8 False EAS Alerts in 5 Months = Conspiracy

We depend on Government in emergencies. But what if the emergency system designed to warn us was turned against us as a tool for Control? The unusual flurry of false EAS alerts of late may point to just that…

by H. Michael Sweeney proparanoid.wordpress.com   Facebook   MeWe   proparanoid.net  

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What you will learn reading this (long) post…

  • There has been a staccato series of ‘impossible’ false EAS alerts of late;
  • In fact, there have been twice as many as national media admits;
  • They defy statistical probabilities with no historical precedence;
  • This mimics other, similarly odd critical historical infrastructure failures;
  • Those infrastructures have associations w military & intelligence communities;
  • Their failures appear to serve the interests of the military/intel players;
  • The associations and interests are also a commonality to the EAS failures;
  • An analysis/projection as to what it all means: what to worry about.


Why can’t we trust the EAS System??

aaa.jpegIt makes no sense, unless you are a conspiracy theorist who knows something from history that others, do not… things having to do with CIA conspiracies which were NOT theories, but actual proven crimes. No one, I doubt, other than any conspirators involved, is in a better position to explain the true significance and offer the full details of these failures, than this writer. The full story is far bigger and scarier than the almost ‘entertaining’ or matter-of-fact dry news approaches found elsewhere, when dealing with the topic. We start with a simple question…

What is wrong such that there have been as many a EIGHT (more than a dozen, technically, depending on how one chooses to count) false Emergency Alert System issuances in the span of five short months… and that does not include several more potentially related, as separately described. That is in stark contrast to the fact that in the previous twenty years since replacing the old Cold War CONELRAD Emergency Broadcasting System in 1997, there had not been a single false alert of the same sort?*

It’s bad enough that EAS alerts start off with extremely annoying assaults in your ear, but when they turn out to have scared you into action for a false reason of some sort, you really get ticked off. Unfortunately, it appears there is even more to be angry about, than any of that… something greater to fear than these errors… even greater in scope and threat, perhaps, than the messages themselves, portrayed, even if real. Let’s take a look:

  1. False Tsunami alert, Jan 2, Seaside Oregon. Very specific, advising 4 hours to get to high ground;
  2. False Nuclear Attack alert, Jan 13, State of Hawaii. Very specific, advising “BALLISTIC MISSILE THREAT INBOUND TO HAWAII. SEEK IMMEDIATE SHELTER. THIS IS NOT A DRILL;”
  3. False Flood Warning, Jan 17, Morris County, New Jersey. Specific, narrowly distributed, and persistent, in that it was repeatedly issued to customers of only one cable provider, and could not be ended unless turning the the TV off and back on, after which it would reappear after a few moments;
  4. False Tsunami alert, Feb 6, Portland Maine. Also appeared in West Palm Beach, FL, and other locations on the East Coast, various locations in the Gulf of Mexico, and Puerto Rico. Very Specific, giving only 57 minutes warning;
  5. False Blizzard alert, Feb 19, Tucson, Arizona. Specific. Snow of any kind is extremely rare, there.
  6. False Tsunami alert, May 11, State of Alaska (two instances). Very Specific, and though only aired in Alaska, warnings itself cited entire North American Coastline (including British Columbia) and Hawaii;
  7. False Zombie Alert, May 20, Lake Worth, Florida. Very specific “POWER OUTAGE AND ZOMBIE ALERT FOR LAKE WORTH AND TERMINUS.” Companion message followed some time later “THERE ARE NOW FAR LESS THAN SEVEN THOUSAND-THREE-HUNDRED-EIGHTY CUSTOMER INVOLVED DUE TO EXTREME ZOMBIE ACTIVITY. RESTORATION TIME UNCERTAIN.” Note: for some reason, no news source makes record of BOTH messages, and many news pages on topic are now ‘404 Errors,’ as if someone is vanishing select reporting on this incident;**
  8. False Civil Emergency alert (2 messages), May 29, four counties about the Salem, Oregon State’s Capitol. Not exactly a false alert, it simply was wrong in content, non specific, “CIVIL EMERGENCY IN THIS AREA UNTIL 11:28 PM PDT PREPARE FOR ACTION.” This was followed by a second message some hours later advising that it was a “WATER EMERGENCY FOR THE SALEM AREA,” but gave no specifics, instead giving a web link for details. That clarification did not go out to adjacent areas, leaving those citizens, in the dark until media could figure it out and advise using their own services.***
  • Potentially Related: False Nuclear Power Plant Accident Alert, May 23, 2017, Salem County, New Jersey. A drill being conducted was interpreted as real by the system;
  • Potentially Related: False Blizzard Alert, May 16, State of Nebraska. Very Specific, listing all counties. Note: this alert was not found in mainstream news, but in a Youtube. However, the presenter specializes in videos of seismic activity recording instruments during events, and therefore, seems unlikely to be fake;
  • Potentially Related: False Zombie Alert, May 16, Great Falls, Montana. Very Specific, and claimed to be a hacking incident.
  • Potentially Related: False Nuclear Attack Alert April 22, 2018, Winnipeg, Canada. The Canadian system is not an American design, and works differently. However, there is some interfacing between them, as seen in the Alaskan Tsunami warning. This message was heard only (above link) through the cities various loudspeakers, which were not part of any official alert system, and is thought to be a prank. The message was, however, quite frightening and detailed, very specific, and, delivered in a computer voice with believable content: “This is a National Emergency. Important details will follow. (unintelligible) (emergency tones) The following message is transmitted at the request of the Canadian Government. This is not a Test. A nuclear attack is occurring against the United States and Canada. Six nuclear missiles have been launched from unknown locations, and are expected to strike the United States and Canada within the next 15 to 25 minutes. Due to the uncertain path of these missiles, all Canadian residents should seek out a fallout shelter immediately. If members of the Canadian armed forces direct you to a fallout shelter, please follow them for your safety. If no fallout shelters are available, get as far underground as possible. Stay away from windows, using heavy objects to put as many walls an layers of protection between you and the outside world as possible. You should put together a basic emergency survival kit including a flashlight and battery operated radio to use during your stay in the shelter. Stay tuned to local media for further information. Do not venture outside until notified it is safe to do so. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will be speaking on all stations shortly

One final point to consider: there are ‘consistent themes’ present in all of this, not all of which are obtusely visible, and perhaps not all revealed, herein. There is a Zombie theme, a nuclear theme, a Tsunami theme, and a ‘name’ theme, where the names of some counties involved match the names of some cities involved in other alerts, or vice versa, and similarly, a map location theme (East, West, and Gulf Coasts, and dead center U.S., plus Canada; all four ‘sides’ and the ‘center’). There is also a ‘date’ theme, since all but one event transpired in the same three months, six of those in one month, two on the same date. Collectively, these thematic patterns raise additional questions as to the likelihood of mere ‘coincidences’ or ‘accidents’ being involved.

Note: this is a long post which goes into great detail that there be no misjudgment by the reader. It is suggested you not read further until you have enough time to finish (scroll now to evaluate reading time).


 The asterisks

*Each of the false alerts prior to 2018 had a completely different nature than those cited above, especially in that the older false alerts were not generated by use of the system, as such.  All but one of those above had a cause/blame element or mitigating circumstance pointing to failures in the system, even when human error was also involved, whereas all prior errors on record (about a dozen spread out over the 20 years), were due to hacking (1), mistakes in advertising (several), or film production (several). There were additional failures where tests failed to transmit, at all. It can be said that all of the historical problems boiled down to human error traced to failing to understand how the system worked, or failing to use it at all (failed transmissions). That is not true of the six in question.

The thing to underscore is that there is near zero similarity to the current failures, in analysis. Even when human error played contributory roles (two events), something in the System, itself, was also to blame… which is a mystery, because there has been no change to the system which could account for a change in reliability or performance. Differences aside, keep in mind too, that there is no guarantee that any given official explanation is necessarily the truth; such things gone wrong involving government often involve cover (up) stories… especially if there is a conspiracy, somewhere in the woodwork.

There was one instance of hacking in the older events, but a long list of those older false alerts were triggered because radio or TV stations used tape which had previously held EAS content, where the signal which triggers the system was still detected by the system though otherwise inaudible. The EAS tone has a digital signature which the system detects for actuation… and the annoying tones themselves are that digital signal in audio form… which also triggers the system if in broadcast content. Beyond the hacking, this signal was itself the source of the remaining problems, primarily because human operators were unaware of it’s technical nature:

One national Arco Ad deliberately included the tones with the ad message to get the listener’s attention in ‘gag-like’ motif, and concluded with “This test brought to you by ARCO.” One local advertiser also incorporated the tones in similar marketing intent, but the NBC affiliate running the ad locally did not know it would trigger and automatically transmit the alert nation-wide over the entire NBC network. Movies sometimes include the sound in their digital sound tracks when the plot calls for it, and when aired on TV, that, too, triggers the system (Olympus Has Fallen was an example). The most recent example was a sports radio program using the tones in a review of a sporting event where the alerts triggered during the event, a matter resulting in $2.5M in fines to the program producers and the station involved.

These differences highlight the unusual series of late, which contrast in both frequency statistics and historical relevance; if the given explanations are true (there have been few explanations yet offered, and they have been speculative or non specific in nature, chiefly passing the buck to some other quarter; ‘It wasn’t us;’ the message came from (someone else). ‘Someone else’ had nothing to say. So, we now have one more serious question to ask:

How come we have not encountered these kinds of failures, before?

**The Zombie alert is particularly disturbing for three reasons, none of which sound particularly believable, but they are true. One is tied to where it took place, in that there have been multiple news stories in Florida in this last decade, all about REAL Zombie attacks, including banned Youtube videos of a naked man who had to be shot by Police because he refused to obey orders to stop eating the face of another man he had subdued violently. Another incident had a man who was undeterred by multiple tasers and a Police Dog, and had to be pulled off of the body of his victim by four Officers, after chewing on his victim’s face. These attacks were blamed on Flakka, an exotic Chinese-made designer drug with extreme and unpredictable hallucinogenic properties.

The other is that the Center for Disease Control’s official Web site has a whole page on Zombie attack preparedness. It is a not-so-easily-detected Onion-style tongue-in-cheek attempt (they claim it a marketing gimmick) to force people into thinking about emergency preparedness. It may have worked, but given the news stories and the EAS alert, one has to wonder… how is it that the word Zombie has more something like a dozen times made it into elements of the EAS system? In the recent incident of concern, it seems the word was not typed in by a human, but somehow, it was substituted for the word for ‘weather.’ I point out that procedurally, it takes two people to enter a custom message, the typist, and a supervisor who dictates and/or approves it while watching over the shoulder; a kind of failsafe system to spot/prevent such errors.

aabb.pngThe other general false Zombie messages took place in 2009 and 2012. Highway traffic alert signs (i.e., the ‘Amber System’, School Zone signs, freeway traffic signs, etc.) started warning of Zombie attacks. Amber and many highway systems, and any local emergency cell-phone subscription services, are all interfaced with EAS to one extent or another. The Zombie messages transpired in scattered cities around the nation with some variety in specific content. One school zone speed warning sign read “ZOMBIE INFECTED SCHOOL AHEAD”,  whereas most of other traffic signs read “WARNING! ZOMBIES AHEAD.” Fortunately, those events were not based in reality… yet.

One more ‘bonus’ reason exists, but is its own matter of importance with respect to the conspiracy theory alluded to in the introduction.****

***The Oregon Capitol (Salem) suffered a biological water contamination (algae bloom toxins) which was dangerous to very young or old persons, and anyone with a hampered immune system. But though city planners were aware of the problem, they waited four days before issuing the Alert, thinking they would simply ‘fix’ the problem with water treatment, and retest the water.

That’s what they did, but the brainy (I should point out that Oregon is run by extreme leftist progressives, not known for thinking problems through to proper conclusion before acting) Oregon officials failed sent the sample to an out-of-state lab by mail despite having ample local testing resources, forcing a considerable delay. Additionally, the problem initially transpired over a holiday weekend, and they just couldn’t be bothered to be proactive in the face of a potential life-threatening situation. Oregon is often described as a ‘Let-it-burn State,’ because they habitually fail to respond to emergencies until an extreme crises, a pattern especially visible in how they respond to forest fires… which is to say not at all, unless and until it starts threatening communities or major commercial ventures, or starts to make national news (they don’t like negative PR).

In like manner, the State failed in its ability to notify citizens when the water was finally again safe to drink. Some blame the Governor, Kate Brown, who is thought to have ‘not let a good crisis go to waste,’ and who thereby let the problem get large enough for grandstanding, by calling in the National Guard to provide potable water in a near ‘Martial Law disaster response’ manner. That thus illustrated ‘leadership in a crises,’ when it was actually a non crises which had apparently already resolved itself, before she gave the orders, had anyone bothered to correctly clarify the matter.

Even the second EAS ‘explanation’ message was sufficiently non specific such that it caused extreme social and financial hardships on businesses and citizens, esp. those working for the countless eateries and other firms which shut down because they feared using water, at all, and because people panicked and hit the stores to gobble up as much bottled water as they could muster. As result, some stores raised prices on bottles to as high as $50 a case, and they got it. The Governor has ordered those firms to be prosecuted for their profiteering in a crises, which is akin to hording in terms of emergencies, under the law. This was also part of her grandstanding, as it seems the threat was never carried out, probably because the law only applies under FEMA control in disaster response, and/or in the case of actual Martial Law. I’ll defer to legal teams on that, as this is certain to lead to lawsuits against the City and the State, as well as stores involved (that’s another way Oregon burns).

In addition, Kate attempted to blame Donald Trump policies in purely political diatribe, which had nothing to do with anything. And, subsequently, the State moved to order residents of four rural counties to ‘stop using well water’ because ‘it is lowering river levels’ and threatening the water supply of the cities. The State has no legal right to usurp the property (water rights) of citizens without due process, and in point of fact, the wells in question do not impact the river levels, as is scientifically proven by several means.

But it made good PR for the liberals in the cities, who hold the greater number of votes. So, in a way, this particular EAS was part and parcel of its own little political conspiracy, though it did not originate as such, nor was it causal to the false and functionless alerts… assuming you don’t count public panic a function.

****Conspiracy? This conspiracy theorist has many times proven theories true, and in fact, correctly predicted 9-11, and afterwards, personally thwarting another predicted terror attack in Portland (link: mid page). Over the years, conspiracy theorist thinking also enable me to help put a good number of bad people into jail who were engaged in organized or individual crimes, some of which made national news. These predictions and the crime busting was largely made possible by first formulating a conspiracy theory, then postulating a means to prove it, and researching to find the predicted evidence it was so. There is no difference in methods employed by a good theorist and law enforcement, except that the later has virtually unlimited resources and tools available.

By such means, after ten years of research, I developed Unified Conspiracy Theory in and for my book set, Fatal Rebirth. It was the UTC which predicted the terrorism, and much more as cited above, including the Derivatives financial disaster, select gun violence, an assassination attempt tied to a Presidential campaign, and much more. In reverse manner, it showed how the long list of ‘random’ bumps-in-the-night of American History (i.e., S&L crises, assassinations, Iran Contra, OKC and WTC bombing, etc.) were not random, but stepwise logical acts in a PLAN to towards meeting a SPECIFIC GOAL… which also accounts for the extreme leftist nature and actions of the Democrats since Obama took and then lost office. That, I did not foresee, though at the time, it appeared that the far Right would do much the same if unchecked. Let’s just say that the UTC saw little difference between a Clinton and a Bush… ‘New Boss same as the Old Boss.’

The history which enabled the UTC itself brings us to some things which were part of those bumps in the night… which directly speak to this rash of EAS false alerts… as well as the highway sign warning system false alerts. The UTC in fact predicted abuse of EAS in false flag manner. That history tells us that these emergency alert systems were not the first to suffer highly questionably and unbelievably coincidental rashes of system ‘failures’ tied to conspiracies. To explain, we go back to CIA’s Operation Mockingbird… which through knowing, will help explain EAS matters. If already familiar with Mockingbird, you may skip to the last paragraph in the section, below.



Operation Mockingbird was a CIA project which was started in the 1950’s (Wikipedia uses the word ‘allegedly,’ but it is well documented, even indirectly referenced in the Congressional Record in both the Watergate affair, and in the Church and Rockefeller Committee reports on CIA mind control operations. Mockingbird disinformation was a subtle but effective form of mind control through, at the very least, the mid 70’s… and that date IS ‘alleged,’ because there have been many proofs it is still in play well into this Century, as one example, below, will attest.

Mockingbird was a large-scale infiltration of mainstream U.S. and foreign Media. In the U.S., alone, there were thousands of operatives involved. This included small student and cultural organizations all the way up to big TV network news and newspapers, and Internationally, it included whole Wire Services, such as A.P., U.P.I., and Copely… which of course, also impacted American news sources who regularly passed on their stories unchecked. Most were recruited as in place employees or managers ‘hired’ or ‘bribed,’ or otherwise coerced into cooperation, but actual CIA agents were also put on the payrolls of cooperative media. In some cases, CIA actually bought the firms, and staffed them with whomever they pleased.

Big names were involved, too. William S. Paley (head of CBS), Walter Cronkite (CBS), Henry Luce (Time/Life), James Copely (Copely News Services), Phil and Katherine Graham (Phil @ Washington Post and as head of Mockingbird within his industry, Kate following in his footsteps, and later, Time/Life/Warner’s infection, along with their existing Mockingbirds). The list goes on, to include many key people in at least 25 newspapers and every TV network — and Hollywood was by no means exempt. That number of newspapers is interesting, because it is not the first time.

Prior to WWI, the ‘Powder Interests’ (the predecessor to the Military Industrial Complex) organized conspiratorially to get America into the war by bribing the Managing Editors of 25 newspapers to sway America away from its isolationist and neutral thinking regarding the war in Europe. That IS succinctly and precisely found in the Congressional Record. They did this in a manner similar to the way a CIA Public Relations Firm and CIA proper arranged to get America into ‘America’s New War’ (the ‘slogan’ adopted by mainstream media in Wag-the-Dog media manipulation manner), Desert Storm, the liberation of Kuwait. This was a modern post 2000 example of Mockingbird’s model in play.

CIA and it’s CIA controlled PR firm, fostered a lie (disinformation) in news stories and in false testimony before Congress (and rolling news cameras) that Iraqi invaders were killing Kuwaiti babies, Doctors, and Nurses in order to steal incubators from hospitals. In WWI, they did the same, the lie being that Germans were raping and cutting the breasts off of Belgium women thought to be corroborating with the resistance movement. Both lies were bought, hook, line, and sinker, and helped bring America to war. The first casualty of war, is said to be ’Truth,’ and it falls well before the war actually starts.

What does that have to do with EAS, you ask? What is EAS (and the highway signs), but a way to spread key information to people… or DISINFORMATION? It is just a slightly different but much more urgent and powerful cannot-be-ignored way, than mere media.  Now, for the rest of the story: this is indeed not the first time there have been conspiracies which parallel these ‘errors’ in other kinds of critical national systems… and their very nature implies Mockingbird-like ties to the intelligence community, was involved. Everything you are about to read next about these events is fully reviewed and documented in Fatal Rebirth, and were, in fact, key components of the UTC’s evolution and ultimate predictive capabilities.


Telephone and Power Grid systems

Both of these critical national infrastructures are well regulated, if not designed, in a collaboration between their key industry players and government overseers, including one or more intelligence agencies. NSA and Ma Bell worked very closely together to design the ‘modern’ digital telephone system (‘modern,’ because it was as early as 1960… an important date in our discussion). FBI and CIA were also ‘in-the-loop,’ along with the Pentagon and at least Army Intelligence (perhaps other branches, as well).

The nation’s Power Grid, on the other hand, has been an evolving design overseen for security and technical purposes by the US. Department of Energy. DOE has historically had strong ties to CIA, to include, for instance, cooperative efforts in the area of Mind Control research (again, in the Congressional Record, and in this case, official DOE files online). Again, FBI, et. al, have always been in the oversight loop. Curious then, that both these systems have suffered mysterious rashes of failures almost identical in pattern to the EAS and highway sign failures. I summarize, here, from documentation in Fatal Rebirth:

The Power Grid has suffered two ‘batches’ of failures. The first was over two years (1996-98), during which three of the four major multi-state grid sectors suffered a complete catastrophic power outage. The second string of outages took place over three years (2001-03) with similar results. Both series involved other countries, as well, all relying on US grid design formats or the failed grid’s power, itself.

This was all blamed on trees and lightening strikes, neither of which hold water for technical reasons which render them it quite implausible, especially given the repetitive nature in tight time constraints… it would be like claiming every assassination effort in the last 50 years involved a JFK magic bullet, including the one against Reagan by Sqeaky Fromme, where no shot was fired. Simply put, trees are not allowed anywhere near the high tension lines involved, and all lines are isolated from ground, where their towers are in their place grounded lightening rods intended to prevent lightening strikes from impacting the lines. These are cover up stories. If they were valid explanation, the history of outages would consistently have the same failures ongoing, and not be isolated to neat little clusters.

And it is JFK which brings us full circle to that 1960 date… and to the phone systems. The digital phone system was launched in 1960, just in time for the assassination of JFK in 1963. The entire phone system in Washington, D.C., was shut down the very hour of the assassination, and not restored until Vice President Johnson was sworn in. Evidence generally accepted in books on topic (i.e., Mark Lane’s Plausible Denial) indict G. Gordon Liddy, ex FBI player trained in manipulation of the digital system, and closely aligned with the CIA team assassinating Kennedy according to courtroom testimony (same book), also the same team to the man involved in Watergate, along with Liddy. The D.C. outage would eventually be duplicated in a bigger scale, nationwide…

These also were in two batches. In 1991 a series of major land-line outages in America caused large area networks to go dark, all within the same two month period, each impacting key cities and whole States, D.C. style. In fact, D.C. was one of the cities, and part of the mystery is that major cities on vastly different regional networks were simultaneously failed in most of these outages, often thousands of miles apart. Like the Power Grid, post Fatal Rebirth, another series of such outages has taken place, this time impacting select Cellular carriers, the most recent recent of note impacting multiple carriers and the entire Southeast U.S. More to follow, on that. Like the EAS alert errors, no actual definitive explanations were ever fielded.


What it all means

There are two important meanings. The only one obvious and stated elsewhere in media accounts on the topic is the concern about public safety. If you cannot trust the accuracy of the EAS system, people could end up being harmed physically or financially by false alerts, or worse, end up in like state because they had lost faith in the accuracy of the system and failed to properly and promptly respond to an actual emergency. It matters now WHY the errors exist, for this concern to be valid. Be it because of hacking, human error, design flaws, or political motives, lives are still at risk of serious negative impact. But that is nothing, compared to the greater, unseen threat implied as covertly present:

The UTC says these were all test ‘failures’ caused by elements of the intelligence community, principally as ‘tests’ of their ability to manipulate the systems involved, as a matter of Civil Control. This would logically be a logical step in preparation for potential serious civil disobedience, Martial Law, or some kind of political Coup. The more recent events were, in fact, predicted by the UTC in Fatal Rebirth. Such would be a powerful disinformation tool, one having the unique potential to be both a conspiratorial false flag style pre event deception, and a support for post event cover up… ‘official proof’ as to what the ‘official truth’ was intended to be.

Certainly, any given event we have reviewed could in truth be simple natural failures with no attendant conspiracy attached. But given the batch nature and other similarities to the power/phone system failures, and the other highly coincidental clues discussed herein, the whole cannot in any way be innocent. Consider this: if we suspect conspiracy based test ‘failures,’ we must presume they would need to predate some future major event of potential concern such as to warrant such a desperate total blackout of (power, phones, or both… along with EAS, and highway signs.) Restated; if expected to be needed, you would damn well test something that complex and important, first, and early enough to perfect the effort should it test poorly. Any such predating would need allow a couple several months to years to ‘fix’ any flaws causing the tests to fail, in order to retest to insure it worked flawlessly when it really mattered. Hence, tests might require two batches.

So… what about that dating?

We need look at the outage dating and see if there were any events which might require outages of power and phone systems, as a means of validating conspiracy concerns. We must think of such outages as contingent emergency responses to control populations in an otherwise out-of-control situation threatening government security… or the security of those working in the shadows on conspiracies of their own against the nation. If we find such in place, then we have a potential UTC-like scenario we can then apply to divine what may lie ahead, based on the current flurry of false alerts.

Power, 1996-98: two years before 9-11. If that was a false flag attack, as much evidence reveals it to be (another part of the Operation Northwoods plan thought to have part of why Kennedy was assassinated), then any serious failure in keeping the truth a secret might require shutdown of the country’s ability to rally against a more dramatic coup required to prevent or deal with armed revolution, or similar civil upheaval. A FEMA takeover would be the perfect cover for such a coup, and give time to manufacture and establish an effective cover up, such as showing some dead bodies thrown under the Bus as conspirator ‘ring leaders.’ In fact, Homeland Security was established exactly two years prior to 9-11, to the day… and was planed by PNAC and the Anser Institute (an intelligence community think tank), all planned in the same general time frame as the test outages.

Power, 2001-03: one year prior to a UTC predicted terror attack on Portland, Or, which I personally thwarted, involving two of FBI’s Top 10 most wanted terrorists (identified by video and eye witnesses – details here)… not to mention at least one FBI agent, false flag style. Five years before Barrack Obama would run for President with some reason to fear possible assassination, which could in theory spark a race war or similar unrest. Either one of these events might require outages in order to retain or restore control and mitigate damages from resulting civil turmoil.

Power, regional Southwest outage, 2011 (also post Fatal Rebirth): this is the most recent and singular outage event, only suspicious because no cause for it has ever been discovered, though hacking and terrorism have both been ruled out. It is several years before the growing racial violence potential during the Obama Administration, and for the matter, the current turmoil among the radical left caused by Trump’s Presidency. Additionally, there has been an endless series of news events, mostly centering around gun violence involving black victims or civil rights issues had a potential for sparking the race war feared by the Rodney King beatings. The assassination fear would also remain.

Phones, 1991 series: three years before the Rodney King beating, the WTC bombing, and the Branch Davidian nightmare at Waco. The CIA, military intelligence, and the greater Military Industrial Complex were involved in all three events. Two years before the assassination attempt predicted by the UTC on Presidential Candidate H. Ross Perot.

Phones; regional outage 4 carriers in four Southeast States, 2011 (post Fatal Rebirth): this was allegedly due to a single cut land-line cable, but who and how the cable was severed has NEVER BEEN DETERMINED. There is a possibility that the cut took place AFTER the outage was achieved by other, unknown means. The Occupy movement was generally organized/proposed/planned beginning in May of 2011. Intelligence Agencies would have been aware then, or shortly thereafter, and would need to take some time to consider contingencies, once knowing the event’s schedule. The outage transpired in August, and the actual Occupy Event in America took place in mid September, exactly 45 days later. It had the potential to be evolve into a national or even global revolution.

A little complex to relate in a blog already long in tooth, but suffice it to say that any one of these outage events could easily be shown to be a preparatory test in support of a plot or other expected event with the potential to result in wide-spread civil disobedience. CIA operated spy planes remapping US cities and coordinated with the Pentagon in planning for military takeover if riots spread beyond LA, where military intelligence operatives initiated much of the violence disguised as angry Blacks from Watts. WTC was orchestrated and facilitated by both CIA and military intelligence, principally to empower Osama bin Laden’s Al Queda as the premier terrorist group, and place two top aids into the organization as double agents. The bloody end planned for Waco risked exposing CIA mind control programs and premeditated mass murder, and took place under Bill Clinton, he and his wife also ‘former’ CIA operatives, if not agents. Perot’s assassination attempt was by mailed Anthrax, same as used against one of Clinton’s body guards who was to testify against him in the Whitewater affair, and as used against media and Congress post 9-11. Any one of these events going wrong and leading to exposure of the truth (esp. who was behind them) could result in serious civil upheaval or dangerous collapse of government infrastructures, including the military and intelligence community.

Note: Phone and/or Power outages also generally kill Internet services in the same areas effected. Power outages kill everything, including gasoline supplies, sales of critical emergency supplies at most retailers, and access to cash from the banking system. These things critically impact the ability of Citizens to exercise much of any effort beyond mere survival, easily putting a crimp in any major organized events. Outages effectively ‘freeze’ political, social, and physical states of the region(s) affected until authorities can gain control. Emphasize, CONTROL.


What might the current EAS failures portend?

What if the theory is true? Again, in UTC manner, one can attempt to ‘look ahead’ and divine what might be needed to fulfill the last remaining ’puzzle piece’ in the theory; the otherwise inobvious ’need’ for such a test. Two such possibilities come easily to mind. Without being more in tune with current events at the book-research level, I can think of no others, but they certainly may exist. Or, of course, I could be all wet… which is for you to decide… comments welcome, even if critical.

Given the current level of unrest and hatred found on the far left, and the violence and aggressiveness they have lately resorted to, I can only conclude that many of the EAS failures were potentially tests preparatory for a national crisis based on an attempt to depose President Trump and assume control of the White House. It might be an assassination, some form of a coup attempt, an outright civil war between the left and right… or as simple as a highly questionable impeachment effort. I rate that as number one in likelihood.

Number two relates well to the Zombie element. Many conspiracy theorists… and the UTC does foresee the possibility… believe that some form of biological pathogenic pandemic based on zoonotics (man-made virus, generally race specific) is in our future. Fatal Rebirth and my latest book, Who’s Killing the Bilderbergers, both spend a lot of time examining this notion. The theory is that the New World Order will move to both reduce the population of the World and to weaken America’s ability to defend itself against foreign interests (including NWO desires to see a North American Union consisting of Canada, the U.S., Mexico, and the other Central American countries), and will foment a biological attack disguised as some random but previously unknown virus.

It is also possible that large quantities of Flakka could be manufactured and introduced into the water system, slowly. That would make some sense of the Zombie alerts, and the EAS problems related to the water system in Oregon. Slow introduction of Flakka would result in evolving mental instability of the population, at large, such as we are seeing demonstrated more and more in bizarre news stories. At some point, ‘Zombie attacks’ would start to transpire, especially with a sudden increase in Flakka distribution through secondary food sources or aerosol disbursement. If this scenario were a valid concern, the ability to interfere with the EAS system in the event of water testing producing evidence of Flakka introduction would be necessary, which therefore makes Oregon’s EAS failure a little more suspicious than simple stupidity or political malfeasance.

Regardless of if you accept my evaluation and speculations, or not, it is clear we cannot trust the EAS system, and whatever the reason behind the failures really is, it isn’t going to be an answer likely to make us warm and fuzzy about the system, or our future. Especially since it looks like we will never get that answer, at all. That, btw, is how conspiracies work best; treat the public like mushrooms in the basement. You won’t be fed useful information likely to get you out of the dark.

It helps nothing that you can find at least a dozen Youtube’s and other Web resources telling you how to fake an EAS alert. Doing so in any way which reaches the public or accidentally triggers the EAS system, is a federal crime. That so many seem to be freely promoting fakes alert methods… itself seems somewhat conspiratorial.

Yet, somewhat unfortunately, one MUST play safe and act as if any EAS alert is valid. Ultimately, that is the only advice I can offer… but as the baseball player said in Field of Dreams… “Watch out for in your ear.” If you prefer a brainier quote: “Men still have to be governed by deception,” Georg C. Lichtenberg, 18th Century Scientist and Political Satirist.

About Author H. Michael Sweeney

Author of privacy/security/abuse of power, Founder Free Will Society, PALADINs (Post Apocalyptic Local Area Defense Information Network)

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