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Confirmed: Interview on Mass Shootings: Absolute Patterns Prove NWO Conspiracy

Join me on an interview on Urban Warzone in a new timeslot: Thursday, the 31st of January at 1:PM EST to be startled with answers to troubling questions about the images herein.

Note: Cyrus has confirmed the new time slot IS indeed 1PM EST. He has simply not been able to yet update his 
Update Jan 29: Reconfirmed and posted actual time/date. Announcing that a special image will be added to this page while on air, and removed afterwards. That image will be used to explain how the remaining graphics herein were arrived at, as well as highlight the differences between relationships between parties in the ‘official’ media/government version of a mass shooting (Aurora) and the result of private investigations in multiple states by myself and assisting field investigators. You can’t imagine how revealing it is until you see it for yourself. But its complexity goes beyond the ability to well explain in the blog and thus it will be subsequently removed. Your ONLY chance to see it is to join us LIVE, though you will be able to listen to the verbal dialog later once Cyrus posts it – sans image.

That’s the day after this post: we will explain how the following graphics came to be and how they prove that mass shootings are part of a long-term plan to establish the NWO. Tune in and participate live, and have this blog post open.

Reading this post you will learn…

• That virtually all mass shootings are not random events, but part of an elaborate plan with multiple patterns only possible by intelligent design;
• That these patterns manifest in many ways, including the ability to generate complex graphical images of mystical and satanic symbols on maps;
• That individual key shootings (i.e., Aurora, Sandy Hook), have additional patterns of their own, all playing to a larger North American pattern of like construct;
• That patterns can be so accurate as to predict likely future shooting events.

This matter is too complex for a mere blog. Therefore, I will be going on air to explain more usefully, referring to the images in this blog for purposes of illustration of key points. Please review the images below and read the questions posed for each, questions which I will attempt to answer on air. Then join in the discovery, live, at Urban Warzone.

I will also be preparing a PowerPoint which I want to make into a video. Listen to the show to learn how you can not only get a free copy when it is finished, but also, a free copy of my book, Fatal Rebirth, which predicted this eventuality in the first place more than ten years ago. It also happened to predict Sept. 11 attacks, and much more.

As you review, keep in mind that random events do NOT form geometric patterns. Official Pattern Dispersal Studies by the militaries of many governments around the World investigating UFO sightings have proven that. Not one single instance reported of finding even three points in a perfectly straight line, much less forming right angles or shapes. Yet in analysis of mass shootings hundreds of miles apart, it is possible to find many in a line (and many lines form very complex 3-D shapes), and in some cases (where information details allow), accuracy to within 25 feet, and with doorway-t0-doorway accuracy.

The first question is (but among the last, perhaps, to be answered), why is it that all such plots ONLY work with such accuracy when doorways or driveway entrances are used in the plots? That alone implies intelligent design, does it not? Read on…


IMAGE ONE: The NWO movement is sponsored from Europe via Masonic Mysticism and Satanism

How is it possible that these ‘quadrant’ lines were discovered by patterns associated with just five shooting events, and yet, confirmed by many dozens more such events? How do they relate to the Illuminati NWO movement, and what additional discoveries can they reveal?

Compass Rose

Image Two: The Compass Rose (also CIA’s Logo) is an important Masonic emblem. There are seven, here

How is it possible that investigation of facts surrounding the Aurora Shooting led to an ability to locate and plot this graphic? How does it relate to Masonic Mysticism and why is it not pointing North? How is it that six more real-world roses in the Denver Area have intricate relationships to the shooting, as well (blue, purple, red, yellow lines)?

Masonic Emblems, Maltese Cross

Image Three: Some more traditional Masonic symbols created from data points associated with the Aurora shooting

How are these (and other) Masonic symbols revealed by information drawn from the Aurora shooting? How can random events possibly generate such patterns unless by intelligent design? What process was used to discover them? Who is behind it?

All Seeing Eyes in Denver

Image Four: Perhaps the most meaningful of Masonic Emblems, these point toward a future terror event well beyond 911 scale

How does it happen that two large real-world structures would be discovered to relate to these famous Masonic emblems and point to a future terror attack? How are they interlocked, and how might their intentional existence and relationships verified in other ways? How does it relate to and predict terrorism? How is the terror event tied to mass shootings?

Baphomet in Denver

Image Five: Baphomet (one name of the symbol, and one name for Satan); an upside-down 5-pointed star

What is the significance of being able to plot this symbol from shooting data points? Why is it not perfectly upside down (normally to be aligned to North in ceremonies)? What are the significances of its structural elements in black magic?

Masonic Emblem and Baphomet in Sandy Hook

Image Six: Sandy Hook is no different than Aurora with respect to finding symbols, and yet, it is quite different

WHow is it possible to get symbolism out of Sandy Hook when there were far fewer data points (actually, answer is found in the next set of images, and by the text labels in this image)? Why is the Pentagram tipped the other way?

Sandy Hook in Gotham City Map

Scan of actual Gotham City Map used as PR piece for the movie; Sandy Hook at bottom

Gotham City and real Sandy Hook Compared

Image Eight: The Dark Knight Rises Gotham City Map compared to real map of Sandy Hook has many shape alignments

Gotham City and real Sandy Hook compared

Image Nine: Even more details have relationships to things found in the real world at Sandy Hook

Gotham City real world Sandy Hook compared

Image Ten: And even more details upon close inspection

Why are there so many curious matches between the movie showing a fictitious Sandy Hook when James Holmes opened fire and the real-world Sandy Hook? Why bother to have such elaborate symbolism in a conspiracy in the first place — why not just worry about event planning, alone?

Note: the name matches in blue and red texts do NOT represent any reason to presume any conspiratorial relationship between persons or businesses, but merely represent someone using them as landmarks for their ‘secret’ machinations. Also, the three features at the school are not ‘front’ and ‘rear,’ but at the sides. The Shed happens to belong to the Masonic Lodge. The small dot at the school is not actually ‘in the real world’ as such: it is a cement pad in the shadow of a tree which, in Google Earth, provided the visual of a round black shape presumed to exist (we must assume) by the planners. Or, it relates to something intended in the shooting plan for which we yet have any details, or which failed to take place as planned (e.g., where Lanza was supposed to die).
Masonic Emblem at Sandy Hook

Image Eleven: Masonic Emblem ‘mowed’ into the field abutting Gene Rosen’s Property

Why does Gene Rosen have a Masonic Emblem hidden amongst ‘random’ mowing patterns in what is effectively his back yard (though ownership has not been established)? Why does his story change so many times? Why would a bunch of kids and (one version) a bus driver go PAST the Fire House to get to his house when CLEARLY, there would have been BETTER SAFE HAVEN and some hope of getting help found at the Fire House?

Mass Shootings reveal North American Baphomet

Plotting all national mass shootings allowed finding this emblem covering North America.

How did plotting the location of all ‘random’ mass shootings enable discovery and plotting of this Baphomet? Why is it slightly imperfect?

Note: The distances involved do impact accuracy because of idiosyncrasies in Google Earth plotting tools. The smaller the distances, the more accurate you can be (to a point); Sandy Hook was accurate to within 20 feet or so, Aurora (much larger scale) to within 50 feet or so. Despite the vastly larger scale, here, accuracy is less than Google Earth would allow, with several tens of miles in error where perhaps hundreds of feet should be the maximum error. There is a very interesting probable reason. 

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