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Because I post on a wide variety of topics and some involve multiple posts which thread to an earlier post, here follows a catalog of such posts… organized according to topic, popularity, and chronological order. Some posts are in more than one category due to breadth of topic.
You can also use the TAG Cloud to get a custom list based an an even tighter topical definition (e.g., Politics).

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      Abuse of Power, NWO           Political Control Technology (PCT)            Personal Privacy & Security


  1. On the surface this seems like very solid. H. Michael Sweeney is professional and knows his business. This is exactly the type of consulting that can benefit the newly targeted as well as the seasoned ones. -DAVID HUBER

    • Kind of you to say, David. I see you are a new author. If you are also a current or former TI, I can tell you that writing (about that, or anything), is excellent therapy for the bitterness a TI accumulates over time. As a creative outlet, it is among the most satisfying, esp. if well accepted by others. But even when not, the act to writing is its own reward. I with you the best on all fronts.

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