My Music

Below is a list of my Music, most of which is available on the Alice in Amerikaland Album (so indicated) in support of The Free Will Society to aid Targeted Individuals. All contributions (suggest $10 or more) to the Free Will Society allow the contributor to receive the album free by mail (CD), or by email (mp3). Some songs are available as Music Videos (also on the CD) which can be viewed using links at my YouTube channel (proparanoid) or My Videos page here on my blog site.

Most recent additions (and broken link fixes) shown flagged in red. Some songs can be played using links provided as follows:

Politically Incorrect Songs…

  • Street Theater 1:36 A musical attempt to portray what being targeted by gang stalking is like
  • Fatal Rebirth, Alice in Amerikaland 11:24  Musical review of some elements covered in my four volume book set of the same name. Reveals some true secrets to be understood by certain players as part of my own personal insurance policy (Gemstone). Starts with Eisenhower’s Farewell Address warning of the Military Industrial Complex
  • Armageddon Machine (Anthem of the NWO), Alice in Amerikaland 7:53 The Illuminati Plan for a NWO in action. Video
  • Twenty-Five Rules of Disinformation, Alice in Amerikaland 4:40 What the NWO might think about the truth. Video
  • Covert SinsX (link fix) (stages of an assassination plot) 17:56 Electronica
  • Dat be da MC Realities, Alice in Amerikaland 11:14  About mind control, reveals names of real MC projects and scientist ‘doctors’ – an attempt at being ‘fun’ in hopes of gaining broader acceptance in order to educate larger numbers of young people. Not available on line – see short play version, next.
  • Dat be da MC Realities, Alice in Amerikaland (short play) 6:47  Used as sound track in this narrated Video
  • Of Me Own Free Will, Alice in Amerikaland 6:28  Music with a Celtic bent, intended to be uplifting for Targeted Individuals
  • Premonition 1:00 Music prequal with disturbing Islamic overtones relating to faked terrorism, which is to say, Domestic State Sponsored Terrorism, not Islamic. Not available on line
  • Through the Barriers (Stop, Just Stop!) 4:05 Alice in Amerikaland.  look at one possible future should the NWO take steps which throw the populace into revolt. Not available on line.

Other Songs…

  • NWO Anthem (music remix) 5:17 used in video for New Word Order (improved reading method)
  • The Easy Path  (link fix) 4:32 How life’s cycles evolve naturally, if we simply embrace it
  • Lost to Her, Alice in Amerikaland 4:41 A love song, I suppose
  • Guess My Name, Alice in Amerikaland 5:23 Religious and mysterious overtones. Video
  • Life and Times of Men and Mechanoids 6:43 Sound Track (Electronica) with narrative  for promotional video to screenplay based on my book In Mindless Times. Sound track to this video.
  • 12 Tomes of Time (Life and Times of Men and Mechanoids sans narrative) 6:43
  • Chickn n Dumplins 1:43  Fun Pioneer (Country) flavor tune. Not available on line.
  • I Hate, I Love 1:59 Music base line for song in development. Not available on line
  • Rockabye, Alice in Amerikaland :53 Music for promotional video for Rockabye Suspended Sleeper Bed
  • Visit to Ergon (Ergo Rays) 2:00  Music for book promo entitled ErgoTron vs. the Amazonbies, a campy 1940’s style sci fi based on time travel by a super hero using a machine got from aliens from the planet Ergon.
  • Ergotron Vs. The Amazonbies 2:10 song done for video promoting book cited in above entry.

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