The Death of Proparanoid… again

Yes, Virginia, over the several decades of my personal battles with elements of the intelligence communities of several nations, as well as criminals and terrorists, there have been actual death threats and multiple attempts against my life, attempts to silence me.

I’m still here.

But my voice seems to be dying; I’m being methodically and systemically silenced.

To be sure, that, too, is not the first time it has happened. Some of it has actually been funny, or at least done with a sense of humor by someone with a lot of power, someone a bit more intelligent than the mindless robots normally employed in targeting someone for their political incorrectness.

The NSA was the first to employ technology to silence me. When I was guest on Art Bell’s Coast to Coast with George Noory for three hours. Part of the show was to be on the Flight 800 friendly fire shoot down, where I was going to announce discovery of startling new proofs. About five minutes before I was to be called by C2C staff for hookup, I got a strange call that lasted about 30 seconds. It consisted of nothing but high-speed tones somewhat similar in nature to the sounds of a fax machine…but this was different.

I knew what it was, and had written about it in my books. NSA helped develop the telephone networks we use today working along side of AT&T and also, Bell Laboratories, who were security related clients of mine. SoI recognized these tones as the data packets used to manipulate the phone system’s switching network. There is almost nothing these codes cannot accomplish, and they are part and parcel of how and why NSA’s Echelon gives them complete access to all phone/fax and other telecommunications.

So I went on air as expected, but when we came to the commercial break and it was announced that when we came back, we would offer blockbuster information about flight 800, the stage was set for the dirty trick which would be based on such manipulations. Coast to Coast, like most such syndicated shows in the day, feeds its program by phone to various radio network resources. Now, to make the significance of what happened next, it is important to know this is at a time frame when the official FBI/NTSB investigation was still going on and knee-deep in charges of a cover up, and all three TV networks were owned by military contractors who made various elements of shipboard missile systems or the actual missiles we now know shot down the airliner by accident.

The show continued and the information was revealed. But some weeks later it was learned that a funny (literally) thing had transpired. In the New York/New Jersey Long Island area where the plane went down and the investigation was underway… the same area where the US Navy was hauling select wreckage retrieved from the ocean to junk yards instead of the investigation site where the plan was being reassembled in an attempt to find a cause (so we were told)… I was silenced.

The truth was not to be heard. No. Some clever reworking of the phone system had people who were listening to Art Bell’s show, once the commercial break was over, suddenly found themselves instead listening to rebroadcasts of Art Linkletter’s ‘Kids Say The Darndest Things’ show from decades earlier. To my way of thinking, that’s incredibly creative and funny as dirty tricks go. Once we stopped talking Flight 800, the regular show returned to the airwaves, there. Once the show was over, five minutes later, I got another phone call with the strange tones.

A more physical silencing took place shortly thereafter when I was guest and ‘Field Correspondant’on Michael Corbin’s radio show out of the Denver area. Now he used a real radio station, but also used phones. Got the same tones phone call with that show, too. But more than this, someone took an ax to the cable feeding the show to the radio tower, itself. I was silenced.

Sadly, it was not too long after that that Michael Corbin himself was silenced. After a series of death threats, his home and the radio studio suffered an arson attack, along with one of his vehicles. He called left me a message for advice as he feared for his life, but again, telephone oddities prevented our actually making contact. Three days later, he was found dead in his good car at the side of a highway. It was ruled a heart attack, but he was, as I recall, just over 30 years old, and had no known heart conditions. He was silenced.

Not long after that, my only Web site at the time,, was hijacked by Men in Black. I was able to investigate it thoroughly and determine two CIA fronts were involved. One of these was Enron, formally known as Hughes Tools, taken over by CIA after the billionaire died. The other was a Web domain proxy service which specialized in registering domain names anonymously so you could not find out who owned them, as well as remarketing domain names… typically hijacked, on behalf of said ‘anonymous’ owners.

Only problem was, it seems they were actually the owners. They also offered hosting services, and ‘just happened’ to own thousands of porn sites thought operated by CIA in order to collect sexual preference information of powerful people, sometimes useful in blackmail efforts. Others in that collection were, in fact, traced to staff members at the firm. The head of the firm had a work history that fit the general profile common to persons running CIA fronts, but the two most condemning clues were closer to smoking guns.

One is, that the servers they used were actually housed in Enron’s headquarters building a few blocks away from… the other site that was a clue; the firm’s business offices were in the same building Lee Harvey Oswald used to work with FBI agent Guy Bannister… the building with two corner entrances, one on each cross street, which opened to the same interior, but each with a different address. This allowed the FBI and, presumably, CIA, to operate multiple fronts from the same offices, but use different addresses so that they would not be linked. It now appears CIA owned that building, and has repurposed it.

The hijacking was not to make a profit, as most such hijacking intends. The typical resale offer for a Web site of my popularity in terms of the number of hits was about $400. But if I was to get my site back, they demanded $157K. No way. I was silenced, at least temporarily, until I could create a new site. Several, actually.

Now we come to my death.

To be completely honest, part of that death is not due to politically motivated intrigues by Men in Black. Certain family affairs, health issues which prevent me from holding a job, as well as my age, perhaps, and general financial issues were clearly involved; they set the stage for and enabled the unexpected assaults. What happened happened covertly, and would take time for me to discover, making it too late to counter.

I lost my home and was forced to live in my car, which means I also lost my ISP service, and my email addys were shut down. Yet somehow, after the email accounts were no longer operational, someone with spoofing skills (cyberwarrior hacker types) sent an email from my closed email account to my Web hosting service and shut down my account, there. This effectively cut off my one source of income beyond my paltry Social Security checks.

Next, they transferred ownership of my domain names to a firm, this time, in Canada. But as I do not now enjoy useful Web access, since I still live on wheels and have no ISP, I can neither investigate the matter or usefully replace the Web sites. Somehow, by the way, they also killed the cached pages in Google and elsewhere about my previous hijacking, which included evidence. I am silenced.

Or not. My wordpress account remains open. Most of my old Web site pages can still be accessed in archived from (e.g., Google proparanoid + a keyword/phrase, and click the little pull-down menu arrow found at the end of the green secondary URL line, and select Cached).

To those who have followed me over the years, bought my books or newsletters, I thank you for your loyalty and kind comments. Death threats aside, I’ve probably had only three people say a consequential bad thing about my work, people who were sincere and intending constructive advice. Those who were simply hateful or who were clearly pushing an agenda, I happily discounted.

I can still be reached by text messages (very short messages, no subject line) at proparanoid at vtext com. I do also attempt infrequent access to my email account at proparanoidgroup at gmail com. You can still order my books using the My Books link at page top. You can still pay for books or send me contributions to proparanoidgroup at gmail com via PayPal. You can also still access my Facebook account under H. Michael Sweeney.

I have been silenced… but you can still hear my muffled words, if you try hard enough.


About Author H. Michael Sweeney

Author of privacy/security/abuse of power, Founder Free Will Society, PALADINs (Post Apocalyptic Local Area Defense Information Network)

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  1. I can still here you clearly Mr. Sweeney. Your books, blogs and whatever is still out there. And I share them with others. And they appreciate your work and heart. God’s blessing on all they you do.

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