Sidebar: The ‘Science’ of Magic Numbers, Their Meaning and Decoding

It does not matter what YOU think. What matters is what Satanists and practitioners of the Occult think. They think select numbers have meaning, translating into words of like meaning, and that gives them magical powers to bring forth that meaning in a spell. There is some science to their madness.

Are there any patterns in mass shootings? 

by H. Michael Sweeney  

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 Is there any proof mass shootings are not random?

What you will learn reading this post of the posting series

•  that there is a science of translating numbers to text and text to numbers, individually, or in whole text passages;
•  that numerology additionally gives meanings to numbers, among which practitioners of the occult find some magical;
•  that there is a consistency in how magical numbers work together to ‘say something hidden’ which is the basis of their ‘magic.’

 Are mass shootings by intelligent design?

Sidebar: The ‘Science’ of Magic Numbers in Mass Shootings by Intelligent Design

Is there a mass shooting conspiracy?

To start with, consider the ancient languages of the Greek and Hebrew. Both of these languages are ‘dead,’ which means we have a concrete and fixed understanding as to what the definitions were for words  in those languages. This is why the Bible is such an important book for study to Christians, and should be of interest to non Christians; it was written entirely in dead languages, and is therefore no longer subject to the evolving interpretations and meanings of words as is normal in a living, spoken language. And while we will see the Bible has a part in our topic, be not put off; what we are going to discuss relates equally to other ancient writings, religious and non religious, alike.

The science of Hermeneutics studies the meaning of such texts for literal translations and understanding in any other given living language. Interpretation with rules. THAT is how the King James Bible came to be, and is one reason why it is considered the most authoritative English Bible by those who are aware of and evaluate such translations. Only the uninformed deviate from these rules, and in so doing, twist meaning to they know not what, and spawn false teaching.

Think of it as a ‘double-blind study’ method for ancient texts. Image from (CLICK) Margith Strand/Fielding University

Closer to our topic, Satan, in his role as the Great Deceiver, uses Man’s desire for knowledge by tempting him to think he is wise above even God’s foolishness in the Bible; many false or flawed interpretations exist by such lures. More to the point, he works his own secret language from within the same dead languages, and more; as is true of many dead languages through the World’s history, such languages also assigned a number value to each letter used in the language. This is the occult tie to the ancients.

Very useful for secret mysteries. In fact, it can arbitrarily or uniformly be applied to any language for this purpose. In wartime and among spies in peace, many codes are based on simple tables of numeric-to-text relationships, typically additionally offset in starting point or randomly assigned. Even your computer knows every letter internally as a number value on the ASCII table. But what we talk about here is different, and far more mystical in nature.

Text as numbers as words as magical effect.    Image: (CLICK)

By such means, a word, sentence, or larger body of text can be translated into a number, and conversely, a number as text. A single digit can be a whole word or thought. Rules of conversion and the actual assignment of valuations varied by language. But coming forward in time, the science (that may not be the right word… a system which is based in science, at least) of GEMATRIA was evolved to allow simple ‘calculator-like’ conversions between text and numbers, and vice versa, in such languages.

There is actually a Gematria Calculator used in this presentation, and you are encouraged to use it in review of my work. Just type in a number or a word and it will display Jewish, English, and Simple Gematria results, at least those results which others have elected to save in the database. You can choose to do the same.

The other ‘science’ we must deal with is not at all truly considered science; Numerology, which itself lays at the heart of what makes Gematria tick… actually more like a symbiotic relationship. A Christian considers it a cultish thing, and Satanic in its roots, especially since it also seems inseparable at times from Astrology. But in point of fact, we are not even talking specifically about root Numerology as it is normally thought of, but the specific manipulation of numbers for hidden meanings or purpose.

Now, as it happens, if one is a Satanist or occult follower, numbers are quite important in this respect, the purpose being ‘magic.’ Therefore do they also embrace Numerology and employ Gematria as tool. But they also are free to enhance their use by additional rules seen useful for a given purpose, such as concealment or even the reverse as pointers or clues.

Some numbers are more important than others, and have special meaning, especially in a given context of use. Everything discussed thus far remains on the table. This at last brings us to what constitutes a ‘magic number’ to such practicioners: the answer is, actually, rather a lot of numbers qualify. First of all, most every key number in our counting system at the lower end of the scale has a meaning useful in magic/occult application.

But there are other numbers of value, too, and generally more special in use. It is not so much that every number is powerfully magic, but its magic or magical meaning in combination with other magic numbers can be amplified to make it more powerful. Fortunately, the bulk of truly powerful numbers need not be listed, as they are recognizable by their unique characteristics, as we shall learn. The short list then, with specific occult meanings, is as follows:

3  Fullness

5  Balance, the power and limit of man to control

6  Illumination, enlightenment, legend, man

7  Mystery, esoteric or scholarly magic, associated with Saturn, a name for Satan, might be a curse (conversely, 7 is also known as a number for God, Christ, Creation, an excellent illustration that context is everything)

9  Visitation, spirit

10  Law, obedience

11  Imperfection, disorder/chaos, that which precedes destruction

13  Rebellion, depravity, sin

16  Material power, incarnation

15  Three dimensions (reality), new direction, blinding temptation (Satan)

17  Victory, Son of Man (Christ), liberation

18  Oppression, bondage, slavery  = 3 (fullness) x 6 (legend/man/illumination)= 6+6+6 = 666

21  Distress = 3 (fullness) x 7 (mystery, magic – a curse)

29  Departure, cast out = 3 (fullness) x 13 (sin)

30  Rulership, dominion = 3 (fullness) x 10 (law, obedience)

31  Offspring, branch

33  A sign, warning, predictor = 3 (fullness) x 11 (that which precedes destruction)

36  Adversary, enemy = 2 (division, double) x 18 (oppression, 666)

39  Infirmity, death = 3 (fullness) x 13 (sin) — the wages thereof

99  Visitation (9) of the (evil) spirit (9) in this case a demon; 9+9 = 18, 666

360  Encircle, trap, capture = 36 (enemy) x 10 (obedience)

666  Satan’s name, produces 18 when summed.

999 Upside down 666, but produces two 18’s when summing adjacent 9s

Is 18 a magic number?

Magic Numbers can convey complex messages: the number 18

These meanings are not the same as might be produced by Gematria (but on occasion, they might). In fact, the three basic forms of Gematria tend to each produce a different result, but it is uncanny that there often remains a consistency across the board between the numerology and all three Gematria with respect to general tonal themes of results; they are equated as if a Math equation being resolved.

The number 18, for instance, in both Jewish and Simple Gematria can translate into ‘die,’ which is the ultimate price of suffering slavery/sin, one of the actual meanings cited above. The English Gematria is unable to translate such a small number, but it is interesting that the number 108 in the English translates to die, which in turn sums to 18 by one of the accepted methods employed and explained next. Such consistency in translation/meaning/valuation is, just as in traditional Mathematics, tends to be crucial. To the cultist, this is a magical property.

A larger number in terms of digits can be compiled into a lesser number of digits by a process called summing. It stems from the need to sum individual letter values in finding the value of a word or phrase as employed in Gematria. Summing is normally employed to find secreted magical meaning from within adjacent but related numbers within a set, such as in a date or phone number, or any other associative grouping. Such numbers seldom seem magical when considered as presented due their intended use. But it is also possible to sum any preexistent number of multiple digits to once more reveal magical numbers concealed within.

Summing can be done in any number of ways, but usually, in like numbers of digits, such as sets of two or three. In number groupings of associated use, such as in a date or phone number, each group can arbitrarily be treated as if having the required number of digits when it may be short, or one can employ the first digit of the next group to make up the shortfall, and then  employ the remaining digits in like manner  for the next calculation. Where there is an odd number of digits, the odd-man out can be in the middle and shared, or at either end. Lone zeros can be dispensed with in results, or not. Whatever method is employed, one would wish to be consistent in any related uses within the same decoding process (in our case, for the same shooting line set examination). Examples:

a)  The date 12 7 1880 can be summed in pairs as 3798 or 3816 which summed again produce 1017 or 117, both of which can be summed again to make 18 or 9, whereas the actual sum of all digits is 27. There are, of course, two 9’s in 18, which along with the lone 9 makes three, and there are three 9’s in 27.

In history, this is the date the First Boer War in South Africa was staged by the formation of the Republic, akin to the 1st Continental Congress of the United States in impact. The number 18 is, again, Slavery, oppression, where three is fullness and 9 is spirit or visitation. The Boer Wars led to the oppression of Blacks in their own land until Nelson Mandela forged the new government.

b)  The integer 1271880 can summed in threes to make 10116 or 11016 or 1017, again all eventually summing to 18.

The various means of summation are not so many as to allow just any number to end up conveniently producing a meaningful final result (i.e., magic number). It is not possible by such contrivances. Indeed, for any group of (such as used in our comparison of shootings which form straight lines, sets of three) different complex numbers to end up with an identical ‘theme’ or even for an individual number to be translated in multiple ways to produce multiple numbers of like importance or meaning would be quite unusual, and not something easily repeatable unless by design (carefully choosing the starting number(s) for the desired properties).

Within this posting series, all summations will be indicated in a way which allows the reader to understand how they were derived from the original number(s), and the reader will discern that in general, the methodology is consistent and employs very few rules. Exceptions to summation rules will be drawn out with explanation to assure like clarity. We will additionally only focus on those which are found present in ALL THREE (or more) shootings making up a given straight line.

These are not the only manipulations possible, but they are the only manipulations which will be employed in the proofs, as it is not felt additional proofs are needed, and it would simply bog the reader down further with endless detail. I assure you, however, the investigation has found many more examples of magic numbers within mass shootings examined at such depths, thus far.

What kinds of numbers are magical?

Other kinds of Magic Numbers

Summations can reveal the existence of hidden magic numbers. One type of powerful number series revealed by such means in the investigation is the palindromic number; one the same forwards and backwards, such as 43234. But Palindromes can also be discovered by another form of summing. When you read the second Proof posting, you will find a section revealing more of the ‘magic power’ of the number 18. Unstated there, but added here, is that the additional power of palindromes can derived from the fact that 18 = 2 x 9, 3 x 6, as well as 9 x 2 and 6 x 3, which individually can be summed to variously make 11 or 9.

These results can then be combined to produce the palindrome 119911 and 911119, as well as 2992 and 9229, by summing the multiplicands. The shorter of these can be added to equal the palindrome 12221, which further sums by pairs to 323.   The sum of each digit positions in the 2992/9229 set sums to 11 to make 11111111 (a Palindrome, yes, but also a repeating digit, where each digit increases the power of the root number, in this case, 1), which is 4 sets of 11. Consider then, the meaning of 11, 1,  2 (previously reviewed above), and of 4:

The meaning of 11 is Imperfection/corruption, disorder/chaos, that which precedes destruction. “The abomination which maketh Desolate” in the Jewish Gematria translates at 1802, which sums to 11.  The meaning of 1 is “single minded, intolerant, stubborn, controlling, lacking in emotion, aggressive, arrogant, dominant (some key traits of Satan)”

The meaning of 4 is “foundation (Earth) or World, or to establish order and bring plans into material form (the NWO, for instance).” Satan is given power over and resides in the Earth; seeks to destroy all creation in the End of Days. “Four horsemen of the Apocalypse” in Gematria translates and sums to 18.

Adding the larger palindromes together, we get 1031030, which can sum in pairs to 13130, or dual 13s, and you know the dark pop culture connotations of that number. But in the occult it also means “Rebellion,” which is exactly what Satan is about. It has additional significance to the Illuminati; nearly all Knights Templar, Illuminati’s predecessors, so to speak, were all assassinated by order of the Pope during their last meeting, which took place on Friday, Oct. the 13th, in the year 1307.

There are three 13’s there, given the 5th day of the week sums with the 8th month. Yet they did not trump the 7, which translates as spiritual perfection, fullness, covenant, and even the Holy Spirit. Thus we see the eternal struggle between Satan and God reflected even within the number 18 itself. That struggle is, after all, Satan’s base motivation for all he does.

In like manner palindromes can be constructed; 3663 and 6336, each summing to the doublet 99, itself summing to 18 again since the originals also summed to 18. Single digit position summing yields 9999, or 1818 summed yet again, and yet another 99 summed one more time, and again to yet another 18.

Going back to the larger 119911/91119, once more, we can produce 101010101010 by adding digits (6 x 10 = 6’s illumination x law and obedience 10 times).

This is very interesting, because if treated as a binary number, those 1s and 0s translate to ASCII decimal and character codes 170 and 10 (totals 180 = 10 x 18), and as text, the letter ‘a’ (as in Alpha of Alpha and Omega, but in lower case as if to belittle it), and in base 10, it becomes 2730, which sums to 12, which as you are about to learn, fits right in with the overall theme, as well.

In like manner, 11111111 decodes from binary to 9, and in ASCII Decimal or Character, it is in both cases 255, also summing to 12. Moreover, in raw Hexidecimal computer code, it is FF, which is the functional Omega of the beginning and end (start/end) of that computer coding construct, which is typically expressed in upper case and, thus does trump the lower case Alpha. Satan sees Armageddon as his victory over creation.

So by these various manipulations, it is possible to find the consistency talked about being found in magic numbers when intended to translate to meaning. It seem that no matter what method of manipulation you employ, you find more or less the same message in theme, if not specifics. Fortunately, the posting series will not spend this level of detail in each numeric evaluation. We will only tell you which magic numbers were discovered which proved useful in the investigation, how it was arrived at, and why it matters.

This does not by any means imply there is not much more which could be learned by further analysis. In some cases, more has already been learned. But there are many other forms of magic number analysis which I’ve not even attempted to find present in the shootings. These may indeed (and likely do) exist as further clues as to the identity of the designers. But I simply cannot take the time to spread my efforts even thinner; yet another reason to seek financial or helper resources to carry on the work.

What makes a number magical in the Occult World?


It is hard to read such number explanations without a practiced mind aware of the meanings. There are many ways to think about each starting point in order to find full realization. It takes many steps to analyze a given candidate, and more steps to full realization. It can be confusing at first, but it is not. It is a consistent series of numeric depictions of a given intended message. In the case of 18, for example; spiritual warfare with Satan being the victor. Only certain numbers support these kinds or manipulations and findings with the same consistency. That is what gives them ‘magical’ power in the minds of their users.

Therefore, these are the kinds of manipulations we must find in use and seek understand why they were used in a given shooting series which establish a straight line or shape. To ignore them because we do not believe they have any power, is to fail to see the intelligent design which their very use is critical. To make it simpler for you, the reader, I’ve already done the work. It remains therefore to you only to be open minded enough to review the work, and perhaps to double check my work if so moved. On the other hand, some of you will find the topic worthy of deeper interest.

To learn even more about magic numbers, I suggest you consider what a high Mason, Rosicrucian, Magician, and founder of the conspiratorial cult, the Hermetic Order of The Golden Dawn, one W. Wynn Wescott, had to say in his book: Numbers – their Occult Power and Mystic Virtues. He may also have been a Warlock. I make a case in my book MC Realities that Knights Templars went into hiding as Warlocks within the Rosicrucians before infiltrating and assuming control of the Mason’s Guild to subsequently form Free Masonry.

Another tool as useful in some ways akin to a Gematria Calculator, is this Web site which takes a close look at numbers from both the mystical side as well as the mathematical side. It is absolutely true that when a number has a very unusual mathematical property, such as being a prime number, it can also be considered magical. This tool was not known to me when undertaking my investigation, but may aid those who elect to follow in my footsteps to perhaps reveal even more clues about intelligent design and identities of those responsible.

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