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ProparanoidPress now only handles ebooks via email directly from the Author via PayPal. Hard copy books of some titles may appear at or elsewhere, from time to time, new or used… but the price could be almost anything, because…

SPECIAL NOTE: The CIA and perhaps other intelligence communities abroad has been buying up all hard copies of the first editions of several titles. They consider my material dangerous, threatening their ability to carry out illegal acts which contravene moral and established law and violate civil rights.

The technique is called book vanishing, intended to keep you from reading them. The method involves buying up all retail copies and then advertising used copies on Amazon for ridiculous prices (i.e., $75 for a the first edition of The Professional Paranoid that was $14 new, or in the U.K., several hundred for the $32 Fatal Rebirth books). This causes people with used copies to think they could list theirs for some lesser figure for a quick sale and profit, whereby the agency buys them and takes them out of circulation. The method is expected to be used on Who’s Killing the Bilderbergers. Don’t fall for this trick.

UPDATE on book vanishing. Oct. 2019:The new 4th Edition of the book has been available at Amazon for less than a week, and ‘someone’ is already offering used copies for $336. Even the original 1st Edition is still being sought by Big Brother. Perhaps you ought buy one (as low as $18 – next paragraph), ding the corners, and sell it on Amazon for $100? Hell, buy ten… a hundred. I’ll print more!!!


They keep increasing the price just in case there is someone out there who hasn’t sold theirs, yet.

NEW PRICING POLICY: I used to sell hard copy for $32 ea., ebooks (.pdf) $12, any three for $30, four for $35. NOW – hard copy of books will become available through Amazon for $29, of which less than $2.00 comes to me, which I in turn donate to the Free Will Society to aid stalking victims and homeless veterans. SPECIAL DISCOUNT PRICING of $17.99 is available DIRECT (Save $11.00!) using the links supplied in the book’s description, below (if it is currently available, to be updated as it becomes available) — and TWICE the $$ are donated to the Society.

ebooks versions (.pdf) can be purchased direct through me, in which case the entire price goes directly to the Free Will Society. It is effectively a donation by you and me. 12$ or pay what you think fair via PayPal to, leaving a comment specifying what you want to order.

Newest Release:

Who’s Killing the BIlderbergers?

16780248_10154918902713467_371681536_n.jpgThis book uses a fictional large scale, globe-trotting murder mystery to expose real-World conspiracy plots, major crimes against humanity laid at the feet of the mysterious, powerful and secretive Bilderberger Group (the round table group with no actual name), so named only because their first meeting, guarded by military, was in Bilderberg. The book employs footnotes and an Appendix section to enable readers to determine for themselves if they should fear the Bilderbergers, or do as media does, and ignore their existence altogether, even to the point of identifying countless Bilderbergers by name. In fact, media will fire any writer who dares cover their activities with anything more than a footnote of mention. Why? Because the few who control all of media, are members, as are those in control of almost anything of importance in the World, be they in military, political, financial, educational, industrial, and social sectors

Going to press NOW.

ebook version available NOW: $12 or pay what you think it is worth via PayPal

tppcovsmThe Professional Paranoid, 4th Ed

TPP: How to Fight Back When Surveilled, Investigated, or Targeted by any Person, Group, or Agency

The first in the series, this book addresses traditional targeting short of the use of Political Control Technology (PCT). Victims of PCT will also need the advice in this book, not covered in MC Realities, which does not address surveillance, site security, personal security tactics.

Available as emailed ebook, or oversized soft cover, 380 pages. Cover may be different than shown (3rd ed.) ISBN 9780359991532
Available on Amazon ($29), or ORDER DIRECT AND SAVE $11.
ebook: $12 or pay what you think it is worth to via PayPal

 mcrcovfMC Realities, 3rd Ed.

MCR: Understanding, Detecting, and Defeating Mind Control and Electronic Weapons of Political Control Technology 

This book deals exclusively with Political Control Technology. Anyone needing this book should also have The Professional Paranoid to effect full-spectrum defensive and offensive capabilities.

Available as ebook, or oversized soft cover, 425 pages Cover may be different than shown (3rd ed.) ISBN 9780359991532
Available on Amazon ($29), or ORDER DIRECT AND SAVE $11.

ebook: Reg $12: Pay what you think it is worth to via PayPal

dfgcovfThe Professional Paranoid Defensive Field Guide

DFG: An ‘in the trenches’  pocket companion; a collection of key works by the author on privacy, security, and abuse of power.

This book is not a ‘how to’ as much as a reference library of facts and proofs useful for educating newcomers and, for unbelievers; it combats indifference to topics in the first two books of the series, such as, but not limited to, abuse of power and crimes of the NWO, military, intelligence communities, and especially, Political Control Technology. Instruction Manual for Targeted Individuals on how to use Smart Alert Microwave 

A collection of lists, checklists, proofs, and tests, with summaries of advice for surviving the NWO, Available as emailed ebook, soft cover.  Cover may be different than shown (2nd ed.)   

Docudrama by H. Michael Sweeney on NWO abuse of power

Fatal Rebirth (set of four books) 

This is the book that predicted (in the Fall of 199) the downing of the World Trade Center by jet liners and the resulting series of Middle East Oil Wars. A four-volume book set, it  covers the history of the New World Order from 1947 through the future, with two possible endings; the (Fatal) End Game, or the opposite (Rebirth). Ten years of research for the book evolved to create the Unified Conspiracy Theory, which revealed End Game and thereby allowed the successful predictions. The next two major terror attacks, both type and location, have also been predicted, with footnoted basis, and the UCT continues to be used by the Author to forecast what’s next.

In fact, one of the two predicted terror attacks was attempted and personally thwarted by the Author, who engaged in head-to-head confrontation of the Islamic false flag terror ring when complicit FBI refused to do anything even when provided with photos, videos, multiple eye witnesses, and fingerprint evidence obtained by the Author documenting the activities of two of FBI’s Top Ten Wanted Terrorists. A second terror attack to replace the thwarted event was also at least delayed, but the prediction remains in effect. It is presented in docudrama format with over 1,500 footnotes and huge Appendix sections to allow readers to judge what is fiction and what is reality. Each volume ends with a cliffhanger, and yet, each may be read individually or out of sequence with only mild loss of full understanding and impact.

Because the End Game Scenario depicted in the book is about to take place, and on a global scale, it is urgent that this book be read, as it also contains serious how-to advice on what to expect, and how to respond to not only survive the massive violence expected, but to restore America. For this reason, there is a special pricing option for all four as ebooks.

frv1Volume I, History Revealed

Introduces Shadow (the NWO), and details the truth behind the crimes of our times from 1947 to 2001, including exactly how the false flag of 9-11 could have been pulled off, with proofs.

Available in ebook and oversized soft cover, 488 pages. Cover may be different than shown (2nd ed.)



Volume II, Future Reviled

Deals with the aftermath of 9-11 and specific current events at the time the book was written, and projects them into the future as to how they launch the final plot of End Game and sets the stage for the two possible outcomes. Makes specific additional predictions (so far every prediction the series has made has come to pass, all based on the Unified Conspiracy Theory which predicted 9-11 itself).

Available in ebook and oversized soft cover, 414 pages. Cover may be different than shown (2nd ed.)


Volume III, Voices of Me

Fully details End Game with final predictive story line (and proofs) which the author fears are now upon us; we stand at the threshold of End Game and Martial Law as of 2016 forward, in this Author’s opinion, on the threshold of the fascist NewStates of America, for which the Constitution has already been written, and is provided in the Appendix with full analysis. This is the Fatal ending of America.

Available in ebook and oversized soft cover, 442 pages. Cover may be different than shown (2nd ed.)



Volume IV, Men of Vices

Replays End Game once more, this time as it could and should be, if Americans respond appropriately to the threat, again with predictive material and proofs… but also with specific advice on how to deal with it and, ideally, change the outcome. This is the hopeful Rebirth of America.

Available in ebook and oversized soft cover, 411 pages. Cover may be different than shown (2nd ed.)


professional paranoid

Fiction books by H. Michael Sweeney

The Infinity Gate Trilogy (sci-fi)

World’s 1st Ergonomic and Heuristic (improves learning power) book – improves all reading metrics for most readers; it reads faster with better comprehension/retention. This is done using Ergotext, a new text display method co invented by the Author, which also allows most dyslexic readers to read normally. It additionally reduces printing material requirements by putting more text on a page (at the same size), saving 1/2 ton of paper in the First Edition run. This, in turn, cuts CO2 output by 20%, saving 14 trees.

imtg1covfIn Mindless Times (book I)

A time travel yarn & psychological thriller with plot twists which avoid the usual cliches, and which attempts to employ real science, complete with references at book end. Heroes must deal with foes in past, present, and future, in order to save humanity, and one of them is totally insane. Readers actually go inside the minds of machines, as well the mind of a madman.

Available in soft cover with Ergotext, and ebook without, 254 pages. The hardcopy is now a collectors item, the only book in the World using Ergo text, which helps resolve Dyslexia for most sufferers, and improves all reading metrics for normal readers. Hard copy is now $100, inscribed, all going to the Free Will Society to aid severely impacted stalking victims. I don’t make a dime.

In Priceless Times (Book II)

In this book, now in writing, the heroes from both the present and the future learn they must confront a villain from the future they did not even know existed, one bent on altering history, and living forever. To defeat him will require help from a character in another book yet to be written, What Price the Stars, and they will need chase after after him through time, both future and past, in order to prevent him from becoming the Antichrist.

In Endless Times (Book III)

Book III, currently unwritten, finds the heroes adapting the technology to travel inter dimensionally, as well, still trying to capture the villain, who now threatens all of creation with his madness.

  1. I am very pleased, I’ve been reading The Professional Paranoid 3rd Ed almost non stop. Am so relieved to finally understand so many things that were a mystery& to learn the methods you describe. I plan on buying more next week, I can’t wait. I also appreciate the totally entertaining style in which you write, and some things you say are absolutely hilarious. It keeps my panic to a minimum & non existent at times, when learning how truly wicked these ppl are.

  2. Killman Hiero

    How do you purchase these? Each click above takes you to a dead page.

    • The Book page at page top indicates as much, and advises how to order ebook versions. Hard copy will soon be available through a new publisher at

    • Yes. Sorry about that. I am now technically homeless, living in a motor home. So I no longer have an ISP or Web access, and am unable to update Web pages. Also, I have a new publisher. If you seek hardcopy books and prices, contact But I do get email, and so, Ebooks I can still handle if you pay by PayPal $10 per title to proparanoidgroup at gmail com. Good idea to include in the text comment the book description, and to send a separate email to me as paypal has some technical glitch such that I don’t always get a notice of a transaction.

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