Proof Two: Shootings Exist in Identical ‘Magical’ Categorical Clusters

The Illuminati loves magical numbers, as they can translate into meaningful words or names, or leverage ‘spells’. Interesting then, that basic shooting statistics establish set after set in the most magical and potent number of all, one which decodes to ‘Satan.’ This alone reveals dramatic coincidences well beyond the possibility of random chance.

Are there any patterns in mass shootings? 

by H. Michael Sweeney  

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Is there any proof mass shootings are not random?

What you will learn reading this post of the posting series

•  that mass shootings defy random probabilities in their distribution;
•  instead collecting by the same count in groupings by type of event;
•  that count is a number of great significance to the planners.

Are mass shootings by intelligent design?

Proof Two: Shootings Exist in Identical ‘Magical’ Categorical Clusters

 Is there a mass shooting conspiracy?

This post is both the simplest to explain and reveal to the reader of all the patterns discovered, and yet, one of the most complex in terms of planning requirements for any conspirator. This particular proof, easy to grasp but harder to believe until you see it, could never be found using media statistics.  Simply put, if you look at all shootings (about 450 at the point of discovery), not just those media reports, and start to break them down categorically, you quickly find amazing results impossible by chance, with no hope of doing so using media counts:

Exactly 18 mass shootings involved high schools;

Exactly 18 mass shootings involved colleges;

Exactly 18 mass shootings involved US Post Offices (‘going Postal’);

Exactly 18 mass shootings involved Malls;

Exactly 18 mass shootings involved holidays;

Exactly 18 mass shootings involved Native Americans directly or indirectly;

Exactly 18 mass shootings involved Military/First Responders, either as shooting victims, shooters, or both.

18 shot revolver fires 3 slugs x 6 pulls; 18 is not just a magical number, but perhaps deadlier than most.          Image (CLICK) techwarelabs.

Additionally, there appears to be 12 or 13 fast food/specialty restaurants (i.e., pizza, chicken, tacos), and 14 or 15 full menu eateries. The precise number is in question because some locations are not categorically determined by their name, and have since gone out of business. This study should have been undertaken decades ago, but who knew to do so? Media was not telling us about the great bulk of these events.

In like manner, there appears to be similar numbers which make up the categories of nightclubs/strip clubs (where dancing/live entertainment is part of the venue) and bars/taverns/pubs (where only alcohol is the attraction). These are even harder to discern for the same reasons as the eateries.

Finally, there are thus far exactly 15 middle/elementary school shootings. I mention the eateries and clubs, and K-8 schools only because each falls short of 18. This implies that there will be additional shootings in these categories to bring their respective counts to 18. Such a notion, given the other patterns yet to be discussed, implies it may be possible to logically compute a next shooting event to a precise location, and perhaps, even date.

To do so will require completion of the full study, something which would take an individual such as myself far too long a time to complete. By then the events would likely already have come to pass. That is why I hope this series of posts might motivate someone to provide funding for a staff, or better still, for some authority to undertake the effort as part of a criminal investigation. Time is of the essence, which is why I’m publishing NOW, instead of two years from now.

Are mass shootings taking place in  clusters of 18?

Two unusual traits found in EACH grouping

That such perfect identical groupings should exist is alone remarkable. But once I determined such groupings existed, I wondered what else might be unusual about them as a minor data set — as opposed to their inclusion in the whole. So I simply ran connecting lines from each of the 18 to every other within the group. Two unique things became apparent, and were true in EVERY GROUP of 18.

GE plot of all 18 Postal shootings interconnected to one-another by lines. Despite confusion, you can see reflective angle patterns in several which are more isolated, but they exist in each of the 18. This should be impossible if random events.

Google Earth plot of all 18 Postal shootings interconnected to one-another by lines. Despite confusion, you can see reflective angle patterns in several which are more isolated, but they exist in each of the 18. This should be impossible if random events. Ignore the additional non postal shootings also shown, but with no lines.

a)   Each group of 18 generally formed a ring around the lower 48. Each ring would have two or three which were perhaps inset a bit more central than some of the others, but by and large, the total effect was to form a large irregularly defined shape (I’d say oval-like) which generally ran close to the borders or coastlines with a kind of regularity that implies deliberateness in its own right. You would think, if random, that there would be more shootings found centrally located, instead of generally being peripherally located.

b)   Reflective angular spacings. More remarkably, when looking at the angles created by the lines radiating outward from each individual shooting to the other 17, I was struck by what I’ll call a ‘mirroring of angles.’  That is, a given cluster of some number or perhaps even sets of clusters for a given shooting… and true in every shooting of the 18, would mirror a given angular relationship. For example, you might see lines radiating in arcs with angles of 5°, 12°, 8°, 20°, 8°, 12°, 5°.

Understand that such patterns might be a bit harder to discern because of the additional presence of a non mirrored line, but most of them literally jump out at you, visually. This might happen randomly given the total number of opportunities… in a given shooting, perhaps even more than one such example… but in all of them… in each grouping of 18? Not random.

To be sure, each set might have different numbers of such mirrored lines, and each array might consist of entirely different angles, but the point is, each shooting enjoyed this unique finding to one extent or another. I must point out, however, that measuring angles is quite time consuming and tedious, and I therefore only tested a few to measure their accuracy.

I will also state that the resulting accuracy of those checked was not perhaps as tight as I would have preferred. I would like to have seen .1 degree accuracy, but while some were within that range, .5 degrees was more common. Still, it is quite dramatic to see (image), even if the actual accuracy were found to be more than a degree (a degree is hard for the eye to detect). Very few were that far off.

This ‘opposing’ comment to the whole groups of 18 matter must also be added: shootings continue to transpire and it appears that at least some shootings will eventually fall into some of these same categories. Does that invalidate the observation? Perhaps, but not so easily.

Further study is required to examine each shooting to see if it is in the same ‘league’ as the others. For example, do the shootings make up a set of three or more in a straight line (a future discovery which will be covered as a subsequent proof)? Do their lines form a complex shape (also a future post’s proof)? Do they form equidistant – mirrored angles of interconnection points as described above?

Note: I’ve also not yet had time to chase down this important question: do any of these interconnect lines also form lines of three or more shootings, in which case, they are very important lines and shootings, events which may hold even more clues in need of discovery. Another reason I need help.

There is a clue this consistency should prove out to be true: one of the more recent shootings in the news was at a High School. That would make 19. Yet I recalled that I had arbitrarily included… because of other clues that it was INTENDED to be a mass shooting… an event where only one person was shot before the shooter was subdued. If it were intended but ‘failed,’ it is highly likely that the planners would seek to replace it.

The patterns then would seem to reflect a need to be consistent and ‘pure’ by its designers. Indeed, these reasonable questions and tests are yet another reason I hope someone will fund further research or be undertaken by LEA.

But perhaps there is a bigger question we should be asking:

What does the number 18 have to do with mass shootings?

Why 18?

Music Album Cover from (click) seems to sum it up: the wrist watch reads 18 minutes after 5; 5 x 18 = 90 = 5 sets of 2 x 9, where each pair (99) = 18, for a total of six 18s, plus the title 18 to make 7 in all, which is covertly stating, intentional or otherwise, that ‘the power of 18 (Satan) trumps the power of God (7)’

It is about ‘magical numbers.’ The general topic of numerology and the mystical or Gematria translation (coded meaning, if you will) found in numbers is a bit beyond the scope of this post’s presentation as it would be quite lengthy. Yet it is important that the reader have some grasp of the topic in order to make the points relevant, and to accept the ‘science’ or ‘validity’ of the meanings ascribed to a given number. Else it would not seem quite relevant to our investigation. Ergo…

Sidebar PostThe ‘Science’ Behind MAGIC NUMBERS, Their Meaning, and Decoding. You may be well served if unfamiliar to review how the occult World employs numbers they see as ‘magic,’ because it does not matter what YOU think of that possibility, it is what THEY think about it, that matters. Especially if those behind any intelligent design are Satanic and seeking to leverage their plans by incorporating magic numbers within them.

The number 18 might be described as the most ‘holy’ of ‘holies’ in magic numbers employed in occult mystical beliefs, including Satanism, Masonry, and the Illuminati, which was itself derived from Free Masonry. The sidebar gives you a taste of that. But let’s pick it apart to see why.

The parenthetical additions employed as we go reflect applicability. Know that the meaning of a number varies according to application or context (spiritual, non spiritual, positive nature, negative nature, and to a degree, select topical relationships, such as being masculine or feminine, relating to a season or emotion, etc.). The general meanings imparted here are generally the negative spiritual context.

18 = 6+6+6 = a coded number for Satan himself (666 being the number of the Beast in the book Revelations). In the Jewish Gematria (see above sidebar link), “Beast” translates to 198, “Devil” translates to 738, “Mystery, Babylon The Great” translates to 1926, and “The Old Serpent” translates to 567. All of these equivocal names for Satan each sum to 18. “Mark of the Beast” in the English Gematria translates as 864, while “Doomsday” translates as 576, and so forth.

In fact, in various Gematria, the founder of the Illuminati, “Adam Weishaupt,” “Adonai, Masonic God, the Great Architect,” “Grand Master Jacques De Molay,” as well as “Illuminati” and “illuminated” translate and sum to 18. Learn more here about how these words and their decodes directly relate to the Illuminati. Next, we take a look at some ‘fun with Math’ properties, which are exactly the kinds of things that make numbers ‘magical’ to those who believe it true and thus so employ the numbers in that belief. Again, what YOU think it means matters not, to THEM, because they have so believed in such ‘mysteries’ for thousands of years.

18 = 2 x 9 and sums to 9, making three 9s, where 999 is also a code number for Satan, being 666 upside down. 9 x 9 x 9 = 729, which sums to 18. Divide 729 by 666 and you get 1.09090909… ad nausium, where adding every four digits of the fractional component yields 18, again. 6 x 6 x 6 = 216, when divided by 666 = .324324324… where summing in groups of six digits also yields 18. It (999) in like manner to 666, translates in the Jewish Gematria to “Luminous Soul” as well as “Satanic philosophy.”

18 = 2 x 9 or 9 x 2, each of which sums to 11, and 3 x 6 or 6 x3, each of which sums to 9. Collectively summed (11 + 11 + 9 + 9) = 40, which is the number of Judgement in the Bible (e.g., 40 days and nights of rain in the great Flood), and the Beast is all about Judgement Day: the purpose of the Illuminati and New World Order is to create a One-World Government, providing a single throne for the Antichrist and to hasten confrontation with God and destroy all life and the Earth as we know it: Armageddon. “Judgement Day” in Gematria sums to 18.

666 and 999 are triplet numbers, and any repetitious numbers, even doublets, gain in power; 666 is more powerful than 66, which is more powerful than just 6. The meaning of 6 is “Illumination (a trait of Lucifer), enlightenment (the knowledge of good and evil), legend (the greatest lie is that Satan does not exist, he is mere legend), Man (the Antichrist will be a man in whom Satan resides).” The like manner, the meaning of 9 is “Visitation, Spirit (Satan as an unclean spirit, will visit himself upon the man who will ‘become’ the Antichrist).”

Breaking a number into its mathematical equivalents also decodes into interlocking sentence-like meanings. The meaning of 18 is “oppression, bondage, slavery (what sin represents to man, and what the Antichrist intends politically to bring on Armageddon).” The meaning of 3 is “fulfillment/fullness, or relates to the three-fold corruption of God’s Word, or Man’s three great enemies of Biblical references.” The meaning of 2 is “power of judgement (God the Father and Jesus Christ, or if you prefer, God and Satan in battle), the indecision of outcome in the battle between good and evil.”

Therefore, 18 = 3 (fullness of corruption by enemies of Man) x 6 (illumination, the knowledge of good and evil) and 2 (power of judgement in battle between God and Satan) x 9 (Satan in the person of the Antichrist). This can be done with each of the equates (i.e., 18 = 2 x 9). So we see there is complete sentence-like consistency in such translations in really powerful magic numbers, which in turn are in interlocking support of individual component number meanings.

Finally, 18 plays to Masonic mystical calculations in sympathetic manner. 360 degrees of a circle divided by 18 = 20, which is 2 x 10, where the meaning of 10 is “Law, Obedience.” Therefore, 20 is the “Power of Judgement x Law, Obedience” x all the meanings of 18, an apocalyptic theme in spades, especially since the meaning of 360 is “Encircle, trap, capture.”  That is the very plan of Satan for Armageddon; not only to capture Man, but to lure Christ into what Satan sees as a trap which will allow him to defeat Christ and, thereby, God.

By establishing a circle of 360 degrees (any scale COULD have been arbitrarily chosen), a straight line course is 180 degrees of arc, which sums to 18. So even when on a path of ‘true course,’ you are vexed. And the right angle of the Mason’s Square is thereby 90 degrees, of which there are two such arcs when formed with that true course. Each sums to 9, to make 99, which sums to 18, which also vexes the true course. Divide 360 by 666 and you get .540540540… which once more sums to 9s, this time in threes.

The meaning of 3 is “Fullness,” and of 6, again, is “Illumination, legend, Man” and 9 is “visitation” (the final fulfillment of legend in a Man, the visitation of Satan in the Antichrist). Add to that the meaning of 12, as explained next, and it makes total sense…

As we found in the number 18 a myriad of magical encoded symbolic statements expressed in various levels of occult power and interpretive meaning… that the shootings can be broken down into 12 such categories (though at this point we may simply have not found all the categories — there might actually be 18) is perhaps also telling, and happily, less complex to relate:

The number 12 is the number of Tribes of Israel, the number of Christ, and the number of the elect saved (sealed up) during Armageddon (12000 x 12 = 144,000; the prize the Antichrist seeks). “Christ,” “Jesus,” and “Savior” sum to 12 in various Gematria. So we find then that the ‘magic’ being worked in shootings, by all the lines and cleverness employed in resulting relationships we have not even begun to discover (subsequent posts)… are all aimed at confounding Christ, and Man, especially those souls who are his most prized, the 144,000. The only way he can do that, is to beat Christ at Armageddon.

Mass shootings, then, are simply a ‘bring it on,’ ploy to hurry things along.

If you find all this compelling and disturbing, you haven’t seen anything, yet. Keep reading…

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