Proof Four: Straight Lines in Turn Form Complex and Perfect Shapes

When it comes to symbolism, nothing outperforms a graphical shape. Better still when that shape itself has magical properties or relationships to other shapes, or decodes to a precise meaning.

Are there any patterns in mass shootings? 

by H. Michael Sweeney  

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Is there any proof mass shootings are not random? 

What you will learn reading this post of the posting series

•  that the lines defy randomness in their placement to form countless perfect shapes;
•  that shapes can be perfect isosceles or equilateral triangles.

Are mass shootings by intelligent design?

Proof Four: Straight Lines in Turn Form Complex and Perfect Shapes

 Is there a mass shooting conspiracy?

Update 4/17/14: Actually, a major rewrite to address lack of clarity and the poor graphic quality which led to it. Only the opening paragraph is much the same. Some new discoveries are also added. The patterns are much easier to grasp and the intelligent design far more apparent. Shockingly so. Please reread.

Are there patterns when you plot mass shootings on a map?

Randomness in lines vs intelligent design

OK. In the prior post we learned that while mass shooting plots in a quantity of 86 events plotted many times more lines than even 100 control group plots of truly random data (gun shop locations), it was still possible to randomly create a few lines using control groups. Even though the shooting lines which resulted were in conjoined sets sharing common shootings and providing the makings of a shape… and the control groups did not, the Doubting Thomas still might be moved to argue that we simply had the wrong control group (even though we actually used two with like results). So the question is raised: what other signs might exist to illustrate the shooting event lines are not random coincidence?

In an attempt to make patterns more visible, instead of looking at all 440 lines (a visual clutter of mish-mash-like mess), let’s see what we get looking only at 75 lines created from a bit more than twice that number of shootings. In the image below, I’ve also eliminated mid-line shootings unless they were themselves also a common shooting event in another of the depicted shooting lines. Interesting to note, given every line involves at least three shootings, it is quite common among the full collective of shootings that a given shooting is used in multiple lines, but it NEVER happened ONCE in the control groups. Below find the initial shootings reflected in red lines. Each subsequent image will show only those lines from among these which resulted in the making a pattern, and will be depicted in yellow. They are otherwise the SAME lines. But without all these lines, we would not understand that all the yellow lines were truly interconnected to each other in complex ways to form key relationships. This will be explained more in the closing paragraphs.


In the series of additional images which follow, we will be looking only at lines which form right angles; lines which are perpendicular to other lines. They might cross, with or without a common mid-point shooting, or merely intersect at a common shooting either at a common end point, or mid-point shooting. Intersecting, they form a pair  of 90° degree angles (perfect right angles), but if crossing, they form four right angles. Understand, that to qualify, I elected to constrain accuracy to within ± .1 (1/10th) of a degree. While Google Earth allows a very precise reading, to 100th of a degree, it is, at least on my computer, extremely difficult to accurately place and maneuver the tool to consistently take advantage of but about 1/10th of a degree.

To have any right angles at all with two overlapping or abutting lines randomly placed, we must consider the number of possible placements. For each line, there are 360 possible headings it might take, x 10, because our accuracy is 1/10th degree of arc. But we should also divide that by two because the line points in two directions from the point of intersection with another line. So our calculation is 1800 chances of which only 3 can possibly end up intersecting at angles which are acceptable; 90, 90.1, an 89.9 degrees, which leaves us with 600:1 odds for any given intersecting line pair creating an acceptable right angle. Ergo, to find ONE such instance, we need 600 random lines crossing/abutting, were probabilities a certainty — which they are not, or casino games would be of significantly less risk and much more profitable.

90-1Fig. 1

This is actually four lines, the East-West line is actually two lines which, at altitude, seem very close to one another. One of them is considerably shorter than its mate. So we have two sets of parallel lines in this group.

This is highly improbable by random coincidence. Since we would need to multiply odds for sequential relationships and have like odds for the existence of them being simultaneously parallel, its something like 600 cubed plus 600 squared, or, if my reasoning is correct, 216,360,000 to one against.

I’ll happily adjust errors in odds if a bookmaker or mathematics expert smarter than I would care to correct me.



Fig. 2

The left vertical remains from the prior image to make contextual relationships clear. Here we add two more horizontal and two more vertical lines in parallel pairs, making three parallel verticals and four parallel horizontals in all (Fig. 1 + Fig. 2).

Note: for any two parallel lines plotted upon a sphere, the further apart and longer they are the more it will look like they converge . In truth, they do. Slice an orange into four equal parts down its axis and you create wedges for the same cause. Latitude lines on a globe don’t count; they are parallel to each other, but the further North you go, the less straight they are; they in fact arc and are no longer perpendicular to the meridian. Only if rendered on flat map projections does it seem false.


Fig. 3

Here are two ‘independent’ sets of right angles formed by four lines which would seem to have no relationship to the others thus far.

If these were the ONLY ones to be found, I MIGHT be willing to presume them coincidentally happenstance. But as we will see, they will have key relationships established with the others; they are in no way alone.

Note: this image also shows that Google Earth correctly depicts a straight line as what appears to be a curve when peripheral of center, but it looks straight when centrally located. This is correct; the Earth is a sphere, which means the viewer’s vantage point depicts how a line appears.



Fig. 4

This group features one parallel set with a single horizontal line. Again, by itself, potentially coincidental.










Fig. 5

A little more complex; a set of parallel lines mutually crossed by a perpendicular.









What we get when we plot them all is quite a bit more interesting than their component parts. There are exactly 18 lines which qualify. That number 18, again, is magical, because it is a code number for 666, or Satan. How interesting then, that in addition to there being 18 lines involved, they cumulatively form exactly 18 right triangles, and 18 triangles which are NOT right triangles. One of these, however, is the only perfect equilateral triangle created by the perpendicular lines. Additionally, of the 18 right triangles, 9 are left handed if viewed with the short leg as base, and 9 are right handed; 9+9  (99) is also a magic code number for 666/Satan.

What is singularly true about all 18 lines is that they were made following a couple of simple rules: they all had to form perpendiculars somewhere, of course, but also, they all had to share interconnections through common shooting points with each other, or, with one or more of the original red lines which acted as go between to do so. That’s why the original set of red lines comprised as many as it did (and we will see, they play an additional role in the next proof, as well) In other words, these 18 key lines are all ‘chained’ together in a single unified and complex shape to create 18 right angles evenly divided between left and right, and 18 non right angles, including one equilateral (colored set to green). Here is the resulting structure:


Let’s shift gears. We started with approximately 440 lines which run along two general axis, essentially East-West in nature, or North South. Note that very few lines cross anywhere near the full count of those running the opposite axis, but also, that some lines will cross other lines along their same general axis. Short of counting intersections (ugh), allow me to approximate intersenction opportunties this way: large numbers of lines may cross or abut as few as a dozen lines or so, and the most that any line seems to intersect is about 200. Lets be generous and use a weighted average of 125, which, x 440 lines = 55000 intersects. Round up to 60,000, and divide it by 600 and we get about 100 intersects should likely be randomly producing right angles.

Frankly, that was reverse of what I expected to learn. We didn’t get 100, or anything near it, but precisely the same magic number (18) as we have seen repeated already endlessly in the prior proofs. And think about that for a moment. When something is by design, you control just how you might beat the odds of random chance. You can choose to make more than, or as we see here, fewer than naturally possible results.

Why is that even important?  Remember the original premise as to the who and why. The Masonic heritage is all about blueprints, lines laid out to be a foundation upon which to build more lines which become the structure of a thing to be built, be it symbolically or a real World architecture. EVERY line is critical in the foundation, or else nothing which follows will be correct, and the integrity or purpose of the final product comes into question. I maintain, and as subsequent posts will show, THIS set of perpendicular lines IS THE FOUNDATION of the illuminati plan to destroy America that it can be rebuilt anew as part of the North American Union and swallowed up whole by a one-World government to empower the Antichrist. Being mystical and hidden, of course, the design means nothing to us, at least not yet, but it has much symbolism and meaning to its designers, if we but look further (and we will).

But before we leave, I will tease you with yet one other point of evidence. We not only can produce perfect right angles, but  isosceles triangles, which is even harder to do, because it takes proper placement of three lines, not just two, to produce a triangle where two of the three angles share the same angle of arc. I may not be competent on reflecting the odds against that happening by chance, but I assure you the result is amazing both in their number, but placement and relationships; they are in adjoining groups or clusters, and tend to be aligned in ‘theme’ directions; completely impossible if random.

But because the next proof relies upon the sum total of such created triangles, I’ll not show them, here, nor even tell you how many exist in total. We will see there are so many of these, and arranged in such peculiar fashion as to once more suggest special meaning or information exists within them. Each angle and distance creates new data points which should logically be examined for coded meaning. But I have not had the time, nor will I, to seek to prove or disprove that notion. This is one reason why I seek funding, staffing, or outside third-party help from law enforcement, or others with a vested interest in the truth.

This post was rather short, but despite its powerful illustration of intelligent design, is nothing compared to the next one, which relies upon the same triangles and right angles. It’s going to get scarier and scarier as we continue. Take a Dramamine if the blue pill becomes too much to handle.

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    • Unfortunately, the Mother Jones Map is a perfect example of flawed and incomplete media coverage which chooses to conceal information and instead selectively reveal it in support of gun grabbing mentality. Where are the other 400 plus mass shootings? Why confuse the issue with ‘mass murders’ as opposed to mass shootings?

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