Smart Meters, Stray Voltage, and Targeted Individuals

There is a little known and underreported TI targeting method and symptom based on Stray Voltage, which is usually marked by a dramatic prevalence of ‘static discharges’ when touching things. But there are other symptoms, and happily, tests and cures.


by H. Michael Sweeney   Facebook  

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What you will learn reading this post:
• What stray voltage is and why it can be a threat, especially for TIs;
• The symptoms and risks of stray voltage (and targeting);
• The possibility of yet another Smart Meter conspiracy;
• How to detect and eliminate Stray Voltage.

Stray Voltage?

2000px-Potenzialtrichter_Freileitung.svg.pngStray voltage is the technical term given by the power and electronic industries to a situation where an electrical charge is present in the ground, itself. It can also be present in a structure, such as your home or workplace. It tends to be far more likely to be present at the ground-floor level than upper floors, and is commonly found present at insignificant levels almost anywhere electricity is used. It can even be found in places where there is no AC power nearby present, at all, if there is Quartz bearing rock in the substrate. Concentrations of Ferrous rocks and ground water near the surface can impact, as well.

In structures, the type of structure materials and design can impact prevalence, as can furnishings and the layout of property. And though considered rather rare as an actual problem, for some reason, it is normally thought of or understood as being significantly more problematic in rural farms (especially noted in dairy farms) more than in bedroom communities, though it can be found even in downtown high rise areas. It seems to impact Cows in many observable ways, to include reduced milk production, troubled births, general health and premature deaths.

The power industry takes great care to prevent stray voltage levels from being detectible or able to impact living things, including you and me, but things can go wrong. When that happens, and depending on how strong it ends up being, it can be quite detectible, and generally, unpleasant, if not harmful or even dangerous. Some forms are capable of outright electrocution, such as created by downed high-tension power lines. While this post uses the term Smart Meters in the title, it is less about that, except that a possible conspiracy may exist between Smart Meters and stray voltage, as outlined below.

There are many reasons stray voltage might be present at problematic levels. I see these as divisible into three threat levels and causes. The first may be relatively minor in threat level, caused by natural eventualities unrelated to targeting, and unlikely to escalate in nature. An example might be living near to high-tension lines running parallel to metal fencing on your property, where a kind of induction takes place causing the fence to produce an electrical current.

The second is also unrelated to targeting in causality, but may be far more serious, even dangerous, and quite likely to escalate — such as may due to electrical shorts or combinations of other unhappy electrical happenstances. The important thing to take away is that the bulk of stray voltage may have nothing to do with being targeted, but any presence which is detectible should be of great concern to anyone, and pinned down immediately.

The third? I have recently discovered a new possibility, thanks to a coincidentally… even accidentally discovered set of facts learned from one of my very first TI clients. I say coincidentally, because in considering the new information, it dovetailed very nicely with other client information which had otherwise led nowhere. As result, I am now quite confident that there can be deliberate targeting by artificially creating and controlling stray voltage for the purpose.

It can be used to establish a variety of selectable threat levels and targeting effects (symptoms), to include other forms of electronic targeting. This level is not officially recognized to exist by the power industry, though the potential for conspiratorial knowledge and participation in its use surely exists. One would be unwise to broach the possibility with power companies or other parties, unless part of a legal response effort, as mentioned herein. The good new is, that regardless of the three types, any serious threat levels can be dealt with, almost always.

To weaponize AC power in this way (there are other, previously known and frequently spoken of ways, such as found in my book, MC Realities), simply requires shunting of power to the earth at one or, as is more likely, multiple locations around the property. This would likely be done through a control mechanism to throttle the voltage diverted, even to an ‘off’ position, something akin to a remotely controlled dimmer light switch. Naturally, it will consume significant electricity, and that will turn out to be a blessing, as we shall see.

After reading this short introductory post, a TI would be well served to learn more about the topic, even if not thinking themselves impacted by stray voltage, currently. As the link to that information only addresses the first two reasons, the reader should indeed finish this post, first. After reading BOTH sources, then, and only then should they attempt to fit their circumstances into the dialog and consider the best course of action. Feel free to contact me if unsure, at proparanoidgroup gmail com.


Symptoms, regardless of cause

At natural ambient and other low levels of stray voltage there should like be no outward signs discernible. We only need worry about the phenomena if we do start to sense effects. We have all experienced the random static discharge of touching a door knob after walking across a carpet. While discounting such experiences as carpeting woes, they can also be due to stray voltage, which can certainly augment or simulate carpeting-caused static build up, as not all carpets generate the problem to the same degree, or even at all. When you get such discharges in the absence of carpeting, that is a typically a clear sign of stray voltage — though cold dry air can contribute, as well.

Note: normal static discharge is usually relatively high in voltage but low in amperage, quite akin to that associated with spark plugs in an engine; unpleasant to experience, but relatively harmless, more likely to cause injury from jerking away with violent contact with another object, than from the actual shock. They may generate a small visible flash of light, an actual spark jumping a few millimeters, at most. But stray voltage can produce far more varied and dramatic, even dangerous results. There have been instances of seeing discharges which travel inches or even feet, making zapping or popping noises, producing heat. The risk of fire and explosion cannot be ignored, where flammable fumes or pure Oxygen sources might be present. Obviously, the voltage levels in such cases are even higher, as may be the amperage and risk of electrocution.

Basic RGBSerious levels of stray voltage can cause effects similar to other forms of electronic targeting, and may indeed be augmenting such targeting from other sources. In point of fact, especially for persons who also suffer electro-sensitivity, there is a small chance that some persons who see themselves as being a TI may in fact not be. Accidental, or even natural stray voltage might be causing enough symptoms of targeting, by itself, to erroneously presume targeting. This would be good news if the individual is not also experiencing non electronic targeting symptoms, such as organized stalking, or other forms of harassment.
Electronic targeting symptoms are radiographic in nature (radio and electromagnetic), and therefore, stray voltage symptoms, would typically be some combination of any number of things which match those same symptoms. The range of symptoms is broad, from headaches, nausea, dizziness, mood swings, sleep problems, sensations of burning, tingling, vibrating, tinnitus or humming sounds, as well as more unpleasant physiological symptoms such as heart palpitations, chest pains, muscle and joint pains, fibromyalgia-like conditions, twitching or trembling, and so forth. Arguably, there are other symptoms, as well, but these are the more commonly reported ones, and the easiest to identify as being abnormal. That said, the caveat is valid: don’t presume a system does not have a medical explanation; always see a Doctor (without talking about targeting) to make sure you do not have a ‘simple’ health issue in need of treatment.

In fact, stray voltage can simulate or stimulate a variety of general health problems in humans and animals, alike. When doctor’s tests find no other explanation, stray voltage (or other electronic targeting) may be to blame. Some animals are more able to sense stray voltage and will naturally avoid areas where it exists in undesirable levels; they can be ‘Bird Dogs’ to the problem by strange behaviors or health issues. High levels of stray voltage can also cause plants to die, or may result in random discharges between objects otherwise insulated. By way of example, a visible mini-lightening flash between an automobile and the ground or nearby fence or garage door frame.

The interesting thing about stray voltage is that its effects may be amplified by humidity and moisture, or even temperature. Therefore, such effects might tend to be more noticeable if walking in the rain or while wet, as when exiting the shower. Serious stray voltage could make swimming pools and standing water dangerous. But even relatively harmless but noticeable levels of stray voltage can be dangerous, because whatever is causing them could be capable of sudden and unexpected increases to dangerous levels. Take no chances, and deal with it right away, if symptoms are present. See below.


Smart Meters and stray voltage; a possible new conspiracy


The cover story for the hazmat-like wardrobe used in Smart Meter installation is ‘arc flash’ protection, yet no such precautions are needed for ordinary meter installation. In the UK, the protection is even heavier duty than this; suitable for sci-fi spacemen.

A lot of people, including many TIs, feel that the entire power industry’s move to Smart Meters is a Big Brother and/or industry conspiracy. Like most good conspiracies, there are multiple theories involved, ranging from price gouging to spying to mind control, and more. But the big concern and commonality in many of these theories tends to include the very same health issues as found in stray voltage.

Yet when the industry itself, as well as third-party independent testing firms investigate, most such studies indicate smart meters are no more dangerous than your computer’s wifi connectivity. I’m quite unconvinced about their conclusions, but I also understand how conspiracies work, and how the intelligence community thinks — and specifically, how they think about and employ mind control tactics.

It dawns on me as result of the dichotomy between the reality of Smart Meter user experience and test results, that there may be a conspiratorial answer which explains the conflict. Once a Smart Meter is installed, perhaps Big Brother comes along and uses the Meter to establish stray voltage. That would account for the health effects and higher bills, and certainly still enable spying and mind control capabilities.

The simple fact is, the studies giving a clean bill of health to Smart Meters are only testing the meters and the air waves. They are not testing for stray voltage. So, if you have a Smart Meter and are experiencing Smart Meter woes, perhaps you ought to test for stray voltage. If you find it exists, you will undoubtedly be advised by a lawyer that you have an excellent actionable case against the power company.

Note: It has been discovered that the power industry, in order to address public distrust of smart meters, is instead apparently installing meters which look identical at a glance to the old mechanical meters, but which conceal a ‘trojan horse‘ Smart Meter under the skin. They are, however, supposed to be easy to spot. TAKE NO CHANCES, and check YOUR METER, today, even if an ‘opt out’ user. And, if told you were not getting a Smart Meter and discover a trojan horse, you once more have a reason to contact a lawyer, and the media.


Stray voltage as targeting weapon

Deliberately causing stray voltage as a harassment tool is not the only ‘advantage’ to perps. Because electricity can carry embedded RF signatures, it can cause an entire area, such as a home and its yard, to become a kind of transmitter of other forms of targeting signals, just as can house wiring. It can therefore become a kind of amplifier of such methods. But to employ it requires something which should ideally be relatively easy to detect, and defeat.

Simply shunting your existing AC power to ground, a deliberate ‘short,’ if you will, is NOT normally going to be done because the power bill would go up dramatically, and tip the victim off that something was amiss. Therefore, the perp would need a second electrical service on site, which means a separate meter head, which they then ‘weaponize’ for the purpose. In apartments, it might simply mean using a neighboring unit’s meter. In a home, it may mean a separate power line to a concealed meter somewhere on the property or just outside the property line. It may be an underground service, even if the property is otherwise serviced by an overhead feed.

In an apartment situation, all the meter heads for a group of units are mounted at the same location, and labeled as to address/unit. If suspicious, you can wait until a high consumption power period (i.e., using your stove to cook), and then go look at the meters. If you do this when you see signs no one is present at the suspect neighboring unit (not using their stove), but their power meter is drawing more power — you may have found proof of the method and the perp.

In the case of a single domicile, simply call the power company and ask if there is more than one meter assigned to the address, or if there is a meter or extra meter assigned to neighboring lots. If the answer is yes, ask if any extra meter is in use and being billed, or if you might be able to acquire the meter for your own use (to justify why you ask). Any extra meter may be proof of the method and, with some legal steps, lead to identifying a perp.


Proving stray voltage

protocols_figure_4To confirm any such targeting, you will need to prove stray voltage is present, the same thing which should be done if symptoms are present and targeting is not involved. There are three ways to do this. One is to call the power company, which has a legal liability to insure stray voltage does not exist, in the same manner that natural gas providers must worry about gas leaks. Another is to call an electrician. Either of these methods can also result in identifying and curing the source cause of stray voltage. It will likely be up to you to document their findings, such as with video or witnesses — though they may be willing to provide written documentation where they bear no liability risk. Again, you probably should not mention targeting concerns to these people.

The third method is less useful in terms of evidence unless you are an electrical engineer or have similar credentials validating the quality of your findings; you can obtain test equipment and test the matter yourself, again documenting every step as you go. It is not quite as simple as the illustrated image, and should involve more than one kind of instrument. The procedures will vary depending on where you need to test, and what the location is like or contains in the way of objects and surfaces. The entire property should be assessed, and if done usefully, will ‘map out’ zones of impact from high to low. More information on the ‘how’ is available online, including that link you should read after finishing this post.

Regardless of which method used, where targeting is suspected, know that the power can be turned off remotely as soon as any perps involved discover testing is about to take place. This means you will want to covertly order any such tests, and ideally, try to find a way to avoid having whomever shows up to conduct the test show up in a marked truck, and having them quickly first test somewhere out of sight from any possible perp surveillance position. THAT is the hard part. Doing that yourself is much easier, of course.


Impact, conclusion

If you are a TI or suspect same, I urge all readers of this post to comment as to their findings or conclusions upon further investigation. In two and a half decades of contact with 12,000 TIs, I have only known of perhaps three or four cases where stray voltage was in any way evidenced. As result, it appears to be an entirely ‘unknown’ targeting method (assuming such was the case). I have only recently been made aware of the possibility that a power company can have two different meter heads assigned to a property under two different account names WITHOUT the property’s  owner/renter’s awareness, even though BOTH are in use — by SOMEONE.

It can only serve the greater TI community to learn if this is more wide spread than thus far observed, especially given that it can be easily detected and defeated if and when in use. Ditto because of the advent of Smart Meters, in which case this new information may be a very useful weapon for use by activists against the power industry, and legal pressure (lawsuits) by user-victims. It is equally important because where targeting is not involved, education on topic may lead to resolving a potentially deadly stray voltage of less sinister origin, and address final cure to otherwise unresolvable health issues.

And, in closing, let me state it once more. Any instance of serious stray voltage, even if not related to targeting, likely represents an actionable legal issue; you should consult with a lawyer about suing the Power Company and/or whomever pays the bill on any secondary meter head causing the effect, or any otherwise weaponized meter head.






About Author H. Michael Sweeney

Author of privacy/security/abuse of power, Founder Free Will Society, PALADINs (Post Apocalyptic Local Area Defense Information Network)

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  1. I seen two smart meters on the house where i live. When they target my ears. I hear a sound like ,when you have the water hose on outside.from in the house
    You hear it.

    • Any artificial hearing no one else can hear is automatically presumed by ‘professionals’ as schizophrenia. While schizophrenia is always a possibility, and often easily dealt with by a professional, it seldom involves sounds, only, it is almost always voice, only, and deeply personal in dialog, usually two-way. But when artificial hearing is induced by political control technology (V2S – Voice to Skull), depending on which of the three main technologies employed for the purpose, there is often an initial ‘test and calibration period’ which may employ sound, only. Only one of the technologies supports effective two-way dialog. Regardless of such details, anyone experiencing V2S is free to contact me about simple tests which can determine the type of tech employed and what might be done to defeat or deal with the effects.

      • Christy Reynolds

        Christy Reynolds I live in Texas we talk and we talk they laugh put me down, it never ends one lie after another
        Would love to know how to test and possibly defeat
        Also have you listened to shine downs song Attention Attention? And Dark side it’s almost like notes from my bedroom ,house, outside, in the car, anywhere I go so do they

      • Please contact me at proparanoidgroup at gmail com. I would need to ask questions to provide a useful answer. Thank you for the outreach.

  2. I covered my meter with aluminum flashing tape and then put a shower Matt over that and I reduced my bill by @ $40 and at the same time was consuming more electricity running my pool filter.
    Also when I feel pressure on my body I turn the meter off and it usually disappears.
    magnetrons are now installed in newer police vehicles for crowd control and when pointed at your smart meter will pressurize you.

  3. Use green aventurine for defense. The mind perceives subliminally directed communication whether it comes from words on a screen or hidden whispering. Subliminally directed communication is not always so subliminal. By definition, subliminal communication can’t be consciously perceived, but there is a gray area where one can be aware of it. The threshold of perception is a variable. Some people have a lower threshold of perception for subliminally directed communication. They can perceive communication that was intended to be completely subliminal. The deceptive and controlling effects can be diminished if one is aware of it. Most people who are persistently influenced by subliminally directed communication never guess that their judgment has been impaired by this kind of mental programming. One cannot be aware of subliminally directed communication while sleeping. The solution is to block hidden perception of the communication. This can be done with green aventurine. This inexpensive gemstone can be placed on areas where there is a strong concentration of the bone conduction of sound. The principle that bones conduct sound is well established and is used for headphones that use conduction of sound through the bones to bypass the ear. You can find these areas with a stethoscope if you are one who perceives. Do not use an electronic stethoscope that filters out the higher frequency range of audible sound. Subliminally directed communication is like whispering. The sounds that make it possible to recognize the letters of the alphabet are in the higher frequency range. The best quality for aventurine is medium green, tumbled smooth, about 1.5 centimeters across, and somewhat flat. The best placement is at the top of the small leg bone on the right leg. This bony point is located below the knee cap and all the way to the right side.

    • I have never seen a gem or magnet or pendant or crystal or any other metaphysical new-age solution solve anything for stalking victims. When people report it working, I tend to lean to the side of placebo effect, based on MINIMAL testing under controlled circumstances… or presume them to be fakes pretending to be satisfied customers in order to sell more product. Pending proper controlled double blind testing of such methods, I deem them all a fraud, I’m sorry to say… with some hope I will be proven wrong at some point.

      In the case of your statements about green aventurine, I can find no reference to its use in bone phones or stethoscopes, and there are no patents filed for use of it in any technology of any kind. The only references online tend to be new age material about magical properties and sites trying to sell pendents and other jewelry or art employing the crystal, stopping just short of making medical claims which would get them into hot water.

  4. Stray voltage can be excessive in an apartment. It can be a cause of tiredness and stress. Stray voltage can come from ungrounded appliances, improper electrical wiring, or electromagnetic frequencies. Stray voltage accumulates in the body. It can be measured indirectly with a body voltage meter. I went to the circuit breaker box and turned off all electrical circuits in my apartment. I turned all my computers completely off. The result was that I had about 2.3 volts same as before. This is more than ten times higher than in other parts of this apartment building. The healthy level of body voltage is around 20 to 30 millivolts. This test rules out ungrounded appliances and faulty electrical wiring. That leaves electromagnetic frequencies. One way to reduce body voltage is to make a zinc and copper grounding plate that will fit under the heel of the left foot. The zinc goes on top. Zinc flashing for killing moss on the roof is easy to cut with scissors. Trim the corners to avoid sharp edges. Rolls of copper foil tape are sold on Amazon. Only the zinc should touch the skin. The grounding wire attaches to the plate and the other end plugs into a grounding socket in an electric wall plug. The alligator clip that attaches the wire to the plate needs to be insulated with a non-conducting fabric such as cotton so that only the zinc touches the skin. Reducing body voltage helps, but there is still a need for protecting the body’s energy balance. Tape a bead of black tourmaline on Large Intestine 3 on the right hand. This energy meridian point is located near the corner of the joint of the second (index) finger facing toward the thumb and the wrist. You might have to try a few times to get the bead exactly on the LI 3 R point. I use paper medical tape and a flat 0.5 centimeter bead. Caution: do not wear the black tourmaline on Large Intestine 3 if you are not using the zinc and copper grounding plate. When you have both the black tourmaline and the grounding plate, try the gyan mudra. This yoga hand position is for stress. The gyan mudra works better when the body is electrically grounded. For each hand, touch the tips of the first and second fingers together. The tips of the other fingers do not touch. For best results, the edge of the nail of the first finger touches the middle of the edge of the second finger. The palms face upward. Try this and see if it does not bring relief from electrical stress.

    • I’m not terribly in to energy meridians and the like but your information on grounding plates is essentially correct. Just be sure that there is only one lead and it goes to the ground socket of your AC outlet, or better, avoid that and go to a cold water pipe. As for choice of metal or foot, I find any conductive metal works, any foot. If their are long-term medical reasons for avoiding or selecting a given metal, I am not qualified to speak to that, but since I cannot wear socks or shoes and am always barefoot indoors, I’ve not experienced issues with aluminum, tin, copper, or steel.

      • Thank you for your comment. I should have explained that the reason for using and copper on the left foot is that the body’s reaction to electromagnetic effects can be tested with kinesiology. The energy strength is referred to as polarity. Since my earlier suggestion I have found that grounding continuously is not always the best thing. It is more effective to use grounding methods in the living area rather than to use the body like a grounding stake.

      • You need to shut the power off at the breaker box for the rooms you are having trouble with.
        The wires in the wall are sending out the current that is affecting you.
        Go to targeted justice and read Richard Lighthouses free 3-5 page booklets. This dirty electricity is a problem for all. Look at the California fires, they were attributed to the smart meters.Lol

      • Wall wiring can indeed be a problem to anyone who is hypersensitive, which many TIs become with prolonged DEW attacks, and which is easy enough to acquire as one gets older in our ‘modern World’ full of RF/EMF smog. Additionally, particularly common in TI apartments, it is possible to deliberately weaponize house wiring by embedding EMF signals into the AC line. Less common in actual homes, this concern can be minimized with a power conditioner. It is best to condition the power of the entire home at the Mains panel, but that can prove very expensive by comparison to rendering a key room conditioned. Either way, it will best be accomplished through a professional electrician, in which case most Tis need a means of selecting one in a manner which minimizes any chance of their being coopted to sabotage the effort. That topic is well covered in my books and I believe I have it somewhere in my blog pages, as well.

        Speaking of smart meters, their own intentional evil even for non Tis (technically, the render everyone a TI)… in apartments, take a look at your meter and those assigned to units which share a common wall with your own unit (Condos, as well). If you find the rotation rate of the two meters are identical (time sixty seconds and note the reading changes), that is a strong indicator they have weaponized, and may represent an opportunity to get an electrician to prove the point for legal recourse.

  5. Im just gonna run down my experiences as a t.i. I have a smart meter for my power and for my water. Furthermore, there is a green transformer box sitting right on my property. This is the first I’ve read of this stray voltage and I believe it may apply. I’ve used network cell information app to track the wiFi signal of my phone and it gives different and odd telemetry. It shows as if my phone or device were randomly moving around when sitting still. It’s using GPS with enhanced location and i know it’s accurate but, at times it shows altitudes of 80(feet?). I’ve heard a weird bird chirping noise for and when I recorded the frequency of the bird all the pitches and chirps were exactly the same as if artificial. I’ve read Walmart has invested in smart drone bees and feel as though a smart bird drone could be in use. I have seen numerous drones fly over late at night, including an all black torpedo like drone that made NO noise when flying over and when recorded only appears as a burnt orange-ish flash of light. One of my neighbors witnessed this as well. I have also seen a fake star that appears white to the naked eye but, appears in my camera as a blueish red flashing orb. I constantly get the v2k amplified through all my fans and have recordings of this where I’ve filtered out some of the fan noise and you can clearly hear voices. My camera is always picking up blue and reddish EMI distortions when I record, even with different cameras. My feet are constantly curled n cramped as are my knees and shoulders when just laying down. I put up tin and rubber and heard what sounded like fast hard rain drops hitting and pinging off the material. Also I put black lights in my room and saw this weird light circling my room as if it were sonar (video is on YouTube under super probe) I have tons of evidence and just need a few meters and an expert with this stuff so I can find my peeps and get some litigation going. Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

    • Not enough information to give a truly informed answer; it would take on site tests with costly gear… but it sounds at first glance like you are bathed in EMF, possibly pulsed microwave (a targeting tech). That could affect your cameras as described (see my video on youtube of an actual microwave attack where the camera responds to the microwaves somewhat similarly to your description: proparanoid is the channel). Keep in mind technology evolves with newer models and competing brands, so no two cameras of disparate age should give identical results. Experiment with older cameras if you can. I suggest you look into the Micro Alert microwave warning device. A good companion would be from the same fire, of the same name as the product: Trifield. It would measure the ‘power’ of MW even though unable to read the frequency, and would help identify source. Send me an email (proparanoidgroup at gmail com) for a manual on how to use for your needs (mfg. does not support and will not sell it to you for your purposes if you ask questions). *** There was a torpedo-shaped drone design sold for professional and scientific use some years back. Not many sold. It was designed for high altitude and/or high speed, with ‘rocket-like’ performance. Not impossible to hoover, but it had to change attitude to do so (stand up).

  6. Christy Reynolds

    What about if somehow they have reversed engineered somehow with the old telephone TV.cable lines and power lines above ground crimped them together and connected them together and connected Ted them ba k into y
    The smart meter electrical box at ho.e owners pole. What about project 25 and it’s 1,2,3 phases?? A friend here in Hill County told me he has a friend who has invested a bit load of money into the new “involved system” the didn’t go any further…. I believe it involves rogue militia type current or ex reserve police. The towers they have put up every where and ham radios plus the open source project its been hacked into….. Talkers. ,Listeners and Repeaters….. Hill Co has always been dirty all the way to the courthouse .. they won’t stop not even the walls in you’re home can keep their eyes or ears out… We are in some serious trouble and I can’t get anyone to believe me

    • Old lines are pulled for the scrap value, when newer systems evolve. The exception would be those which lead from the property connect box to the home’s interior, which remain the means of connection with the newer system, if they pass a quality test. ** It is all too easy for any new technology to be weaponized; the more technology one employs, the less secure one becomes. P25 is not in and of itself a threat, nor do I see it a useful system, weaponized, as it has to do with corporate communications with mobile units (think Ambulances, Fire trucks, Cops). A TI is better/more easily targeted by locally permanent systems (i.e., a base-station placed MW emitter and surveillance site) than drive by solutions. Yes, militia an Police might evolve specialized uses for their unique needs, legal, or extralegal, but unless you were a person of interest, it again becomes moot to the discussion. That said, see my latest blog on involvement of Police in targeting, a common issue for Tis.

  7. Christy Reynolds

    OK so a “Targeting Tech “??? Now there are some pictures of something that could possibly fit this role..Radio then search for shacks you won’t believe the equipment they have…

  8. It seems as though if those whom are actually responsible or have an active roll in the participation of the actions against T.I’s are the one dismissing anything alleged by the Target. I’ve been a T.I since birth apparently, thats when the Roman Catholic Church, Freemasons and the first nations first targeted me or we not divulging that fact. That these 2 groups hacked the CIA, Dept of Nat Defence, FBI, CSIS etc anyone they wanted to they hacked at will with protection byt the cops who were paid off. targeting anyone and everyone who would be a threat or who would have any financial gains they didnt deem worthy. They ensured this with the help of BNSF and the starting of the forrest fires to Jack the housing costs up 40% in a recession so that the homeless numbers would skyrocket and they could legally destroy that problem. But the one thing you couldn’t control was your own greed all the insurance money had you frothing at the mouth didnt it. 10301977 you should have read the letter from 1676 or answered the question from 1776. You abandoned everything you believe in maybe think twice before claiming to be innocent while you promote slavery and incite racism and make disease for another BMW. P.S All the bloodshed is because of you you were given free will for seconds before

    • While this strays from the intent/topic a bit, the comments are generally on track with observable actions of progressive state governments on the West Coast (re forest fires, power management policies, homelessness in Cal, Or., Wa), I’m approving this msg.

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