A Poll: Who Is the Real Authority and Power in America?

I really don’t think we can answer that so easily. Is it Mr. Sorento and his Executive Orders? Congress and their unconstitutional laws they don’t even read? Bankers and the FED? The Military and Arms Industry? The Individual States? The United Nations and their Treaties? The Council on Foreign Relations? The Illuminati, the New World Order? Or… is it We, the People and the Constitution?

Update: May 14, 2013  Preliminary results indicate 75% of us think the rightful power in America should be We the People and the Constitution/BIll of Rights — but only 6% of us think that we actually achieve that ideal. More than 70% think the real power currently in force have nothing to do with government, at all. IS THAT RIGHT?  I hope not, and thankfully, the sampling is fairly small (only 21 votes). WE NEED MORE VOTES to truly get a handle. TELL YOUR FRIENDS TO TAKE THE POLL!
by H.Michael Sweeney
Copyright © 2013, all right reserved. Because this involves a Poll, it makes sense not to allow normal reblog. Permission hereby granted to reproduce this blog in full with respect to commentary, including this paragraph, but WITHOUT the pole, itself, using instead links to this blog at the appropriate point. All other links and text must remain in tact.
A Poll: Who Is the Real Authority and Power in America?

What you will learn reading this post and answering a Poll…

  • That there are many possible answers to the question;
  • That each is supported by useful argument;
  • That each is arguably false by countering logic;
  • That God has given us signposts that we might choose wisely;

Who is our true Master in America?

From Hollywood Investigator (click)

I’ll start by saying I’ve been the fool, as I think have we all. Nothing anymore is black and white, it seems, though most of us operate as if it were. That’s how we make mistakes. The visible things on the surface of matters which guide our opinions and actions are more and more subverted with falsehoods and concealments, and manipulation, and yet like the Ostrich, we prefer to believe what is apparent without question. Look where it has led us:

Never before in history has there been so much talk about the end of the World… about global revolution, wars, and rumors of wars… about religious beliefs and disbeliefs, and bitter differences between them. Or about the New World Order, which can only serve to seat the Antichrist and lead to Armageddon… about powers and principalities, plots and conspiracies.

Count me guilty of all such talk. It’s on my mind almost every day, if not the forefront, then nagging at me in the background.  There are simply too many news events where things simply do not add up to equal the facts offered in the telling. Things are rapidly becoming Biblic in scope, things forecast in that very book. The signs are everywhere, even as also forecast. I cannot help but consider, and write. I think we all need to consider, lest we blunder into oblivion. Of course, that may just be me being paranoid, again.

Is it mere paranoia as some say, even hope? Or is it a growing shared consciousness coming to the surface? Or is it simply proper attention to signposts and the very Word of God?

When have we had so many signs in the heavens? So many serious earthquakes and mega disasters? Dieoffs of large numbers of people and animals? So many people in unrest simultaneously? So many wars and rumors of wars? So many sightings of strange creatures, UFOs, odd visions and even noises of no tangeble explanations? So many rare events in and from the stars? When has the Earth been so polluted and ecologically threatened? NEVER. All these things have been forecast.

Ought we not heed them? Moreover, when has there been such a fascination in our entertainment with the occult, witchcraft and satanic things, zombies, monsters, and other dark things including end-of-the World scenarios? Are we being conditioned to accept the Antichrist’s rise to power, that we may yield to the Mark of the Beast more easily?

When in history have there been such vast schemes forced on the masses by a handful of powerful people with questionable agenda? I speak of Agenda 21, the sustainability movement which would deny you the right to own property, have a car, choose where you live, and work, and if you can have children. I speak of Codex Alimentarius which makes natural herbals and vitamins illegal, and forces you to rely on big pharma drugs, and to be subject to inoculations. I speak of the plan to establish a one-world religion which melds everything from Shamen to Buda to Christ and Mohamed and even Satan. I speak of HARRP and mapping the brain so that mind control weapons can regulate thought and mood on demand, and of chemtrails, GMO, and Seed Vaults and race specific pathogens (gene-guided bioweapons) which enable depopulation. There is more such as this which could be added.

The answer as to who is the true authority in charge is a serious question not easily answered, but one which is critical to trying to answer and deal with the rest. In the end, there is probably no useful concensus given multiple ways it can be thought of, born of differing perspectives, and that is why a Poll is being offered. But it is critical that we know, because we are at a crossroads in history which will determine the fate of the World, though most of us are asleep to the matter.

If we are truly at such crossroads, the Bible warns that before the Antichrist can come to power, there must be a ‘falling away,’ a revolt. 2 Thessalonians 2:3 “Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;” In the text of King James, ‘falling away’ means ‘rebellion,’ and the day spoken of is the End Days, the ‘son of perdition’ the Antichrist; the rise to power of Satan.

It does not say who wins, and indeed, it may not matter, because the Antichrist could rise from either side of such a battle. But as I’ve said in my prior posts, I believe that if sufficient numbers of people are found to be righteous (right-use-ness) as opposed to evil (vile-use) in application of Free Will, God will let the World continue. I believe Armageddon comes by the dictates of our own actions, that there is no set time for it as Men consider time. And if that is the case, I’d rather have more time than less.

How about you?

Who is the real authority and power in America?

Who truly rules us, right here in America?

Is it Mr. Sorento? The presidency, regardless of who sits. But I refuse to use the other name this man claims, for he is indeed a man of questionable legal authority to hold the Office of the President. If he is legal ruler, why did the military allow troops to decline assignment to combat if stating they did not believe him their lawful Commander in Chief? There is a significant chance he will be proven a fraud in court by some accounts. If a fraud, his Executive Orders and Bills signed into law are null and void. But the real question is, is any President the true power?

Is it Congress? All they do is propose and submit laws to the President. They don’t actually tell us what to do in any direct way. Worse, they don’t even read the laws they vote upon, and never seem to question that massive bills thousands of pages long are ready for their consideration within days of most ‘needs,’ things otherwise unexpected. The Patriot Act was written well before 9-11, for instance. The body is widely viewed as corrupt and acting against the best interests of the country and those who elected them.

Is it the Military? They are supposed to answer to the President, and civilian authority. Yet they have threatened Martial Law, suspension of the Constitution, and a military form of government. They now presume the right under NDAA to murder, vanish, and torture any American without due process. They raid our cities in mock drills. Their documents indicate they intend to shoot Americans demonstrators who protest (they already did so at Kent State), if confronted. Others define a new form of warfare most likely to be faced in the future as ‘Peoples War,’ where the enemy is a group of ‘Ex military, Constitutionalists, patriots, religious extremists, the poor and disenfranchised.’

They have approved a plan (the blueprint of terrorism we now face) called Operation Northwoods, which we find duplicated almost to the letter in terrorism: it was to blow up American ships in harbor (the USS Cole), blow up American buildings (US Embassy Bombings, WTC Bombing), assassinate Americans on our streets (DC Sniper), shoot down remote-control airliners thought full of Americans (9-11 attack), and blame it on (in the plot, Cuba, but it can be used as a tool against any group or nation with the right operatives) in order to justify a war. All of this is detailed in Fatal Rebirth, right down to the circuit boards employed. Want a free ebook copy of Volume One?

Is it the Supreme Court and Court System? They are only called into play as a kind of last resort, and only indirectly tell us what to do on select things which come before them. And yet, they are supposed to be the final, ultimate authority in the scheme of checks and balances which define the construct of our government.

Is it the States, and States’ Rights? The Federal Government is limited in what it can do to force compliance at State level. International treaties cannot be signed and entered into without ratification by the States. It is by agreed upon Union of the States which formed and empowered what we call the Federal Government, for the purpose of doing their bidding for the collective good.

Only by coercing State compliance voluntarily with Federal funding programs are most Federal mandates found sufficiently ‘convenient’ at the State level. But if it is the State, then the question of the Military comes back to haunt us, because there is hardly a standing Army as such; the bulk of the Military outside of the DOD is in the form of National Guards (Army and Air Force units), which are State militia. The Navy, Marines, and Coastguard are the exceptions.

Is it the County Sheriffs and local law enforcement? If there were large-scale civil unrest, and/or a move by the Federal government to enforce gun controls deemed unconstitutional, who is the true local authority over you, when so many Sheriffs have unified themselves to tell Sorento they would not enforce such laws and would even arrest Federal agents if they attempted to do so. So important is this issue, that we now learn that in response, Sorento is asking to form a whole new Federal law enforcement agency (itself thought unconstitutional – a National Police) to arrest Sheriffs who take such a stance. Who will side with whom, against whom, when push comes to shove?

Deputize me, and Barry will find out. And know this: it will take only One Governor to order his National Guard into D.C., and one Constitutionally loyal General to arrest and detain anyone guilty of treason as result of such forced confrontations.

Is it FEMA and/or DHS? A state of Emergency was declared because of Sept. 11 attacks. It has not been lifted. The FEMA Charter under law gives them absolute authority over almost everything in such declared emergencies, including the Military. If you read the list of what they control and can do, you would say Hitler would have envied their absolute power. Yet we see no visible signs this is being exercised… unless you are observant. Their vehicles can be seen driving our streets, and Police-like uniforms are being worn here, and there, with FEMA patches. They are too quiet, methinks…

Much the same can be said of DHS, which was created by the Anser Institute, a shadowy military-intelligence think tank. It was formed exactly two years prior to Sept. 11 attacks, almost simultaneous to the Project for a New Amrican Century’s war plans for a series of domino wars in the Middle East to gain control of natural resources, and give power to puppet governments run by what they called in their PowerPoints, Hashemites. The Hashemites are an ancient Satanic sect predating Allah that involved opiates in their religious ceremonies, and are brethren to the Assassins, of like construct. Their historical trails will lead you to the Knights Templars, to Rosecrucians, witches and warlocks, to Masons/Freemaonry, and to the Illuminati. DHS has ordered 1.4 billion rounds of ammunition and is doing all manner of things dark and sinister which cause many people to think them planning a war with American citizens.

Is it a Secret Shadow Government? Unseen string pullers. I call it Shadow in my book set Fatal Rebirth. Some call it Illuminati, perhaps in the form of the so-called Round Table Groups (evolved from Knights Templar meetings), like the Bilderbergers, Council on Foreign Relations, and even Rhodes Scholars. Some say it is the high Freemasons, Skull and Bones, and the like. Others think it the Jewish Cabal (bankers, mostly, primarily due the Rothschildes influence, but I maintain they were Knight Templars who assumed Jewish identities to avoid persecution by the Pope). Such forces do exist and make themselves felt, and all those elements cited can be seen as a collective. But do they actually rule, or are we grasping at paranoiac straws? Do they really control all power in order to seek the New World Order, and to seat the Antichrist, as first suggested?

Is it the FED and Banksters? Wallstreet & Culprits, Inc. This rightly belongs in the Shadow category, but it is such a singular force in American life that it deserves to be listed separately. What one giveth, the other oft takes away, resulting in yo-yo financial forces which define our economy in ways which in turn define our politics and national policies. Attempts at to police them tend to be negated with ease by these institutions, who repeatedly bring us to the brink of fiscal doom and then propel themselves forward with profits galore, often out of thin air. But seldom do we gain or recover our losses from wealth redistribution to their favor.

Is it the Corporations? Big Pharma? The Oil Companies? Military contractors? The Board Rooms of legally defined living entities seem to hold sway over Congress and even the President. Monsanto writes laws which give it a blank check, submitted to Congress by their pocket Congressman, and Monsanto backed PACS contribute to other Congressmen to insure passage. Then the President not only signs the Bill into law (deliberate lower case, I refuse to believe his signature lawful), and appoints Monsanto kingpins to guide the FDA to ‘oversee’ Monsanto. We see the same thing in Big Pharma, in the Oil Industry, and in the Defense Sector. The fix is in. The public trough is for sale to the highest bidder; it should be renamed corporate trough, because the Public cannot access it — we just pay for it.

The Constitution and Bill of Rights? This is the very charter which defines the organization, operation, limits and authority of all branches of our government. Without it, there is no authority of the President, Congress, or the Supreme Court. And yet, it does not actually rule us, as such. And most certainly, it seems to be loosing its power as both Congress and the President continually issue laws and executive orders deemed to violate and negate it. This is why so many people deem our leaders to be outlaws, and why Sheriffs are starting to say ‘NO!’ It’s why many people are buying guns, and talking about Revolution being a real possibility.

It’s the primary reason I write, in fact.

We the People? We are, after all, the ones who authored and empowered the Charter. It has no power except that which we gave it by our signature (Founding Fathers), which means neither does the President, Congress, etc. have power but that which the charter affords. We are supposed to be the ones who control government, giving it limited powers to manage our nation for us. Government is supposed to be a tool which works for us, not the reverse. They are supposed to fear our anger should they err, we are not supposed to fear our government, which is more and more our sad state.

Who really rules, as opposed to who is the rightful ruler?

The Poll, in two parts

From thoughtful blog by ‘Adesk’ (click)

So please use the Poll so we can see if there is consensus as to who is the RIGHTFUL ruler, vs. who truly rules at the moment. There are, therefore, two parts: who is the PROPER final authority in the power structure; and who do you think really controls us, currently? These two answers will define much of what follows; our fates, and as I fear most likely so, our judgment by God, and, more to the point, how soon it comes to pass. Will that be two o’s or three (SOOON!)?

Please use both polls; you may vote for any THREE choices in each (e.g., the three branches of the Federal government, the three most conspiratorial choice, etc.). The closing comments show why it is important to answer both polls, and will lead to the first of two analysis posts which logically result.


And here’s why it’s critical we know the answer to BOTH polls, as we will explore further in parts II, and III… if there is a dichotomy in the two Polls’ results… where the current power resides not in the hands of the rightful authority, then should not that be rectified? If, for example, the rightful authority is We, the People or even the Constitution, and we find any other in power instead… then ought we not be seeking in earnest to change that?

And more to the point, if we see there is no peaceful way to effect such change, there is a more key question we must ask (part II):

Does God EVER approve of deposing tyrannical governments by force?”

Part III will be a specific analysis of Poll results once sufficient votes are cast.

About Author H. Michael Sweeney

Author of privacy/security/abuse of power, Founder Free Will Society, PALADINs (Post Apocalyptic Local Area Defense Information Network)

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