Free Will Haven; Targeting Free Intentional Community for TIs

When I created the Free Will Society to aid Targeted Individuals, one of the lofty goals was to eventually build some form of Safe Haven community for Tis. That dream now seems on the threshold of coming to pass thanks to partnering with Ascension Arts, a non profit specializing in sustainable life styles, service to others, and increasing human potential. The result is Free Will Haven.
iWhere can a targeted individual get help?
Free Will Haven; Targeting Free Intentional Community for TIs
by H. Michael Sweeney  
copyright © 2014, all rights reserved. Permission to repost hereby granted provided entire post with all links in tact, including this notice and byline, are included. Please comment any such repost to original posting.
What is Free Will Haven?

Free Will Haven?

UPDATE: April 2016

Thanks to partnering with a person who is expert in tiny homes and intentional communities, we have finally secured property for Free Will Haven in Oregon, near the Idaho border. The site is remotely located well away from any nearby ‘civilization’ and yet within easy drive to markets. It is also extremely defensible against targeting, the primary goal of FWH. However, we now face the problem of actually getting onto the site and establishing utility services, erecting and putting into place the several domiciles and other structures and support goodies we have acquired over the last two years for the project. Springtime access is critical if we are to plant foods for harvest later in the year. PLEASE CONTRIBUTE to our gofundme program: djxbgr3w

UPDATE: December 2016

The site described in the prior update is currently occupied and available for residents to seek application, thanks in large part to the gofundme, which is STILL ACTIVE. We greatly appreciate all those who participated with donations, which helped fund the costly relocation of considerable physical resources and living space, and the first occupant, to the site. These resources were key to making it survivable, including for instance, water treatment, storage, and hot house facilities. The site now also has electrical power.

However, there seems to be a slight rift or division between the Free Will Society with the person who has ownership control of and who occupies and is responsible for the site. As such, it is no longer officially part of the Free Will Haven project via the Free Will Society, though we support it in our hearts and have done so financially, and may continue to do so. Do not misconstrue to think we have abandoned the site, but it is true the person who owns the property has a right to do it ‘their way,’ and we respect that. We see the current site effort as somewhat a Beta adventure, which may very well prove quite satisfactory in the long term, for all involved; it is after all, a first ever and, as such, a learning experience where any negative outcome represents an opportunity learn how to make it better. The skills and knowledge base of the owner should help insure good success.

Meanwhile, the Society is still looking for a site we may establish and manage to meet ALL goals set for it by Society, which we feel will better assure success long term, and ultimately, prove to be more viable.  If seeking immediate residency, contact this author for advice on how to do so at the current site, which is in the scenic Hells Canyon Recreational Area of Oregon. Otherwise, please contact me about joining the Free Will Society to help plan for a second site down the road, hopefully in the near future, likely to be somewhere in Idaho. This would give you the option of choosing which site you would prefer, once able to relocate.

Only Free Will Society members will be eligible for the official Free Will Haven site, once available. And, of course, even if you elect the current site, you are still encouraged to join and participate in the Society. The only other update is that I, myself, am currently at another Oregon site which, except for zoning restrictions and cost, would make an excellent location. Living as a hermit, so to speak, and fending for myself in my motor home, I am learning much which should prove (and already has proven) useful to any community next established. The last bit of update: an application for non profit status has been made (it is my understanding such already exists at the first site), and once that is granted, the current gofundme will be terminated and replaced with a new one.

End Updates

Free Will Haven is the name of the first (likely of several) intentional communities specifically for targeted individuals. As the name implies, these will be targeting free sites, a feat achieved both by Mother Nature and by reliance upon a combination of proven methods and technologies. These will even thwart directed energy and psychotronic signals from satellites or drones. Another feature useful to TIs will be affordability, achieved by the use of ‘tiny homes,’ which are increasing in popularity in many kinds of intentional and green communities around the Globe. Free Will Haven as a concept was first proposed early as 2002 by privacy/security and abuse of power author/consultant H. Michael Sweeney, and is now the active project of The Free Will Society to aid Targeted Individuals (TIs), which he founded for cause. The Free Will Society has about 750 plus members as of Sept, 2014.

Joining in the project by brining funding and expertise to the table is Ascension Arts, a non profit specializing in sustainable life styles, service to others, and increasing human potential. Together, along with recent developments in all the key factors and areas of topical concern which go into intentional communities, as well as enabling defense against targeting, a nexus of serendipitous opportunity is almost forcing it to come to pass. In fact, the forces in play extend to many levels, even to the point including personal matters for those involved. This would seem to be true even for early participants invited for their particular skills and talents; we dare not seek to escape a destiny which envelops us head long! This is their dialog on the project.

Where can a targeted individual get help?

Update:  Sept. 2, 2014: Something wonderful has happened which has accelerated our plans, saved considerable money (e.g., FREE rental through the winter of space for your RV/camper/trailer/motor home), and many more benefits, including immediate access to existing facilities. It is in ADDITION TO the update cited below. As result, the Free Will Society (Facebook CAUSE) is being closed down and the Free Will Society GROUP on Facebook has been activated, and is now the ONLY place where updates will in the future be posted, and where members of the group ($25 membership) will be able to have dialog with one another and founders of Free Will Haven. Therefore, this is the LAST UPDATE to this blog post. Join us at Free Will Society GROUP on Facebook by sending $25 to proparanoidgroup at gmail com and specifying membership, citing your facebook account name (e.g., mine is H. Michael Sweeney), and make sure you request friendship with me under that name so that you can be invited to the Group. It will also result in your receiving a Helps Kit which includes information on and facilitates application to be a resident of Free Will Haven. I’ve done my part to open the door to a targeting free environment. The actual first step through that door is up to you. YOU are what you’ve been waiting for.

Image: from (click) provided by Telona Dunlap Times-News; taken in the Banana Belt of Idaho, the location for the first Free Will Haven. This site proved unsuitable.

Update: Update Aug. 19, 2014: We have killed our plans for a site in the Great Southwest and have instead selected a site in Idaho, in what is called the Banana Belt, a temperate weather zone suitable to support year-round golfing. The site features a significant creek bed which will help solve both water needs as well as eventually to supply small scale hydro power. It also has access to a nearby landing strip which could be useful in emergency medical situations.

The original post, herein, cites that only a couple of TI’s plus the principles would be initial residents through this first winter, while constructing their homes. This was to be followed by Wave Two occupancy, which would be able to use our temporary quarters while their homes were being built. To be eligible for Wave Two, one had to be a member of the Free Will Society to aid targeted individuals.

A CHANGE: Where an early-bird TI applicant already has access to or can rent an RV or similar (see main text), they may be able to join in Wave One Residency with the founders, immediately, existing Free Will Society membership not required (though advised, keep reading). Send for your application kit, today by emailing proparanoid at comcast net. You should also join the Free Will Society to aid targeted individuals ($25 membership) to access the latest news and community dialogs on topic. That would also put you in Wave Two eligibility if unable to bring your own temporary living space. If you have no RV (etc.) and are not a member of Free Will Society, you must wait for Wave Three. Regardless of which Wave, without your own RV (etc.), you will be put into a first-come, first-serve que serviced as existing temporary quarters on site become available. KEEP CHECKING THIS PAGE (or use the Subscribe button to be notified of changes) for future updates. Something very exciting in additionally in the works. End Update.

What makes Free Will Haven an intentional community?

Intentional Community?

This rendering is of an intentional community using tiny homes to create a safe environ for homeless people as featured in Yes Magazine’s article, Tiny Homes for the Homeless: an Affordable Solution Catches On (click)

Wikipedia’s definition for Intentional Communities is a full paragraph long. Simplified, it is a community planned from the start to cater to specific persons of like (interests, beliefs, goals, etc.), typically favoring alternative lifestyles which foster those goals. You can learn more about such communities at sites like (informative video), (a kind of ‘superstore’ of centralized info on topic), and Fellowship for Intentional Community’s Facebook  page.

In Free Will Haven’s case, these goals are ecological and consumptive sustainability (not to be confused with the New World Order’s use of ‘sustanability’ when pushing Codex Alimentarius, Agenda 21, GMO foods, Genetic Engineering, etc.); survivability (in this case, against political control technology and methods), and financial and spiritual wellbeing (the unchecked pursuit of happiness through exercise of God’s gift of Free Will). Sustainability is one of Ascension Art’s strong points, and defensive survivability lays at the heart of Mr. Sweeney’s seven books and online consultancy he has made available to TIs for more than 15 years as The Professional Paranoid, the title of his first book.

Both of these major players in Free Will Haven have, by necessity in order to provide their services to others, additionally catered to spiritual wellbeing and pursuit of happiness, which is the primal force driving client participation in the first place. A TI is desperate to escape the emotional and physical suffering of targeting and regain some normal sense of existence, and anyone seeking a sustainable life style does it for the quality of life it enables. And what of the financial affordability aspect? Sustainability itself, and a few other tricks such as tiny homes, make that a natural outcome of the project. Additionally, and as part of the pursuit of happiness goal, Free Will Haven will be organized to foster and support cottage industry; ideally, every resident should have a means to earn money ‘at home’ or by participating in community-based endeavors.

What is a tiny home like in Free Will Haven?

Tiny Homes?

A tiny home generally references any small living space intended to be extremely practical and economical, though minimalist in nature. As a rule, this commonly means either a starter home for a young couple or single individual, or a retirement home for someone without a family, as a tiny home cannot have many rooms dedicated for family functions and individual compartmentalization. The bulk of the TI community is commonly made up of single targeted individuals, or someone living with one other person, and seldom with children in residence, and thus, tiny homes would seem a Godsend, for them. For those with families, we would hope to eventually construct alternative intentional communities in the future, but of course, that will alter the equation for achievement of goals.

Sidebar: the true nature of a typical TI, alone, should crucify the notion fostered by media, government, and the psychiatric community that ANYONE who thinks they are targeted is SURELY a paranoiac schizophrenic. For that to be true, they would need explain how the dynamics of such ‘false’ beliefs seem to impact only persons of low financial standing who live alone, and who tend to have been an activist or involved in some form of ties to/with government, military or intelligence community contractors, or the military or intelligence community, itself. How is it that such a combination of things ’causes mental illness?’ Not even Freud could answer that one, because IT DOES NOT. Political Control Technology is REAL.

The original tiny home movement included exotic efforts with costs of $1M or more not uncommon; ultra modern, hi-tech, and with prestige designer labels attached. The grass roots version, on the other hand, has gone wild finding ways to do as well with less, with costs ranging from well under $10K to perhaps an average of about $40K for the higher end; about what one might put down on a conventional home mortgage. This has resulted in an almost unlimited array of possible home design types and, as result, flexibility in meeting individual needs and tastes, like these as found at pinterest.

You can have tree houses, container homes (check these out), domed homes, spray cement (free-form shape) and similar homes (check this video out, and this), underground homes, and more, including homes that simply look like a normal home but scaled down… some of which are on wheels. That brings us to the fact that a motor home, RV vehicle, trailer, or even a manufactured home also qualifies. All of these are on the drawing board/table at Free Will Haven. The ones we favor most are the ones you can order pre built and delivered to the site (look at these, and you can even get an ‘Ikea’ home complete with furnishings), or the ones you simply buy plans or kits for and then build yourself (like these). Google any of these home types for endless solutions to choose from, and when it comes time to actually consider residency options, we will work with you to fine tune or better the ideas you favor.

Free Will Haven will be able to accommodate any needed assembly of a home or placement in the same way that the Amish community bands together to raise barns. That means it is both fast, and, because Free Will Haven will be located in the country where few building codes and regulations exist, little or no required use of professional labor or building inspectors. That does not mean we won’t apply basic sound ‘code,’ ourselves. Naturally, we would hope you would be part of the work ‘crew,’ but don’t worry if you cannot do so for some reason.

Is Free WIll Haven a sustainable community?


Here is an ‘official’ review of a sustainable living lifestyle, but it is not the only view, because residents define the lifestyle. Free Will Haven will produce its own power, have its own water source, deal with its own sewer and waste disposal, which means no costly utility bills. The goal will be for each home to be self sufficient, but also networked to increase supply vs. demand, favorably. There will be enough land for individual residents to have their own garden plots, but there will additionally be a community farming effort which residents may elect to participate in at various levels; no participation, participation as a paying consumer, or participation in both production and consumption. That effort will include livestock, which means it will be logical at some point to have horses which can also be used for horseback riding.

Somewhat related, is the notion of cottage industry; financial sustainability. There will be satellite based Internet access (and TV) allowing residents to make money online. The community itself will additionally evolve community industry to help fund the needs of community ‘commons.’ One such example will be the offering of seminars and other functions open to the greater public, many of which will be intended to address topics of concern to the greater TI community. We would intend to have our own Radio and/or TV shows for similar cause, for the matter. This will eventually mean construction of central community center and overnight living spaces which can be rented out to visitors.

How does Free Will Haven prevent targeting?

Targeting Free?

Free Will Haven will increase its ability to protect its residents from political control technology. As all neighbors will be certified TIs approved by residents, there can be no conspiratorial persons (perps) among the population who are not quickly identified and dealt with legally. The approval process will additionally be designed to weed out persons who may be truly schizophrenic or have other mental issues causing them to claim to be targeted when, in fact, they are not, as well as victims of the kind of mind control which produces ‘programmable’ people who are capable of sabotage (to include self sabotage) without being aware. Such persons are susceptible to trigger phrases which enable them to carry out actions without memory of it… in the style of The Manchurian Candidate.

Sidebar: it is important to realize that exotic application of programmables such as portrayed in movies like The Manchurian Candidate, The Long Kiss Goodnight, and the Jason Bourne series are based on known facts as to the capabilities of specific exotic forms of mind control. However, very few persons entering such programs, typically while a child, ever ‘graduate’ with skill levels and usefulness as assassins, couriers, or other operative status. Such ‘rejects’ or ‘escapees’ as I prefer to call them, of which some estimates number in the hundreds of thousands, tend to be released as ‘sleepers’ into the greater population. They are then targeted to be made to look schizophrenic, and as result, many of them join in with the TI community from where they can effectively, though unknowingly, become Wolves in Sheep’s clothing. The key point is this; while they retain a useful level of programmability for lesser needs than a Jason Bourne, it is important that should they come to realize their true status in life, that anything they attempt to reveal will be discounted because they are ‘crazy.’ Sadly, such persons cannot be allowed into FWH because of the potential harm they could do, unwittingly. Sad, because they need help and safety, too.

In Free Will Haven, we are talking about a gated community with a video security system which can be monitored by all residents; many eyes being better than just those of one or two people. More importantly, each home design will feature incorporation of useful DEW shielding (e.g., Faraday Cage) against remotely aimed signals, even to include Satellite or Drone assaults. Additionally, no technology will be brought into the community unless it can be certified as attack-tech free. Finally, there will be made available a State-of-the-art TSCM (Technical Security CounterMeasures) suite of equipment from Europe, well able to detect, identify and measure, and document any DEW signal and its source.

Where is Free Will Haven?

Location and Logistics?

Currently, there are multiple sites in three states in the Pacific Northwest and Great Southwest being evaluated for suitability. Naturally this entails a wide variety of factors which will impact on the final choice, which will be reflected by an update, here. All are in relatively remote forested mountainous areas with nearby rivers (some with creeks or small rivers on site). Once a preliminary site is selected and financial obligations are established, there is a plan to ‘seed’ the site with approximately four ‘wave one’ principle residents who will arrive in RVs, Campers, etc., and live on site in those temporary living spaces while constructing their own tiny homes in teamwork fashion. This will be a chance to work out kinks in organizational planning and logistics.

Once finished and they have moved in, additional residents can either bring in their own temporary living spaces or rent those no longer in use by the principles. In time, the number of temporary spaces available at any given point will grow, allowing more people to be building new homes at a time, and more quickly growing the community. Rental would also be available for and allow prospective approved residents to visit and explore the full potential of becoming a resident before ever making any actual obligation to do so. This affords a means of seeing what the greater area has to offer, selection of a site, a home design, and making all appropriate arrangements in advance so that there are no nasty surprises or disappointments.

What does it cost to live at Free Will Haven?

Costs and Obligations?

There is a $25 application fee and an evaluation process involving two weeks of online dialogs with H. Michael Sweeney. This is based on the same methods and goals as his Helps Kit program for like consultation with targeted individuals for the purpose of helping them defeat or better resist targeting. To actually become a resident will require an additional investment addressing the cost of a home, either prebuilt or for materials thereof. Once placed and moving in, the new resident will be looking at various options which might impact monthly living expenses.

There will be multiple sizes of properties available, which will determine the monthly cost for land, be it rented or purchased under contract. Ideally, a tiny home with a modest property suitable for a garden and/or a yard area would be in the range of $250 a month, which is less than it typically costs to rent just the property beneath a manufactured home in a trailer court. Naturally, if one elects to have even more land, such as a buffer for privacy, or to protect a viewpoint, the cost will be commensurate.

A resident will have the opportunity to contribute labor to the construction or placement of new homes, which can credit towards the ‘bill’ for the construction of their own homes by such means, if they had so enjoyed. Or, it can be credited towards the ‘cost’ of being a ‘consumer’ of the community farming (co-op) project. In like manner, a resident will have the opportunity to contribute labor to the farming project, as well. By such a means, it is possible to have one’s home built at no expense beyond that of materials, and possible to have almost all foodstuffs at no expense, as well — at least some of the time.

On the other hand, one can choose to pay for such things with money, and be free to acquire them from the community as just described, or from outside resources. That would mean builders and contractors, or traveling to town to buy food and supplies, something likely to be done anyway at some level in order to obtain brand name items and other things not possible to create within the community. While it is not possible to ‘estimate’ the cost of labor to build a given home without knowing all the specific details and design, we do estimate that $250 a month would cover the cost of co-op food.

In summary, it is quite possible that, electing the right home design and options, a TI could easily find their final move-in costs were less than a down payment on a conventional home, and total living expenses should be in the range of $500 a month, if not half that. Even if on a limited SS income, and with no cottage industry, that should mean being able to save hundreds of dollars every month for things other than necessities; it would be a very comfortable financial situation, one many retired people today would find most enviable. But best of all, they can do it with their Free Will in tact, and unfettered by targeting. They can spend their money (or not), as they see fit, and actually enjoy it instead of seeing it all go toward defending or dealing with targeting related costs.

How do I become a resident at Free Will Haven?

What steps next?

If you are a Targeted Individual and would like to consider residency options at Free Will Haven, your first step is to request the application materials from me: proparanoidgroup at gmail com. These will answer many questions and, more importantly, may actually provide unexpected aids to the TI outside of any eventual application. The materials are inclusive within the Professional Paranoid’s Helps Kit, which contains many tools for the TI and provides a basis for consultations. In fact, application will result in a two week online consultation dialog aimed not only at determining residency eligibility, but also, regardless of if being found eligible, or not, it may actually improve the applicant’s ability to endure or defeat targeting in the first place.

To actually apply involves a $25 fee which covers the two weeks dialogs and consultations, a $100 value. It is advised that one should also join the Free Will Society (also $25), which not only provides access to updates and dialogs on the project, but membership can also favorably impact priority consideration for actual residency. So unless a member, an application will most likely end up placing them in a Wave 3 que, where membership allows Wave two access. Use PayPal to the above email addy to so effect.

The actual approval process involves a panel review which can also impact que position. Each member of the review panel can also request to escalate or promote a given applicant one position in the que if that applicant has a particularly needy circumstance (a humanitarian consideration) and/or one position if having a very useful skill or other resource to the project they can contribute. The Panel, by the way, does not have access to personal identifying information in that review, which is judged only on the basis of the targeting scenario and findings revealed through use of the Helps Kit.

Therefore, the process looks like this:

Who can be a resident at Free Will Haven?

1. Request the Helps Kit by email from proparanoid at comcast net. This arrives by email as a .pdf and also a .docx Word file.

2. Use the Helps Kit to decide if you wish to apply. If so, complete the kit and invest $25. The kit fully describes attendant steps.

3. Undergo the two weeks dialog. Expect an answer within 30 days as to acceptance, or not, and initial que assignment.

4. Once applicants are officially being accepted, you would be invited, via the que, to visit the Free Will Haven site to evaluate all options toward your satisfaction.

5. Based on such a visit, or any other means, you commit to become a resident and all arrangement details are set into motion. Or, not. No obligation.

6. Arrive and stay in temporary quarters you rent or bring with you (e.g., RV) while your home is constructed or placed.

7. Move into your new home and become a resident of Free Will Haven, and participate as you are able and desire according to your own Free Will.

What is the Free Will Society?

Joining the Free Will Society:

If you are not yet a member of the Free Will Society, and wish to join, Membership is $25 a year. To join, you can send payment via PayPal to proparanoid at comcast net specifying membership in the accompanying text message PayPal enables, or send any form of payment other than cash payable to HMS at PO 1941, Clackamas, OR 97015, earmarked for FWS membership. A confirmation and welcome email will confirm receipt, and provide links to the organizations resources, which are available to members only. Once more, to be clear, membership will advance one’s application for residency by one whole wave, or que, if accepted.


About Author H. Michael Sweeney

Author of privacy/security/abuse of power, Founder Free Will Society, PALADINs (Post Apocalyptic Local Area Defense Information Network)

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  1. Bev Schweitzer

    Very interested. Living in retirement community where I’ve had 14 yrs. bullying, home damage by residents, & remote electronic disturbances. I will probably be taken to court w/their objective to evict me. I’ve been a retired Rn & need to relocate.

    • Thank you for the kind comments. We would love to have someone with a medical background on site, beyond the general nutritional/herbal/vitamin knowledge already in hand. And, thanks to the dialog you and I have shared since you have posted this, I’ve updated the post to reflect a means to allow ‘fast tracking’ to allow desirable persons to be included in Wave One residency as soon as they are able to arrange it; all that is needed is access to their own RV or similar for temporary living space while their home is being built. That might mean renting one. Bless.

  2. As a TI of 29 years, a whistle blower, an electrical engineer, I congratulate you and am anxioius to learn more about this project. Still I find it difficlult to believe you are actually free, reference Randy Weaver and ruby ridge. I have been followed and harassed in every location I have visited and that would include lMexico, Argentina, jCanada, Hawaii, Belize, Chile, Guatamala, and Ireland. If they can hit me and follow me through all these locations why not Randy Weaver’s sanctuary? Still I wish you well and would like to know more about your plans

    • If the government wants another WACO or Ruby Ridge, they have plenty of opportunity elsewhere, and can certainly add us to the list of ‘extremists’ or ‘terrorists’ through some vague interpretation of “law” or Executive action. Under NDAA, there is NO ONE in the country who is not at equal risk, if deemed politically incorrect, enough. Until then, the goal at Free Will Haven is to be free of CONVENTIONAL targeting common to the TI community. Seeking a defensible property along with the equivalent of a quarter million dollars worth of TSCM gear to combat electronic targeting, and control of who gains access, should suffice. Admittedly, it is an experiment, and we may fail. If we do fail, we will know why, and seek a cure, and try again. That is what Survivors do: TRY, and TRY again. Victims simply suffer.

  3. Dominic Friscia

    Is it correct that the individual TI is responsible for the cost of the home? That this must be purchased in whole first?

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