Proof Six: Shootings Also Relate or Depict Masonic and Satanic symbols

Select shootings define such symbols with precision. Masonic Symbols are rendered in 3-D. Satanic Symbols are positioned correctly for magical application by Warlock.

Are mass shootings by intelligent design?

by H. Michael Sweeney  

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Is there any proof mass shootings are not random?

UPDATE:  (this comment, only) This post has generated some negative comments based on the commentors disbelief in the concepts being advanced. I need repeat myself; it matters not what you or I believe, it only matters what the architects of mass shootings believe.


What you will learn reading this post of the posting series

•  that the lines also defy randomness in their placement to form Masonic and Satanic emblems;

•  that the emblems are carefully aligned on the Earth in ways which reflect their function;

•  that they are rich with clues which hint at who and where are the designers;

that if you look closely, you can actually see how they ‘function’ as a magical weapon.

Are mass shootings by intelligent design?

Proof Six: Shootings Also Relate or Depict Masonic and Satanic Symbols

Is there a mass shooting conspiracy?

With respect to hidden symbols, we start with the basic understanding that Freemasonry and satanic cults do indeed have recognizable symbols they employ regularly. In some cases, they are more than symbolic, and have actual occult function. But one thing is true of all such symbols; a given symbol has a definite known shape with precise geometric relationships to other parts of the shape. So, if you know a select few points ANYWHERE upon the shape, you might be able to then define the remainder of the shape because you know what it is supposed to look like. This creates a potential problem when looking for such symbols in a ‘target rich environment,’ such as our map of 440 plus shootings.

Early Masonic Ceremony using satanic deity, Baphomet, from which the satanic ritual star is named.

Early Masonic Ceremony using satanic deity, Baphomet, from which the satanic ritual star is named.

In fact, some readers might rightly worry that it is too easy and therefore falls back into the realm of chance once more, no longer proof of intelligent design. I agree. Therefore, any such finding must be reviewed carefully for signs it was actually INTENDED, or traits which could not be so easily found true if by chance. In truth, I worried this might turn out to be quite a challenge, but in the end, the methods employed lent themselves to discovery of verifications suitable to address such concerns. Each one found by such means passed muster as being well beyond probabilities of chance, a fact I believe the reader will also find true.

Short of some custom computerized search, such finds still remain challenging, since one does not well know WHERE in a given intended shape a given starting point is located within the design, nor is the orientation or size of the shape known. In other words, you have to endlessly compare the same suspect points against endless possible combinations with other potential points, testing for all orientations and sizes. Tedium!

I’m operating on the assumption, here, that any architect of a grand design would want something more definite in such a ‘clue’ than something which might be seen as random, or require a custom software program; a deliberate placement, one likely with a specific relationship to a key location or course alignment which has additional meaning. The satanic baphomet, for instance, is normally aligned to North when actually employed in a rite, or ‘aimed’ at a target, and each of its five star points has a specific meaning which should likely be related to map location details; fire, water, earth, sky, and spirit.

So lets take a look: presented herein are four satanic baphomet ceremonial stars, and four Masonic emblems. It is my belief there are four intended for each, and no more, as I also believe (as do others) that there are four Globalist groups competing to field the Antichrist. Indeed, the individual Warlock designers are, themselves, likey hoping to be the chosen one.  Yes, more symbols may exist, perhaps intending nine or eighteen of each in support of magic 18. But one indication four is the right number is that it took several days of relatively easy effort to find each set of four, but several days more in each case found no more.

 What does satanism have to do with mass shootings?

Finding satanic baphomet symbols

In terms of simplicity for the designer, it is super easy to depict a baphomet upside-down, five-pointed ceremonial star with very few points. Because all the lines are the same length and join one another at the same angles to create yet another inner set of intersecting lines of equal lengths and their own duplicated angles, all you really need is to know any two line intersects at star tips or inner crossover points, and the rest could be calculated easily, though you might not know which crossover/intersects you are originally looking at (more than one star could result).  But that’s also just too easy, and would mean every two shootings could generate multiple stars. Commonplace, and unacceptable to designers, and to our purposes, here. Both they and I would prefer something more… more dramatic in order to reveal intention… the thing that made it hard to find more than four examples. If I’ve done a good job of insuring that, the more you read, the more you should be convinced of intelligent design. One clue they are not random is the sharing of shooting lines and events.

Though all 440 shootings were employed in the search, in the end, it turned out that ALL four of each symbol type (four baphomets and four Masonic emblems) employed their own limited universe of shootings… with many of the same shootings in both universes. Below we find the baphomet universe. It only took 23 shooting lines to depict four baphomets with some very interesting relationships. While each shooting line involved three shootings (I think one had four), the number of shootings depicted in the images below is only 54, because 22 shootings share common lines, and because I did not plot middle shootings of a line if not actually used to establish the symbol. Also, some are not visible at this viewing altitude because they are so close together. In such cases, I made one plot larger; when you see a larger dot, there are at least two shootings near to each other, there.

If you sum those all up by twos (line and shooting counts), we get our magic number, 18, a kind of cross-checking proof this is not random, but intended to be found design. The same exact thing will happen with our Masonic emblems, which will follow. How would it be possible to get that kind of consistent results by chance? All I know, is it is impossible for me to calculate the odds, they are so high. So, lets take a look, starting with four sample baphomets.


The variety in color and shape of shooting markers can be ignored and seen as equal. FAMOUS SHOOTINGS involved include: Sandy Hook, Aurora, Columbine, D.C. Naval yard, Sikh Temple, Virginia Tech, both Ihop Restaurant shootings, five Postal shootings, the original mass shooting at the Texas Tower in 1956, and the Seal Beach Salon shooting, worst in California history.

The lone shooting at center-top will serve as a kind of test gimmick, if you will, for determining an intended design vs. randomness in the findings. It does have its own line, one of the 23, which is not visible due an error on my part, which runs under the orange line shown below, to Aurora. The next image also shows our first baphomet along with several additional orange lines which are not themselves shooting lines as such, though they will be seen as originating from shootings, or may even be atop of actual shooting lines. These lines are all exactly 500 miles apart as measured at the green line, which has no other purpose but to show the point at which it is so. All of these orange lines are actually part of an entirely different proof of intelligent design which will be described in another post in this crime series. But they also function as aids in proving intelligent design, here.

Baphomet ONE


Color coding for added lines: Bold purple Baphomet lines, thin purple center guidelines, green line is point of measure of distance between orange lines, orange lines 500 miles apart go to Europe and serve as indicator tool for verification of intentional design vs. randomness.

This is the smallest of the four discovered. It has only one shooting at an intersect, but enjoys a large number of additional shootings, many more than needed, along all but one of its five lines. Two of these are also upon the same orange line, and two others on a another orange line. Note the thin purple center guideline line I generated. Though drawn based only on the baphomet’s construct, the line does something which relates directly to the orange lines, which while I cannot describe it here without giving away a future surprise revelation, additionally associates the shape with the orange lines. Therefore, this baphomet associates itself with the orange lines quite usefully, the importance of which will become more obvious as we go.

The center guideline also sports two white arrows. This is unique to this baphomet; both of these locations are Remington Firearms factories. I am amazed at such a ‘coincidence.’ I will not speculate on the meaning of it, as I think there are several equally intriguing possibilities, some favorable to Remington, some not so much. This may perhaps be best left for another day, another post. But in the summary section, I will analyze this emblem more closely so show you some of the ways it works its magic, and additionally illustrate intelligent design.

Baphomet TWO


Here is an example of a ‘minimal definition’ baphomet: two interests enjoy shootings and at best, only one is found along a line. However, it is uniquely defined in another way. One point and one middle intersect rest on two different orange lines. Moreover, the Northwest and East most star tips have a useful relationship, as well; one is over the orange line, and the other is short… by a like minimal distance. Indeed, the baphomets are very hard to draw with accuracy (I depend on trying to get all lines the same length — almost impossible, typically achieving to within a few miles at best), and so they may therefore actually rest on the lines perfectly in their designer’s version. Finally, note that the star line running Northeast reveals a guideline continuing on into Chesapeake Bay in Canada; this line also has something in common with the orange lines, further helping this baphomet pass the orange line test.

Baphomet THREE


At a glance, you might think this is the same image/symbol as the last. But no: it’s an amazing symbol very nearly the same size and location as the last, but with THREE intersect shootings, all augmented with five additional line shootings. But that was not enough. Two of the intersects are on the same orange line, and the same Northeastern running star line is actually parallel to another orange line. That same star line also has a guideline entering Chesapeak Bay which once more does what the orange lines do.

Baphomet FOUR


Talk about minimal definition, this one has zero intersects. However, it does have two and a questionable third shootings on a single line, and four on an intersecting line. Because it is so large, curvature becomes a factor in verification, as only a given symbol size and orientation (a small fudge factor is present) will allow all those shootings on the two lines to work, thereby eliminating a need for a shooting on an actual intersect of two lines. But we don’t have to rely on the fudge factor:

This time, it is the lower right star leg guideline which does what the orange lines do, but additionally, the rightmost orange line is actually parallel with that same line. This is only possible when the second line at any given distance has a precise difference in degree of ark from the first at a given starting point on a common perpendicular. If curious, we have that common perpendicular in the green line, and at that point, 500 miles distant, the inner-most line is running 54.04 degrees and the outer is at 51.49. Measured at the top of the line at the opposit star point, the distance error between the two lines is well within the margin of error in degrees of arc course measurement. Again, this is only possible with only ONE baphomet location, size, and orientation.

Four baphomets: all different, and yet all the same, in that;

a) they all share the same set of original shootings/lines (universe);

b) they are all therefore interconnected just as we found true of our isosceles triangles in the last proof;

c) they all have at least one line (side or center axis) which is symbiotic with the mysterious orange lines;

d) they are all verified by said orange lines, each in their own way;

e) the first four have a star point which can easily be associated appropriately with something nearby to represent fire, earth, water, air, and spirit. This is not terribly difficult if the star point is at a shooting because that means a population center with concentrated supplies of such relatable sites, but few work out that way, and therefore, your choices and chances of a match dwindle as you go to the next star point. The fourth is so large all of its points encompass water, making it the most difficult to determine: one is ‘the major air corridor’ for air traffic from North America to Europe, and one encompasses a portion of the Pacific Ring of Fire, but determining which one is spirit and which is earth, escapes me. That all of the baphomets (save that one question mark) otherwise meet this goal surprised me, as I though there would be more undefined, presuming their relationship veiled by designers to things known only to conspirators.

f) all of them seem usefully inverted in ways which imply four possible different Warlock designers from various locations: the first is inverted for anyone in Central Mexico or Central America, and there are candidates in both locations; the second is inverted for anyone in Scandinavia or Mexico/America (candidates abound), and the third is not only inverted but also aligned usefully North for anyone in America, while the fourth is aligned either for anyone in Spain/Portugal, or America/Mexico, uniquely so only because of its size.

And while there are yet more indicators of intelligent design in the summary, does it thus far seem like randomness in play, to you?

 Is there a Masonic connection to mass shootings?

Finding a Masonic Square and Compass emblem

The Masonic Square and Compass are most recognized of all Masonic emblems. Since it depicts a Mason’s (or, if you prefer, a Carpenter’s) Square rule, the first thing to try was to find right angles in the mish-mash of lines. Actually, this is how Proof Four came to be, and so we already have several good places we can look. Once having selecting a right angle for consideration, the next step would be to plot a center axis line bisecting it to form two 45 degree angles. This will become the vertical center axis of any resulting compass.

Next, one should seek to see if there were logical locations along that line from which two more lines could be drawn in mirrored angles away from the centerline to each side to create compass legs. To be valid, both lines would need some logical means to find an acceptable ending location to produce two legs of equal length. This might be determined by landmarks, or by completing a 3-D leg using a second inner leg line set devised in the same manner as the prior legs, and a like process for the square. We need to end up with something which looks very much like a logo emblem instead of a stick figure scratched into sand.

As you can imagine, this is a tedious process; it took a little over two days to find what I felt were all intended present; again 4 such emblems, likely one for each competing architect or group of designers. These are shown below, this time with the orange lines in place, along with the single stranded (lineless) shooting mentioned in the baphomet section, herein.

Once more, a limited universe is involved. In fact, it only took some 26 lines (image) created by roughly 64 shootings. All lines had three shootings, but 14 lines shared shootings in common, reducing the total involved to less than three times the line count. Sum those two numbers and you get… our old magic number 18. Another indicator these are intended and not random emblems.


Color Coding: Red, same as before; Yellow are right-angle shooting lines; Green for emblems and their guidelines. Twenty four of the 66 shootings in this universe are also found within the baphomet universe, including Aurora, Sandy Hook, and Seal Beach, and several of the postal shootings. That’s an interesting way to get 666.

Emblem ONE

This is the smallest and one of the easiest of the four emblems to find, taking just a few hours. In the image below we see it formed by the yellow line of the left portion of the square. The right portion should also be showing a yellow line as it is indeed a perpendicular. Must have failed to turn it on again after turning it off to see if there was more than one line present, as some red shooting lines are sometimes hidden by the wider yellow. Let me apologize in advance: the verbal narrative tends to be complex in nature, but is quite required if someone with an understanding of basic geometry is to see how the shapes were arrived at without having to make assumptions or guesses based on visual clues within the images. On the other hand, some people will find the images cluttered and confusing, and the text easier to grasp. Used together, issues in one should be clarified by the other.


From this was drawn a center axis at 45 degrees. Nowhere along this axis did anything jump out at me to suggest a logical compass tip, so I instead tried to find any two shootings which could establish mirrored angles at some point along that axis to ‘find’ the tip that way. Only two shootings (both blue) allowed this to happen, and a third shooting (yellow) on the right compass leg verified it legal. That same shooting, and yet another yellow shooting near the center axis, together suggested a logical upper line for establishing the square in 3D. Though not intersecting with the anything else used as a reference point, the line was indeed parallel with the lower right square line. Establishing a green guideline at the intersect with the axis by the line created by the two yellow shootings did indeed lead to another shooting beyond the image.

Another shooting line from the left compass leg had its middle shooting (blue) within the emblem area, and made establishing the complete inner line of a 3D compass easy. The other (blue) shooting on the first compass line, allowed reflective guidelines for the end lines of the square at equal distances, two more shootings helping in that effort (one off image to lower-right). This is fairly typical of how I attempted to find the other emblems.

What is atypical about this emblem is  a theme suggestive of a different designer than the others; schools. Each line seems to start,  end at, directly cross over, or is within about 200 feet or so of dozens and dozens of schools from K-8 through colleges, including several major university campuses. The square so encounters 33, the compass 46, and the center line, 11 more to total 90 in all. This sums to 18; 33 = 6, 46 = 10, 11 = 2; 6 + 10 + 2 = 18.

Before we go: not shown because we are viewing so close in on the map, is that the left compass leg guideline, extended for the purpose, does the same mysterious thing as the orange lines, yet to be revealed.

Emblem TWO

This works much like the last, so much so that I’ll not start with a detailed close up, nor describe blow by blow. But there are some unusual additional confirmations which imply a different architect than any of the others, and that’s where I’d like to start. The two images below reveal the alignments with existing perpendiculars, and the unusual confirmations. The first thing to note, perhaps, is that it is upside down (not to someone in Europe), and its pependiculars literally frame the Eastern Seaboard and Northernmost part of the U.S., leaving the compass to point at the middle of the country as if piercing it.




Marching to a different drum, this designer elected a unique theme; almost all corners and endpoints lay at a point having something to do with transportation or movement (of water). The two compass legs and several of the corners (not all shown) end precisely on roadways. Two of the corners end on railways. One of the bottom square corner (perpendicular) and the inner 3D line of the compass end at water. Confirmation of intent, and perhaps a clue as to the identity; someone big in the transportation industry, perhaps? Again, in final note, and not shown, the right leg guideline of the compass does the mysterious orange line thing when extended toward Europe.

Emblem THREE

This one was problematic, and its solution again implies a whole new architect. The issue was this: the actual perpendicular being tested (off screen to the lower-right) failed to be useful; it supported no emblem. But I noticed a shooting line that seemed perpendicular which was NOT yellow. At first I thought I had made a mistake and missed one, or had accidentally deleted its yellow companion line. But no — it was simply beyond the acceptable error of .1 degree of arc, it being hard to visually judge such small differences.

And yet, the line was begging to be considered, because in addition to looking temptingly perpendicular, it also ran usefully parallel with and atop of the edge of a large dam (see smaller image in the right margin). So I wondered? What if the designer had intended to use it, anyway? After all, I had no way of knowing what degree of error they deemed acceptable.


E3d1I thought I should at least give it a try, and went ahead and plotted a center axis test line (not shown) and looked along its length for an appropriate compass tip. What I found, changed everything. The image montage below summarizes the remarkable ‘theme’ findings, and more.

There was indeed a very logical starting point for the compass, but it was NOT on the test axis line, it was about 1.5 miles West of it. So I moved the axis line to match, and then finished trying to flesh out an emblem to see if there was good result. I reasoned that if it was so intended, the validity of the effort would reveal itself true somehow. Indeed.

The montage of insets below reveal just that, and are key to understanding why I find the results acceptable. So much so, in fact, that I now additionally reason that there may yet be an intended future shooting planned to create the very line I manufactured, but which like the one over the dam, does not actually bisect with the perpendicular to create a right angle, and thus does not spoil the count of 18 such relationships from our prior Proofs.

Indeed, this may be a very valuable find, as it MIGHT allow prediction of a shooting event, and perhaps even its prevention.


Quick montage review: The yellow line at top-right was the first attempted test center axis line, and the green line is the new relocated but parallel test line, which goes to a mountain actually named Initial Point. When you hold a compass, it is the initial point of control and placement of the compass; the handle of the compass. Now the left leg which was discovered to meet requirements would seem to represent the one with the point you stick into the paper. We deduce this because the shooting is at a hole in the ground (quarry) and that place is called Permanente (when you stick the compass down, it is permanently affixed to the spot until you lift it). More: the actual shooting took place at the Engineer’s Trailer where they very likely USE A COMPASS with their quarry maps. Confirmation of intent.

The other leg lands in the center of a square field (implying paper?). Note the terribly faint green line (of several) attempting to show the high-tension power corridor running nearby… at exactly the same angle to the inner leg as the two inner legs themselves form… and notice therefore, that the road way is perfectly placed to form an isosceles triangle just as would be a line drawn between the two legs, were the power line the other leg; a mini duplicate of the larger compass. More on that, shortly.

This in turn allowed trying to find the inner line for a 3D compass. It worked out, after finding the only place where shooting lines would form mirrored relationships, to be dead center of a circular irrigation pattern. When you spin a compass, you create a circle; a confirmation of intent. Next, I finished the square by extending a guideline from the yellow perpendicular at the point where it bisected the center axis line, and discovered it indeed intersected with a shooting (well beyond the image) to qualify. More intent.

But what about rendering the square in 3D? Simple: the complementary line had to be somewhere below where the yellow perpendicular met the new axis line. Again, scanning the axis line finds the logical place; an upside down pyramid (montage). A significant confirmation. And the ends of the square were easy, as there was a shooting (also beyond the image) which gave a nice proportional appearance. Implied intent.

And yes, the orange line thing happens here, too, it being once more the left compass leg which does it. A couple of additional confirmations are also present. This emblem, like most, is not aligned to North. However, it has an unusual 20 degree angle on the compass — all the others have fractional elements. At that angle, if one chose to lay the compass flat on the map as drawn, and then flip it to the right such that the Initial Point and right leg remained in place,it would then point North… exactly, even considering magnetic declination (which varies depending on where on Earth you take the reading) present at the new location. More: 20 degrees divides into 360 18 times, our magic number.

This is, I believe, incidental to the intended reason for the curiosities in the centermost portion of the montage; the central ‘mini compass’ duplicates this very feat (a flip). The leftmost faint green line from the left leg is the line between the original full size compass legs — the radius of any arc the compass might be used to create. That line measures 176 miles. The faint yellow line in the inset is 176 Meters along the radius of the mini compass, and then turning Northwards, perfectly bisects not only a portion of the farmer’s field (forming three virtually identical rectangles), but the mini compass, itself, becoming its central axis line. At the top of the roadway, we see a second green line which is 176 yards long, which ends exactly at the edge of the northbound road which bisects the powerline precisely between two towers, one on each side of the road. I believe these oddities are our clue to flip the compass in order to get it to point North, the same direction the road is going.

Mind you, all of this was discovered well after ploting and measuring the emblem. I am not making this stuff up or reverse engineering results somehow.

Emblem FOUR

Again, the last one is both large and arrived at uniquely. Thus far, not one of the emblems was properly aligned to North as viewed in America. There were only two perpendiculars that even came close to enabling such an alignment, but neither of them allowed emblem discovery. Then I noticed the little hiccup in the Northern Border with Canada just about dead center of the U.S. of A. It sticks up just enough to suggest the tip of a compass, or a pinching action of two fingers. And, it was right above our friendly, lone, lineless shooting. What if that was the tip of a compass? The simple answer is, it was… but it involves no obvious or pre existent right angle from our earlier proofs, and is quite minimally defined. Fortunately, we will find it verifies itself despite these ‘missing’ construction elements.



As it happens, an axis from that shooting to the Lone Star College Shooting creates an emblem alignment which is pointing due North and considers allowances for magnetic declination. So this emblem is correct for use by an American, probably someone right there in Texas, methinks. With no initial perpendiculars, I had to rely on shootings and shooting lines to come up with all remaining emblem constructs. The compass outer line was easy; the right leg has four shootings, the fourth (white square) hidden just beneath what seems to be the last one at the bottom. The left inner leg is defined by three, and of course, once you have one leg you know where the other is because it must perfectly mirror the opposite side.

The square was harder, suffering most due the lack of perpendiculars. The lower right side is established with two shootings along its guideline, and confirmed by a single shooting on the opposite side near the tip of Texas. The upper right if also formed by two formation shootings, but the left side has no confirming shooting. Again, if you know what one side is, the other side must match, so that should not be a problem. But I’ve been continually amazed at the consistency of the baphomets and emblems, and how when it seems something is not right, it turns out I’ve missed something there all along — so I’m tempted to think some future shooting will take place on this line, too. The end lines are found using two shootings on the right and a single confirmation shooting on the left.

Two more unusual things about this emblem in addition to aligning North: Our friends at Remington are back once more with highly suggestive positioning, including a third location in the New England States. I am tempted, therefore to believe that the lone baphomet which also had the Remington sites was designed by the same Warlock, and yet, that baphomet was not the one aligned North. This adds to the mystery of the meaning of this remarkable and consistent ‘coincidence.’ The second unusual thing affords even more confirmation… because this time, there are four guidelines which extend to Europe to do the orange line thing.Intention, intention, intention.

Four emblems, all different, and yet the same, in that;

a) like the baphomets, they all shared the same original shootings and lines, defying random chance;

b) like the baphomets, they are therefore all interconnected;

c) like the baphomets, they all establish guidelines which do the orange line thing;

d) they each have their own unique method of cross verification; transportation, shapes and places, schools, and perhaps, Remington.

I again ask; does this seem like random chance, to you, or is intelligent design involved?

What does the occult have to do with mass shootings?

Summary, and additional bonus proofs: the magic works

So not only do we have dozens of random shootings which happen to line up in sets of three or more to make straight lines with doorway-to-doorway-to-doorway GPS-level accuracy, but we have two different shooting universes of such lines which share many of the same shootings/lines to form four readily identifiable Masonic emblems in one, and and four satanic baphomet symbols in the other. Each symbol tends to have its own theme or characteristics to imply four different designers, and all symbols have a symbiotic relationship with the orange lines with an identical but yet-to-be explained proof of their own. This should be enough to convince anyone that mass shootings are not random events, but carefully planned, even though some of the shootings may indeed be naturally transpiring and truly random in nature. We’ve discussed in earlier Proofs how a design can incorporate a pre existing natural shooting into a line with added planned shootings.

But there are still additional proofs or mysteries to reveal within these symbols which drive the intelligent design point home; things which reveal some of the ‘magic’ in play by virtue of extreme care and attention to detail in their design and layout. Some of this is already seen in the themes, earlier mentioned. But there is much more than just that going on. Examples:

Examples of Magic in emblem TWO:

Emblem two has some additional special properties which defy coincidental happenstance, and they relate to one of the purposes of a compass and square, which is to measure things out with accuracy. Emblem two does this with uncanny consistency to an observable rule set. The image below shows a closeup of the emblem and the national view of it. Remember, the yellow lines are 90 degree right angle lines, and that because they are on a sphere, they tend to curve visually, and even though two lines my be parallel, they will eventually converge when upon the surface of a sphere. I’ve added additional colored lines to show some interesting ‘magic’ taking place which absolutely defies chance.


The inset image affords three new colors for key lines to be evaluated, each offset from the line it is measuring so you can see the original as well. The blue line at bottom is the radius of the arc formed by the compass, and the adjacent red line is the diameter (not the same thing as the radius/diameter of a circle created by rotating the compass). The light blue line is the measure of the thickness, or side of the Square, and the purple line represents the gap in the outer perpendicular yellow line which stops at a shooting in Washington D.C., even though the line serves as a chief guideline to forming the Square.

The labeled lines reflect the actual original line being measured to provide a standard of measure, and the other lines merely indicate where another line segment have that SAME measure. It does not matter what the resulting measurement is for this part of our dialog, just know they are the same. So the first thing to note is that for each one, there are three instances of line segments which match each other, though most additionally exist at reflected locations of identical construct in mirrored fashion; the compass shape is, after all, mirrored left to right. This 3 lines x 3 repetitions (3×3) is already indicative of intelligent design which defies chance. But there is much more.

The red Master line is 145.96 miles between compass leg tips, but because we have a error possibility in degree measurement for each of the two legs, we are dealing with a ± .38 mile total potential error in this distance. Regardless, this measure becomes extremely powerful; look at the larger view, and note there are red lines drawn adjacent to the various perpendiculars which define the ‘box’ around the U.S. created by these lines, doing so in a kind of ‘spiral,’ of sorts. These are numbered to match the sequence of discussion regarding discovery and use of a rule set, something not possible if the shootings which made them were random. There is a magical relationship between these six red lines and our diameter measurement, including the error potential:

These rules are significant: it means the compass was created to get a measure, and the measure was used to compute the shooting line lengths, which meant the shootings had to be planned to create the lines to meet those required lengths, and form a straight line.

Rule One: a given yellow line should be evaluated for any logically intended base line, and measured from that base line to its end point. Divide the result by 145.96 in search of a whole number. If the result is within an allowed error range, accept the whole number as valid and continue to the next rule. If it is not, try another base line. If all base lines fail to produce good result, select a new line and repeat Rule One.

The acceptable error range is determined by looking at the fractional remainder (e.g., .96 of 145.96). If less than .35 or greater than .58, the result is within the error tolerance established for the diameter line (± .38 off of the .96 remainder of that measurement). The goal is to produce a quotient with no remainder not within these limits, which can therefore be stripped away to leave a whole number which has ‘no error’.

Rule Two: Choose a perpendicular along the line just measured to become the next line to be measured, and repeat Rule One. All such perpendiculars along the new line qualify as potential base line; the previously measured line is a very logical base line, as is any line parallel to it, but the nearer it is, the more logical it is.

The remaining rules or determinations required to enjoy full success in this effort are best described by explaining them with narratives. These rules were arrived at after a great deal of experimentation based on the suspicion that some such rule set must exist to establish just how all these constructs relate to one another, and perhaps more, such as why a given shooting line is a given length. This is the result I obtained using the above rules (or as described in the narratives) which indeed prove the concept valid…

Line 1: the most logical line to be measured first seemed to me to be the one North South yellow line used to form the square, which ran uninterrupted. I gave it more weight than the interrupted line parallel with it due the fact it was an incomplete line, and yet more weight than the East West line because it enjoyed the parallel companion. The most logical base line was the East-West line which formed the square’s outer boundary. Measured to the end, we find the diameter divides into the resulting distance 7 times with a remainder well within the error limits; zero inaccuracy results.

Line 2: the measured line failed to make a useful baseline, but the parallel line did, dividing usefully into the distance 15 times (quotient).

Line 3: failed all attempts, so per the rules, went back to the square for the East-West line

Line 4: turned out line one was a base line which worked correctly, and provided a quotient of 16.

Line 5: failed all attempts.

Line 6: failed all attempts.

And now, the narratives to address the lines which failed to get past the Rules thus far stated, starting with an explanation of my guiding point of view. It is my assertion that the perpendiculars shown in the image are intended to ‘box in’ America symbolically, essentially framing it, as if a protective or restraining wall. In such a symbolic context, the compass is like a dagger penetrating that wall, and allowing entry and harm. Visually, because of the sphere’s impact on lines, it is impossible to make the box truly rectangular, because lines are not truly parallel at distance, and they are curved. A line can only be perpendicular at one point of another line, and cannot be truly parallel with another perpendicular at a different point on the same line.

This complicates the designer’s ability to use only perpendiculars to depict the complete box, and forces the use of a seemingly convoluted ‘spiral,’ as well as rules to allow compensation. But I was convinced that the compass 3×3 measurements somehow had a relationship to the founding yellow perpendicular line set. This is what led to experimentations which uncovered the Rules and their unique results:

Narrative to resolve line 4 and line 3: It struck me that line 3 automatically defined line 6 as a base line, by default. Thus line 4 was unique in that it already had a pre existing baseline to contend with, and I wondered how this might alter the rules. I noted also that line 4 had no possible way of ‘closing the box,’ as there was no land mass off the coast of Los Angeles to support a shooting location which would make the line long enough. But line 3 DID close the box. Thus I wondered if both lines were not intended to work together. Indeed, trying various measurement combinations, it turned out that combining the previously used length of line 3 with a length on 5 using line 4 as baseline to the pre established baseline which is line 6, produced a quotient  of 10.

Narrative to resolve line 6: the only remaining thing not tried was to measure the full line, which produces the error-free quotient of 14. Simple. Thus we see that a thing transpires which is impossible by random chance; the six lines which relate to one another as perpendiculars in a single collective, all enjoy a factorial or mathematically computed relationship to the very Masonic emblem which they help define, and do so by Rules created by logical deductions. I am convinced that there are likely similar findings possible with the other two measurements, else why would they be within the 3 x 3 pattern previously cited?

I additionally suspect the series of quotients, themselves, can be employed in some additionally useful manner, either symbolically, or perhaps even in the real World some way (such as map coordinates, distances, course headings), given that a compass and square is involved, as well as a map of the real World. For example, in answer to the last (3×3) question, consider this coincidence: the sum of all the quotients is 62, and just as the master diameter was divided in half to produce the radius, half of 62 = 31. If we multiply 62 x 3 x 3, we get 558, which not only sums to 18, but divides by magic 18 exactly 31 times; and additionally, 558 miles = the palindromic 898 kilometers, and 484 and a fraction, nautical.

 Do mass shootings involve black magic?

Examples of Magic in baphomet one

Because it can’t be done by computer program, and because the distances of a given side of a baphomet is great, and because of the potential for angular errors in Google Earth measurements, drawing a star with perfection in Google Earth is actually not very easy. One way of judging if I was usfully accurate was how closely I could duplicate line lengths. One can average these out, or weight the length to any known intersect points with shootings to try to judge the correct ‘target’ or appropriate median length.

In baphomet one, the resulting dimensions allow some very interesting math computations which reveal magic is indeed afoot in their design, something again not possible if randomly arrived at. These computations were NOT, repeat NOT made or even considered as something worthy of trying until more than a week AFTER arriving at the number deemed as ‘best.’ The designer of any intended baphomet, however, would do the opposite, and compute the line length needed to match target computation results.

The average length of baphomet one is 1451 miles on a side (a prime number). The average inner line is 341.5 miles. The standard ceremonial baphomet has a circle about the star points, and may employ a circle about the inner intersects, as well. It is the nature of these circles which lends power to this particular baphomet for ceremonial application. Numbers below are typically rounded:

a) the area of the inner circle results in a magic number (palindrome times 10) 282820, which expressed in kilometers (not rounded) is the palindrome 455155.4;

b) the miles sum in threes to 1210, another palindrome times 10, and sums in total to 4;

c) the area of the outer circle (a palindrome, and a prime number, times 100) is 1848100, which sums in threes to make 1201, which also sums to 4;

d) comparing the two original palindromes, note that the number 8 is every other number in both, and that the total of all remaining numbers is 6 in each case.

e) in like manner, the circumference of both circles each sum in total to 15, which sums again to 6;

f) the radius of the outer circle in miles is a palindrome 727 (a prime number), which sums in twos to 99 (18), and in kilometers is the magic series 1234, which sums in twos to 37 (37 x 18 = 666) and in total to 11, and in nautical miles, directly equals the greatest of all magic numbers, 666.

g) the vertical axis of a star point is (not rounded) the palindrome 535.35, which in kilometers is 855 (sums to 18, while 535 sums t0 13), and 461 nautical (sums to 11). Note also that 855 mirror the 558 ‘coincidence’ from above.

h) the distance from one star tip to another is the magical triplet 888 miles, which sums in twos to form (1616) pairs of palindromes; 161 and 616, which are inverses of each other.

There is only one possible size baphomet where all this is possible. Add the fact that its orientation allows each point to be near an appropriate site useful in divinations, and it seems highly unlikely this is some randomly created shape: the lower right tip is in water; the one above that rests on a cemetery (spirit); the upper point is ringed by airport runways (air) and contains one within the tip, all despite the desolate woodsy wild lands area involved; the Western point has five smoke shops (fire) within the same square block near its tip; and the lower left point is in a desert (earth).

 What do mass shootings have to do with the new world order?

The additional Magic of satanic intersects:

We have another strange confirmation of intelligent design which impacts both the baphomet and emblem causes. In all of the hundreds of shooting lines created by all of the 440 shootings thus far computed (well beyond the limited universes used to reveal baphomets and Masonic emblems), there are certain line oddities which exist. I’m talking about situations where three or more lines cross each other at the same location within the GPS accuracy limits used for our shooting site doorways. There are exactly 18 of these, our magical number, and there is something very peculiar about ALL of them.

Their map coordinates, both the longitude and latitude, each repetitively sum by twos up to some combination of 18, 13, or 11 (eleven, recall, being the number of chaos, disorder, and that which precedes destruction). That is to say, you will get one or two resulting numbers of those three possible, potentially two of the same number, but perhaps just one (i.e., 18, 18.18, 18.13). For this reason, I’m calling these ‘satanic intersects.’

Example: The image shows one of the satanic intersects, and the coordinates from Google Earth. Do the math.

Lattitude: 35 = 8, 22 = 4, 50 = 5, 82 = 10 = 1, so the final math is 8+4+5 +1 = 18

Longitude: 106 = 7, 50 = 5, 46 = 10 = 1, 05 = 5; 7 + 5 + 1 + 5 = 18



Here is the kicker. There are 18 such intersects. They ONLY APPEAR where at least one of the intersect lines is used in the baphomet or Masonic emblem universes. More: like the 18 right triangles which divided into 9 left-facing and 9 right-facing versions to yield 99, which like 18 itself is also a code number for Satan… these 18 unique intersects are located 9 each in the two universes; 9 on baphomet shooting lines, and 9 on Masonic emblem shooting lines.

Not just intelligent design, but consistency in distribution, too. What is also interesting to me is what seems to be located at or near many the various satanic intersects. Here, for example, is a gun club, but others include Locust Valley, Freedom Mt., and a church named Zoar (the location of Sodom and Gomorrah before destruction). The intersect shown, you may have noticed, enjoys complete symmetry in that it creates two idential obtuse angles and and four identical acute angles to within .1 degree of arc, which happens to be 20 degrees, which again is one 18th of a full circle. There are two which have this SAME EXACT perfect symmetry, and they are BOTH RIGHT HERE. Each universe (emblem and baphomet) of lines has a DIFFERENT shooting line going through at the same angle (the middle, most level line).

Orange line magic? Sorry, but I can only give you a hint, here. It is fully revealed in Proof Seven, link below, which also explains the orange line significance, per the title. The hint is this: It goes back to the very historical roots of the Illuminati and the Masons from which they sprang. It does it very uniquely, and consistently, through history. Keep reading…


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