PCT: Political Control Technology

These are posts on a the same PCT theme. To my knowledge, I am the only author/consultant on this topic to offer how-to defensive advice instead of merely talking about the history of mind control technology or citing personal experience. My books cover the tech and experiences, yes, but also detection and defensive tactics. In addition to for-fee ongoing consultation and direct intervention services, I offer a FREE Helps Kit and several forms of on-line consulting to Stalking Victims and Targeted Individuals. (TI). FREE Sample Newsletter on PCT also available. If you are reading this, you will perhaps also want to review my posts on Abuse of Power/NWO issues, found here.

Email proparanoidgroup at gmail com to request these things. Avoid lengthy descriptions and experiences. Please also visit The Free Will Society which I founded to aid severely impacted victims. Please make contributions to it via PayPal to freewill society at protonmail com. Please do not use that email addy for contact. It is not monitored for dialogs.


Netflix, Microsoft, Google, Playstation: Poised for Mind Control Psyops?

These are posts on a the same theme not listed in any particular order. Scan the whole list, but if you don’t read them all, you are missing some things you won’t find anywhere else on these topics (I’m known for digging up previously undiscovered material or discovery by situational analysis). One form of abuse of power close to the hearts of the NWO, is Politicical Control Technology. Posts on PCT are found here.

COVID Advice for Stalking Victims

Many victims of stalking are already socially isolated, so in many respects, the current virus-imposed ‘social distancing’ situation can be a benefit to them, as well as a threat. There are ways to tip the balance, to become a survivor of both targeting, and COVID19…

How TI’s Can Identify & Deal w Low Flying Aircraft

Targeted Individuals and ‘persons of interest’ tend to get nervous when they seem to be dogged by low flying planes or choppers. There is a way to determine if it is coincidence and harmless, or not, and who might be responsible, if actual targeting.

EMF Meters for T.I. Use

Radio Frequencies and Electromatic Fields can be weaponized for use against ANYONE. With the advent of 5G and the Internet of (smart) Things, almost EVERYONE should worry about RF/EMF effects. THIS MEANS YOU!

Unexpected Path to End T.I. Stalking

There are no truly simple and foolproof paths to end any kind of stalking, but one proven Free Will Society method has led to discovery of an unexpected path which might prove very simple and effective for many T.I. victims of organized or individual stalking.

Predictive Programming, Q anon, Anonymous, and the NWO

All about the psychologically manipulative political control methodology based on suggestive subliminal messaging, usually well ahead of planned events. It can be found in all forms of media, and shapes our acceptance of things to come, things we would not wish to accept… like 9-11, and the New World Order…

How To Identify FAKE Targeted Individuals

As it happens, even legitimate TIs can have an authenticity issue. Time to self evaluate and remedy chinks in how we are seen by others. And the pure fakes need to  be told to go away

Why TIs are Often Targeted by Police

The reasons are ancient, and systemic

U.S.P.S. “Informed Delivery” Potential Threat to Everyone, Esp. Stalking Victims

All should read

Risks in 12 Step Programs, esp. for TIs

The point of origin and methods of such programs are quite enmeshed with the New Age evolutions of the NWO, and principles of controlling what people think.

A Private Statistical Review of Targeting Data

For TI use, only… with no link back to you

How a TI’s Belief Structure Can Fail Them Dangerously

Out of 12,000 TIs I have had contact with, less than a 1/10th of one percent held usefully correct views about their targeting.

Smart Phone EMF App No Value to TIs

The features in your phone do not do what you think they do.

Free Will Haven; Targeting Free Intentional Community for Stalking Victims

The only PROVEN solution to targeting that can completely end targeting

A TI with RF Measuring Device can = Dangerous Conclusions

Low Cost RF/MW reading devices are often purchased by TIs as a defensive tool against their targeting fears. However, the general topic (TSCM – Technical Security CounterMeasures) is just that: TECHNICAL, and readings from such a device can easily lead a TI to panic and over react. Here is why, and how to get more out of such devices, without the risk of serious mistakes.

Why am I being targeted? A Valuable Question for TIs

Being targeted is all about unanswered, yet critical and deeply troubling questions, psychological torture being at least half the intent of targeting. The foremost question is usually ‘Why?’ or ‘Why me?’ There only three answers which matter, and they are not impossible to discern, and knowing can improve one’s ability to resist.

Stray Voltage, Smart Meters, and Targeted Individuals

There is a little known and underreported TI targeting method and symptom based on Stray Voltage, which is usually marked by a dramatic prevalence of ‘static discharges’ when touching things. But there are other symptoms, and happily, tests and cures.

TI Defense: 30 Tips to Help Fight Back

If there is one thing I’ve learned after having contact with 12,000 Targeted Individuals over some 25 years, it is that without help, they have no good chance at properly dealing with their targeting. There are many reasons self help fails, and yet the solutions are not that complex.

Why Stand Alone in a Crises? Join P.A.L.A.D.I.N.s

What will happen if a natural disaster or social upheaval comes and government cannot, or will not be able to defend you, your home, or your community? When armed marauders or looters come, will you stand alone, or will you have your own local network of helpers: Paladins?

The Pitfalls of Presuming TIs Are Schizophrenic

There has never been a Targeted Individual who has not been accused of schizophrenia. While that can be true, it is often not true, and even when true, targeting may also exist. The issue must be dealt with head on, and with care, lest it become a stumbling block beyond cure.

Crime Series: Ten Unexpected Proofs ‘Random’ Mass Shootings are by Intelligent Design

Ten easy-to-grasp but remarkable proofs, both visible and hidden: Illuminati style mystical symbolism and related ancient magical mysteries, calling cards, bragging rights, and Warlock spells cast against America, and the World. Conventional clues, too.

Gas Tax Newest Spy Tool Targets Poor, Economy-Minded

When the Tax Man has a GPS tracker in your car, you dare not go anywhere you don’t want (someone) to know about… because we are talking about ‘public information’ in this case, which ANYONE can access.

On False Flag Zombie Attacks in July

When the CDC starts talking about zombie attacks, DHS buys more ammunition than God and calls out all Federal Agencies to prepare for (something) at 100% strength with two weeks notice… while a Zombie blockbuster movie scares our pants off… there might just be something to worry about. 

Sorento Secretly Installing Total Surveillance Society
 15 Terrabytes of data on every Man, Woman, and Child in the U.S., tracking every trip, call, text, email you make, every URL you visit, every purchase or financial, social, and political action you take, all to profile you so they can predict you and blackmail, jail, or vanish you if it becomes convenient. Welcome to Herr Bush/Clinton/Sorento’s Total Surveillance Corporate Police State. But wait… I have a simple $7 SOLUTION!

FREE WILL: A TIs Greatest Asset, Oft Hardest to Employ

What you believe determines how you react under and are able to defend against targeting. That’s a key reason that targets are psychologically profiled before targeting even begins; the enemy needs to know what chains best to jerk. Turns out, there’s a simple way to jerk back.

I’ve Defrauded and Deluded Myself, I Am Not Me, But I AM

We go through life thinking we know who we are and why we do what we do, but like Actors who start believing they are the sum of their Press Clippings and the heroic characters they play, we are frauds. It took a simple but powerful video to teach me the truth, something I once knew, but lost sight of.

Psyops TV: How They Dumb You Down to Set You UP

You are being indoctrinated and conditioned to accept the Orwellian nightmare. Cancel that. You have been, and here is how.

Open Letter to the United Nations (by Red Chinese National, a victim of Political Control Technology)

Nothing described is atypical of such victims all over the World. No victim is ever given heed by any official body, but simply dismissed as ‘nuts,’ despite scientific, clinical, and other evidence to the contrary.

TOP 5 Reasons for, Signs of, Methods of, and Solutions for the Internet Spying On YOU

The threats are many, sophisticated, and endless. Solutions need not include Panic (usually), are largely simple and inexpensive, though nowhere near being fun.

Why Targeted Individuals Should Not Hook Up With Other TIs

And why they do, anyway, and almost always regret it

In the Rearview Mirror: When You Think You’re Followed

How to know, what to do about it

USAF Command Solo: Airborne Mind Control for the Masses

Not even the aircrew knows what they are telling you to think

Your Cell Phone is a Government Agent Spying on You

How to prevent gross violations of your privacy by the Police State

Testimony to Mass. Sate Legislature on Bill Restricting Electronic Weapons

Included list of 250 terms and technology of Political Control Technology

Timeline of Masonic/Illuminati/Mind Control Evolutions

From my book MC Realities, history (wars especially) start to make sense

The Olympics and Political Control Technology; Formula for Control

Evidence is that Athletes brains are being zapped… and yours, too, thereby.

A Glimpse of MC Realities (from the Preface)

The only how-to defensive guide on mind control, now in its 2nd Edition

Eight Steps of a Stalker and Defenses

What every women and many men should know about stalkers

Templehof Reveals Political Control Technology Secrets

What do the Knights Templar, Templehof Airport, the Cold War and HAARP all have in common?

FascistBook (in two parts): The Growing Case for Government Targeting via Social media

Who are all those people watching you from the other side of your monitor?

7 Tips: How to Outreach, Preach, or Beseech if a Targeted Individual

There are right and wrong ways to seek help, and the subtle difference can make things worse than before.

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