic

After working with over 12,000 persons coming forward for help with targeting over the last two plus decades, I’ve learned a good deal more than just found in my earlier books. There has never been a Targeted Individual who has not been accused of schizophrenia. While that can be true, it is often not true, and even when true, targeting may also exist. The issue must be dealt with head on, and with care, lest it become a stumbling block beyond cure.

by H. Michael Sweeney    facebook

copyright © 2016, all rights reserved. Permission to repost hereby granted provided entire post with all links in tact, including this notice and byline, are included. Please comment any such repost to original posting.

Updated March 1, 2017: General editing and additional commentary and color coding of text for improved clarity.
What you will get by reading this post…
• Targeting symptoms generally match schizophrenia symptoms;
• most people, especially professionals, automatically ssume schizophrenia;
• true or not, the possibility of schizophrenia should not be ignored;

• there are good and bad ways of addressing the problem.

First impressions DON’T count

When I’m first contacted by stalking victims for help as online consultant, the stories told me tend to border on what people unfamiliar with the subject would think impossible. The ‘natural’ conclusion, especially for professionals in health care, law enforcement, or governmental authorities such a person might turn to for help with their enemy and/or suffering… is that the person is suffering something in the realm of paranoia or schizophrenia. That is not always wise, but unfortunately, it is quite unavoidable, and for two reasons.

mkultra_page_001The first is that the symptoms of targeting are by and large identical to those of schizophrenic episodes. Hearing voices or seeing things no one else does are perhaps the most well known examples, all things that can be simulated with advanced electronics; voice to skull can be achieved by multiple methods; Sound Canons and other tricks can create otherwise unbelievable visual aberrations. But also, the general belief of claim that people are following, spying, or threatening, especially in numbers, is seen as a symptom. Enter gang stalking methodologies.

The second reason is less coincidental. People simply don’t want to believe in the Boogeyman, especially officials and other professionals, because trying to deal with something they can’t see evidence of being true is beyond them. That is their failing, often a thing wrongly taught them in their training. Often, that training was crafted by people who helped develop targeting methodology, former CIA mind control scientists. This has been well documented in many books, some of which were written by retired CIA types, and as referenced in my own book on topic, MC Realities.

This is especially true of the DSM series of mental health manuals, because at one time and even currently in some cases, the history of heads of collegiate psychiatric departments and EVERY professional association to which a psychiatric professional could be member… as well as Industry watch dog or promotional organizations… can be traced back to the original CIA mind Control Experiments as CIA employed researchers. As they die off, new ones are recruited, and the false narrative… a ‘lunacy’ about lunacy, goes on.

When Congress investigated CIA (and other agencies) in the Church and Rockefeller Committee hearings in the 1970s, CIA officially (claimed*) they had already shut down such programs because (they claimed*) they did not work. They then quickly scattered the CIA scientists involved to form three kinds of groups:

a) institutional and professional groups which insisted MC did not exist, did not work, and that anyone thinking otherwise was mentally ill or, in the case of professionals, guilty of malfeasance or malpractice;

b) like groups which pretended to seek and ‘help’ victims of MC; and

c) into key positions of power and authority within the psychiatric professional associations (all of them), and collegiate Psych departments, where they not only taught the preferred view about mind control, but also helped to write the DSM series of ‘bibles’ used by shrinks in diagnosis/treatment.


Ironically, the most notorious of group (b), above, was the Cult Awareness Network; CAN, which was consistently called upon by government to help ‘resolve’ crisis arising involving the so-called ‘suicide cults.’ CAN has since taken over and operated by the Church of Scientology, seen by many as a mind control cult in its own right. This was a favorite area of CIA mind control experimentation, trying to find ways to get large numbers of people to kill themselves as a collective. Read Psychic Dictatorship in the U.S.A., by Alex Constantine, for a long list of such experiments. Alex, by the way, was targeted for his writings, and went into hiding for a time. The other purpose of group (b) is to recapture persons who may have escaped mind control projects or who, due to mental issues, may become good subjects as training fodder, and brought into such projects.

What makes it ironic is that CAN advice and helps (pre Scientology) consistently resulted in the mass deaths of those being helped, examples being WACO and JONESTOWN. In both cases, the CIA plants within the groups ‘miraculously,’ managed to survive unharmed, and quite by ‘coincidence,’ the leaders and core members of those groups had previously been in spheres of influence of MC scientists in group (c), above. More could be said about such things, and have been, in MC Realities, Alex’s book, and others. But starker proofs such claims are false exist.

In my first book, The Professional Paranoid, I cited in the Appendix some 400 CIA fronts and influenced organizations which predominantly predated the Church/Rockefeller hearings. Almost exactly half of those had to do with Mind Control. CIA book vanished that book by buying all available copies from suppliers, having one of their own publishing fronts invest in my publisher with the proviso my book not be reprinted, and then ‘selling’ used copies for nearly ten times their face value so that people who had copies would sell theirs for a bit less… and then buying all those up, as well. It is a common CIA trick.

But my publisher was a good guy and he returned the book rights to me, something CIA had failed to think of specifying he not do. So I now effectively ‘self publish’ using print on demand for hard copy (through, and ebook versions directly through me (proparanoidgroup at gmail com. This makes it impossible to book vanish. Subsequently, in my third book in the Professional Paranoid Series, The Defensive Field Guide, I included 1,000 CIA fronts, almost all of the additions coming into existence post Church/Rockefeller hearings. Guess what? STILL — over half of them were/are involved in mind control related operations. CIA lied to Congress.

The unexpected result of my books was that they sponsored a flood of requests for help from victims of targeting. The overwhelming majority of such requests were from people suffering some form of mind control technology or methodology, most notably, organized ‘gang’ stalking, and/or Directed Energy Weapons (DEW). As result, I felt obliged to attempt to offer professional online consulting services to attempt to help such persons.

This is a very difficult thing to undertake for more reasons than just the communications issues forced by being limited to dialogs at distance without more personal on site direct involvement. While I also offered direct intervention services, they were always beyond the financial ability of the victims; mind control is never worked upon the wealthy unless they first attack and destroy the victim’s financial underpinnings.

Early on in offering such helps, and even in trying to sell my books in the first place, the issue of mental health questions loomed large due the Boogyman Disbelief Syndrome. BDS is a form of mental illness (not found in the DSM, of course) which causes professionals to ignore facts in the Congressional Record, scientific papers, patents, and books by endless authorities on topic, and insist therefore that persons claiming to be targeted are ALWAYS mentally ill, per the DSM bible they worship; they live and work as if in a cult, themselves victims of a form of mind control, the very thing they deny exists.

I have personal proofs I can speak to, as well. I ask professionals who think only schizophrenia possible to explain how it is that, with my defensive and offensive tactical advice, it is possible that some TIs have obtained the ultimate relief? By that, I mean total ending of their problem in ways which prove it was not a mental issue. The proof being in the form of paying huge sums of money by those guilty of targeting as retribution, and/or providing ‘dream jobs,’ record contracts or book deals, and so forth.

The Elephant in the room


The Bibles of the ‘Psychiatric Cult’

That unhappy irony aside, Virtually ever TI, if telling their story in full, will make claims they assume to be fact which seem impossible to the listener, especially if unfamiliar with the topic. After thousands of such stories, even I can still be surprised. As stated, the natural conclusion is some form of mental defect in need of professional care. Especially if the listener is a psychiatric professional; the DSM tells them what to believe true — that schizophrenia is the only possible cause for targeting claims.

It was therefor proper that I early on advised that some form of schizophrenia or paranoiac affliction must always be considered a possibility. However, I also told clients that EVEN IF TRUE, it did NOT mean the person was not ALSO targeted, something no psychiatrist seems able to ever consider possible. In fact, that TI circumstance is actually quite common in my decades of experience of working with TIs. I therefore chose by policy to ignore any and all clues of potential mental health in any decision to proceed to offer helps. The only SAFE presumption by ANYONE professionally offering help is that targeting must be considered and investigated. To do less could leave one legally liable.

One additional reason to so proceed exists, and it is unique to true targeted persons. One of the primary goals of targeting is to reduce them to a political, social, and financial zero, and the main method employed is to make them LOOK insane, as quickly as possible. One way to do that is to mislead the victim into believing things true, which are untrue. Therefore, any general belief expressed by a TI which seems unbelievable may be explained by this fact, and is yet one more reason not to dismiss the claims as baseless; they are in fact, mere symptoms of targeting as much as of potential schizophrenia.

There are countless ways this can be done, and two key benefits are derived by the tactic. The first is that the implication of insanity is achieved, which leads to denial of helps even from loved ones. Destruction of personal relationships and other help resources is also a primary goal. The second is that the TI will end up fighting a non existent problem, and in making no headway, more quickly succumb to giving into feelings of defeat, breaking their will to resist. IT IS A TRAP, one I never allow a victim to fall into.

I have, therefore, never turned someone away regardless of how much it appeared their problem was mental. For one thing, it was quite often found true in time that persons with various mental issues were (and are) deliberately selected for targeting because of that fact, especially if the purpose of targeting is training exercises; any mistakes that might end up involving Police will be immediately dismissed on that same ‘presumptive’ basis. So it is absolutely possible that targeting and mental health issues are present in a given TI’s case.

cover-1.jpgSo I always tried to early on include dialog on how to best address the possibility of schizophrenia and PROVE the answer, whatever it really was, one way or the other. If TRUE, it would be best to get treatment and resolve that issue, first. RARELY is anyone willing to take that advice; they find the prospect too scary, because of the history of psychiatry being rather prone to forced institutionalization with horrific results (as exemplified in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest). Such hesitance has not seemed to matter that much, because after working with someone for a while, I am eventually able to discern the truth for myself, and advise such help is their only chance at relief.

I will state for the record, quite contrary to DSM assertions, that about only about 1 in every 5 or 6 do suffer schizophrenia and are not truly targeted. I would then so advise, offering as many factual reasons as I hoped would be logically seen as true and valid to the client. Once in a while, they would see the truth, and act on it, but not often enough. A lesser number have been judged both schizophrenic and were also found to be targeted. The remainder were simply targeted, and merely seemed schizophrenic outwardly by third parties. They might additionally be seen as slowly being driven into a naturally resulting state of paranoiac behaviors. That is not the same as being mentally ill, certainly not the same as being schizophrenic; it is simply survival instincts gone overboard in an appropriate effort at self defense. That, I can work with on my own, and it takes no psychiatric skills, only logic.

The nature of the Elephant in the room

It is important to understand: Schizophrenia is not some shameful state of insanity such as people tend to think it. It is simply (rather overstated) a chemical imbalance in the brain which can often be addressed with drugs and good council. Yes, there are significant pitfalls in the treatment process; there is a level of quackery to the ‘science’ behind it, and that results in a hard path typically full of side effects from trying to find the right med and dose level. The patient becomes a Guinea Pig. When the ‘science’ can consider the varied physiology of individual patients and come up with the right med and dose the first time, THEN, and only then will it actually be science, IMO.

But there is a significant difference between privately seeking help and being forced into it by ‘the system.’ The latter can sometimes result in forced treatment to the point of creating a ‘cured’ human vegetable who cannot function on their own, essentially institutionalized for life. The former is considerably safer and far less likely to have an unhappy ending, the worst possible result being an unflattering written record and a period of unpleasant side effects which soon enough wear off. A good result, however, would be a written clean bill of mental health; a well deserved middle finger upraised to all who doubted.

abmToo, some care must be taken to insure that the meds do not lead to suicidal thoughts without care to prevent actualization; many psychotropic treatments do have such side effects upon withdrawal from use, some upon use. I know of this and other unpleasant side effects first hand, as I and several members of my family have been put on such medications, which are often used for more than mental issues.

Fortunately, there are ways to seek voluntary helps with reduced risks — but which are situation dependent and cannot therefore be well described, here. But schizophrenia can also be addressed with WILL POWER, though a rare eventuality. This is seen in the movie, A Beautiful Mind, a true story. In fact, watching it led me to develop an all new technique useful in reducing the actual effects of various targeting methods, including DEW. I’m talking about reduction of targeting effects, such as pain and manipulations of mood, alertness, and mental acuity.

They can even work with non targeting issues, such as pain reduction for toothaches, burns, Diabetes, and other cause, or even to help neutralize tinnitus (encouraging, but as yet no results against voice to skull). While simple in method, they are difficult to master; akin to trying to become a Jedi Knight in descriptive processes. But some can make them work usefully to one degree or another. This, too, is beyond the ability of this Post to well address. Anyone wanting to know more may email me at proparanoidgroup at gmail com and ask for the Jedi papers.

The good fight

I write of all this, today, because I just received an email from a Man in a distant country I had been working with for a while. He was quite adamant about his stalking, and elements of it certainly were beyond anything possible in reality. But he did have the will to brave the process of professional care and did brave the treatment trial and error, and was actually cured. He wrote to thank me and put my mind at ease, a kind consideration on his part. The transformation in his life was so significant that it was clearly evidenced in his writing style and commentary. His very personality and mental prowess was restored.

It was extremely gratifying to hear of his victory, and see him restored to a normalcy, even though I could take no credit. I wish I could get away with saying all TIs were schizophrenic, and that such treatment was the only solution (the official shrink view); it would have saved me decades of unhappy dialogs and less than perfect results. If it were true, and if victims would be willing to undergo treatment because there were no dangers in doing so, it would be a far more perfect World. But sadly, such a World view would be delusional: exactly as embraced by most professional psychiatrists, today.

I complimented him on his bravery for undertaking that hard road, and for enduring the clumsy treatment process which eventually leads to a cure, or eventually illustrates by lack of cure, that schizophrenia is not present. Getting a piece of paper from a Doctor that treatment had no effect is useful evidence to a TI. EITHER RESULT is a win win, even where actual targeting is present along with mental disorder. Where the victim can eliminate those things imagined, they can better focus on defense and attempts to prove those things which remain and are real. Perps will flee in the face of exposure. The trick is actually being in a position to confront them with that possibility, a matter which dealing only with reality can afford.

It cannot be done by struggling against imagined enemy tactics and methods, regardless of if imagined through chemical imbalance, or imagined due to deliberately fostered false clues. “A mind is a terrible thing to waste,” but that is exactly what mind control seeks to achieve. A TI must above all else, therefore, take any and ALL steps necessary to safe guard the health of their own mind. Free Will, the gift of God, is as precious as the gift of His Grace and of life, itself. These things are a TI’s best weapons of defense and offense. I have a whole chapter in my book on exactly how that is true; Religion and MC. This, too, is available as a free .pdf on request.

The right use of Free Will (righteousness = right use ness) might just include ‘willing’ one’s self to brave confrontation with that Elephant in the room. Clearly, it will involve other battles, as well. Never is it an easy path, and even where victories are gained, it is more often true than not, that total escape is not possible. Some break free, but all who properly resist can at least better their circumstances well enough that they can claim victory, and as a survivor, survive what targeting remains as more a nuisance than a life-long debilitating experience.

Is this not what someone with a physical handicap or long-term debilitating health issue must do, if to survive? Targeting is no different a thing, except that it is forced upon the TI by outside forces for evil cause, quite Satanic at its core. It is, therefore, a spiritual handicap, more than physical or mental, if rightly viewed; it is a war for the spirit and free will of the victim, that very gift from God. Therefore, God is indeed the best ally.

I hope this one example gives hope to those in dire need. That, too, would be a credit to the man who wrote me, a kind of legacy or testimony which hopefully leads others to dare to do the same. Just take care, if that includes you. The path is not easy to see, and there are brambles to each side which must be avoided. While I can no longer offer actual paid consulting services, I do remain available for guidance and providing answers to simple questions which do not involve significant situational analysis (proparanoidgroup at gmail com). I answer all inquiries in person.

Like or Hate Me, You May Wish to Quote Me

If I had a dollar, or even a dime for every web page that mentioned or quoted me or my works, I’d be a millionaire: 12 million pages can’t all be wrong; people repeat what I say. Where else but America can you become ‘famous’ for putting your foot in your mouth on a regular basis?

by H. Michael Sweeney    facebook

copyright © 2016, all rights reserved. Permission to repost hereby granted provided entire post with all links in tact, including this notice and byline, are included. Please comment any such repost to original posting.


What you will get by reading this post…

• Silly quotable one liners, gags, and full-on original jokes;

• witty quotable witticisms, wise sayings, criticisms, and other malarky;

• non PC quotable political snipes, barbs, and ruthless rhetoric;

• thoughtful quotable philosophical wisdoms, advice, and beatitudes.


My most popular writing today has been copied by permission on hundreds of Web sites, and reproduced in at least a half dozen books. So I know I’m quoted out there. It is even used in college courses on Political Science, Journalism, and Psychology. It’s called the 25 Rules of Disinformation, and includes not just how to spot disinfo, but how to out it and defeat the user in public or private venue.

This post is (mostly) a collection of my most popular Facebook posts. People generally like them, unless on the wrong end of the barb. Even then, the resulting dialogs have been interesting, and we tend to remain friends. But most people on Facebook do not ‘go looking’ for something to read, they let Facebook automatically send them random samplings in their ‘feed.’ It is really best to FOLLOW someone you like (also true of my blog posts); the only way to insure you see everything a given person posts (or blogs), is to follow them (subscribe — click that option now, while you are thinking about it.)

So, even if already a Facebook friend, it is highly unlikely you will have seen very many of what follows: a random grab bag of quotable material. Now, if you do actually choose to quote me, please do cite me as the source, and link either to this blog Page or the whole Site, or my Facebook page. New friends are welcome there, of course. You can quote me on that!


Quote on!

You May Wish to Quote Me (I do it all the time)~

If I had a dollar, or even a dime for every web page that mentioned or quoted me or my works, I’d be a millionaire: 12 million pages can’t all be wrong; people like what I say. Where else but America can you become ‘famous’ for putting your foot in your mouth on a regular basis?~

You may have noticed that I’m imminently quotable by the way I continually quote myself, because after all, “I’m imminently quotable.”~

The only good thing about putting my foot in my mouth so often is that I always know if my shoelaces are tied, or knot.~


T’was an LL Cool Day
(apologies to LL Cool J)

I saw an Armadillo while visiting Amarillo;
he sat near a willow, upon a satin pillow.
In the sun, bright yellow, this reclining fellow
seemed to be quite mellow, eating a bowl of Jello
while listening to a fellow who played a loud Cello.
Were I to say hello, I feared I must such bellow;
that seemed such a peccadillo, I ne’er met that Armadillo


If Google spies on your searches, shouldn’t their name be Goggle?
If Yahoo does, Youwho?
If Facebook tracks your info, Factlook?
If YouTube censors excessively and politically, LubeRube?
If television is propaganda, Tellyourmission?
If a newspaper is the same, Newsfaker?
If the Oval Office is a source of lies and skullduggery, the Shovel Orrafice?~


From conversation (click for their similar answer to meaning of life)

The meaning of Life? To take all gifts entrusted to you by God; Free Will, life, and the Soul which defines the inner you, and the gifts you earn through life; knowledge, talent, skills, wealth and possessions, experiences and positions… to edify yourself, edify others (family, those above you, your peers, and strangers), and above all, edify God in the doing. This is true Glory, and the source of Blessings.

To the extent you do this, you yourself fabricate that meaning. To the extent you fail to do so, you dilute or even destroy it. Any faults or failures you have along the way are challenges in learning, and otherwise non sequitur to the equation. This is true Faith, and the source of Happiness.

Don’t focus on them, learn from them, and go on. You are what you’ve been waiting for, all along. Stop looking so hard for simple answers, and stop struggling so hard against battles predestined to be won by the righteous. If God be for you, who can be against you? This is the true foundation of Peace, and the source of Strength.

The meaning of life, is YOU, and I’m glad you have friended me. As I wish for me, so I wish for you. Thank you for sharing this Sunday with me.~


Wisdom is sometimes knowing how to seem wise without anyone’s means to challenge. After struggling to the top of the mountain to ask my one-allowed question of the Guru, he preempted with an answer: “Yes, my Son,” he said, “you have at last made it to the top. Now leave me in peace.”~

I wonder if Pavlov’s Dog’s got that way eating Pavlum? Probably not, it wouldn’t make me salivate.~

You know your’e an alcoholic and an unpleasant drunk if people invite you to their parties the day after, and you are so sloshed you think you just got back from it.~

I’m sorry, but I think I misunderstood what you wanted me to consider about what you probably meant by saying what you thought I would be able to relate to as allegory to the intended thought you had in mind, but couldn’t articulate because you were afraid I would misconstrue it as something else. What were we talking about, again?~

A dirty joke is to humor in a way exactly like the Presidential election is to politics.~

Rain falls in drops because it’s happy water. When it’s mad, watch out for hail.~


Old Crow

Oh, old Crow, so cautious and suspicious,
not like the Goose, who’s calm with aplomb,
your caw is such an appalling loud calling,
unlike parakeets most cheerful earful,
or eagle’s shrill cry from high in the sky.

Your old black cloak does fail to evoke
the visual delight of a Parrot, so bright.
You walk with a hobble and a wobble,
where a Robin bounces and pounces,
and the Stork is stilted and often is tilted.

And though your flight is quite alright,
it’s not as stunning as a Bird, Humming.
Lacking the Hawk’s glide so full of pride,
sans any formation of Geese’ inclination,
nor is it as swift as can be a quick Swift.

Your Murder is a suspect some fear to detect,
and yet, I suspicion, it’s all mere superstition.
Yet do not away rush, my criticisms to hush:
let not any objection be seen as a rejection;
I do like you old Crow, so brag on, and crow.



To escape vile fate I must get past that damned wall;
because if staying here, I’ll not likely survive it at all.
I tried to climb upon it, up high, no good, then higher,
only to find it topped with wickedly sharp razor wire.
I tried to go around it, hoping an opening I would find,
but it surrounds me completely, and I’m trapped inside.

I tried to dig under, tunneling deep, deep underground
but impassable boulders and water did me confound.
To escape my foe I must get past that heartless wall;
I’ve no choice; to give up certainly means my downfall.
I’ve asked for help from all near who might could hear,
they refuse to give aid, yielding to their own dark fear.

I’ve prayed to God to help, to redeem and set me free,
but I’m afraid in here, even He can’t hear me or see.
Then came a gentle voice advising firmly to be still,
“I’m with you always, as is my gift of strong Free Will.
To escape your foe, you must get past that mere wall,
and there is yet one thing you’ve not tied, not at all.”

My thoughts reeled, and the answer came in a flash,
I’d not yet tried attacking head on, the wall to crash.
I gathered my courage and backed up for a good run,
and ran headlong screaming at the top of my lung.
I hit that wall with all my brute force, and hit it hard:
knocking myself unconscious right there in that yard.

To escape my foe, I’ve tried it all, to get past the evil wall;
but nothing has for me worked, no not one, nothing at all.
I awoke quite dazed, my fist clinched in pain and my rage,
the voice had not well helped me, its advice was not sage.
But regaining my feet, a white robed figure there stood tall,
amid the rubble of that same accursed, impassable wall.

“You’ve escaped your foe,” said he, “right through the wall;
not by your strength, nor luck, but that on me you did call.
The miracle you sought was within you right from the start,
your faith in me was all it took; and abiding love in your heart.
If God be for you, no man or thing against you can stand,
when you hit that wall, I was there with you, hand in hand.”


Sorry if I insult you. Being poor, I have to go for the cheap shots.~

Any man can toast his friends at the tavern. But a brave man toasts his enemies. That’s why I always carry a can of lighter fluid when I go drinking.~

I never quite chimed in with the 60’s by wearing bell bottom pants – until I got kicked in the groin.~

I’m never inclined to eat carrots. I just can’t see my way to do so.~


Linear or Columnar?

A rhythmic rhyme in a single line is often quite fine.
but most like a rhyme
to be of many a line,
or to metrically align; 
be symmetrically sublime,
or perhaps its just fine
to enjoy any old rhyme.


Political Risk

I’ll not vote for she who does cackle
when refusing a tough query to tackle.
While not happy with alternative Trump,
he’s still better than a kick in the rump.

While Dems are OK with criminal lies,
and Establishment Reps swarm like flies,
a candidate ripe for an email blackmail
risks a serious national security fail.


A lot of drinks call for two fingers of this or that liquor, so I always look for bartenders with really big hands.~

The path to illumination in the darkness is called a sidewalk.~


Political Seuss

I do not like this Uncle Sam, I do not like the health care scam.
I do not like these dirty crooks, or how they lie and cook the books!
I do not like when Congress steals, I do not like their secret deals.
I do not like this speaker Nan, I do not like this ‘YES WE CAN’.
I do not like this spending spree, I’m smart, I know that Nothing’s Free!
I do not like their smug replies, when I complain about their lies.
I do not like this kind of hope. I do not like it. nope, nope, nope!


There are rarely times when ‘actual’ sex is as good as ‘fantasy’ sex is imagined. However, they both involve a little ‘t’ & ‘a.’~

The only ‘gun control’ I support is that question in the mind of the criminal intent on causing trouble, “Will he remain in control of his fear or temper, or will he pull the trigger.”~


Politic’s Ticks

If Trump is such a chump we’d rather dump,
and Uncle Bernie is ample wormy and too squirmy,
and Hillary far too shrillery under FBI drillery,
with liberally bias in the press giving truth no redress…
Does that mean Biden is bid’n his tim’n in decid’n if rid’n
White Knight like last minute to the Demo’s pandemic…
Is that how we’ll be decid’n who’s presidential presid’n?
Is that Obama’s last prick on his way out, his hat trick?
That I won’t at all be abid’n, down too far we’ve been slid’n.



Yes, wine is quite fine when you have the time, or dine,
but weed has more speed if you have the need; do proceed.
The joke for this bloke is that I cannot smoke, nor toke,
and shrink from such drink – an alchoholic’s dread; brink of stink.

Dope lacks hope that I’ll survive or cope its scope,
so here’s my fears (why I’m lacking cheers amid tears):
this guy will die having never daring a high to try.
That hex did vex untill realizing that the Rx is sex!~

Never hiss at a snake; the conversation could be deadly.~



Do you know anything of the Entymology of Entomology,
or is it to you as confusing as the synopsis of synapsis?


Hillary’s Ruin
(What difference does it make?)

As I have previously stated,
I am quite totally devastated
not to have been reinstated.

I have frequently formulated
and as often have postulated
just why I’m not yet reinstated.

The cause, you see, is equated
with rumors and lies oft related
to prevent my being reinstated.

They shout with glee, as if elated
with prideful egos thus elevated,
for blocking my being reinstated.

They say my claims are overrated,
to a job where I ne’er participated,
and that’s why I can’t be reinstated.

If people died while I simply waited,
shown in lies and emails evaluated,
what difference to being reinstated?

My right, you see, as Royal rated
is for all to worship me unabated,
and vote to have me reinstated.


Never apologize to me for being you. Just stop it!~

Why do some of us eat the icing out of the middle of an Oreo? Where else would it be?~


Seasonal Orb

I saw last night the thinnest sliver of a silver Moon,
a most pleasant crescent, present this month of June.
So thin that it did quiver and thus scant light deliver,
did I realize before my eyes it would dematerialize.
Now its gone, but before too long, watching for its rise,
to my boon:
 it shall return soon, as a mirror sliver Moon.


Rhyme Defined

A simple rhyme takes little time,
a light banter with good cantor –
best if exquisite, expressed explicit;
easy to recall in its all and all.


In A Rush

Here”s a quick li’l poem:
done now, I’ll be goin’.


What’s wrong with the Mayor of New York, does he not know his soda ban and tax is suppressing Pop Culture?~

Unfortunately for Custer, at least 10 Little Indians never heard that song.~


Time Tells No Tales

Once upon a time? No, I’m highly suspicious.
If it only happened once, it must be fictitious,
especially if remarkably good and not malicious:
Real events repeat themselves through history,
written down in pages for study by you and me,
where learning not, we assure repeat eventuality.


Dear Fascists

Take heed, look around: here stand I, I stand my ground.
Never again will I back away, here I stand, and here I’ll stay.
Your words will not sway me, no dark threats dissuade me.
Take heed, look around. Here stand I, I stand my ground.

Never again will I back away, here I stand, and here I’ll stay.
No trick or lies, nor treachery will keep me from remaining free.
No unjust laws, cops or military will I respect, still shall I tarry.
Take heed, look around: here stand I, I stand my ground.

Never again will I back away, here I stand, and here I’ll stay.
Surround me with vile forces, I’ll ignore their foul loud voices.
Dare attack me if you will, I’ll reply ten fold until my body’s still.
Take heed, look around: here stand I, I stand my ground.
Never again will I back away, here I stand, and here I’ll stay.


They say the Earth’s rotation is slowing down. I have a simple cure. We all get in our cars and face them West, and synchronize burning rubber.~


Status Quo: Latin for we want you to think things are equal and as they should be so you
will shut up and do what you are told

Parity: French for we want you to think things are the same and as they should be so you
will shut up and do what you are told

Equality: Ye olde English for we want you to think things are the same and as they should
be so you will shut up and do what you are told

Same: what we mean when we are talking about one political party compared to another,
those people who want us to shut up and do what we are told.


I thought of a Hillaryous joke, but I don’t want to keep insulting Democrats.~


Social Litmus

Do my witticisms impress you or simply depress you?
Do my jokes make you laugh or think me some Jackass?
Do my poems seem lyrical or are they just predictable?
Do my posts give enlightenment, or seem closer to excrement?
Do you share, like, and follow, or is our friendship just hollow?


Smart by Default

Any wisdom I have lies in taking some care
in choosing the friends with whom I will share.
If smarter than me I will make them aware:
I agree with them, and with flattering flair.
If not as smart, then will I then declare,
their inspiring thoughts lead me to dare.


A tack pins things down, while pins prick things deeply, but a prick is always tacky, hard to pin down, offending deeply.~

Time for me to post-a-joke. Invented by a stand-up comic, it’s like a Post-it Pad, without any glue to hold it together — so it’s insanely presented in unexpected ways, and it is colorless, unless fucking off color or borrows the color of a racial inference. Wait… that’s a political speech.~

I think I understand the term ‘feedback loop,’ now: GMO crops.~

Shoot first and ask questions later. It saves dialog and you don’t get ambiguous answers… if there are any answers.~


Being Outspoken

I’m the first to admit I know so much about everything,
an expert assumed, presumed, or claimed unrelenting.
In truth it seems, I know not enough on any one thing,
to avoid putting my foot in my mouth without realizing.


Your Bad, So Sad. My Bad, And Glad

If you insult me, let me be quite perfectly clear,
you’d better be right in your basis, my dear,
because logic, facts, and reason, you’ll hear,
the weapons my response will burn in your ear.

Excuse me if I’m less than politically correct,
but especially if trying to point out your defect,
you have no legal right to avoid being upset
by my Free Speech, you fucking dumb idiot.


I’m not going to post anything useful, today. I hope this heads up proves useful. Doh!~

I get rejected a lot by the ladies. I asked one gal if she would like to go out on a double date, and she said “Sure. How about Judgement Day, and the Day after.”~

Hurry, hurry, hurry! Step right up folks, and get your fresh posts, right here, right now. Only $1, five for $3, and a surprise in every one, guaranteed, or your money back. Don’t be misled by the competitor’s claims; they only post kitties and slogans, and complaints that no one comments. Hurry, hurry, hurry!~


My Prayer today, is for you. There is nothing better than other people praying for you, especially if praying WITH you. We’re not getting older, just getting closer to home! Be Still, and at peace. Now, it is true that the Lord’s Prayer is quite sufficient and complete to God, but sometimes, we feel we want to say more. That is good with God.

May I suggest the prayer below? If ye pray it as you read, it is the same as if we have done so together; Matthew 18:19 “And I tell you more: whenever two of you on earth agree about anything you pray for, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven.” All that is required is that the prayer be righteous and fitting to God’s Will, which is defined to the extent we are able to determine in his Word. If we do not vary from that, we are apt to receive that which we NEED, if not that which we THINK we need and seek by prayer (be careful what and how you ask for [it].) Begin:

Heavenly Father, thank You for each and every day; today is a Day the Lord hath made, we rejoice and are glad in it, for You have blessed us here on earth yet again. Thank You for Your tender mercies of your Grace, and the gift of life and of Free Will, which lead us through the day; may we not abuse these gifts and offend You. Thank You for giving us family and friends to share the joys and burdens of the day. I ask You to bless my family, relatives and friends and those I care deeply for, and those who are reading this right now, especially those who are suffering and in need of your intervention.

Where there is joy, give them continued joy. Where there is pain, give them peace and mercy. Where there is self-doubt or confusion, release a renewed confidence and understanding. Where there is need, fulfill their needs. Move them to study your Word, to strengthen their faith and embrace the Gospel, and to be moved thereby to spread the Word. Bless their families, homes, finances, their goings and their comings, and turn aside their enemies in forgiveness, which is to our good as well as our enemy’s good.

Above all else, may Your Will be done, in Jesus’ name,~


If Istanbul used to be Contstantinople, does that mean they got tired of constantly being in Ople, wherever that is?~

Just because I disagree with you does not mean I don’t like you. I hate everyone equally.~

A conspiracy unfolding is like a barrage of arrows in the dark. You hear evidence that something is not right, but don’t don’t get the point until it is too late. Worse, you also get the shaft.~


Desperate Conclusion

My mind, not very clear right now, so
writing some clever rhyming ditty? No.
But I know some of you like that stuff…
So there’s only one question:
Is this good enough?


Good example of a self-fulfilling prophesy: “I’m going to enter the hot dog eating contest.”~

It must be true that you are what you eat. I live on $3 a day in food, and one look at me and you will know, I’m a cheapskate.~

Why do they call it an aptitude test? Because if you have to take one, you are apt to detest it.~

You will note I don’t call people who don’t agree with me bad names. That’s because the bastards have thick skins.~


Digital Death

My computer is dying now of old age,
and while buying a new one is truly sage,
and newer models are quite all the rage,
there’s nothing but zeros on the last page
of my checkbook; no income at my age.
My mouse is destined for the round cage,
unless comes a miracle or magical Mage.



A chant can be a kind of moving song,
easily remembered for singing along.

A chant can be a loud and angry jeer,
prompting attention, worry, and fear.

A chant might be for someone; a call,
for entertainers or leaders loved by all.

A chant gives power to thought and word,
assuring its message is clearly heard.

But a chant by Monks is the best to hear,
binding us to God and drawing Him near.


If I have a Colon for which I might need a Colonoscopy, and use :s and ;s in a similar manner all the time when I write, why can’t I get a Semicolonoscopy, and save some money?~

Lately, I’ve been thinking of taking a plane somewhere to improve my sex life. It won’t matter where, I just going through TSA will do the trick.~

OK, time for me to say something funny. But that would be deja vu.~

The next time you hear some wimpy Liberal whining about some perceived micro aggression, say to them, “To quote an oft used line in The Princess Bride, my little precious Princess… ‘I do not think you know what these words mean.” Then slug them in the mouth and say, “You cannot ‘micro’ that; there would be no point.”~

Since I’m left handed, I never need a Compass; I just use my southpaw.~


Since there is no longer rule of law in this country in high places, such that no one in government is held accountable, and the very laws they write are themselves violations of law (unconstitutional), and government itself is the biggest criminal… I reserve the right to violate ANY law at ANY time for ANY reason.

My authority is the Constitution, my basis the Pursuit of Happiness declared therein, my means is Civil Disobedience, my support is the Second Amendment, my argument the First Amendment, and my goal is the Redress guaranteed therein. I rest my case, and those who choose to oppose me may rest in peace, if that be their choice. No appointment needed.~


An election process is like a stale fast-food hamburger. On the outside it looks big and besprinkled with seeds of wisdom. On the inside are secret conspiratorial sauces and lies about quality and quantity of substance, and wilted vegetable-like promises. Do you want fries with that? Cold, greasy, and slimy press coverage.~

Never wander around in the dark. That would be you watching TV ‘news.’~

When people talk about shooting at dummy targets, are they hinting at politicians?
Is that why you never see politicians at a gun shop or shooting range?~

I encourage free speech. And, I own the concession on ear plugs in the District of Columbia.~

Cat got your tongue? I don’t know how you can stand there so silently, I know I’d be screaming; that’s got to hurt like hell.~


PC Friends?

Politically Correct is not for me, my friend,
the 1st Amendment says I’m free to offend.
My words, ideas and actions do not pretend,
that you’ve no right against them to defend;
just do so to my face with honor and it will end
with agreement or no, but still friend to friend.


Waiver Not

Never Opt for signing a waiver,
never waiver in copping a sign;
raising up high a middle finger,
rather than your rights to resign.


Prosthetic Prose

Prose is prone to rhyme in a rhythm so quaint,
but to intone it sublime; a sure given it aint’


Alien observer’s notebook: Man is a lousy Plumber. He must think the Ocean is impure because he keeps trying to filter out the fish with giant mesh filters. Silly creature. When that doesn’t work, he drills holes in the Ocean floor to drain the water out.~

Someone said I might should listen to Meatloaf on CD. I don’t get it. As soon as I put a slice on the CD, it stopped sizzling and I couldn’t hear a thing.~

Does the FCC really know what they are doing? I find myself waking up to AM Radio, so I know what they mean when they say ‘Morning Radio.’ But while I can find an FM station, I can never seem to find a PM station. They need someone from the NyQuil folks to run the outfit, I think.~

The answer to the age old riddle: what came first, the Chicken, or the Egg? Answer: neither; it was the Rooster. (surely, someone else said this somewhere, sometime earlier)~

I must be a looser. There was this gal I liked who always bought fresh produce. But when I got fresh, she just slapped my face.~


Big Enough

To big to fail cost you and me,
for bailouts, and lost property.
To big to nail, cost prohibitively
the national debt ridiculous, be.

To big to jail cost you and me,
for hall passes for Mz Hillary.
To small to hail, just you and me,
our vote has no voice collectively.


It’s It

Time to offer up a bit of wit.
Something funny to any Brit?
Are you worried just a we bit
about a future Brexit bad sit?
Afraid there’s no way out of it;
to escape a daily diet of shit,
Mushrooms often get slit and bit.


Falling Sky

Chicken Little a warning did brae,
none believed in what he did say.
Many long years since passed away,
we still refuse to believe him today.

Yet Planet X and Wormwood obey
God’s Will and ARE heading our way.
The moral to me seems thus to say:
good Chicken Littles should now pray;
for it is written, “None knows the Day,”


I never did well in Science Class. I still don’t know the conversion factors between celsius, farenheit, and college degrees.~

Hillary avoids Potatos and Corn. She knows they have eyes and ears and might testify.~

Gmail just informed me my folder :”Hate Mail” is full. Half of it is from Democrats, and half from Republicans. The difference is, the Republicans tell me exactly why they don’t like me, and the Democrats only tell me how they feel.~

Taxes are a fiction, just as are the wages taxed; when the dollar is nothing but an I.O.U., you never really get paid, and so, you can never really be taxed or pay taxes, either. Credit and Bank Loans are a also a fiction, just as are the checks (also I.O.U.s) used in obtaining the loan or repaying it ­– and the bank didn’t even have the money to loan in the first place (allowed to loan up to 20 times their bank deposits). We just keep spoofing each other to solidify the illusion.~

If you still hate someone after putting yourself into their shoes… then they are obviously too tight because you are too big in your own mind for your own good, fat head.~

Be thankful I’m retired. If I was doing this full-time, I’d bore you to tears.~

Now days, the only way to achieve inner peace, is to scream at the top of your lungs for the politicians and newsmen to fucking go to hell, until they actually do.~

Dear government, and megacorps: Winning is not taking rights away with legislation or getting the contract for weapons to be used at Armageddon. These things are mutually assured destruction.~

When people say not to worry about things, “They will get better,” I think they must mean that the things that worry you will get better at doing that.~

Never take the last train from Clarksville. Its full of Monkeys.~


Theorist’s Conspiracy

Open the door to news of tragedy obscene. The lunacy involved, what can it mean?
Turn on the light and survey the crime scene – see Rats scurry trying not to be seen.
Catch one, make it come squeaky clean: Federal ties found amid many lies between.
Note all such oddities you might glean, contrary to the official story quite glassine.
Compare to what others have seen, conclude just what it really all does mean.
Forget now all you once had been, you’re now a conspiracy theorist, a sin.


In case you are wondering, yes, I used to do stage comedy in talent contests. Often got a first place. That was great; being the first person put on the bus out of town, I got to choose the best seat.~

Let me apologize in advance for insulting you. I’m not going to stick around in case you start swinging.~

The Federal Gov has gotten to be such a big asshole that it doesn’t even have to fart to stink up the whole country, but it does so continuously, anyway. If Hillary is elected, she plans on feeding it beens and drinking water from Mexico, giving new meaning to when the SHTF. I’m thinking Trump is the BEANO.~


A Noun is a word that has a ROCK solid object identity.
A Proper Noun tells the actual name or title, my dear SIR, or may I call you JOHN.
A Pronoun is an Avatar stand in for IT.
An Adjective tells you a IDENTIFIABLE personality.
A Verb is a word in MOTION.
An Adverb tells you its VERY measure.
A Preposition pre positions the Noun TO Verb relation.
A Conjunction forms a junction function between word thoughts, SO don’t get confused.
A Contraction is a contracted attraction giving traction to two words as one, a marriage licensed by apostrophication, or a foreshortening of a word as a slang thang for those who were THINK’N they HADN’T the time or space for two words.~


I had a Checklist but can’t use it as I haven’t written a check since Debit Cards came out.
I had a folding Map but I can’t follow it because there is no place in my car’s dash to plug it in.
I had a Plan but I can’t follow it because the steps don’t appear on the Dance Dance Revolution pad.
I had a contract but I don’t abide by it because I already held both the first and second Parties. Sorry I didn’t invite you.
I had a Letter but Sesame Street is now on a channel I don’t get.
I had an envelope but didn’t give a lick.
I had a Folder but since I no longer need the checklist, plan, contract, letter, or envelope, I threw it away, too.~


A Conservative Politician in Office is conservative in measuring out his power to avoid angering the voter; he fears the people, where a Liberal believes that governmental power is end all-do all, and they use/abuse their power to manipulate the people by fear of government.

A Conservative Government heeds its own laws by conservative judgment, where a Liberal tends to apply grains of salt, rationalize, and bend slightly, each time taking more liberal advantage until it is in time fully lawless.

A Conservative Government writes Laws which are conservative in principles within the limitations of its Charter (The Constitution, Bill of Rights), where a Liberal (by the above means) takes liberties in lawmaking which take liberty out of the Law; they become increasingly unconstitutional and negate the Bill of Rights.

A Conservative Policy must always fit the national interest in obedience to Sovereignty and which honors the Charter, where a Liberal is interested in reformation to a new model, almost always globalist in nature (i.e., favoring United Nations, One-World Government) and is willing to sacrifice the Charter and Sovereignty for that agenda.

A Conservative Politician thinks in terms of limitations per the above, which allows personal and corporate governance to be at ‘”Liberty” to flourish and pursue happiness and wellbeing, trusting the people to seek what they will for their own good, where a Liberal thinks in terms of socialistic Agenda which stifle or suppress these things ‘for the good of the people, of whom they think cannot be trusted.’

A conservative understands that to become elected or to move legislation, there must be an accommodating compromise between the ideal and the attainable, where a Liberal will promise anything to get what they really want, or take any drastic measure to get what they want, even if it means legislation which cannot possibly achieve the stated purpose, and especially if it serves some unstated agenda per the above.~


Panic is in abundance, as is a loose tongue, when the SHTF. Calm reason and restraint is called for. Take a deep breath, grab a cold beer and reflect before commenting. But if the bullets are flying around you, SHOOT BACK AND SAVE THE DIALOG FOR LATER. That’s when you will really need that beer.~


Why do they call them a POEM when no other word quite right rhymes with poem?
Why do they call them a JOKE when the point is a hard straight poke?
Why do they call them a SONG when it’s really a sing?
Why do they call them a RIDDLE when the answer is a clue in the middle?
Why do they call them a SPEECH when it gives you the claps or makes you boo who?
Why do they call them a REport, REmark or REply when it’s actually the first time?
Why do they call them a QUESTion when instead of taking the path to the answer on your own,
you leave it to another to do?
Why do they call them a PARagraph when there’s really only one?
Why do they call them a SENTENCE
when they rarely involve a judge?
Why do they call them a STORY when they don’t have walls, cielings, or floors?
Why do they call this a POST… oh, wait, I know: because that’s what it’s as dumb as.~


Why is it that you can talk to ten strangers and 7 or more of them will believe or agree like minded if you tell them…

About a UFO you’ve seen…
About 911 as an inside job…
About Global Warming as a sham…
About CIA and the mob killing JFK…
About chemtrails vs. contrails…
About a Bilderberger NWO/Illuminati conspirators…
About mind control, gang stalking, Voice-2-Skull…

But when you talk to ten lawmakers, law keepers, medicals, or reporters about any of that…
You are suddenly crazy to the point of risking forced evaluation?

Because the System and its professional armies are taught not to believe in the boogyman (who arranged for their lessons).~


The addage “Follow your dreams…” with respect to career can end terribly, UNLESS you take the RIGHT path:

1 toe in the water as a hobby… Insures you really do like it and have basic skills required.
2 build a boat taking courses in the trade, even if mail order or online. This will confirm
if you have actual talent. If not, start over w next best passion.
3 float the boat as intern. This will educate you as to the harsh realities and negatives of the
trade. Lets you confirm you like it, and regardless, gives a leg up on others for getting the job.
4 if you get this far, set sail as employee, setting aside savings. You WILL do well if you are ‘all in,’
what some call the ‘work ethic,’ which is simply doing your best.
5 with savings, buy a yacht by starting your own firm. That will plot a course to your dreams.

More: at all levels, start a small home-based business for both the experience, income, and tax benefits. This allows you to build resources (eg, instruments for a musician) less expensively and helps build your resume, client base, networking resources. I have NEVER not operated my own business since entering high school, and most related in their start to my first entry into a given field of work, at the hobby stage. I have therefore mastered and become successful in many fields and industry sectors, and despite having only a high school education, I’ve been granted four experiential degrees for the purpose of teaching at college level.~


My Mom always told me not to play in the street. She was right. The freeways are much more fun – if you are agile and don’t mind the blaring horns and screeching tires…~

What did the politician say to the activist? Nothing. He doesn’t pay attention to those voters, either.~

You are free to disagree with me as long as you understand I am never wrong and never make a mitsak ni anteing I sae.~


Modern Debate

What I believe is true. If you disagree, screw you.
I know I’ m right, I do. I’m clearly smarter than you.
Don’t you dare try to argue – untill your face turns blue:
What I believe is due – to claims I find undeniably true.

Your facts will not do, they confuse what I know is true.
Such reality I pooh pooh, my mind made up for me, you
see; I won’t listen to you. What’s that you ask askew?

No, I no not just who said, but some kind of Web guru.
Its not important just who. But I know it surly wasn’t you.
What I believe is true. If you don’t agree, boo hoo to you.
Truth’s what I want it to be, no matter what you say or do.


A Democrat Congressman and a Republican Senator walked into a bar… Wait! That’s already as big a joke as can be…~

Notice: please note… In case you haven’t noticed before. Have you ever noticed there is hardly ever been and important notice delivered or posted such that you actually noticed? Nah, I bet you didn’t even notice any such post. I hereby give notice that, if you noticed this post, or not, this notice is not such a notice, but merely a post giving note to such.~


Dos You Got Down Wid Wad I Be Say’n Bout Dis and Dat, Bro?

Dis, Dat, and Dos, as ‘hip’ as they could be, went into a bar to get a drink. Dos bought the 1st round of beers. Once served, Dat said “Dis be good ‘n stuff.”

Dis replied “I try to be good like dat, you know? Mama sez to.”

Dat saw Dis was confused, “Thank yo for the compliment, Dis, but dat not wad I meant. We all be drink’n da same brew and dat be good’n stuff.”

Dis and Dat seemed confused. “Look, Man, dis is on tapn we don’t be know’n wad it be,” he clarified.

Dis choked on a swig. “What yo say, bro? No one be tap’n on me, so natch, I dont know wad it be.”

“No, Man,” Dat tried to explain further, “Dis beer be tap beer. It be good, but ah dont know wad it be.”

Dis, at least, finally understood. “I got yo drift, now, Man. But I heard dos tap beers were cheap’n stuff. You know, po shit wid no taste. So wad dis be?”

Now Dos complained. “Wad yo mean… yo be sayin I bought cheep beers?”

And now, Dis was confused, once more, too. “I be just fine, bro. Why yo ask wad I be?”

At this point, the bartender happened by. “Hey, Man,” accosted Dat. “We be wond’rn… Wad be dis here beer?”

Dat be Dos,” he replied simply. “Dat be good, n stuff.”

Dat seemed upset, now. “Look, man, we been all through Dis be’n good, n stuff. But if yo be say,n I sho nuff should be like Dos… dat Dos be gooder,n me, I take ‘ception to dat. Yo don’t know Dat, and yo sho as Hell dont know me.”

Now Dos was miffed. “Hang on a sec, man,” he said to Dat, “yo sayin yo better’n me?”

Well, things went down hill from there and it looked like a fight was about to break out, when the bartender tried to calm them with clarification. “Dis be rediculous!” he started.

But Dis did’t give him a chance to finish, and knocked him on his ass!
 “Ha!” he exclaimed. “Yo dumb ass be’n on da flo wid yo dumb fat mouth bleed’n wad be rediculous.”

This unexpected event had disrupted the conflict between Dos and Dat long enough that they had calmed down. Dis suggested they leave, and all agreeing, they stormed out in a huff.

As they exited, Dis noted “We stiil dont know wad dat beer be. I sho nuff wish I knew.” 
The others agreed, none of them noticing the neon sign in the window reading “Dos XX on tap.”~


If Trump is such a chump we’ rather dump, and Uncle Bernie is ample wormy and too squirmy, and Hillary far too shrillery under FBI drillery, then does that mean Biden is bid’n his tim’n in decid’n if rid’n White Knight style last minute to the Demo’s how we’ll be decid’n who’s presidential presid’n?~

What happens when a Socialist politician, an establishment Democrat, a non establishment Republican and an establishment Republican go into a Bar and call for a round on them, each? The price of drinks goes up, the waitresses worry about deportation, the bartender adds water to the drinks, the bouncer calls a reporter, and the Janitor worries about having to clean up all the bullshit that’s about to be spread. And, the patrons realize the hangover isn’t going to be worth it, and they leave.~



Ferrari facing cataclysm!


Fractured Isms.


Ferris Beuller (Matthew Broderick) had it right. “A person should not believe in an “ism“, he should believe in himself.” In other words, don’t be a follower of someones ideas. If you want to make a change for the better, YOU are what you’ve been waiting for.

Here are some (twisted) examples of perhaps why isms can be problematic…

Capitalism: You have two cows. Sell one and buy a bull to start a cow factory. Worship in any church you want as long as you tithe a portion of your stock options. John Lennon is a famous millionaire singer invited to sit on your Board of Directors. Apple Computer stock looks attractive, so you merge to form Cowpile Computer.

Socialism: You have two cows. Give one cow to the government to slaughter and share with the poor. You worship in any church which is left or right of center. John Lennon is a folk singer of meaningful Marxist ballads. Apple Computer is bailed out by Congress whenever its stock falls below that of Microsoft.

Communism: You had two cows, but now the State has them, and may or may not give you some milk – if you are willing to stand in a long line. You do not go to church except to attend Party meetings. John Lennon is a decadent influence on youth. Apple Computer never was, because they refused to allow government to take more than one bite of it as it would ruin the logo.

Fascism: You had two cows but the government forced you to sell them to corporations for beans (magic or otherwise) who in turn sells the dairy and beef products back to you for huge profits. You go to the same church as the fearless leader, or you don’t go at all. John Lennon sounds like he was related to a Marxist and so he was shot. Apple Computer was burned to the ground in order to blame Compaqism and sweep Bill Gates into power.

Nazism: You had two cows but the government arrested you for hording and took them. You and your religious fanatic family are burned alive in your church for refusing to Sig Heil. John Lennon was in there with you, singing Give Peace a Chance. Apple Computer users are arrested and sent to camps for daring to ‘Think Different.’

Anarchism: You have two cows running down the freeway causing car wrecks. Shoot the tax collector, steal his money, and rape his dog (unless a hunting dog – but since it is a government dog, we know that dog don’t hunt.) You blow up the church. John Lennon sings Revolution. Macintosh Computers have a high repair rate from all the bullet holes.

Constitutionalism: You have two cows and the government cannot unreasonably search or seize them without a warrant, or prevent them from mooing, or prevent you from owning them and forming a militia of fellow cow owners who meet weekends and practice milking with dummy targets. You can’t figure out which of the thousands of churches to attend. Neither can John Lennon, so he writes Imagine. Steve Jobs was a Founding Father who wrote the ‘Consitution for the rest of us.’

Patriotism: You have two cows painted red, white, and blue. Your church supports the current war. John Lennon is boycotted, and so he has a sleep in. Apple is not sold to anyone unwilling to pledge allegiance to Microsoft products.

Militarism: You have two cows which you have convinced each that the other is seeking to invade their own private pasture. You sell arms to both sides. Your church owns stock in your company. John Lennon had his visa revoked because he was a pacifist who smoked pot. Apple Computer is what makes smart bombs smart.

Pacifism: You have two contented cows which give canned milk. Your body is your temple (and you are what you eat.) The government is headed by John Lennon. Apple Computer listens to its customer complaints.

Fatalism: Your cows died after you stopped feeding them because you figured they would just die, anyway. It was the same reasoning by which you determined God is dead. You never heard of John Lennon. Apple System error messages all start with ‘You should have known better than to think this wasn’t going to happen…’

Surrealism: You have a pasture full of Dell Computers searching the Web for the best price on a Macintosh. The government worships you. There is no John Lennon, because he would have made sense, so he instead turns out to actually be Ringo Star, who never quite did.

Bushisms: Is your cows in my Big Mac? I’m a God fearing man on Sundays. Which one is Lennon, and which one is Lennin? I will not have one of those damned Macs on my desk. Jobs didn’t contribute one cent to my election fund!

Clintonisms: Wow, look at those udders! I’m a God fearing man on Sundays. I liked John Lennon. We had a lot in common. In fact, I inhaled once, myself. I don’t know about granting Apple a GSA contract… they didn’t contribute to my election fund.

Obamaisms: Your cows are being detained indefinitely to combat terrorism. I’m a God fearing man on Sundays, unless I’m playing Golf. I liked John Lennon. I had FBI sue Apple Computer, who wouldn’t let me spy on iPhones, and didn’t contribute to my election fund.

Note: If you like the isms, they were lifted from a page full of additional jokes of greater complexity than the bulk of material in this post. Find them here: To Laugh in the Face of the NWO is the Best Form of Contempt.


What Will You U$E For Currency When T$HTF?

The more we move toward a cashless society, the more we are at risk should some financial, political, or natural disaster transpire which weakens or destroys societal and governmental dynamics. What people will accept in payment or trade for scarce and critical supplies could threaten your life if you don’t have any, or the cost may be more than you can afford, if you do. Here are some ideas to help you be prepared.

by H. Michael Sweeney    facebook

copyright © 2016, all rights reserved. Permission to repost hereby granted provided entire post with all links in tact, including this notice and byline, are included. Please comment any such repost to original posting.

In this post you will learn…

• what makes money valuable is also what can make it worthless;

• plastic and precious metals are useless in the aftermath of crisis;

• why government frowns and suppresses barter, and why to embrace it anyway;

• cash is usually aftermath King… but not always;

• whole new currencies evolve in serious or long term aftermath.

What money is, and why it has value

Money is nothing more than a convenient way to conduct ‘commerce’ (trade goods and services) with a standard and portable stand-in for something else of value. For this to work, all people within the trading area must agree to use it as such, and ‘it’ must have a definable and concretely known value. Any system of money is best handled by the local government, be it a tribal village in ancient times, or a modern industrialized nation. Or, it can be done by a network of banking and financial institutions, or even a combination with government. As we will see, banking options are good for them, bad for everyone else.

The later is what we have, today, and it suffers two problems most of us are aware of, both stemming from the banking side. To fully appreciate that, we should step back in time just a bit. Please take the time to read what you may otherwise presume already to know, because the points made in this section will play to remaining sections in critical ways. This is because only governments used to issue money, and to establish its value, they could not and dare not create money unless they held something of value in reserves somewhere, something of concrete and great value to back it up. Most nations, as did America, used Gold; the ‘Gold Standard.’


Whatever the value standard was, a citizen could go to a bank or government Purser, and demand to trade in the currency for its value in that item (i.e., Gold), or vice versa. This system guaranteed the value of the currency to a known unit of measure, and tended to help establish and maintain a stable economy, and made international trade viable; each currency had a concretely known valuation, and established trust between nations that the standard item, itself, could be obtained, if desired, to settle any balance of trade debt which might exist.

Then came the banks with their own idea, called Central Banks, which enables the printing of Fiat Currency, which is money which has nothing of value backing it. Enter the Federal Reserve Banking System. It has cost you and me a significant sum of our personal lifetime earrings. Some say we have literally been sold into slavery to the banks. Learn more about exactly how much it has cost you personally, here. Many, as do I, call it Treason, including the prophetic warnings of our Founding Fathers:

• “If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks…will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered…. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.” – Thomas Jefferson in the debate over the Re-charter of the Bank Bill of 1809 (millions of us, including myself, did wake up homeless with the Mortgage Derivative Collapse and associated ‘too big to fail’ bailouts, and we have had nothing but inflation and deflation cycles, not to mention devaluation of the dollar since establishing the Fed)

• “I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies.” –Thomas Jefferson

• “… The modern theory of the perpetuation of debt has drenched the earth with blood, and crushed its inhabitants under burdens ever accumulating.” -Thomas Jefferson (a reference to the National Debt)

• “History records that the money changers have used every form of abuse, intrigue, deceit, and violent means possible to maintain their control over governments by controlling money and its issuance.” -James Madison

• “If congress has the right under the Constitution to issue paper money, it was given them to use themselves, not to be delegated to individuals or corporations.” -Andrew Jackson (Banks are corporations)

• “The Government should create, issue, and circulate all the currency and credits needed to satisfy the spending power of the Government and the buying power of consumers. By the adoption of these principles, the taxpayers will be saved immense sums of interest. Money will cease to be master and become the servant of humanity.” -Abraham Lincoln (the Fed is all about interest paid to the banks for every dollar printed.)

• “Issue of currency should be lodged with the government and be protected from domination by Wall Street. We are opposed to…provisions [which] would place our currency and credit system in private hands.” – Theodore Roosevelt (in the long-running debate about establishing a central bak.)

But the Fed would become reality just in time to pay for WWI with fiat money. But that was not the first time. In the early days of forming new States within the United States, Banks could also print their own money with no attachment to or obligation of government, hopefully backing it up with some kind of standard; a certain degree of trust was involved, and many people found that their banker was a crook. This practice, both legitimate and criminal, was especially common in Gold and Silver mining towns, where shipping precious metals was risky due to bandits. Other negotiable instruments also came to exist, which can similarly be thought of as forms of money. Stocks, Bonds, Notes, Futures, and more. But these featured valuations tied to more complex and less tangible things, and were not simple enough for usage as currency except with brokers and special institutional trading firms.

But several new ways for banks to print their own money also arose which were useful enough by all. One is the ‘Check,’ your checking account. It is merely a highly organized and easily validated (to a point) method of trading in I.O.U.s. Anyone can write an I.O.U. on a any piece of paper, and if the other person accepts it as a debt, and the writer honors it, it has value. And, it can be passed from one person to another until paid, like a Marker used in the underworld.

But people do not trust strangers, and the bank’s checking systems addressed that by using the bank as a kind of validation and tracking of the debt, and the debtor. The underworld uses fear and organized crime to do the same with markers. And, do we not fear the wrath of our banks and the law should we write a bad check? This is called debt bondage, a very real and powerful political and social control system that keeps the locals, that’s you and me, in line for fear of loosing all they own. Unless, of course, you simply choose to  opt out, as have I.

As far as checking is concerned, eventually, the check must be traded for real currency, so no new money was actually created, but while in circulation, the total amount of ‘money in use’ is greater than had been printed, a pseudo inflation factor. Today, some 20 billion checks are written each year, with a value of 26 trillion. To put that into perspective, it would pay off the entire National Debt with money to spare. It is also roughly 20 times the value of all U.S. money in circulation. So is the National Debt, and though no causal connection seems to exist, it is an interesting coincidence, is it not?

Banks also ‘print’ money by loaning money that does not exist. They are allowed by law to loan up to 20 times the money they hold in their vaults from depositors. They write a check, and you then use that ‘money’ to write more checks for whatever purpose the loan was intended. They get deposited somewhere, and eventually returned to the issuing bank. You make monthly payments to the bank, money against which more loans can be made. As long as less than 1 in 20 of loaned dollars is converted to cash withdrawal, the bank has gotten away with printing at least 19 defacto dollars; another pseudo inflation factor. A loan is for fictitious money, and how to you repay a fiction? A question well asked, and some have an answer which will astonish you, and though giving you hope, you will fear it, as well.

The worst offender is the Central Banking System, which allows governments to print money with absolutely nothing behind it; no standard. The government itself is printing nothing more than an I.O.U. The Bank, in our case being the Federal Reserve Bank (the Fed), which is NOT a Federal Agency, but a banker-controlled corporation. The Treasury prints money in the form of Federal Reserve Notes backed only by interest bearing Treasury Bonds given to the Federal Reserve (functionally, an I.O.U.), and the Federal Reserve Note is itself therefore also an I.O.U. Some of these are sold to anyone wishing to buy them, quite often hundreds of millions of dollars held by wealthy men of note, but also, ordinary citizens. Those unsold are held by the banking cadre.

This is an automatic inflation driving machine for several reasons, not the least of which is it allows government to fund any massive and costly adventure without worrying about actually paying for it, as long as they are willing to drive up the National Debt, which no one is ever going to pay off. The downside is, of course, that our purchasing power continues to dwindle, and at some point, the dollar will need to be officially devalued, and only YOU and I will loose in that deal. Meanwhile, every increase of the national debt is de facto devaluation; you and I loose purchasing power as if officially devalued. Simultaneously, more and more of tax dollars go to the FED to pay off INTEREST (only) on T Bills, and that money goes directly to the bankers. The debt is NEVER reduced.

If it were, the Fed would actually collapse. Here is an explanation from David Graeber, and English Anthropologist, regarding the first central bank in existence: “In fact this [debt] is precisely the logic on which the Bank of England—the first successful modern central bank—was originally founded. In 1694, a consortium of English bankers made a loan of £1,200,000 to the king. In return they received a royal monopoly on the issuance of banknotes [their ‘Fed’]. What this meant in practice was they had the right to advance IOUs for a portion of the money the king now owed them to any inhabitant of the kingdom willing to borrow from them, or willing to deposit their own money in the bank—in effect, to circulate or “monetize” [create fiat currency] the newly created royal debt. This was a great deal for the bankers: they got to charge the king 8 percent annual interest for the original loan and simultaneously charge interest on the same money to the clients who borrowed it, but it only worked as long as the original loan remained outstanding. To this day, this loan has never been paid back. It cannot be. If it ever were, the entire monetary system of Great Britain would cease to exist.

There is much more which can be and should be said, but this is not about the evils of the Federal Reserve or financial institutions. The intent was simply to give a glimpse at what money is, and what makes it valuable (or not), in NORMAL circumstances. And, in normal circumstances, the ONLY thing which makes Federal Reserve Notes valuable is a law passed in support of creation of the Fed, which says and which is echoed right on the money, itself, that it is good for all debts, public and private; should you refuse to accept it as such, the debt is forgiven under that law; we are forced to accept it.


But what happens when TSHTF?

In any serious financial, societal, or natural disaster, all bets may be off, and cash may either become a monstrous burden, or have no value at all. To the extent that social systems and governmental control fails, or their function is diluted, the value of money can suddenly become undefined, except by the seller. It is not just a matter of free-market price setting, but weather or not the seller will see value in money, at all, the government no longer being in a position to enforce the law which says it must be accepted.

Pre War Germany was in financial crises which ultimately helped to sweep Hitler into power. Here, a woman purchases some food with a basket full of money. Germany's inflation rate was so high that they were printing 100 billion Deutchmark bills (i.e., a single $100,000,000,000 bill) for public use.

Pre War Germany was in severe financial crises which ultimately helped to sweep Hitler into power. Of course, he blamed the Jews, who had nothing to do with it, but scapegoats are easy to come by when people are scared. Here, a woman purchases some food with a basket full of money. Germany’s inflation rate was so high that they were printing 100 billion Deutchmark bills (i.e., a single DM100,000,000,000 bill) for public use. MONEY WAS ESSENTIALLY WORTHLESS. Welcome to fiat currency run amok.

Some say to hoard precious metals for such crisis, but that is foolishness, because you can’t spend gold. For one thing, it is too valuable, and another, it is too difficult to validate without special chemicals, scales, and knowledge. How does the seller know it is real Gold, or what its actual value currently is? Not only will there be an issue as to weight, which is multiplied by a given value per ounce, but there will be no way to know (where a crises involves loss of communications), what the actual current value per ounce actually is. The wise seller must therefore significantly undervalue any metal offered in payment.

And how do you buy something low in value with something high in value, when there is no way to ‘make change?’ Hoarding Gold is fine for long-term protection of large cash holdings, but it is next to useless and extremely costly to attempt to use it as currency in a crisis.

THEREFORE, if actual money starts to fail in usefulness, whole new currencies will arise.


What will be the new currency in a crisis?

Yes, new currencies, and nothing like money as we know it. But like money, where it is still accepted in a crisis, the value thereof will be determined mostly by the seller, and this will give new meaning to the expression, ‘shop around.’ The most common alternate currencies will become food, water, fuels, and ammunition. Too a lesser degree, anything in high demand and low supply, such as weapons and tools, or anything key to survival. Being aware of that in advance is a great advantage, because there are two things in common with all these items which allows for good preparation.

The first is, that they have a relatively low value now, before there is a crisis. You can afford to stockpile, and would be wise to do so, taking into consideration storage space requirements and shelf life. It would be good to have at least a small hoard of each item in quantities greater than for reserves for personal consumption during the emergency and, where storage space, shelf life, and finances permit, to perhaps have a large hoard of one or more items on the list to become your personally favored currency.

The second is, that anyone can produce them, themselves, to one degree or another, both before and after a crisis. Anyone can sink a well or fetch water from nature, and transport it to where it is less available for ‘profit.’ Anyone can grow and store food if they have the land for it. Anyone can chop wood or make alcohol (fuels) if they but arrange to do so. Anyone can reload spent munitions if they have a loader and can obtain gunpowder, and for the matter, anyone can make gunpowder if they know how to find the raw materials and they are locally available.

Lead for ammunition is another matter, but it is cheap to buy ahead of crisis. So the purchase of a supply of lead and tools to form bullets and reload might be a great idea. Yet most people will not do any of these things, or cannot due to finances or lack of knowledge, and it is exactly that which gives them an excellent future value – extra value, in fact, because in aftermath situations, the normal supply chain of these things has been interrupted or entirely cut off, and access to the knowledge or finances to acquire them with it.

Once TSHTF, you are locked into your current state of affairs; you are either prepared to offer the right currency at an affordable rate, or you are slave and at the mercy to/of those who can. Only one of these two groups has a good chance at survival. That is the worst kind of debt slavery.


Barter, the alternative currency

Click to get a glimpse at doing your own barter from a legal perspective.

Click to get a glimpse at doing your own barter network from a legal perspective.

The government hates barter and suppresses it in a mountain of laws restricting its use. Barter is, in fact, the basis of the new evolving currencies just discussed. But for those in that second, hapless group just mentioned, they may be able to survive for a while by bartering with their earthly possessions, albeit at a costly rate of exchange. A $3,000 professional video camera might be good for a tank of gas, or a few days worth of food; what value is there in a video camera without electricity? But it might be accepted if there is some hope that, eventually, power will be restored, or if the parts might be useful to a tinkerer seeking to build something mechanically useful.

But barter can work well, even before a crisis, despite the laws. The laws are there because the barter concept tends to ‘cheat’ government out of taxes. If you buy something with dollars, you got taxed on the income from whence you got the dollars, and the seller is taxed on the income he earned, and there is likely a sales tax, as well. In barter, as originally conceived and employed before the laws existed, you simply gave labor in exchange for items, or traded items. As long as both parties agreed the exchange was acceptable value given for acceptable value received, it was a done deal. Yes, sometimes one side might feel the value was short, and ask for augmentation with a little cash thrown in.  Or not.

Barter best works in a network situation involving more than two parties. You have Oranges and want Apples, I have Grapes and want Oranges, and someone else has Apples and wants Grapes. No problem, a three-way swap. But to do that takes an organized network with the means to track what is needed and match it to what is offered and available elsewhere. Barter associations or organizations are set up, and of course, that takes effort and manpower, and a building that has monthly rent, and other things which take actual money.

The other thing a barter group could do, was to accept goods or labor obligations (I.O.U. for work to be done) as if a deposit in a bank, against which the member offering such could make some combination of present or future withdrawal of other goods or services as they became available and needed. This allows conversion of unwanted or surplus items into future barter trade power, rendering the barter group as a kind of retail store and universal service provider. Again, government does not like anything resembling a bank in procedure, and would normally tax a retailer on inventory.

As all these functions take money to facilitate, barter groups would charge a small fee for a transaction based on the dollar value of the transaction. DOLLARS were still used as the MEDIUM for determining TRADE VALUATIONS. That meant creating a corporate entity to facilitate and organize barter transactions, and typically, charging a membership fee to allow access to the system. That was what led government to take interest in and to legislate against barter; such systems could quickly grow in membership and began processing huge numbers of transactions, some of which were themselves huge in valuation.

I, for example, belonged to such a group, and in a single transaction, moved $35,000 in goods, against which I would acquire needed goods and services which enabled me to live more inexpensively for a full decade — until the government passed laws which forced the barter group out of business, and started taxing everyone involved to the point where the advantage seemed lost. But it need not be that way, especially once TSHTF.

You can join an existing barter program, but if you do, you should also form your own local barter group, because the big programs will not be available in a crisis. Anyone do so without formal corporate existence, and without charging fees, and without a retail or banking format. I highly encourage it, though you should check with a lawyer as laws vary State to State (click the above image for the Oregon situation). Yes, there will be some concern about tax reporting, but that is a minor issue unless you start dealing in large volumes of goods and services. Frankly, most people who barter this way report nothing, because unless it is in volume, it isn’t even worth the trouble to track and report it, not to them, or the government. But the VALUE is in HAVING A NETWORK IN PLACE IN A CRISIS…   priceless.

When TSHTF, especially if communications are down, it is both difficult and even potentially dangerous to attempt to form a network. Danger stems from the fact that, unless care is taken to avoid strangers, you may offer to form a network, in which case you state what you have of interest, and if they think they have more guns than you, and want what you have, they know where to get it without cost. Moreover, mutual defense is a thing which can itself become a barter commodity, assuming you have the guns and manpower of good use to others; it is, after all, another kind of service.

So to prepare for a crisis, don’t just hoard key supplies, but establish a barter network, even if you do not choose to use it. Doing so amplifies the value of your preferred currency, because you already have people willing to accept it fairly. Consider these words of wisdom:

• “The propensity to truck, barter and exchange one thing for another is common to all men, and to be found in no other race of animals.” Adam Smith, Scottish Philosopher.

My take is that barter is natural to man, and as such, is an unstated free right to undertake at will – to hell with government, or in reverse, if government has gone to hell, what else do we have to trade with, but barter;

• “Capitalism invariably boils down to barter between two willing parties, neither of whom uses force to work with the other.” Ben Shapiro, Political Commentator.

When TSHTF, force becomes the only commodity the weak minded and hapless will have to trade with. To strengthen your defenses, you need something better, as well as a means of countering force with force of your own. A Barter network gives you both, where mutual defense agreements become a thing which may be bartered: If I have superior weapons and more gun bearers than you, an imbalance exists which might be offset in goods or other services.

• “In primitive society, Man produced directly for the satisfaction of his own wants, but with the development of society came differentiation of functions; exchange and barter arose, various trades sprang up, and with the necessity of commercial intercourse, cam the invention of money.” Charles A. Beard, renowned Historian.

This sums up this entire post in the most direct of statements: barter came first, money after. When money fails to function usefully, we must be ready to barter, either with a new currency of convenience, or outright barter networking. Our very lives could depend upon it.

Not fully convinced? Want more information?

May I humbly suggest some further reading about WHY you should worry about flying excrement from an unexpected fan, and also offer some additional valuable resources? Here is a compendium of useful material on the dangers of crisis and the topic of being prepared, not just in terms of currency, but other considerations which are well beyond the scope of this post. These are Facebook ‘pages,’ so you can FOLLOW them for updates. Please consider to Follow my blog, as well.

The Fema, Martial Law, Revolution Database. Don’t let the title scare you away; its a compendium of articles and posts about the likelihood and risks of various forms of civil unrest and social, economic, or natural disasters, as well as general advice such as found in the above post. It’s sub-name is When All Hell Breaks Loose.

The Post Apocalyptic Library. A compendium of resources where you can find critical how-to information needed for survival in a crisis. Everything from how to make a torch to how to make a portable generator from a lawn mower. The idea is to visit those sites and print the instructions, and place them in a safe place and in your ‘go bag’ so that you will have them when needed; they won’t be available once TSHTF.

Preppers Are Not Stupid; Dissonant Non Preppers Are Doomed

Even our own government, normally blind to problems until too late, has been warning us for years to be prepared for ‘something scary,’ and the list of concerns is very scary. The stakes couldn’t be higher: if even just one thing on the list takes place, being ill prepared can perish whole families and, in short order, whole communities. Here is something that can make a difference, and its free. Its called knowledge.

by H. Michael Sweeney  

copyright © 2016, all rights reserved. Permission to repost hereby granted provided entire post with all links in tact, including this notice and byline, are included. Please comment any such repost to original posting.


In this post you will learn…

• What Preppers are and why they exist;

• Why YOU should become a Prepper, and HOW to proceed;

• There are 2 NEW and FREE resources to simplify the effort usefully

Note: I usually well footnote my posts so you can verify what I say for yourself. In this case, the two Facebook pages mentioned at article end, themselves, offer ample proofs for those items not otherwise footnoted.


The wise live for Today, but plan for Tomorrow: uncertainty is the only certainty

The Bible is the oldest source of Wisdom modern Man relies upon, and it clearly echoes that thought; there are no less than 25 places in the Bible which so admonish. A good number of these directly talk about the kind of preparedness this post addresses, while the remainder speak to being prepared for entry into the Kingdom of Heaven. But, if one is not prepared for things which can take one’s life, is not the later concern all the more important to prepare for, as well?

Perhaps the strongest and simplest of these are found in Proverbs (natch):

22:3The prudent sees danger and hides himself, but the simple go on and suffer for it;”

27:1Do not be confident about tomorrow, for you do not know what a day may bring.”

If we hold onto any one thing in this country, it is the wisdom of our Founding Fathers, and they were almost to a Man God Fearing and, therefore, they heeded such words. But they themselves also spoke plainly and logically about such things, and framed them in terms of the Nation, as well as the Individual and those we each love, to whom we are responsible for their well being:

John Adams, on the risk of overconfidence and reliance upon government: “I give you this warning that you may prepare your mind for your fate;”

Benjamin Franklin: “By failing to prepare, you prepare to fail;”

Alexander Hamilton: “If fortune should smile upon us, it will do us no harm to have been prepared for adversity; if she frowns upon us, by being prepared, we shall encounter it without the chagrin of disappointment. Your future rank in life is a perfect lottery;”

Thomas Jefferson: “Instead of considering what is past, however, we are to look forward and prepare for the future.”

George Washington, on wise use of funds, such that: “timely disbursements to prepare for danger frequently prevent much greater disbursements to repel it.”

Thomas Pain, on being fugitive from tyranny: “O! receive the fugitive, and prepare in time an asylum for mankind.”

The Modern Prepper and Dr. Strangelove

Early Preppers private Bomb Shelter of the 50's: Dig a hole, drop in some roofing upon a floor, and fill it in.That last quote brings us to the advent of the modern Prepper, a phenomenon brought about by the Cold War and fear of the Bomb. President Eisenhower spoke frequently about the need for Civil Defense Preparedness, and founded what ultimately became FEMA, the ‘Grandaddy Prepper.’ For the rest of us, we were encouraged to prepare for nuclear war in our thinking, and our behavior.

We were taught to ‘Duck and Cover,’ and to plan to flee the cities, or take to bomb shelters. The whole basis of our modern Interstate Highway System was to that end, and so that the military and other aid could quickly flow to any wound in need of dressing. Cold War tensions culminated in the dire climactic confrontation of the Cuban Missile Crisis, and firmly established the era of the Bomb and Fallout Shelters. There were, in fact, enough shelters built to save 100,000,000 Americans, millions being built by citizens in their own homes or back yards: Dig a hole, drop in a pipe and add a floor, and fill it in and stock it.


Why prep today? Darker times > starker threats > greater fears

For a time, I managed a gas station while investigating the Oil Industry. That led me to a face-to-face confrontation with terrorism which rendered the investigation superfluous. For those who do not appreciate or understand the Prepper, or why they do what they do, or for the matter, who do not understand Conspiracy Theorists, Truthers, or Targeted Individuals claiming mind control, I highly recommend working for at least 30 days in a gas station. Why? Because that is an excellent place to talk with a large number and a variety of people in the course of doing business, and elicit from them things they would never otherwise admit in open conversation.

sheepdip2I could ask almost anything, and if well proposed, obtain a deeply personal and meaningful reply. And I did, regularly, on on a wide range of topics. What I learned is that there are more people afraid of more things than the mere threat of global extinction from The Bomb and the ‘Red Menace.’ Terrorism, yes, and for more of a seriously right reason than the obvious, a reason unexpected even by them.

It is to me even scarier than the fact that terrorism exists. Few are aware, but the top ranking U.S. Military General, Tommy Franks (who brought the flame throwing tank to Waco), has warned in a public statement that if there is another 9-11 level terror attack in the United States, the Military will take over the government in nation-wide Martial Law. I, for one, do not want flame throwing tanks on my streets.

And, we are still threatened by nuclear war: China’s top military leader has stated that war with the U.S. is inevitable, the only thing remaining being to decide when and how to be the first to strike. And, we have recently learned, they have stealth subs we cannot detect; one surfaced unexpectedly in the middle of a U.S. Carrier Fleet in the middle of an exercise looking for subs. North Korea is constantly making threats, and Obama and Hillary Clinton have assured terroism-minded Iran has access to the Bomb. We have several times in the last year, alone, come close to trading blows with Russian forces which could easily have escalate to a nuclear exchange. And we supposedly like each other, now.

Moreover, as recently played out in the Press, we have learned that a single well placed nuke high in the atmosphere could cause an EMP wave sending us back into the stone age by wiping out all electronics, including the entire power grid. Just as bad, spurious energy waves from the Sun could achieve the same ends, globally, or for the matter, doomsday rocks from space could effect similar damage, or worse. Movie theaters are awash these kinds of with (Extenction Level Event) scenariosDeep_Impact_poster. But there are other fears, and each one seems, in turn, to begat another, often wilder and seemingly more far fetched… which unfortunately, do not seem all that far fetched if daring to explore the facts which are their basis.

Every few months there seems to be another new exotic biological threat, either a weaponized or natural pathogen or virus on the verge of pandemic capability. Each such threat additionally threatens to be incurable and impossible to stop in time because it takes such a long time to come up with defensive medicines. Then there is the risk of financial collapse, which could trigger a global replay of the Great Depression on an unimaginable scale. Civil unrest levels are at the greatest and most dramatic in all of history; the Occupy/99% movement spontaneously fielded many millions of people around the World in the space of days. Our government’s liberal policies and some unfortunate events have fomented racism issues to the point that Blacks are shooting Cops as if at war, and threatening worse.

We see paranoia rampant in our government, who treats us all as if terrorists in the wings, spying on us and taking away our rights, and leading to fears of Martial Law, and/or efforts to take away our guns. DARPA, on the other hand, has ordered billions of rounds of ammo, enough to kill every living soul in North America several times over. FEMA seems to be building large facilities some fear are closer to concentration and even death camps than to shelters. It is at least concretely true that several special inciner-ators have been built, each strategically located, and capable of efficiently destroying hundreds of millions of tons of contaminated materials — which could include human bodies. The fear of Fascism and the comparison of our government to Nazi Germany is commonplace, which brings me back to the dialogs at the gas pump, where these things were said. The most common phrase heard in response to such things was, “When the revolution comes…”

Then there is the dramatic increase in UFO sightings, and much more than that, a growing body of evidence of actual combat taking place. If chemtrails were not already their own perceived threat, consider the latest theory as to their purpose; to weaponize the atmosphere against alien aggression. There is actually some scientific basis for such wild theories, and some to additionally suggest there is an off-world secret space program with Buck Rogers-like Space marines using captured Alien technology. I don’t know about any of that, but the fact that the government is becoming more secretive about the UFO question than ever, before, does not allow me to discount the notion. Presidents Roosevelt, Regan, Bush, Clinton, and Obama, and even Putin, have all alluded to these possibilities, as well as have high ranking military. The recent discovery of a constructed mega-structure orbiting a distant Sun amplifies the possibility: we are not alone. And those at the gas pump agree. More people have seen UFOs or otherwise have reason to believe in Aliens, than not. Don’t take my word for anything in this paragraph; just tune into Ground Zero and scan the archives of shows with Clyde Lewis’ expert guests.

Dare we mention a credible Planet X, super volcanos, global warming and melting ice caps, mega earthquakes, the shifting of our magnetic poles, and any number of scientifically plausible threats and natural disasters capable of inflicting significant regional, national, or global destruction of cataclysmic proportion… or dare we say… Biblical? After all, the other common comment at the gas pump is, “We are living in the End Times.” Indeed, the Illuminati conspiracies, AKA The New World Order, are not difficult to validate with a barrage of demonstrable facts which defy coincidence. This author has made a case in several of his books that the ultimate goal of the New World Order is to form a One-World Government — in order for the Antichrist to have a seat of power, and usher in the End of Ages, the ultimate End Game. It IS prophesied, after all, and many of us fear that as much as anything else.

That brings us full circle, back to the Bible’s admonishments. Being prepared ought rightly be not only for bad tidings, but for salvation. The government agrees, at least with the first part. The last ten years have seen an unprecedented effort by the government to urge us to be prepared for disaster. They have even reinstated and updated the old Cold War emergency radio alert system, and are stockpiling huge quantities of everything from food and medicine, and other supplies, to coffins. And ammo. All they ask you to do, is to have emergency plans and a ‘go bag,’ or store of emergency foods and critical supplies.

It’s simply good common sense. Preppers have been doing this for decades. What’s your excuse? That they are crazy? Better look in the mirror, if you believe that.

Here are two simple and free tools to help you get started

Both are easy to use Facebook pages. One is a kind of compendium of information regarding the possible breakdown in civil society due to the inability of government to respond, or even perhaps government itself has gone terribly awry. It is called the FEMA, Martial Law, Revolution Database (kind of covers all possibilities). It has no subversive intent, despite the scary title. It is very informative, and can help push anyone teetering on the notion of being prepared into taking action. One way it does this, is by telling you what to expect, and what a good action plan/go bag might look like for a given scenario.

The other also has a scary title, but it implies nothing but what it is; a library. In this case, it is a series of links to critical information one might need to survive for long periods without outside help in a serious catastrophe. It is a collection of how-to survival tricks, and how to quickly and easily make common critical items such as water purification systems, emergency generators, and so forth. It is called the Post Apocalyptic Library. The idea is simple: visit the links, download or copy the information, print it out, and put it into your go bag. Instant expert on a moment’s notice! Many of the links will deserve further exploration of their sites, for other good information. There is always more than one way to solve a problem.

Have you ever wanted a certain soft drink? Well, I’m a Prepper, he’s a Prepper, she’s a Prepper, we’re a Prepper; shouldn’t you be a Prepper, too?

Great. Drink deep for best result.



Terrorist H. Michael Sweeney’s RAP Sheet

OK, it’s true. There are at least a half-dozen ways the government can ‘claim’ I’m a terrorist. YOU TOO, for that matter. But I have a Record of Arrest and Prosecution ‘sheet’ to illustrate one of the ways I am definitely a terrorist to someone, including people that think I’m merely a conspiracy theorist. I am not ‘mere,’ at anything I do…

by H. Michael Sweeney  

copyright © 2016, all rights reserved. Permission to repost hereby granted provided entire post with all links in tact, including this notice and byline, are included. Please comment any such repost to original posting.


What makes you a terrorist when you live in a Police State?

Simple answer: anything you do. There have been so many Constituion trampling Acts of Congress and Executive Orders, all so vaguely worded as to allow the broadest of interpretations, that it is almost just that easy for someone in government to label YOU (and certainly me) a terrorist. That can have very unfortunate consequences, depending on who labels you, why, and what they do about it. You can end up on the no fly list, or some kind of watch list, or even be vanished forever by Men in Black whisking you off in a black van.

One such example is, that being a conspiracy theorist automatically makes you a terrorist according to FBI. That’s bluntly stated, but true, as an article at Public Intelligence illustrates: “A flyer from a series created by the FBI and Department of Justice to promote suspicious activity reporting states that espousing conspiracy theories or anti-US rhetoric should be considered a potential indicator of terrorist activity. ” The flyer, linked in the article, specifically includes 9-11 Truthers (that’s about 1/3 of the U.S. population).

OK; I’m a conspiracy theorist, or if you prefer, a Conspiracy Terrorist. But I am no ordinary ‘theorist,’ because I have a R.A.P. sheet… a Record of Arrests and Prosecutions. And here it is, below the FBI Fellon ID Card (which shows that not even FBI always gets the right man)… but be sure to read the summary text before you wonder why I’m still walking around freely.


R.A.P. Sheet, H.Michael Sweeney

1976  Wire Tapping, 2 counts, charges dropped for insufficient evidence

1980  Embezzling, charges dropped after resignation from company

1983  Counterfeiting, Drug Smuggling, sentenced

1984  Wire Tapping, charges dropped for insufficient evidence

1985  Shoplifting, 4 counts, sentenced

1987  Fraud, Embezzling (pretending to be a Pastor), Bad Checks, charges dropped after restitution

1988  Wire Fraud, 3 counts, sentenced

1988  Smuggling, 2 counts (bioweapons, diamonds), sentenced

1990  Espionage, Interception of Electronic Communications, charges dropped by NSA intervention

1991  Bank Robbery, 4 counts, sentenced

1991  Wire Tapping, 4 counts, cold case due to flight to avoid prosecution

1992  Fraud, 3 counts, Witness Tampering, 3 counts, Withholding Evidence, 2 counts, Murder,

            cold case due to flight to avoid prosecution

1993  Breaking and Entering, 2 counts, Grand Theft, charges dropped after restitution

1994  Wire Tapping, cold case due to flight to avoid prosecution

1994  Attempted Murder, 12 counts, case turned over to Internal Affairs, and dropped

1996  Espionage, 3 counts, Violation of Civil Rights, cold case due to flight to avoid prosecution

1998  Wire Tapping, Stalking, cold case due to flight to avoid prosecution

1998  Grand Theft Auto, Operating Chop Shop, 3 counts, sentenced

1999  Possession of Controlled Substance with Intent to Sell, sentenced

2001  Bioterrorism, Attempted Assassination, investigation closed by DOJ intervention

2002  Terrorism, 4 counts, cold case due to flight to avoid prosecution

2004  Bioterrorism, case closed due to lack of evidence

2004  Cyberterrorism, Hacking (of CIA’s Web site), charges dropped in exchange for services rendered

2016  Armed Robbery, 2 counts, cold case due to flight to avoid prosecution

2016  Bank Robbery, cold case due to flight to avoid prosecution


Summary Judgement

By now, if you actually read the full list, you realize no one person could be guilty of all those crimes and still be walking free… and that there were crimes on the list immediately after incarceration, and no jail breaks to account for that. This is because these are not crimes that I committed, but crimes I have investigated and exposed, or helped expose and prosecute, often working with Police, FBI, SS, and CIA, sometimes working against rogue elements of those and other agencies, even spy agencies of other governments.

Left out of that list, are perhaps 200 Stalking, Wire Tapping, and Torture cases I’ve worked on as online consultant with victims of such affairs (I’ve had contact with 12,000 individuals in that kind of predicament). I left them out because it would have made the post unreadable, and that’s a shame… a disservice to the thousands of victims of this form of abuse of power and conspiratorial corruption of principalities and powers.

So I do not claim to be a mere terrorist, but to have stopped terrorism. But neither am I a mere conspiracy theorist, because many of the conspiracy theories I’ve investigated have put people in jail, or at least shut them down and forced them to run away. One Governor, possibly two, a National Guard General, an elected County Sheriff, two Police Chiefs, a Criminal Investigation Division Lt., a C.E.O. of an international software firm, and a host of lower law enforcement personnel have all vacated their posts (some being jailed) after I finished doing my thing. While I cannot claim every one of them retired or otherwise departed their posts because of me, as I was not allowed access to official internal documents, I’m fairly certain a good number of them grumbled my name under their breath on the way out the door.

All that said, I hope that you, dear reader, have come to understand that a conspiracy theorist is no different than any other standard investigative force of a more official nature. Except for two small things, we all try to fit the available evidence with the environ of facts to determine the truth. We both form hypothetical postulations as to suspect and motive, prove opportunity and method, and try each point of evidence against all others which might disprove the hypothesis (though as we see all too often, many criminal cases are happy to prosecute the innocent if they think they can make a strong enough case and hide the truth).

We both theorize up front. The first difference is that conspiracy theorists do not have the luxury of making an official determination, while the official investigators do. The second difference, and most important, is that we start with questions regarding failures in logic in the official findings and reports; we question government, which is not only the right, but the DUTY of every citizen, always. How else will you ever find a cover up? We know there have been all manner of cover ups exposed in media over the last few decades, and I remind you, you NEVER have a cover up UNLESS there is a conspiracy, because a cover up itself REQUIRES a conspiracy to execute it, and the affair being covered up is always so complex that it, too, MUST by default represent a conspiracy. Guaranteed.

OK, FBI, come and cuff me… unless I’m wearing a bomb like other terrorists,or have run off to Mexico to escape your ‘justice,’ in which case, just have a better day.

The Two Party System is Suiciding — Too Late to Save America?

Wake up and smell the mushroom food you’ve been being fed since you were old enough to vote, and before. Plug your nose and consider what’s next…

by H. Michael Sweeney  

copyright © 2016, all rights reserved. Permission to repost hereby granted provided entire post with all links in tact, including this notice and byline, are included. Please comment any such repost to original posting.

The Two Party System is Suiciding — Too Late to Save America?

Have you not noticed the constant repetitive pattern? Every few years we get disgusted with the last batch of politicians we voted into office, especially at Presidential level, and vote in the opposite party. We are upset almost always for the same generic reasons: they promised one thing (we liked), and to fix what the last bunch did (we didn’t like), but all we wound up with was, ‘the new boss same as the old boss.’ Just like the song, we ‘hope we don’t get fooled, again.’



from Wikpedia: 1866 Poster reveals 180 degree turn for Dems, who now embrace/seek political dominance on back of minorities. (click)

Answer: It aint’ never had and ain’t ever shall, unless you are big Pharma, big Oil, big Telecom/IT, big Bank, Big Brother, or simply a fascist, globalist, or illuminati player.

The fact is, the Constitution and Bill of Rights, the basis for our whole system of government by, of, and for the People, so scared the elite power brokers in our early years of Continental unification and domination (formation of the 48 states), that they invented the two party system as a means of insuring that ONLY the power elite could run for high office; a complex system of delegates and voting rules which are designed to weed out anyone who is unwilling to run on a platform sympathetic to the predetermined ‘issues’ which suit the ‘party.’

Note re image: talk about disgusting campaigns. But which is worse? 1866 or 2016, 150 yrs. hence?

Issues are selected not so much on the basis of what actually pulls the people’s heart strings, as much as what the analysts and advisors think will ADEQUATELY pull their heart strings WITHOUT forcing any actual cure or change to ‘gains’ made by the party just prior to last being voted out of office — those things the voters got mad at them for in the first place; it is important to insure voters never remember those things, and focus instead on what’s wrong with the current batch of looters and despots, only.

The two party system is also designed to negate popular choices. No matter how many people vote in the primary for a given candidate, the back room deals in cigar-smoke filled rooms between powerbrokers will ultimately determine who the nominee actually is, and that person is going to be that new boss who’s going to fool us, again. Guaranteed. It’s worse, now, because now they can legally hand out Havanas.

Finally, it is designed to quash any possible third independent party contender. They do this very easily by telling you that to vote for them is a wasted vote (true only if you actually vote for other than your actual preferred choice), and by telling you that such a vote dilutes any chance of defeating (whomever they think you fear being elected). We hear that time and time again, and heaven forbid that if such a candidate should actually make decent headway, they will find a way to destroy him before the election ever takes place.

That is exactly what happened when Ross Perot ran against Clinton/Bush. As I had warned the Secret Service based on my ten-year investigation into abuse of power issues by the New World Order, it seemed absolutely clear that an assassination or blackmail attempt against him or his family to force him out of the race was inevitable. Indeed, within weeks of that warning, Anthrax powder was mailed to his family, and according to my SS back channel contact, it was the same as employed against Clinton’s Bodyguard, the man who was set to testify against Clinton over illegal activities undertaken while Governor of Arkansas prior to his Presidential bid. As result, on the very night that Perot won the State of Colorado and was assured a position on the ballot, he withdrew from the election without a useful or true explanation.

Is the Two Party System suiciding?

I believe it is. There are several coincidental forces which are destroying it from within, and they each tend to cross pollinate one another.

  • The Democrats have only been able to field a closet Communist and a closet criminal (simplest descriptions). I’d be happy to defend those labels if anyone cares to be shut down by facts not commonly found in controlled media.
  • The Republicans have only been able to field a closet fascist (my fear, hope I’m wrong), a batch of Bush clones and other elite same-as asses.
  • Both parties have underestimated just how fed up the People are, and have largely failed to elect platforms that we really care about, except for Trump, who unfortunately seems to be more verbiage than substance.
  • Controlled Media has repeatedly run afoul of that underestimation by electing to attack Trump when he says something ‘controversial’ or ‘politically incorrect’ only to find the People disagree with media and are beginning to wonder why still shots of Trump are always unflattering as if he is shouting a curse, and shots of Hillary are always smiling sweetly. “What? Us have a biased agenda?”
  • The threat by almost all candidates that if not nominated (i.e., the ‘wrong’ candidate is nominated), they will consider to run independently, not only threatens to destroy the party, but also, to split the final election vote in favor of the opposing party. But one or even both parties could end up doing this, which would negate the split and make it a true free for all.
  • Should Hilary be indicted (she is under FBI investigation which continues to uncover considerable evidence of wrongdoing, and not under a ‘security review’ as she prefers to call it) after nomination, no one has any clue as to what would happen to resolve the Democrat’s quandary, but the net effect would likely be much the same as in (5), above.
  • Should Trump fail to be nominated, no one knows what the Repulisvecan party can do to resolve the problem of how to win the election if he indeed runs independently. Ditto for the Demoncrats shoul (6) transpire.

So my answer is YES, and thank goodness! I’ve harped against the two party process ever since Obama, and should have been ever since I started voting… but I thought I was doing fine on mushroom food, like everyone else.

Is it too late?

Probably, at least in one major way. No matter what happens, we are going to get a President and resulting cabinet we will later wish was merely a Dog Catcher or Postman, and perhaps not even that (no slight intended of those public service posts).

Hopefully not in the more important way; the future of America is, after all, at stake. The true issues we should be dealing with have never been raised by any politician save Perot, perhaps, and even he did not take full aim, in my view. To see what I mean, check out my 24 campaign planks were I running for President.

The chaos which would result with the collapse of the Democans and Republicrats would create a power vacuum the likes of which this nation has never seen. We would end up with countless new political parties seeking to rush in and redefine how candidates got on the ballot: a Constitutional or Populist Party (Hooray!), a Liberal Party (ye olde democrats), a Conservative Party (new age republicans), a Neocon Party (ye olde Republican good fellows), a Moral Majority Party (dazed and overwhelmed by LGBTG and the like), a Nationalist Party (military-industrial-intelligence-media complex), a Centrist Party (big everything), a Socialist Party (dare I suggest ye new Democrats), and perhaps even a Communist Party (Putin for President?).

That might be a good thing, provided anyone can really tell who all the new players really are. That’s because most of them would choose names other than I’ve shown which better describe their true colors, to include someone calling themselves Republicans and Democrats. It might take decades to figure them all out, with many new bosses the same as before along the way. I kid you not.

Final scene, The Fly, 20th Century Fox, 1958

From final scene, The Fly, 20th Century Fox, 1958

Nothing in politics is ever what it seems up front, and given the chance to remake themselves, politicians will simply take off one sheep’s disguise and don another, and in this case, there will be secondary disguises several layers deep to make sure we have a hard time finding their true nature. About the only ones that would be truly identifiable would be a Constitutionalist and Communist party, presuming someone else didn’t beat them to the use of the name.

I feel like the half-human Fly caught in the Spider’s web in the movie by the same name…

Help me… help meeee!”


FCC to Kill Local Television as We Know It

Once more, we see the Federal Government usurping power in ways which both benefit the big corporations at the expense of personal freedoms and financial viability of citizens. This time, it’s the FCC, and not the BLM, and they want to eliminate any chance for you to watch local television without paying through the nose for it… and suffering de facto censorship.

by H. Michael Sweeney  

copyright © 2016, all rights reserved. Permission to repost hereby granted provided entire post with all links in tact, including this notice and byline, are included. Please comment any such repost to original posting.

FTC to Kill Local Television as We Know It

From infinite on Obama approved NSA spying on Internet (click)

From infinite on Obama approved NSA spying on Internet (click)

Tuesday last, a little heralded announcement by the FCC once more revealed how controlled mainstream media is. They, more than anyone, perhaps, should have been screaming the news from the rooftops, and complaining about it, as it affects EVERY major and secondary television station in every market across the country. The ramifications are so broad and sweeping as to threaten the very social fabric which defines us as a nation. In summary, the threats are as follows:

  1. Eliminates all local television service as we know it today, virtually ELIMINATING ALL OVER THE AIR BROADCASTS. No more ‘free TV.’
  2. All licenses by FCC currently in place are cancelled, and ‘up for sale,’ they want to raise 60 billion dollars which will be unaccountable funds off the FCC budget. This means they can be spent on any black project without any accounting.
  3. Major stations (e.g., your local ABC/NBC/CBS/FOX affiliates) will be paid many millions from the sale, far more than the stations are actually worth; hush money not to protest, we must presume.
  4. Secondary stations, including repeater stations or small unaffiliated stations in deep rural markets, and even possibly PBS, will be paid NOTHING, a virtual THEFT, and possibly, a loss of all public broadcasting systems!
  5. All will be sold to Cable and Web content providers, forcing consumers to get any TV by paid subscription or on-demand purchase.
  6. Significantly eliminates local news coverage, limiting it to official sources only; the government’s preferred message, a form of censorship which effects de facto mind control.
  7. Stages the FCC for total control of Web content under the new ‘authority’ it declared for itself last year; easier to censor and dictate what you can learn if there is only ONE resource and it is controlled by government.


from International Liberty's page on foibles of FCC's 'Net Neutrality' (click)

from International Liberty’s page on foibles of FCC’s ‘Net Neutrality’ (click)

It follows the Fascist model: The plan is insidious beyond belief once fully understood. It is perhaps no coincidence whatsoever that it follows Obamacare. If one reviews history of the quiet takeover of nations by Fascists and other dictatorships, those ‘bloodless revolutions’ always start with the complete takeover by government of all health care, followed next by takeover of all media. What follows is usually great financial and social upheaval allowing significant draconian responses, to include something along the lines of Hitler’s Brownshirts and the SS, and a permanent war footing with an expanded military and military police state. But people never learn by the mistakes of history, and there is plenty of that…

It happened that way in Germany, Italy, and in South America, it happened again and again. In each and every case, the takeover steps were quietly initiated and never fully understood even by those involved in enacting the changes. In every case, they inflicted greater hardships socially and financially upon citizens than those woes they claimed would be addressed thereby. In each case, a central power figure emerged who responded with ‘law and order’ and bypassed, neutered, or altered the form of government to a Fascist regime.

Unfortunately, any and all of the current Presidential candidates, save one, could fit that bill in this author’s opinion. Trump appears to be a closet fascist, Cruz appears to be one of the same old gang of criminals who brought us to this point in the first place, Bernie is a closet Communist, and that awful woman is simply a criminal rapist of nations and peoples. But my opinions are unimportant. Even if whomever is elected is not set to be a fomenter of fascist revolution, the power elite who manipulate politics will simply assassinate them or blackmail them to assure the desired outcome.

Naturally, like most draconian moves by government, the official propaganda is worded exactly the opposite in tone to the reality. That’s why we get Bills that actually accomplish the reverse of their title, like ‘Affordable’ Health Care Act. Believe as we say we do, and ignore what we actually do.

Take a look at FCC’s official page, here.

Now, lest you think me simply another lunatic conspiracy theorist, I got my first wind of this plot, to include all points cited herein (save my opinion on SOME of the candidates), from a conservative call-in radio show where the station owner of a secondary market called in to shout a warning and explain exactly how it was rape and pillage of the television industry and the public in favor of Cable and Web bigwigs. I don’t make anything up; I don’t have the time nor inclination!


The Death of Proparanoid… again

Yes, Virginia, over the several decades of my personal battles with elements of the intelligence communities of several nations, as well as criminals and terrorists, there have been actual death threats and multiple attempts against my life, attempts to silence me.

I’m still here.

But my voice seems to be dying; I’m being methodically and systemically silenced.

To be sure, that, too, is not the first time it has happened. Some of it has actually been funny, or at least done with a sense of humor by someone with a lot of power, someone a bit more intelligent than the mindless robots normally employed in targeting someone for their political incorrectness.

The NSA was the first to employ technology to silence me. When I was guest on Art Bell’s Coast to Coast with George Noory for three hours. Part of the show was to be on the Flight 800 friendly fire shoot down, where I was going to announce discovery of startling new proofs. About five minutes before I was to be called by C2C staff for hookup, I got a strange call that lasted about 30 seconds. It consisted of nothing but high-speed tones somewhat similar in nature to the sounds of a fax machine…but this was different.

I knew what it was, and had written about it in my books. NSA helped develop the telephone networks we use today working along side of AT&T and also, Bell Laboratories, who were security related clients of mine. SoI recognized these tones as the data packets used to manipulate the phone system’s switching network. There is almost nothing these codes cannot accomplish, and they are part and parcel of how and why NSA’s Echelon gives them complete access to all phone/fax and other telecommunications.

So I went on air as expected, but when we came to the commercial break and it was announced that when we came back, we would offer blockbuster information about flight 800, the stage was set for the dirty trick which would be based on such manipulations. Coast to Coast, like most such syndicated shows in the day, feeds its program by phone to various radio network resources. Now, to make the significance of what happened next, it is important to know this is at a time frame when the official FBI/NTSB investigation was still going on and knee-deep in charges of a cover up, and all three TV networks were owned by military contractors who made various elements of shipboard missile systems or the actual missiles we now know shot down the airliner by accident.

The show continued and the information was revealed. But some weeks later it was learned that a funny (literally) thing had transpired. In the New York/New Jersey Long Island area where the plane went down and the investigation was underway… the same area where the US Navy was hauling select wreckage retrieved from the ocean to junk yards instead of the investigation site where the plan was being reassembled in an attempt to find a cause (so we were told)… I was silenced.

The truth was not to be heard. No. Some clever reworking of the phone system had people who were listening to Art Bell’s show, once the commercial break was over, suddenly found themselves instead listening to rebroadcasts of Art Linkletter’s ‘Kids Say The Darndest Things’ show from decades earlier. To my way of thinking, that’s incredibly creative and funny as dirty tricks go. Once we stopped talking Flight 800, the regular show returned to the airwaves, there. Once the show was over, five minutes later, I got another phone call with the strange tones.

A more physical silencing took place shortly thereafter when I was guest and ‘Field Correspondant’on Michael Corbin’s radio show out of the Denver area. Now he used a real radio station, but also used phones. Got the same tones phone call with that show, too. But more than this, someone took an ax to the cable feeding the show to the radio tower, itself. I was silenced.

Sadly, it was not too long after that that Michael Corbin himself was silenced. After a series of death threats, his home and the radio studio suffered an arson attack, along with one of his vehicles. He called left me a message for advice as he feared for his life, but again, telephone oddities prevented our actually making contact. Three days later, he was found dead in his good car at the side of a highway. It was ruled a heart attack, but he was, as I recall, just over 30 years old, and had no known heart conditions. He was silenced.

Not long after that, my only Web site at the time,, was hijacked by Men in Black. I was able to investigate it thoroughly and determine two CIA fronts were involved. One of these was Enron, formally known as Hughes Tools, taken over by CIA after the billionaire died. The other was a Web domain proxy service which specialized in registering domain names anonymously so you could not find out who owned them, as well as remarketing domain names… typically hijacked, on behalf of said ‘anonymous’ owners.

Only problem was, it seems they were actually the owners. They also offered hosting services, and ‘just happened’ to own thousands of porn sites thought operated by CIA in order to collect sexual preference information of powerful people, sometimes useful in blackmail efforts. Others in that collection were, in fact, traced to staff members at the firm. The head of the firm had a work history that fit the general profile common to persons running CIA fronts, but the two most condemning clues were closer to smoking guns.

One is, that the servers they used were actually housed in Enron’s headquarters building a few blocks away from… the other site that was a clue; the firm’s business offices were in the same building Lee Harvey Oswald used to work with FBI agent Guy Bannister… the building with two corner entrances, one on each cross street, which opened to the same interior, but each with a different address. This allowed the FBI and, presumably, CIA, to operate multiple fronts from the same offices, but use different addresses so that they would not be linked. It now appears CIA owned that building, and has repurposed it.

The hijacking was not to make a profit, as most such hijacking intends. The typical resale offer for a Web site of my popularity in terms of the number of hits was about $400. But if I was to get my site back, they demanded $157K. No way. I was silenced, at least temporarily, until I could create a new site. Several, actually.

Now we come to my death.

To be completely honest, part of that death is not due to politically motivated intrigues by Men in Black. Certain family affairs, health issues which prevent me from holding a job, as well as my age, perhaps, and general financial issues were clearly involved; they set the stage for and enabled the unexpected assaults. What happened happened covertly, and would take time for me to discover, making it too late to counter.

I lost my home and was forced to live in my car, which means I also lost my ISP service, and my email addys were shut down. Yet somehow, after the email accounts were no longer operational, someone with spoofing skills (cyberwarrior hacker types) sent an email from my closed email account to my Web hosting service and shut down my account, there. This effectively cut off my one source of income beyond my paltry Social Security checks.

Next, they transferred ownership of my domain names to a firm, this time, in Canada. But as I do not now enjoy useful Web access, since I still live on wheels and have no ISP, I can neither investigate the matter or usefully replace the Web sites. Somehow, by the way, they also killed the cached pages in Google and elsewhere about my previous hijacking, which included evidence. I am silenced.

Or not. My wordpress account remains open. Most of my old Web site pages can still be accessed in archived from (e.g., Google proparanoid + a keyword/phrase, and click the little pull-down menu arrow found at the end of the green secondary URL line, and select Cached).

To those who have followed me over the years, bought my books or newsletters, I thank you for your loyalty and kind comments. Death threats aside, I’ve probably had only three people say a consequential bad thing about my work, people who were sincere and intending constructive advice. Those who were simply hateful or who were clearly pushing an agenda, I happily discounted.

I can still be reached by text messages (very short messages, no subject line) at proparanoid at vtext com. I do also attempt infrequent access to my email account at proparanoidgroup at gmail com. You can still order my books using the My Books link at page top. You can still pay for books or send me contributions to proparanoidgroup at gmail com via PayPal. You can also still access my Facebook account under H. Michael Sweeney.

I have been silenced… but you can still hear my muffled words, if you try hard enough.

Free Will Haven; Targeting Free Intentional Community for TIs

When I created the Free Will Society to aid Targeted Individuals, one of the lofty goals was to eventually build some form of Safe Haven community for Tis. That dream now seems on the threshold of coming to pass thanks to partnering with Ascension Arts, a non profit specializing in sustainable life styles, service to others, and increasing human potential. The result is Free Will Haven.
iWhere can a targeted individual get help?
Free Will Haven; Targeting Free Intentional Community for TIs
by H. Michael Sweeney  
copyright © 2014, all rights reserved. Permission to repost hereby granted provided entire post with all links in tact, including this notice and byline, are included. Please comment any such repost to original posting.
What is Free Will Haven?

Free Will Haven?

UPDATE: April 2016

Thanks to partnering with a person who is expert in tiny homes and intentional communities, we have finally secured property for Free Will Haven in Oregon, near the Idaho border. The site is remotely located well away from any nearby ‘civilization’ and yet within easy drive to markets. It is also extremely defensible against targeting, the primary goal of FWH. However, we now face the problem of actually getting onto the site and establishing utility services, erecting and putting into place the several domiciles and other structures and support goodies we have acquired over the last two years for the project. Springtime access is critical if we are to plant foods for harvest later in the year. PLEASE CONTRIBUTE to our gofundme program: djxbgr3w

UPDATE: December 2016

The site described in the prior update is currently occupied and available for residents to seek application, thanks in large part to the gofundme, which is STILL ACTIVE. We greatly appreciate all those who participated with donations, which helped fund the costly relocation of considerable physical resources and living space, and the first occupant, to the site. These resources were key to making it survivable, including for instance, water treatment, storage, and hot house facilities. The site now also has electrical power.

However, there seems to be a slight rift or division between the Free Will Society with the person who has ownership control of and who occupies and is responsible for the site. As such, it is no longer officially part of the Free Will Haven project via the Free Will Society, though we support it in our hearts and have done so financially, and may continue to do so. Do not misconstrue to think we have abandoned the site, but it is true the person who owns the property has a right to do it ‘their way,’ and we respect that. We see the current site effort as somewhat a Beta adventure, which may very well prove quite satisfactory in the long term, for all involved; it is after all, a first ever and, as such, a learning experience where any negative outcome represents an opportunity learn how to make it better. The skills and knowledge base of the owner should help insure good success.

Meanwhile, the Society is still looking for a site we may establish and manage to meet ALL goals set for it by Society, which we feel will better assure success long term, and ultimately, prove to be more viable.  If seeking immediate residency, contact this author for advice on how to do so at the current site, which is in the scenic Hells Canyon Recreational Area of Oregon. Otherwise, please contact me about joining the Free Will Society to help plan for a second site down the road, hopefully in the near future, likely to be somewhere in Idaho. This would give you the option of choosing which site you would prefer, once able to relocate.

Only Free Will Society members will be eligible for the official Free Will Haven site, once available. And, of course, even if you elect the current site, you are still encouraged to join and participate in the Society. The only other update is that I, myself, am currently at another Oregon site which, except for zoning restrictions and cost, would make an excellent location. Living as a hermit, so to speak, and fending for myself in my motor home, I am learning much which should prove (and already has proven) useful to any community next established. The last bit of update: an application for non profit status has been made (it is my understanding such already exists at the first site), and once that is granted, the current gofundme will be terminated and replaced with a new one.

End Updates

Free Will Haven is the name of the first (likely of several) intentional communities specifically for targeted individuals. As the name implies, these will be targeting free sites, a feat achieved both by Mother Nature and by reliance upon a combination of proven methods and technologies. These will even thwart directed energy and psychotronic signals from satellites or drones. Another feature useful to TIs will be affordability, achieved by the use of ‘tiny homes,’ which are increasing in popularity in many kinds of intentional and green communities around the Globe. Free Will Haven as a concept was first proposed early as 2002 by privacy/security and abuse of power author/consultant H. Michael Sweeney, and is now the active project of The Free Will Society to aid Targeted Individuals (TIs), which he founded for cause. The Free Will Society has about 750 plus members as of Sept, 2014.

Joining in the project by brining funding and expertise to the table is Ascension Arts, a non profit specializing in sustainable life styles, service to others, and increasing human potential. Together, along with recent developments in all the key factors and areas of topical concern which go into intentional communities, as well as enabling defense against targeting, a nexus of serendipitous opportunity is almost forcing it to come to pass. In fact, the forces in play extend to many levels, even to the point including personal matters for those involved. This would seem to be true even for early participants invited for their particular skills and talents; we dare not seek to escape a destiny which envelops us head long! This is their dialog on the project.

Where can a targeted individual get help?

Update:  Sept. 2, 2014: Something wonderful has happened which has accelerated our plans, saved considerable money (e.g., FREE rental through the winter of space for your RV/camper/trailer/motor home), and many more benefits, including immediate access to existing facilities. It is in ADDITION TO the update cited below. As result, the Free Will Society (Facebook CAUSE) is being closed down and the Free Will Society GROUP on Facebook has been activated, and is now the ONLY place where updates will in the future be posted, and where members of the group ($25 membership) will be able to have dialog with one another and founders of Free Will Haven. Therefore, this is the LAST UPDATE to this blog post. Join us at Free Will Society GROUP on Facebook by sending $25 to proparanoidgroup at gmail com and specifying membership, citing your facebook account name (e.g., mine is H. Michael Sweeney), and make sure you request friendship with me under that name so that you can be invited to the Group. It will also result in your receiving a Helps Kit which includes information on and facilitates application to be a resident of Free Will Haven. I’ve done my part to open the door to a targeting free environment. The actual first step through that door is up to you. YOU are what you’ve been waiting for.

Image: from (click) provided by Telona Dunlap Times-News; taken in the Banana Belt of Idaho, the location for the first Free Will Haven. This site proved unsuitable.

Update: Update Aug. 19, 2014: We have killed our plans for a site in the Great Southwest and have instead selected a site in Idaho, in what is called the Banana Belt, a temperate weather zone suitable to support year-round golfing. The site features a significant creek bed which will help solve both water needs as well as eventually to supply small scale hydro power. It also has access to a nearby landing strip which could be useful in emergency medical situations.

The original post, herein, cites that only a couple of TI’s plus the principles would be initial residents through this first winter, while constructing their homes. This was to be followed by Wave Two occupancy, which would be able to use our temporary quarters while their homes were being built. To be eligible for Wave Two, one had to be a member of the Free Will Society to aid targeted individuals.

A CHANGE: Where an early-bird TI applicant already has access to or can rent an RV or similar (see main text), they may be able to join in Wave One Residency with the founders, immediately, existing Free Will Society membership not required (though advised, keep reading). Send for your application kit, today by emailing proparanoid at comcast net. You should also join the Free Will Society to aid targeted individuals ($25 membership) to access the latest news and community dialogs on topic. That would also put you in Wave Two eligibility if unable to bring your own temporary living space. If you have no RV (etc.) and are not a member of Free Will Society, you must wait for Wave Three. Regardless of which Wave, without your own RV (etc.), you will be put into a first-come, first-serve que serviced as existing temporary quarters on site become available. KEEP CHECKING THIS PAGE (or use the Subscribe button to be notified of changes) for future updates. Something very exciting in additionally in the works. End Update.

What makes Free Will Haven an intentional community?

Intentional Community?

This rendering is of an intentional community using tiny homes to create a safe environ for homeless people as featured in Yes Magazine’s article, Tiny Homes for the Homeless: an Affordable Solution Catches On (click)

Wikipedia’s definition for Intentional Communities is a full paragraph long. Simplified, it is a community planned from the start to cater to specific persons of like (interests, beliefs, goals, etc.), typically favoring alternative lifestyles which foster those goals. You can learn more about such communities at sites like (informative video), (a kind of ‘superstore’ of centralized info on topic), and Fellowship for Intentional Community’s Facebook  page.

In Free Will Haven’s case, these goals are ecological and consumptive sustainability (not to be confused with the New World Order’s use of ‘sustanability’ when pushing Codex Alimentarius, Agenda 21, GMO foods, Genetic Engineering, etc.); survivability (in this case, against political control technology and methods), and financial and spiritual wellbeing (the unchecked pursuit of happiness through exercise of God’s gift of Free Will). Sustainability is one of Ascension Art’s strong points, and defensive survivability lays at the heart of Mr. Sweeney’s seven books and online consultancy he has made available to TIs for more than 15 years as The Professional Paranoid, the title of his first book.

Both of these major players in Free Will Haven have, by necessity in order to provide their services to others, additionally catered to spiritual wellbeing and pursuit of happiness, which is the primal force driving client participation in the first place. A TI is desperate to escape the emotional and physical suffering of targeting and regain some normal sense of existence, and anyone seeking a sustainable life style does it for the quality of life it enables. And what of the financial affordability aspect? Sustainability itself, and a few other tricks such as tiny homes, make that a natural outcome of the project. Additionally, and as part of the pursuit of happiness goal, Free Will Haven will be organized to foster and support cottage industry; ideally, every resident should have a means to earn money ‘at home’ or by participating in community-based endeavors.

What is a tiny home like in Free Will Haven?

Tiny Homes?

A tiny home generally references any small living space intended to be extremely practical and economical, though minimalist in nature. As a rule, this commonly means either a starter home for a young couple or single individual, or a retirement home for someone without a family, as a tiny home cannot have many rooms dedicated for family functions and individual compartmentalization. The bulk of the TI community is commonly made up of single targeted individuals, or someone living with one other person, and seldom with children in residence, and thus, tiny homes would seem a Godsend, for them. For those with families, we would hope to eventually construct alternative intentional communities in the future, but of course, that will alter the equation for achievement of goals.

Sidebar: the true nature of a typical TI, alone, should crucify the notion fostered by media, government, and the psychiatric community that ANYONE who thinks they are targeted is SURELY a paranoiac schizophrenic. For that to be true, they would need explain how the dynamics of such ‘false’ beliefs seem to impact only persons of low financial standing who live alone, and who tend to have been an activist or involved in some form of ties to/with government, military or intelligence community contractors, or the military or intelligence community, itself. How is it that such a combination of things ’causes mental illness?’ Not even Freud could answer that one, because IT DOES NOT. Political Control Technology is REAL.

The original tiny home movement included exotic efforts with costs of $1M or more not uncommon; ultra modern, hi-tech, and with prestige designer labels attached. The grass roots version, on the other hand, has gone wild finding ways to do as well with less, with costs ranging from well under $10K to perhaps an average of about $40K for the higher end; about what one might put down on a conventional home mortgage. This has resulted in an almost unlimited array of possible home design types and, as result, flexibility in meeting individual needs and tastes, like these as found at pinterest.

You can have tree houses, container homes (check these out), domed homes, spray cement (free-form shape) and similar homes (check this video out, and this), underground homes, and more, including homes that simply look like a normal home but scaled down… some of which are on wheels. That brings us to the fact that a motor home, RV vehicle, trailer, or even a manufactured home also qualifies. All of these are on the drawing board/table at Free Will Haven. The ones we favor most are the ones you can order pre built and delivered to the site (look at these, and you can even get an ‘Ikea’ home complete with furnishings), or the ones you simply buy plans or kits for and then build yourself (like these). Google any of these home types for endless solutions to choose from, and when it comes time to actually consider residency options, we will work with you to fine tune or better the ideas you favor.

Free Will Haven will be able to accommodate any needed assembly of a home or placement in the same way that the Amish community bands together to raise barns. That means it is both fast, and, because Free Will Haven will be located in the country where few building codes and regulations exist, little or no required use of professional labor or building inspectors. That does not mean we won’t apply basic sound ‘code,’ ourselves. Naturally, we would hope you would be part of the work ‘crew,’ but don’t worry if you cannot do so for some reason.

Is Free WIll Haven a sustainable community?


Here is an ‘official’ review of a sustainable living lifestyle, but it is not the only view, because residents define the lifestyle. Free Will Haven will produce its own power, have its own water source, deal with its own sewer and waste disposal, which means no costly utility bills. The goal will be for each home to be self sufficient, but also networked to increase supply vs. demand, favorably. There will be enough land for individual residents to have their own garden plots, but there will additionally be a community farming effort which residents may elect to participate in at various levels; no participation, participation as a paying consumer, or participation in both production and consumption. That effort will include livestock, which means it will be logical at some point to have horses which can also be used for horseback riding.

Somewhat related, is the notion of cottage industry; financial sustainability. There will be satellite based Internet access (and TV) allowing residents to make money online. The community itself will additionally evolve community industry to help fund the needs of community ‘commons.’ One such example will be the offering of seminars and other functions open to the greater public, many of which will be intended to address topics of concern to the greater TI community. We would intend to have our own Radio and/or TV shows for similar cause, for the matter. This will eventually mean construction of central community center and overnight living spaces which can be rented out to visitors.

How does Free Will Haven prevent targeting?

Targeting Free?

Free Will Haven will increase its ability to protect its residents from political control technology. As all neighbors will be certified TIs approved by residents, there can be no conspiratorial persons (perps) among the population who are not quickly identified and dealt with legally. The approval process will additionally be designed to weed out persons who may be truly schizophrenic or have other mental issues causing them to claim to be targeted when, in fact, they are not, as well as victims of the kind of mind control which produces ‘programmable’ people who are capable of sabotage (to include self sabotage) without being aware. Such persons are susceptible to trigger phrases which enable them to carry out actions without memory of it… in the style of The Manchurian Candidate.

Sidebar: it is important to realize that exotic application of programmables such as portrayed in movies like The Manchurian Candidate, The Long Kiss Goodnight, and the Jason Bourne series are based on known facts as to the capabilities of specific exotic forms of mind control. However, very few persons entering such programs, typically while a child, ever ‘graduate’ with skill levels and usefulness as assassins, couriers, or other operative status. Such ‘rejects’ or ‘escapees’ as I prefer to call them, of which some estimates number in the hundreds of thousands, tend to be released as ‘sleepers’ into the greater population. They are then targeted to be made to look schizophrenic, and as result, many of them join in with the TI community from where they can effectively, though unknowingly, become Wolves in Sheep’s clothing. The key point is this; while they retain a useful level of programmability for lesser needs than a Jason Bourne, it is important that should they come to realize their true status in life, that anything they attempt to reveal will be discounted because they are ‘crazy.’ Sadly, such persons cannot be allowed into FWH because of the potential harm they could do, unwittingly. Sad, because they need help and safety, too.

In Free Will Haven, we are talking about a gated community with a video security system which can be monitored by all residents; many eyes being better than just those of one or two people. More importantly, each home design will feature incorporation of useful DEW shielding (e.g., Faraday Cage) against remotely aimed signals, even to include Satellite or Drone assaults. Additionally, no technology will be brought into the community unless it can be certified as attack-tech free. Finally, there will be made available a State-of-the-art TSCM (Technical Security CounterMeasures) suite of equipment from Europe, well able to detect, identify and measure, and document any DEW signal and its source.

Where is Free Will Haven?

Location and Logistics?

Currently, there are multiple sites in three states in the Pacific Northwest and Great Southwest being evaluated for suitability. Naturally this entails a wide variety of factors which will impact on the final choice, which will be reflected by an update, here. All are in relatively remote forested mountainous areas with nearby rivers (some with creeks or small rivers on site). Once a preliminary site is selected and financial obligations are established, there is a plan to ‘seed’ the site with approximately four ‘wave one’ principle residents who will arrive in RVs, Campers, etc., and live on site in those temporary living spaces while constructing their own tiny homes in teamwork fashion. This will be a chance to work out kinks in organizational planning and logistics.

Once finished and they have moved in, additional residents can either bring in their own temporary living spaces or rent those no longer in use by the principles. In time, the number of temporary spaces available at any given point will grow, allowing more people to be building new homes at a time, and more quickly growing the community. Rental would also be available for and allow prospective approved residents to visit and explore the full potential of becoming a resident before ever making any actual obligation to do so. This affords a means of seeing what the greater area has to offer, selection of a site, a home design, and making all appropriate arrangements in advance so that there are no nasty surprises or disappointments.

What does it cost to live at Free Will Haven?

Costs and Obligations?

There is a $25 application fee and an evaluation process involving two weeks of online dialogs with H. Michael Sweeney. This is based on the same methods and goals as his Helps Kit program for like consultation with targeted individuals for the purpose of helping them defeat or better resist targeting. To actually become a resident will require an additional investment addressing the cost of a home, either prebuilt or for materials thereof. Once placed and moving in, the new resident will be looking at various options which might impact monthly living expenses.

There will be multiple sizes of properties available, which will determine the monthly cost for land, be it rented or purchased under contract. Ideally, a tiny home with a modest property suitable for a garden and/or a yard area would be in the range of $250 a month, which is less than it typically costs to rent just the property beneath a manufactured home in a trailer court. Naturally, if one elects to have even more land, such as a buffer for privacy, or to protect a viewpoint, the cost will be commensurate.

A resident will have the opportunity to contribute labor to the construction or placement of new homes, which can credit towards the ‘bill’ for the construction of their own homes by such means, if they had so enjoyed. Or, it can be credited towards the ‘cost’ of being a ‘consumer’ of the community farming (co-op) project. In like manner, a resident will have the opportunity to contribute labor to the farming project, as well. By such a means, it is possible to have one’s home built at no expense beyond that of materials, and possible to have almost all foodstuffs at no expense, as well — at least some of the time.

On the other hand, one can choose to pay for such things with money, and be free to acquire them from the community as just described, or from outside resources. That would mean builders and contractors, or traveling to town to buy food and supplies, something likely to be done anyway at some level in order to obtain brand name items and other things not possible to create within the community. While it is not possible to ‘estimate’ the cost of labor to build a given home without knowing all the specific details and design, we do estimate that $250 a month would cover the cost of co-op food.

In summary, it is quite possible that, electing the right home design and options, a TI could easily find their final move-in costs were less than a down payment on a conventional home, and total living expenses should be in the range of $500 a month, if not half that. Even if on a limited SS income, and with no cottage industry, that should mean being able to save hundreds of dollars every month for things other than necessities; it would be a very comfortable financial situation, one many retired people today would find most enviable. But best of all, they can do it with their Free Will in tact, and unfettered by targeting. They can spend their money (or not), as they see fit, and actually enjoy it instead of seeing it all go toward defending or dealing with targeting related costs.

How do I become a resident at Free Will Haven?

What steps next?

If you are a Targeted Individual and would like to consider residency options at Free Will Haven, your first step is to request the application materials from me: proparanoidgroup at gmail com. These will answer many questions and, more importantly, may actually provide unexpected aids to the TI outside of any eventual application. The materials are inclusive within the Professional Paranoid’s Helps Kit, which contains many tools for the TI and provides a basis for consultations. In fact, application will result in a two week online consultation dialog aimed not only at determining residency eligibility, but also, regardless of if being found eligible, or not, it may actually improve the applicant’s ability to endure or defeat targeting in the first place.

To actually apply involves a $25 fee which covers the two weeks dialogs and consultations, a $100 value. It is advised that one should also join the Free Will Society (also $25), which not only provides access to updates and dialogs on the project, but membership can also favorably impact priority consideration for actual residency. So unless a member, an application will most likely end up placing them in a Wave 3 que, where membership allows Wave two access. Use PayPal to the above email addy to so effect.

The actual approval process involves a panel review which can also impact que position. Each member of the review panel can also request to escalate or promote a given applicant one position in the que if that applicant has a particularly needy circumstance (a humanitarian consideration) and/or one position if having a very useful skill or other resource to the project they can contribute. The Panel, by the way, does not have access to personal identifying information in that review, which is judged only on the basis of the targeting scenario and findings revealed through use of the Helps Kit.

Therefore, the process looks like this:

Who can be a resident at Free Will Haven?

1. Request the Helps Kit by email from proparanoid at comcast net. This arrives by email as a .pdf and also a .docx Word file.

2. Use the Helps Kit to decide if you wish to apply. If so, complete the kit and invest $25. The kit fully describes attendant steps.

3. Undergo the two weeks dialog. Expect an answer within 30 days as to acceptance, or not, and initial que assignment.

4. Once applicants are officially being accepted, you would be invited, via the que, to visit the Free Will Haven site to evaluate all options toward your satisfaction.

5. Based on such a visit, or any other means, you commit to become a resident and all arrangement details are set into motion. Or, not. No obligation.

6. Arrive and stay in temporary quarters you rent or bring with you (e.g., RV) while your home is constructed or placed.

7. Move into your new home and become a resident of Free Will Haven, and participate as you are able and desire according to your own Free Will.

What is the Free Will Society?

Joining the Free Will Society:

If you are not yet a member of the Free Will Society, and wish to join, Membership is $25 a year. To join, you can send payment via PayPal to proparanoid at comcast net specifying membership in the accompanying text message PayPal enables, or send any form of payment other than cash payable to HMS at PO 1941, Clackamas, OR 97015, earmarked for FWS membership. A confirmation and welcome email will confirm receipt, and provide links to the organizations resources, which are available to members only. Once more, to be clear, membership will advance one’s application for residency by one whole wave, or que, if accepted.

Proof Eight: Shooting Lines Also Depict Cheops in 3-D Cutaway View

The Great Pyramid in Egypt is one of the Holy of Holies to Masons and some Satanic cults, and is specifically tied in mysticism to the End Times and historical catastrophic events. This one will scare you.

Are there any patterns in mass shootings? 

by H. Michael Sweeney  

copyright © 2014, all rights reserved. Permission to repost hereby granted provided entire post with all links in tact, including this notice and byline, are included. Please comment any such repost to original posting.

Is there any proof mass shootings are not random?

What you will learn reading this post of the posting series

•  that select shooting lines form a 3-D perspective view of Cheaps and transparent depiction of all inner passages;
•  that there are specific ties between Cheops and the goal of the New World Order;
• that Cheops is a kind of key to understanding European Illuminati/Templar relationships to mass shootings.

Are mass shootings by intelligent design?

Proof Eight: Shooting Lines Also Depict Cheops in 3-D Cutaway View

Is there a mass shooting conspiracy?

Mysteries of Cheops

In the prior post we saw ties between shooting event lines which formed Masonic and Satanic symbols, and a series of orange lines which led us to the Great Pyramid, Cheops, in Egypt. While those were quite remarkable and sufficiently consistent to defy any chance of random coincidence, what follows will dramatically make concrete the notion of intelligent design as well as the importance of Cheops to said design. And finally, we will see there is yet another way to look at Cheops’ roll in the Illuminati/Templar and mass shooting tie-ins, but this time, from the European point of view.

First, we need to understand a bit about Cheops and its importance in mysticism. There is so much which could be said that there are literally countless books on topic which could be entered as ‘evidence.’ Here, I will focus on less than five percent of such material topically, only able to skim the surface of them. Consider it merely to whet your appetite to learn more, for which some suggested links will be provided along the way.

One key aspect of Cheops is that it is rich with magic numbers. This seems to be true regardless of if using the original units of measure employed by ancient Egyptians, or modern day equivalents. Indeed, some of our current units of measure stem directly from the ancient Egyptian measuring system, a fact often laid at the feet of Freemasons and their predecessors, the Masons. While I won’t spend time expounding, many of the measurements of Cheops, both in original and modern increments, enjoy magic number properties, doing so in ways which, like those illustrated in the prior post, are mind boggling. Some serious mathematicians have found even more wondrous relationships to both the ancient and modern discoveries of Man well beyond any possible knowledge to Egyptians of old.

Perhaps the keymost aspect of Cheops which potentially makes it ideal for inclusion in mass shooting patterns is that it is only the Giza Pyramid which has a complex of inner passageways and rooms. Early mystics and even some studies of Cheops by persons with scientific credentials and methods, have proposed and illustrated a belief that the construction of Cheops was an enlightened project involving supernatural or mystical knowledge of the future; the internal passages and chambers thought to be a roadmap to End Times and key events along the way. That is represented by the image, below, from this interesting Web site. Others out there (with less useful images) have more detail with the most recent/current annotation being the year 2010, roughly the height of mass shootings. That marking is in the King’s Chamber, which implies ‘control and authority.’

ONE Egyptian Inch = 1 Year of History. From (click).

Of specific interest to mass shooting research and the notion of Illuminati Masonic Warlocks being the architects, thereof, is the fact that shooting lines can be found which quite correctly depict a pyramid across thousands of miles of the United States. More than this, they quite usefully do so in 3-D rendition, even to the point of detailing the inner passageways found in Cheops. In fact, the depiction is so uncanny as to have key aspects ‘to scale’ with measurements which work math magic using modern increments of measure against the ancient’s units of measure; not just scale in size, but across the barriers of time in the expression of numbers in different languages and cultures. Take a look:

 Do the pyramids really relate the entire history of the World from beginning to end?

Shootings depict Cheops


Left: perspective transparent view; Right: inner view of interior passages. Remarkably, it took only 9 shooting lines, and 14 shootings, to depict the pyramid and passages. However, 5 shootings stand alone (not on lines), meaning 9 are, giving us again the magical 99/18 result.

As you may recall from the prior proof the orange lines are lines which run from shootings directly to the Great Pyramid, Cheops, each exactly 500 miles apart as measured along a given line which is perpendicular to them all, and which itself runs through several shootings. The green line here, however, is at the distance of 10,000 miles from Cheops, which is one/fourth the distance around the World (the vertical diameter being 40,008 miles on average), and it too transverses several shootings and is perpendicular, but the distance at this point between lines is 505 miles.  Each orang line originates dead center of Cheops and is separated by almost exactly 7.5 degrees of arc to achieve this feat. That is interesting for another reason; 360 degrees divides by 7.5 exactly 48 times, and 24,000 miles (the rough diameter of the Earth horizontally), divided by 48 indeed equals 500 miles.

Now there are some admitted problems in trying to depict a pyramid with any degree of accuracy in a 3-D perspective view, especially if with cutaway to reveal interior passages. Such a view does not simply allow us to measure a line and compare it to Cheops with good expectation of results. Perspective causes a measured horizontal to be less as it is depicted further away. A line transiting diagonally in one or more axis in 3-D space is even less useful unless one knew the precise angles for each axis both it and the original against which it was to be compared, were employing (and additionally, the depiction version is arbitrarily decided by the person rendering it, and impossible to discern without their sharing).


As the satellite view is at a an angle, the ‘center’ is based on the base, not the peak.

The depiction in this case seems slanted over America as if about to slide into the Caribbean. That is for a reason: it is faced (viewed) with the same face (view) as the actual Cheops is when following the orange lines, there  — presuming in both cases one is looking from the center orange line towards it. That is to say, looking at Cheops in America from the center of the lines, would give you this same perspective view if standing in the center in Egypt. That cannot be coincidence.  The problem with that, however, is that in Egypt, in relation to the Orange lines, one corner is clearly (looking down from Google Earth) nearer the observer’s position than another; there is no line which is not at an angle to the observer.

Note: I further feel it is an error to assume that modern-day Illuminati Warlocks have the skills and knowledge base, or event he interest in the crafts and mathematics of Masonry, which they left to the Adepts when Templer remnants infiltrated the Mason’s Guild and eventually took it over to form Freemasons. They are not likely going to go for precise renderings as much as symbolism; accurate to the point which can be managed simply, but no more, I believe.

 Why do Masons, the Illuminati, and Satanists focus on Egypt and Cheops?

How much is a Royal Cubit, anyway?

It is, as result, impossible to establish a precise method or true consistency in relationships (i.e., to test for accuracy in scale) of measurements between Cheops and the American pyramid. The required data and accuracy required to plug into complex formula is beyond our ability to deduce. Ideally, a computer program modling in true 3-D space could be used to compute and confirm such comparisons… if we knew the angles employed by the architect of the American depiction.

But that does not mean we give up. We do the best we can with the tools at hand, and must come away at the very least acknowledging that in the 3-D layout, the mere visual similarities alone are sufficiently ‘coincidental’ to imply intelligent design, and in need of further study with better tools. But that does not mean we cannot ‘cheat,’ and then test to see if our cheat had any merit. After all, perhaps the architects employed a similar gambit. We wont’ know unless we try, ourselves. So…

By rotating the view as I have in the image above, we at least have the illusion that the base line is perpendicular to our viewing angle such that we are tempted to measure it anyway, and then see if there is any discerned relationship to Cheops which results in some kind of conversion factor. If we CAN find one, we can then apply that factor against other test lines and, in theory, if or factor was arrived at by other than coincidental happenstance, we should find the measurements work out correctly in the conversion. Guess what? We can, and it does!

Cheops on a side is 440 Royal Cubits, or 36524 Egyptian inches (a precise year’s worth of inches times 100), which works out to 230.4 m, or 756 feet. I will admit that finding a conversion factor took me some time. I made no headway at all until I realized that the orange lines were like rays of a projection lens in a theater, taking a small image and projecting it to be much larger at a distance. I reasoned there had to be something about analogy involved in the conversion factor.  I also felt that any such conversion MUST involve the ancient increments in some conversion to the modern, rather than a modern to modern comparison. Turned out true.

As I discovered, if you divide 36524 by 440 you find that there are 83.009 Egyptian inches in a Royal Cubit. Funny. Both sum to 20. If you then multiply this times the total degrees of arc for the American depiction, which is three orange lines, or 22.5 degrees (±.03), you end up with 1867.7, which is exactly the measurement of the depicted base line… in Kilometers; ancient to modern, using the orange lines as calculator. So, now to test the accuracy and intent, vs. the notion of coincidence (pretty big coincidence, if that is all it is.)

Testing our factor: There are only a couple of other places where lines are similarly ‘perpendicular’ to our view (like the base line) by our peculiar method of so assessing for the purpose. Two of these are passageways to the King and Queens chambers, which just happen to have shootings (house icons employed for this use to match the drawings of the actual Cheops chambers) at the approprate locations to at least approximate the inner passages with an appropriate resemblance. But there is a problem with trying to test these with our conversion factor. It has to do with the Mississippi River.

Looking at the drawing of Cheops’ interior, you will note there is an irregular passageway leading down between the upward and the downward sloping passages. This is thought by some to be a water drain, as there are interior air vents which happen to align with prominent Constellation stars on select key celestial event dates, and that admits water. The lower passage in fact has a chamber with a deep pit which resembles a Well. In America, as it happens, the Mississipi River runs a course reasonably similar to that passageway and at the appropriate points in our depiction, given some small fudge factor.

Clearly, the Illuminati has no control over the course of the Mississipi, which changes slowly with time, and therefor, any depiction of the inner passageways must in some way accommodate those changes. My conclusion is, therefore, that such accommodation would necessarily mean a skewing of measurement accuracy in these passageways. Indeed, no line among them which is angled, nor the passages to the King/Queen chambers, quite works out, though some come closer to doing so than others.

But there is an entirely different story in play once we get past that drainage passageway, at the very bottom of the network. That whole portion is, by the way, beneath the ground level of Cheops by a goodly distance. In fact, the pit, which was filled with loose rocks as if a French Drain, once cleared, measures 60 feet deeper.  Now, there are three points of interest with respect to testing our measures, and some landmark verifications we can also apply…

These are: the entrance passage to the Subterranean Chamber; an exit passage which is a dead end; and the pit. Applying our conversion faster, all three lines as depicted are of the correct length and are at the correct scale to the previously computed base line. But there was no shooting or key line to establish these lines (well, one line seems to do so), so we must seek some other verification that these are as intended by design. They do exist. Lets take a look:


The entrance passageway: The entrance passage determines the location of the Subterranean Chamber in the depiction, which we will verify separately. But it also has an unusual feature along its walkway, a kind of antichamber or alcove to one side, with no discernible purpose. On the map, at its correct location in the depiction, we find our old friend, Remington Firearms (the white arrow). That was, in fact, one reason I tested line placement at this site. Interesting then, that both this Proof and the prior Proof find their factories involved in shooting lines, baphomet lines, orange lines, and pyramid lines. That cannot be coincidence, and points to intelligent design, and intent — especially since the other Remington facility from the prior Proof is also present directly along another passageway, as seen in the first image of the depiction from above.

The exit passage and pit, on the otherhand, when extended the correct distance within ONE METER accuracy, end at… water wells, pumps, and tanks; which relate well to the purpose of the Subterranean level. That leaves the Chamber, itself. You will note a graphic image overlay veils in transparent fashion the intersect between the two measured passages and the pit. While there to represent the chamber, it is not really as ‘large’ as the chamber would be if to scale. At a particular location within the Chamber area it does cover, we find a nuclear power plant. This is interesting because much lore about Cheops includes references to end times, and equates the Subterranean Chamber to Hell, and the bottomless pit. One of hottest things we have on Earth is the interior of a thermonuclear power plant, and it burns both with heat, and invisible radiation; hell on Earth, should you care to experience it, with or without an accompanying China Syndrome ‘pit’. But there is an even more interesting verification, which is why the overlay:


It is hoped that it is not intended that this nuclear facility suffer a China Syndrome disaster such as seen at Fukushima, in order to render the ‘pit’ real on Earth in a hellish fashion.

The inset is the original artwork from which the overlay was obtained, a sketch of the what the actual Chamber looks like at Cheops, where it is described as seeming more like an underground quarry with lack of intent in what remains. The original is of very low resolution, I’m sorry to say. What I noticed about it that caused me to think to do the overlay, was the leftmost vertical protusion. I’m glad I did, because when I overlaid it, seeking to line it up with the cooling tower of the nuclear plant, I noticed something.

Actually, I noticed it while playing with the transparency level so I could see where I was positioning it. I truly wish I had video capture ability to show you the startling discovery, which, with a slight change in aspect ratio, was maximized; the darket portions of the overlay precisely match and seemingly define changes in terrain or map features. The effect is this: it gives the impression that the terrain to the South and near the power plaint has been cultivated to MATCH the overlay usefully. The best that I could hope to do to depict it here was to increase the contrast of the overlay, and alter the levels. There were originally only two discernable shades, black and gray (it is a B/W original image with some dithering in evidence). There are now four, and only the lightest of these is NOT defining a shape or darker area on the Map.

I apologize in realization that this is nowhere near as useful a description as the visible effect I’d rather show with video, but I assure you it is startling and implies, along with the wells and the Remington matter, that these lines are indeed intended to be here and at these dimensions, which in turn verifies the scale conversion factor discovered. Intention by design, in design.

 What is the the relationship of Cheops and Mass shootings to Templars and the Illuminati?

The European point of view

EuroAt right is an image looking from Cheops towards Europe, to reveal how it ties in with the Illuminati and Templars of old… not to mention any modern day Illuminati Warlocks operating there, today. Especially if their operations include casting magical designs in mass shooting in America to fast forward the formation of the North American Union and establishment of a one-World government under control of the Antichrist. Observe:

At the bottom we have our orange lines radiating outward at increments of 7.5 degrees of arc, where, in order to get to their designated array of shooting destinations in America, they must first pass through Europe. In Europe, we find one of these lines passes directly through the birthplace of Adam Weishaupt, Masonic founder of the ancient Illuminati (ironically, in 1776 — not truly ancient as most count it).

It is interesting to note that one can create in Europe, using only the birthplace of Weishaupt, and the orange lines, a baphomet which is correctly aligned Northward (the stray orange line), IF, and ONLY IF, running the North-line through the VATICAN IN ROME at the adjacent orange Cheops line. Then, IF, and ONLY IF, electing to use the Weishaupt’s birthplace as the center of said baphomet, will it then result as seen.

The significance of that is manifold. For one, it rests upon the remainder of the orange lines in precisely a mirrored orientation and in like relationships, in general, with the orange lines as does one of the baphomets in America. In other words, just as the depiction of Cheops in America was at the same viewing angle relationship as if looking at the real Cheops from an orange line, so it is, here, with the two baphomets.

Thus once more, the orange lines ‘project’ an image in useful scale with the same orientation to create a sister depiction in America. The difference is, THIS ONE, is properly aligned North for ceremonial use, and the one in America is flipped, so to speak… which allows IT, TOO, to be aligned with North IN AMERICA. How can that be by anything, but design?

Weishaupt’s baphomet, by the way, is at a point along the orange Cheops lines where, if used as a measuring point, they are exactly 333 Km apart, which is 207 miles (sums to 9), and 180 nautical (18), and since 18 = 99, that makes 3 threes and 3 9s, which is 999, or a code number for 666. And, of course, if electing to measure in both directions (the diameter of a circle about the birthplace between two adjacent orange lines), we also get 666.

Finally, we also see in the image the yellow icons for Templar castles and other properties, at least the ones we know about, and the red icons (and one balloon icon) which are Illuminati historical sites. We see also one green and one purple line coming from America, one a guideline from a baphomet depicted, there, and the other from a Masonic emblem, there… where both additionaly go directly to Cheops. The circle is complete; Cheops, European Illuminati and Masonic (Templar) histories (and arguably, current Warlock activities), and shootings in America and their resulting patters, all neatly tied together by six lines which impact all else. Coincidence?

 What is the link between Masons, the Illuminati, Satanism, the New World Order, and Egyptology?

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Proof Seven: Shootings Form Multiple Lines to Cheops Exactly 500 Miles Apart

Extending select shooting lines finds them bisecting at the ancient Cheops Pyramid to establish a series of lines all of equal degrees of arc. But that just prepares us for a bigger bombshell.

Are there any patterns in mass shootings? 

by H. Michael Sweeney  

copyright © 2014, all rights reserved. Permission to repost hereby granted provided entire post with all links in tact, including this notice and byline, are included. Please comment any such repost to original posting.

Is there any proof mass shootings are not random?

What you will learn reading this post of the posting series

•  that select shooting lines can be extended to a single spot on the other side of the World;
•  that spot is the Great Pyramid, Cheops;
•  that the lines are exactly 500 miles apart at a given point and form the same angle of arc.

Are mass shootings by intelligent design?

Proof Seven: Shootings Form Multiple Lines to Cheops Exactly 500 Miles Apart

Is there a mass shooting conspiracy?

The last proof resulted in some negative commentaries to group posts announcing its availability, all based on disbelief in the postulations advanced. This requires me to repeat myself: It does not matter what you or I believe, it only matters what the architects of mass shootings believe. Now, in this post, we start to examine the symbolism of Cheops and its ties to the shootings, which is also about what THEY believe. But first, I owe readers of Proof Six an explanation about the relevance of the ‘orange lines’ to select purple lines of the satanic baphomets and green lines of the Masonic emblems discussed as tying directly tie to Proof Seven in an unusual manner. So here we go, referencing the image below…

The orange lines are the multiple lines to Cheops this post is all about, of course, but those lines by and large pass through Europe using what is known as the Polar Route on their way to Egypt; the shortest, most direct route, despite the fact that in the movies they always depict planes flying East over the Atlantic to get to either Europe or the Middle East, or the other way ’round if going to the U.S. This is why, for instance, Iran Contra gun running used a stopover in Denmark and other Euro sites on their way to Iran, something which at first didn’t make sense to me when I learned of it.

The purple and green guidelines used in finding and plotting the baphomets and emblems also go to Europe, and end up doing something the bulk of the orange lines ALSO do: they just happen by ‘coincidence’ to pass through at least one, but more often, MULTIPLE ancient Illuminati and Knights Templar castles and other properties employed in their conspiratorial affairs, including some more modern facilities, and even Adam Weishaupt’s birthplace. He, of course, was the founder of the Illuminati, and a high Mason, and the Templars were the folks who evolved eventually to become the Freemasons we have today, as outlined in my book, MC Realities. There is one other line which does this, which is a red line created from a perfect isosceles triangle from Proof Three, which is the best example of ties to the modern Illuminati, as well as ancient, but also Cheops as it also directly intersects with the famous glass pyramid at the Louvre Museum in Paris.

There are other indications these lines and their relationships with Illuminati and Templars is tied to Cheops, in that some of the lines continue past Europe to the Middle East to find Templar sites, there, and two others, one each from a baphomet and an emblem, go directly to Cheops as if an orange line. It is interesting to note further, that these two are extremely close to the second orange line in from either side of the six orange lines; uniformity. Take a look: each white arrow indicates a line of interest which ties to the Templars or Illuminati. The ‘houses’ represent Templar locations (those icons refuse to float accurately over their respective sites at this viewing altitude), and the harder to see red dots are Illuminati, save Weishaupt’s birthplace, which is well marked. There are 18 lines in all, our magic number which equates to 666 in occult terms, only one of which (orange) does not find a Templar or Illuminati site, but we are talking about locations which in many cases have been lost through the centuries and, likely, it really does do so, but we simply have no such knowledge, today. The modern day Illuminati, however, WOULD know. The line certainly passes through territories where such properties are otherwise existent (not all sites are shown, only those which are intersected by lines).


Cheops I had previously been aware of the importance of Cheops to Masonic and Satanic histories, some more tenuous or doubtful than others, but all generally of a mutually supportive nature. If one reads the Masonic Bible, Morals and Dogma, it is clear that the leadership of the organization at the higher levels, is Satanic in its beliefs, practices, and tactical applications, and that all things of Ancient Egyptian lore play into their belief structures and lore. To Masons, especially, there is significance in the Pyramid, and thereby, also to Satanism.

Yet one can find other resources which state the Pyramid is outright tied to Satanism in one way or another, both inclusive and exclusive of Masonic ties, which came later in history. It is a Chicken or Egg question, or sorts, depending on the factoid being considered, but we need not answer those questions; our concerns are valid regardless of the answer. So when I noticed that some shooting lines seemed to angle off toward what I knew to be the ‘polar route’ to Egypt. I sought to verify, and was immediately proven correct. In the image above, find six orange lines which all meet precisely at the peak of Cheops a third-way around the World. They are all drawn at the same degree of angular separation (about 7.5 degrees).

At a given point in the map, in America, they are all exactly 500 miles apart, and as this image shows, they relate to shootings as they go. To date, only one (left most) has no useful shooting along its path to make the claim, but that does not mean there will not be in the future, and so, it is included. It may prove a means of predicting and even preventing a shooting. CHEOPS ALIGNMENTS x 6 There is no significance in the 500 number — at any given point, the lines are equidistant by some measure, I just chose a point where it produced a round number.

However, as research continued, I learned some things which would seem to make that a more important point. In the image below, this is revealed, and in the doing, we see also how the shootings themselves tie to the lines in important ways. More than this, the actual measurements once more reveal magical use of numbers in the occult manner. We should talk about accuracy. Given the great distance these lines must travel (35 million feet or more), the worst accuracy of these key lines is typically less than .05 degrees of arc (dependent upon Google Earth limitations as discussed early in this posting series), or some 15,000 feet at measure point. These work out to a maximum error of .007% and .0004%, respectively. I’m good enough with that to cite it here as proof of intent, given that the architects of mass shootings likely used the same tools, as I. There has, after all, already been revealed in prior Proofs several clues that such is likely the case.


Here we see some 440 plus mass shootings plotted along with the six orange lines from Cheops. The three green and three red lines are for measurement purposes, and require some dialog in order to appreciate the ‘craftmanship’ employed by the architects; a kind of confirmation this is no random outcome. The Meridianal (vertical) circumference of the Earth varies depending on where measured, but the average is 40,008 Km. This means that the point where the orange lines are furthest apart is some 10,000 Km distant from Cheops. This spot is found at the middle green line, and the measure there is essentially 2,525 miles.

This is confirmed in the red line between adjacent orange lines which measures 505 miles.  The other two lines are the points where 500 miles between, is found, for 2,500 miles total separation, there. EACH OF THE THREE HAS AT LEAST THREE SHOOTINGS ALONG ITS PATH. These numbers prove interesting, and thus I also elected to measure the diagonal (vertical red) and ‘hight’ (red along the orange line’s path) of a given rectangle formed by these lines. The vertical line, which happens to be North corrected for magnetic declination, a trait seen time and again in the various alignments of Satanic and Masonic symbols in the prior Proof, measures 777, a magical triplet. The height measures 606 miles. More interesting numbers.

Take a look (numbers are rounded unless otherwise stated, and reflect allowances for measurement errors introduced by Google Earth as previously mentioned): Note: you may wish to review the sidebar post on Magic Numbers before continuing. Because… 500 Miles = a palindromic 434 nautical, which sums in pairs to 77; 777 is not only a magical triplet, but forms by summing in twos (1414) the inverse palindromes 141 and 414, which sum together to form the triplet 555, and equals 675 nautical, which sums to 18, and 1250.46 Km, which sums to 18 by threes; 505 and 606 are both palindromes, of course. And about 2525, divide it by 505, and it goes exactly 5 times. 505 + 606 = the double doublet 1111 (a quad) 500 x 505 = 252500, which sums to the doublet 77; 500 x 606 = 303000, a palindrome times 1,000; 505 x 606 = 306030, a palindrome times 10 which sums in threes to 99, which is a code number for 666 just as is 18; 306030 also = 492508 Km, which sums to form the inverse palindromes 151 and 515; and 606 x 777 = 470862 which is divisible by 18 2,159 times, and the grandaddy 666, 707 times.

So we end up with 505, 606, and 707 palindromes, and the triplets 555, 666, and 777. 505 squared = 255025, which sums by twos to the palindrome 757; 606 squared  = 367236, which sums to the the triplet 999, a code number for 666 (upside down); it also divides by 18 to provide the palindrome 20402; 777 squared = 603729, which can produce 999 by summing by 3, 2, 1 digits consecutively, a bit unusual; We can’t easily find the area by simply multiplying 606 x the top or bottom, because they are different. We can do that with both and then average the result. This yields 303000, a palindrome times 1000, and 306030, a palindrome x 10. The total of the two  sums to 609360, sums to the palindrome 6116, and which divided by two = 304680. So now we know the area, which is 1680 sq. miles more than the smaller of the two, and that much less than the larger, of course. 1680 = 2704 Km, which not only sums to 13, but is divisible by 13 208 times.

The orange lines in detail

In the last Proof, we found the orange lines tied usefully to the layout of the four baphomets and Masonic emblems. Here, lets relate them more directly to the actual shootings which were also part and parcel of those relationships. The first lines at image left does NOT actually line up with anything, YET. It is presumed they will eventually line up with a shooting and may be useful in prediction of same, as there are very few communities in its path with logical targets which fit with other predictive factors. But I will not state these as our paranoid government tends to make anyone predicting such violence based on ANY criteria as the only ‘terrorist’ or ‘suspect’  in question. They tend to lock down such locations and charge the person who gave the warning with criminal intent of one sort or another, or act harshly against them in some way. Apparently, ‘See Something, Say Something,’ is a trap, and considered a crime. I know that at least twice that I reported terrorist activities, they did nothing about the report other than to harass me and try to cost me my job.

The next line is perhaps the most dramatic in terms of accuracy and alignment. It bisects with extreme accuracy two shooting events, even a third within Google Earth dictated error limits. The third also has three shootings within accuracy limits, two of which almost meet doorway-to-doorway accuracy.That line also passes through the Denver International Airport and quite near to a man-made earthen Ziggurat (stepped) Pyramid thought by many conspiracy theorists to be a D.U.M.B. (Deep Underground Military Base). The site claims to be a landfill, albeit the highest and fastest growing of its kind by far, if true.

It is also true that in its current state, it only appears to be a Pyramid in three of the four sides, the fourth being the area where ‘fill’ is taking place at this time. The next line features the sloppiest, worst-case error with two shooting points in its path. The larger error does not dissuade me, because both are quite equally distant from the line on opposite sides of the line (the line cleanly centers between them). There is additionally a business, Pyramid Foods, almost directly on the line near the Bartlesville HS shooting plot of that line. The next line also sports two shootings, one of which is quite near Meridian, MS; Cheops is itself a similar distance from Meridian, Egypt (a neighborhood name also used in several business names, there). The final Cheops line merely intersects within 1,000 feet of a single shooting event. This is near King’s Highway, and Cheops is a King’s tomb. Thus all the lines currently aligned with shooting points, are several are also aligned with something having to do with a Pyramid. This yields yet more consistency, but feel free to presume it coincidence, if you must. What does Cheops have to do with mass shootings?

Why Pyramid?

Beyond the earlier comments about why Cheops is important to Masons and Satan worshipers, there are a few other things which should be mentioned. One has to do with the construction of the Pyramid, which many historians think drove the establishment of at least some of the ancient Egyptian’s measurement system. What is interesting about that, as casually mentioned earlier in this series, is that as history progressed, their system became in various ways the bases for both the English and Metric systems, as well as the system employed in America. It is alleged that Masons (Templars) were the driving force behind this, in part, to insure or play to the mysteries of magic numbers.

One of the few 3-D cutaway views on the Web from (click)

So do not be surprised then, if the next post, I tell you that there is not at least one measurement at Cheops which is duplicated in shooting lines here in America which depict the same part of a pyramid in a 3-D view, but using different increments and a different scale (think miles for inches, for example). I’m still working on verification of a list of suspect instances, but it certainly seems the case. This would NOT be possible if there was not some basic underlying ‘magic’ built into both measuring systems with respect to conversions. But the real thing of interest about Cheops, here, is its lore.

Many learned researchers have studied the Pyramids endlessly to formulate many different theories relating to its design, how it was constructed, what its purpose was, and so forth. Many of their findings are controversial, but few are invalidated by the work of others, but might remain rightly in the realm of speculation, or ‘lore.’ Among these are two which would logically be of interest to a Warlock or high Mason (sometimes, the same thing).

The first involves the inner passageways of Cheops. We know these are important to the architects of shootings because, as we will see in the next Proof, they are faithfully duplicated in the 3-D depiction of Cheops by use of shooting lines and shootings. The reason why would seem to be in the lore, which according to some, says that these passages are a kind of history of the World being depicted from creation to its destruction. They actually make a very good case for this, and my own conclusions would tend to agree there is something to the notion, at least symbolically, if not accurately to the year. The claim was, that each Egyptian inch represented one year of history, a thing which seems to be true at least for specific historical events used as benchmarks.

If, therefore, the need to seat the Antichrist in support of end time prophesies requires taking away guns in America to allow the formation of the North American Union, then our architects, being wise in the magic and lore of Cheops and the like, would most likely incorporate as much of that magic into their plans as they could manage. The second involves what is called Pyramid Power in a book by the same name written by Max Toth, which is as good a reference as any of like conent summarizing the lore of Cheops, including the inches for years theory. If even half of the claims within were true (and I have verified at least two of the main claims in my own experiments), that is one more reason a Warlock would wish to incorporate pyramids into any conspiracy aimed at seating the Antichrist. But again let me say, it does not matter what you or I believe about such lore, it only matters what THEY believe.

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Proof Six: Shootings Also Relate or Depict Masonic and Satanic symbols

Select shootings define such symbols with precision. Masonic Symbols are rendered in 3-D. Satanic Symbols are positioned correctly for magical application by Warlock.

Are mass shootings by intelligent design?

by H. Michael Sweeney  

copyright © 2014, all rights reserved. Permission to repost hereby granted provided entire post with all links in tact, including this notice and byline, are included. Please comment any such repost to original posting.

Is there any proof mass shootings are not random?

UPDATE:  (this comment, only) This post has generated some negative comments based on the commentors disbelief in the concepts being advanced. I need repeat myself; it matters not what you or I believe, it only matters what the architects of mass shootings believe.


What you will learn reading this post of the posting series

•  that the lines also defy randomness in their placement to form Masonic and Satanic emblems;

•  that the emblems are carefully aligned on the Earth in ways which reflect their function;

•  that they are rich with clues which hint at who and where are the designers;

that if you look closely, you can actually see how they ‘function’ as a magical weapon.

Are mass shootings by intelligent design?

Proof Six: Shootings Also Relate or Depict Masonic and Satanic Symbols

Is there a mass shooting conspiracy?

With respect to hidden symbols, we start with the basic understanding that Freemasonry and satanic cults do indeed have recognizable symbols they employ regularly. In some cases, they are more than symbolic, and have actual occult function. But one thing is true of all such symbols; a given symbol has a definite known shape with precise geometric relationships to other parts of the shape. So, if you know a select few points ANYWHERE upon the shape, you might be able to then define the remainder of the shape because you know what it is supposed to look like. This creates a potential problem when looking for such symbols in a ‘target rich environment,’ such as our map of 440 plus shootings.

Early Masonic Ceremony using satanic deity, Baphomet, from which the satanic ritual star is named.

Early Masonic Ceremony using satanic deity, Baphomet, from which the satanic ritual star is named.

In fact, some readers might rightly worry that it is too easy and therefore falls back into the realm of chance once more, no longer proof of intelligent design. I agree. Therefore, any such finding must be reviewed carefully for signs it was actually INTENDED, or traits which could not be so easily found true if by chance. In truth, I worried this might turn out to be quite a challenge, but in the end, the methods employed lent themselves to discovery of verifications suitable to address such concerns. Each one found by such means passed muster as being well beyond probabilities of chance, a fact I believe the reader will also find true.

Short of some custom computerized search, such finds still remain challenging, since one does not well know WHERE in a given intended shape a given starting point is located within the design, nor is the orientation or size of the shape known. In other words, you have to endlessly compare the same suspect points against endless possible combinations with other potential points, testing for all orientations and sizes. Tedium!

I’m operating on the assumption, here, that any architect of a grand design would want something more definite in such a ‘clue’ than something which might be seen as random, or require a custom software program; a deliberate placement, one likely with a specific relationship to a key location or course alignment which has additional meaning. The satanic baphomet, for instance, is normally aligned to North when actually employed in a rite, or ‘aimed’ at a target, and each of its five star points has a specific meaning which should likely be related to map location details; fire, water, earth, sky, and spirit.

So lets take a look: presented herein are four satanic baphomet ceremonial stars, and four Masonic emblems. It is my belief there are four intended for each, and no more, as I also believe (as do others) that there are four Globalist groups competing to field the Antichrist. Indeed, the individual Warlock designers are, themselves, likey hoping to be the chosen one.  Yes, more symbols may exist, perhaps intending nine or eighteen of each in support of magic 18. But one indication four is the right number is that it took several days of relatively easy effort to find each set of four, but several days more in each case found no more.

 What does satanism have to do with mass shootings?

Finding satanic baphomet symbols

In terms of simplicity for the designer, it is super easy to depict a baphomet upside-down, five-pointed ceremonial star with very few points. Because all the lines are the same length and join one another at the same angles to create yet another inner set of intersecting lines of equal lengths and their own duplicated angles, all you really need is to know any two line intersects at star tips or inner crossover points, and the rest could be calculated easily, though you might not know which crossover/intersects you are originally looking at (more than one star could result).  But that’s also just too easy, and would mean every two shootings could generate multiple stars. Commonplace, and unacceptable to designers, and to our purposes, here. Both they and I would prefer something more… more dramatic in order to reveal intention… the thing that made it hard to find more than four examples. If I’ve done a good job of insuring that, the more you read, the more you should be convinced of intelligent design. One clue they are not random is the sharing of shooting lines and events.

Though all 440 shootings were employed in the search, in the end, it turned out that ALL four of each symbol type (four baphomets and four Masonic emblems) employed their own limited universe of shootings… with many of the same shootings in both universes. Below we find the baphomet universe. It only took 23 shooting lines to depict four baphomets with some very interesting relationships. While each shooting line involved three shootings (I think one had four), the number of shootings depicted in the images below is only 54, because 22 shootings share common lines, and because I did not plot middle shootings of a line if not actually used to establish the symbol. Also, some are not visible at this viewing altitude because they are so close together. In such cases, I made one plot larger; when you see a larger dot, there are at least two shootings near to each other, there.

If you sum those all up by twos (line and shooting counts), we get our magic number, 18, a kind of cross-checking proof this is not random, but intended to be found design. The same exact thing will happen with our Masonic emblems, which will follow. How would it be possible to get that kind of consistent results by chance? All I know, is it is impossible for me to calculate the odds, they are so high. So, lets take a look, starting with four sample baphomets.


The variety in color and shape of shooting markers can be ignored and seen as equal. FAMOUS SHOOTINGS involved include: Sandy Hook, Aurora, Columbine, D.C. Naval yard, Sikh Temple, Virginia Tech, both Ihop Restaurant shootings, five Postal shootings, the original mass shooting at the Texas Tower in 1956, and the Seal Beach Salon shooting, worst in California history.

The lone shooting at center-top will serve as a kind of test gimmick, if you will, for determining an intended design vs. randomness in the findings. It does have its own line, one of the 23, which is not visible due an error on my part, which runs under the orange line shown below, to Aurora. The next image also shows our first baphomet along with several additional orange lines which are not themselves shooting lines as such, though they will be seen as originating from shootings, or may even be atop of actual shooting lines. These lines are all exactly 500 miles apart as measured at the green line, which has no other purpose but to show the point at which it is so. All of these orange lines are actually part of an entirely different proof of intelligent design which will be described in another post in this crime series. But they also function as aids in proving intelligent design, here.

Baphomet ONE


Color coding for added lines: Bold purple Baphomet lines, thin purple center guidelines, green line is point of measure of distance between orange lines, orange lines 500 miles apart go to Europe and serve as indicator tool for verification of intentional design vs. randomness.

This is the smallest of the four discovered. It has only one shooting at an intersect, but enjoys a large number of additional shootings, many more than needed, along all but one of its five lines. Two of these are also upon the same orange line, and two others on a another orange line. Note the thin purple center guideline line I generated. Though drawn based only on the baphomet’s construct, the line does something which relates directly to the orange lines, which while I cannot describe it here without giving away a future surprise revelation, additionally associates the shape with the orange lines. Therefore, this baphomet associates itself with the orange lines quite usefully, the importance of which will become more obvious as we go.

The center guideline also sports two white arrows. This is unique to this baphomet; both of these locations are Remington Firearms factories. I am amazed at such a ‘coincidence.’ I will not speculate on the meaning of it, as I think there are several equally intriguing possibilities, some favorable to Remington, some not so much. This may perhaps be best left for another day, another post. But in the summary section, I will analyze this emblem more closely so show you some of the ways it works its magic, and additionally illustrate intelligent design.

Baphomet TWO


Here is an example of a ‘minimal definition’ baphomet: two interests enjoy shootings and at best, only one is found along a line. However, it is uniquely defined in another way. One point and one middle intersect rest on two different orange lines. Moreover, the Northwest and East most star tips have a useful relationship, as well; one is over the orange line, and the other is short… by a like minimal distance. Indeed, the baphomets are very hard to draw with accuracy (I depend on trying to get all lines the same length — almost impossible, typically achieving to within a few miles at best), and so they may therefore actually rest on the lines perfectly in their designer’s version. Finally, note that the star line running Northeast reveals a guideline continuing on into Chesapeake Bay in Canada; this line also has something in common with the orange lines, further helping this baphomet pass the orange line test.

Baphomet THREE


At a glance, you might think this is the same image/symbol as the last. But no: it’s an amazing symbol very nearly the same size and location as the last, but with THREE intersect shootings, all augmented with five additional line shootings. But that was not enough. Two of the intersects are on the same orange line, and the same Northeastern running star line is actually parallel to another orange line. That same star line also has a guideline entering Chesapeak Bay which once more does what the orange lines do.

Baphomet FOUR


Talk about minimal definition, this one has zero intersects. However, it does have two and a questionable third shootings on a single line, and four on an intersecting line. Because it is so large, curvature becomes a factor in verification, as only a given symbol size and orientation (a small fudge factor is present) will allow all those shootings on the two lines to work, thereby eliminating a need for a shooting on an actual intersect of two lines. But we don’t have to rely on the fudge factor:

This time, it is the lower right star leg guideline which does what the orange lines do, but additionally, the rightmost orange line is actually parallel with that same line. This is only possible when the second line at any given distance has a precise difference in degree of ark from the first at a given starting point on a common perpendicular. If curious, we have that common perpendicular in the green line, and at that point, 500 miles distant, the inner-most line is running 54.04 degrees and the outer is at 51.49. Measured at the top of the line at the opposit star point, the distance error between the two lines is well within the margin of error in degrees of arc course measurement. Again, this is only possible with only ONE baphomet location, size, and orientation.

Four baphomets: all different, and yet all the same, in that;

a) they all share the same set of original shootings/lines (universe);

b) they are all therefore interconnected just as we found true of our isosceles triangles in the last proof;

c) they all have at least one line (side or center axis) which is symbiotic with the mysterious orange lines;

d) they are all verified by said orange lines, each in their own way;

e) the first four have a star point which can easily be associated appropriately with something nearby to represent fire, earth, water, air, and spirit. This is not terribly difficult if the star point is at a shooting because that means a population center with concentrated supplies of such relatable sites, but few work out that way, and therefore, your choices and chances of a match dwindle as you go to the next star point. The fourth is so large all of its points encompass water, making it the most difficult to determine: one is ‘the major air corridor’ for air traffic from North America to Europe, and one encompasses a portion of the Pacific Ring of Fire, but determining which one is spirit and which is earth, escapes me. That all of the baphomets (save that one question mark) otherwise meet this goal surprised me, as I though there would be more undefined, presuming their relationship veiled by designers to things known only to conspirators.

f) all of them seem usefully inverted in ways which imply four possible different Warlock designers from various locations: the first is inverted for anyone in Central Mexico or Central America, and there are candidates in both locations; the second is inverted for anyone in Scandinavia or Mexico/America (candidates abound), and the third is not only inverted but also aligned usefully North for anyone in America, while the fourth is aligned either for anyone in Spain/Portugal, or America/Mexico, uniquely so only because of its size.

And while there are yet more indicators of intelligent design in the summary, does it thus far seem like randomness in play, to you?

 Is there a Masonic connection to mass shootings?

Finding a Masonic Square and Compass emblem

The Masonic Square and Compass are most recognized of all Masonic emblems. Since it depicts a Mason’s (or, if you prefer, a Carpenter’s) Square rule, the first thing to try was to find right angles in the mish-mash of lines. Actually, this is how Proof Four came to be, and so we already have several good places we can look. Once having selecting a right angle for consideration, the next step would be to plot a center axis line bisecting it to form two 45 degree angles. This will become the vertical center axis of any resulting compass.

Next, one should seek to see if there were logical locations along that line from which two more lines could be drawn in mirrored angles away from the centerline to each side to create compass legs. To be valid, both lines would need some logical means to find an acceptable ending location to produce two legs of equal length. This might be determined by landmarks, or by completing a 3-D leg using a second inner leg line set devised in the same manner as the prior legs, and a like process for the square. We need to end up with something which looks very much like a logo emblem instead of a stick figure scratched into sand.

As you can imagine, this is a tedious process; it took a little over two days to find what I felt were all intended present; again 4 such emblems, likely one for each competing architect or group of designers. These are shown below, this time with the orange lines in place, along with the single stranded (lineless) shooting mentioned in the baphomet section, herein.

Once more, a limited universe is involved. In fact, it only took some 26 lines (image) created by roughly 64 shootings. All lines had three shootings, but 14 lines shared shootings in common, reducing the total involved to less than three times the line count. Sum those two numbers and you get… our old magic number 18. Another indicator these are intended and not random emblems.


Color Coding: Red, same as before; Yellow are right-angle shooting lines; Green for emblems and their guidelines. Twenty four of the 66 shootings in this universe are also found within the baphomet universe, including Aurora, Sandy Hook, and Seal Beach, and several of the postal shootings. That’s an interesting way to get 666.

Emblem ONE

This is the smallest and one of the easiest of the four emblems to find, taking just a few hours. In the image below we see it formed by the yellow line of the left portion of the square. The right portion should also be showing a yellow line as it is indeed a perpendicular. Must have failed to turn it on again after turning it off to see if there was more than one line present, as some red shooting lines are sometimes hidden by the wider yellow. Let me apologize in advance: the verbal narrative tends to be complex in nature, but is quite required if someone with an understanding of basic geometry is to see how the shapes were arrived at without having to make assumptions or guesses based on visual clues within the images. On the other hand, some people will find the images cluttered and confusing, and the text easier to grasp. Used together, issues in one should be clarified by the other.


From this was drawn a center axis at 45 degrees. Nowhere along this axis did anything jump out at me to suggest a logical compass tip, so I instead tried to find any two shootings which could establish mirrored angles at some point along that axis to ‘find’ the tip that way. Only two shootings (both blue) allowed this to happen, and a third shooting (yellow) on the right compass leg verified it legal. That same shooting, and yet another yellow shooting near the center axis, together suggested a logical upper line for establishing the square in 3D. Though not intersecting with the anything else used as a reference point, the line was indeed parallel with the lower right square line. Establishing a green guideline at the intersect with the axis by the line created by the two yellow shootings did indeed lead to another shooting beyond the image.

Another shooting line from the left compass leg had its middle shooting (blue) within the emblem area, and made establishing the complete inner line of a 3D compass easy. The other (blue) shooting on the first compass line, allowed reflective guidelines for the end lines of the square at equal distances, two more shootings helping in that effort (one off image to lower-right). This is fairly typical of how I attempted to find the other emblems.

What is atypical about this emblem is  a theme suggestive of a different designer than the others; schools. Each line seems to start,  end at, directly cross over, or is within about 200 feet or so of dozens and dozens of schools from K-8 through colleges, including several major university campuses. The square so encounters 33, the compass 46, and the center line, 11 more to total 90 in all. This sums to 18; 33 = 6, 46 = 10, 11 = 2; 6 + 10 + 2 = 18.

Before we go: not shown because we are viewing so close in on the map, is that the left compass leg guideline, extended for the purpose, does the same mysterious thing as the orange lines, yet to be revealed.

Emblem TWO

This works much like the last, so much so that I’ll not start with a detailed close up, nor describe blow by blow. But there are some unusual additional confirmations which imply a different architect than any of the others, and that’s where I’d like to start. The two images below reveal the alignments with existing perpendiculars, and the unusual confirmations. The first thing to note, perhaps, is that it is upside down (not to someone in Europe), and its pependiculars literally frame the Eastern Seaboard and Northernmost part of the U.S., leaving the compass to point at the middle of the country as if piercing it.




Marching to a different drum, this designer elected a unique theme; almost all corners and endpoints lay at a point having something to do with transportation or movement (of water). The two compass legs and several of the corners (not all shown) end precisely on roadways. Two of the corners end on railways. One of the bottom square corner (perpendicular) and the inner 3D line of the compass end at water. Confirmation of intent, and perhaps a clue as to the identity; someone big in the transportation industry, perhaps? Again, in final note, and not shown, the right leg guideline of the compass does the mysterious orange line thing when extended toward Europe.

Emblem THREE

This one was problematic, and its solution again implies a whole new architect. The issue was this: the actual perpendicular being tested (off screen to the lower-right) failed to be useful; it supported no emblem. But I noticed a shooting line that seemed perpendicular which was NOT yellow. At first I thought I had made a mistake and missed one, or had accidentally deleted its yellow companion line. But no — it was simply beyond the acceptable error of .1 degree of arc, it being hard to visually judge such small differences.

And yet, the line was begging to be considered, because in addition to looking temptingly perpendicular, it also ran usefully parallel with and atop of the edge of a large dam (see smaller image in the right margin). So I wondered? What if the designer had intended to use it, anyway? After all, I had no way of knowing what degree of error they deemed acceptable.


E3d1I thought I should at least give it a try, and went ahead and plotted a center axis test line (not shown) and looked along its length for an appropriate compass tip. What I found, changed everything. The image montage below summarizes the remarkable ‘theme’ findings, and more.

There was indeed a very logical starting point for the compass, but it was NOT on the test axis line, it was about 1.5 miles West of it. So I moved the axis line to match, and then finished trying to flesh out an emblem to see if there was good result. I reasoned that if it was so intended, the validity of the effort would reveal itself true somehow. Indeed.

The montage of insets below reveal just that, and are key to understanding why I find the results acceptable. So much so, in fact, that I now additionally reason that there may yet be an intended future shooting planned to create the very line I manufactured, but which like the one over the dam, does not actually bisect with the perpendicular to create a right angle, and thus does not spoil the count of 18 such relationships from our prior Proofs.

Indeed, this may be a very valuable find, as it MIGHT allow prediction of a shooting event, and perhaps even its prevention.


Quick montage review: The yellow line at top-right was the first attempted test center axis line, and the green line is the new relocated but parallel test line, which goes to a mountain actually named Initial Point. When you hold a compass, it is the initial point of control and placement of the compass; the handle of the compass. Now the left leg which was discovered to meet requirements would seem to represent the one with the point you stick into the paper. We deduce this because the shooting is at a hole in the ground (quarry) and that place is called Permanente (when you stick the compass down, it is permanently affixed to the spot until you lift it). More: the actual shooting took place at the Engineer’s Trailer where they very likely USE A COMPASS with their quarry maps. Confirmation of intent.

The other leg lands in the center of a square field (implying paper?). Note the terribly faint green line (of several) attempting to show the high-tension power corridor running nearby… at exactly the same angle to the inner leg as the two inner legs themselves form… and notice therefore, that the road way is perfectly placed to form an isosceles triangle just as would be a line drawn between the two legs, were the power line the other leg; a mini duplicate of the larger compass. More on that, shortly.

This in turn allowed trying to find the inner line for a 3D compass. It worked out, after finding the only place where shooting lines would form mirrored relationships, to be dead center of a circular irrigation pattern. When you spin a compass, you create a circle; a confirmation of intent. Next, I finished the square by extending a guideline from the yellow perpendicular at the point where it bisected the center axis line, and discovered it indeed intersected with a shooting (well beyond the image) to qualify. More intent.

But what about rendering the square in 3D? Simple: the complementary line had to be somewhere below where the yellow perpendicular met the new axis line. Again, scanning the axis line finds the logical place; an upside down pyramid (montage). A significant confirmation. And the ends of the square were easy, as there was a shooting (also beyond the image) which gave a nice proportional appearance. Implied intent.

And yes, the orange line thing happens here, too, it being once more the left compass leg which does it. A couple of additional confirmations are also present. This emblem, like most, is not aligned to North. However, it has an unusual 20 degree angle on the compass — all the others have fractional elements. At that angle, if one chose to lay the compass flat on the map as drawn, and then flip it to the right such that the Initial Point and right leg remained in place,it would then point North… exactly, even considering magnetic declination (which varies depending on where on Earth you take the reading) present at the new location. More: 20 degrees divides into 360 18 times, our magic number.

This is, I believe, incidental to the intended reason for the curiosities in the centermost portion of the montage; the central ‘mini compass’ duplicates this very feat (a flip). The leftmost faint green line from the left leg is the line between the original full size compass legs — the radius of any arc the compass might be used to create. That line measures 176 miles. The faint yellow line in the inset is 176 Meters along the radius of the mini compass, and then turning Northwards, perfectly bisects not only a portion of the farmer’s field (forming three virtually identical rectangles), but the mini compass, itself, becoming its central axis line. At the top of the roadway, we see a second green line which is 176 yards long, which ends exactly at the edge of the northbound road which bisects the powerline precisely between two towers, one on each side of the road. I believe these oddities are our clue to flip the compass in order to get it to point North, the same direction the road is going.

Mind you, all of this was discovered well after ploting and measuring the emblem. I am not making this stuff up or reverse engineering results somehow.

Emblem FOUR

Again, the last one is both large and arrived at uniquely. Thus far, not one of the emblems was properly aligned to North as viewed in America. There were only two perpendiculars that even came close to enabling such an alignment, but neither of them allowed emblem discovery. Then I noticed the little hiccup in the Northern Border with Canada just about dead center of the U.S. of A. It sticks up just enough to suggest the tip of a compass, or a pinching action of two fingers. And, it was right above our friendly, lone, lineless shooting. What if that was the tip of a compass? The simple answer is, it was… but it involves no obvious or pre existent right angle from our earlier proofs, and is quite minimally defined. Fortunately, we will find it verifies itself despite these ‘missing’ construction elements.



As it happens, an axis from that shooting to the Lone Star College Shooting creates an emblem alignment which is pointing due North and considers allowances for magnetic declination. So this emblem is correct for use by an American, probably someone right there in Texas, methinks. With no initial perpendiculars, I had to rely on shootings and shooting lines to come up with all remaining emblem constructs. The compass outer line was easy; the right leg has four shootings, the fourth (white square) hidden just beneath what seems to be the last one at the bottom. The left inner leg is defined by three, and of course, once you have one leg you know where the other is because it must perfectly mirror the opposite side.

The square was harder, suffering most due the lack of perpendiculars. The lower right side is established with two shootings along its guideline, and confirmed by a single shooting on the opposite side near the tip of Texas. The upper right if also formed by two formation shootings, but the left side has no confirming shooting. Again, if you know what one side is, the other side must match, so that should not be a problem. But I’ve been continually amazed at the consistency of the baphomets and emblems, and how when it seems something is not right, it turns out I’ve missed something there all along — so I’m tempted to think some future shooting will take place on this line, too. The end lines are found using two shootings on the right and a single confirmation shooting on the left.

Two more unusual things about this emblem in addition to aligning North: Our friends at Remington are back once more with highly suggestive positioning, including a third location in the New England States. I am tempted, therefore to believe that the lone baphomet which also had the Remington sites was designed by the same Warlock, and yet, that baphomet was not the one aligned North. This adds to the mystery of the meaning of this remarkable and consistent ‘coincidence.’ The second unusual thing affords even more confirmation… because this time, there are four guidelines which extend to Europe to do the orange line thing.Intention, intention, intention.

Four emblems, all different, and yet the same, in that;

a) like the baphomets, they all shared the same original shootings and lines, defying random chance;

b) like the baphomets, they are therefore all interconnected;

c) like the baphomets, they all establish guidelines which do the orange line thing;

d) they each have their own unique method of cross verification; transportation, shapes and places, schools, and perhaps, Remington.

I again ask; does this seem like random chance, to you, or is intelligent design involved?

What does the occult have to do with mass shootings?

Summary, and additional bonus proofs: the magic works

So not only do we have dozens of random shootings which happen to line up in sets of three or more to make straight lines with doorway-to-doorway-to-doorway GPS-level accuracy, but we have two different shooting universes of such lines which share many of the same shootings/lines to form four readily identifiable Masonic emblems in one, and and four satanic baphomet symbols in the other. Each symbol tends to have its own theme or characteristics to imply four different designers, and all symbols have a symbiotic relationship with the orange lines with an identical but yet-to-be explained proof of their own. This should be enough to convince anyone that mass shootings are not random events, but carefully planned, even though some of the shootings may indeed be naturally transpiring and truly random in nature. We’ve discussed in earlier Proofs how a design can incorporate a pre existing natural shooting into a line with added planned shootings.

But there are still additional proofs or mysteries to reveal within these symbols which drive the intelligent design point home; things which reveal some of the ‘magic’ in play by virtue of extreme care and attention to detail in their design and layout. Some of this is already seen in the themes, earlier mentioned. But there is much more than just that going on. Examples:

Examples of Magic in emblem TWO:

Emblem two has some additional special properties which defy coincidental happenstance, and they relate to one of the purposes of a compass and square, which is to measure things out with accuracy. Emblem two does this with uncanny consistency to an observable rule set. The image below shows a closeup of the emblem and the national view of it. Remember, the yellow lines are 90 degree right angle lines, and that because they are on a sphere, they tend to curve visually, and even though two lines my be parallel, they will eventually converge when upon the surface of a sphere. I’ve added additional colored lines to show some interesting ‘magic’ taking place which absolutely defies chance.


The inset image affords three new colors for key lines to be evaluated, each offset from the line it is measuring so you can see the original as well. The blue line at bottom is the radius of the arc formed by the compass, and the adjacent red line is the diameter (not the same thing as the radius/diameter of a circle created by rotating the compass). The light blue line is the measure of the thickness, or side of the Square, and the purple line represents the gap in the outer perpendicular yellow line which stops at a shooting in Washington D.C., even though the line serves as a chief guideline to forming the Square.

The labeled lines reflect the actual original line being measured to provide a standard of measure, and the other lines merely indicate where another line segment have that SAME measure. It does not matter what the resulting measurement is for this part of our dialog, just know they are the same. So the first thing to note is that for each one, there are three instances of line segments which match each other, though most additionally exist at reflected locations of identical construct in mirrored fashion; the compass shape is, after all, mirrored left to right. This 3 lines x 3 repetitions (3×3) is already indicative of intelligent design which defies chance. But there is much more.

The red Master line is 145.96 miles between compass leg tips, but because we have a error possibility in degree measurement for each of the two legs, we are dealing with a ± .38 mile total potential error in this distance. Regardless, this measure becomes extremely powerful; look at the larger view, and note there are red lines drawn adjacent to the various perpendiculars which define the ‘box’ around the U.S. created by these lines, doing so in a kind of ‘spiral,’ of sorts. These are numbered to match the sequence of discussion regarding discovery and use of a rule set, something not possible if the shootings which made them were random. There is a magical relationship between these six red lines and our diameter measurement, including the error potential:

These rules are significant: it means the compass was created to get a measure, and the measure was used to compute the shooting line lengths, which meant the shootings had to be planned to create the lines to meet those required lengths, and form a straight line.

Rule One: a given yellow line should be evaluated for any logically intended base line, and measured from that base line to its end point. Divide the result by 145.96 in search of a whole number. If the result is within an allowed error range, accept the whole number as valid and continue to the next rule. If it is not, try another base line. If all base lines fail to produce good result, select a new line and repeat Rule One.

The acceptable error range is determined by looking at the fractional remainder (e.g., .96 of 145.96). If less than .35 or greater than .58, the result is within the error tolerance established for the diameter line (± .38 off of the .96 remainder of that measurement). The goal is to produce a quotient with no remainder not within these limits, which can therefore be stripped away to leave a whole number which has ‘no error’.

Rule Two: Choose a perpendicular along the line just measured to become the next line to be measured, and repeat Rule One. All such perpendiculars along the new line qualify as potential base line; the previously measured line is a very logical base line, as is any line parallel to it, but the nearer it is, the more logical it is.

The remaining rules or determinations required to enjoy full success in this effort are best described by explaining them with narratives. These rules were arrived at after a great deal of experimentation based on the suspicion that some such rule set must exist to establish just how all these constructs relate to one another, and perhaps more, such as why a given shooting line is a given length. This is the result I obtained using the above rules (or as described in the narratives) which indeed prove the concept valid…

Line 1: the most logical line to be measured first seemed to me to be the one North South yellow line used to form the square, which ran uninterrupted. I gave it more weight than the interrupted line parallel with it due the fact it was an incomplete line, and yet more weight than the East West line because it enjoyed the parallel companion. The most logical base line was the East-West line which formed the square’s outer boundary. Measured to the end, we find the diameter divides into the resulting distance 7 times with a remainder well within the error limits; zero inaccuracy results.

Line 2: the measured line failed to make a useful baseline, but the parallel line did, dividing usefully into the distance 15 times (quotient).

Line 3: failed all attempts, so per the rules, went back to the square for the East-West line

Line 4: turned out line one was a base line which worked correctly, and provided a quotient of 16.

Line 5: failed all attempts.

Line 6: failed all attempts.

And now, the narratives to address the lines which failed to get past the Rules thus far stated, starting with an explanation of my guiding point of view. It is my assertion that the perpendiculars shown in the image are intended to ‘box in’ America symbolically, essentially framing it, as if a protective or restraining wall. In such a symbolic context, the compass is like a dagger penetrating that wall, and allowing entry and harm. Visually, because of the sphere’s impact on lines, it is impossible to make the box truly rectangular, because lines are not truly parallel at distance, and they are curved. A line can only be perpendicular at one point of another line, and cannot be truly parallel with another perpendicular at a different point on the same line.

This complicates the designer’s ability to use only perpendiculars to depict the complete box, and forces the use of a seemingly convoluted ‘spiral,’ as well as rules to allow compensation. But I was convinced that the compass 3×3 measurements somehow had a relationship to the founding yellow perpendicular line set. This is what led to experimentations which uncovered the Rules and their unique results:

Narrative to resolve line 4 and line 3: It struck me that line 3 automatically defined line 6 as a base line, by default. Thus line 4 was unique in that it already had a pre existing baseline to contend with, and I wondered how this might alter the rules. I noted also that line 4 had no possible way of ‘closing the box,’ as there was no land mass off the coast of Los Angeles to support a shooting location which would make the line long enough. But line 3 DID close the box. Thus I wondered if both lines were not intended to work together. Indeed, trying various measurement combinations, it turned out that combining the previously used length of line 3 with a length on 5 using line 4 as baseline to the pre established baseline which is line 6, produced a quotient  of 10.

Narrative to resolve line 6: the only remaining thing not tried was to measure the full line, which produces the error-free quotient of 14. Simple. Thus we see that a thing transpires which is impossible by random chance; the six lines which relate to one another as perpendiculars in a single collective, all enjoy a factorial or mathematically computed relationship to the very Masonic emblem which they help define, and do so by Rules created by logical deductions. I am convinced that there are likely similar findings possible with the other two measurements, else why would they be within the 3 x 3 pattern previously cited?

I additionally suspect the series of quotients, themselves, can be employed in some additionally useful manner, either symbolically, or perhaps even in the real World some way (such as map coordinates, distances, course headings), given that a compass and square is involved, as well as a map of the real World. For example, in answer to the last (3×3) question, consider this coincidence: the sum of all the quotients is 62, and just as the master diameter was divided in half to produce the radius, half of 62 = 31. If we multiply 62 x 3 x 3, we get 558, which not only sums to 18, but divides by magic 18 exactly 31 times; and additionally, 558 miles = the palindromic 898 kilometers, and 484 and a fraction, nautical.

 Do mass shootings involve black magic?

Examples of Magic in baphomet one

Because it can’t be done by computer program, and because the distances of a given side of a baphomet is great, and because of the potential for angular errors in Google Earth measurements, drawing a star with perfection in Google Earth is actually not very easy. One way of judging if I was usfully accurate was how closely I could duplicate line lengths. One can average these out, or weight the length to any known intersect points with shootings to try to judge the correct ‘target’ or appropriate median length.

In baphomet one, the resulting dimensions allow some very interesting math computations which reveal magic is indeed afoot in their design, something again not possible if randomly arrived at. These computations were NOT, repeat NOT made or even considered as something worthy of trying until more than a week AFTER arriving at the number deemed as ‘best.’ The designer of any intended baphomet, however, would do the opposite, and compute the line length needed to match target computation results.

The average length of baphomet one is 1451 miles on a side (a prime number). The average inner line is 341.5 miles. The standard ceremonial baphomet has a circle about the star points, and may employ a circle about the inner intersects, as well. It is the nature of these circles which lends power to this particular baphomet for ceremonial application. Numbers below are typically rounded:

a) the area of the inner circle results in a magic number (palindrome times 10) 282820, which expressed in kilometers (not rounded) is the palindrome 455155.4;

b) the miles sum in threes to 1210, another palindrome times 10, and sums in total to 4;

c) the area of the outer circle (a palindrome, and a prime number, times 100) is 1848100, which sums in threes to make 1201, which also sums to 4;

d) comparing the two original palindromes, note that the number 8 is every other number in both, and that the total of all remaining numbers is 6 in each case.

e) in like manner, the circumference of both circles each sum in total to 15, which sums again to 6;

f) the radius of the outer circle in miles is a palindrome 727 (a prime number), which sums in twos to 99 (18), and in kilometers is the magic series 1234, which sums in twos to 37 (37 x 18 = 666) and in total to 11, and in nautical miles, directly equals the greatest of all magic numbers, 666.

g) the vertical axis of a star point is (not rounded) the palindrome 535.35, which in kilometers is 855 (sums to 18, while 535 sums t0 13), and 461 nautical (sums to 11). Note also that 855 mirror the 558 ‘coincidence’ from above.

h) the distance from one star tip to another is the magical triplet 888 miles, which sums in twos to form (1616) pairs of palindromes; 161 and 616, which are inverses of each other.

There is only one possible size baphomet where all this is possible. Add the fact that its orientation allows each point to be near an appropriate site useful in divinations, and it seems highly unlikely this is some randomly created shape: the lower right tip is in water; the one above that rests on a cemetery (spirit); the upper point is ringed by airport runways (air) and contains one within the tip, all despite the desolate woodsy wild lands area involved; the Western point has five smoke shops (fire) within the same square block near its tip; and the lower left point is in a desert (earth).

 What do mass shootings have to do with the new world order?

The additional Magic of satanic intersects:

We have another strange confirmation of intelligent design which impacts both the baphomet and emblem causes. In all of the hundreds of shooting lines created by all of the 440 shootings thus far computed (well beyond the limited universes used to reveal baphomets and Masonic emblems), there are certain line oddities which exist. I’m talking about situations where three or more lines cross each other at the same location within the GPS accuracy limits used for our shooting site doorways. There are exactly 18 of these, our magical number, and there is something very peculiar about ALL of them.

Their map coordinates, both the longitude and latitude, each repetitively sum by twos up to some combination of 18, 13, or 11 (eleven, recall, being the number of chaos, disorder, and that which precedes destruction). That is to say, you will get one or two resulting numbers of those three possible, potentially two of the same number, but perhaps just one (i.e., 18, 18.18, 18.13). For this reason, I’m calling these ‘satanic intersects.’

Example: The image shows one of the satanic intersects, and the coordinates from Google Earth. Do the math.

Lattitude: 35 = 8, 22 = 4, 50 = 5, 82 = 10 = 1, so the final math is 8+4+5 +1 = 18

Longitude: 106 = 7, 50 = 5, 46 = 10 = 1, 05 = 5; 7 + 5 + 1 + 5 = 18



Here is the kicker. There are 18 such intersects. They ONLY APPEAR where at least one of the intersect lines is used in the baphomet or Masonic emblem universes. More: like the 18 right triangles which divided into 9 left-facing and 9 right-facing versions to yield 99, which like 18 itself is also a code number for Satan… these 18 unique intersects are located 9 each in the two universes; 9 on baphomet shooting lines, and 9 on Masonic emblem shooting lines.

Not just intelligent design, but consistency in distribution, too. What is also interesting to me is what seems to be located at or near many the various satanic intersects. Here, for example, is a gun club, but others include Locust Valley, Freedom Mt., and a church named Zoar (the location of Sodom and Gomorrah before destruction). The intersect shown, you may have noticed, enjoys complete symmetry in that it creates two idential obtuse angles and and four identical acute angles to within .1 degree of arc, which happens to be 20 degrees, which again is one 18th of a full circle. There are two which have this SAME EXACT perfect symmetry, and they are BOTH RIGHT HERE. Each universe (emblem and baphomet) of lines has a DIFFERENT shooting line going through at the same angle (the middle, most level line).

Orange line magic? Sorry, but I can only give you a hint, here. It is fully revealed in Proof Seven, link below, which also explains the orange line significance, per the title. The hint is this: It goes back to the very historical roots of the Illuminati and the Masons from which they sprang. It does it very uniquely, and consistently, through history. Keep reading…


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Proof Five: Shapes in Turn Form Complementary ‘Magical’ Clusters

It defies odds that perfect shapes should cluster together in ways which share overlapping lines or corners, and be generally both aligned and mirrored in additional symbolism.

Are there any patterns in mass shootings? 

by H. Michael Sweeney  

copyright © 2014, all rights reserved. Permission to repost hereby granted provided entire post with all links in tact, including this notice and byline, are included. Please comment any such repost to original posting.

Is there any proof mass shootings are not random?

What you will learn reading this post of the posting series

•  that the triangle shapes defy randomness in their placement to form aligned clusters;
•  that their count in groupings is again a magical number;
• that there is Masonic/satanic symbolism present which can be deciphered.

Are mass shootings by intelligent design?

Proof Five: Shapes in Turn Form Complementary ‘Magical’ Clusters

Is there a mass shooting conspiracy?

In the prior post we found perfect angular relationships in a series of interconnected shooting lines to form parallels and perpendiculars, each line created by three or more mass shootings located in a row with doorway-to-doorway-to-doorway accuracy at GPS levels. That alone defied the odds of random chance, but to again do so in the magical count of 18, and to further form right triangles and non right triangles in groups of 18 as well, would be impossible by chance. It had to be by intelligent design.

In this post we look at additional magic taking place with the same original lines used to create the prior array, and learn even more remarkable and scary things yet await us. Those lines I refer to as red foundation lines, those 75 shooting lines seen in the very first image of the prior proof. That’s a good word to employ…

Those same lines, which I interpret to be akin to a Mason’s blueprint for an architectural structure, indeed seems to represent a foundation/framework for a much more complex superstructure, one built only from Isosceles triangles — where two sides are of the same length. These triangles not only have specific relationships to the prior shapes, but to each other in two distinctly different clusters, doing so in a way which implies two different architects competing with each other but following the same general guidelines, with slightly different interpretations and strategic goals in mind.

What we will see is impossible for random lines to achieve; to create like shapes which cluster together in ways which see them share common lines or corners, and conform to a general patterns based on specific rule sets, ONLY. That roughly 55,000 line intersects should only produce Isosceles triangles in a manner which conform to these rules is simply not going to happen except by intelligent design. But that is exactly what takes place in ‘random’ mass shootings.

This is easy to reveal visually, if done in stepwise fashion, but there is also likely secreted coded information which further study might reveal, such that it is perhaps the most important post thus far in terms of study. That will add some descriptive complexity. Ergo, the more you read in this post, the more you will tend to agree more such study is warranted.

What patterns result if you plot mass shootings on a map?

Overlaping and shared lines and shooting points create mirrored clusters.

The West Coast: The series of images below reveal the impossible. For some reason, all these perfect triangles share common lines and/or shooting event locations among themselves to form one huge cluster spanning the greater Western Seaboard. The actual triangles formed will be displayed in yellow, as in the prior post, as will any key parallel/perpendicular lines from the prior post being used to reveal a relationship. Any other anchoring lines will be shown in red if deemed useful.

EVERY SINGLE triangle is anchored either directly to the foundation lines by sharing one or more sides with the foundation, or its corner rest on a foundation line shooting, or one or more sides might reside on a line which itself intersects with such a shooting. We are again talking about the same 75 original shooting lines used to create the foundation in the first place. In other words, it is one integral complex of shapes created with great care. Moreover, we will see the magic numbers 18 and 9 again and again in the process.

Note: Very few such lines will be shown, only referenced, else it can become visually and verbally confusing. The final example will show all such lines as it happened to afford a simpler visual, and that will allow you to fully understand the ‘rules of design’ all Isosceles stubbornly obey, as based on the foundation. Also know that while it may appear some of the depicted triangles are not equilateral, or that their lines are not straight, this is an illusion, a function of point of view of such lines upon  a sphere. This may cause some to appear as if they are not Isoscoles. Rest assured, all of them are.

For the purpose of allowing a triangle to be seen as legal and intended, two sides must be equal in length to within an acceptable accuracy which considers known issues with Google Earth. Each of the two converging sides could be as much as .1 degree off in opposite directions (.2 total error), and a like error in the base line could additionally increase the chance of sides not quite being the same. They were therefor not allowed to exceed .5 miles difference, especially where greater distances was involved, But readings were found to be as small as .01 mile in lesser triangles, or where accuracy issues were less prevalent.




Fig. 5

Here we have a set four Isosceles triangles which all have one thing in common; they are all derived from  one of the perpendicular lines from the prior proof (which lies along their common base lines). The third smaller triangle between the two larger ones is NOT counted; it does not have equal sides, though visually it may so seem. The fourth is actually nested within the third, both pointing in the opposite direction. While its base is not on the same line as the others, it shares both sides in common with one which does, and is therefore included in this set.




Fig. 6

This set of three Isosceles also all rely upon sharing the same baseline with one of the key most perpendicular/parallel lines from the prior proof, as shown.









Fig. 7

This set of FIVE all share their baseline with one of the original red lines used to create the perpendicular/parallel lines from the prior proof. Moreover, that line intersects with the perpendicular line used in Fig. 5, above. The fifth is very small at the very bottom, if you didn’t see it at first.








Fig. 8

This set of four share their base, or in the case of the smallest, one side, with a foundation red line which intersects at one end with a mid-point shooting on a another perpendicular.








Fig. 9

The smaller Isosceles shares of this pair  has a common side with yet another perpendicular. Its other side is a foundation red line which intersects at a shooting shared by a different red foundation line used to form one a side of the larger Isosceles in the set. I probably should have included the ancillary lines to better illustrate. The shooting was a Standoff with Police in Canoga Park, Feb. 7, 2008.

It’s smaller Isosceles’ lower corner lies directly on one of California’s worst shootings, the Seal Beach Salon on Oct. 13, 2011, and is the endpoint for THREE different perpendiculars.




Fig. 10

This is what the West Coast collective looks like: 18 Isosceles triangles in all (any others which seem to exist do not measure out acceptably). The magic numbers continue: 9 of them rest directly on a foundation perpendicular or parallel with one or more sides, or a corner, and 9 share a side only on a red foundation line.





Why Isosceles?

The Isosceles triangle is a very important shape to a Mason. The Masonic emblem typically implies four of them, two making up the Square, and two making up the Compass. There are three different basic architectural structures the Masons are commonly associated with, all of them relying upon the Isosceles. The best known is the Pyramid, most notably, perhaps, being the one on reverse of the Dollar Bill, aka The All Seeing Eye. The Egyptian style obelisk, such as the Washington Monument, is also well known, and uses two Isosceles in its formation. A lesser known has the most relevance to understanding the symbolism in play, and is the use believed to be intended, here.

That is the Frustrum, an early concrete ‘tank trap’ of sorts. Only tanks did not exist at the time. Instead, they had to worry about cannon, battering rams, and assorted apparatus to breach high ramparts, all of which could not get close enough for use if the ground they required for their use was occupied by collections of cement pyramids. Most frustrums (means ‘that which frustrates,’) had a flat top like the Dollar Bill — not a pointed peak. But their design still relied upon the Isosceles.

With that in mind, the above image seems to be largely pointing to the Eastern Seaboard, with a couple pointing in other select directions. Keep that in mind when we see what’s going on in the East Coast, where we will have more clues that they are intended to frustrate.


The East Coast: The basic rules of existence found in the West Coast triangles are also present in the East Coast sets. However, it quickly becomes clear the actual layout or theme is entirely different, and at a glance, implies no consistency. Yet we discover perfect consistency to the construction rules — though a completely different intention in the design. This, to me, strongly suggests two different designers, perhaps with two different strategic concerns which dictated how they applied the symbology. We will explore this more in closing review, as it does support the frustrum argument, which provides the missing consistency found in the West Coast collective.


Fig. 11

Here we have a set of four Isosceles sharing a common base line which is one of the red foundation lines. It will also be in common (next image) with several more triangles, one of which shares a side in common with a line which is both perpendicular and parallel from our prior proof. Note that none of this set’s lines are parallel, which dramatically increases the impossibility that this pattern should exist by chance.







Fig. 12

The prior set is shown for reference at the right, as it has a common base line with four more, making eight in all on one line. The blue (looks green on some monitors) line is in common with the singular triangle added in the next image, and is the one mentioned in the prior Fig. to be in common with a foundation perpendicular/parallel, as also noted in the next.







Fig. 13

One additional Isosceles added to make nine (Figs. 11, 12, 13) in all, and it overlays the smallest of the prior set and is indeed in common with a foundation parallel/perpendicular. Thus two of the nine have sides in common with a foundation perpendicular or parallel. Interestingly, these are the ONLY ones on the East Coast which do. All others are in common with red foundation lines, only.






EC4 copy

Fig. 14

This odd set of FIVE Isosceles have obvious shared sides, only one not sharing two sides.










Fig. 15

Four more make up the final set. Here, I’ve added all the red lines and one of the foundation lines (yellow) which are used to validate them. Each red line shown is in common with a side of a triangle AND ends or interscts with a shooting either on another triangle or the foundation line. EVERY SINGLE ISOSCELES, East or West, does this, or is already sharing a line or shooting on a foundation line more directly. How is this possible if ‘random?’ NO SUCH TRIANGLES EXIST ELSEWHERE, which is to say, there is no other rule set in play.





Fig. 16

The sum total of all East Coast Isosceles is, just like the West Coast, 18. Also like the West Coast, they are divided into two groups of 9. However, this time, the division is 9 is between those which share immediate direct commonality of a single red foundation line and or a parallel/perpendicular line (Fig. 11, 12, 13), and 9 that don’t.







Summary: My belief these are frustums is based on some observations beyond those thus far offered. An Isosceles triangle is a form of an arrow, and as such, tends to point. That many ‘point’ in various directions implies there are things to be pointed to which are objects of (something I presume to be negative). At first when I saw the West Coast pointed almost exclusively inward, and the first East couple of East Coast discoveries pointed inward as well, I imagined they would all do so, and represent thereby the intent to frustrate the power of America, and subjugate it to the will of the New World Order. Then the rest of the East Coast discoveries discounted that notion by pointing every which way.

So I then considered that some were long and thin and others fat and squat, and size of course, was varied. I wondered if the ratio of length to base and size could somehow be used to represent a distance the implied ‘arrow’ factor might be intending to point. So I took a handful of them and found the center of their baseline and ploted a central vertical through and beyond their peak to see if there were any logical destinations, and where they were might be. VERY interesting.

The large long Isosceles angling about 50 degrees in a Northeasterly direction leads somewhere interesting, a place both Masonic and governmental in nature, as does the one upward Isosceles in Fig. 12. There is a similarity in destinations, as both are Capital cities where a Masonic site can be found, and which represent a power center for a modern day ‘Illuminati’ and which relates to the National government, as well. They are shown below, with additional ‘illuminating’ commentary.

Do mass shooting patterns reveal Illuminati ties?

The Pyramids know from whence Illuminati power is derived


The long Isosceles center line leads to the Louvre Pyramid, where startling ‘coincidences’ start to unfold. First, the line itself is on the same course heading as the entire property’s main axis.  That line plot is drawn to within .1 degree of arc accuracy from the Isosceles which created it. The Louvre Pyramid is also on a centerline to the original French seat of power, the Palace, perpendicularly located just to the North.

The distance of the red plot line from the base of the Isosceles to the Pyramid is 4,540 miles (rounded with .001 accuracy), whereas the side of the Isosceles, times four (something considered potentially intended only because there are four fully independent Isosceles directly over the sides which share no lines or shootings), plus the base, = 4513 miles, short a difference of 26, yielding about a .5 accuracy. These errors are all within reason given Google Earth imposed limitations.

However, there is a fifth Isosceles which does share a side which measures 13 miles, and is itself enjoying two sides shared within its own set.  Adding in 13 x 2 provides zero error. I admit it seems convoluted and ‘reaching,’ but I also find it potentially intended. One possible clue is that there are actually SIX pyramids at Louvre; four considerably smaller ones surround the one of fame, and one inverted and sunk into the ground — one for each Isosceles used in the calculation.


The second Isosceles points with like accuracy to this building in the Canadian Capitol of Ottowa which, while it was originally a government facility, is now, like the Louvre, used for the arts. Note again the course is aligned with the property’s liner aspects, and like the Louvre, bisects a glass pyramid (a roof skylight). Also like the Louvre, there are multiple pyramids on the property; one for each Isosceles used in the calculation. The building is named after a noted Canadian Prime Minister who was also a high Mason.

Here, the distance from the Isosceles base line is 467.8 miles. We can get the same distance by adding the side of the Isosceles with the sum of the shared portions of the four common baselines in the Isosceles set involved… to within 1 mile, or about .2 percent error. That sounds like an entirely different a method, but…

Amazingly: Both locations can actually be found by using one simple formula on the involved Isosceles triangles: Destination = the base of the pointing Isosceles + (the side of the pointing Isosceles x the number of independant Isosceles overlapping) + the length of any shared side or base with a nondependent Isosceles.

While I have not had time to review the remaining triangles, a superficial review implies that many of them end up pointing to the middle of nowhere. However, one of them points generally to the same neighborhood where, as we will see in a future proof, lives a suspect billionaire whose identity is implied thereby to be one of the designers. This may point to his corporate offices nearby, precise location as yet unknown.

But there are so many possible mathematical relationships/calculation rules which might additionally be in play, there is no way to know for certain short of an exhaustive study what all these Isosceles might secretly be indicating. One more reason I need help.

Another question which needs to be to be similarly explored by someone with manpower and funding is… are there numeric codes contained within triangle side lengths and angles, or relationships between such measurements among triangles of the same sets?

But even based on the minimal findings so far, I assert they support the notion of multiple competing designers, said competition being to determine which group of several such groups of Illuminati will have the dubious honor of having the Antichrist come from among their members, as well as who among their group. Therefore, to cast frustrums against European and Canadian Illuminati and their political power centers would make perfect sense.

More proofs follow…

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Go to Proof Six: Shootings Also Relate or Depict Masonic and Satanic symbols

Emergency Post: BLM vs. Bundy is an Ominous Danger

It is seen by government as a win-win ploy that raises the stakes to unimaginable levels. What we see on the surface has nothing to do with the sinister plot which it enables and portends. This is our last and only chance to save the country, or loose it to tyranny forever, and rush toward Earth’s final demise.

Will Bundy vs. BLM start Revolution 2.0?

By H. Michael Sweeney  

copyright © 2014, all rights reserved. Permission to repost hereby granted provided entire post with all links in tact, including this notice and byline, are included. Please comment any such repost to original posting.

What is going on in Nevada with the BLM?

What you will learn reading this post…

•  government’s actions against Bundy are mere window dressing — something more sinister is afoot;
•  the stakes are incredibly high, but hard to see — your very life and the fate of the World, in fact;
•  there is only one logical solution, and everyone plays a role.
What can I do to help Bundy against the BLM?

Why BLM vs. Bundy matters regardless of if his cause is just or he has no legal leg to stand on

UPDATE: Same day posted… Oh, so now we find out its really for the oil companies? What Corporate Police State? BLM sells 29 oil, gas leases in northeast Nevada End update.

Free Speech Zone meaningless when dogs and tasters are aimed directly at the people. From (click)

Government made it matter, and with dark purpose. At one glance it is an effort to usurp power over people, and the States, as well as to empower corporate ranching over private ranchers. It is a form of unfair and excessive taxation without representation against a political enemy of financial convenience to friends of the White House. And, it is an opportunity to make yet one more National Police Force out of the BLM. But, thanks to controlled media/government PR, not everyone sees these points of view.

But even that view is incomplete and misses the mark, if we but look closer. It is a deliberate series of escalations by government over time to garner public attention among and inflame we select people (why it gets little due mainstream coverage — save that which slants as it did at Ruby Ridge and Waco). They know the Web will be awash in the circles of we Patriots, Constitutionalists, Activists, and others who oppose the tyranny and oppression our government has come to represent since 9-11. The Sheeple must not be unduly disturbed until it can have false flag impact of calculated value.

I talk a lot about the need for citizens to draw lines in the sand and be willing to become Minuitmen should such lines be crossed. Now comes government to draw it for us, I write here to tell you that you have no choice but accept the challenge, and act decisively. You may perish either way, but I’d rather perish attempting to control my life and future than to leave it to others less kindly inclined to favor me. If there is to be armed revolution, let it be on our terms, not theirs.

Why so conclude? Because if they work it right, the ‘standoff gone wrong’ is a perfect chance to justify taking guns. By forcing a showdown and a gunfight (what the snipers do best – there is no justification for government deploying snipers unless for this cause, AND to selectively inflame those who stand for Liberty and who remember Ruby Ridge). There are two possible ends, of course, though I think they will insure BOTH transpire.

Regardless, such a battle is win-win for government. The “poor defensless BLM armed only with tasers,’ if loosing large numbers will be seen by Sheeple as an outrage, and given that Militia were involved from multiple quarters, and other armed parties, Obama can order Martial Law with suspension of the Constitution. Especially if also employing agent provocateurs for local violence across the country, as was employed in the LA Riots, where National Guardsmen posed as rioters to prime the pump.  This would likely result in orders for the military and Police to go door-t0-door. Who knows, Obama might even order the U.N. in as long-feared and first promoted as concept by Henry Kissinger. Or, he might simply order in the military; A-10s, attack choppers, a Stryker Battalion, and so forth.

They can then conveniently ‘quash armed rebels and terrorists,’ confiscate all guns, round up dissidents and politically incorrect opponents (like you and me — why they have been spying on us so earnestly), and hold a Con Con (they are already staging for it) to pass the Constitution of the NewStates of America, already written, which essentially enables the formation of the North American Union and surrender of US sovereignty to the U.N. in stages. All of this leads, of course, to a one-World Government (that Constitution has also already been written), and provides a single seat of power to enable the Antichrist’s coming to power.

Note: The NewStates Constitution is reprinted in my booklet, Fatal Rebirth, along with the World Constitution, complete with analysis line by line (NewStates) to show how draconian a document it really is. Rights become privileges which can be revoked at any time by any agency or party of government for any cause, even retroactively, and almost anyone in government can write law, and again, it can be retroactive. And if you think the two-party system and the FED/IRS is bad, wait until you see what follows. You can request a free copy of the ebook version of Vol I of Fatal Rebirth by email request to pppbooks at comcast net. 

THAT is what is at stake. Nothing less than EVERYTHING!

So we must be decisive: regardless of how we view Bundy’s cause or government’s viewpoint, regardless of if an armed and concerned citizen or a dumbed down Sheeple, we all have equal stake in this unfolding globalist tragedy. And, we can all play a role no matter our status, and regardless of if present in Nevada, or not. But about that decisive action…

Why is the BLM standoff against Bundy in Nevada taking place?

What we should prefer…

Should we stand up with arms in hand and enable, if not force, the ultimate showdown? I fear this is exactly what government wants, as already stated. But there is another, wiser choice.

By all means, men of arms should rally, but standing firm and waiting for the other side to blink or blunder is a fool’s plan, and it can only end in bloodshed. What must be done is that which can neuter Government’s ploy. And only one set of steps can do that:

a) anyone and everyone should file court actions against any and every agency, branch, and individual of government involved at every level of government. Any and every cause, grievance, or objection, as allowed by and based on State, County, and Federal Law, and the Constitution and Bill of Rights, should be employed. Bury them in legal actions, EACH OF WHICH includes request for either an Injunction or Stay Order. These actions should not all be done at once, but the flood should be continuous, so that new ones can replace those quickly disposed of. THIS BUYS TIME;

b) time is our friend — it generates awareness and understanding. It buys media attention and gives Sheeple a chance to better understand what is taking place. Just as the 99% movement could no longer be contained by a controlled media, so must this matter be brought into every home. Invite major networks, espcially foreign press, to specifically include RT, to set up broadcast facilities right on the Bundy Ranch, and bypassing the see nothing viewpoints established by government for controlling media in the manner done at WACO (NEVER AGAIN!). Install microwave and shortwave communication systems for the purpose. But also, LOCAL media is the key, as is the WWW; do not rely upon mainstream. Militia and other group ‘spokespersons’ in your community should approach their local news sources with proposed interviews to get the word out. IF EVERYONE UNDERSTANDS WHAT IS TRULY AT STAKE, AND TAKING PLACE, GOVERNMENT’S PLOT IS UNDERMINED AND THEY LOOSE THE SHEEPLE;

c) flood the theater with actors. There should be so many people there is not enough room in the minimal areas intended to contain them. OVERFLOW. The ‘1st Amendment’ area, itself an affront to the Constitution, and should be enlarged and enlarged again, forcing retreat or conflict which will make news favorable to our side. If you have access to a professional camera, start a ‘newspaper’ or ‘Radio station’ and flood the press area and make it overflow, as well. And Bundy’s ranch should become a city of tents, and include as many unarmed persons as possible who wield nothing but baseball bats or the proverbial pitchfork. THIS MAKES THE WHOLE AFFAIR MORE VISIBLE and LESS TENABLE TO GOVERNMENT’S GOALS;

d) involve the local Sheriff and State/County Officials. The Sheriff has effectively stated a hands-off non intervention policy. Fine. Perhaps he is a puppet put into place for the purpose, or co opted by any number of means available to government for rendering him neutral. But the flurry of legal actions should be intended to FORCE HIM to intervene on behalf of Bundy and supporters. If nothing else, he should have a presence on the Ranch to insure armed groups behave (public safety). The Governor and Legislators, and County Officials should called to DEMAND it. Perhaps even the National Guard should be called to stand by. A simple invite, if not enough, can be followed by a media blitz and public demand that such action is needed. Any politically motivated decision to remain neutral should be negated, thereby; a political suicide. INVOLVE THE SHERIFF, as WITNESS and PEACEKEEPER;

e) party! No alcohol or drugs, but good cheer, song and dance. Use loudspeakers. Mix well with speeches and ‘town hall’ dialogs. Use the platform (the nation will be watching) to air ALL GRIEVANCES with government, not just this ONE issue. Give voice to the rest of the 99% in a way that movement never was able to achieve on its own. SOROS WILL HAVE NO VOICE, this time;

e) prepare for Martial Law at home. That means emergency kits and plans (like the one government would not approve). It means weapons. If it is declared, you will have scant few hours to choose to fight, run, or to surrender to your fate at the hands of tyranny. If not taken away, you will need to survive for months without anything like normal civilization. No key resource, including electrical power or communication, can be assured, and will likely be withheld on purpose. Travel will be restricted and many will not be able to work, and there is no shopping, only rationing. BE READY TO BE SELF RELIANT, BE READY TO FIGHT IF THAT IS WHAT IT COMES DOWN TO;

f) if and when the shooting starts, DO NOT ENGAGE! Dead BLM or other Agents will be made into martyrs by mainstream. DO NOT GIVE THEM WHAT THEY WANT. Show restraint, and let the casualties be on your side. Keep putting out a continuous feed of information and video so that media and the WWW know what is going on. IF THERE ARE TO BE MARTYRS, LET THEM BE OUR OWN, and LET IT BE TELEVISED LIVE. If a full-scale armed revolt spontaneously errupts nation-wide, then by all means, defend yourself at the Ranch, and FOLLOW YOUR CONSIENCE AND DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION.

g) petition for redress. Redress of grievances is a key component of our Nation’s Constitutional form of government (this post makes clear, mid post). When it fails, we have no government, only tyranny. It seems today there is NO REDRESS POSSIBLE at the Federal level. ONLY THE STATES stand in the way of total Federal domination, which is part of what this whole affair is about; a means to increase Federal power over the States. But while all this is going on… and while we have media platforms established… we should be seeking redress through our State Legislators, making a series of calls for action to quickly pass laws which…

1) nullify all Federal gun laws, NDAA, NSA surveillance, and forbid Federal drone overflights except under warrant and oversight by State authorities;

2) eliminate Federal arrest and warrant power. If a Federal judge issues a warrant, or an Agency is moved to move against a party (like Bundy), they must instead go to the appropriate local Law Enforcement Agency and have them execute on their behalf. They may go along, but as observers, ONLY;

3) make clear a mandate that your State shall NOT approve a new Consitution if a Con Con is held, nor the removal or neutering by Amendment of the current Constitution, and any existing Federal Law which does so should be nullified;

4) add freely to this list anything which addresses abuse of power by the Federal government, such as militarization of Police, Obamacare, etc. This will be your one best chance to spark public dialog and debate, and to make certain that people, and especially State Legislators, realize THEY are the ones with the real power, and the duty to protect freedom and force the Constitution.

What is at stake in Nevada and the BLM standoff with Bundy?

Government has drawn a line in the sand

Let’s make sure they regret it. Force them to be the ones to cross it, and let them trip over their own power play. Now… go forth and spread the word.


Proof Four: Straight Lines in Turn Form Complex and Perfect Shapes

When it comes to symbolism, nothing outperforms a graphical shape. Better still when that shape itself has magical properties or relationships to other shapes, or decodes to a precise meaning.

Are there any patterns in mass shootings? 

by H. Michael Sweeney  

copyright © 2014, all rights reserved. Permission to repost hereby granted provided entire post with all links in tact, including this notice and byline, are included. Please comment any such repost to original posting. 

Is there any proof mass shootings are not random? 

What you will learn reading this post of the posting series

•  that the lines defy randomness in their placement to form countless perfect shapes;
•  that shapes can be perfect isosceles or equilateral triangles.

Are mass shootings by intelligent design?

Proof Four: Straight Lines in Turn Form Complex and Perfect Shapes

 Is there a mass shooting conspiracy?

Update 4/17/14: Actually, a major rewrite to address lack of clarity and the poor graphic quality which led to it. Only the opening paragraph is much the same. Some new discoveries are also added. The patterns are much easier to grasp and the intelligent design far more apparent. Shockingly so. Please reread.

Are there patterns when you plot mass shootings on a map?

Randomness in lines vs intelligent design

OK. In the prior post we learned that while mass shooting plots in a quantity of 86 events plotted many times more lines than even 100 control group plots of truly random data (gun shop locations), it was still possible to randomly create a few lines using control groups. Even though the shooting lines which resulted were in conjoined sets sharing common shootings and providing the makings of a shape… and the control groups did not, the Doubting Thomas still might be moved to argue that we simply had the wrong control group (even though we actually used two with like results). So the question is raised: what other signs might exist to illustrate the shooting event lines are not random coincidence?

In an attempt to make patterns more visible, instead of looking at all 440 lines (a visual clutter of mish-mash-like mess), let’s see what we get looking only at 75 lines created from a bit more than twice that number of shootings. In the image below, I’ve also eliminated mid-line shootings unless they were themselves also a common shooting event in another of the depicted shooting lines. Interesting to note, given every line involves at least three shootings, it is quite common among the full collective of shootings that a given shooting is used in multiple lines, but it NEVER happened ONCE in the control groups. Below find the initial shootings reflected in red lines. Each subsequent image will show only those lines from among these which resulted in the making a pattern, and will be depicted in yellow. They are otherwise the SAME lines. But without all these lines, we would not understand that all the yellow lines were truly interconnected to each other in complex ways to form key relationships. This will be explained more in the closing paragraphs.


In the series of additional images which follow, we will be looking only at lines which form right angles; lines which are perpendicular to other lines. They might cross, with or without a common mid-point shooting, or merely intersect at a common shooting either at a common end point, or mid-point shooting. Intersecting, they form a pair  of 90° degree angles (perfect right angles), but if crossing, they form four right angles. Understand, that to qualify, I elected to constrain accuracy to within ± .1 (1/10th) of a degree. While Google Earth allows a very precise reading, to 100th of a degree, it is, at least on my computer, extremely difficult to accurately place and maneuver the tool to consistently take advantage of but about 1/10th of a degree.

To have any right angles at all with two overlapping or abutting lines randomly placed, we must consider the number of possible placements. For each line, there are 360 possible headings it might take, x 10, because our accuracy is 1/10th degree of arc. But we should also divide that by two because the line points in two directions from the point of intersection with another line. So our calculation is 1800 chances of which only 3 can possibly end up intersecting at angles which are acceptable; 90, 90.1, an 89.9 degrees, which leaves us with 600:1 odds for any given intersecting line pair creating an acceptable right angle. Ergo, to find ONE such instance, we need 600 random lines crossing/abutting, were probabilities a certainty — which they are not, or casino games would be of significantly less risk and much more profitable.

90-1Fig. 1

This is actually four lines, the East-West line is actually two lines which, at altitude, seem very close to one another. One of them is considerably shorter than its mate. So we have two sets of parallel lines in this group.

This is highly improbable by random coincidence. Since we would need to multiply odds for sequential relationships and have like odds for the existence of them being simultaneously parallel, its something like 600 cubed plus 600 squared, or, if my reasoning is correct, 216,360,000 to one against.

I’ll happily adjust errors in odds if a bookmaker or mathematics expert smarter than I would care to correct me.



Fig. 2

The left vertical remains from the prior image to make contextual relationships clear. Here we add two more horizontal and two more vertical lines in parallel pairs, making three parallel verticals and four parallel horizontals in all (Fig. 1 + Fig. 2).

Note: for any two parallel lines plotted upon a sphere, the further apart and longer they are the more it will look like they converge . In truth, they do. Slice an orange into four equal parts down its axis and you create wedges for the same cause. Latitude lines on a globe don’t count; they are parallel to each other, but the further North you go, the less straight they are; they in fact arc and are no longer perpendicular to the meridian. Only if rendered on flat map projections does it seem false.


Fig. 3

Here are two ‘independent’ sets of right angles formed by four lines which would seem to have no relationship to the others thus far.

If these were the ONLY ones to be found, I MIGHT be willing to presume them coincidentally happenstance. But as we will see, they will have key relationships established with the others; they are in no way alone.

Note: this image also shows that Google Earth correctly depicts a straight line as what appears to be a curve when peripheral of center, but it looks straight when centrally located. This is correct; the Earth is a sphere, which means the viewer’s vantage point depicts how a line appears.



Fig. 4

This group features one parallel set with a single horizontal line. Again, by itself, potentially coincidental.










Fig. 5

A little more complex; a set of parallel lines mutually crossed by a perpendicular.









What we get when we plot them all is quite a bit more interesting than their component parts. There are exactly 18 lines which qualify. That number 18, again, is magical, because it is a code number for 666, or Satan. How interesting then, that in addition to there being 18 lines involved, they cumulatively form exactly 18 right triangles, and 18 triangles which are NOT right triangles. One of these, however, is the only perfect equilateral triangle created by the perpendicular lines. Additionally, of the 18 right triangles, 9 are left handed if viewed with the short leg as base, and 9 are right handed; 9+9  (99) is also a magic code number for 666/Satan.

What is singularly true about all 18 lines is that they were made following a couple of simple rules: they all had to form perpendiculars somewhere, of course, but also, they all had to share interconnections through common shooting points with each other, or, with one or more of the original red lines which acted as go between to do so. That’s why the original set of red lines comprised as many as it did (and we will see, they play an additional role in the next proof, as well) In other words, these 18 key lines are all ‘chained’ together in a single unified and complex shape to create 18 right angles evenly divided between left and right, and 18 non right angles, including one equilateral (colored set to green). Here is the resulting structure:


Let’s shift gears. We started with approximately 440 lines which run along two general axis, essentially East-West in nature, or North South. Note that very few lines cross anywhere near the full count of those running the opposite axis, but also, that some lines will cross other lines along their same general axis. Short of counting intersections (ugh), allow me to approximate intersenction opportunties this way: large numbers of lines may cross or abut as few as a dozen lines or so, and the most that any line seems to intersect is about 200. Lets be generous and use a weighted average of 125, which, x 440 lines = 55000 intersects. Round up to 60,000, and divide it by 600 and we get about 100 intersects should likely be randomly producing right angles.

Frankly, that was reverse of what I expected to learn. We didn’t get 100, or anything near it, but precisely the same magic number (18) as we have seen repeated already endlessly in the prior proofs. And think about that for a moment. When something is by design, you control just how you might beat the odds of random chance. You can choose to make more than, or as we see here, fewer than naturally possible results.

Why is that even important?  Remember the original premise as to the who and why. The Masonic heritage is all about blueprints, lines laid out to be a foundation upon which to build more lines which become the structure of a thing to be built, be it symbolically or a real World architecture. EVERY line is critical in the foundation, or else nothing which follows will be correct, and the integrity or purpose of the final product comes into question. I maintain, and as subsequent posts will show, THIS set of perpendicular lines IS THE FOUNDATION of the illuminati plan to destroy America that it can be rebuilt anew as part of the North American Union and swallowed up whole by a one-World government to empower the Antichrist. Being mystical and hidden, of course, the design means nothing to us, at least not yet, but it has much symbolism and meaning to its designers, if we but look further (and we will).

But before we leave, I will tease you with yet one other point of evidence. We not only can produce perfect right angles, but  isosceles triangles, which is even harder to do, because it takes proper placement of three lines, not just two, to produce a triangle where two of the three angles share the same angle of arc. I may not be competent on reflecting the odds against that happening by chance, but I assure you the result is amazing both in their number, but placement and relationships; they are in adjoining groups or clusters, and tend to be aligned in ‘theme’ directions; completely impossible if random.

But because the next proof relies upon the sum total of such created triangles, I’ll not show them, here, nor even tell you how many exist in total. We will see there are so many of these, and arranged in such peculiar fashion as to once more suggest special meaning or information exists within them. Each angle and distance creates new data points which should logically be examined for coded meaning. But I have not had the time, nor will I, to seek to prove or disprove that notion. This is one reason why I seek funding, staffing, or outside third-party help from law enforcement, or others with a vested interest in the truth.

This post was rather short, but despite its powerful illustration of intelligent design, is nothing compared to the next one, which relies upon the same triangles and right angles. It’s going to get scarier and scarier as we continue. Take a Dramamine if the blue pill becomes too much to handle.

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Proof Three: Shootings Exist in Endless Sets of Three Forming Straight Lines

The same Dispersal Pattern Studies method applied by government researchers to UFO sightings reveals Mass Shootings do something UFO sightings allegedly do not: form repetitive patterns with GPS accuracy, doorway-to-doorway-to-doorway.

 Are there any patterns in mass shootings? 

by H. Michael Sweeney  

copyright © 2014, all rights reserved. Permission to repost hereby granted provided entire post with all links in tact, including this notice and byline, are included. Please comment any such repost to original posting.

 Do mass shootings form straight lines of three?

What you will learn reading this post of the posting series

•  that mass shootings defy randomness in their placement to form countless lines;
•  that the lines enjoy GPS accuracy doorway-to-doorway-to-doorway;
•  that they are revealed by scientific methods — including control groups.

Are mass shootings by intelligent design?

Proof Three: Shootings Exist in Endless Sets of Three Forming Straight Lines

While in the USAF, I worked as volunteer taking care of the Base Photo Lab, which meant after-hours clean up and helping the uninitiated. Late one night, the Base Security Officer made me let him in for a rush job to process a roll of film taken of a remarkable UFO sighting. We spent some time analyzing the resulting images for signs of trick photography and the like. We concluded the images not only genuine, but perhaps the most startling and revealing images ever known to be taken of daytime UFOs… as close and as detailed as if taking pictures of aircraft on the ready line from one of the hangars.

In dialogs with the Officer, I learned there was a particular scientific method applied to the study of UFO sightings to determine if they were random events or if they somehow exhibited traits of intentional intelligent design; patterns in location, time, distances, angles, or other event details. It seems that such studies had been undertaken by Governments (typically the military) in South America and Europe, but had reportedly NEVER found any three UFO sightings formed so much as a straight line or any other detectible pattern.

Unstated was if there had been such a study in America (there has), or the findings (which were quite different), but THAT is another topic, for another day. The point is, the method employed by government is one which can be applied to mass shootings equally well: Dispersal Pattern Studies. Such studies are normally used in naturally occurring events such as animal migrations to reveal natural patterns, but can also be applied to other random events seeking signs of intelligent design, as in the UFO example.

In the 60’s and earlier, when such studies were employed with UFO sightings, the methodology required use of global coordinates with navigational computations common to flight planning by pilots. You can’t simply plot them on a map and draw lines (a common mistake by amateurs) because there are many kinds of map projections, each of which thwarts either distance, angular relationships, or course computations. No kind of map projection correctly depicts a spherical surface which in turn also correctly renders distance, visual angle, and course. Moreover, navigational computations were required to determine the course heading of any two sightings and, more importantly, seeing if any third or additional sightings lay along that same course. These methods also allowed determining distance between sightings with useful accuracy.

But accuracy still remained an issue; the nature of UFO sightings is such that location data might refer to the location of the observer, rather than the UFO, or vice-versa, or perhaps only the nearest city or landmark.  The location to be plotted often had to be determined based on extrapolation of other details such as angle of view, apparent object size, other eye witness vantage points, and so forth. A plus/minus error of several miles or more was not uncommon. And yet, in thousands of sightings, they found no lines in at least two continents worth. KEEP THAT IN MIND.

Can patterns be found in mass shootings plotted in Google Earth?

Google Earth saves the day

Fortunately, these mapping problems are no longer relevant. Google Earth incorporates such calculations as it renders the Earth at any given detail level one requires. While it has its own tolerance or error issues, it is far more accurate than any map projection despite the resulting ‘flat view’ on a computer screen. Better, it does afford useful course, angle, and distance measurement. It even considers magnetic declination, a fact we will come to appreciate.

Google Earth accuracy is generally well within civilian GPS accuracy; roughly 50 feet. When drawing a line over rugged terrain of dramatically varied altitude, one may see visual aberrations in the line which imply inaccuracy, but the heading and distance calculations do not suffer the same errors, unless, perhaps, taking the readings at the point of aberration. These visual flaws are not real, but reflect the differences a dramatically higher altitudes of the Earth’s surface has upon rendering a sphere on a flat screen. Since we don’t see mass shootings take place on mountain tops, we thankfully need not take measurements at such points.

To further illustrate the remarkable accuracy, let’s use Sandy Hook and just a few of the many lines which are cojoined with this shooting. In the image, we see two lines precisely (for all practical purposes), bisecting at the doorway area window allegedly shot out by Adam Lanza to gain entry. Each endpoint of a given line is ALWAYS placed at this level of accuracy. It is the MIDDLE shooting points where we want to be careful how we determine accuracy. Here, we see such a point in a line from a shooting at the Anniston Postal event in Georgia to a Lottery Worker office shooting event elsewhere in Connecticut, which passes through Sandy Hook some 56 feet (rounded up) from said entrance point (the yellow measurement line). This figure is divided by two to find the actual accuracy of 23 feet (per Google Earth); because we could move the line that far to find the center point between all three shootings and still enjoy the same 23 foot measurement at all three. Thats about 7-10 footsteps for most people.

Example of 'doorway-to-doorway-to-doorway' accuracy.

Example of ‘doorway-to-doorway-to-doorway’ accuracy and methods of measurement for such determinations. Each end point is placed as accurately as seen here, each mid point must not exceed more than 2x GPS accuracy (100′) error to qualify as being aligned by design.

This plot point itself, to restate, is based on using the known (or where not concretely known, the most logical) entrance to the shooting area, or if an outdoor area, the entrance to the area (e.g., driveway or walkway at the property border). This represents the point of first violation, a key element of importance to both the crime as well as to magical considerations of value to Satanic or Illuminati thinking (which is sociopathic; ‘violation’ is a favorite pastime). Thus we find consistency in results based on our primary postulation (NWO design), as well as forensic facts of a given shooting.

The general method for finding such lines is simple:

a) plot all shooting event locations;

b) Draw a line from any given event to every other event, and extend far enough to encompass any events further away along the same path;

c) determine if the resulting line bisects any additional plots to make three or more using the above accuracy determinations.

d) take note of any which are discovered to qualify by this means and keep the line, and discard those which do not.

Where it does bisect within accuracy limits, you have established a pattern; a straight line — something which, according to European and South American UFO studies, does not happen with random events even when using a broad error allowances of several miles. Shootings, however, prove to be quite another matter altogether, as we see. So perhaps there is indeed a cover up in UFOs?

As stated in the prior Post, when first attempting this method using only the 76 shooting events media wanted to talk about, plus about a dozen more from my own knowledge (shootings earlier considered by me as indicative of mind control operations), I did find some very interesting lines (image immediately below), though barely suggestive of ‘patterns,’ as such. The question remained, given the UFO study results, was this coincidental, or truly evidence of intelligent design. I wanted to know for certain. The only way to be sure, was to establish a control group.

88 ‘Media’ shootings create 12 lines including three sets of conjoined lines; a set of two lines sharing a common end point (5 shootings); a set of three lines with two endpoint shootings as common points (7 shootings); and a super set of three lines all sharing a single common point at Sandy Hook (7 shootings). Thus 19 of 88 shootings produced such lines, roughly 23%. Do you really believe it random?

Can dispersal pattern studies be applied in mass shootings?

Control Group Study

One thing I noticed when looking at the plots is that there were clusters of events, some of which were scattered along a given heading, more like an elongated oval than a circular grouping. At continent view altitudes, the illusion is that many more shootings are on the line than really are. Some of these seemed to be logically along population corridors, while others did not. Almost all of these clusters contained several of the more recent and best known shootings being given day-by-day news coverage. Note also, that there are hardly any clusters at actual high-density population centers, save San Francisco and, perhaps, Miami and LA. Nothing in NY or Chicago, or elsewhere.

So one thing I was mindful of when trying to establish a control group, was to see what the role of population corridors and centers might play in grouping: a truly random set of events should closely resemble the clustering of any control group which took population into account. But would they mirror in a general way the shooting clusters?

If truly random, the answer should at the least be depicted with a ‘resemblance.’ Mass shootings take place where people are drawn together, and while some portion of them should reasonably take place on farms and other outlying properties, the bulk should be taking place in cities. The bigger the city, the more shootings should be taking place, by and large.

Additionally, I felt the control group should have some similar social context which was at least symbiotic in relationship to mass shootings. A control group based on, say, businesses using the word Acme in their name, for instance, would have no such relationship to shootings, but would relate to population centers. On the other hand, if I plotted gun shops, there would be a relationship both to shootings (access to guns equates to access to gun shops, which affords the means to shoot someone) and to population centers (gun shops tend to open where customers can be found in quantity).

Ultimately, I employed both. Google Earth has a unique built-in search engine which randomly pulls up ten businesses at a time if you type in a category or keyword, pulling them from the pool of all such firms located within the map being depicted at the moment. If you zoom into a city, it will produce only local matches. If you zoom out to show the 48 States, it will produce almost exclusively random firms from the greater US. Therefore, I established two such Stateside control groups; Acme, and Gun Shops.

The Acme set employed 88 random Acme firms, the same number as shootings employed in my early search for patterns. Actually, there were not quite that many ‘Acme,’ firms which came up, but Google Earth, once running out of matching candidates, then offers names of firms it considers related, and I deemed to include some 20 of these as if actually named Acme, because they were still randomly acquired.

So the control group included was equal to the shooting events to which it is compared.

The Acme plots did manage, to my surprise, to establish 3 lines. However, all lines were entirely disassociated one from the other (no conjoined linkage). The ‘random’ shooting events, on the other hand, produced a total of 12 lines, many of which additionally shared common shooting events with other lines to form 3 groupings of such interconnected lines (linkages existed). Further, note in the image below the absence of lines along population corridors, and generally,  a lack of multiple plots creating the appearance of ‘extra’ plots along any given line (just the three that make it up). It is nothing at all like the shooting lines, above. There is modest clustering at actual population centers, and even so, this is not terribly uniform: SF, LA, Houston, Miami and New York, but not Chicogo, Seattle, or New Orleans, etc.

88 random ‘Acme’ businesses via Google Earth tools: Three disjointed lines were possible.

This differences implied shootings were ‘too random’ and less associated with population centers compared to Acme, and yet, that really meant them more likely to be of intelligent design, than not. But you are right if you are thinking, ‘this is not yet proof.’ Were I to have stopped here, I would have concluded mass shootings were only suggestive of intelligent design. The big pusher to continue the study was, of course, the dramatic difference in number of lines and the fact that many were connected to each other, and starting to suggest a potential for the generation of shapes.

So I did not stop there. In the same time frame I discovered some 100 more shootings, about 180 in total. And, I had already determined that gun shops would make perhaps a more interesting control group of more relevant value to the research topic. So, I next established a control group of only gun shops, and that group was of a full 100. The results were not dramatically different, but regardless, made the case for intelligent design even stronger.

100 random Google Earth Gun Shops established 4 disjointed lines.

100 random Google Earth Gun Shops established four disjointed lines.

There were 4 lines formed out of 100 gun shops, and again, no interconnecting lines. Gun shops again matched Acme in terms of ignoring population corridors, but non-the-less forming small clusters at some, but not all actual mega population centers. Shootings remained, even using only 86 plots, quite indicative of intelligent design in ways which defy the odds of random coincidental occurance.

But by the time I had finished this effort, I had discovered nearly 400 shootings, and was still counting.

This is the work which has yet to be completed: the full computation of lines for all shootings. It is tedious work requiring a lot of manipulation of zoom and map movement controls within Google Earth, in order to maintain and test for the needed accuracy. Regardless, to date, of some 450 shootings (I stopped adding new ones just before December, 2013), I have managed to test several hundred of them for line formation, and have discovered thus far 440 lines where three or more shootings maintain the required accuracy. Some lines have as many as five shooting in a single line with all five maintaining the required accuracy.

Clearly, that MUST be by intelligent design.

Yes, you are free at this point to argue that the more plots you have, the more likely you are to create a line. The control groups imply that; an increase in plot points of about 14% did create one more line. But if generation of random lines was the end of it, I’d have no good answer for you. But reading further, you will learn that the lines are merely building blocks for something even more useful as proof… which are in turn building blocks for something even more useful… and on and on. The lines are nothing compared to what the resulting lines themselves are in turn able to reveal. Shapes, yes. Symbols, yes. But even more; the data points on the key-most lines include code. Those are future post topics. Keep reading, and do so with an open mind.

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Sidebar: The ‘Science’ of Magic Numbers, Their Meaning and Decoding

It does not matter what YOU think. What matters is what Satanists and practitioners of the Occult think. They think select numbers have meaning, translating into words of like meaning, and that gives them magical powers to bring forth that meaning in a spell. There is some science to their madness.

Are there any patterns in mass shootings? 

by H. Michael Sweeney  

copyright © 2014, all rights reserved. Permission to repost hereby granted provided entire post with all links in tact, including this notice and byline, are included. Please comment any such repost to original posting.

 Is there any proof mass shootings are not random?

What you will learn reading this post of the posting series

•  that there is a science of translating numbers to text and text to numbers, individually, or in whole text passages;
•  that numerology additionally gives meanings to numbers, among which practitioners of the occult find some magical;
•  that there is a consistency in how magical numbers work together to ‘say something hidden’ which is the basis of their ‘magic.’

 Are mass shootings by intelligent design?

Sidebar: The ‘Science’ of Magic Numbers in Mass Shootings by Intelligent Design

Is there a mass shooting conspiracy?

To start with, consider the ancient languages of the Greek and Hebrew. Both of these languages are ‘dead,’ which means we have a concrete and fixed understanding as to what the definitions were for words  in those languages. This is why the Bible is such an important book for study to Christians, and should be of interest to non Christians; it was written entirely in dead languages, and is therefore no longer subject to the evolving interpretations and meanings of words as is normal in a living, spoken language. And while we will see the Bible has a part in our topic, be not put off; what we are going to discuss relates equally to other ancient writings, religious and non religious, alike.

The science of Hermeneutics studies the meaning of such texts for literal translations and understanding in any other given living language. Interpretation with rules. THAT is how the King James Bible came to be, and is one reason why it is considered the most authoritative English Bible by those who are aware of and evaluate such translations. Only the uninformed deviate from these rules, and in so doing, twist meaning to they know not what, and spawn false teaching.

Think of it as a ‘double-blind study’ method for ancient texts. Image from (CLICK) Margith Strand/Fielding University

Closer to our topic, Satan, in his role as the Great Deceiver, uses Man’s desire for knowledge by tempting him to think he is wise above even God’s foolishness in the Bible; many false or flawed interpretations exist by such lures. More to the point, he works his own secret language from within the same dead languages, and more; as is true of many dead languages through the World’s history, such languages also assigned a number value to each letter used in the language. This is the occult tie to the ancients.

Very useful for secret mysteries. In fact, it can arbitrarily or uniformly be applied to any language for this purpose. In wartime and among spies in peace, many codes are based on simple tables of numeric-to-text relationships, typically additionally offset in starting point or randomly assigned. Even your computer knows every letter internally as a number value on the ASCII table. But what we talk about here is different, and far more mystical in nature.

Text as numbers as words as magical effect.    Image: (CLICK)

By such means, a word, sentence, or larger body of text can be translated into a number, and conversely, a number as text. A single digit can be a whole word or thought. Rules of conversion and the actual assignment of valuations varied by language. But coming forward in time, the science (that may not be the right word… a system which is based in science, at least) of GEMATRIA was evolved to allow simple ‘calculator-like’ conversions between text and numbers, and vice versa, in such languages.

There is actually a Gematria Calculator used in this presentation, and you are encouraged to use it in review of my work. Just type in a number or a word and it will display Jewish, English, and Simple Gematria results, at least those results which others have elected to save in the database. You can choose to do the same.

The other ‘science’ we must deal with is not at all truly considered science; Numerology, which itself lays at the heart of what makes Gematria tick… actually more like a symbiotic relationship. A Christian considers it a cultish thing, and Satanic in its roots, especially since it also seems inseparable at times from Astrology. But in point of fact, we are not even talking specifically about root Numerology as it is normally thought of, but the specific manipulation of numbers for hidden meanings or purpose.

Now, as it happens, if one is a Satanist or occult follower, numbers are quite important in this respect, the purpose being ‘magic.’ Therefore do they also embrace Numerology and employ Gematria as tool. But they also are free to enhance their use by additional rules seen useful for a given purpose, such as concealment or even the reverse as pointers or clues.

Some numbers are more important than others, and have special meaning, especially in a given context of use. Everything discussed thus far remains on the table. This at last brings us to what constitutes a ‘magic number’ to such practicioners: the answer is, actually, rather a lot of numbers qualify. First of all, most every key number in our counting system at the lower end of the scale has a meaning useful in magic/occult application.

But there are other numbers of value, too, and generally more special in use. It is not so much that every number is powerfully magic, but its magic or magical meaning in combination with other magic numbers can be amplified to make it more powerful. Fortunately, the bulk of truly powerful numbers need not be listed, as they are recognizable by their unique characteristics, as we shall learn. The short list then, with specific occult meanings, is as follows:

3  Fullness

5  Balance, the power and limit of man to control

6  Illumination, enlightenment, legend, man

7  Mystery, esoteric or scholarly magic, associated with Saturn, a name for Satan, might be a curse (conversely, 7 is also known as a number for God, Christ, Creation, an excellent illustration that context is everything)

9  Visitation, spirit

10  Law, obedience

11  Imperfection, disorder/chaos, that which precedes destruction

13  Rebellion, depravity, sin

16  Material power, incarnation

15  Three dimensions (reality), new direction, blinding temptation (Satan)

17  Victory, Son of Man (Christ), liberation

18  Oppression, bondage, slavery  = 3 (fullness) x 6 (legend/man/illumination)= 6+6+6 = 666

21  Distress = 3 (fullness) x 7 (mystery, magic – a curse)

29  Departure, cast out = 3 (fullness) x 13 (sin)

30  Rulership, dominion = 3 (fullness) x 10 (law, obedience)

31  Offspring, branch

33  A sign, warning, predictor = 3 (fullness) x 11 (that which precedes destruction)

36  Adversary, enemy = 2 (division, double) x 18 (oppression, 666)

39  Infirmity, death = 3 (fullness) x 13 (sin) — the wages thereof

99  Visitation (9) of the (evil) spirit (9) in this case a demon; 9+9 = 18, 666

360  Encircle, trap, capture = 36 (enemy) x 10 (obedience)

666  Satan’s name, produces 18 when summed.

999 Upside down 666, but produces two 18’s when summing adjacent 9s

Is 18 a magic number?

Magic Numbers can convey complex messages: the number 18

These meanings are not the same as might be produced by Gematria (but on occasion, they might). In fact, the three basic forms of Gematria tend to each produce a different result, but it is uncanny that there often remains a consistency across the board between the numerology and all three Gematria with respect to general tonal themes of results; they are equated as if a Math equation being resolved.

The number 18, for instance, in both Jewish and Simple Gematria can translate into ‘die,’ which is the ultimate price of suffering slavery/sin, one of the actual meanings cited above. The English Gematria is unable to translate such a small number, but it is interesting that the number 108 in the English translates to die, which in turn sums to 18 by one of the accepted methods employed and explained next. Such consistency in translation/meaning/valuation is, just as in traditional Mathematics, tends to be crucial. To the cultist, this is a magical property.

A larger number in terms of digits can be compiled into a lesser number of digits by a process called summing. It stems from the need to sum individual letter values in finding the value of a word or phrase as employed in Gematria. Summing is normally employed to find secreted magical meaning from within adjacent but related numbers within a set, such as in a date or phone number, or any other associative grouping. Such numbers seldom seem magical when considered as presented due their intended use. But it is also possible to sum any preexistent number of multiple digits to once more reveal magical numbers concealed within.

Summing can be done in any number of ways, but usually, in like numbers of digits, such as sets of two or three. In number groupings of associated use, such as in a date or phone number, each group can arbitrarily be treated as if having the required number of digits when it may be short, or one can employ the first digit of the next group to make up the shortfall, and then  employ the remaining digits in like manner  for the next calculation. Where there is an odd number of digits, the odd-man out can be in the middle and shared, or at either end. Lone zeros can be dispensed with in results, or not. Whatever method is employed, one would wish to be consistent in any related uses within the same decoding process (in our case, for the same shooting line set examination). Examples:

a)  The date 12 7 1880 can be summed in pairs as 3798 or 3816 which summed again produce 1017 or 117, both of which can be summed again to make 18 or 9, whereas the actual sum of all digits is 27. There are, of course, two 9’s in 18, which along with the lone 9 makes three, and there are three 9’s in 27.

In history, this is the date the First Boer War in South Africa was staged by the formation of the Republic, akin to the 1st Continental Congress of the United States in impact. The number 18 is, again, Slavery, oppression, where three is fullness and 9 is spirit or visitation. The Boer Wars led to the oppression of Blacks in their own land until Nelson Mandela forged the new government.

b)  The integer 1271880 can summed in threes to make 10116 or 11016 or 1017, again all eventually summing to 18.

The various means of summation are not so many as to allow just any number to end up conveniently producing a meaningful final result (i.e., magic number). It is not possible by such contrivances. Indeed, for any group of (such as used in our comparison of shootings which form straight lines, sets of three) different complex numbers to end up with an identical ‘theme’ or even for an individual number to be translated in multiple ways to produce multiple numbers of like importance or meaning would be quite unusual, and not something easily repeatable unless by design (carefully choosing the starting number(s) for the desired properties).

Within this posting series, all summations will be indicated in a way which allows the reader to understand how they were derived from the original number(s), and the reader will discern that in general, the methodology is consistent and employs very few rules. Exceptions to summation rules will be drawn out with explanation to assure like clarity. We will additionally only focus on those which are found present in ALL THREE (or more) shootings making up a given straight line.

These are not the only manipulations possible, but they are the only manipulations which will be employed in the proofs, as it is not felt additional proofs are needed, and it would simply bog the reader down further with endless detail. I assure you, however, the investigation has found many more examples of magic numbers within mass shootings examined at such depths, thus far.

What kinds of numbers are magical?

Other kinds of Magic Numbers

Summations can reveal the existence of hidden magic numbers. One type of powerful number series revealed by such means in the investigation is the palindromic number; one the same forwards and backwards, such as 43234. But Palindromes can also be discovered by another form of summing. When you read the second Proof posting, you will find a section revealing more of the ‘magic power’ of the number 18. Unstated there, but added here, is that the additional power of palindromes can derived from the fact that 18 = 2 x 9, 3 x 6, as well as 9 x 2 and 6 x 3, which individually can be summed to variously make 11 or 9.

These results can then be combined to produce the palindrome 119911 and 911119, as well as 2992 and 9229, by summing the multiplicands. The shorter of these can be added to equal the palindrome 12221, which further sums by pairs to 323.   The sum of each digit positions in the 2992/9229 set sums to 11 to make 11111111 (a Palindrome, yes, but also a repeating digit, where each digit increases the power of the root number, in this case, 1), which is 4 sets of 11. Consider then, the meaning of 11, 1,  2 (previously reviewed above), and of 4:

The meaning of 11 is Imperfection/corruption, disorder/chaos, that which precedes destruction. “The abomination which maketh Desolate” in the Jewish Gematria translates at 1802, which sums to 11.  The meaning of 1 is “single minded, intolerant, stubborn, controlling, lacking in emotion, aggressive, arrogant, dominant (some key traits of Satan)”

The meaning of 4 is “foundation (Earth) or World, or to establish order and bring plans into material form (the NWO, for instance).” Satan is given power over and resides in the Earth; seeks to destroy all creation in the End of Days. “Four horsemen of the Apocalypse” in Gematria translates and sums to 18.

Adding the larger palindromes together, we get 1031030, which can sum in pairs to 13130, or dual 13s, and you know the dark pop culture connotations of that number. But in the occult it also means “Rebellion,” which is exactly what Satan is about. It has additional significance to the Illuminati; nearly all Knights Templar, Illuminati’s predecessors, so to speak, were all assassinated by order of the Pope during their last meeting, which took place on Friday, Oct. the 13th, in the year 1307.

There are three 13’s there, given the 5th day of the week sums with the 8th month. Yet they did not trump the 7, which translates as spiritual perfection, fullness, covenant, and even the Holy Spirit. Thus we see the eternal struggle between Satan and God reflected even within the number 18 itself. That struggle is, after all, Satan’s base motivation for all he does.

In like manner palindromes can be constructed; 3663 and 6336, each summing to the doublet 99, itself summing to 18 again since the originals also summed to 18. Single digit position summing yields 9999, or 1818 summed yet again, and yet another 99 summed one more time, and again to yet another 18.

Going back to the larger 119911/91119, once more, we can produce 101010101010 by adding digits (6 x 10 = 6’s illumination x law and obedience 10 times).

This is very interesting, because if treated as a binary number, those 1s and 0s translate to ASCII decimal and character codes 170 and 10 (totals 180 = 10 x 18), and as text, the letter ‘a’ (as in Alpha of Alpha and Omega, but in lower case as if to belittle it), and in base 10, it becomes 2730, which sums to 12, which as you are about to learn, fits right in with the overall theme, as well.

In like manner, 11111111 decodes from binary to 9, and in ASCII Decimal or Character, it is in both cases 255, also summing to 12. Moreover, in raw Hexidecimal computer code, it is FF, which is the functional Omega of the beginning and end (start/end) of that computer coding construct, which is typically expressed in upper case and, thus does trump the lower case Alpha. Satan sees Armageddon as his victory over creation.

So by these various manipulations, it is possible to find the consistency talked about being found in magic numbers when intended to translate to meaning. It seem that no matter what method of manipulation you employ, you find more or less the same message in theme, if not specifics. Fortunately, the posting series will not spend this level of detail in each numeric evaluation. We will only tell you which magic numbers were discovered which proved useful in the investigation, how it was arrived at, and why it matters.

This does not by any means imply there is not much more which could be learned by further analysis. In some cases, more has already been learned. But there are many other forms of magic number analysis which I’ve not even attempted to find present in the shootings. These may indeed (and likely do) exist as further clues as to the identity of the designers. But I simply cannot take the time to spread my efforts even thinner; yet another reason to seek financial or helper resources to carry on the work.

What makes a number magical in the Occult World?


It is hard to read such number explanations without a practiced mind aware of the meanings. There are many ways to think about each starting point in order to find full realization. It takes many steps to analyze a given candidate, and more steps to full realization. It can be confusing at first, but it is not. It is a consistent series of numeric depictions of a given intended message. In the case of 18, for example; spiritual warfare with Satan being the victor. Only certain numbers support these kinds or manipulations and findings with the same consistency. That is what gives them ‘magical’ power in the minds of their users.

Therefore, these are the kinds of manipulations we must find in use and seek understand why they were used in a given shooting series which establish a straight line or shape. To ignore them because we do not believe they have any power, is to fail to see the intelligent design which their very use is critical. To make it simpler for you, the reader, I’ve already done the work. It remains therefore to you only to be open minded enough to review the work, and perhaps to double check my work if so moved. On the other hand, some of you will find the topic worthy of deeper interest.

To learn even more about magic numbers, I suggest you consider what a high Mason, Rosicrucian, Magician, and founder of the conspiratorial cult, the Hermetic Order of The Golden Dawn, one W. Wynn Wescott, had to say in his book: Numbers – their Occult Power and Mystic Virtues. He may also have been a Warlock. I make a case in my book MC Realities that Knights Templars went into hiding as Warlocks within the Rosicrucians before infiltrating and assuming control of the Mason’s Guild to subsequently form Free Masonry.

Another tool as useful in some ways akin to a Gematria Calculator, is this Web site which takes a close look at numbers from both the mystical side as well as the mathematical side. It is absolutely true that when a number has a very unusual mathematical property, such as being a prime number, it can also be considered magical. This tool was not known to me when undertaking my investigation, but may aid those who elect to follow in my footsteps to perhaps reveal even more clues about intelligent design and identities of those responsible.

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Proof Two: Shootings Exist in Identical ‘Magical’ Categorical Clusters

The Illuminati loves magical numbers, as they can translate into meaningful words or names, or leverage ‘spells’. Interesting then, that basic shooting statistics establish set after set in the most magical and potent number of all, one which decodes to ‘Satan.’ This alone reveals dramatic coincidences well beyond the possibility of random chance.

Are there any patterns in mass shootings? 

by H. Michael Sweeney  

copyright © 2014, all rights reserved. Permission to repost hereby granted provided entire post with all links in tact, including this notice and byline, are included. Please comment any such repost to original posting.

Is there any proof mass shootings are not random?

What you will learn reading this post of the posting series

•  that mass shootings defy random probabilities in their distribution;
•  instead collecting by the same count in groupings by type of event;
•  that count is a number of great significance to the planners.

Are mass shootings by intelligent design?

Proof Two: Shootings Exist in Identical ‘Magical’ Categorical Clusters

 Is there a mass shooting conspiracy?

This post is both the simplest to explain and reveal to the reader of all the patterns discovered, and yet, one of the most complex in terms of planning requirements for any conspirator. This particular proof, easy to grasp but harder to believe until you see it, could never be found using media statistics.  Simply put, if you look at all shootings (about 450 at the point of discovery), not just those media reports, and start to break them down categorically, you quickly find amazing results impossible by chance, with no hope of doing so using media counts:

Exactly 18 mass shootings involved high schools;

Exactly 18 mass shootings involved colleges;

Exactly 18 mass shootings involved US Post Offices (‘going Postal’);

Exactly 18 mass shootings involved Malls;

Exactly 18 mass shootings involved holidays;

Exactly 18 mass shootings involved Native Americans directly or indirectly;

Exactly 18 mass shootings involved Military/First Responders, either as shooting victims, shooters, or both.

18 shot revolver fires 3 slugs x 6 pulls; 18 is not just a magical number, but perhaps deadlier than most.          Image (CLICK) techwarelabs.

Additionally, there appears to be 12 or 13 fast food/specialty restaurants (i.e., pizza, chicken, tacos), and 14 or 15 full menu eateries. The precise number is in question because some locations are not categorically determined by their name, and have since gone out of business. This study should have been undertaken decades ago, but who knew to do so? Media was not telling us about the great bulk of these events.

In like manner, there appears to be similar numbers which make up the categories of nightclubs/strip clubs (where dancing/live entertainment is part of the venue) and bars/taverns/pubs (where only alcohol is the attraction). These are even harder to discern for the same reasons as the eateries.

Finally, there are thus far exactly 15 middle/elementary school shootings. I mention the eateries and clubs, and K-8 schools only because each falls short of 18. This implies that there will be additional shootings in these categories to bring their respective counts to 18. Such a notion, given the other patterns yet to be discussed, implies it may be possible to logically compute a next shooting event to a precise location, and perhaps, even date.

To do so will require completion of the full study, something which would take an individual such as myself far too long a time to complete. By then the events would likely already have come to pass. That is why I hope this series of posts might motivate someone to provide funding for a staff, or better still, for some authority to undertake the effort as part of a criminal investigation. Time is of the essence, which is why I’m publishing NOW, instead of two years from now.

Are mass shootings taking place in  clusters of 18?

Two unusual traits found in EACH grouping

That such perfect identical groupings should exist is alone remarkable. But once I determined such groupings existed, I wondered what else might be unusual about them as a minor data set — as opposed to their inclusion in the whole. So I simply ran connecting lines from each of the 18 to every other within the group. Two unique things became apparent, and were true in EVERY GROUP of 18.

GE plot of all 18 Postal shootings interconnected to one-another by lines. Despite confusion, you can see reflective angle patterns in several which are more isolated, but they exist in each of the 18. This should be impossible if random events.

Google Earth plot of all 18 Postal shootings interconnected to one-another by lines. Despite confusion, you can see reflective angle patterns in several which are more isolated, but they exist in each of the 18. This should be impossible if random events. Ignore the additional non postal shootings also shown, but with no lines.

a)   Each group of 18 generally formed a ring around the lower 48. Each ring would have two or three which were perhaps inset a bit more central than some of the others, but by and large, the total effect was to form a large irregularly defined shape (I’d say oval-like) which generally ran close to the borders or coastlines with a kind of regularity that implies deliberateness in its own right. You would think, if random, that there would be more shootings found centrally located, instead of generally being peripherally located.

b)   Reflective angular spacings. More remarkably, when looking at the angles created by the lines radiating outward from each individual shooting to the other 17, I was struck by what I’ll call a ‘mirroring of angles.’  That is, a given cluster of some number or perhaps even sets of clusters for a given shooting… and true in every shooting of the 18, would mirror a given angular relationship. For example, you might see lines radiating in arcs with angles of 5°, 12°, 8°, 20°, 8°, 12°, 5°.

Understand that such patterns might be a bit harder to discern because of the additional presence of a non mirrored line, but most of them literally jump out at you, visually. This might happen randomly given the total number of opportunities… in a given shooting, perhaps even more than one such example… but in all of them… in each grouping of 18? Not random.

To be sure, each set might have different numbers of such mirrored lines, and each array might consist of entirely different angles, but the point is, each shooting enjoyed this unique finding to one extent or another. I must point out, however, that measuring angles is quite time consuming and tedious, and I therefore only tested a few to measure their accuracy.

I will also state that the resulting accuracy of those checked was not perhaps as tight as I would have preferred. I would like to have seen .1 degree accuracy, but while some were within that range, .5 degrees was more common. Still, it is quite dramatic to see (image), even if the actual accuracy were found to be more than a degree (a degree is hard for the eye to detect). Very few were that far off.

This ‘opposing’ comment to the whole groups of 18 matter must also be added: shootings continue to transpire and it appears that at least some shootings will eventually fall into some of these same categories. Does that invalidate the observation? Perhaps, but not so easily.

Further study is required to examine each shooting to see if it is in the same ‘league’ as the others. For example, do the shootings make up a set of three or more in a straight line (a future discovery which will be covered as a subsequent proof)? Do their lines form a complex shape (also a future post’s proof)? Do they form equidistant – mirrored angles of interconnection points as described above?

Note: I’ve also not yet had time to chase down this important question: do any of these interconnect lines also form lines of three or more shootings, in which case, they are very important lines and shootings, events which may hold even more clues in need of discovery. Another reason I need help.

There is a clue this consistency should prove out to be true: one of the more recent shootings in the news was at a High School. That would make 19. Yet I recalled that I had arbitrarily included… because of other clues that it was INTENDED to be a mass shooting… an event where only one person was shot before the shooter was subdued. If it were intended but ‘failed,’ it is highly likely that the planners would seek to replace it.

The patterns then would seem to reflect a need to be consistent and ‘pure’ by its designers. Indeed, these reasonable questions and tests are yet another reason I hope someone will fund further research or be undertaken by LEA.

But perhaps there is a bigger question we should be asking:

What does the number 18 have to do with mass shootings?

Why 18?

Music Album Cover from (click) seems to sum it up: the wrist watch reads 18 minutes after 5; 5 x 18 = 90 = 5 sets of 2 x 9, where each pair (99) = 18, for a total of six 18s, plus the title 18 to make 7 in all, which is covertly stating, intentional or otherwise, that ‘the power of 18 (Satan) trumps the power of God (7)’

It is about ‘magical numbers.’ The general topic of numerology and the mystical or Gematria translation (coded meaning, if you will) found in numbers is a bit beyond the scope of this post’s presentation as it would be quite lengthy. Yet it is important that the reader have some grasp of the topic in order to make the points relevant, and to accept the ‘science’ or ‘validity’ of the meanings ascribed to a given number. Else it would not seem quite relevant to our investigation. Ergo…

Sidebar PostThe ‘Science’ Behind MAGIC NUMBERS, Their Meaning, and Decoding. You may be well served if unfamiliar to review how the occult World employs numbers they see as ‘magic,’ because it does not matter what YOU think of that possibility, it is what THEY think about it, that matters. Especially if those behind any intelligent design are Satanic and seeking to leverage their plans by incorporating magic numbers within them.

The number 18 might be described as the most ‘holy’ of ‘holies’ in magic numbers employed in occult mystical beliefs, including Satanism, Masonry, and the Illuminati, which was itself derived from Free Masonry. The sidebar gives you a taste of that. But let’s pick it apart to see why.

The parenthetical additions employed as we go reflect applicability. Know that the meaning of a number varies according to application or context (spiritual, non spiritual, positive nature, negative nature, and to a degree, select topical relationships, such as being masculine or feminine, relating to a season or emotion, etc.). The general meanings imparted here are generally the negative spiritual context.

18 = 6+6+6 = a coded number for Satan himself (666 being the number of the Beast in the book Revelations). In the Jewish Gematria (see above sidebar link), “Beast” translates to 198, “Devil” translates to 738, “Mystery, Babylon The Great” translates to 1926, and “The Old Serpent” translates to 567. All of these equivocal names for Satan each sum to 18. “Mark of the Beast” in the English Gematria translates as 864, while “Doomsday” translates as 576, and so forth.

In fact, in various Gematria, the founder of the Illuminati, “Adam Weishaupt,” “Adonai, Masonic God, the Great Architect,” “Grand Master Jacques De Molay,” as well as “Illuminati” and “illuminated” translate and sum to 18. Learn more here about how these words and their decodes directly relate to the Illuminati. Next, we take a look at some ‘fun with Math’ properties, which are exactly the kinds of things that make numbers ‘magical’ to those who believe it true and thus so employ the numbers in that belief. Again, what YOU think it means matters not, to THEM, because they have so believed in such ‘mysteries’ for thousands of years.

18 = 2 x 9 and sums to 9, making three 9s, where 999 is also a code number for Satan, being 666 upside down. 9 x 9 x 9 = 729, which sums to 18. Divide 729 by 666 and you get 1.09090909… ad nausium, where adding every four digits of the fractional component yields 18, again. 6 x 6 x 6 = 216, when divided by 666 = .324324324… where summing in groups of six digits also yields 18. It (999) in like manner to 666, translates in the Jewish Gematria to “Luminous Soul” as well as “Satanic philosophy.”

18 = 2 x 9 or 9 x 2, each of which sums to 11, and 3 x 6 or 6 x3, each of which sums to 9. Collectively summed (11 + 11 + 9 + 9) = 40, which is the number of Judgement in the Bible (e.g., 40 days and nights of rain in the great Flood), and the Beast is all about Judgement Day: the purpose of the Illuminati and New World Order is to create a One-World Government, providing a single throne for the Antichrist and to hasten confrontation with God and destroy all life and the Earth as we know it: Armageddon. “Judgement Day” in Gematria sums to 18.

666 and 999 are triplet numbers, and any repetitious numbers, even doublets, gain in power; 666 is more powerful than 66, which is more powerful than just 6. The meaning of 6 is “Illumination (a trait of Lucifer), enlightenment (the knowledge of good and evil), legend (the greatest lie is that Satan does not exist, he is mere legend), Man (the Antichrist will be a man in whom Satan resides).” The like manner, the meaning of 9 is “Visitation, Spirit (Satan as an unclean spirit, will visit himself upon the man who will ‘become’ the Antichrist).”

Breaking a number into its mathematical equivalents also decodes into interlocking sentence-like meanings. The meaning of 18 is “oppression, bondage, slavery (what sin represents to man, and what the Antichrist intends politically to bring on Armageddon).” The meaning of 3 is “fulfillment/fullness, or relates to the three-fold corruption of God’s Word, or Man’s three great enemies of Biblical references.” The meaning of 2 is “power of judgement (God the Father and Jesus Christ, or if you prefer, God and Satan in battle), the indecision of outcome in the battle between good and evil.”

Therefore, 18 = 3 (fullness of corruption by enemies of Man) x 6 (illumination, the knowledge of good and evil) and 2 (power of judgement in battle between God and Satan) x 9 (Satan in the person of the Antichrist). This can be done with each of the equates (i.e., 18 = 2 x 9). So we see there is complete sentence-like consistency in such translations in really powerful magic numbers, which in turn are in interlocking support of individual component number meanings.

Finally, 18 plays to Masonic mystical calculations in sympathetic manner. 360 degrees of a circle divided by 18 = 20, which is 2 x 10, where the meaning of 10 is “Law, Obedience.” Therefore, 20 is the “Power of Judgement x Law, Obedience” x all the meanings of 18, an apocalyptic theme in spades, especially since the meaning of 360 is “Encircle, trap, capture.”  That is the very plan of Satan for Armageddon; not only to capture Man, but to lure Christ into what Satan sees as a trap which will allow him to defeat Christ and, thereby, God.

By establishing a circle of 360 degrees (any scale COULD have been arbitrarily chosen), a straight line course is 180 degrees of arc, which sums to 18. So even when on a path of ‘true course,’ you are vexed. And the right angle of the Mason’s Square is thereby 90 degrees, of which there are two such arcs when formed with that true course. Each sums to 9, to make 99, which sums to 18, which also vexes the true course. Divide 360 by 666 and you get .540540540… which once more sums to 9s, this time in threes.

The meaning of 3 is “Fullness,” and of 6, again, is “Illumination, legend, Man” and 9 is “visitation” (the final fulfillment of legend in a Man, the visitation of Satan in the Antichrist). Add to that the meaning of 12, as explained next, and it makes total sense…

As we found in the number 18 a myriad of magical encoded symbolic statements expressed in various levels of occult power and interpretive meaning… that the shootings can be broken down into 12 such categories (though at this point we may simply have not found all the categories — there might actually be 18) is perhaps also telling, and happily, less complex to relate:

The number 12 is the number of Tribes of Israel, the number of Christ, and the number of the elect saved (sealed up) during Armageddon (12000 x 12 = 144,000; the prize the Antichrist seeks). “Christ,” “Jesus,” and “Savior” sum to 12 in various Gematria. So we find then that the ‘magic’ being worked in shootings, by all the lines and cleverness employed in resulting relationships we have not even begun to discover (subsequent posts)… are all aimed at confounding Christ, and Man, especially those souls who are his most prized, the 144,000. The only way he can do that, is to beat Christ at Armageddon.

Mass shootings, then, are simply a ‘bring it on,’ ploy to hurry things along.

If you find all this compelling and disturbing, you haven’t seen anything, yet. Keep reading…

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Proof One: Gun Grabbers Selectively Ignore Mass Shootings, Conceal Patterns

Any time you find a cover up, you necessarily have a conspiracy to contend with, because a cover up requires multiple parties to work together for criminal benefit. So I wonder: why do groups seeking gun control, including governmentals and liberal media, who should be using every opportunity to make their case for gun control, instead act as if the bulk of gun violence never took place? Why do they employ blinders and avoid publicizing fully?

Are there any patterns in mass shootings?  

by H. Michael Sweeney  

copyright © 2014, all rights reserved. Permission to repost hereby granted provided entire post with all links in tact, including this notice and byline, are included. Please comment any such repost to original posting.

 Is there any proof mass shootings are not random?

What you will learn reading this post of the posting series

•  media, government, and gun grabbers consistently conceal more shootings than they tell you of;
•  they are also willfully spreading mis/disinformation;
•  were they to tell you all, the patterns would be easier to spot — a defacto cover up.


Proof One: Gun Grabbers Selectively Ignore Mass Shootings, Conceal Patterns

Is there a mass shooting conspiracy?

Gun grabbers, generally speaking, seem to have a sympathetic voice in government circles and, especially, mainstream media. If you look carefully at the actual wording of media reports and politicians, you frequently see evidence of their bias in favor of tighter gun control, if not outright calling for it, even including in some cases proposing an end to the 2nd Amendment.

From article on mainstream disinformation (CLICK)

Yet if you actually dig into a given key shooting event yourself, you start to realize media frequently deems to omit certain information which, by omission, flatters gun grabber ideology by willful ignorance of the greater truth. That includes a consistent unwillingness to consider that something besides random gunplay is afoot; they never ask the obvious questions. They get away with it, in part, because they are not telling you about all the shootings.

The discoverable cover up takes form in refusing to acknowledge the true and full scope of the problem… the true number of actual mass shootings. This post spotlights the matter and considers why they choose such silence. One has to ask why, if pro gun grab, there would be such concealment? The answer is revealing, though the full answer shows how easily the issue could become clouded.

If you scan the Internet with a search you will find most mainstream sources talk about roughly 62 or so mass shootings in 30 years time (1982-2012). While other numbers and periods of time can be found, you will also find many of those reports talking about it being an increasingly more frequent event. Neither are factually correct, at least as of 2012 when the bulk of those cited were ‘selectively reported’ in order to make their point. Moreover, the narrower and arbitrary date ranges employed do make it easier to portray increasing frequency claims as ‘valid concerns.’

Point is, there is no useful consensus as to the actual number, much less any resulting trends.

There is also actual disinformation and misinformation in play, either by stupidity or intent. Much of mainstream tends to cite the same two original resources, both of which are completely worthless in terms of accuracy, and full of what at least seems intentional deceit. Worse, they are easily detected if using your brain, but even the White House and former Presidents make false statements based on their data (choosing not to think, or having no brain, perhaps, but more likely, having an agenda well served, thereby). Mother Jones, which used to be an excellent investigative journal until it came under control of Mainstream Media Moguls, is one of the flawed sources, as detailed, here.

The worst source is the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, which maintains a huge database which is closer to mine in shooting event count than perhaps any other. However, it is so full of errors as to be useless. The same shooting can be cited as often as four times. Huge numbers of shootings have zero information which can be verified, their Web links no longer active or failing to lead the reader to the claim. Many other errors of this sort exist.

Worse, many Brady citations are not exclusively mass shootings at all, and though Brady’s use of the data does not directly claim the list is exclusively about mass shootings, they elsewhere imply it so and promote the list through dozens of Web venues without bothering to correct their wrongful assertion that it does. For example, consider a widely repeated/linked interactive map (one of three different flawed maps and data base engines based on the Brady material) citing the entire Brady list of 431 entries as separate mass shootings.

Trouble is, eliminating those with problems or not mass shootings, the actual number is closer to that of USA Today, who has the closest to an honest presentation. Even though they, too, reference Brady, they seem to have figured out the Brady problem and sought to remedy it. Note, however, that it is citing mass murders, inclusive of fires, stabbings, etc., — not exclusively shootings. This again makes it difficult for the average Joe to avoid a false impression. To their credit, they at least provide a button to filter by ‘shootings,’ which at the time of writing totaled 173 out of 227 mapped. That’s a full 100 more than the inventory cited in most reviews outside of Brady, and less than half of what Brady includes. But it still comes nowhere close to the truth.

Is media hiding something about mass shootings?

So what are the real numbers?

In my study, I elected to go back to the first known mass shooting widely publicized nationally, the Texas Tower shooting of 1966. This coincides in general with the time frame when CIA had perfected mastery of various Manchurian Candidate programs, notably the MK series. Now if you use that as a starting point and come forward, the frequency indeed increases, at least to a point, and it is indeed possible to select a limited time frame window where a range of shooting events reflect an increase… but it is also possible to find periods of decrease; fluctuation is common enough to at least support the notion of randomness which deters conclusions of increasing gun violence.

In general, national mainstream news has told us of about 100 shootings since the Texas Tower, spread out over roughly 50 years. Because where they used to only tell us about really big ones — perhaps one or two a year — they now tell us about almost each and every one, it SEEMS like there is an increase. Adding to the illusion, they talk about them days-on-end to hammer in the point, where in the past, ongoing coverage was spotty, at best, unless local, of course. But is this honest reporting of the truth? What do the real numbers say?

“NO!” is what they say. Take the 30-year number of 62. The actual count by my research totals 368, nearly SIX TIMES the number reported.

1988 – 5, 1 Postal, 2 Schools
1989 – 1
1990 – 0
1991 – 6, 4 Postal
1992 – 3, 1 School
1993 – 7, 3 Postal
1994 – 1
1995 – 2
1996 – 4, 1 Postal
1997 – 5, 2 Postal
1998 – 5, 1 Postal, 3 Schools
1999 – 8, 1 Postal, 1 School
2000 – 1
2001 – 2
2002 – 2
2004 – 5
2005 – 5, 1 School
2006 – 14, 2 Postal
2007 – 23, 3 School
2008 – 69, 5 Schools
2009 -88, 2 Schools
2010 – 47, 1 School
2011 – 35
2012 – 35, 5 Schools

Moreover, the numbers reveal something quite different than the ‘increase in random mass shootings’ being reported. Instead what you see are two periods of time where there were two distinct patterns. Before 2006 you see something approximating random distribution in low numbers, almost half of which are Postal, which I maintain are likely almost all programmable person events, the experimentation phase, if you will, where a government institution had tight control of those involved.

Note: 2006 becomes a pivot year, where the last Postal happens, and you start to get an explosion of ‘civilian’ shootings, three times as many that year, and even more in subsequent years after 2006. There we find not a steady increase, but a bell curve. What produces a bell curve? You get bell curves when you apply force to something; it starts moving slowly and gains speed, then once maximum energy has been accomodated, it coasts, and then starts to slow down. That alone implies intelligence behind the sudden spurt, and further implies we are almost at ‘End Game’ point in whatever plot is unfolding; we have precious little time remaining to thwart it.

In total, research thus far reveals more than 450 shootings through 2012, from among which media and gun grabbers can and have obviously cherry picked. There are easily another 100 which could not be plotted in my study because needed accuracy of details were not usefully available, and likely hundreds more that are simply not available through online research due mismatches in keywords; you don’t always know what to search on, and terminology used has evolved over time.

Why would media hide the truth about mass shootings?

Why disparity between media and truth?

How is it, then, that virtually all mainstream or government resources have elected to tell you of only 70(ish), or 200(ish), within select timeline widows useful to them? What are they electing to hide, and why? This is a question you must ask if you value truth and justice.

Every major city’s paper subscribes to every other major paper to keep abreast of what they are reporting. So for a major to under report mass shootings in order to proclaim a trend of increasing violence, is a willful lie. On the other hand, there are reasons for minor variations in what might be included in a given study, in case you are moved to cut some slack. I for one, am less inclined.

There is, however, a bit of a loophole through which concealment might be harder to prove or detect. A mass shooting is defined by FBI as four or more dead or injured in a shooting incident — by gunshot. Interesting then, that Brady elects to include any injury, including minor cuts and abrasions due to falling down or flying glass, etc. More manipulation of data for agenda’s sake, it seems, via hangnails.

However, FBI, despite giving it a category and definition, even breaking it down into sub groups (e.g., gang related, domestic violence, etc.), themselves fail to cite any statistics of their own, as they do in all other categories of crimes they track. To me, this proves that at the very least, government is participatory in perpetuating media myths by cover up through omission, and has a gun grabbing agenda. When a President quotes misinformation, you have even more such proof.

The FBI definition leaves us with this upshot: many drive by shootings qualify, as do tragic familicides, robberies, and so on, all of which tend to make local news. The previous article link offers other complexities which can impact on definition as to what constitutes a mass shooting, but none of these complexities seem to be impacting what media elects to include in their national coverage, and resulting limited counts; they include what suits their whim — those stories most likely to generate outrage or shock.

But, as every major community has its fair share of all defined forms of mass shootings, there is no need to elevate them all to national prominence unless there is some ‘marketing’ usefulness to the anti-gun crowd, such as if at a basketball game in a public park. Locals hear all of their local events, plus national, and the problem therefore seems sufficiently large and pervasive in support of gun control arguments, but insufficient to see any patterns; they do not know the full extent of what is happening in other communities.

This further drives them to think their own community especially dangerous (well, some are), and letters to the Editor and government authorities are dashed off seeking a ‘crackdown.’ But what if they knew the truth and realized their community was closer to normal, or understood that there was intelligent design at play? What would their letters to the Editor look like, then? Would they be calling for gun control, or Congressional Investigation into the intelligence community’s mind control research, or the power elite cultists? Would they be wanting guns to be collected, or would they be buying guns?

I’m not the only one to notice this under reporting. There has recently evolved an anti-gun group made up of loosely aligned members nationally who report ALL local mass shootings directly to their central Web page. They do use the proper definition of mass shooting, and their results underscore the problem for knowing the precise full count. They report 365 documented mass shootings in 2013 ALONE. That gives you an idea of how many shootings in prior years may simply not be on the Web in a form making them sufficiently easy to find. Therefore, even my larger numbers would seem inadequate (but as we will see, they still remain appropriate to the need).

Unfortunately, no one like them has been doing this for prior years, so once more, the ‘increase’ in shootings is seen as dramatic only due their improved full-reporting methods in ‘real time,’ but it can easily be argued as a false indicator. You can’t just go back in time and research, because unless the news source itself without reading every back issue of every daily newspaper in America. It’s damn hard to find those which have been earlier underreported.

Now, for my purposes, I elect to choose all which have available details useful for analytical purposes, which is again more than 450, less a good number of the 365 just mentioned, since that Web site was not discovered in my search until after I had stopped adding to my list. Understand, too, that anyone seeking to employ intelligent design would most likely need limit their own database to these same events, both because their own group of conspirators would face the same difficulties in finding underreported events, and more to the point, because it would be required that they be visible events to others in their NWO cabal — other competing groups.

But it is not these larger numbers which should concern us at the moment.

No. It is instead important to go back to my first attempt at looking for patterns, and much smaller numbers which were in hand. I made the mistake of trusting media and employed that list of 70 plus most cited shootings, only. It is important to note that even with that smaller data set, patterns were revealed, and further important to understand that a control group was also employed which compared favorably in verification of the method and findings as being scientifically sound. More on that, shortly.

The point is, in summary, that the patterns on this smaller group were subtly revealed, and only after exhaustive study. They would have been pointless to casual review, revealing nothing suspicious outwardly. But my unorthodox methods gave me an edge, thankfully. More so, of course, once the database grew to include the hidden shootings.

Once I realized and uncovered the full scale of event histories, the patterns became easier to find, and were quite overwhelming and more revealing of hidden information. Therefore, one very logical reason select gun grabbers with both a dark motive and the means to control media’s reporting have exercised restraint and employed confusion in their selective ‘complaints,’ is that full disclosure would increase the likelihood that someone like myself would come along and find the patterns, and expose them, perhaps even without my methods.

That perfectly defines a cover up. That, in turn, defines a conspiracy’s very existence.

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Crime Series: Ten Unexpected Proofs ‘Random’ Mass Shootings are by Intelligent Design

Ten easy-to-grasp but remarkable proofs, both visible and hidden: Illuminati style mystical symbolism and related ancient magical mysteries, calling cards, bragging rights, and Warlock spells cast against America, and the World. Conventional clues, too.

Are there any patterns in mass shootings? 

by H. Michael Sweeney  

copyright © 2014, all rights reserved. Permission to repost hereby granted provided entire post with all links in tact, including this notice and byline, are included. Please comment any such repost to original posting.

Is there any proof mass shootings are not random?

What you will learn reading this multi-part posting series…

•  there are 10 interlocking proofs that mass shootings are not random;
•  they include various kinds of patterns, visible and unseen, and even coded information;
•  that the pattern predicts itself, and understanding may therefore help stop the murder;
•  that the codes and clues seem to be like signatures identifying the architects.

Are mass shootings by intelligent design?

Introduction: Ten Proofs ‘Random’ Mass Shootings by Intelligent Design

Is there a mass shooting conspiracy?

Note: This series is not yet ready for full presentation, but the most recent Fort Hood forces me to start releasing the material without delay. The reason for delay has had to do with an inability to provide high quality graphics suitable for proofs. This will be overcome, shortly, I hope.

One thing you need to know about me as an investigative writer or, as media and government would prefer you to think of me, a ‘conspiracy theorist,’ is this: whenever I decide to take a close look at a potential conspiracy or lesser matter, I do it right. If I cannot uncover something no one else has brought to light, I’m either not finished, or I’ve backed out concluding it beyond reach, or a dud. If you read my findings on a given research, you will undoubtedly learn something FACTUAL no one else had previously discovered or brought to light. And so…

In this matter, we find the shear volume of startling new information overshadows and renders original headlines and competing theories essentially meaningless — especially media’s version. It will make you angry. It will scare you. The question is, will it motivate you to do something about it? YOU are what you are waiting for, you know.

But in introduction, there is still one other point which must be made; it is in form of a problematic question. Can I get you, the reader, to override your current belief structures long enough to  consider the unusual nature of the findings? This presentation will most assuredly fly in the face of what most people consider ‘traditional wisdom,’ but it also will explain why it is non-the-less valid. Can you handle the Truth, or will you wimp out to the comfort zone of current beliefs?

Area all mass shooters psycho?

On suspending belief structures


Dormer was not quite a ‘Mass Shooter’ incident, at least not at a single location/time. But the affair highlights the problem of accepting ‘random’ as the right word to apply to shootings when there are so many problems with the official story. CLICK to learn about why many people think him just another shooting patsy.

I began a ten-year research project for a book, Fatal Rebirth, in late 1989, which also begat a screenplay published on line in 1999 (The Electronic Apocalypse). In the book’s Introduction I urged the reader to suspend their belief structures briefly and read the material as if merely fiction for entertainment’s sake, because many of the concepts within were so new and unusual as to defy belief — likely seen as ‘far-fetched’ by most uninformed readers. I offered over 1,500 footnotes and a huge Appendix section to help them consider why I deemed them factual.

This blog post should be read in like manner, especially if you are content with government’s actions, are a politician, member of a government agency, military, or any part of the justice system, or Media. Especially if you are involved in a mass shooting incident as a professional or a victim seeking to know the truth. And even more so if you are gun owner, or even among what 2nd Amendment supporters refer to as a ‘gun grabber.’ I plead, therefore, that you suspend your belief structures briefly as if reading a political/horror-science fiction piece.  That’s what it is, actually, minus the fiction component.

You will, like readers of Fatal Rebirth, I would hope, realize the truth by the time you reach the end. Or, at the very least, you will be entertained for all your reluctance to let the message sink in and take root.

If nothing else, even if you choose to doubt some of the more obscure subtopics (i.e., relating to mysticism) have any factual basis in REALITY, consider this: it matters NOT what YOU think, given they ARE taken as real by persons likely to be behind any such conspiracy (i.e., ‘Illuminati’ Satanists). You MUST also ask yourself, “Can the sheer magnitude of interlocking clues be ignored?” Because at every turn they defy the odds of coincidental probability, as illustrated by carefully crafted control study groups. If thinking logically, you MUST concur that intelligent design is revealed despite what you may think about the logic of the beliefs which lay behind it, or the unusual way in which the evidence was revealed.

Pending you conclusion, by all means feel free to think me mad if you must. Read just for fun, but please read it through to end before you render final judgment as to if madness or truth be present. A logical reader will be converted unless their mind is already so firmly made up that they do not wish to be confused by facts which destroy their belief structures. Judge not what ye know not, but that upon which ye are well informed and have considered fully, judge freely.

Your future and the future of your children could well be at stake, a statement applying to all mankind. Why do I say this? The book mentioned above, Fatal Rebirth, was based on trying to illustrate what I call the Unified Conspiracy Theory; the notion that all of America’s darkest bumps in the night for the last half of the prior Century, forward, were not random oddities by random people for random agenda, but carefully orchestrated by the same core group of people with but one goal for the World in mind.

I termed them Shadow, but they are also known by other names; the New World Order, the Illuminati, the Power Elite, Globalists, and among them, member names like CIA, Skull and Bones, Bilderbergers, Council on Foreign Relations, and many more of like nature. Their goal I termed End Game; the establishment of a One World government, a single seat of power in order to seat the Antichrist upon his throne and bring us to Armageddon.

The Unified Conspiracy Theory, once justified in research and taking shape in book form, led me to realize that their stepwise actions over fifty years of mysteries were indeed leading to one goal. Knowing the goal, I reasoned, it should be possible to forecast the next logical steps. So the book also included within its presentation several terrible event predictions expected to take place in our near future. Thus far, though I do not claim to have gotten all event details precisely correct, many terrible forecasts have already come to pass. Among these were:

a) an assassination attempt on Ross Perot or his family to cause him to drop out of the Presidential Race, a matter which indeed transpired using mailed Anthrax according to a Secret Service back channel contact;

b) the false flag downing of the World Trade Center by civilian passenger jets which;

c) resulted in a series of Middle East Oil Wars. Other predictions include two more terror plots which are part and parcel of this blog post. Those are…

d) a false flag nuclear attack on Charleston, S.C. and Portland Oregon (the later of which I have already thwarted, it seems – see middle of my home page), and more to the point…


Note: you can get a free copy of Vol I of Fatal Rebirth (ebook) by email request to pppbooks at Comcast (net). You will be glad you did, as it will take you far deeper into the Rabbit Hole than Alice or Neo had ever gone. This pill is black, though trimmed in red, white, and blue.

So, if ready to suspend your belief structure, let us begin. Pretend there is, despite media’s recent attempt in the Cincia shooting to portray anyone who believes in the New World Order as mentally ill and anti-patriotic, that such a conspiracy is actually afoot. Also pretend, if you must, that Political Control Technology in the form of the Manchurian Candidate is real. There are real-life Jason Bournes out there, as my book, MC Realities, and other books on Political Control Technology illustrate more than adequately. Even the Smithsonian channel knows.

This will make the key postulations, testing methods, conclusions, and proofs of the core material easier to accept, especially as they will be offered in the manner of scientific discovery — exactly as I undertook them as investigative writer. You will, in fact, be able to retrace my work to double check it, if you wish — as long as you review the full series of posts and sidebars before you attempt it, lest you make a critical error.  Please subscribe to my blog pages to insure you are notified as the remaining posts in the series are added.

Are mass shootings are by intelligent design?

The Investigation

Jason Bourne… though fictional, is based on real-World programmable assassins. Do you suppose CIA or anyone else would not find something useful to do with failures in such programs? Might they not make excellent disposable patsies? Image/film:

Some several months ago, insulted by media’s misreporting of Aurora and Sandy Hook and outright clues that a disinformation campaign was afoot, I began finding ample cause for concern.  But how might one determine if other mass shootings were arranged as part of some kind of sick criminal conspiracy, one which might involve both real and faked shootings?

I started with several basic presumptions of truth, and then set about to see if the logical evidence such presumptions would require were indeed in place.  The ‘illogical’ presumptions fostered by the Unified Conspiracy Theory requiring suspension of belief are as follows:

1)    That Shadow and their Globalism requires destruction of America, and its Constitution in order to enable forming the North American Union, a matter which in turn requires that the Right to Bear Arms is first invalidated, and arms confiscated or gun owners otherwise neutralized in a manner similar to that of the Australia;

2)    That the New World Order, the modern day Illuminati, if you will, would be well capable of undertaking a campaign of gun violence for such cause, but being an Illumined Power Elite lost to Satanic and Masonic mysticism, they would employ mystical constructs which would leave detectible footprints if knowing what to look for;

3)    That the principle tool of such a plot would involve a small army of patsies, cut outs, and fall guys, principally from a category best known to the public as Manchurian Candidates. It may additionally involve a small army of blindly obedient members placed within our armed forces, the intelligence community, and law enforcement to aid more indirectly in supporting roles. This would include logistics, psyops, and cover up, or even command and control, generally unaware as to the truth or reason behind their orders. These are the same players frequently found playing key roles in the lives of mind control victims at large.

All three presumptions must be true to make a proper accusation, for they comprise the basic proofs of any crime: Motive, Opportunity, and Means. Normally, we think of opportunity as meaning access to the scene of the crime, typically proven by forensics such as fingerprints, or better yet, actual eye witnesses. In this case, they deliberately left their fingerprints, in a manner of speaking. In fact, the bulk of the proofs fall into this category, perhaps even naming individuals behind the plot. At the very least, we are indeed dealing with the Elite, those involved in principalities and powers.

Indeed: Two names have already surfaced by such clues, and both are billionaires. I also have a dozen other names of likely conspirators, but no names are released; these things are my Life Insurance Policy.

Sidebar PostOn Programmable People. This sidebar post addresses the notion of the possibility that at least some mass shooters are mind controlled patsies, and reconciles their coexistence with truly random shootings ­­— those which are more naturally spontaneous crimes — which can collectively still both be component parts of the same intelligent design.  This leads us to the finer details of how shooting event locations and dates lend importance to our consideration, and just how these things can additionally reveal intentional, yet concealed clues.

Here it should be mentioned, that many observers of the New World Order crowd favor the supposition that among their leadership we might find the modern-day Illuminati in spirit, if not in actual blood lineage, even though they may have since assumed a different family name. By way of example, in my research, I have had reason to conclude that the Rotheschild name was assumed; those assuming it being Knights Templar in hidding, their wealth derived from Templar treasure, and not truly Jewish by ancestry or faith, at all.

Many who favor the notion of a Modern-day Illuminati additionally believe, as do I, that there are at least two, and as many as four groups competing with each other within the movement to be the ones ‘honored’ to have one of their own selected to become the Antichrist. Much of what is discovered in this investigative series will point to this being true in one way, or inherently implied in another. It is, in fact, one very good reason to employ symbolisms and other clues which act as signatures of those so bidding for selection.

Such evidence was abundant, even easy to find, and I remain convinced that the trio of presumptions are sound enough to warrant seeking incontrovertible proofs. I sought such proofs both in quality and quantity sufficient to illustrate that ‘random’ was not the right word to describe mass shootings, but rather, ‘intelligent design,’ is.

The path of my continued investigation led to endless shocking discoveries, but there was a problem: to describe the methods and explain findings to the casual reader would, it seemed, require a tedious educational process and boring, repetitious citation of facts. It would be about as fun to read as a spreadsheet or database. Not good.

People want visual sound bites easily grasped. More so if Sheeple content with their Evening News and easily frightened off by words like ‘conspiracy theorist,’ and ‘New World Order,’ or similar. Worse, the investigation bogged because of the real life tragedies each shooting represented. Proper investigation meant exhaustive study of individual events, reviewing endless horrific detailed accounts and sad, brutal media imagery. It was taking an emotional and even physical toll upon my body and mind, and my spirit. Eventually, instead of plodding along 10-14 hours a day as at the start, I found myself barely able to work on it a few hours a week.

I played with several ideas on how to present the story NOW, without completion of the full study, for there is indeed already a mountain of proofs uncovered. But again, the complexities in presentation left me feeling it a hopeless task. Finally, I decided to break it down into about a dozen short compartmentalized components suitable for a series of blog posts. Frankly, I’m hoping it will spur someone to offer useful help; it will take funding and staffing to properly complete the study. Or better still, perhaps some Sheriff or other authority will assume the duty as result of shootings in their jurisdiction.

Follows is a synopsis of the Ten Proofs to be presented. There will additionally be, at appropriate points, companion posts detailing the scientific methods or other analytical procedures involved in select proofs where a doubting Thomas type may wish to challenge the validity of claims. I firmly believe that for my proofs to be accepted, they should be presented in a way such that ANYONE can duplicate my work and verify accuracy and conclusions.

This is a legitimate investigation despite its atypical and unorthodox methods and odd topics involved. NOTE: links will NOT WORK until the various posts involved have been posted. You may click on them to discover their current state. Again, subscription to this blog will notify you when new posts are added.

What are the ten proofs of a mass shooter conspiracy?

The Ten Proofs in review…

Proof One: Gun Grabbers Selectively Ignore Mass Shootings, Conceal Patterns;

Any time you find a cover up, you necessarily have a conspiracy to contend with. Gun grabbing groups, including government and biased or puppet media forces, should be using every opportunity to make their case for gun control, but act as if the bulk of gun violence never took place. Why do they employ selective blinders? There is a reason.

Proof Two: Shootings Exist in Identical ‘Magical’ Categorical Clusters;

The Illuminati loves magical numbers, as they can translate into meaningful words or names, or leverage ‘spells’. Interesting then, that basic shooting statistics establish set after set in the most magical and potent number of all, one which decodes to ‘Satan.’ This alone reveals dramatic coincidences well beyond the possibility of random chance.

Proof Three: Shootings Exist in Endless Sets of Three Forming Straight Lines;

The same Dispersal Pattern Studies method applied by government researchers to UFO sightings reveals Mass Shootings do something UFO sightings allegedly do not: form repetitive patterns with GPS accuracy, doorway-to-doorway-to-doorway.

Proof Four: Straight Lines in Turn Form Complex and Perfect Shapes;

When it comes to symbolism, nothing outperforms a graphical shape. Better still when that shape itself has magical properties or relationships to other shapes, or its own hidden or obvious meaning. 

Proof Five: Shapes in Turn Form Complementary ‘Magical’ Clusters;

It defies odds that perfect shapes should cluster together in ways which share overlapping lines or corners, and be generally both aligned and mirrored in additional symbolism.

Proof Six: Shootings Also Relate or Depict Masonic and Satanic symbols;

Select shootings define such symbols with precision. Masonic Symbols are rendered in 3-D. Satanic Symbols are positioned correctly for magical application by Warlock.

Proof Seven: Shootings Form Multiple Lines to Cheops Exactly 500 Miles Apart;

Extending select shooting lines finds them bisecting at the ancient Cheops Pyramid to establish a series of lines all of equal degrees of arc. But that just prepares us for a bigger bombshell.

Proof Eight: Shooting Lines Also Depict Cheops in 3-D Cutaway View;

The Great Pyramid in Egypt is one of the Holy of Holies to Masons and some satanic cults, and is specifically tied in mysticism to the End Times and historical catastrophic events. This one will scare you.

Proof Nine: Shooting Sets Share ‘Magical’ Data Points Which Decode to Messages;

Shooting line sets share three or more identical magical numbers within their data points. These decode to tell us when and where the next shooting will be, name a shooter, or perfectly prophesy some specific outcome.

Proof Ten: Individual Shootings Examined in Micro Duplicate the National Study Proofs

Two examples are offered; Aurora and Sandy Hook. They not only duplicate the ten proofs, but they mirror each other and one points to the other.
Why are mass shootings on the rise?

Are you ready of this? Buckle up!

So let us begin. I propose your best bet will be to SUBSCRIBE to my blog pages so that you are automatically notified as new posts are made to complete the series. Please link, share, tweet, etc., and by all mean vote your ranking at page top of each one, and comment with your questions, criticisms, or thoughts. How else will other know this is important?

Do bear in mind as you read, each offered proof individually seems to defy the odds or logic path required for truly random shooting events. Collectively, it is monumentally clear. Also bear in mind that I am human, and I, like any other, am prone to making mistakes. A ton of information had to be entered and copied from one location to another multiple times (multiple database and software applications). Therefore, either because of a mistake on my part, or perhaps because of a mistake in media or other accounts/records, any given individual data point in any given set of proofs may be found invalid.

By all means let me know if you find such a discrepancy, but please remember this: a single error in a single data point does not invalidate all other data points, and therefore, does not invalidate the conclusions or the suppositions, themselves. In order to dispute my findings, you will need to offer proofs that the method is flawed, the entire data set was in error, or analytical logic was faulty. More: such dispute must address and ultimately invalidate all ten proofs, or short of that, offer equally viable alternative explanations which fit the findings and afford a more innocent explanation.

Since each proof tends to defy all possible odds of random coincidence, and does so consistently, again and again, naysayers will have their work cut out for them. More so, because in many cases, control groups have been established to show truly random data points enjoy no such pattern. I have done my homework, and carefully so.

I will demand the same of naysayers.

Go to Proof OneGun Grabbers Selectively Ignore Mass Shootings, Conceal Patterns

Go to Side Bar: On on Programmable People


How Social Network Trolls Target, Track, and Psychologically Profile You

How to spot and deal with Trolls, including a clever tool they use in any social media capable of posting images (VERY prevalent on Facebook), and quite insidious with far reaching implications. BEWARE: you betray yourself and your friends if you take things at face value.

What is a Web Troll?

by H. Michael Sweeney

copyright © 2014, all rights reserved. Permission to repost hereby granted provided entire post with all links in tact, including this paragraph, are included.

How does being a web troll work?

UPDATE: Nov. 11, 2014 Perhaps as if to ‘test’ me as result of this article (or not), a Web troll began the process described herein to goad me argumentatively  while also employing a good half dozen of the usual disinfo tactics in the 25 Rules of Disinformation (linked below). So I unfriended him and watched: that same day, ‘someone’ created a new FB account and almost immediately friended two of my friends, posted ONE activist post, and ONE peace post, then requested to friend me. Sure. OK. BUT I HAVE MY EYE ON YOU, because that’s how easy it is to get a new identity and hook back up to a target. Not that I care. Trolls are tasty.

Are you being targeted by online government trolls

How Social Network Trolls Target, Track, and Psychologically Profile You

Reading this post you will learn…

•  That there are three basic kinds of trolls and subsequent ‘missions’ against targets like YOU;
•  That there are troll profiling and tracking tools or methods which can be recognized;
•  That there are ways to protect yourself without drawing more unwanted attention; 
•  That the Troll represents a danger in that their ‘assessment’ can lead to escalation in your targeting.
Is social media infiltrated by government trolls?

Government and Commercial Trolls

Consider, for example, the friend ranking and layer’s of affiliation tracking tool. A graphic is created containing a simple textual message. It is graphical because there is no easy way to distinguish between two identical text messages, whereas, altering a single pixel’s color by 1 imperceptible shade of difference makes it unique, and allows thousands upon thousands of individually trackable versions. A Troll who has managed to friend a targeted person of interest then posts the textual graphic as if a sincere request. Examples will be shown.

These kinds of posts seem innocent enough and easily get spread as requested, allowing simple computerized search processes by FB’s intelligence community or marketing partners to see not only who is close to the target party, but at what layered level and loyalty or, if you prefer, like minded thinking. In point of fact, ANY image shared with a given political, philosophical, religious, or other belief or emotional message can be so tracked to perfectly define each such poster’s psychological profile, and rank their threat level to the paranoiac governmental powers that be. The same is true of marketing trolls seeking to learn about your product usage or demographic, etc.

The only safe share, then, we might presume, is textual or perhaps the sharing of a URL and it’s image, or an image we ourselves create and have perhaps included in our FB albums. Even with URL’s however, the possibility exists it is still being tracked, especially if a Troll operated resource such as Federal Jack, a known DHS sponsored Sorcha Faal disinformationa conduit targeting conspiracy theorists, activists, and other ‘potential terrorists.’ Their goal is to get you to ‘share’ their links, thereby spreading disinformation while psychologically cataloging YOU and any of your friends’ beliefs; all who click to learn more. They may need to have a troll assigned to them, after all, for being yet another ‘potential terrorist’ — a free thinker, patriot, constitutionalist, etc.

Worse, we have learned from our new Paul Revere of the coming Second American Revolution (Snowden), that NSA is not only monitoring FB activities big time but that Trolls from NSA, FBI, DHS, DOD, and even the FED, and other paranoid agencies, and even corporations who have a strong and growing list of people who think ill of them, like Monsanto and some banks — all regularly maintain false social media identities for entrapment and spying purposes. They even infiltrate online gaming. Snowden’s latest bombshell, according the foreign media analysts, indicates there were so many game Trolls that it was starting to change the character of online gaming, and special tools had to be developed so that Trolls would not end up targeting other Trolls and more easily remain inobvious. We are talking here, about games with chat or other communications capabilities within the game or as part of game support, especially when in a social network manner.

And it is clear that snooping is also rampant among commercial interests, which is certainly true in online gaming, which after all, is a commercial enterprise. FB is perhaps the biggest offender in this area.

How can you spot a social media troll?

Differentiating an innocent graphic from a potential spy tool…

There are several online graphical message generating services. FB themselves seems to be hooked up with one called your-ecards (.com). Another is someecards (.com). Anyone can use these to generate a simple textual graphic with or without use of stock illustration graphics (e.g., a man looking perplexed), typically in silhouette or line art form. They can then easily share it through their favorite social media(s) with a few additional clicks. These can always be recognized because the logo for the creating Web service is displayed at the bottom. An additional hallmark of such services is that the background is almost always colored, and there are scant few colors available. The default color or otherwise most popular seems to be pale blue, pale green, or yellow-orange.

So when you see a colored background, typically with larger or fancier text than a normal posting, you are clearly looking at a graphical text post. The next thing to look for is the logo. If you see a logo, it was likely a sincerely generated message by a genuine human resident of social media. However, if there is no such logo, the message may have been generated by a Troll using his own computerized tools to psychologically target you regarding a select individual hot button. Are you, for instance, a tax protester, pro gun, anti GMO, for or against a given politician or political topic, or simply, who is a good like-minded friend of yours as opposed to some stranger you’ve accepted on the Network. Such messages also tend to be minus any artwork — text only. There is one more defining clue to look for.

Because there may be multiple versions of the same message for targeting different individuals by multiple Trolls interested in gathering information about many someones, there is a need to tell one shared message copy from another, which is exactly why it needs to be a graphic.  YOUR version must be physically different from MINE. The simple solution is to vary one or more pixels in a way easy for a software routine to detect, and then match to a targeted individual and their Troll/need. Given the countless millions of users on FB (and other social media) who might be deemed targets, it may mean that many, many dozens of pixels will need to be manipulated. My research shows that, indeed, most of the suspicious postings, in addition to missing the logos, have such visual manipulations. Examples:


This is an example of a Troll-generated chain letter designed to find out your religious views, and who among your friends is of like mind. Note the guilt factor in the last sentence, and no true traditional Christian message. Note also the dark aberration, a visual flaw above the numeral 9 of 97%.


This is an example of a Troll-generated chain letter designed to find out more about your true close friends, as opposed to casual Network contacts you don’t personally know. Again, note the visual flaws in the slightly darker ‘blur’ areas about the letters… you may need to zoom in. This phenomenon is common in such messages, creating a pool of pixels useful in manipulations.

So one needs to look for such abberations or flaws in the background, usually darkened pixels along the edge, most commonly gathered in clusters or strips. You have to ask yourself… if going to the trouble to create a custom graphic for a text message instead of simply typing it in, why would they: a) choose the ugly colors used by such as your-ecard if not trying to make you think it such; b) take the extra steps to strip away the logo if using such a service (the point being they did not); and c) end up creating an image with a flawed background (where did the aberration come from, if not deliberate)?

When these clues are present, you are staring at a Trollish spy tool. To then share it betrays and catalogs you and links you and your beliefs with any of your friends who do the same, and theirs, and so forth, on down the line. The proper thing to do is enter into the comments: “I suggest you delete this post because it fits the description of a Troll’s chain-letter spy tool to catalog, track, or psychologically profile and establish links between like-minded persons: learn more here:” That link goes to this blog post you are reading.

Then I suggest you share the post anyway with a similar message, “Share this to warn others about Troll spy tool chain-letters to catalog or psychologically profile and establish links between like-minded persons. To learn more about this tool, visit this link”

Finally, look carefully at the original post. Most social media will have a means to indicate if it was itself being shared, or was a direct post. If direct, it’s YOUR Troll. If shared, the poster was gullible in sharing, and is not likely a Troll… but beware that that could be arranged for as a deceit — so watch to see if the poster repeats the ploy frequently. You might optionally go to the ‘cited source’ of the share and try to find the post on their wall if you want to try to see if they are the Troll, and on to the next if not, and so forth, posting or messaging those encountered along the way who are victims, if you can. But that can be a LOT of work.

Are social media trolls sociopaths or psychopaths?

More Direct Trolls; Psyops and Sociopaths

The real threat to activists and politically incorrect persons online, like myself, is government agents paid to do nothing but sit in front of a computer and pretend to be your social network friend, someone you don’t really know at all, of course. They don’t just post Trollish images, they comment, and even message you. Like the aforementioned tool, they seek to learn everything they can to psychologically profile you, as well as see who ‘likes’ your posts and what THEY comment. But they are also there to play mind games. You are officially a victim of psychological warfare, perhaps even by someone from within the U.S. military, or even the military of another country. They are quite often sociopaths, so chosen because those traits make them more efficient.

Here are some tips on how to spot and deal with this class of Troll, as well as the kind of Troll who is simply out to make trouble for a given collective of people who believe a certain way about a certain topic. You know the type, my favorite example being the warrior Atheist who deems it his life’s mission to ferret out believers in God and annoy them with endless barbs and zings as if they were evil and dangerous for daring to worship. These people will wax sociopathic, too, and even psychopathic, when given enough rope. UNFRIEND these kinds of Trolls.

Hint 1) Trolls work in packs or maintain multiple identities to be a self-contained pack. That way, if you delete one of them, others survive, and then they generate yet another new identity and friend request to maintain the pack. The advantage is that you can suffer a series of ‘In deference to your view, we all seem to believe the same (whatever)’ posts (i.e., you are an idiot on this matter). Sure. You might be an idiot. But at first, the pack is all positive and flattering to your own beliefs so you a) get used to seeing them, and b) start respecting their beliefs and presuming them the same as yours. That’s the worming in stage.

But when it is appropriate for profiling or attempting the role of agent provocateur or disinformationalist, they will all suddenly be believing in something more off the mark, and increasingly so, as often as not. But by now, you like them and their beliefs, and so, your reaction tends to be as they expect; they are pulling your chain, and observing your jerks, evaluating, and cataloging, attempting to modify your behavior through deceit — a form of mind control. Can you be controlled, or are you firmly centered in your beliefs? Are your notions your own, or being foisted upon you?

Hint 2) New Troll requests tend to be persons with scant history on the network, and very few posts, but posts akin to your own in substance. Note that Facebook asks you to suggest friends to them. NEVER do this unless someone you ACTUALLY KNOW in the real World. If you do it, you are giving them a list of new targets. Since I don’t fear and even enjoy playing with Trolls, I let anyone into my friend list, but that does not mean they get what they want from me. But you may be better off simply passing on marginally viable friend requests.

Hint 3) Try posting something deep and yet somehow provocative (in the eyes of the establishment) which requires a bit of reading and thought before drawing conclusions. Look for a pattern in response from the same suspect persons; a) almost instantaneous response in the manner of (Hint 1), and typically emotional rather than logical in nature. This is almost always short and designed to be inflammatory or provocative, a bit testy. This is followed by b) one or more secondary (pack) responses delayed rather a bit in time. These will be more in depth and thoughtful, and validate the former with logical argument, and may contain a link to give further credibility. Other brief pack replies may be sprinkled in for effect. Collectively, they are all in agreement regarding your idiocy (or whatever).

It is when the same people tend to respond in these patterns that you are very likely dealing with a Troll pack. You will find this is true regardless of what time of day or night you post. They never sleep because every psyops Troll is actually three people manning a keyboard around the clock. They can always respond quickly with the first response, but the careful response requires that they actually research and formulate the best supporting answer based on all they know about you and the topic, which they might need to first research, and likely, it involves a supervisor’s approval or must be compared against preset guidelines.

Hint 4) Thick skin, undaunted. There is nothing you can do to make these people not remain your friend, short of unfriending them, yourself. While they may match or even exceed your own expression of ire, they won’t go away no matter how you might choose to argue, or confront with insult. Indeed, they tend never to deal with insults directly, at all; they are irrelevant and serve no usefulness to their goal. A real person has an ego that must be defended, but they are just playing psychological games and feel superior regardless of what you say. But when you argue, watch out for the next hint, which is commonly employed in their responses.

This is also true of the sociopathic/psychopathic ‘cause’ trolls.

Hint 5) They tend to employ the 25 Rules of Disinformation. Easy to spot, easy to deal with, if you know what to look for. Be careful, though, because ordinary people sometimes use flawed presentation style or less-than-thoughtful posts which on the surface appear to fit one or more of the rules, when they are just being human. Watch for repeat performances, to know the difference. Give them rope.

Can trolls lead to real-world targeting?

Dangerous escalations; why we dare not ignore trolls

The real danger in online Trolls is this: their whole purpose in targeting you online can be to determine if you deserve real-World targeting, as well. With a few keystokes you can end up having your entire life put under a microscope; phone surveillance, tails, observation posts, bugs and cameras covertly placed in your home, mail intercepted and snooped, and so forth. Men in Black stuff. Its why I wrote The Professional Paranoid; a how-to book on detecting and dealing with this kind of targeting.

And, it can escalate further: electronic harassment, dirty tricks, political control technology (mind control) to make you look mentally ill to others, destroy personal relationships, wreck your income, and sabotage your life. For that, I wrote MC Realities, another how-to.

But it can also lead to the worst of all possible escalations; NDAA vanishing. If truly a pain in the neck to the government, a threat which needs to be dealt with more urgently… you can ‘legally’ (so they claim) kidnap you and make you vanish without any legal process. They can elect to torture you or give you over to some other country for ‘processing.’ Or, if they want, they can murder you and dispose of your body. This is how we know we are living in a tyrannical Police State, and why, then, government dare not tolerate free thinkers without Trolling them, and trampling on rights and freedoms at every turn, and why fear mongering is their number one justification. ‘Oooh… terrorists are everywhere! We need to TSA and NSA your ass for your own safety.’

What should I do if I encounter a social media troll?

What to do with a Troll

I personally do not mind their presence so much as some might. I enjoy providing them with disinformation, or provoking them to try to chase down a given pathway of dialogs only to suddenly drop the matter as if it never happened, or I don’t really care, or even was deliberately jerking their chain. I even kid them.

But most people would prefer to unfriend them, and there is NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT. Just know they will be right back with a new identity. It may be better to deal with the ones you know than to worry about finding the new ones you don’t yet know.

My favorite thing, however, is to educate them. I like posting factual material which challenges their personal beliefs that their job and their boss are operating on valid or just principles or beliefs, and purposes. I make them ashamed or feel guilt, whenever possible. It does not work with everyone, of course, but it is fun to try.

Are social media trolls dangerous?


Your privacy and personal safety could be at stake if you are in the hands of Trolls. The threat level is determined by how much our paranoid government fears people who fear government’s growing fascist police state/spying mentality, and dare to talk openly about it.  The more vocal you are, or the more aligned with or closer in links to others of like mind, or the more active you are elsewhere on the Web, or the more followers you have, and even the kinds of searches you make (that, too, is being watched by government) and certainly, your own original postings… each of these things determine if you might become the victim of someone else’s Troll, or have a Troll assigned to you, and what kind of Troll.

And once your ‘threat level’ has been assessed, that could lead to escalations that you will not likely want to experience. If you get a sense that such escalations are already in place or happening, by all means read my books, because they will help you know for sure, help identify the players, and form defenses. You can also contact me personally for free and for-fee online consulting or direct intervention services.

It’s what I do when I’m not being a thorn in the side of tyranny… and attracting Trolls.

Gun Shops, Grocers, Other Retailers Key to Disaster Survival

When the stinkiest FEMA kind of stuff hits the fan, anyone who has a business dealing in key resources will find their valuable inventories and property at risk of sack and pillage by looters, or outright theft by government. There is a way to protect such assets while at the same time insuring better chances of survival of families.

How do I protect my business in a disaster?

by H. Michael Sweeney

copyright © 2013, all rights reserved. Permission to repost hereby granted provided entire post with all links in tact, including this paragraph, are included.

What can gun shop owners do to protect against gun consfication?

The Threat to Business Property is significant in a disaster…

Korean shop owners (rooftop) defend shops during LA Riots to augment or supplant Law Enforcement (click for riot details)

In the prior part of this series we reviewed a wide variety of disaster situations that make emergency preparedness an ultra-important concern for families, reasons far more serious and far reaching than mere quakes, floods, or tornadoes. In the second part, we proposed a disaster preparedness plan much more comprehensive and truly useful than that advised by FEMA/DHS, albeit one government will never approve. Why? Because it’s closer to their own preparations and mimics their own capabilities, and removes you from dependence upon them. That means they cannot control you by being your only source for key survival items.

But the previous material addressed family needs from their perspective. And, there were certain aspects of such a plan which would prove difficult for many families without the help of an outside party. Then we have businesses to consider, who have their own unique concerns as to what happens in dire emergencies. Business owners or responsible managers of many kinds of retail and other business with select kinds of inventories or resources, should be every bit as concerned as a family, and looking for a disaster preparedness plan which specifically protects their valuable business assets, both real property and inventories.

There are several key reasons to consider this a critical concern: One, many disasters are deemed Acts of God and are therefore not included under insurance provisions unless, perhaps, paying extra premiums for specific policy riders such as a flood or tornado insurance. No insurance policy provides protection against acts of war, which includes revolution, military coups and similar political unrest, often even excluding protection against riot losses — regardless of the cause of the riot.

And beyond the worry of insurance protection, FEMA’s plan for your assets in an emergency will very likely include confiscation and take over of your property ‘for the good of the community.’ Similar concerns exist in any Martial Law situation. So if you have such a business, you should worry and wonder if there is not some way you can protect your assets from such total or near-total loss or take over. Never fear, the Professional Paranoid is here to help…

What will happen to gun shops in a FEMA declared emergency?

Partnering with Family Collectives

The prior posts in this series dealt with idea of forming multi-family unit collectives for improved emergency preparedness at the family level, as well as why such preparedness plans and kits should go well beyond minimal FEMA advice and prepare for long-term disasters, not just three day fire/quake/flood protection. This involved numerous considerations and plans in terms of organization and supplies, individual responsibilities and more. But for many such collectives as might be established, some items become difficult to come by or store due to cost or special attributes.

The bottom line is, in a serious emergency situation, looting and general criminal activity become a serious threat to any owner of a business handling inventories of critical resources which are also valuable to long-term disaster kits. Often just as important, many such inventories represent a storage problem for long-term home survival kits. Gun shops especially, and even food or fuel can be difficult to store in quantity suitable for a long-lived disaster. Many more items could be added to such a list, as a given collective of families will have their own unique set of limitations and issues to resolve. As result, even a motorcycle shop or car dealership, auto parts store, tire shop, or tool shop, may find themselves in the same position as a gun shop. In some communities, for example, boats will be a key product in need of protection and in demand as an emergency item. So there are many kinds of businesses who can take advantage of the ideas offered here.

My goal in this series of posts was to attempt to find a solution addressing both these concerns by partnering family collectives with such owners. And, the word owners could in some cases mean ‘managers,’ where owners are corporations or persons who do not themselves manage and/or live near enough to ‘take charge’ for the purpose. Such partnerships are simple: the owner joins or heads a family collective, either one they formed on their own (perhaps made up of employee families), or by joining with someone who approaches them with an acceptable offer.

In some cases, such as gun shop owners or owners of vey large facilities (e.g., super market,), they may wish to partner with multiple collectives. This is because in the event of worst-case long-term disaster scenarios, there may be a need for significant armed resistance against third parties, even to include unconstitutional seizure by Federal forces. By unconstitutional, I mean in the event of an attempt to overthrow the government by the military, or armed insurrection to restore the Republic against some other form of tyranny.  We will know that horse when it rides into town; mass arrests or attempts to seize weapons door-to-door will be its hallmarks.

We all remember the LA Riots? Even though the National Guard was deployed, it was up to citizens to protect their own property. Neither soldier nor Police and Fire were of much help. Korean family-owned businesses gave us the model we need to consider following; they armed themselves to the teeth and took to the roofs of their stores and residences and fended off looters. Family units can band together in like fashion, and better yet if also joining with a one or more business owners in some mutually beneficial arrangement.

Gun shop owners, in particular, have a serious need. They become the highest-value target in town, and therefore, need many able-bodied people to bear arms — in sufficient number to become a significant deterrent to assault. This works well for the families involved, as well, providing them with low or no-cost access to weapons needed to protect their families and homes. The trick is to find ways to do it which do not amount to simply giving away inventory. Not a problem, given that provisional contractual agreements can be drawn up in advance.

How can we prevent government confiscation of our business assets in a declared emergency?

Making it work for all concerned

I propose that such partnerships might be best approached with a contractual agreement for mutual protection. The agreement should provision for both the possibility of taking possession of weapons and munitions immediately and only after a serious event transpires. It might provide for trade of ownership of weapons deployed once the crises is over for a minimum guarantee of service to the shop owner providing protection of the business property.  Weapons can be deemed as ‘rented’ during the disaster with options to purchase afterwards, perhaps with rental applying to the price, or may be considered as ‘payment’ for protection helps rendered, or some mix, thereof. Such items, pre any event, need not be fully deployed to family possession, allowing for normal inventory turnover so that older inventory is sold off and replaced with new, and families don’t need to worry about storage.

Take a gun shop: Only if the family collective partner wishes to take possession (ownership) of weapons for storage at home up front (the suggested kit calls for one pistol minimum), need any money change hands. Once a serious emergency transpires, the families can be issued the additional firearms from shop inventory, and sign for them. They must keep them safe, and must use them on call or by schedule in protection of the store property. It would only take one person from each family unit at a time, given the quantity of family partnerships participating — to adequately defend the store. They ‘pay for what they use’ in the form of a rental/purchase option to be addressed after the emergency ends, perhaps involving payment terms (perhaps involving very small payments pre disaster). There are any number of creative solutions to make it mutually viable.

I am no lawyer, but in a civil emergency, many laws fall by the wayside as a matter of practicality. A gun permit process is not something you worry about when the government is shut down and lives are at stake. However, a wise shop owner might want to check with a lawyer and get some advice and deal with such concerns up front. There is no reason a single individual from each family collective could not undergo a permit process as part of the contingency preparation. What they do with the weapons in an emergency should at that point no longer matter to the shop owner, with reasonable agreements to avoid illegal uses in place. One might also want to address how to safely store key records in order to insure lists of gun holders are not compromised and lead to confiscations, anyway.

Other kinds of businesses? Consumables such as food from a grocery store which have dates of expiration would be lost, anyway, so any financial arrangement to distribute storables in an emergency with any level of appropriate financial reimbursement or property protection services of participants should, IMO, be eagerly embraced. For most shop owners, it converts a disaster where they face the potential loss of all inventory and significant property damage into a situation that more closely approximates the ultimate ‘sale’ where all inventory goes out the door to happy customers, AND the property is protected.

From the family side, a collective should easily be able to field 6-10 adults to defend as many different business sites simultaneously, while still retaining sufficient adults to protect the home base camp. Therefore, they have access to 6-10 different key survival items they might not otherwise be able to afford or store long term. It is a win-win situation for everyone but looters and would-be confiscators.

Upon event occurrence, family members ‘report for duty’ and are issued weapons, sending the appropriate portion back to the family for home defense and protection from confiscation by FEMA/Military.  I propose an organized convoy is the only safe way, as otherwise, armed interlopers might dare to ambush a lone person or single vehicle. I further suggest that, if not already the case by natural instinct, a strict military-like organization and rules for command and engagement be established. Such a model should ideally trickle down to the family units as well, if a long-term event is involved.

Therefore, prior military service, especially in combat or involving combat training, is to be highly prized in any collective or partnership. Where such experience is found in a retired Officer (as opposed to an enlisted rank), so much the better. If there is additionally someone with prior intelligence or forward observer experience, or demolitions or military engineering background, better still. Likewise for any medical corps. or other medical background.

In closing, the business itself should have on hand sufficient stores of foods and other resources (as opined in the prior post) to sustain several months of a ‘stand off’ in defensive posture. A key factor will be the ability to communicate with partnering family units that they may be called in to provide force rotation, deliver emergency supplies, or outright tactical relief against assaulting forces. The prior posts cover communications alternatives in a total outage of all utilities.

How can I protect my business as well as my family in a disaster?

Logical Emergency Response Plan Government Won’t Approve

The government has for some time now been turning up our ‘threat perceptions’ regarding emergency preparedness… taking us to levels of ‘concern’ not seen since the height of the Cold War and the Cuban Missile Crises. As discussed in the prior post of this series, we need to figure out what they are NOT telling us, and prepare for THAT, too.

Why should I have an emergency plan?

by H. Michael Sweeney

copyright © 2013, all rights reserved. Permission to repost hereby granted provided entire post with all links in tact, including this paragraph, are included.

What can I do to prepare for any emergency?

What you will learn reading this post:

  • That there are kinds of disasters government is not talking about which you should also prepare for;
  • That some disasters are best addressed by preparations based on collectives of households instead of reliance only upon one’s own household;
  • That the nature of the emergency dictates how long the period of time of distress, which dictates what the emergency preparedness plan should look like;
  • That some considerations go well beyond government’s advice, and in fact would not likely be approved by FEMA, DHS, or the Miltary… because they want you dependent upon their help and mercy as a means of political control.

What should my emergency preparedness plan look like?

Government is EMPHATICALLY urging us to prepare

In the first part of this series, we talked about WHY you need an emergency preparedness plan and kit which goes beyond FEMA/DHS recommendations. Regardless of their true reasons for such urgent and dramatic advice — by all means, do what they tell you: establish an emergency plan centered upon a home emergency supplies kit adequate for the kinds of emergencies they imply are of most concern (fire, quake, flood). But do it smarter than that, and cover all the bases, including the far more serious and dangerous possibilities reviewed in the prior post. Here is how best to do that without taking on the whole burden of cost and logistical overhead, yourself. But I warn you, the government will not approve, so part of your plan should include an attempt at quiet preparation and concealment.

What should my family do in a disaster? 

Multi-layered Partnerships

Don’t rely on just my advice, see what officials  have to say say (click for Morrow County Health)

A single family household, no matter how well prepared, cannot fare as well as several family units banded together. So much the better when those units are either actual neighbors, or relatives who live not too far away (say, an hour’s walk or less). So if you do not have relatives close enough to meet the need, you should immediately be sounding out the viewpoints of neighbors on this topic (a simple way is to suggest they read this post series, and ask what they think) and cultivating relationships with those of like thinking.

Herein, a ‘family unit’ may therefore consist of any combination of actual blood-related families joining with single neighbors or childless couples who are not related, or may be made up entirely of unrelated persons with no core family, as such. A unit should ideally be in the range of three-five adults, but in an emergency, teens are considered adults. So where most units are single persons or couples, you may want more participating units.

Such a collective of family units, no matter how well each unit is prepared individually, can indeed far better survive a serious matter by their alliance. It makes it possible to spread the need for more costly specialized emergency resources over a broader group; some family units can be designated as special resource parties with everyone sharing the financial burdon.  This makes a superior readiness more affordable as well as eliminating storage restrictions which might exist, such as faced by a given family unit in the group living in an apartment.

In the next Part of this series, we will also see that an ideal partner might be deemed a special resource party because they own a gas station, grocery store, gun shop, etc.  Many such businesses, in fact, have some special strategic opportunities to consider, which will be the focus of Part III — but you get what I’m hinting at.

How do I prepare an emergency survival kit?

Key Decision Point Factors

Some circumstances alter both individual and collective needs dramatically and will need to be accommodated with detailed planning. The following topics should be fully explored early in organizing the collective, because they may dictate a need to add yet another family unit into the mix, or help define who is a special resource party and what that will mean for all concerned in a disaster event:

Talk about disaster considerations in terms of resource needs and response plans…

a)    Categories of disaster events to be considered (i.e., individual events such as fire, plane crash, etc., area-wide events such as flood or terrorism, regional or national events such as Martial Law or pandemic event);

b)   Level of availability of, or threats posed by damage to critical services supply lines; water, power, gas, telecommunications;

c)    Types of destruction of home and property (i.e., fire, earthquake, flood, assault);

d)   Levels of community-wide destruction and resulting third-party threats to home/property/resources;

e)    Transportation shut down or impedance to access to home/property/resources, or each other by third-parties;

f)     Impact of communications shut down vs. alternative solutions for the collective;

g)    Disparate location of individuals (i.e., at work, home, in transit, shopping, etc.) as might impact on reaction and hooking up post event;

h)   Estimation of self sufficiency of a given family unit before connecting with the collective;

i)     Estimation of time before outside helps become available, as will vary according to the above considerations.

j)     Fully review FEMA emergency guidelines and their pitiful performance in actual disasters such as Katrina, as well as the shameful role of military and police. In Katrina, they came for the guns and gunned down blacks to keep them in their own area. In Hurricane Andrew, the National Guard deployed a psychological warfare unit who set up detention camp-like relief centers and set up telephones which were 100% monitored by the Defense Department, and CIA, etc. You need to know what frightening provisions the government has made in preparation for total control of your lives ‘in an emergency.’

Such factors are most simply addressed by establishing multi-level options for individual family unit’s responsibilities to the collective, as well as event response. Each individual’s plan/options should deal with each such contingency, and consider where the individual might be at any given time (i.e., at work). Resources should be redundantly distributed over as broad a range of storage points as may be practical — a key reason for multiple family units. Examples of determinations:

a)    A family without good storage capabilities may need to focus on an ability to relocate or hookup with one who does;

b)   A family without good financial clout may need to focus on an ability to provide special skills or manpower, or deal with relatively low cost special resources such as communications or transportation;

c)    A family with inherent special resources already in place (e.g., owns a gun shop) will likely get a free ride, financially speaking;

d)   A family with many adult males will likely be the best collective leader, though clearly, other factors also come into play. Such determinations may vary according to event type being addressed, so a different family unit might be deemed a better leader or resource for one type of event than determined for another event. Military experience, for example, would be of great value for long-term, regional, or political upheaval events, but less important in a short or localized events.

Where can I get advice on emergency preparedness?

Term of Survival without helps dictates needs…

A key factor in planning is knowing what constitutes a minimum level of stored resources (emergency preparedness kit) per household for each event type, as well as kit content details. Again, distribution of resources will likely be required, and there should be some level of redundancy to accommodate the total loss of a given family unit’s houshold kit. More: because FEMA’s draconian powers extend to cover broad powers of confiscation, and by their wish is to control ALL MANNER resources, they deem HOARDING to be a punishable crime with significant penalties to include arrest.

Hoarding generally appears to be defined as no more than a week’s supply, but some things are even more tightly controlled, such as gasoline storage. So plan on hiding long-term reserves, and likely, on protecting your weapon’s and munitions in similar manner as well; gun confiscation by military is highly likely in a long-term event.Below find a minimum suggest level of supplies and their dispersal. Naturally, your own thoughts may yield improvements based on your own skills, location or environment (e.g., lakeside = boat), and availability of special items (e.g., scuba gear):

A)   Localized and single unit events will likely require no more than 1-3 Days of self sufficiency: Food, water (1 Gallon per day per person*), blankets, three changes of clothes each for normal and extreme weather conditions, three sets of rechargeable batteries for all devices, portable lighting, one flashlight per person, multiband radio, propane stove and 3 propane refills, sleeping bags, rainslicks, first aid kit, bagged clothing, and about $250 cash. Matches, newspaper bundles for kindling or insulation.  Local storage should be sufficient even in an apartment situation. Each person can keep a ‘go bag’ in their room, or at least a flashlight, if using centralized bag location, only. Regardless, the bathroom or other storage point for prescriptions must be raided along the way*.

* Each of the levels below can impact prescription and water issues negatively. It becomes increasingly difficult to store large quantities of water, and thus some form of water reclamation or source should be considered, as indicated. Prescriptions can run out in mid event and would be near impossible to refill, and it is difficult to obtain a long term supply, and even if possible, long term storage of many prescriptions may be a bad idea as drugs degrade with time and sometimes even become dangerous through chemical changes wrought by oxidation. Since some prescriptions can be dangerous if forced to stop cold-turkey, you should consider the side effects and warnings on each prescription to see if weaning off gradually might be wiser. Fortunately, Diabetic and other select medical problems rely upon supplies and treatments which can be acquired and stored for long term needs. A final comment: each person with a significant medical need should keep on their person a card citing such concerns, medications, etc., in case they become incapacitated and found by third parties. The card should include information on any alternate location the collective is using as the emergency ‘address’ if different than that on identification, as well as names of key persons to be sought out, which should likely include more than direct family.

B)    Wide area events may require 4-14 Days self sufficiency: Add one pistol per household and box ammo, and walkie talkies locally retained by each household. Globally augment food and water appropriately, and add a store of gasoline, axe or chainsaw, shovel, generator, rope, tent(s), hammer, propane torch, handsaw, nails, screws/eyehooks, canvas. Sewing kit, 1 or two GPS devices, hand-held multi-band radio scanner, water reclamation kit (and supply of filters), road flares, pepper spray, motion alarms, binoculars, $1,500 cash.  2 additional boxes ammo per household. Secure storage facilities are a must, especially for weapons and fuels, with no exterior access to unauthorized parties. One person must jump through gun registration hoops to acquire the gun, unless given them as a gift.

C)   Regional or national events could easily require 3-12 Weeks sufficiency: Globally augment Food, water, consider augmenting a base station home with defensive modifications*. Note that GPS accuracy may be downgraded by government action from 50’ to several thousand feet. Add 1 rifle w scope per family unit, 1 pistol per adult globally, 1 or more night vision device for guard duty/firefights, short wave two-way radio, surgical kit, hiking/fishing/camping gear, flare gun, wheelbarrow or cart, 1-3 pairs binoculars, $5,000 cash. 3-5 boxes ammo per weapon. It may be advisable to bury some items or provide external hard and secure storage site(s)*. No additional gun registration applications by secondary parties should normally be needed, especially if the primary purchaser applys for a Dealer’s permit, which can additionally allow purchase of fully automatic weapons.

D)    Longer Term events such as revolution or Martial Law, invasion – Base Station only: 1-2 Shotguns, 1 or 2 targeting lasers for tactical pistol use, 1rifle per adult w or w/o scope, 1 crossbow and sword per household, Seed bank, military survival/combat protective gear, welder, expanded took kit, block/tackle, smoke grenades, flash bangs, salination system if near seawater, still, bear traps (for perimeter defense).  25 boxes ammo per weapon. 3 dozen bolts. Hardware nuts/bolts kit.  Bolts can also be used to make spears. Burried and external storage sites much more important, to include off site and well hidden locations. Here is where you want to have dosimeters, Geiger Counter, and Potassium Iodide tablets in case of radiation concerns.

E)    Regarding Vehicle kits, all levels: spare ignition cables and parts, full set of spare fuses, serviceable spare and jack, snow chains, tools, 6 flares, 1 gallon water, blankets, first aid, 1 days food per person in family unit, 1 box ammo per type of weapon (pistol, rifle, shotgun), 6 bolts. Pepper spray, sand bag, matches, newspaper. First aid kit. External of vehicle, spare set of tires, anti-freeze, case of oil, two cans each of brake, power steering, transmission fluid, service manual for vehicle. Car alarm advised.

*In my book set, Fatal Rebirth, specific advice given on how to reinforce a home or other structure, conceal critical items, and other tactical considerations, including home-made weapons. You might want to read some books which specialize in such topics for an even better insight. Also included is tactical advice for possible conflict scenarios useful to militia or other armed defenders of the Constitution. A free ebook copy of Volume I is available by request to pppbooks at Comcast dot net. Learn more at

What happens if government does not respond quickly enough in a disaster?


Some people are better prepared than others…

These considerations, with a properly organized dispersal of resources among cooperative family units, along with a good understanding of responsibilities and event responses according to event type… assure a far better defense posture against the unknown than FEMA or anyone else in government would seem to wish, even to the point of their being the actual problem against which you must defend.

If guns are to be acquired in quantity, it is imperative that all adults (including teens) take firearms safety/operation and care classes for the specific weapons. Target practice and practice breaking down and cleaning, reloading, and dealing with jams are just as important. Self defense courses in martial arts are also advised: if a long-term event comes along, all manner of problems will originate from third parties seeking to take valuable resources from you by force. Be prepared to fight with skill, and thereby hopefully deter violence, or be prepared to die.

In Part III, we look at how owners of gun shops, grocery stores, gas stations, and other key resource businesses can be incorporated to both the benefit of the collective, and to assure the owner that their resources will have the best possible chance of survival without sack and pillage by looters, and possibly even withstand government seizure. It also better explains what is meant by the last point about who the enemy might actually end up being:  Gun Shops, Grocers, and Other Retailers Key to Survival in Major Disaster

What can I expect when a disaster happens?

The REAL Reason FEMA Promotes Emergency Preparedness?

FEMA and the rest of government seems quite paranoid about disasters of late, but clues suggest there are hidden reasons behind urging preparations — not the earthquakes, floods, nor fires they talk about. Conspiracy theories based upon dialogs by geophysicists, astrophysicists, and politicos seem far more likely the cause, and that puts a whole different face on what ‘preparation’ should involve and mean for you.

Why is government pushing emergency preparedness?

by H. Michael Sweeney

copyright © 2013, all rights reserved. Permission to repost hereby granted provided entire post with all links in tact, including this paragraph, are included.

Can we really trust FEMA?

Reading this post series in three parts you will learn…

  • That there are significant reasons you absolutely should have an emergency preparedness program in place;
  • These reasons go well beyond natural disasters FEMA implies of concern;
  • There is a logical preparedness program that accommodates all concerns…
  • A program which should be considered by privately-held businesses as well as families:
  • It is NOT approved by FEMA, DHS, the Military, or other elements of the New World Order

What is the history of the emergency broadcast system?

Time was…

I very clearly remember the ‘Red Scare’ spillover from McCarthyism which translated to ‘fear the bomb’ in the 1950’s and 60’s… starting with the Eisenhower White House: Air Raid sirens were tested weekly or daily, typically at a fixed time of day as if a Church Bell announcing Noon. I was a teen during the Cuban Missile Crises under Kennedy, when talk of the day was the home Fallout Shelter, and at school, we had ‘duck and cover’ drills as often as fire drills. But the scare wore off by the 70’s, and sirens and shelters were no longer in vogue, though every downtown building tended to have a well marked public shelter.  Yawn.

Fast Forward, Bush I White House: For no visible or announced reason at all, the Emergency Alert System (EAS) and CONELRAD Radio alert system which had in evolutionary form driven those sirens for two decades was turned back on in the 90’s, and updated for improved use with TV. But rarely was it tested, and then typically late at night between late-show snoozes. Just fire drills at school. No more sirens, unless there was perhaps a fire or other actual emergency. Very unobtrusive. No problem.

Fast Forward, Bush II White House: Suddenly, somewhat synchronous with the formation of Homeland Security, these alerts started increasing in frequency and were randomly interrupting all manner of broadcasts at any time of day. They now had the ability to actually take over newer televisions, even if turned off or in use with a VCR at the time. Somewhere along the way, it was expanded to include hazardous weather condition reports and the AMBER ALERT system for missing children. Schools still worried about fires. OK. Well, perhaps.

What kind of threats should an emergency preparedness plan address?

The current threat assessment

What does FEMA think is different about 2013? (Click – from FEMA ‘resolve’ page)

Fast Forward, Sorento White House: Suddenly, and synchronous with DHS seeking to buy 1.4 billion rounds of ammunition (that’s several Vietnam wars worth), all over and above military orders… not to mention a long list of equally disturbing purchase efforts involving coffins, ‘emergency housing’ which more closely resembled prison camps, food and water stores, vaccinations and anti-biotics… numbering in the millions more often than not — the tests started increasing in frequency and in duration. Annoying. Suspiciously omnipresent, excessively foreboding.

What bothers me most is a synchronous rush request for proposals on delivery of emergency preparedness items and relocation and readiness orders to military to FEMA Region III (Atlantic Seaboard States near D.C.), all with a date of October of this year. In fact, much of FEMA’s promotional material is geared to 2013, specifically. Most of the darker things cited in this post are happening right now in 2013 or otherwise generally depicted as an immediate potential threat.

Worse, both DHS and FEMA have started multiple high-profile media campaigns suggesting we all need emergency kits and emergency plans. This is also all simultaneous to a bit of mainstream news and much suppressed facts being revealed on the Web regarding an approaching Planet X, approaching comets, several near misses by planet-killing asteroids, and a flurry of unusual meteor activity to include nuclear blast-strength explosions in our atmosphere (the Russian meteor injured nearly 2,000 people and caused significant wide-spread structural damage over hundreds of miles). And there is more…

Also simultaneous are geo-political and financial threats the likes of which have never been seen in the history of the planet, each threatening dire unrest to the point of forcing Martial Law. While this goes on, the sun is spitting gigantic record bursting electromagnetic pulses at us and the pole is shifting, Fukushima is continuing to increase its threat, not to mention shifting weather patterns and an increase in seismic activities of Biblical proportions. Dare I mention strange phenomenon like objects orbiting the sun, mysterious loud and scary sounds heard over thousands of square miles, two suns and other oddities in the skies day and night? Endless wars somehow always tied to terrorism and oil keep being announced. No wonder large numbers of people are actually starting to think End Times might actually be around the corner.

The end of oil supply as we know it indeed approaches. Extremist terror groups pose theoretical threat of biological, chemical, or nuclear WMD. Criminal nations threaten to attack us with nuclear weapons. China is on the verge of surpassing the US as super power, and their top military leader has said war with the US is inevitable; their only answer to that being to strike first.  Man-made bio weapons, nanotech, and even genomic weapons are being developed daily by all modern military powers, and we get cover stories expressed as worries of a natural pandemic outbreak of catastrophic proportions. The Center for Disease Control has even gone so far as to talk about preparation for a Zombie apocalypse, and there is some evidence it is not as tongue-in-cheek as they profess. Don’t forget chemtrails and the feared NWO depopulation plot.

Actual soldier patrolling American Street. UNACCEPTABLE! (click –

The worst part is all the talk about a possible military takeover, martial law, a new Constitution and a North American Union. Why, that’s nothing short of saying the Antichrist is coming to power… and some say that’s the case, too. Agenda 21, GMO crops, Codex Alimentarius, the Small Arms Treaty (goodby 2nd Amendment), etc.  All these things tie in one to another as if all by some organized conspiracy (Illuminati?) After all, they say, the Norway Spirals were likely a test of Project Bluebeam, to simulate with a kind of holographic event the Second Coming in the Antichrist’s name. And what about those tens of thousands of ‘State of Martial Law’ warning/instruction signs coming into the US from foreign sign makers in convoy manner? Really, really not good.

Almost everyone has some kind of foreboding sense that SOMETHING bad this way comes. Armageddon Online has a more detailed summary view. And just as someone chooses to discounts all of these things as ‘baseless,’ something like this comes along to make us wonder all over again: a lot of people are saying there is a purge of the military taking place, and that usually portends a violent overthrow of government.

So, quite naturally, some of us are taking the DHS/FEMA advice to heart, or at least considering it. But I fear most of us are preparing for the wrong thing in the wrong way. Its one thing to have food, water, medical, and key supplies stashed away for an earthquake or flood… and another to truly be prepared for upheavals of the political or Biblical sort… the sort government advice is NOT addressing, because if you were prepared for that, government looses the ability to maintain political control through dependency upon government for survival.

Never fear; the Professional Paranoid is here to help you find your way through it all… in part II:  A Logical Home Emergency Response Plan: The Government Does NOT Approve

Why should I hide my emergency preparedness kit and weapons?

Military Purge Underway? A Military Revolt Warning Sign

A sure sign that the government fears a military coup or the military itself is about to attempt one, is a purge. The government will purge those it fears unloyal, and/or the military purges itself of those unwilling to go along. Whoever best purges post haste, just might win. Either way, however, the people tend to loose to an errant government and/or would-be military dictator. It is, after all, how authoritarian Police States are born.

Is Obama conducting a purge of the military?

by H. Michael Sweeney

copyright © 2013, all rights reserved. Permission to repost hereby granted provided entire post with all links in tact, including this paragraph, are included.

What causes a military purge to take place?

Reading this post you will learn:

  • That history proves purges take place when governments fear their military is about to take over…
  • Or when the military prepares for such takeover…
  • And such tyranny grows from purges within political circles and the military to involve citizens…
  • Everyone is challenged with loyalty oaths, untrue (or otherwise) accusations, tricky questions, or even torture…
  • The wrong answer can mean death, prison, or ‘vanishing;’
  • Evidence abounds that we have been in a pre-event purge for several years…
  • That the purge is nearing the point of reaching open armed conflict;
  • That the result of a purge is almost always a Police State, regardless of which side wins

Why is Obama conducting a military purge?

Updated Nov. 14 2013 Changes indicated in RED reflect latest termination and dim view of purge by Russia and China who see it as possible PRELUDE TO WAR.

Updated Dec. 10 2013 Section added and indicated in RED as relating possible ties to Global Research Web site going dark and decade old CIA plot to capture Soviet nuclear warheads.

History on Parade…

All authoritarians get rid of non supporting military men. Only in America does media not dare report it happening. (click:

History is rife with examples of political purges, both bloody and near bloodless, and unfortunately, both sides can end up playing the game. Sadly, we also see that most bloodless purges end up being bloody at one point or another; they push the other side into reactionary defensive acts. Worse, once one side or the other becomes dominant, the purge is extended from the national politik (government officials and military) to local politik (regional-to-city leadership and law enforcement), and from there, down to every day citizens; any such purge portends a intended shift in power to an actual or de facto authoritarian dictatorship.

The classic example would be found in the Russian Communist Revolution, which actually evolved as successive political leaders reshaped ‘the revolution’ to suit their own visions. But you find the same things generally true in the French Revolution, Mao’s Red China, or even in the American Civil War, where the Union employed the Ironclad Oath, and various Generals (see last paragraph in the link under ‘1862’) exercised internal ‘loyalty and fitness’ purges, ad hoc. One could easily be shot for a careless comment or answer.

Why would Obama conduct a purge?

A purge HERE?

There has, in fact, already been an attempted military coup in the United States. We are, or were, fortunate at the time, that the attempt failed before the purge which would have been required could get started. While most Sheeple have never heard of it because it was contained and not made public, most of the rest of us are aware of the Business Plot of 1932 which attempted to stage a fascist takeover in America by means of a military coup. Some of the biggest Industrialists of the day were involved, names which still today are iconic labels on everyday products, like Singer, and Dupont.

But thanks to one-tough and loyal Marine who tricked his would-be conspiratorial recruiters, the affair backfired. That’s a big ‘Hua!’ for Major General Smedley Butler. But a purge did follow, one which sought to eliminate the threat from the cadre of business leaders and their friends involved, including other military — along with an attempt to cover up the entire matter in order to maintain confidence in the nation’s internal and external affairs.

One thing remains clear: the general purge model is especially of concern when one is dealing with a bloody purge, because it does work its way down to citizens, Sheeple or otherwise. Especially otherwise. And so, I strongly urge that we must take a very close look at our current troubled situation and most recent history with respect to Presidents, politics, economy, international affairs, and the military. So, what’s going on, here in America, right NOW? Well, the answer to that won’t be found in mainstream media unless, perhaps, you are talking about press from abroad.

Now comes a new worry: The European Union Times is reporting the both the Russians and Chinese consider Obama an unstable, power-hungry madman and, with the latest firing (added below with RED) , have themselves taken unprecedented military responses towards possible military conflict with the U.S. and any of its Allies. Seemingly related, are two other news stories in one at the Web site regarding Chinese troops (and a spy ship) in Hawaii, and a simultaneous FEMA ‘simulation’ of cyber attack (Fire Sale) on US power and communications networks, itself timed to coincide with the largest Cannibalistic Corona Mass Ejection the World has ever recorded striking the earth and disrupting our magnetic field in a way which threatens disruptions similar to said cyber attacks . A grain of salt is due, here, as the EUT is, well… extremist in nature. Extreme ‘what’ remains in question… a bit like a super-market tabloid without aliens and pictures of personalities doing naughty things or being too fat on the beach.

Update Dec 10, in support of prior update…

Consider the Howard Hughes Empire at the time when CIA essentially controlled the man and his firms (1968). CIA contracted Hughes Ship Building and through Hughes, Sun Shipbuilding – to construct two custom vessels. The main was the Glomar Explorer deep sea ‘research’ vessel, which is also adaptable to deep sea drilling applications, and the second was a ‘supply ship’. The Glomar Explorer was used to recover nuclear weapons and portions of a sunken Soviet Sub K-129Golf Class – though Agency claimed only to have failed in the project. The supply ship was actually a disguised ship akin to a Sub Tender, with an internally open bay designed to accept the sub, once raised, and covertly take it to the San Diego Naval Yard.
The project has been called Operation Jennifer and the even more secretive Operation Azorian (there were two specific missions, one to get soviet sub technology for USN, and one to get the bombs for CIA). I’m the only one maintaining the weapon recovery, as documented in support thereof in my book Fatal Rebirth ( – free copy of volume 1 ebook on request to The principle clue is that the supply ship was five feet too small to recover the section of the sub officially sought, but the right size for the weapons section, the sub already known to have broken into two parts. Add to this, the cover story that the reason the recovery failed was not because of the too-small tender, but because the desired section itself additionally broke into pieces at the attempt.
Recently, the underground news organ, Global Research has gone massively dark with not one single resource of their massive Web presence accessible. One reason for vanishing of the material may have to do with what Fatal Rebirth predicted would be done with the nuclear warheads (false flag terrorism, specifically citing it against Charleston, SC). Russia Today has stated that Russian Intelligence has leaked that one reason Obama is conducting a military purge is because the military refused a nuclear detonation at or near Charleston.
If CIA has old Soviet bombs, they would no longer be very useful for normal detonation, but would make excellent dirty bombs. CIA would likely be more inclined to follow such an order than the military, if RT is correct. Russia would have a motive for disclosure tied to the bombs, because the radioactive footprints would point to Soviet manufacture, and could result in suspicions they provided the weapon willingly to ‘terrorists.’ Global Research (in all likelihood) may have been expanding upon this story, which may be why it has gone dark; you get either a 404 error, a denied permissions error, or a ‘something has gone wrong’ error. True, it could be a simple temporary glitch, perhaps a server being down for maintenance. On the other hand, DHS (or some other agency), has perhaps declared them a terrorist and seized their servers, as they have done in the past to other activist and conspiracy oriented Web sites, such as Indymedia.
Therefore let us continue our look at the Glomar Explorer, which has had a long history. It generally patrols the world on contract for oil companies and the military industrial complex (i.e., Lockheed Martin) and can usually be found offshore from political hot spots ‘researching’ to ‘find oil.’ It was off the coast of Vietnam during the war, and has repeatedly been in the Middle East, commonly the Yemen area, which gives spy ELINT resource coverage to everything from Egypt to Iran to Afghanistan, and excuses land incursions regionally by ‘crew on shore leave’ who could easily be conducting in country spying. Most recently, the ship has been in the Gulf of Mexico, leading some theorists to wonder if it did not have something to do with the BP oil leak (I doubt this – too far away).
The Glomar Explorer has also operated under the corporate names of Global Marine and Global Santa Fe, both considered CIA Fronts. To add irony, if not confusion in realization that with CIA, nothing is ever as it seems, is this fact from Linkedin: Ronnie Temple used to work for Global SanteFe and Global Marine, and Ronald Temple now works as Co Director of Global Research. Ronald Temple of GS/GM was managing director at Lazard Asset Management, and Ronald Temple (another one?) is listed as Manager of US RESEARCH for Lazard Asset Management, as well as an association with the Deutsche Bank, THE FAVORITE CIA conduit for black op funds.
In the spy World, you can’t tell your players or their motives even with a program card. We would hope these to be different individuals, but just imagine… what would it mean if they were one and the same? Clearly, the two Ronalds appear to be the same, implying that he sees value in having multiple identities on Linkedin… so why not a third? Multiple identities under the same name IS NOT UNCOMMON among CIA operatives/agents. Using multiple names in this case might be intentional to distance Global Research from Global Marine and Global SantaFe. Argh! End Dec. Update, prior update continues as indicated in RED.

Is the U.S. military conducting an internal purge?

Proof of a purge?

Many observers think its happening, including people who are far from being conspiracy theorists; media types, military professionals, and more. In simple terms, consider the following statistics and facts, none of which are in dispute, though almost all of which are veiled from Sheeple’s eyes by media and government. Mainstream employs careful wording and skips filling in the blanks with useful detail. But others mince no words.

And speaking of words, we must realize that when a bloodless purge is underway, there must simultaneously be ‘disinformation’ to cover up the fact. This means that excuses will be used to veil the truth, and this will be quietly accepted at first by both sides, often because, at least for the individuals involved, some form of blackmail or other threat is in place to insure their silent acceptance. For some, it may be some form of National Security agreement. For others, it may be a sexual indiscretion, or a criminal or financial matter which dictates cooperation lest it be made public.

So take what is often offered in ‘face value’ with a grain of salt. It is the fuller picture which is painted in the broader strokes which overpower individual words, or lack of words… and bear in mind that when there is a purge, one must also look at resignations as part of the ‘flow’ of things — especially if related to protests or potentially motivated as a self-defense move. Doubly so if in numbers.

Why is the U.S. Military conducting a purge?

Is Obama conducting a purge?

Many think so, and the preponderance of evidence cited would seem to support the notion. It is, after all, what prompted my own review (more detailed than theirs, naturally — that’s always my goal, at least). Consider these reviews, and the fact that many sources claim Obama’s differences with military leadership have to do with his asking them if they were willing to shoot Americans, presumably in a gun-grabbing operation of some kind:

Freedom Connector, Nov 16, 2012: What’s Behind Obama’s Military Purge? — by Bob Livingston, an ultra-conservative newsletter writer;

The Independent Journal Review, on June 28, 2013: Obama’s Purge; Military Officers Replaced Under the Commander-in-Chief — a situational analysis by Kyle Becker;

The Western Center for JournalismObama Escalates Military Purge — by the Editor

World Net Daily, The Examiner, The Guardian, and many others citing The Blaze, Oct. 23, 2013: Blaze Sources: Obama Purging Military Commanders — Sara Carter citing actual fired military commanders’ viewpoints.

There are many more, but you get the idea. From the outside, looking at the observable clues leaking out from the inside, and sometimes even from the mouths of those involved, the impression is a Presidential purge is under way. More: since the above, Sorento’s desire to attack Syria met with such resistance in military circles as to warrant an article (translated from an unstated German source), well worth a read: Historical Disgrace: The U.S. Military Mutiny Forced Obama to Retreat. Yet as already mentioned, other stories relate that the purge is because the Military is refusing to go along with plans to grab guns and shoot Americans who refuse to comply.

Why does a military purge predict a shift towards authoritarian dictatorship?

Flip side: is the military is purging itself of White Hats?

No one else on the Web seems to think so, but I’m wondering why not? When the stability of a country comes into question, forces within the military tend to start wondering if they need not do something drastic to change things, and eventually, a strongman General is able to recruit others of like mind to work out ‘contingencies.’  One of the first steps in preparing for possible enactment of such plans (a coup) is to evaluate the remaining Officer Corps, and get rid of loyalists.

Or, it may be a group of powerful business leaders who make the call, and who recruit members of the military for their cause, resulting in the same process, a ‘la The Business Plot of 1932, already mentioned.

You know something sinister and deeply troubling is going on when Veterans are being told they can’t fly the American Flag on public property, Officers, even Chaplains, are threatened with court marshal for having a Bible on their office desk or speaking about religion with others who are not already in the same faith, and telling them to resign if they have a problem with the policy. What? Oh, I forgot: the military and military policy is dominated, according to authors like Alex Constantine, by Satanists.

In point of fact, as Alex and others have pointed out, self-proclaimed Satanist General Michael Aquino, was a chief architect of the Revolution in Military Affairs, the policy which defines the next major new war type the military will face is ‘A People’s War,’ where the enemy is disgruntled patriots, Constitutionalists, and the poor and disenfranchised. Well, now, that’s just about everybody in the U.S. but the ten percenters at the top, and dumb Sheeple, is it not?

Now, while the first section paints a picture of a Presidential purge, I must remind you that both sides of a major power rift often purge, and that outwardly, the signs will typically tend to look the same. So now, let’s take a closer look at those purged and their circumstances, to see what we might decide for ourselves. After all, other Web sources speculate the reason for Obama’s purge is that he fears a military coup, a notion which alledgedly originates directly from the Russian Military and the Kremlin.

However, that story would seem to be related to another alleged Kremlin and GRU (a KGB-like Russian Spy group similar to CIA) claiming Obama had ordered the detonation of a nuclear bomb in or near Charleston as a false flag event and the military refused, prompting the firing of so many nuclear commanders. I find this fascinating, because in my book Fatal Rebirth, I predicted Charleston would be the target of a nuclear false flag attack AFTER the also predicted (in 1999) downing of the WTC by passenger jets and resulting in a series of Middle East oil wars., whom I do not entirely trust as a legitimate ‘debunker,’ does attempt to debunk the above story by attributing its true source to Sorcha Faal, a known professional disinformationalist who works for, among other people, DHS. So then, why would DHS promote this particular disinfo? That makes no more sense than the outlandish conspiracy claimed by the story. But if baseless, and not Russian sourced, why has RT (Russian Television in English) News not ALSO debunked it, and instead reported on it as factual?

So understanding if there is a purge, and who is undertaking it, and why, is going to be difficult. Really, you can’t tell your players (or their position on the team/role in the game) without a roster. So here it is, so you can decide for yourself…

What are the signs of a military or political purge?

Point Comparisons: Roster of 266 Vanquished Officers and Key Staff under Obama

This is an updated and more accurate compilation the found in lists elsewhere which cite 197 or fewer. More than 50 being offered in rich detail, here. These numbers represent a massive bloodletting not seen under any prior President in American history. There are so many you might be tempted not to read them, but in the reading, at least of their name and command position, you find some interesting, if not scary things, not to mention patterns. To be sure, some who were let go may have indeed been let go for non-purge and quite legitimate reasons, but the large numbers of higher rank Officers and the nature of the clumps of specialities/assignments/duties, especially, amplify reason for concern that more is afoot than ‘bad conduct’…

Fired Nov. 3rd, Colonel Eric Tilley, Commander of Japan’s largest U.S. base in Japan for ‘allegations of unstated misconduct.’

First Lieutenant  Ehren Watada was the first Officer to refuse deployment to Iraq as an illegal war, was eventually allowed to resign. Now, if his view was unjustified in the eyes of military, why was there no court marshall? If justified, why did we go to war? It implies disparate viewpoints in military ranks, and between military leadership and the President;

Major Stefan F. Cook, US Army Reserve, refused to deploy because he did not believe Barry Sorento was a legally elected President, joining with two other officers according to Wikipedia (no Web source names them, but they are described as a retired Army Major General and Active Reserve USAF Lieutenant) in a law suit (Cook vs. Good – scan down). They did not win their suite, but neither did they have to serve, again meaning disparate viewpoints. Touche’;

Captain Connie Rhodes, US Army Physician filed a similar suit (just beneath prior link, same page);

Predator Drone Pilot Brandon Bryant resigns USAF over immorality of drone attacks on noncombatants, making five people who refused to serve and suffered no court marshall;

Colonel James H. Johnson III, Commander 173rd Airbornfired and convicted of bigamy and fraud in expense accounting, apparently jumping out of the airplane and into the frying pan;

General Joseph Carter, Commander Camp Edwards and Adjutant General of the Massachusetts National Guard resigned even though a months investigation failed to produce evidence of a rape allegation;

Brig. General Jeffery A Sinclair, former Dep. Commander 82nd Airborn in Afghanistan, fired and facing possible Grand Jury review for criminal sexual indiscretions — sounding a bit like the CIA entrapment of Wikileaks mastermind, Julian Assange;

Army Major General Peter Fuller, Commander in Afghanistan (of unstated forces — which to me implies intelligence hanky-panky), let go in 2011;

Marine Major General C. M. M. Gurganus, Commander Regional Command Southwest and 1st Marine Expeditianary Force (also Afghanistan) was let go in 2013;

Marine Major General Gregg A. Sturdevant, Commander Aviation Wing at Camp Bastion, Afghanistan, and Director of Strategic Planning and Policy for US. Pacific Command, let go in 2013;

General David D. McKiernen, Commander of the Afghanistan Theater was let go at Obama’s orders after four months of arrival, for saying the campaign was less noble than was Iraq. That was 2009, making him the first four-star General released by a Commander-in-Chief since MacArthur by Truman. In 2010, Obama fired…

General Stanley McChyrstal, Commander of NATO International Security Assistance Force (IASF), Afghanistan, a matter linked to the death of reporter Michael Hastings. He was replaced by another soon-enough-to-be-fired General Petraeus, below. Seems like Obama liked no one involved in the Middle East, does it not?;

General David H. Petraeus, also left the Army as NATO IASF Commander as to be appointed by Obama as Director of Intelligence, CIA. He then resigned CIA over charges of an extramarital love triangle, but at the time there was the controversy about the CIA’s role in the handling of Benghazi intelligence and no-go rescue aftermath.  And, stepping back once more, the man who replaced him at ISAF when he stepped up to CIA was…

Former General Michael T. Hayden, in like manner yet again, quit the USAF to be appointed by Bush II to be Director of NSA, and then, also like Petraeus, was fired over extra-marital sexual conduct (officially), and unofficially, over internal disagreements with Obama on intelligence policy and validity of evidence regarding alleged Syrian nerve gas attacks (shades of Bush and Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq);

Marine General John R. Allen, Commander of NATO International Security Assistance Force, Afghanistan, was investigated and removed for ‘inappropriate communications regarding Bengahzi’ (he countermanded White House orders not to attempt rescue of the besieged Embassy). The investigation continues without fruit, be he was also seemingly an injured party in the above Petraeus love triangle. You couldn’t make this stuff up as screenwriter of a Kardashian’s in Uniform special. Now, regarding Bengahzi…

General Carter Ham, Commander Africommand (counter terror operations) also relieved of command and arrested for attempting rescue despite orders from White House to stand down… and before him…

General William ‘Kip’ Ward, 1st Commander of the Africommand fired for ‘financial irregularities’ in expense accounts;

Rear Admiral Charles M. Gaouette, Commander of the Stennis Aircraft Carrier Strike Group relieved of command in the middle of Middle East deployment for unstated ‘inappropriate leadership judgement’ also thought Benghazi related. But not just him…

Capt. Owen Hornors, Commanding Officer of the Carrier Enterprise, no less, was let go for ‘making and showing to the crew raunchy cartoons.’ No patterns here, folks — move along, move along;

Rear Admiral Ron Horton, Commander of Western Pacific Logistics Group was also fired for knowing about and failing to put a stop to the Enterprise cartoon shows;

Brigadier General Bryon Roberts, Commander of Ft. Jackson (training facility) resigned over charges of an ‘altercation’ with a woman. He commanded the training of the Iraqi Security Forces slated to replace US Military, and served directly under the Joint Chiefs with distinction;

Vice Admiral Tim Guardina, U.S. Central Command, drops two ranks to Rear Admiral, and looses his 2nd in Command position in charge of nuclear weapons for allegedly using counterfeit casino chips (felony fraud). Now that would be easy to set up as a frame up… which begs the question, why no criminal charges or court marshall, if true — or a resignation? It’s called ‘leverage’ and keeping a close eye on a person in question by keeping them close at hand;

Four-Star General James Mattis, Commander of US Central Command, being fired for ‘Mad Dog’ warnings to the Obama adminstration on the dangers of proposed Middle East military actions in Syria. Very interesting if, as stated in the next item link, he was the one responsible for that firing, and perhaps more so, if it was his replacement who arranged it (at this point, I’ve not been able to isolate which might be closer to being true, if either);

USAF Major General Michael Carey, Commander 20th Air Force (that’s 3 Wings of ICBMs/450 warheads at three AF Bases) was let go in 2013, making the third man in charge of nuclear forces to be let go — unprecedented;

Army Major General Ralph Baker, Commander Joint Task Force Horn of Africa in Djibouti, Africa, let go in 2013 — anti piracy and counter terrorism support unit, also likely to know what really happened in ZeroDark Thirty;

Lt. Col. Matthew Dooley, 20 yr Vet Army Instructor for National Defense University and Joint Forces Staff College allegedly fired at Obama’s request for teaching a previously approved course called Perspectives of Islam and Islamic Radicalism (for which he had also previously been commended) because it was deemed ‘offensive’ to Muslim organizations who somehow managed to learn about it (but had not experienced it). On the other hand, the Army Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, now head of US Central Command himself described it as “against our values,” and so, this appears more likely a military purge victim than an Obama victim, done in a way that blames Obama publicly. A nice two-edged blade being twisted;

Commodore of Logistics, Lt. Col. Allen B. West, Battalion Commander, 4th Infantry, 20 year vet forced to retire pensionless for coercing terror attack information from a prisoner in Afghanistan by discharging his weapon to get his attention. Now that’s odd, because Logistics has nothing to do with prisoners. However, Logistics is THE MOST KEY tactical element of ANY military action;

Marine Colonel Daren Margolin, Commander of Quantico’s Security Batallion — FBI’s and USMC training facilities also used in joint LEA/Military trainings even when disallowed by Posse Comitatus;

Marine Colonel James Christmas, Commander 22nd Marine Expiditionary Unit and Special-Purpose Marine Air-Ground Task Force Crisis Response Unit, let go in 2013;

In 2012, Six USAF Training Officers from Lackland AFB base were fired after being charged with rape and adultery;

In 2011, 25 Command Naval Officers below the rank of Admiral were let go (not already mentioned), including captains of nuclear missile warships and submarines;

Recall the TV show Last Resort, where an American sub commander staves off an unjust false-flag nuclear first-strike against Pakistan as part of a military-coup deception… by threatening D.C. with attack, instead?;

Also vanished in 2011, 12 senior enlisted Navel personnel in charge of key programs, facilities, and projects;

In 2012, an additional 28 Command Naval Officers below the rank of Admiral were let go, again including several captains of nuclear missile warships and submarines.

Also vanished in 2012; 15 senior enlisted Navel personnel in charge of key programs, facilities, and projects;

Meanwhile, still in 2012, 157 Career USAF Officers below the rank of General were forced to quit. Moreover, and potentially related, the USAF has resorted to offering nearly a quarter-million dollar bonus to fighter pilots to keep them from resigning after meeting their minimum obligation. Yet the 157 were ‘let go due to budget constraints’ according to the official story?

All the while this has been going on, and Obama’s proposed actions in Syria have not been sitting well with anyone but Sheeple on the citizen side, it turns out the military was not too crazy about the idea, either. Not just General Mattis and other officers already mentioned, but rank and file enlisted: a spontaneously created ‘photo-bomb’ campaign flooded the White House with individual refusals to serve in any military action ‘helping Al Qaeda’ fight the Syrian Christian government… appropriately went viral on facebook.

Does Obama fear a military coup?

Another kind of Roster: 92,600 Enlisted are being disbanded

Bloomberg is reporting, with the official line being budget cuts, that nearly 100,000 soldiers, sailors, and Marines are being let go starting the first of this month (several weeks ago, Oct.).  The troubling element is that the bulk of these (67,000) are US Army. If gun grabbing operations took place, the brunt of such action would involve the Army. That fact, and the fact that the military has been using a Shoot Americans Questionnaire which would help them purge themselves of those unwilling to do so — if their actual plan, makes me wonder who is being forced out, and why?

And here’s another reason to wonder: If the Sorcha Faal story was done for DHS, and keeping in mind that DHS ordered enough ammo to kill everyone in North America several times over, the ONLY possible motive I can deduce for fostering Faalishness is to fuel a counter conspiracy to the real conspiracy. That is, if they were planning to shoot Americans over gun grabbing efforts, then why not create a counter story saying the Military was revolting because the President was going to grab guns and order them to shoot Americans to do it? It would be another two-edged sword blaming Obama. Watch the left hand so you don’t see what the right hand is doing.

I’m just saying. I really have no way of knowing any more than do you. But I do know how disinformation works, and that is definitely one way it is used. It’s how it got its name.

What does a purge of the U.S. Military mean?

The broad view: being caught in the middle

The stage has already been set for our consideration, and depending on who is doing the looking, lots of people are starting to see that a purge is taking place, almost all eyes focusing on the US Military and/or the Obama administration. Point of view dictates how they analyze the whys and wherefores, but they all agree that purge is the word.

Bloodless, thus far to be sure… but to remind… a bloodless purge tends to force the other side’s hand and can easily escalate to a bloody one, if not also outright armed conflagration. At some point, someone elects to do something to end the gutting of their power base, and that something is not usually gentle in nature.

That DHS has been buying up weapons, munitions, coffins, medicines, and other key items in quantities suitable for a twenty-five year war… and that FEMA has launched a massive ‘disaster’ preparedness advertising campaign, simply adds fuel to whatever may be the real cause of the mysterious smoke under consideration.

If you find this all a bit troubling, you may wish to do some more reading. One place I can suggest you start, is my own book set, Fatal Rebirth, which written in 1999, predicted the entire pickle we now see ourselves in, from the bringing down of the WTC by passenger jets to financial debacles to the purge, and much more.

A free ebook copy of Vol I can be obtained by email request to pppbooks at Comcast dot net. Given the violence purges tend to evoke, you may also wish to read my post (series) on emergency/disaster plans and resource kits to cover ANY threat, natural or man made. Who else but the Professional Paranoid would dare bribe you with a free book just to read a blog post? Email me!

Who is purging the military and why?

Gas Tax Newest Spy Tool Targets Poor, Economy-Minded

When the Tax Man has a GPS tracker in your car, you dare not go anywhere you don’t want (someone) to know about… because we are talking about ‘public information’ in this case, which ANYONE can access.

Time for another Boston Tea Party… let’s throw a congressman into the harbor!

by H. Michael Sweeney

copyright © 2013, all rights reserved. Permission to repost hereby granted provided entire post with all links in tact, including this paragraph, are included.

Update: (the day after penning): Extra paragraph of additional problems this proposal has which have not been considered by ‘government’ in their zeal to screw up our lives. Toward bottom, marked with RED.

Why the Anarchists may have it right after all?

What you will learn reading this post…

  • There is a new gas tax headed your way SOON…
  • It uses a chip plugged into your car with a GPS sensor…
  • It determines what roads you are on by taxing authority…
  • It bills you accordingly… but…
  • The GPS unit will know exactly where you’ve been, and when…
  • And that information is available to ANYONE upon demand

 What is mileage-based gas tax?

Milage-Based Gas Tax?

Our new Boston Tea Party?

Our new Boston Tea Party?

I first heard about this on Lars Larson’s radio show, which originates locally, though it is a nationally broadcast show of suitably politically-incorrect content for my tastes. But it is something that apparently got its start and was first mentioned publicly some months earlier. If you haven’t heard about it, it is called a ‘milage-based gasoline tax.’ Currently, what we have is a ‘per-gallon’ gas tax. There is, though they don’t seem to want to tell us this when talking about the new and improved idea, also a Tire tax for the same reasons/uses.

The current system has been in place ever since Congressionals and Councilmen first learned they could tax anything they wanted, pretty much, and get away with it.  The idea was to levy a ‘special tax’ for highway projects, maintenance, and related la-tee-dah in a way which targeted drivers, only; they wear it out, they pay for it, not the guy who does not even own a car.

But there are arguably a few problems with the notion, one being that you might buy your gas in a low-tax rate community and then commute to another region, perhaps another state, where the rate is higher, thereby ‘cheating’ the taxing authority by destroying their roads for free. Taxes vary by authority (city, county, state, federal), some authorities adding nothing, some taxing heavily. Tax-free wear and tear with wanton abandon.

But no taxing authority has ever complained very much about that sort of thing. No, the real complaint is, they are worried about one thing; now that gas mileage is going up, they are collecting less revenue than ever, even though road wear is increasing as new drivers hit the pavement (with their tires.) Darn kids, anyway.

And really darn those electric car drivers who don’t pay ANY gas tax (just tire tax). So, someone decided, that instead of simply raising the tax rate (as appropriate, on gas and/or tires — depending on the kind of vehicle) to compensate… which just takes a few votes and notifying gas stations and tire shops to change their pricing systems… they instead thought to do something… ‘Obama-like.’

If congressmen thrown into a harbor drown, does that mean they were witches?

The New and Improved Gas Tax

They succeeded. They still have to do the vote thing and notify gas stations (only), but they have a few extra things to do, as well. All of them are going to add costs to government, and require a whole new bureaucracy to be staffed:

a)    They must purchase some pretty expensive GPS tracking gizmos for issuance to drivers, and figure out how they are going to do that, and teach them how to install them correctly, or do it for them. They call these gizmos OBUs (On-Board-Units). I like gizmos, better. Fascist gizmos, in fact, as we shall see.

b)   Two, they have to figure out what they are going to do about cars that are old enough that they don’t have a place to plug the gizmo into, at all, or have newer cars but are already using the gizmo’s plug-in socket to modify their engine’s performance and/or economy favorably… and find some suitable way to punish those jerks for having more interesting (collectable) or economical (paid for, easy to repair, better performance) cars than the rest of us. Envy is not a sin, it’s just part of the ‘buy one today’ mental process.

c)    Create some kind of billing system (they are talking invoices, and payment methods). We are talking having to pay a huge chunk tax bill at some undetermined interval for all mileage driven since the last time we paid. Yeah, the poor will find that a lot of fun.

d)   Establish some kind of official methodology, rules and regulations, fines and punishments for failure to perform to said rules and regulations, and supporting infrastructure to collect the information from the GPS trackers and enforce said rules and regulations, forthwith, henceforth, and with prejudice and malice for all.

e)    Figure out what to do when a gizmo fails to function properly, undoubtedly placing some kind of huge punitive liability on the owner of the car for ‘breaking it.’ Stupid people is as stupid people do (sorry, meant to use that line talking about the legislators).

 If a congressman is proven to be a witch, does that mean they are also fascists?

So right off the bat we see this is going to be nothing more than a way for some government contractor somewhere (who promoted this idea as being ‘swell’ while dropping off big checks at the Congressman’s offices) to get rich, and some government people to get promoted to head a whole new Division and command a bunch of staffers, get a State provided car, a budget to squander, and a big paycheck. It will also be a money-maker for the various court systems which will enjoy seeing new faces guilty of ‘gas tax fraud,’ ‘destruction of gas-tax monitoring systems,’ and other fun sins which will undoubtedly be added to State Statutes.

Drown all fascist witches in Congress!

Now the Bad News

English: Traffic jam in Beijing

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

But that’s not the worst of it, but don’t worry, I’ll break the bad news to you gently, saving the worst for last. To start, there is a problem with their little scheme in terms of fairness. Currently, on a per-gallon tax basis, someone who drives a gas-guzzler pays more tax (buying more gas per mile) than someone who drives an economy vehicle (and we already mentioned electrics). A poor person pays the same as a rich person per gallon, there is equity and fairness. Since it is paid per gallon, it is affordable as long as we have enough to buy the gas in the first place.

The new system (official describing document) however, at least in trial setups as being sponsored in Oregon, Nevada, and Washington, will punish anyone who has an economical vehicle and reward those with gas guzzlers. So, by default, it also punishes the poor who cannot afford SUVs and huge trucks. It punishes them further by saving up their indebtedness for tax over some period of time for a large (and largely unplanned for) tax bill. It works like this:

You STILL pay gas tax at the pump, roughly 30 cents a gallon in Oregon. But when you get your gizmo monitored by (an undetermined method), you will be charged 1.5 cents per MILE driven, and then credited a portion of that back to offset the fact that you already paid a gas tax at the pump. But the kicker is how they come up with that credit. Below, I employ rounded mileage figures for ease of calculations and paraphrase like dialog from the radio show. On the show, the new program was being explained in somewhat vague details: even though they only have 18 months to get the system up and running, they DON’T KNOW YET exactly how they are going to run it — thus the actual figures may be different, but the INTENT was explained to be as follows:

a)    Someone who has a gas Guzzler such as a big truck or SUV will get a 2 cents credit per mile. At 10 miles per gallon, before the new system, it cost them 30 cents to go ten miles. Under the new system, it will co