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The Clackamas Town Center Shooter… me, my family, and friends

This one came closer than I’d like to those I love… and requires we make comparisons to Aurora.

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Clackamas shooting compared to aurora shooting

Reading this post you will learn:

a) How the Clackamas shooting relates to me and people I love, personally

b) How it relates to the Aurora Century 21 shooting

c) That like Aurora, there are still mysteries and questions to be resolved

When the Mall finally reopened after the Police investigation, our family all went to the Mall and expressed our moral support. They had a nice Candle light vigil, and there was a group singing Christmas Carols. A lot of people had tears in their eyes, including me. We hung a Star on the tree in Memorial for victims and their families. I wrote simply, “Hope, Love, Faith, Life.”

I also recorded a music segment and sent it as a text message to a dozen people I thought would appreciate it. It ‘spoke’ volumes about coming together as a community and going forward under duress. But as it happens, this event was a bit closer to home, and some of my tears were not just for those reasons, but because of more personal details.

As an author and consultant on privacy and security matters, as well as abuse of power issues including crimes of the New World Order, I should be used to such nastiness by now. I’ve been involved with investigations or other direct confrontations resulting in capture and prosecution a whole range of bad guys, including going head-to-head with terrorists and dirty cops, with three and perhaps five attempts on my life for my trouble. Read about it.

But no. I’m not used to it.

My wife has come home to find Men in Black fleeing our home using walkie talkies. People have tried to break into our home while we slept three nights in a row, and they did eventually gain entrance while we were away and ‘did things.’ I could spend an hour telling you about one man (a Parole Officer) who, with his coworkers and Bounty Hunter friends regular followed us… followed us to a birthing class where we observed him covertly meet with a member of the class who tried to get friendly with us… later identified as a Naval Intelligence Officer.

I was investigating the Flight 800 shoot down at the time. I could go on like that for some time, actually, with endless tales of Men in Black, FBI, CiA, Secret Service, and even one confirmed NSA and MI-5/6 spook. Even today there is the odd event, because I often cross swords with client opponents, often some of those same players. Despite all that, I’m still not used to it.

Aurora shooting compared to clackamas shooting

About Clackamas Town Center

Clackamas Town Center, a few feet from where shooter entered complex (from their site – click)

One of our twins currently works at Sears at one end of the Mall, as did her husband until recently. The other twin works at Penny’s, at the opposite end of the Mall. In the center of the Mall on one side we find the Century 21 theater and its adjacent food court where the shooting is said to have taken place. Opposing this, is Macey’s. Both my Wife and I used to work there… and my Sister-in-law subsequently works there, now.

The story goes this way: on Tuesday, Dec. 11, a young man whom I will not honor by naming, hurriedly left his car in the parking lot and rushed to the Macy’s exterior entrance, dropping at least one ammunition clip as he went. He was carrying an AR-15 .223 rifle almost identical to the one used by James Holmes, and wearing a ‘white mask.’ Once inside, he ran through the store attracting much attention and causing some due concern. About four seconds after running past my Sister-in-law at the Cosmetic’s Department, he opened fire. It was 3:27 PM, according to a cash register transaction at the same instant. Police say there were easily 10,000 people in the Mall at that moment. Shudder.

At 3:27 on the day before, I had been at the Mall, myself. I was in the food court where I struck up a conversation with the young woman who ran a cupcake kiosk at the edge of the food court closest to Macy’s interior entrance… where the shooter would be appearing the next day. Had I had that conversation on Tuesday instead of Monday, I would have observed first-hand the shooter as he skid to a halt and prepared his weapon, and opened fire:

He shot a woman in the chest and killed her, likely instantly. She was Cindy Yuille, a Mother of 54 years who looks very much like my Sister-in-law, and is about the same age. I shudder. He also shot in that same instant a 15 year-old teenage girl, Kristina Chevchenko, who suffered serious injury but is thankfully now recovering. She looks like a neighbor girl, and actually lives within a healthy walk’s distance from us. I shudder. He then turned the weapon on the cupcake lady, and fired but missed. As I could have been there, and had spoken to her the day before, I shudder.

Other shots fatally took down Steven Forsythe, age 45, and Father of two. He was one of those dynamic and widely admired and loved individuals who seemed to be involved in everything good, including being a high school football coach.  He also lived a walk away, and was a personal friend and business colleague to one of my own friends and business colleagues. I shudder.

The shooter, it is estimated, fired some 60 rounds before fleeing and, perhaps at seeing Police were closing in, took his own life. Early in the shooting, just as in Colorado, his gun jammed. By the time he could clear it, most everyone had taken shelter, many into stores where employees were herding them into secure back rooms and locking everyone behind steel grates and heavy fire doors. Kudos, Clackamas TC!

Had their quick thinking and selflessness not been so…  had the gun not jammed… had the shooter been better prepared or not been wearing a mask to partially restrict his view…  had some people been confused by the echoes and run toward the shooter instead of away… I shudder.

Now, please allow me to change directions for making a couple of points. It was not that many weeks ago that one of my most popular blogs was on the Aurora shooting. I wrote it to raise 25 questions no one has asked, any one of which point to James Holmes as a patsy in a false flag terror event. I also revealed specific potential motives for outside parties to be responsible, with proofs of viability.

Aurora and Clackamas shootings compared.

Clackamas and Aurora Have Troubling Similarities

a) both alleged shooters were young troubled men with psychiatric problems (which we now hear again in the even more tragic shooting of 27 in Connecticut). This is a very tired refrain heard time and again in mass shootings, and there are reasons for concern associated with CIA’s MK Ultra and related mind control experiments;

b) both wore all black. One wore a gas mask and, sans mask, was ‘made up’ to more or less look like ‘The Joker,’ while in Clackamas, it was merely a ‘white mask.’ But there is a problem there, too: conflicting reports describe it as three distinctly different kinds of masks, and for some troubling reason, Police decline to confirm WHICH ~ a Michael Meyer’s Halloween Mask; a Jason’s style Hockey player’s mask; or a Guy Fawkes (We are Anonymous… expect us!) mask;

c) both used the same weapon, and AR-15 .223 variant. The weapon jammed and prevented more carnage;

d) both fled to no avail, which begs the question, why bother? Holmes just sat in his car and waited to be captured without resistance, while in Clackamas, the shooter took his own life. Police found him dead, sans reports of hearing or seeing him shoot himself, but why? Why wear a mask, and why run if you were going to kill yourself?

e) both incidents suffered conflicting reports as to the number of shooters seen and their whereabouts at any given point in time, implying a possible coordinated assault. In Aurora, there is considerable evidence this is so, but in Clackamas, at least thus far, we might presume it to be normal confusion causing misconception and mistaken accounts.

f) both took place in or at the virtual doorstep of a Century 21 theater. On first reports on Clackamas, I was very concerned about this particular coincidence, but am less certain it matters, now ~ because the actual shooting began in the area central to the mall at the edge of the food court, and the shooter entered from the opposite side of the complex from the theater. Had he intended to target Century 21, there was an entrance right there.

g) both enjoyed remarkably prompt Police response. In Clackamas, the shooter was not very bright. The Mall is located about one block away from the Sheriff’s Office, which also has a secondary presence right on the Mall lot with about a half dozen cars. In Aurora, the nearest facility was several miles distant and quite away from common arterials.

h) in both, Police were not terribly forthcoming with facts early on (SOP). However, mistakes made by Aurora Police in their public statements (see my post) were not present in Clackamas.

Still, with all these coincidences, I shudder. Doubly so because of the horror in Connecticut, a murderous rampage of which I cannot bring myself to write… except to say that I shudder to consider that three such shootings… four if you count the Sheik Temple shooting in Michigan… all within a window of a few weeks of the same Season… and all on the heels of a United Nations Treaty attempt to ban all firearms in civilian ownership.

Clackamas is a community of people with whom I share a happy existence in a beautiful and generally peaceful setting. Good people. So I shudder at the closeness and ‘what if’ nature of the Mall shooting as it indeed came all-too close to impacting my own family in even more personal and tragic ways. We were lucky. Others families and friends were not.

But I shudder also because all the communities where these shootings took place are like that… and in a country where government seems to be preparing itself for war with its own citizens and, in local preparation, would find any such effort a lot easier if there was some way they could ban all weapons and collect them, first. It is for my me and my family that I shudder, yes. But also, for my country and a thing called the Constitution.

Many people died when those shootings took place. But I fear the Second Ammendment may also be a casualty given the explosion of talk about gun bans as result, especially because of Connecticut… and in thinking it possible…

I do indeed shudder!

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