Fiction of Future Fact? 23 Families Jailed, Loose Their Homes in Weekend Raid

Is it mere fiction (from book, Fatal Rebirth), or your future reality? Don’t be so sure you know the answer, because smaller scale events like it have already happened.

What will happen if martial law is declared?

by H. Michael Sweeney
copyright © 2013, all rights reserved. Permission to repost hereby granted provided entire post with all links in tact, including this paragraph, are included.

Actual MJTF suburban raid. The crime? Selling unpasturized milk through a Farm Coop, an Agenda 21 crime established as result of United Nations and Globalist mandates through Bush/Clinton/Obama admins.

From Fatal Rebirth, by this author; proparanoidpress: a fictional account of crimes of the New World Order from 1947 into the future, with over 1,500 footnotes so you may decide how much of it really is fiction, vs. reality in play. Based on the Unified Conspiracy Theory developed in a ten-year research for the book, it has correctly predicted political assassination efforts to effect control of the US election process, the downing of the WTC by passenger jets and resulting Middle East oil wars, and more. It also led to the author’s direct intervention in and prevention of one, and possibly two terror attacks on Portland, Oregon.

A FREE copy of the ebook (Vol. I of four volumes) is available for the asking. For more information, special pricing, go here
Why are Bloods and Crips Gang members being given Police badges?

23 Families Jailed, Loose Their Homes in Weekend Raids

A local news clipping (a sub chapter in Fatal Rebirth, Vol. III)

Police struck another blow against continued political and social unrest this weekend when they arrested 31 adults and took another 58 men, women, and children into protective custody in a series of surprise predawn raids ordered by Homeland Security. The actions were part of a continuing series of such raids across the nation undertaken in increasing numbers under authority of blanket bench warrants issued by the new FEMA Court System, a concept adapted from and empowered by provisions of the Patriot Acts and subsequent legislations.

The Multi Jurisdictional Task Force (MJTF) raids regularly involve elements of the National Guard, State, County, and local Police, and special Community Active in Policing Services (CAPS) deputized citizens as well as the usual Federal advisors, undercover operatives, and observers from DHS, FEMA, FINCEN, FBI, DEA, DIA, BATF, IRS, CIA, and numerous unidentified agencies.

Each Agency representative determines if arrestees were in violation of pertinent Federal laws or if there is any reason to suspect militia or terrorists activity or support. This time, the blanket bench warrants were served on the Corbin neighborhood where some 600 homes were searched Saturday and Sunday after roadblocks cordoned the area. There was little formal resistance from most law-abiding citizens, many of whom were given temporary shelter from the cold in the several motor homes set up for preliminary resident interviews. Coffee and hot chocolate was served by representatives of the Red Cross, who also provided blankets to those insisting on watching their homes being searched from the sidewalks.

However, gunfire punctuated several intense confrontations between agents and a few persons believed to be criminals or underground members of or sympathizers with the Constitutional Army of Repatriotization (CAR). However, these resulted in only minor casualties on both sides, and the Cobra gunship helicopters and heavy-machine-gun-mounted vehicles were not called into play as have been reported the case several times earlier this week in Detroit.

The statistics locally to date since declaration of Martial Law three weeks ago now stands at least 115 dead and 321 hospitalized, 7 of those injuries and two deaths being CAPS members and one DEA officer injured. At least 1,890 persons have been detained for questioning or actually arrested. The majority of deaths and detentions of non Islamics are attributed to armed resistors, presumably militia or criminal elements or supporters, or discoveries of significant contraband. Readers are reminded that possession of antigovernment literature is grounds for detention and questioning about loyalties and activities. The bulk of detainees are, however, apparently of Middle East origin, though no precise numbers are available.

Agencies conducting the raid were looking for weapons not already turned in during the amnesty period earlier this year, as well as illicit drugs, hoarding of food and fuels, proper travel documents and proof of citizenship, extremist and cultist materials, pornography and other contraband. Most of those taken into custody were taken immediately by helicopter to unspecified out-of-state Federal facilities for interrogation and possible ongoing detention.

Under recent revisions in the law in support of Martial Law, any charges resulting from the raids will be submitted to the temporary FEMA/FINCEN Court system operated under the US Army’s Judge Advocate system (military tribunal) for summary convictions instead of wasting time and money with the traditional drawn-out trial processes. If ruled guilty, their homes, vehicles, and personal properties will become the property of the State under forfeiture laws, with some of the goods to be distributed to the CAPS program managers for community enhancement. Most trials are in absentia with the defendants participating only by affidavit.

Elsewhere, Stevie Wilson, former member of the Bloods gang and acting spokesperson for the CAPS program described the raid as “rewarding in many ways,” and thanked the Police for giving them greater latitude in conducting searches… “It’s a lot easier for us to find contraband now that we don’t have all the procedural red tape that forced the Cops to oversee our every action directly.” Police discounted the usual charges made by those arrested that the former gang members had planted evidence and were only interested in confiscating goods they themselves would get to keep… “These charges are easy to make, but hard to prove. They can’t get out of it that easily.” offered an unnamed law enforcement official who, like many of the special agents, needed to protect his identity by wearing a black Ninja-style hood.

In a related matter, Mrs. Ira Johnson, wife of well-known newscaster Dave Johnson, has formed a new organization of housewives whose purpose is to help the progress of the searches proceed as smoothly as possible. The organization, called WELCOME, will urge all housewives to make their homes as easy to search as possible by using as much table space and floor space beneath tables and adjacent to furniture as may be possible to array items from within drawers and boxes, especially breakables, important papers, and valuables, to prevent damage and reduce cleanup afterwards. These steps, as well as placing the empty drawers on edge against the wall will dramatically speed search process. The organization also advises wives to urge their husbands to destroy objectionable and illegal materials in advance of searches for the sake and safety of the whole family, and to avoid embarrassing questions. See related story on page 6, Objectionable Materials List Broadened to Include Many Men’s Magazines. Raids will continue unannounced for several months until all areas have been searched at least once according to a FINCEN press release. At that time a special panel will convene to determine if further searches or other measures may be necessary.

Author’s closing comment: Is the above a future headline story? If you think not, reason out the visible signs. A small-scale version of this event has already taken place and is frighteningly close to that described, here. Such events are proofs which contravene arguments that ‘gun toters’ clinging to the ‘old fashioned’ ideas of the 2nd Amendment are ‘paranoid.’ Those so claiming are either blind to the truth of our times, or are working deceitfully for the very conspiratorial NWO agenda they pretend non existent. Even unfettered paranoia has a root cause in the real World, but they would deny that fact and have you think such fears imagined. 
The right to bear arms alone is the guarantee of all other rights, for as surely as absolute power corrupts absolutely, power without opposition grows oppressive. As intended by our wise forefathers, the 2nd Amendment serves as a check that our Government does not become too powerful and intrusive into our lives. Only when citizens are armed with weapons of like ability as the military and Police, does government fully understand that theirs is not the ultimate authority — that the people are their true commanders. Yet our politicians seek so-called gun control in the name of reducing crime and violence. Is that their true motivation? Do they achieve that which they claim as an end?
At the best, they merely address the emotion behind a desire for less violence — a desire fostered by a media-fueled notion that violence is on the increase while, in fact, a steady stream of statistics from FBI demonstrates it is on the decline. They seek in illusion to prohibit assault weapons which in fact account for a minuscule fraction of a percentile of all gun violence, while in reality depriving the citizen of the very arms required to make viable the 2nd Amendment. They seek in illusion to force criminal background checks at places where in fact, citizens buy guns, but criminals do not, while in reality providing a lists of citizens who own guns — the ultimate tool in seizing of power. These are not logical or viable actions, but rather, cover stories for covert actions against gun owners. Something beyond concern over violence is at work here. 
And a note on CAPS. As crazy as it sounds, such programs have already been experimented with in Houston and Los Angeles. Actual Crips and Bloods get Policd training, and a badge, and in some cases, were authorized to carry a gun and participate in Police activities, or become part of the Reserves. You used to be able to find information on the Web about it, but not for some time, now. It is documented in Fatal Rebirth.
And a final note on Internet censorship. If you do not believe Google, Bing, and the big corporate Web players are part of a conspiracy favorable to tyranny’s Agenda, try this: use your favorite search engine to TRY to find pictures of ANY MJTF raid. MJTF is a very well known acronym for Multi-Jurisdictional Task Force, and MJTF raids of all manner happen all the time 

About Author H. Michael Sweeney

Author of privacy/security/abuse of power, Founder Free Will Society, PALADINs (Post Apocalyptic Local Area Defense Information Network)

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