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Who’s Killing the Bilderbergers?

Some 17 years ago, the Unified Conspiracy Theory was formulated. It was so accurate — it was able to predict in 1999 the 2001 downing of the WTC by jetliners and resulting Middle East Oil Wars, and other major news events. Now it can be seen at work in my newest book on the Bilderbergers — where fact and fiction collide… fatally.


by H. Michael Sweeney   Facebook  

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Upate Feb. 20, 2017 Paranoia Publishing is set to start shipping hard cover copies of this book as early as first week of March. Amazon will carry it right away. ebook copies available direct from author now at half price ($6 – will return to normal price once hard copy is available) via paypal orders to proparanoidgroup at gmail com. 

What led to this book? The definitive International conspiracy.

After ten years of research into crimes of the New World Order, I began to theorize that the bulk of America’s dark bumps in the night were not simply random crimes by assorted forces for varied agenda, but completely orchestrated as a single, logical, step-wise plan toward a single, yet visible goal. It resulting in the Unified Conspiracy Theory, and it was reasoned that if one knew the goal, and the steps thus far taken, such a plan was predictable, and as a theory, the ultimate test would be to do just that.

The first three predictions made with the UCT were so scary, that I had to take actions, do something… anything I could think of, to attempt to thwart them. The first was, that some kind of terror event would bring down the WTC with jetliners, and result in a series of Middle East Oil Wars. So, in the Fall of 1999, knowing no authorities would bother to respond usefully, or quickly, I published a quickly written screenplay featuring such a plot, and put it online with explanative warnings, hoping against hope it might force any such plan to be aborted. No such luck, of course, even though Oliver Stone’s people took a look at the script in search of a project. They thought it an impossible ‘false flag’ scenario.



The second UCT prediction was an assassination attempt on 1992 Independent Presidential Candidate H. Ross Perot, or his family, in order to force him out of the Primary run against Clinton/Bush. I took no chances, and this time, notified the Secret Service of my concerns, expecting they would ask me for details. I used my backchannel contact, someone I had worked with before on several Treasury matters. Some several weeks later, Perot did back out of the election, even though the very night he did so, he had won enough votes to be guaranteed a place on the General Ballot. A few weeks after that, my SS contact confirmed that an attempt had been made just before the Primary, against his family; mailed Anthrax. That has its own telling ‘false flag’ backstory.

The third was that there would be at least two more major false flag attacks to follow, specifically naming the type of attacks, and the cities. One of them was my home town, which I had predicted would suffer a bio-terror attack, and I even identified the means of delivery and rogue CIA Fronts to be used. But by the time frame where that might become a more current concern, I had finished my book set, Fatal Rebirth, which spelled these things out quite clearly, again hoping it might spoil any such plan. I also took steps to notify the City.

Again, no useful results, but fortunately, knowing such details enabled me to personally thwart that attack, or at least postpone it. It is featured on this Blog’s home page.  But I was definitely able to thwart second, different terror attack in the same time frame, likely a Plan B to the former. It was called Gas Station Tasking when announced by President Bush; the use of private planes to dive bomb the area’s largest gas station while a tanker truck was offloading gasoline, at the busiest time of the street traffic day. This is also detailed on the home page.

This could easily have taken out two gas stations, four restaurants, two banks, two two hotels, and potentially, two major shopping complexes, and the traffic on the busiest intersection in the County, plus a major Interstate and two State highways. Identified, were two of FBI’s Top Ten Most Wanted Terrorists, and others, including the Christmas Tree Bombers. They were getting help from an FBI Agent known to me, and so, as it was a false flag operation, FBI, CIA, FAA, DHS, in response to my going public, never asked for my evidence, which included fingerprints, video, multiple eye witness confirmations, and more. The cover up was started before the President even heard about it. See home page.


Why UTC matters to this new book

Other UTC predictions have since come to pass, as well. The reason this is all mentioned here, at all, is because the UTC does not just affect America, it relates perfectly to World affairs, as well. And in this world, we have various Round Table Groups of Globalists who push for a One-World Government, which is to say, elements of the modern-day Illuminati. Such groups as the Tri-Lateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, and the Grandaddy of them all, the Bilderbergers, and many more (even United Nations, World Bank, et. al), all tend to be cut from the same New World Order mold.


This image relates to one of two strings of real World International murders footnoted in Who’s Killing The Bilderbergers, as cited in this book. From


Which in turn is to say, largely fascist, all-too often satanic, and decidedly power elitists seeking to rule the World through manipulation and control of (everything), and willing to do so at any cost, by any means. Not to go overboard, it is important to note that, with the exception of the Bilderbergers, most Round Table Groups, like FreeMasonry, attempt to draw in newbie membership who are completely innocent Sheep. This gives surface viability and credibility of these groups to mainstream in ways which allow them to mask the darker roles they play in seeking the Globalist rule, while also giving fresh students to draw into their world, especially the more successful up and comers. There is a backstory there, as well, as I have first hand knowledge, x 2 telling examples, having been such an up and coming business man.

Ergo, this new book is designed to do much the same thing as Fatal Rebirth; to warn you just what these people are doing, and why… and why you should be mad as hell about it and doing something to stop them. Only, my new book is global in scope, where Fatal Rebirth concerned itself only with America. And, while Fatal Rebirth began unfolding in 1947, Who’s Killing the Bilderbergers is a current-day affair. As such, it is perhaps more urgent, that you read it, and soon — because the future is revealed to be bleaker than the Dark Ages and time of the Inquisition, for those not forewarned and forearmed.


The plot thickens

I describe this book as ‘an International Novel of Novel International Affairs.’ A grand murder mystery across multiple Continents, trying to resolve mysterious death after death of prominent Globalist leaders. Are they simply random deaths by happenstance, or murders by elaborate design? Officially, they are not due foul play, and yet… each one has many unanswerable questions clouding that view. Just as troubling, their deaths seem to be tied to various strange conspiracy theories, while at the same time tied to various Globalist agenda, either narrative affording motive for murder. And, of course, it is soon enough discovered that they all turn out to be Bilderbergers.


Each Bilderberger tends to be an Officer or Board Member of multiple corporations, and has sway over yet others through major stock holder positions, or contractual agreements. Of course, many of these companies, in turn, control other companies, sometimes, long lists. Now, imagine what this Cloud Map would look like if we knew the actual identity of ALL Bilderbergers, and not just this handful. Then add CFR, Trilateral Commission, Club of Rome, Council on Foreign Relations, and on, and on; the Round Table Globalists; the modern-day illuminati.

By the time the truth of the deaths starts to be uncovered, the UTC will have started to reveal itself in action. In like manner to UTC’s ability to be predictive, readers will be propelled quickly into the future, headlong into the one final prediction which is the ultimate form of fatal rebirth… for us all. That particular prediction WILLmost certainly come to pass; it has, after all, been foretold by many authors well before my time. Among them, Satanist and high Mason, Adam Weishaupt; it is the entire purpose of and predictive goal of the Illuminati Plan, as he formulated it in 1776, when the group started their journey toward a New World Order (he first coined that term).

As this book reveals, just when it comes to pass, is largely up to you. You, are what you’ve been waiting for. They hope you don’t know that, and remain Sheeple.


An important detail

And, along the way to that story-ending element, readers will also encounter countless real-World conspiracies laid at the feet of Bilderbergers, all done in ways which let the individual decide for his or herself, which, if any, may seem fanciful, and which are more likely true.  There is much documentation within the main body, plus more than 150 footnotes (an average of one every page turn), to help that process along. Some of those footnotes are illustrated graphically. The Climax and Ending will then show you the progressional nature of the Globalist plan as it unfolds toward the very last step in the plan, the point of no return for Mankind. These conspiracies back up the UTC usefully, and in fact, understanding them helps refine the UTC more usefully; one tends to validate the other, in both directions.




What of Early, of Late?

How vastly different life turns out for one friend compared the next… and yet how much so alike as to be frightening

Copyright (c) 1996 by H. Michael Sweeney — All Rights Reserved
Permission to reproduce for non profit use granted provided it is reproduced in full and links back to This article was written for the Oregonian, but the Editor notified me that they no longer wanted my Op-Ed submissions because they generated too many responses critical of government. So I added the Oregonian stings and published it instead in my book set, Fatal Rebirth.

posse comitatus act posse comitatus group gun control

From the local news: A Portland man was arrested today for shooting two State Troopers in the back after being stopped for a traffic infraction. Neither officer was seriously wounded, thanks to bullet proof vests. Arrested at the scene on charges of attempted murder was Phil Early, of Portland, Oregon…

As it happens with many news stories, there is more to the story than meets the eye. Sometimes, there is a story behind the story.

I knew Phil Early in a more innocent time. I knew him as well as anyone, both teenagers attending Jefferson High School. He was a very different person then, certainly exhibiting no characteristic that might lead to his shooting a female State Trooper and young man wearing a State Trooper uniform* in the back. His worst offenses in those school days were being suspended for playing hooky.

Having lost track of Phil after I went into the military, and having often thought about him over the years and the many good experiences we had shared together, I must wonder what could have brought him to this unlikely end. Having heard that he had joined the Army and was killed in Vietnam, it is a shame that it took this tragic news event to reveal the error in that information and open the possibility of our meeting again. Perhaps, under the right circumstances, I might even have made a difference in his fate. This haunts me.

posse comitatus act posse comitatus group gun control

But that is not all that haunts

Despite the outwardly heinous act and the many negative stories of Phil in the local media, there still seems much good about Phil in tact from when I knew him. He still is a caring and giving person, according to those who knew and worked with him in his last days as a free man. It is said that he helped anyone who asked and gave of himself freely, without judgment. I even understand that he had fallen victim to con artists who took advantage of his giving nature, but he had not let their greed dim his caring for or trusting of other strangers in need.

This was the Phil I knew, who would volunteer to loan his best blazer to a casual acquaintance (I had known him all of fifteen minutes when he offered it to me), or a Phil who would give his last two bucks for gas to a stranger stuck in front of the local grocery store. And that memory does not tally with the news reports of a man who supposedly, by association with Posse comitatus, has a hatred for other races. The stranger he had helped to buy gas in the early 60’s was a black man. In those times, equality was a mere dream in Martin Luther’s sermons, but already reality in Phil’s heart.

And speaking of Posse comitatus, I try not to automatically think harshly at the sounding of the name. It was the Posse comitatus Act of 1864 which protects citizens from abusive application of military against civilians in police actions, unless under martial law. This, perhaps, is why the current group by that same name does not recognize the State Police as a duly authorized Police agency.

Rather, they feel that any armed force under direct authority of State rule, regardless of the name it uses, regardless of the document of law or charter which empowers it, and regardless of its stated mission or rules of procedure, is nothing more than a state militia — a military body. As such, just like the National Guard, it is seen as a military unit subject to the Posse comitatus Act.

It was originally reported that Phil, like many Posse members, had an arsenal of weapons and ammunition. The Posse apparently believes, like many groups, that it is up to the citizens to protect themselves from the possibility of a military overthrow of the government — a thinking which, in exercise, requires a well armed and well trained civilian population. I now understand that Phil’s arsenal has turned out to be closer to the number of guns owned by the average farming family in Kansas. The description of many of these weapons apparently better matches that of “collector items” than of “arsenal.” This is closer to the Phil I remember, who liked to collect a variety of many like things, as would please his eye. In blazer’s for instance, he had nearly a dozen. He had many fewer guns.

There is one disturbing thought, however. As different as our lives must have been, and as different as our current situations seem, there is much about Phil’s late history that matches my own life. I, too, have grown suspicious of many in law enforcement, and have had my share of confrontations with them, including multiple attempts on my life by assassination.

Phil’s negative experiences might be deemed politically shaped by Posse comitatus. Mine have been as a result of investigating illegal activities of those within law enforcement — coincidentally involving illegal application of National Guard and other Federal agencies by or within police — the very thing feared by Posse comitatus.

posse comitatus act posse comitatus group gun control

The nature of fate?

In realizing this commonality, I ask what might bring us so tenuously close in our thinking and experiences, despite the many years and miles between us? I go back to the innocent times, and a possible answer seems apparent. It was the time of Camelot. We, the youth of the nation, had a man in the White House we could love and look up to, regardless of any political realities perceived by our elders. And then, he was gone, taken away in violence under questionable circumstances.

I remember well the weighty discussions with my peers at the time, including Phil, of course. Even then, the theories were abundant. As more was learned, the doubts grew about the lone gunman theory. Perhaps this dashed our innocence and planted a seed of mistrust of an armed government and its secret minions of intelligencia – a mistrust which ultimately led us each along separate but similar paths, once we parted ways at the end of high school.

Now of course, there are more facts pointing to CIA assassination than to Oswald. Despite CIA Operative testimony under oath in court that CIA was directly involved in the murder and a cover up, which necessarily and demonstrably began before the murder, media still chooses to label anyone who questions such things as “conspiracy buffs” — despite the fact that major media was present in the court at the time to hear that critical testimony.

That the CIA-Operative witness had, within weeks of the assassination, come forward to FBI with the same material, and later, also testified to the Warren Commission — and all ignored the truth, does not make us “conspiracy buffs” feel any better about media or government. Apparently media prefers to continue to publish fiction as fact rather than admitting they were blinded to the truth from day one. Perhaps government simply finds cover up the only acceptable way of life.

Come to think of it, local media and government did the same with local murders undertaken by Portland Police. Despite abundant witnesses to the contrary, media blithely published verbatim as fact, Police accounts of the shooting of a young man named Shaw — an event which I have researched to conclusions contrary to their version of the story, as documented elsewhere. There was a similar conspiracy of silence with respect to the 104th and Liebe Street Raid.

There, National Guard, including a helicopter and an Armored Personnel Carrier (APC), was illegally used in an alleged drug raid, but this author has discovered was more likely connected to the murder of Shaw. Local TV station KATU was the only station covering the raid, a matter itself perhaps telling since their former anchorman was also a former Police Commissioner and current City Councilman. Civic-minded KATU edited in new questions to field interviews of the neighbors of Liebe Street, in effect reversing their answers to make them sound supportive of Police actions, instead of condemning… everyone on Liebe Street was outraged at Police, the Guard, and KATU, but media would not air their grievances, nor would any government agency.

Surely, this angered the Posse. It angered many people, especially because of the abuse of power exhibited by Police. That summer saw Portland host the Guns and Hoses Olympics, where police and firemen from around the nation came to visit. With competitions in sniper shooting and police dog attacks, there was also likely an effort to show off Portland as a modern and well-equipped Police Department. Perhaps, but some would point to statistics to show it one of the more deadly departments, with the best way to die of gunfire by Police was to call 911 and threaten to kill yourself. They usually finished the job that those less dedicated to the deed could not. Perhaps it was such things, both old and new, that drove Phil’s anger.

Perhaps there are many from my generation who cannot let go of our misgivings and outrage from such things as the murder and cover up of our President by our own government agents. Perhaps there are many who, at least secretly within, believe in their heart that that terrible act in Dallas was the first of many dark chapters — chapters sufficiently dark to suggest a fearsome future at the hands of their authors.

That we see and deal with seemingly endless supply of similar Federal abuses and lesser version on a more local scale, does not help. Some of our generation are moved to action, while others prefer the safety of quiet contemplation. For those of us moved to act, some choose the pen, as have I, and some of us choose the gun, as apparently did Phil. Phil himself deeply regrets his actions, which he says were driven by the dominating and abusive attitude of the officer. Something, he says, just snapped within him.

posse comitatus act posse comitatus group gun control

How do we judge such matters?

I cannot condone what Phil as apparently done. I can, perhaps, understand its root cause. Society must condemn his actions. In friendship, however, I am moved to point out that this is not a simple case of gun violence, as many in media have promoted with gusto. Indeed, there is no such thing. Gun violence is not a living thing which happens of its own volition. Gun violence is the result of a given set of life experiences and circumstances. In fact, those things would conspire to vent violent action even in the absence of a gun — such as stabbings or other assaults.

Those that believe the guns are the evil root should therefore also seek to take away all the knives, baseball bats, pillows with which to smother, stockings and ties with which to strangle, etc. Each case of gun violence deserves some degree of calm analysis towards possible prevention of future shootings — not a knee jerk call for seizure of arms. In analysis of Phil’s case, I suggest his actions were driven by something which those very actions themselves could not possibly well serve.

Could Phil have thought through the emotions that drove the instant, and looked beyond in some considered philosophical light, he might have come to the same conclusion. I would suggest to Phil that his enemy was not present when he opened fire. It was not present in the persons he shot, except perhaps by some misapplication of mere symbolism. They were most likely doing a tough job in a just cause. Nor was his enemy their leaders or those that worked to create agencies so troublesome to the Posse.

No, not these things, but far less tangible things. An unhappy history with no suitable answers of blame. A docile public apathy with unconscionable surrender of power to an increasingly errant and abusive government. A growing frustration with no means of proper release. A gradual loss of freedoms to a New World Order. A reasonable fear allowed unreasonable control.

Looking back, and talking to others, I wonder: how many of my generation have traveled so perilously close to Phil’s path? How many more of us are near the line he has crossed? Too many, I fear. A legacy, perhaps, of Dallas? A signpost, perhaps, of our future path?


posse comitatus act posse comitatus group gun control

* The second person shot was, of all things, an Explorer Scout.

Under some extremely inappropriate reasoning, the State of Oregon and the Boy Scouts of America have decided that it is appropriate to dress Explorer Scouts in full State Police uniforms, sans weapons, and put them on the streets and in patrol cars — on the front line against crime, unarmed, untrained, and often, unsupervised.

This deserves another article of its own, as yet another example of the growing Police State in Portland, Oregon. Here, in Portland, highway workers, Explorer Scouts, firemen, private security firms, the National Guard, and even gang members, have all been inducted into the general law enforcement umbrella in one way or the other. One has to ask, why?

I only wish that Phil had thought to ask such questions first, and not have shot, at all.


I AM Brandon Raub; the meaning and relevance thereof

Lessons we have ignored from fallen Empires, both in real history, and in popular literature

by H. Michael Sweeney
Permission to duplicate granted provided reproduced in full with all links in tact with credit to the author and

government out of control, a fascist Police State

As it happens, there is a Facebook Group named I AM Brandon Raub. I have joined this group and the commentary there has prompted this article. Please consider this an invite to join, as well. In specific, this post is in response to the analogy made in the Group that we should all say “I AM Brandon Raub!” in the manner of “I am Spartacus!” So lets examine that, and other reasonings:

government out of control, a fascist Police State

Who is Brandon Raub?

Brandon Raub, USMC, Ret., a Patriot detained as ‘Mentally Ill Terrorist’

Brandon, a highly decorated U.S. Marine, is the first to make national news of about 20 ex military persons targeted by the Federal government in their paranoia that We, The People, might choose to replace our government with one that obeys its own laws. That is to say, restore it to a fully Constitutional behavior. Currently, the Federal Government is outlaw not only to the Constitution and Bill of Rights, but in violation of the Magna Carta and many International conventions on behaviors relating to human rights, both in war and in peace. Don’t take my word for it as blogger, even mainstream knows it true.

On Aug. 16th, 2012, a small army of Gestapo Police, Secret Service, and FBI Agents knocked on Brandon’s door and took him into custody. Central to his arrest was Brandon’s Facebook posts, which I assure you, are far less critical of government than my own, and far less suggestive of dire future alternatives. I talk openly of the threat of revolution, Martial Law, and a Police State, where Brandon was more reserved, and says nothing but that which is patriotic and based in truth.

The difference is, Brandon is a recent retired Marine with significant combat skills, and I am not. Not just Brandon and the 20 others, but tens or even hundreds of thousands of recent veterans of Iraq, Afghanistan, and other deployments. You see, our paranoid government officially thinks ex military are going to become a fountainhead of domestic terrorist activities.

Actually, I think they are probably right to fear patriots, and have been trying to warn all concerned: where the actions of government are illegal and in violation of the Constitution, those with the training and skill to defend the Constitution and sworn to so defend it, ARE LIKELY to do so, if pressed to a point of last resort. The government has only two paths: forge ahead on their course toward a Fascist Police State and press the issue to an explosive tumult, or recant and find salvation in the Law of the Land, and restore Liberty to the ‘Land of the Free,’ a land falling well short of living up to the title.

In summary, and as proof of the problem, the following facts of the matter shall serve:

government out of control, a fascist Police State

a) Brandon was NOT arrested for what he said. He was arrested for ‘resisting arrest,’ but video of the event shows no such resistance. You cannot arrest someone for resisting arrest unless you first arrests them for some other charge. He was not given Miranda rights. He was arrested by local Police, and not Federal agencies. There was no other charge filed;

b) A County Judge dismissed the case stating the Petition for his Detention contained NO FACTS – NO REASON FOR HIM TO BE HELD. The Judge stated this was a violation of his civil liberties;

c) Federal agents still insist his posts are ‘terrorist in nature.’ Read his post, here, and you will see that all patriots are terrorists under government’s defective logic;

Note: Here is a remarkable video interview with Brandon by attorney and author, John Whitehead of the Rutherford Institute, so you can hear Brandon’s words, directly. Within it is the key section of the video of his arrest.

d) Regardless, Brandon was ordered placed in a Federal psychiatric ward for 30 days (but has been released short of that). Concerns were that he would be rendered a mental vegetable by chemical and shock therapies intended to neutralize him permanently, or at the very least become officially labeled as ‘mental’. The government believes that if you dare criticize government, you are mentally ill. That’s the same argument made (last paragraph in this link) in Iron Curtain countries to eliminate ‘intellectuals’ who opposed Soviet iron-fist rule. What does that tell you?

e) Family lawyers have been joined by legal council from The Rutherford Institute in seeking his release, pointing out that the legal document used in his rendition is problematic; that Civil Commitment Statutes are being used to silence individuals engaged in lawful expression of Free Speech. But the current outlaw government clearly has no concerns about Constitutional Rights.

government out of control, a fascist Police State

Say “I AM Brandon Raub!” in the manner of “I am Spartacus!”

Starz Docudrams Spartacus

Spartacus, a Roman Gladiator slave, led a revolt of Gladiators and formed an army of other slaves set free by force in the very heartland of the Roman Empire. In the end, as depicted in the popular film, Spartacus, the revolt was suppressed, and the survivors questioned to find Spartacus to be singled out for special punishment.

Spartacus stood up in arrogant defiance, but for naught. One by one, man after man with him stood in his stead and proclaimed as well, “I am Spartacus!” Their love and loyalty for their leader and their cause (Freedom) drove them, and so thwarted the Roman attempt. Well, “I am Brandon Raub in the manner of ‘I am Spartacus’.”  I am as guilty as he of ‘terrorism’ for demanding a just government under the Law. I am as guilty as Spartacus for wanting freedom. What say you?

government out of control, a fascist Police State

Say “I AM Brandon Raub!” it in the manner of “I am John Gault!”

Popular sticker from (click)

Ayn Rand‘s classic Novel (now a two-part film), Atlas Shrugged, shows the classic struggle between the forces of Socialism and Capitalism in their most simplistic and idealistic forms. Ayn had escaped living under USSR’s Socialist government to the U.S., where she found Socialism creeping into government, and wanted to warn us that ‘value given for value received,’ and ‘a man’s sweat and intellect are his own property’ should be preferred to ‘you didn’t build that’ and ‘those that have should give to the have nots.’

In her massive book, a work which profoundly influenced and changed the lives of many readers (including myself), a fictional plot element was the question found scribbled on walls and posted everywhere at large, “Who is John Gault?” There was no one by that name, in truth, but there was a man who lived the role, and the answer to the question was, he was the man “Who will stop the engine of the World;” to end the madness and restore sanity. In the end, those who understood and sought to right the wrongs joined with him in attempting to do so, each of them earning the right to say, “I am John Gault.” Well, “I am Brandon Raub in the manner of ‘I am John Gault’.” I want to stop the engine of errant government. What say you?

government out of control, a fascist Police State

Say “I am Brandon Raub!” in the manner of “I am a Jew!”

Anne Frank (click) from her Diary

History is rife with examples of martyrdom for faith in the face of oppressive governments. Choose any faith you wish. I choose to focus on the Jews of pre WWII Germany, to make the point most evident in The Diary of Anne Frank. That point is best summed up in the oft quoted wisdom from Martin Niemöller, author of Gestapo Defied and, more subsequently made popular by Milton Mayer in his analysis of what went wrong in Germany, They Thought They Were Free. That book, by the way, with substitution of America for Germany, and various political figures and nomenclatures here in America for those of the Third Reich, could just as easily apply to our country, today. Are you so blind as to think otherwise? Read it if you doubt me, and know that I am not alone in the thought. But this is the quote which makes clear my point:

government out of control, a fascist Police State

First they came for the communists, and I did not speak out—
freedom of speech because I was not a communist;
Then they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—
freedom of speech because I was not a socialist;
Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out—
freedom of speech because I was not a trade unionist;
Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
freedom of speech because I was not a Jew;
Then they came for me—
freedom of speech and there was no one left to speak out for me.

Had people spoke out… in unison… Hitler’s power would have been rendered futile, and his evil would have been exposed for all to see. But we all feel we are but an Ant against a man. But no Man could survive or attempt to war with ants if every ant swarmed as one body to defend their home and their right to exist. Well, I say “I AM Brandon Raub in the manner of ‘I am a Jew’!” I stand with my fellow men of good cause to defend their right to be and do as they deem best for them, as I would deem for myself. As if one of their own I lend my voice in unified SHOUT! What say you?

government out of control, a fascist Police State

I am Brandon Raub in the manner of “I am a TI Survivor.”

Pam Anderson was a TI Survivor until she ‘suicided’ to escape the torture

A TI is a Targeted Individual, which is to say, someone targeted by Political Control Technology (mind control). That can mean any combination of centuries-old methods such as gas lighting, dogging, and street theater (generally described as organized stalking), to modern methods such as Mob Flashing, Web stalking, and high-tech surveillance. Add to the mix bioimplants and electronic weapons which can simulate every known symptom of Schizophrenia, and you have the ultimate tool for rendering a victim a social, political, and financial zero guaranteed to be ignored by (everyone). This is particularly useful when the person is a whistle blower or otherwise knows something which could expose government corruption or evil deeds.

A TI survivor is someone who not only refuses to succumb to these tactics, tools developed and perfected, and employed by the intelligence community and military, and their corporate and other partners, but someone who stands firm and chooses to fight back as best as they can. I have the honor of saying I have stood with and helped TI survivors to survive for several decades, now. I know of no one more courageous.

Aside: Please consider to join and support the Free Will Society, because as such technologies are perfected, they become useful against anyone who dares to speak out or resist an errant government.

Now Brandon Raub is also a TI Survivor, and will likely be subject to more exotic forms of such targeting as time goes on. Well, I say I am Brandon Raub in the manner of “I am a TI Survivor!” I refuse to let government get away with mental torture and to use ‘mental illness’ as a political weapon by ‘creating it’ where it does not naturally exist. What say you?

government out of control, a fascist Police State

Who are you, really?

Who do you want to be? A victim of tyranny left standing alone, or a defender of self and of truths profound standing with others of like mind?

Who have you been waiting for? John Gault? YOU are what you’ve been waiting for. You ARE John Gault!

Do you need a Sparticus to lead your resistance? Or does Sparticus need you? Brandon Raub is your Sparticus, and he needs you! You ARE Spartacus!

Do you need to see a whole class of people targeted before you say anything? Then you are too asleep to the facts; they have already come for religious Davidians in Waco, the trade unions are decimated, the far left and the far right, and even the liberals, the Tea Party, and Ron Paul supporters… and now the ex military. All have been conveniently equated as terrorists for the purpose, and subjected to political targeting and harassment by Federal agents. You ARE of Faith!

Do you need to wait until your very mind is under attack? Again, too late. You are under constant attack through disinformation, dumbing down, and wag-the-dog media manipulation (propaganda is mind control). Worse, Command Solo flies your skies, and other technologies which parallel its capabilities bombard our cities with who-knows-what control signals. When you choose to accept sound bites in lieu of researching for yourself, or, to flip the tables, when you choose to accept some blogger’s commentary (yes, including mine) or some other Web source as valid without checking credibility (e.g., useful verifying links), then you are already a victim of mind control. Recognize the truth: You ARE a TI survivor!

And therefore say I; if you are any of these things, then You ARE also Brandon Raub!

government out of control, a fascist Police State

What say you?

The NWO’s Dirtiest Secrets and How They Saved the World


All the King’s Horses and all the King’s Men, couldn’t put them into power again. Long live the NWO.


A modern fairytale with a chance at becoming true…


by H. Michael Sweeney


Permissions to reproduce granted provided credits and links remain in tact, and cite this blog as original source.


The revolution called ‘NOW!’



{revolution} (Photo credit: stargardener)


When the Sheeple finally started to wake up and realize the false flag terror campaign that had by then cost nearly a billion souls to perish, the surge of angry humanity was more than the militaries of North America, Europe, Asia, and elsewhere, could contain. As the deaths were largely from the pandemics of race-specific pathogens targeting Asians, blacks, and Hispanics abroad, the ‘fear factor’ in America and Europe proved not to be strong enough to suppress the truth about who was really responsible.


NOW!” they chanted, at every confrontation. “NOW” read their flags of many colors as found in their respective national flags. They didn’t have to say what it meant. Everyone understood, and it struck fear in the minds of those in power, and gave strength to those opposing them. NOW was indeed the time for their action, as well as the basis of their urgent need, the source of their power, and the effect they would have by it. NOW was the movement, and it was the goal, and yet it may as well have been an acronym, as some insisted; ‘No Ordered World.’


In Europe, it was the Bilderbergers, and in the United States, the Council on Foreign Relations, and related groups of the so-called Round Tables and the think tanks, and the globalist foundations. It was they who were ruthlessly targeted by angry citizens who held them accountable in general for the rise of Fascism which drove the engines of the march toward a One-World Corporate State government controlled by the banks. Naturally, the minions such groups controlled to do their bidding by various means, such high persons as found in the military, intelligence communities, and governmental seats of power, were also declared enemies of humanity. The Boards of many corporations of the Military-Industrial-Intelligence-Media Complex were also on their list of enemies. After all, these were the only ones capable of engineering the false flag operations, of willfully concealing the truth, and the ones giving and obeying orders which drove vicious oppression.


The final straw and Agenda 21


The clues, or perhaps better described as the mistake… that thing which triggered this ‘understanding,’ it seems, was the move to form the North American Union and a World Currency based on the Central Bank model able to print what was claimed to be a replacement for fiat currency. This was oft referred to on the street as the Carbon Credits System, and these steps were deemed lines in the sand that, now being crossed, sparked a tide of revolt.


Somehow, the people realized it was still just another fiat currency printed at will, and not only represented more financial slavery through debt, but also, that it mainly served the interests of corporations, especially those in energy and finance, above all else. Coupled with the notion that sustainability should drive all political decisions, and discovery that the power-elite, pushing Agenda 21, believed that people were ‘not a sustainable product’ and thus had to be forced to sacrifice lifestyle and ownership of property, and be relocated to cubicle living near factories and farms ‘as the only way to usefully fit them into the new Carbon model’… caused international revolt on a scale not thought possible even by those who had long hoped for it to happen.


Bang, bang, too late, bang, bang, seals your fate


Militaries and Police the World over were overwhelmed, in part because huge portions of their ranks joined with the people. In some nations, the Air Force turned against the Army when the Army continued to fight the people. In others, the heads of militaries elected to resign, and in still others, to seize control of government, only to then be ousted by the people who wanted non of that nonsense, either. They sought only rule by the people of the people, and not to the benefit of persons, powers, or principalities.


Yet remarkably, most of the violence remained one sided. Despite their anger, most civil unrest was aimed at destroying the infrastructure of the power elite and going after individuals, and not directed at people in uniform who stood staunchly in the way with smoking weapons. Select individuals known to be chief among Globalists did not always fare well at the hands of crowds who managed to corner them, but by and large, Ghandi would have been proud that, despite the fact that citizens often had more guns, whole confrontations were resolved with gunfire originating almost exclusively from governmental forces.


Those in uniform, it seemed, did not understand the power of martyrdom or the true cost of tyrannical behavior. But then, they were the same people who did not understand their Oath of office, or they would have changed sides early on. They were the dumbest of Sheeple, of all, and did not have enough bullets to bridge their lack of understanding.


The truth that finally set men free


When it was over, vast stores of Globalist documents in print and digital form were acquired and pieced together to reveal that the people had entirely underestimated the depth of depravity and deceits, and the breadth of injustice and treachery, that the NWO had secretly undertaken. It was found to be, as many had claimed, a centuries old plot with an international tangle of conspiratorial Webs unimaginable. Among the many plots, one above all else was deemed the most insidious, more so than even the pandemics and false flag operations which had taken so many lives. It was the development of technologies to control men’s minds, and deprive them of God’s gift of Free Will; Political Control Technology.


The array of such technology was immense. Beyond the ability to imagine for most people, it encompassed almost every aspect of the functioning of the brain, from motor control and matters of the subconscious, to thought, reason and logic of the conscious mind, to simple mood and emotions, and much, much more. By the time this had been made public, and the magnitude of its use was revealed, some 400,000 key Globalists and their henchmen were in custody, and much of the technology itself. Thus, an international tribunal was being called for to weed out the true Globalists from those merely guilty of greed without understanding and perhaps duped or blackmailed into participation. Someone came up with an idea on how to best deal with the guilty.


They would construct a large ‘city’ on a preserve set aside in the middle of the Amazon’s deforested area (a practice quickly ended by the revolution) to serve as a prison for those who were convicted of crimes against humanity. It would be constructed in the manner of ancient pre Bronz civilizations without any modern facilities available, and only those tools and supplies needed to farm the land. For all practical purposes, inhabitants would be living in a single megalopolis circa 3,000 B.C., effectively in the Stone Age, sans great predatory beasts, that they might remake their small little World as they saw fit… from scratch.


That would be the façade, but concealed deep within all the stone and clay walls and the bare ground, hidden beneath steel plates to prevent discovery and access, would be the very mechanisms of political control these people had developed, to include surveillance.  This would be used to cause them to suffer reduced mental effectiveness in ways similar to that endured by victims of the technology at their own hands. However, limitations would be put in place lest it be deemed inhumane punishment, because like any other technology, it could easily be abused. The difference was, that the Globalist designed it for such abuse, not realizing that it could also be used to prevent them from growing in power with less harshness in application.


Because almost all such Globalists had been of what were defined as ‘bloodline families’ for many generations, some going back for centuries in what was described as a Satanic plot to eventually seat the Antichrist, it was felt that they should be thrust together and allowed to live for generations amongst themselves. They would be free to wreck whatever havoc among themselves as might arise by so many ‘A type personalities’ being confined in one place and having only each other to victimize or overcome.


As they were almost exclusively Godless men who above all else hated the God of Abraham and those who worshiped Him, the Jews, Christians, and Muslims, the only literature they were to be provided, was the writings of those three faiths. Only if and when they were able to form a society which functioned free of conflict and competition for control through oppression, and forsake Satanic beliefs and fostered religious freedom, would there be any chance for leaving their prison, which was otherwise surrounded by significant security barriers.


The Illuminati lives


The name of the place was to be called Illumin, that those within its confines might rightly be called by the name they secretly coveted, the Illuminati. This was intended to be their Hell on Earth, the just reward for their crimes short of death. All the King’s Horses, and all the King’s Men, couldn’t put them into power again.


Note:  While many elements of this pipe dream could certainly come to pass, and select of them are actually in works by the NWO, at best Men on Earth can only hope to deter that final Judgement Day which truly ends the war between Good and Evil. We cannot of our own volition earn such freedom as described here, as it would be in defiance of God’s plan, but that does not mean we must go like Sheeple to our doom. The Day of the Antichrist will come at is appointed time, but I believe Man is able to take part in the determination of when that time should be.


It is simply a matter of righteousness (right use ness) of power through God’s gifts of Grace and Free Will. At the moment, more and more power is being usurped to evil around the Globe. Grace is being subverted by temptations and deceits designed to keep us from thinking clearly and acting righteously. Free Will is under assault by Political Control Technology from disinformation to outright electronic manipulation of brain waves.


Very few people are daring to resist these forces or point them out, and far too many refuse to even see it when it is right under their noses, even in their heads daily. We need to change that if we don’t want the End Times upon us. The choice is YOURS to make, and no other’s. THAT is what Free Will is about more than anything else. And I believe that irrespective of the notion of forgiveness inherent within the principles of Grace, good use of Free Will is what helps us maintain any useful collective presence within His Grace. That is the key to how much time and how much freedom we might enjoy before End Times. It is so many grains of sand in an hour glass, and we determine the number thereof by our actions. The choice is your’s to make, and no other’s.


We are all John Gault. We are each that leader we’ve been waiting for. No one can save you but yourself, short of Judgement day.


This is why I write. I hope that is why you read and why you will share, “NOW!




Hate Negative Political Campaign Ads? Why? They are PERFECT!

Targeting Democrat & Republican Candidates leaves only GOOD Choices… Ron Paul and Populist or Independent Candidates… and Voters Win

by H. Michael Sweeney (opinion)

I used to Hate negative campaign ads, but have come to understand that if the 99% are ever going to get a fair break in the crooked elections, the big candidates being backed by the NWO (1%) crowd should go ahead and destroy each other. Take a look at the Presidential race, for example.

from brain (click for more like this)

Negative on Obama bin Laden, the Demoncrat

You have to admit: negative ads against Mr. Obama are easy to come up with…

Not only has he failed to fulfill any campaign promises, literally doing the opposite in almost every case, but he has been the worst President we have ever had in select categories: he has passed the two largest tax hikes in our history, one the largest the World has ever seen (Health Care Bill), and the other the inflation (a form of unlevied tax) caused by the trillion plus dollar bailout of fat-cat Bankers. Why? So they can rape us yet again, we must presume. I’m sorry I voted for him, and I may never vote again in an election given the damage I’ve done, which led to this:

He has done more to destroy the Constitution and Bill of Rights than any other President in an endless series of Executive Orders and signing of unlawful Bills such as NDAA. NDAA alone literally gives him the literal life-and-death ‘Off with their heads! — assassination’ and ‘Throw them in the dungeon, — indefinite covert detention other countries call vanishing‘ or ‘Draw and quarter them, — torture’ powers of pre Magna Carta Kings. NDAA ended America as we know it since it bypasses the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Magna Carta.

Revolution, anyone? Better check out the possibility, it may be nearer than you think according to the Military, for whom NDAA was passed (unlike the rest of this post, this sentence is written in deadly earnest).

Negative on Mit the $nit, Repulsivcrat


from political (click)

But Obama can strike back with ease, too. Mit Romney just this morning is being hit by Obama backed ads criticizing Mit’s refusal to discuss his off-shore money accounts or release more tax records than just the last year’s. That’s a good call to the carpet, as Mit is defiantly (deliberate typo) a wealthy power broker who can in no way represent we the people without deferring to more Bankers, big Pharma, big Oil, and the Military Industrial Complex. Not just another cog in the NWO, he’s kind of cute in a beguiling Grimlinish sort of way. I’m talking about the movie, Gremlins.

But notice no one is doing much to criticize Ron Paul? A Restorrepublicrat

from (click)

They largely ignore him in hopes he will just go away… almost like they did with Ross Perot. I think they figure the rigged election process and controlled media will do him in before the election even rolls around. That’s what they thought about Ross until it got up to the TV debates, where they actually had to admit he existed, and deal with him face to face. Shortly after that, when they realized he might upset both the Republican and Democrat parties, since negative ad options were next to zero, they did the only other thing they could to get him out of the race: they threatened his family with mailed Anthrax attacks, and he withdrew… just hours before he Won the Colorado Primary which would have put him on the Ballot. That’s how Fascism keeps checks and balances in a Free society!

So when candidates are squeaky clean and their Platform is based on what people want instead of artificial planks designed to polarize voters and make us think we have free-will choice based on (what they think we should think are the real issues) fluff… negative ads WORK WELL FOR YOU AND ME, and the good guys we should be voting for.

Hooray for negative Ads and more power to you, Republicrats and Democans! Keep it up!

On Routine Political Assassination of U.S. Citizens; a Simple Remedy

Murder is a Capital  Crime…

Especially When the Killer is President of The United States

by H. Michael Sweeney

Media has yet to give Citizens a full accounting of the true facts and import to Constitutional freedoms involved in the passage of the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012, aka simply as NDAA, an unlawful Bill which completely neutered the Constitution and gave President Obama the power of a King to throw anyone into a dungeon for life, torture them, or have them executed merely by uttering the wish, and do so in complete secrecy under the guise of ‘National Security’. Those two words no longer have useful value, they are so abused.

Try as you may, its difficult to find a major news outlet who faithfully told its audience that it reverted the Country to a form of rule of law which existed well before the Constitution, and even before the Magna Carta, which sought to the end of the tyranny of Kings and their unchecked power of Life and Death without legal recourse.

NDAA, by contrast, is a law which returns to the King of America ‘Off with their head’ powers. No legal recourse whatsoever, no legal procedure beyond internal secret notifications, no requirement to explain why or give evidence, no legal documentation or public record for explaining after the fact, and all fully covert in nature.

This means any citizen can, for any reason, arbitrary or otherwise, be deemed or described for political convenience as a ‘threat’ to the United States. At that point they may be covertly detained by Agents of the military or intelligence community without any form of warrant. This is called kidnapping everywhere in the World.

They may be thrown into a prison cell with indefinite detention and no prospect of any form of trial or hearing. This is called ‘vanishing a person,’ extremely popular in Dictatorships.

They may be exported to another country for harsher treatments (torture, murder). This is called Rendition, and we already are guilty of it here in the United States, and should be ashamed.

They can even be so treated here in the United States. In fact, a citizen may simply be assassinated or murdered by any means (bomb, sniper, ‘heart attack’ drugs, gassing while asleep, etc.) without bothering to kidnap them, no matter where in the World they are, in full public view or otherwise.

There have already been at least three known assassinations by drone air strikes in the Middle East. Hundreds of such murders by other means may have never made the news, and we would have no clue. The government’s subsequent announcement of the  intention of putting 30,000 such killer/surveillance drones into the skies of America reveals an intent to bring that capability here to the United States. Thus a citizen could be driving down a back highway and suddenly, a missile eviscerates him, his car, and anyone unfortunate enough to be with him as collateral damage. It’s all intended to be ‘legal’ under the Act, but of course, the Act itself is unlawful.

A simple example:

Take for example of murdered teen Abdulrahman al-Awlaki. Understand I do not care if he was a terrorist, or not, (based on available evidence, I think not) nor should we care, any of us — for without due process under the law, violation of basic legal Constitutional rights and human rights is never justified. But in all such assassinations, there is probably no shred of truly useful evidence available to make any such case against the dead, or why not simply use it in court and obtain a warrant authorizing legal prosecution under the law? Else why would there be silence regarding such evidence after the fact? No. All we get is insinuation of guilt, generally by vaguely implied association.

So, what can we do with a King with blood on his hands?

There is no need to wait for perhaps a decade for a court process to eventually rule it Unconstitutional. Any moron can see it is so, and morally wrong as well. All it takes is for any single man of proper authority of Office to obey their own Oath to the Constitution which allowed them to be seated in Office.

1)    Since the responsibility for the authority given to execute the air strikes against civilians rests with the President of the United States, The Sheriff or District Attorney in the County (or city) of residence of the murder victims, or better, the State Attorney General, should be filing charges of Murder and, by provision of a copy of NDAA and media accounts of the deaths to a Grand Jury, seek a warrant for the arrest of Mr. Barack Obama, should he dare enter their jurisdiction. They need only do the right thing; File the charges!

2)    Since the chain of command of such crimes under the Act generally include the Secretary of Defense, National Security Advisor, and the entire Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon, any such actions should consider like charges against these individuals, plus the General of the specific branch of Armed forces or head of CIA or other Agency operating the strike platform effecting the deaths, and all sub commanders down the line, when identifiable. Where possible, investigation toward such determinations should be undertaken. This is Conspiracy to Commit Murder, and no less. 

Moreover, since NDAA was voted for by 86 Senators and 283 Representatives, making them co conspirators in my opinion, and I’d file charges against them, as well, which would be really problematic for those representing the State where the charges were filed. GOOD! No Congressman should ever sign an unconstitutional Bill without being fully liable for its consequences. It’s their job, after all. Such a threat should start them down the path of deeming to actually read legislation before they vote for it, and take due ownership of their actions in Congress. They are not exempt in a Capital crime.

3)   This should be followed by requests for arrest and extradition sent to each of the other States of the Union, and the District of Columbia. It matters not whether any State agrees to such requests (and we presume D.C. would not), because the publicity alone would be worth the effort. But where a State might be so bold as to honor the request, the President and the others would be rendered Outlaw and unable to travel there without risking confrontation between local law enforcement and perhaps Secret Service.

4)   If necessary, any such confrontation should be prosecuted with the same prejudice as any lawful Police enforcement seeking arrest of any party where third parties presume to get in the way, even if it means gunplay. No man is above the law, but also, no man should be forced to live under an unjust law.

5)   Simultaneously, the relatives of the murdered should file civil charges of murder/wrongful death in their local courts, and all such efforts should involve as much media attention as can be garnered.

A legal basis does exist:

Some readers may wish to observe that local law enforcement may not presume the lack of validity of a Congressional Act for the purpose of filing such charges. However, they need not  so presume.  A Court has already ruled the Act should be enjoined (forbidden to have force of law) in a case filed by various Political Activists fearing for their lives at the hands of Government — as all such activists should rightly fear. One of them was even a Pulitzer Prize winning reporter. Here is the actual ruling. While it has not wend its way yet to the Supreme Court, that need not deter local authorities from so acting. They can always ‘drop the charges’ should the ruling be overturned, if they felt so obliged.

Moreover, the known deaths of U.S. Citizens by Drone, and in one case, Helicopter Gunship, have all predated the NDAA, which is to say there was no ‘legal authorization’ (NDAA) upon which to ‘claim authority.’ File the charges!

The value of any such charges being filed and warrants issued do not lie in  or require the possibility of their fruitful execution, which is less than likely, we must presume. The true value is in the Political statements they make and the education of the citizens as to their true slavery to the King, and their true peril and lack of rights, and the Fascist Police State which is our sad de facto state of being. It tells the World that We the People acknowledge we have a criminal in the White House and do not condone his actions, and we demand justice for all people, who are created equal and should to be so treated by the law of the land. THAT is the American Way, is it not?

For should the President choose for whatever displeasure to eliminate a political enemy, he need only pick up the phone. That, is the tyrannical power of a King, and the use of such power is such a slippery slope that it is a precipice over which all citizens become mere Lemmings at will or whim. This is the definition of a Police State. It is a formula which could easily lead to armed revolution if not remedied.

File the charges!

How FED Conspirator Bank Robs the Poor, and Their Dead

Bank of America Insults my Patriotism by Their Very Name

So does the Federal Reserve

by H. Michael Sweeney

I had just finished posting a blog about the fraudulent means and deceit employed by the founders of the Federal Reserve Banking System which has raked in trillions of dollars of profits at taxpayer expense since founded in 1910… when the very first reader of the post wrote something which set me aback. This is not just because of the injustice visible on the surface, but because the bank involved is a co conspirator with the FED to profit even further at taxpayer expense. That would be, as you by now rightly assume, the Bank of America.

From Good article:       (click) BOA is a Burning Ticking Time Bomb

So… after screwing the Federal Government and every single citizen for a $25 billion share of the TARP bailout…  and after that bailout money additionally profited them ten times the amount of the bailout (they can loan ten times their cash reserves)… and after they will earn obscene usury (meaning excessive, in that they have no money actually at risk in the loans as they are made out of thin air) interest on all those loans for decades to come… and yet are further conspiring with the FED to dump even more faulty (read bogus) derivatives from Bank liability sheets (and guess who will pay for that in a ‘round two TARP bailout‘?), they still want to steal $500 from a dead woman and her heirs?

If none of the above makes any sense, please see the earlier post, The Federal Reserve, an Appearance of the Fourth Kind, and this story (The Federal Reserve and Bank of America Initiate a Coup to Dump Billions of Dollars of Losses on the American Taxpayer). I think you will then find the following story doubly abhorrent:

This is a true accounting of an actual incident I’ve verified underway in Oregon with Bank of America, but it is presumed all large banks have similar policies and procedures in place. I am open to correction by anyone who knows otherwise regarding any specific bank. What follows is a description of various devious methods applied to siphon off extra money from the accounts of deceased persons when the survivors are of ultra-low income. Actually, the matter would also seem to include an almost conspiratorial partnership with County agencies, at least in this case, so this article could have been entitled, How Banks and Counties Conspire to Rob the Dead and the Poor.

To explain the rip off, we need first to have a basic grasp of how it things should transpire according to law. But to be clear, there is no violation of law yet visible, though violation of fiduciary responsibilities, user agreements, and moral ethics is still an issue. While laws vary in detail from State to State, the following simplified description is generally accurate.

When someone dies, there is either a Will which establishes an Executor of the Estate, or there is not. When there is not, the matter goes into Probate Court and the State determines the final resolution of the Estate. Where there is an Executor, that person is charged with closing all accounts of the deceased, liquidating any property not a specified gift in the Will, distribution of such inheritances, and paying of remaining debts. There will almost always be some funds involved, either from actual cash or bank deposits, or the sale of personal goods or property.

An Executor, often a family member who is also an heir, will be entitled to reasonable compensation for their services which comes from such funds. Such fees are commonly well over $1,000, plus expenses. This and any taxes owed are the only charges against such funds which have ultimate priority for ‘first-payee’ status.  Next come creditors, who must be paid in full or, where there are insufficient funds, be paid a pro rated share according to the size of the individual debts involved. Any remaining funds become inheritance, and may be subject to income taxes after the fact.

In a large estate, which in most legal definitions involves Real Property (real estate) or other assets worth more than some specified sum (the lowest I’ve seen is $250,000, but the sum for the State of Oregon I’m told is $2.5M), there are some fairly stringent procedures involving the Court which must be followed. But this does not apply to the poor, does it?

Think of the millions of elderly in nursing homes, for instance. They tend to own no property of consequence, and upon their death, most personal possessions consist of brick-a-brack, polyester clothes from the 60s,  a TV, and some personal things such as photos and keepsakes. They tend to have some money resources, but often quite minimal in nature. Often, the Executor named and heirs are also poor, or they might have had a nicer place to live out their last days. Such is the case in the Oregon example:

Blindness did not stop Wordy Mae from trying to bring beauty into the World

We are talking about a woman named Wordy Mae, last name omitted for cause. She was 87, legally blind, had Diabetes and several other troublesome ailments, and an income of $1,100 a month, of which all but $150 went to pay for her nursing home. Medicine  and personal care came out of the $150. Hers was a good Southern name, one especially common to Blacks and poor rural whites a few generations ago. She died with debts of several thousand but only about $500 in her checking account. Her personal things, other than keepsakes, had no resale value and all went to Goodwill.

Check out her artwork, right, one of her unique keepsakes. Though blind, she would spend countless hours hunched over with a heavy illuminated high-power magnifier and see the color sparkles well enough to glue bits of junk jewelry and plastic into artistic patterns.

So, the big question: did her family or the Executor get anything  at all? No. The Bank of America is usurping it with clever ploys.

Wordy’s Son was her named Executor.  He has three school-age daughters, also named heirs, but it looks like they will not see a penny, not even to recoup expenses as provided by law. This is unfortunate, because he is unemployable due to a disability for which he has no income allowance (why it should take more than eight years to get official disability is yet another rip-off article which should perhaps be written). He lives on about $1,000 a month Social Security from forced early retirement — which in and of itself cost nearly $400 a month in lost income from his full entitlement.

So we are talking about a family that has to choose between food or gasoline perhaps twice a month, and as result frequently has a diet of hot dogs for lunch and dinner, or Raman noodles every day, often skipping a meal altogether. It took nearly six weeks to come by enough money to buy an ink cartridge so he could write (futile) letters seeking resolution.  This is also a family, by the way, which had lost their home in the Mortgage crunch during our recent financial debacle which resulted in the banks being paid billions of dollars in the first place. So they are doubly upset with Bank of America, which played a role in that fiasco, as well.

Here is exactly how Bank of America has managed to steal from them further:

Step one: the Bank somehow knew immediately about the death. Well before Wordy’s Son could notify them, the Bank notified him that the account had been closed ‘for protection of the funds.’ One wonders how the bank was notified so quickly,  by whom, and how they knew which bank to notify. I’m working on a possible future blog, Banks Own Your Social Security Number and NAME, for one possible answer.

Step two: the Bank sent him a form to be filled out by the Executor. The seeming purpose of the form was  to let the bank know how the Estate would be handled. Reasonable… but it redirects correspondence to a centralized and dedicated department of the Bank out of State. No one local to deal with, providing a mechanism for delays which prove valuable to the Bank, as we shall see.

Step three: delay and silence.  Bank statements stop being issued, which seems to make sense, given the account was closed. There is no reply from the special department… though non was particularly expected, except that when the form was mailed, the Executor also sent a copy of the Death Certificate and a final accounting of the Estate, with request of release of the funds to cover Executor fees and his expenses in closing the Estate, which were not inconsequential and which had been difficult to manage without personal hardships. There were not even sufficient funds in the closed account to cover this, so all of Wordy’s funds should have gone to him, calling it inheritance or fees as you please. There were zero taxes due.

Step four: two months later, the special department then sent a letter stating that it was prepared to release the funds but was requiring an original copy, not a certified copy, of a County Court document before they could so proceed. Curiously, they did not specify the nature or name of the document requested. Because they did not, and the Oregon Revised Statutes made no reference to any legal requirement for any such document, the Executor contacted the County in an attempt to learn what was required and how to go about it.

Step five: The County did not respond. Repeated inquiries went unanswered for weeks. Eventually, it was discovered that there was a simple form, not much different than already provided the bank in purpose and content. There was associated with it an outrageous filing fee of $112.00 as well as other fees. This was to cover the cost of… well, ‘filing it’ in a filing cabinet. It was not possible to obtain the original, but only to obtain a certified copy. WTF?

Step six: about this same time, the Bank resumed mailing monthly statements. SURPRISE! The ‘no-fee’ checking account which had been closed was now enjoying a $12 a month service charge for… NOTHING. Perhaps the Bank has a filing cabinet to pay for, too?

Step seven: because the Executor could not possibly afford the filing fees, much less obtain an original copy at any price, it seems the Bank will therefore never have a legal obligation (we would presume that their ultimate argument) to release the funds, and will slowly absorb them until they are absorbed entirely through arbitrary monthly fees — which we might presume will be used to fatten Bank Executive Bonus Checks.

It is stories like this, including some personal experiences, which caused me to close my accounts with Wells Fargo and Bank of America when the 99% suggested it was one way to confront the System. I’d go further if I had the bravado and skills… and become a modern-day Robin Hood — and I thought for a moment I could avoid getting caught (I’d not be very good with a bow and arrow against the FBI). But that’s just my anger talking.

Image from, where other BOA customers have their own issues to talk about (click)

If if moves you to sufficient anger to close your account, tell them Wordy Mae sent you. If you feel compelled to send a buck or two to Wordy’s heirs, send it by PayPal to wordymaeheirs at century link net, an addy I’ve established for the purpose.

I’ll match every dollar contributed from my book sales profits for this year. I’m thinking it might change their diet for a while. And if enough people did that, it would make news, and that would further embarrass the System toward useful redress for all who might be in similar difficulties with Banks and local County governments, which are really for-profit corporations in their own right (look yours up in Dunn and Bradstreet if you don’t believe me).

I also suggest you tweet/repost/email this post far and wide. I am lifting all copyrights upon it if reproduced in full unedited, links in tact, but would appreciate an adviso of any such reproduction in the form of a comment to this post. Appreciate you!

The Federal Reserve, an Appearance of the Fourth Kind

The best scrutiny of the Federal Reserve, yet

by H. Michael Sweeney, a commentary on remarks and book by G. Edward Griffen

I just watched a video of a presentation by G. Edward Griffen, an author and film maker of the investigative kind , his topic being the creation of Federal Reserve. I’ve been looking at the Federal Reserve Banking System for almost a decade in realization it was a banking industry scam: it is neither Federal (it is a privately held corporation), it has no reserves (it makes money out of thin air), is not a Bank (it is a board of governors who dictate bank policy), nor a System (despite having buildings and employees across the country, all of its functions are centrally controlled, and all of its assets centrally held). Thus what it is, is a pure deception most heinous, even in its name.

But his video opened my eyes wider and provided more revelation than any other Web or book resource to date. I had not heard of or read his own book, of course, The Creature from Jekyll Island, which is the story of the secret  efforts of creation of the Federal Reserve in 1910. I urge you to watch this lengthy video, which he opens with a clever and apt quote from a circa 60AD philosopher on the nature of the appearance of things, and it is from this whence comes my choice of title for this post:

Appearances to the mind are of four kinds. Things either are what they appear to be; or they neither are, nor appear to be; or they are, and do not appear to be; or they are not, and yet appear to be. Rightly to aim in all these cases is the wise man’s task.

— Epictetus (c. 60 AD), Discourses, Book i, Chap. xxvii

If you do watch this video, you will see Griffin eloquently illustrate that the Federal Reserve is perhaps all of these in various ways, but above all else and foremost, is an Appearance of the Fourth Kind: it is not, and yet appears to be. You will, thereby, learn some things not commonly known  or spoken of elsewhere regarding its evil:

You will learn that there are seven key problems with the Federal Reserve which describe its function or lack of function… as I summarize here, along with some additional information Mr. Griffin did not reveal but which I have acquired in my own research, or drawn from Griffin’s totality of statements — with or without his own direct inference. Such information will be in italics. That may mean simply combining disparate elements of his presentation as if unified, or adding something new or left unsaid, but implied.

1)   It is incapable of meeting its stated objectives (but has met all of its secret objectives set by those who designed it — the seven international bankers who already controlled one-fourth of the World’s money).

2)   It is a secret cartel operating against public interest in the guise of operating for the public interest (and operating under the guise of government control with the purpose of controlling governments).

3)   It is a supreme instrument of usury (the making of obscene profits in the form of perpetual interest on debt created out of nothing).

4)   It is the root cause of our most unfair tax (and other taxes such as required to fund bailouts and loans to the International Monetary Fund, foreign nations, and corporations. The same ‘tax’ concept is true of the national debt which it ever increases, over half of all actual tax revenues going to the banks to pay this interest to the banks).

5)   It is a tool and key sponsor of and participant in Totalitarianism, Fascism, Dictatorships, endless wars, and Globalism and the New World Order. As such, it seeks to undermine and destroy the national sovereignty of the United States in preparation for a one-world government… owned or controlled by the banks.

6)    It was a tool designed to give New York Banks (ONLY) a means to control and limit the power and growth of any and all banks outside of New York, which was exactly the opposite of intent when Congress moved to create the Fed, thinking instead they were limiting the growth of power of the New York Banks which was already considered too great and a threat to the nation.

You will further learn how much secrecy and fraud, and downright skullduggery was involved in the creation and perpetuation of the Fed, and who was involved. There were seven Men, all extremely powerful banking moguls who had, until this point, been competitors duking it out for supremacy.  Formation of the Fed was to be the ultimate monopolistic cartel, one contrary to every precept of American fair play, free enterprise, and legal prohibition on topic. I name additional conspirators.

1)   Senator and Republican Whip, Chairman of the National Monetary Commission (to reform banking), Nelson Aldrich. He was the Father-in-law of Nelson Rockefeller and thus quite tied to the Banking Industry he was supposed to help regulate. He is the one who called together the six other men it extreme secrecy. You won’t believe how much trouble they went to maintain that secrecy, and why it was necessary.

2)   Abraham Fiat Andrew, then Secretary of Treasury, and friend to the others.

3)   Frank Vanderlift, President of the National City Bank of New York, a bank so large it held assets for both Rockefeller and Loeb investments.

4)   Henry Davidson, Senior Partner for J.P. Morgan, one of the largest of the N.Y. Banks, better known as Chase Manhattan, today.

5)   Charles Norton, President of the 1st National Bank of New York, another huge bank of the day, the original ‘Chase’ Bank, but now Citibank. We thus in Chase Manhattan now have two of the conspirators.

6)   Benjamin Strong of J.P. Morgan Banker’s Trust, who would become the first head of the Federal Reserve.

7)   And the granddaddy thought to be the true architect, Paul Warburg, Partner in the Loeb Banking concerns, the Rothchild Bank, and Brother to Max Warburg who ran sister banks in Germany and elsewhere. This is why you often hear that (incorrectly) the Fed is owned by foreign banks. The belief is only true to the extent of influence involved, but not actual ownership. It is also true that the FED can now loan money to any other international bank at American taxpayer expense.

8)   A de facto partner of sorts, would be Nelson Rockefeller, who in addition to the banking ties already mentioned, owned the railroad which provided the train to pull the private railroad car used by Nelson Aldrich to convene and transport the Cabal from New York to their final meeting place at Jekyll Island in Brunswick, GA. Certainly, his Banks became partner (owned shares) in the Fed once created, and profited thereby.  

9)   Other possible de facto partners could arguably be the Brown Brothers Bank and Harriman Brothers Bank, who would soon merge to form Brown and Harriman, and later evolve to include Harriman and Bush Banks (yes, that Bush family, starting with Prescott Bush, then George Bush, and the younger George). Harriman owned the company that made the rail car pulled by the train. It is interesting to note that fully half of the senior partners of Brown and Harriman were members (8 in all) of Skull and Bones, including Prescott Bush, and later, his Son and Grandson, future Presidents all. Harriman and Bush would later be convicted of conspiring to aid the Nazi war effort during WWII under the Trading With the Enemy Act. But that’s OK, so was AT&T.

All these banks also participated in the Fed.

You will additionally learn just how these 7 men, on behalf of at least as many New York banks, conspired to trick Congress and the People into thinking creation of the Fed was the opposite of what it really was, and how they profited thereby (both the Government and the Fed member banks):

1)   Government got access to unlimited money supply on demand, and had the ability to impose effective taxes without publicly levying tax and risking voter ire. Inflation caused by printing money out of thin air (fiat currency) is nothing more than a tax in that it funds government spending and takes money out of the pocket of citizens in the form of reduced spending power in order to fund government.

2)   The banks got to capture and grow the lending market as a monopoly, and control interest rates to their advantage, which even when extremely low and next to nothing, would still reap huge profits because instead of having to lend based on money of their own being put at risk, they were able to charge interest on money created out of nothing at zero risk.

3)   The banks got to have access to collateral they could repossess when a borrower failed to repay as agreed, which was far more valuable than the interest. Thus bad loans were to their advantage, instead of being a true risk.

4)   The banks were assured they would be bailed out by government if they ever got into trouble, and better still, would be able to profit whenever government bailed out anyone, made loans to other nations, etc.

5) The banks acquired access to an unlimited and ever growing (exponential) supply of wealth (profits with no overhead or seed money on their part) which are being use to buy power in all high places World-wide. They are both the fulcrum and the lever for the 1%, the Bilderbergers, the New World Order, all.

Mr. G. Edward Griffin

Mr. Griffin is an excellent speaker with good charisma and I highly recommend this video. Upon watching, at the end, some viewers might suddenly get a bad taste in their mouth, however, as it turns out the speech is given before a group meeting of the John Birch Society, and some of the comments are encouragements of their efforts.

Please do not let the disinformation and rhetoric which exists for the purpose of discrediting the JBS as some kind of evil right-wing extremist group dissuade you from the valuable truths and facts revealed by Mr. Griffin. If for some reason you view the JBS as ‘bad,’ I suggest you review any of their own material and compare it to the bad things said about them, and you will see disinformation at work. I’ve yet to find anything JBS has done or said which fits the negative commentaries. I have yet to find bad things said which did not turn out to be disinformation or mere political rhetoric in support of contrary views (e.g. politicians guilty of eroding the Constitution attempting justification through vilification of their critics — the JBS).

That said, I’ve also yet to make up my own mind if they are 100% aligned with my own beliefs, but when it comes to the FED, we certainly can agree: End the Fed. That brings us to yet one more key point made by Griffin: It does no good whatsoever to attack the Fed or expose its evil. In point of fact, they themselves fund groups who do just that, that they may control their direction and insure they do not do the one thing which really matters, which is TO PROPOSE A WORKABLE ALTERNATIVE. Griffen shows how futile the more commonly proposed alternatives would be, such as an audit proposed by Ron Paul.

With that said, I would further point out that my own proposed alternative may interest you, as found at my blog post on 24 Campaign Planks: H. Michael Sweeney for President. Just how to end the Fed is quite well addressed there (while several planks are part of the total answer, start with plank 3). Hope you like it.

The NWO Class War on the Non Elites/Professionals

The NWO Class War on Non Elites: The Temp Agencies

by H. Michael Sweeney,

copyright © 2011, ProparanoidPress, all rights reserved
permissions to reproduce by request to pppbooks at comcast (net)
 Class War
Dateline Portland, OR Oct 12, 2011
Class War

If you are not an Elite, watch out, as even professionals can find themselves out of work and victim of Class War.Class War

Oregon Unemployment first 8 months 2011

Official unemployment figures are unreliable because they deliberately stop tracking people who no longer draw unemployment insurance payments, and people who do not qualify drop off the list the same month they are reported. How we, as a nation, allow government to cook figures in such a way so that they may continue in power, is beyond me. Since you are reading this, I’m presuming  you are not quite that dumbed down by media.

They do this, of course, so we won’t know how bad things really are. Here’s how bad they really are:  Portland, Oregon, a population of about 1.8 M, had a total of 300 new jobs listed with the State Employment Offices for (as I recall, June of 2011). The official chart shows UE at 9% in June (6th vertice), which means about 150,000 people were competing for 300 Jobs!

If everyone applied only for one job, that’s 500 per job. But its worse than that, because over half the jobs require specific skills in the Medical industry or other technical disciplines which decreases the opportunities for those without the needed skills.

The unemployment stats seem to be improving in the chart, by the way, not because more people are going back to work, but because more people are dropping off the chart than are being laid off. But none of this is what motivates this article, it is merely background information. I’m not even motivated to write this not because I’ve suffered the Class War depicted herein as related to unemployment issues, even though I have.

No. I’m motivated because my balcony overlooks a portion of parking lot for one of those low-rent Temp Employment joints. You know, the kind of place where the unemployed go to stand around like illegal immigrants waiting for a farmer’s truck to drive by and choose workers for the day.  As distasteful as the image sounds, it is very close to the mark for those who rely on such sources for meager opportunities to earn a little money. Its really another example or clue regarding the very real Class War being waged by the NWO against anyone not of their ‘ilk.’ And again, as distasteful as the image sounds, that’s not the worst of it, and not my motivation.

The motivation stems from observations made both from the balcony, and by talking with those found in the lot and within the office. There are two aspects. One is what I see them do, and one is what I hear them  say.

Class War

Here is what I see them do:

• Live in their cars, junker vehicles typically on the edge of being mistaken for scrap. Cars that have plastic over busted windows, no working heater, no working starter, a door that can only be opened from the outside, missing fenders, hoods, bumpers, you name it. The NWO wars on the poor with taxes, fines, and fees on automobiles, as well as safety, environmental, and insurance regulations which are weighted to impact the poor more seriously than the rest of us.

A single moving violation can wipe them off the face of the earth, as if they can’t afford the $300 minimum, they lose their license, and if caught driving suspended, their car is towed and lost forever, as they cannot get it back without their license.

• Sleep overnight in the parking lot in sleeping bags they hide, along with the backpack or shopping cart out of which they are living, behind the building. There seems to be some kind of ‘honor’ among them such that those who do not get to work watch over the goods of those that do… most of the time. The NWO wars on the homeless by systematically ‘cleaning house’ on their camps as discovered, taking their possessions and throwing them away as trash, and often arresting, roughing up, harassing, or forcefully ejecting them from the community. The idea is to make some other community more attractive, we might presume. I’ve talked to some who say they have been routed out of a dozen cities or more, in some cases the very night they arrive.

• Urinate and defecate in the lot, as it is too far to make it to the nearest gas station or restaurant when pressed, and most of them have already been kicked out of those establishments as ‘non customers,’ given that they can’t afford to buy anything most of the time they need to use the facilities. Every few days they risk being thrown out and use a public restroom to ‘bath’ themselves in the sink, and once a month, perhaps, if it can be afforded, toss one of their two sets of clothes into a laundromat’s machine. The NWO wars on the homeless by placing profits of their consumer outlets above the most basic humane considerations most people would afford an animal.

Unless you are my age, you may not be aware: they actually had to pass a law to force restaurants to offer water to non paying customers. Despite this, they can get away with charging for the paper cup if a fast-food joint.

• Show up hours before the place opens; those lucky enough to have homes or places to crash will want to be next in line after those who slept there overnight. Many walk or ride a bike, some take the bus if they can afford it. A few have cars. It seems to be a first-come, first-serve matter when the jobs available require no skills, which is almost all that is made available through these kinds of low-rent places.

Just as the illegal alien migrant workers are oppressed into perpetual impoverishment by the farmer’s methods of employment, the NWO’s oppressive Class War simulates that method in the nature of temp agencies. They sell hope, they deliver crumbs, and of course, take a portion of the wages for themselves that would not be lost if the firms would simply advertise the job directly. Ah, but that would mean actual hiring, wouldn’t it, and that would mean some level of benefits would need to be paid.

• Everyone will wait endless hours. Since there is little room inside, most sit on the curb, the fender of their car or in it, or bring their own chairs. By  two or three PM, it is clear that those remaining (typically more than half) will get no work for the day, so they leave to forage for bottles and cans on the road, or do whatever else they do to survive. I shudder to think, but the Police, a primary tool of the NWO, will surely hassle them whenever they see an opportunity. Again, they would like them to consider some other community a better choice.

Class War

Here is what they say:

• Less than one in ten is drawing unemployment. They therefore ‘do not exist’ in government unemployment statistics. Vanishing the problem this way is a War tactic, because if no one knows there are victims of a War, no one will protest the War and insist it be ended. There is no useful reason to lie so harmfully beyond this.  Judge your civilization by how civilized it is toward the unfortunate.

• Most of them have mouths to feed which is why they try so hard for so little. Bless them and love them for not turning to crime. At best, they tend to work 1-3 days a week, but suffer those statistics because they are TOLD and they hope and pray for a chance to be ‘hired’ by the company for whom they will be a temp if they can just get a shot at it.

That is an illusion. Statistically less than one in ten will be asked to hire on as an actual employee. The NWO corporations are more and more relying on part time and temp workers because they get to avoid paying benefits and retirement programs, one way they War on the lower classes.

• More than half have health problems which will likely never be addressed until they keel over and someone calls an ambulance. While perhaps 15 percent may have insurance benefits, they cannot afford the copays or deductibles. That, too, is by NWO design, as almost all insurance programs are set up so only people with money can play, and others stay away, even when forced to keep up the premiums. That is a whole other blog post, because there is a lot to talk about, there.

• Only about one in four admit to being homeless due to bad choices in life, such as gambling, drinking, or crime and punishment, or divorce or other personal matters gone awry. Of the balance, most blame the Banks and Commercial Credit, the financial debacle, and the economy as having made it impossible to keep their home. That is the NWO war at its finest.

And when Obama came to give help, how did he do it? Did it give money to allow these people to get back into their homes? No. he gave money to the very banks that evicted them… and he gave money to others still in their home to help pay those banks. Everyone else gets the pavement or, if they haven’t lost them, their cars. Welcome to the cold night of political reality, now please leave town because we don’t want you here if you can’t pay anymore money to the banks and other NWO businesses (syndrome).

Class War

Just 20 of the 120 can be seen at a time

I’m sure there are more upscale Temp Agencies (bigger) who will hopefully be able to offer a better snapshot than the one presented. But they cater to the more skilled workers, the ones who should be holding good paying jobs, but who, through the Temp process, will earn less than minimum wage for the year.  The ‘upscale’ nature of it does not improve the picture all that much, it only increases the money they shave off the wages.

As for the low end of the spectrum, I find it troubling that there are two such Temp agencies within walking distance of my home, some six blocks apart. There 120 temp agency offices in the greater Portland area according to City Search, so close together in some cases you can’t see them on the Map (core area shown).

The Occupy Wall Street (and everywhere else) people have it right. Anonymous even has most of it right (one can argue about ethics of hacking). The Truthers have it right. Most activists have it right. I urge you to join them when the opportunity arises. If you are waiting for things to get better, I have news for you:

YOU are what you’ve been waiting for.

On Anonymous, Anonymous Methods, and Anonymous Targets

On Anonymous,

Anonymous Methods,

and Anonymous Targets

by H. Michael Sweeney,

copyright © 2011, ProparanoidPress, all rights reserved
permissions to reproduce by request to pppbooks at comcast (net)

V is for Vendetta
Dateline Portland, OR Sept 26, 2011

V is for Vendetta

“We are Anonymous; V is for Vendetta”
Anonymous, the hacker group, should perhaps be both feared and revered, depending on… POV

V is for Vendetta

Introduction… Who is Anonymous?

A shadowy freedom fighter using terrorist/assassin methods known only as ‘V‘ was originally the concept and character of DC Comics, in a comic book series which lasted for only ten issues in March of ’82 through May of ’89. Called V for Vendetta, it was written by Alan Moore and relied on the wonderful artwork of David Lloyd. V, as a character, described himself as Anonymous (the 1st, if you will). A viral hacker group has hence adopted the name, the mask and other graphical elements of the character, and elements of V’s tactical modus operandi (vendetta, for one) for their own use. And they seem all powerful thereby.

Not just the hacker group, Anonymous, but a much greater group of seeming millions of would-be revolutionaries (I include myself, of late) seeking to right things wrong with the World and its ‘System,’ who in all likelihood are at least sympathetic with the goals of the hackers, if not their methods. Anonymous is, after all, a symbol, an idea, and not merely a fictional character, or even a hacker group. It is something which has taken on its own living persona as a collective of human expression as much as any idealistic movement in history, intangible and shapeless, and yet indelible and impacting. In the sixties, it was the Peace Symbol and a raised pair of fingers to form a ‘V’ behind which we rallied. Today, it is a mask and a V within a circle, arguably, the circle of the peace symbol as it reflects the non violence philosophy embraced by Anonymous.

Certainly,  a typical person is quite enamored with the romantic image of rogue defiance of injustice, a popular theme in art and life. But we many who take up the mask have no direct affiliation with Anonymous beyond such visages and ideals… have no such power or ability to take direct action against the system as hackers… and most lack the desire to risk the kind of bravado exhibited by Anonymous, and shrink at the notion of criminality required. The later determinations are highly personal, of course, and undoubtedly vary person to person, but we all share the dream with the hackers, all share the visual trappings. Thus we all may rightly claim, “We are legion. We are Anonymous.” It is a kind of Political statement, a slogan behind which to rally and taunt the enemy called the New World Order.

An unstated but important message to the System is, however, that this could change at any time. Should the system wax even more repressive or make one false move, it could easily find that the greater army of mask wearers would unite and act in ways resulting in an actual revolution of the kind which replaces governments. Such an army could grow manifold overnight, like a flash flood, in fact, because for everyone willing to adopt the Mask, there are likely 10 or even 100 who teeter on the edge of doing so, and even more who like the idea but simply think it is not appropriate for them at the time. All can change in an instant depending on the stimuli. The System should rightly fear and respect that possibility, and behave accordingly, and not transgress. That is the great logic and genius at work within the idea of Anonymous.

V is for Vendetta

Hollywood screenplay and distant history drive the movement

V (Hugo Weaving) confronts the Dictator (John Hurt)

In 2006, a screen adaptation by Warner Bros was produced which has become a cult classic. As such, it became a kind of springboard for the ideas which led to the Hacker group and those who share their goals. The film is revered and promoted almost as if a recruitment tool by those fed up with the New World Order, Fascism, and corruption in government and corporate machines. There are several places where one can watch the movie on line if they do not mind endless popups and commercial interruptions. I refuse to recommend a specific site for this reason. Go buy or rent the film, it is well worth it. In the watching you will learn truths about America and much of the World which you may have overlooked if not yet awaken to the fact that you have been lied to consistently by media and government for decades. It can be a Sheeple eye opener.

The film reveals these things despite a setting in a future Great Britain, a nation by then an outright Police State. Interestingly, one bit of dialog sounds very much like a reverse of the Boston Tea Party in description, where goods from the U.S. are to be dumped into the London Harbor, and the American government is decried as corrupt and overbearing as was the King of England in 1776. The screenplay, by the way, was written by Larry and Andy Wachowski, better known for their stunning work in The Matrix series, which is perhaps why some popular Web depictions of V or related graphics such as the mask sometimes bear an uncanny ‘green’ resemblance to the tumbling Matrix symbols so frequently seen in those films.

V must wear a mask because of disfigurement, not unlike the Phantom of the Opera. And in many respects he is a bit superhuman because of non consensual genetic manipulations on prisoners by a foul government experiment gone terribly wrong. There is also a hint of his being mentally unhinged to a ‘useful degree’ as well, especially a fixation upon a particular date and a poetic line repeated in the film: “Remember, remember, the fifth of November, the gunpowder treason and plot. I know of no reason why the gunpowder treason should ever be forgot.” This is in turn based on a real historical plot on Nov. 5, 1605, to kill King James I and the full House of Parliament by blowing up the Bailey, a building of Parliament. It was called the gunpowder rebellion.

It was a foiled plot, undertaken by a lone revolutionary named Guy Fawkes, hoping to spark followers by his act. Like V, Fawkes was imprisoned and tortured, but unlike V, eventually executed. Actually, the plot was Jesuit orchestrated and tied to the fact that the government of England was at the time Protestant, and Queen Elizabeth I had been excommunicated, along with the rest of England’s non Catholics. This may be more than we need to know, but it is fascinating background, more so because V himself suffered horrifically on the same date (we know not exactly the future year), at which time he also manages to escape and be reborn as Anonymous. He then sets about establishing revenge for both himself and for Guy Fawkes… starting with blowing up the Bailey on the next available Nov. 5th he can manage.

This is followed by a subsequent invitation for the Sheeple to join with him on that same date one year hence — if they approve of and appreciate his efforts on their behalf. His efforts include much education on the lies and sins of their Fearless Leader, not to mention a lot of assassinations. As it happens, Anonymous is following a similar course of action, sans violence, as we shall see.

V is for Vendetta

Come now the NWO, and a real World version of V

The World depicted in the movie would seem to have come to pass in many respects in just four or five years since the film’s release. Some very specific events in the film are especially haunting to anyone who is fully informed on the criminal actions of the New World Order. No wonder then, perhaps, that someone should get the idea to reincarnate V in principle, theory,  and in fact.

That would be, of course,  the hacker group, which while rather small, appears to be globally based. Being a hacker is not conducive to making lots of friends and freely sharing risky ideas, especially when any use of such ideas means direct head-to-head confrontation with vast armies of sophisticated enemies — enemies who work tirelessly 24/7 and have an endless  budget (e.g., government intelligence agencies). But the ideals expressed by V and Anonymous have indeed additionally infected millions of savvy Web users who have, for one reason or another, elected to employ the mask or some other symbol of V as their iconic avatar in various social media groups such as Facebook. Millions more take the mask into the street as political statement at protests, and thereby thwart FBI and Police cameras pending some abusive act to remove the mask by force.

They are everywhere, and even I am one who has elected such graphical trappings. It is not illegal, though repressive minds may move to make it so in their fear of an idea.

V is for Vendetta

A terrorist group with a Public Relations effort

One feels empowered by the Mask... it's own statement

Knowing the value of spreading the word, Anonymous seems fond of issuing videos to promote themselves. Like bin Laden videos, there are undoubtedly fakes claiming to be the real deal. But there are YouTube vids which promote and explain Anonymous which certainly seem to be created by them much in the same way as V employed himself in the film to educate the public and attempt to rally the people in support. Such works are compelling and intriguing, if not disturbing to watch. Out of fear the government or YouTube itself may eventually pull the works, I herewith outline one of the more key videos, detailing their hacking activities along the way:

V is for Vendetta

  • It starts with a quotes from V “Each of us has our own path,” and adds “but we share the same goal: a Free Humanity.”
  • A series of newscasts detail its hacking victories in Vendetta for government’s assault on WikiLeaks
  • Hacks crashing VISA and MasterCard financial services in Vendetta for suspending WikiLeaks accounts
  • Hacks of 51 government sites in Malaysia overnight in Vendetta for Internet censorship
  • Hacks of HB Gary, a Federally contracted Web security firm in Vendetta for boasting it would catch Anonymous
  • Hack of HB Gary posted thousands of confidential emails and forced resignation of their CEO
  • Hacks of government Web sites in Egypt, Libya, and Tunisia during unrest there, literally powering the revolution
  • Public statement “We are Anonymous. We are Legion, We do not forgive, We do not forget. Expect us.”
  • They threaten attacks in Vendetta for mistreatment of Bradley Manning (WikiLeaks source of DOD documents)
  • A news commentary describing Anonymous as ‘a new way to fight back… direct peaceful resistance.’
  • Quotes from John Kennedy regarding undue intrusion by government into privacy and censorship
  • A statement purpose for non violent restoration of the rule of law and fight the organized criminal class
  • A PBS interview describing Anonymous methods as highly democratic in deciding what targets to hit, and why
  • A quote from Sun Tzu’s Art of War, “Supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting.”
  • A long list of Cabalistic NWO entities and projects (e.g., HAARP, Controlled Media, Globalist Groups) as enemy
  • A Russian TV news clip warning all that governments can do to stop them is shut down the Internet
  • … and the advice that when that happens, the people will rise up to shut down the government
  • Closing quotes, “The resistance has begun,” and an introduction of a plan similar to V’s own…

V is for Vendetta

A Plan is hatched and you’re invited to play a role

That you in the back? No, its me. No, its the real Anonymous!

That year began June 15th and features it’s own Web site ( where all who wish to participate may do so more actively as an actual member of, presumably, Anonymous. Going there, you are redirected ( Though considered an expert in privacy/security, I do not claim to be an expert in Web security. Yet I do know the redirect does not appear to offer anonymity and thus joining as invited may not be wise without additional precautions.

There are ways to visit ‘anonymously,’ such as afforded by first going to (natch) an anonymous surfing resource such as (natch) Once using their free service, your Web activities cannot be tracked by the activities themselves. You can then only be tracked by having already been put under a full surveillance net. But the site clearly states that hacking and other illegal activities are not to be discussed, and thus one might be moved to presume that as long as they merely put about and keep their nose clean, they could care less that Big Brother is watching. Yet, under the Patriot Act, one cannot depend on government failing to define the act of registering at this site as ‘supporting terrorists’ in some way. Fascists love to persecute the soft targets of the unsuspecting as form of building their personal power within the system.

Else why would they murder poor Troy Davis? This one matter, alone, would drive me to consider being an Anonymous hacker, had I the skills. That is the power of a Martyr, it moves people to act and becomes its own backlash.

Regardless of the dangers in open surfing, I will myself join and report further as my opinion is molded by the experience. I’ve done battle with the FBI and the other agencies already, and I suspect they will not wish to target me further for reasons not useful to this article, though such detail might enamor the reader to me and result in more book sales. Relax — I’ll not abuse the reader thus.

Anonymous advises: “It is time we start becoming our own legends… If you feel something inside you pushing you toward acting on the plan… (join us.)” They describe a three phase plan. Phase II starts five months (November), they say, but neither it nor phase III are described.  CBS is reporting they plan to shut Facebook down on Guy Fowkes day, as it is known in England (I would be happy to endure such an attack if it resulted in Facebook decoupling itself from the intelligence community — see my post on FascistBook) as described in a related article listed at page bottom, here.

Anonymous continues in exactly the strategic manner of V; “So if you see nothing, if the crimes of governments remain unknown to you, then we would suggest you allow this year to pass unmarked. But if you see what we see and you feel as we feel, and you would seek as we seek, then you too, are Anonymous. Stand beside us this year as we execute the plan, and together we shall give them a year which shall never be forgot. We are anonymous, united as one, divided by zero.”

If finally ends with one of the closing lines of the film, “Beneath this Mask… there is no flesh. Beneath this Mask is… an idea,” for which the punch line is, to underscore, “...and ideas are bullet proof.”  That is true. You can kill a man for expressing an idea, but having had listeners, the idea lingers on long after his passing. Indeed, it is amplified in his martyrdom. That is one reason the Pen of Truth is mightier than the Sword of Lies. And when the one wielding the Pen is Anonymous, the Sword has nowhere to swing usefully, and it instead lashes forth in recklessly to cause collateral damage, and making martyrs of all in its path.

That speeds its undoing, for at noting the carnage, those nearby take warning, and consider the idea with more interest and, almost always, adopt it, and being quickly educated to the truth, and seeking to overpower the sword’s obvious evil. That is what Anonymous seeks to do. Unite us behind one idea… the idea that the day of tyrants and thieves in government is over. The New World Order is self-rendered as obsolete by their own greed, wanton murder, and their lashing out. They will extinguish themselves with just a little Anonymous help.

Are you that help?

V is for Vendetta

Target rich environment

I’d hate to be Anonymous and faced with trying to set priorities among all the possible deserving targets guilty of tyranny. They already have their own list of course, and I find it interesting (and appropriate) that amongst their list is the quasi-religious cult, Scientology, which has been linked to CIA and mind control projects in my research. But the problem of choosing targets as faced by a hacker group is just as huge for any legal form of targeting by activism, protest, or media efforts. My book, The Professional Paranoid Defensive Field Guide  list over 1,000 CIA fronts, half of which have engaged in illegal mind control projects or other criminal enterprise, such as drug smuggling, illegal weapons sales, etc. It also has page after page listing illegal non consensual bioweapon and similar experiments on unwitting Americans, some not terribly dissimilar from those inflicted upon V as Guinea Pig.

My book set Fatal Rebirth details the truth behind decades of dark news events which dot the American historical landscape from 1947 forward, to include Sept. 11, which it predicted. I’ve personally gone head-to-head with a lot of these people and might reasonably and rightly claim I owe a Vendetta, for the personal cost has been high. But it is not about me. It is about the crimes against countless others, and whole nations, races, and classes of people. Why? Because the NWO is at its heart Satanic and thus hates all who have faith. Because the NWO is at its heart racist and hates non whites. Because the NWO at its heart is greed driven and hates any competition for ownership of each existent dollar.  Because the NWO is at its heart fascist and hates freedom. Because the NWO hates Free WIll and life itself, and seeks death for all who have it.

As consultant to countless victims of electronic weapons of Political Control Technology and organized stalking, I’ve encountered groups, organizations, and agencies deserving of targeting for the grievous suffering they have caused thousands. They have relentlessly destroyed individual lives with nightmares well beyond anything ever depicted in any documentary or commercial film, and which defy mere verbal description. As investigative writer, even more such criminal power brokers have been discovered. And, of course, there are the major criminal events of our time; false flag operations, fraudulent financial debacles and bail outs, behind the scenes deals. These events are exposed endlessly, and yet they continue on and on and on.  Not all these people and groups can be touched in a direct way by Anonymous hacking, but they can be touched by you and me by our activism. Anonymous proposes that such activism is empowered by the use of their Mask and name. Thus far, I tend to agree.

In Fatal Rebirth I offer my own advice which, I suppose, could easily be adapted by an Anonymous group. It talks about who the enemy is, what the rules of engagement should be with a focus on nonviolent opportunities as well as what they should be in any eventual armed confrontation (revolution) forced by the other side. I would hope that it would deter at least one person for making a tragic mistake which results in loss of life. Other elements of my advice may serve to be a kind of challenge to Anonymous: the creation of an easy to use and spread… and quite ultimate encryption tool to allow completely safe Web communications without fear of prying government eyes even being aware of encryption. The basic design construct is laid out, and awaits only one talented person to create and distribute it. But of course, such is already illegal under Dracos law.

There is even advice in The Professional Paranoid on how to react when dealing with arrest and detention, interrogation, etc.

V is for Vendetta

Being Anonymous is not child’s play

Arrested at Anonymous Protest

So one should not casually join or support anonymous unless confident they may actually do so Anonymously or otherwise have in place some useful level of immunity from investigative reprisals. And there is one other thing: one must ask if a given Anonymous contact, either from the hacker group or the greater public body of mask wearers is the real deal, or if they are a government operative seeking entrapment.

Half the people in jail for ‘terrorism’ would never have considered doing anything criminal except for being duped into it, or worse, framed by agent provocateurs pretending to be terrorists themselves. You can earn $100,000 cash setting someone up for arrest, so entrapment  has become ‘big business‘ among the low lifes so employed. You can bet governments will freely use such methods to trap actual hackers through their less savvy supporters, even if they have to threaten or actually prosecute innocents along the way. So if you are going to be Anonymous, don’t forget your mask, and don’t tell anyone you have it.

Me? I’ve already gone on record as having a mask (albeit mere artwork at the moment). So the FBI, CIA, DIA, NSA, HSA, and any other initial set may freely seek me out if they wish. Just know that my insurance policies still remain in place, and that there will be Vendetta of another sort should their hand (sword) be too heavily applied. They’ve already targeted me both intensively and randomly over the decades, sometimes devastatingly. But that was before I got the goods on some of their matters. Since then we’ve coexisted fairly peacefully in the same cyberspace.  I don’t mind that they are in the woodwork, and they don’t mind that I talk about them. The Mask shouldn’t change things that much. Having dared to write this, I guess we will soon enough see.

Yet there is also safety in numbers. They can start lists of people who visit a Web site and register. They can make lists of people on the Internet to use Anonymous symbology and phraseology. They can make all the lists they wish, and add to them as many names as they wish, and what I wish, is that they do so, endlessly. Because the more names there are on the lists, and the more lists they have, the more meaningless and useless they become. We outnumber them millions to one. No matter how big their budgets, they cannot target us all for investigation and surveillance, much less arrest, prosecute, and jail us. And to attempt any of it detracts from their resources and abilities to go after Anonymous, the hackers. Thus there is only one possible way to logically end this article:

We are legion. Expect us.

V is for Vendetta

YouTube Vids of interest

Bush/Clinton NWO plans continue to unfold within Obama Administration

Bush/Clinton NWO Plans
Continue to Unfold in Obama Administration

The two party system is a sham. There is only one party with two heads; the NWO Globalist Agenda Party (RepubliDems). New Boss same as the old boss… hope we don’t get fooled again! 

New boss same as the old boss… hope we don’t get fooled again!

by H. Michael Sweeney,
copyright © 2011, ProparanoidPress, all rights reserved
permissions to reproduce available on request to pppbooks at comcast (net)
Dateline Portland, OR Sept 25, 2011

Obama equals bush

Introduction… and about suspension of belief structures

My book set Fatal Rebirth is in four volumes because it takes a lot of words to explain the Unified Conspiracy Theory and the history and future plans of the New World Order movement, originally founded by the Illuminati in 1776. It’s about logical, calculated, and cunning steps toward achieving End Game, and if you are thinking that ‘End Game’ does not bode well for you and me, you are absolutely correct. So this post, due to lack of space, cannot possibly catch you up on that background material and the ten-year research which went into it. So instead, may we please simply start with some basic assumptions you may or may not already be comfortable with? If you are, we are on the same page, but if not, then I beg you to suspend your current belief structures long enough to hear me out… because it may just help you to avoid making the same mistakes every four years… and avoid End Game.

The postulation is that there is no difference between one NWO Globalist in the White House, and another, regardless of the political robes they wear as Republicans or Democrats. In other words, with respect to advancing  End Game,  George Bush = Bill Clinton = George Bush = Barrack Obama (and other Presidents can be added to that list, save perhaps those murdered in office and those closer to the founding of the nation.) Fortunately, there are at least a few more steps which must be taken before End Game is upon us. But precious few are they, and so scary (predicted in Fatal Rebirth, which also predicted assassination efforts and 9-11 events, and resulting oil wars) — that we can afford to squander any remaining time running around in circles arguing over ‘issues’ which are meant from the very beginning to be divisive  in order to distract us. They are manufactured and largely ‘artificial’ party politics, when the real questions should be “Why can’t we actually have a President and a Congress who represents Americans and America’s best interests instead of the NWO agenda?”

If we could get that, all of our other concerns would be far easier to address, including divisive party politics.

Obama equals bush

Four assumptions useful in following this presentation:

1) The NWO  Globalist Agenda is, at its heart, Fascist thinking      (see my 33 Axioms of Fascism) with respect to how it wants government and business interests handled. moreover, it is, at its heart, satanic or occult oriented, whereby the real purpose of a One-World Government is to have a single leader who, by definition as well as confirmation in prophesy, would have to be the Antichrist. This was the sole End Game goal of the Illuminati, and so now you know why you should not allow their modern counterparts to reach that goal.

2) Bill Clinton was a NWO agenda bought-and-paid-for weapon. In my book I show his and Hillary  Clinton‘s ties to CIA and the Globalist Round Table Groups, and recite anecdotal material which shows his Presidency was arranged for in advance to meet said agenda. His Rhodes Scholarship is also evidence, though most readers are not aware of the fact that the ONLY purpose of granting a Rhodes Scholarship is to leverage globalist-thinking students into positions of power and influence, also explained in Fatal Rebirth and elsewhere. Being a Rhodes Scholar should not be an honor, it should be the mark of a traitor, as the Globalist’s agenda requires destruction of national sovereignty.

3) The Bush Presidents were also part and parcel of the same Globalist crowd, and their Presidencies were guaranteed at the SAME MEETING of Power Elite as was Clinton’s. Their Dynasty goes back to the very roots of Fascism and Nazism during WWII, granddaddy Bush being found guilty of Trading with the Enemy by Congress. It also is deeply involved (three generations of Bushs) with the Globalistic and Satanic Skull and Bones, which is a kindred or sister group to the Thule Society to which Adolf and his ‘friends’ belonged. There is a lot more to that notion than just those two points, but I suggest they are more colorful inks for drawing the desired image with clarity.

4) That virtually EVERYTHING majorly bad which has happened in U.S. history since 1947 can be shown not to be some random bump in the night, but is part of the NWO march toward End Game. The very people who planned for Presidents also planned for the series of wars in the Middle East well before Sept. 11, right down to details such as the week of invasion of Afghanistan.

So it makes me wonder just  how did they know there would be a basis for such an invasion years in advance, as seen in the timeline for treason? How did the ANSER Institute know two years in advance to the day that they would ‘need’ a Homeland Security and plan for it? How did the Pentagon know the invasion date before 9-11? How did Colin Powell know in advance to tour the allies and seek combat partners against Afghanistan?

Exactly: False Flag terrorism identical in style and purpose to the Reichstag Fire. An event blamed conveniently on Communists but accomplished by Hitler’s henchmen, it put Adolf Hitler into power and allowed him to launch a series of political moves which turned Germany into a nightmare for the World. His steps under that empowerment were virtually identical to those seen in America in the  post 9-11 timeline, and yet we see the Fascism not in our hysteria, a hysteria made up of manufactured ‘fears’ to justify trading liberty for security.

If you do not at least see the potential for parallels to what is happening in America with draconian destruction of the Constitution…

then stop reading, NOW, because you will not want to be confused by facts, your mind is already made up for you.

Obame = bush

Right: from 33 Axioms of Fascism — Globalist Logos share visual clues

Obama equals bush

Obame = bush

Four simple proofs of Globalist Agenda traversing presidencies

Now, with the assumptions in place, proofs exist which show continuity of the NWO agenda seamlessly through transitions between the current presidencies. We might argue they prove the Four Assumptions, too. We have four simple proofs, and I’m sure there are more I could throw in were I to dig further, but these four are all interlocking and quite parallel to the kinds of things Hitler did once he started wielding his power. That Obama is executing these plans is only part of the proof.

The other half is that none of these steps originated with him. They in fact originated in a Bush White House in full confidence that the next President(s) would continue them. Or else why bother? Lame Duck Presidents earn that name because they KNOW whatever they do will tend to be undone by the other party or even another President of the same party where politics do not align. But if the ‘politics’ are not part and parcel of two-party divisive issues and are instead of value to the Globalists, there is NO FEAR of their being undone, because they know the New Boss IS GOING TO BE  the same as the Old Boss. It IS A DOG AND PONY SHOW. That is probably why Ron Paul is gaining so much popularity so fast… because he seems to be neither Dog nor Pony, though he must necessarily wear the mantle of one of their Parties (Republican).

1: Universal Voluntary Public Service Program. This is America’s version of Hitler’s Brown Shirts when you look at it closely. It is neither intended to be voluntary (or it would not be ‘universal’) nor is it public service though it is sold as such by comparing it to an ‘extended Peace Corps’.)  The name is constructed as a marketing tool to feed it to us gently so we won’t realize it is not the medicine claimed, but a Nazi brand of poison with a new label.

The idea originated with Bush in 2003 but as a long-range plan failed to manifest during his presidency. It has subsequently been reenergized by Obama (this link also describes the program in ways which parallel that of Hitler’s Brown Shirts, though the author does not use the analogy directly) and has become part of Obama’s agenda even though not related to any of his campaign promises (not that it matters, since he has broken virtually every major promise). This link compares it directly to the Brown Shirts to insure the point is not lost.

Don’t be fooled, again.

Right: Modified Nazi Brown Shirts propaganda art

Obame = bush

From Poster Collection

2: Citizen Spies Program. This (Nationwide Suspicious Activity Reporting Initiative, aka SAR or NSI) is a rehash of the Red Scare under Joe McCarthy’s reign of Fascist terror, a multi-step program to make every citizen fear every other citizen in order to deter free thought and its expression. Any dissent renders one liable to persecution via McCarthyism’s Red-Scare mechanics, which ironically matched those of Communist Bloc nations in many ways:

You equate normal activities associated with matters unprofitable to the Powers That Be with (communism or terrorism) and then ask people to report on anyone found guilty of being, well, normal, if otherwise also politically incorrect to the preferred thinking. Insurance for status quo, and control of the masses through fear.

Like most s**t served up by fascist mentality, they give it a reverse engineered name to make it sound tasty for spoon feeding to a dumbed down public: Communities of Trust. This Fact Sheet clearly shows that recruitment of spies will subvert almost any influential social body. The effort intends that citizens equate and fear ‘whites that don’t think like we (those in power) do’ with muslim extremists as exemplified in the MIAC Report. It isn’t terrorists they are targeting, its free thinkers.

The idea originate with President Bush, though due to its radical nature, the goal was to establish a modest root system for future growth of the program, intending less than 5% saturation. Even so, that meant 1,500,000 citizen spies. Here is an excellent resource to review his plan, modeled after the East German STASI (Secret Police) program headed by Hitler’s master spy, Reinhard Gehland. The idea is to be expanded by Obama in a way which will at least give the impression that almost every American MIGHT be a snitch, and THAT is the mechanism which stifles freedom.

This link makes that easier to grasp, and this video illustrates it visually by mocking the fact that there is an government organized assault on Ron Paul and Ron Paul supporters as well as government’s attempts to label people as conspirators and mentally ill if they doubt government. Regardless of if you support Ron Paul, or not, that he and supporters are being equated with terrorism by government targeting campaigns (dirty tricks and abusive Police actions) proves you are not free to speak your mind if it opposes the status quo. I do not quite yet support Ron Paul, but such targeting causes me to lean his way; the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

3. Continuance of planned financial looting of America. This one is easy. All it takes is one simple and painfully funny video.  And if you like that vid, you will want to watch this one, too.

4. Militarization of Police and CIA within Police. This one is also easier, except that you need to know about the Posse Comitatus Act of 1874, which forbids the military to be employed in police actions against citizens except in a state of Martial Law. Since the first Bush, this has been violated many dozens of times, as many as three times in one 90 day period here in Oregon, and more than a dozen times in Texas, alone. This article (forget that the page is pro cannabis, or relish the fact if you wish, but the facts presented bear the truth) shows how Bush started a program for militarization which was continued by Clinton (another Globalist President), which is why I elected the site. It has continued under the second Bush, and now under Obama, too. Obama wants a National Police (also previously illegal for same cause) ‘just as powerful’ as the military as pointed out in the video at this site (selected because it also explains Posse Comitatus.)

Obama equals Bush

Summary; the New Boss is the Old Boss

You don’t even need to take my word for it. Below you will find what the Presidents themselves think about other President’s following policies of other presidents (hurts my head). All the same. Thus it did not matter if you did not like Bush and voted for Clinton to ‘undo’ the Bush regime, because Bush policies did continue under Clinton. It did not matter if you did not like Clinton and voted for Bush to undo him, because the second Bush policies were more of the same. It did not matter if you voted for Obama to undo Bush, because it didn’t. Obama, Bush, and the others, are synonymous when it comes to Globalist NWO agenda. To break the pattern, you must break the two party system one way or another, be it by an insider like Ron Paul, or someone from an independent populist party.

If you fail to do so, your only other recourse is to either become an obedient Sich Heil citizen willing to (eventually) raise your arm in salute to the Antichrist… or to pick up a gun in armed revolt. Heaven please forbid either of these last two options, because it leaves only one viable choice. And yet is it viable? Politics by the barrel of a gun does not seem to me to be any better philosophically when at the hands of a freedom fighter than when at the hands of a Fascist Police State. Both are a waste and in opposition to (someone’s) free choice.

Madoff’s Ponzi and Social Security step by step IDENTICAL

What Madoff did to investors in his Ponzi is…

exactly what the Government is doing to Social Security recipients

A step by step review by H. Michael Sweeney
copyright © 2011, H. Michael Sweeney, Proparanoid Press, All Rights Reserved
permissions to reproduce by request to pppbooks at comcast (net)
Dateline, Portland, OR, Aug 22, 2011

Social Security

Introduction and background, what people THINK they know.

Bernie Madoff 2009 Mug Shot

Bernie Madoff was a con man pretending to be an investment broker handling a fake securities portfolio investment fund. You may remember him in the news… being trotted off to jail for bilking more than $50,000,000,000 ($50B) from investors in the biggest Ponzi scheme, ever (short of the Federal Reserve). Very convenient at the time, because it took our attention away from the trillion dollar bailout of the banks (but not the victims) of the Mortgage Crunch. We needed time to cool down before someone started shooting bankers and Congressmen, so they fed us Uncle Bernie.

The list of victims form a veritable who’s who of financial powerhouses, and well known persons of fame, wealth, and power. In fact, a map of his victims obliterates some states with markers (zoom out to see the whole map). There is even an entertaining slide show to illustrate, and for a very good review of the entire affair and some revealing personal images of Madoff’s life at home, at work, and at play, there is a blog devoted to all things about Madoff. 

Social Security

How does it work? Wearing a mask of wealth and playing on contacts among the wealthy, he quickly convinced monied players to invest in his funds which he claimed were paying off higher returns than any other. In a Ponzi scheme (named after the inventor of the fraudulant scam, Charles Ponzi), you use money invested to pay ‘dividends’ or profits on the investment commensurate with an unusually high profitability. Based on the notion of greed, this prompts further investment by the players and new investments from others who learn about the ‘wonderful performance.’ Interesting side note: It was almost exactly 100 years between the first by Ponzi and the greatest by Uncle Bernie: 1910 and 2009.

Charles Ponzi 1910 Mug Shot

In a Ponzi, the ‘broker’ skims off the top to make themselves wealthy, which is part of their cover of ‘successful businessman,’ and they turn the rest into ‘payouts’ and other efforts useful in recruiting more investors. If they do it right, they can even open storefront offices and hire actual brokers to sell the investments as a ‘legitimate corporation.’ The staff can earn handsome commissions and are (usually) never the wiser, unless fellow criminals. With enough ‘prestige’ and a good track record, such shops can even get other investment firms to invest.

That was Madoff. What most people do not know is that many of the big banks and other financial institutions knew it was a fraud and failed to warn anyone… because they were too busy making profits handling the money in Madoff’s accounts, and in other ways, too. Heck, they even had a way to make a profit after the scheme eventually went bust (as all Ponzi schemes must, in time, for they are pyramid schemes and will eventually become too top heavy to support themselves financially).

What about Social Security? The Social Security Act of 1935 was supposed to help prevent the kind of personal disasters which resulted from the Great Depression, where banks collapsed and people lost their life’s savings. Too, many people had no such savings, unable or unwilling to do so. SS was a means of formalizing a required ‘retirement fund’ for payroll recipients that would be safe from any unexpected financial catastrophe.

It was modified by the The Social Security act of 1965 to incorporate Medicare and Medicaid provisions to insure adequate medical care regardless of financial circumstances. This is what we know as ‘Social Security’ today. It is NOT socialism despite the title’s implication. Workers contribute a portion of their wages (their money) and copayments by the employer (their money) into the fund for eventual payout at retirement. Additional monies were to accrue to the fund through investments, just like some forms of life insurance policies, so that payouts could exceed payments to the fund and better cover the cost of retirement. In essence, it was a federally mandated and managed investment program that was intended to assure every American saved money for their retirement.

OK, so it's really Christina Speck and NOT my Mother!

That was Social Security as it was defined, and what many people believe it to be… unless their understanding has been twisted by the rhetoric of those who want to cut Social Security as if it was some kind of welfare program. There is a need in certain quarters to have you believe that tax money is used to pay for Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security checks. Liars. There is a need that you believe that by cutting these payments the Nation’s financial woes will be bettered. Well, in the balance statements, perhaps, but not really. Even they believe the lies. Social Security is not socialism, but cutting SS could be said to be reverse socialism; giving money to the rich by taking money from those who need it most.

Worse, it has the potential of creating tens of millions of people who, in order to survive, must turn to a life of crime or truly obtain welfare support, which they also want to cut and/or eliminate. I can see it now. Weekly reports of bank robberies by geriatrics in wheelchairs laden with explosives. Little Old ladies sticking up gas stations with sharpened umbrellas. Seriously, if they do these sorts of things (and many of them are military Veterans of combat and are armed to the teeth), I hope it is the Federal Reserve they rob, because that’s where their money is. It’s my money in the local bank…  er… come to think of it, the money in my bank (all $200) is from Social Security, so maybe I should consider joining the Ma and Pa Kettle Gang, myself. But I’m too old and weak to handle my .30 cal.

Which brings us, reluctantly, to the reality of the present day…

Social security

Time to compare Ponzi and Social Security step by step.

Compare the Promises, the ‘Public Image’ as seen from the outside: 

The Madoff Ponzi                                                                              Congress’ Social Security                  

1.   Madoff establishes a fake management company and fund               Congress establishes the Social Security trust fund managed by government

2.   Investors pay into the fund in hopes of making profits                        Workes pay into the trust fund in hopes of a decent retirement

3.   Madoff assures investors their fund will grow with interest                Congress assures workers their fund will grow with interest

4.   Management company pays investor dividends quarterly                 Government pays retiree SS checks monthly

5.   Everyone seems happy                                                                                    Everyone seems happy

Social Security

What was really happening under the Hood

6.   Madoff collects huge sums of money                                                          The government collects huge sums of money

7.   Instead of investing money, Madoff buys expensive things                Instead of depositing money, government borrows it for expensive things

8.   Madoff promised to pay back the invested money                                Congress promised to pay back the borrowed money

9.   Money to pay prior investors skimmed from new investors               Money to pay retiremees comes from payments by younger workers

10. Banks and other financial institutions profit along the way               The Military Industrial Complex constituents profit along the way

11. Pyramid strains, income starts to fail obligations                                   Like a pyramid scheme, income eventually does not meet obligations

12. Investor payments decline and they start to grumble                          Social Security payments are cut and people start to grumble

13. Banks profited by Madoff’s cash flow to date                                           Banks get bailout money the government could have paid back to SS

14. Madoff defaults on his promis to pay back and hides                            Congress defaults on the borrowed money and hides the truth

Emphasise: Congress hides the fact that THEY borrowed and DID NOT REPAY the money that BELONGS TO THE RETIREES, and instead tries to paint it as an entitlement under a socialist program equated with welfare which rightly needs to be cut to ‘help save the country’, or we need to raise taxes (giving us the choice of being shot in the ass or shot in the head).

Social Security

There is only ONE difference between Maddoff and Social Security

15.  Madoff went to jail                                                                                           Congressment get fat medical and retirement benefits

                                                                                                                                      (ON TOP of Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, if it is still around)

Oh, and one small technical difference. Madoff couldn’t pay investors because he was no longer liquid. His money was in real estate, jewelry, cars, etc.

Government does not WANT to pay SS recipients back. They COULD, by simply printing more money, which we know they can do because that’s exactly what they did to bail out the Bankers. In fact, they printed more of it than it would take to bail out SS. So that leaves me with just one question. Why on God’s green Earth would YOU allow them to make that kind of decision about you and your families (bleak) retirement future?

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