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Crime Series: Ten Unexpected Proofs ‘Random’ Mass Shootings are by Intelligent Design

Ten easy-to-grasp but remarkable proofs, both visible and hidden: Illuminati style mystical symbolism and related ancient magical mysteries, calling cards, bragging rights, and Warlock spells cast against America, and the World. Conventional clues, too.

Are there any patterns in mass shootings? 

by H. Michael Sweeney  

copyright © 2014, all rights reserved. Permission to repost hereby granted provided entire post with all links in tact, including this notice and byline, are included. Please comment any such repost to original posting.

Is there any proof mass shootings are not random?

What you will learn reading this multi-part posting series…

•  there are 10 interlocking proofs that mass shootings are not random;
•  they include various kinds of patterns, visible and unseen, and even coded information;
•  that the pattern predicts itself, and understanding may therefore help stop the murder;
•  that the codes and clues seem to be like signatures identifying the architects.

Are mass shootings by intelligent design?

Introduction: Ten Proofs ‘Random’ Mass Shootings by Intelligent Design

Is there a mass shooting conspiracy?

Note: This series is not yet ready for full presentation, but the most recent Fort Hood forces me to start releasing the material without delay. The reason for delay has had to do with an inability to provide high quality graphics suitable for proofs. This will be overcome, shortly, I hope.

One thing you need to know about me as an investigative writer or, as media and government would prefer you to think of me, a ‘conspiracy theorist,’ is this: whenever I decide to take a close look at a potential conspiracy or lesser matter, I do it right. If I cannot uncover something no one else has brought to light, I’m either not finished, or I’ve backed out concluding it beyond reach, or a dud. If you read my findings on a given research, you will undoubtedly learn something FACTUAL no one else had previously discovered or brought to light. And so…

In this matter, we find the shear volume of startling new information overshadows and renders original headlines and competing theories essentially meaningless — especially media’s version. It will make you angry. It will scare you. The question is, will it motivate you to do something about it? YOU are what you are waiting for, you know.

But in introduction, there is still one other point which must be made; it is in form of a problematic question. Can I get you, the reader, to override your current belief structures long enough to  consider the unusual nature of the findings? This presentation will most assuredly fly in the face of what most people consider ‘traditional wisdom,’ but it also will explain why it is non-the-less valid. Can you handle the Truth, or will you wimp out to the comfort zone of current beliefs?

Area all mass shooters psycho?

On suspending belief structures


Dormer was not quite a ‘Mass Shooter’ incident, at least not at a single location/time. But the affair highlights the problem of accepting ‘random’ as the right word to apply to shootings when there are so many problems with the official story. CLICK to learn about why many people think him just another shooting patsy.

I began a ten-year research project for a book, Fatal Rebirth, in late 1989, which also begat a screenplay published on line in 1999 (The Electronic Apocalypse). In the book’s Introduction I urged the reader to suspend their belief structures briefly and read the material as if merely fiction for entertainment’s sake, because many of the concepts within were so new and unusual as to defy belief — likely seen as ‘far-fetched’ by most uninformed readers. I offered over 1,500 footnotes and a huge Appendix section to help them consider why I deemed them factual.

This blog post should be read in like manner, especially if you are content with government’s actions, are a politician, member of a government agency, military, or any part of the justice system, or Media. Especially if you are involved in a mass shooting incident as a professional or a victim seeking to know the truth. And even more so if you are gun owner, or even among what 2nd Amendment supporters refer to as a ‘gun grabber.’ I plead, therefore, that you suspend your belief structures briefly as if reading a political/horror-science fiction piece.  That’s what it is, actually, minus the fiction component.

You will, like readers of Fatal Rebirth, I would hope, realize the truth by the time you reach the end. Or, at the very least, you will be entertained for all your reluctance to let the message sink in and take root.

If nothing else, even if you choose to doubt some of the more obscure subtopics (i.e., relating to mysticism) have any factual basis in REALITY, consider this: it matters NOT what YOU think, given they ARE taken as real by persons likely to be behind any such conspiracy (i.e., ‘Illuminati’ Satanists). You MUST also ask yourself, “Can the sheer magnitude of interlocking clues be ignored?” Because at every turn they defy the odds of coincidental probability, as illustrated by carefully crafted control study groups. If thinking logically, you MUST concur that intelligent design is revealed despite what you may think about the logic of the beliefs which lay behind it, or the unusual way in which the evidence was revealed.

Pending you conclusion, by all means feel free to think me mad if you must. Read just for fun, but please read it through to end before you render final judgment as to if madness or truth be present. A logical reader will be converted unless their mind is already so firmly made up that they do not wish to be confused by facts which destroy their belief structures. Judge not what ye know not, but that upon which ye are well informed and have considered fully, judge freely.

Your future and the future of your children could well be at stake, a statement applying to all mankind. Why do I say this? The book mentioned above, Fatal Rebirth, was based on trying to illustrate what I call the Unified Conspiracy Theory; the notion that all of America’s darkest bumps in the night for the last half of the prior Century, forward, were not random oddities by random people for random agenda, but carefully orchestrated by the same core group of people with but one goal for the World in mind.

I termed them Shadow, but they are also known by other names; the New World Order, the Illuminati, the Power Elite, Globalists, and among them, member names like CIA, Skull and Bones, Bilderbergers, Council on Foreign Relations, and many more of like nature. Their goal I termed End Game; the establishment of a One World government, a single seat of power in order to seat the Antichrist upon his throne and bring us to Armageddon.

The Unified Conspiracy Theory, once justified in research and taking shape in book form, led me to realize that their stepwise actions over fifty years of mysteries were indeed leading to one goal. Knowing the goal, I reasoned, it should be possible to forecast the next logical steps. So the book also included within its presentation several terrible event predictions expected to take place in our near future. Thus far, though I do not claim to have gotten all event details precisely correct, many terrible forecasts have already come to pass. Among these were:

a) an assassination attempt on Ross Perot or his family to cause him to drop out of the Presidential Race, a matter which indeed transpired using mailed Anthrax according to a Secret Service back channel contact;

b) the false flag downing of the World Trade Center by civilian passenger jets which;

c) resulted in a series of Middle East Oil Wars. Other predictions include two more terror plots which are part and parcel of this blog post. Those are…

d) a false flag nuclear attack on Charleston, S.C. and Portland Oregon (the later of which I have already thwarted, it seems – see middle of my home page), and more to the point…


Note: you can get a free copy of Vol I of Fatal Rebirth (ebook) by email request to pppbooks at Comcast (net). You will be glad you did, as it will take you far deeper into the Rabbit Hole than Alice or Neo had ever gone. This pill is black, though trimmed in red, white, and blue.

So, if ready to suspend your belief structure, let us begin. Pretend there is, despite media’s recent attempt in the Cincia shooting to portray anyone who believes in the New World Order as mentally ill and anti-patriotic, that such a conspiracy is actually afoot. Also pretend, if you must, that Political Control Technology in the form of the Manchurian Candidate is real. There are real-life Jason Bournes out there, as my book, MC Realities, and other books on Political Control Technology illustrate more than adequately. Even the Smithsonian channel knows.

This will make the key postulations, testing methods, conclusions, and proofs of the core material easier to accept, especially as they will be offered in the manner of scientific discovery — exactly as I undertook them as investigative writer. You will, in fact, be able to retrace my work to double check it, if you wish — as long as you review the full series of posts and sidebars before you attempt it, lest you make a critical error.  Please subscribe to my blog pages to insure you are notified as the remaining posts in the series are added.

Are mass shootings are by intelligent design?

The Investigation

Jason Bourne… though fictional, is based on real-World programmable assassins. Do you suppose CIA or anyone else would not find something useful to do with failures in such programs? Might they not make excellent disposable patsies? Image/film:

Some several months ago, insulted by media’s misreporting of Aurora and Sandy Hook and outright clues that a disinformation campaign was afoot, I began finding ample cause for concern.  But how might one determine if other mass shootings were arranged as part of some kind of sick criminal conspiracy, one which might involve both real and faked shootings?

I started with several basic presumptions of truth, and then set about to see if the logical evidence such presumptions would require were indeed in place.  The ‘illogical’ presumptions fostered by the Unified Conspiracy Theory requiring suspension of belief are as follows:

1)    That Shadow and their Globalism requires destruction of America, and its Constitution in order to enable forming the North American Union, a matter which in turn requires that the Right to Bear Arms is first invalidated, and arms confiscated or gun owners otherwise neutralized in a manner similar to that of the Australia;

2)    That the New World Order, the modern day Illuminati, if you will, would be well capable of undertaking a campaign of gun violence for such cause, but being an Illumined Power Elite lost to Satanic and Masonic mysticism, they would employ mystical constructs which would leave detectible footprints if knowing what to look for;

3)    That the principle tool of such a plot would involve a small army of patsies, cut outs, and fall guys, principally from a category best known to the public as Manchurian Candidates. It may additionally involve a small army of blindly obedient members placed within our armed forces, the intelligence community, and law enforcement to aid more indirectly in supporting roles. This would include logistics, psyops, and cover up, or even command and control, generally unaware as to the truth or reason behind their orders. These are the same players frequently found playing key roles in the lives of mind control victims at large.

All three presumptions must be true to make a proper accusation, for they comprise the basic proofs of any crime: Motive, Opportunity, and Means. Normally, we think of opportunity as meaning access to the scene of the crime, typically proven by forensics such as fingerprints, or better yet, actual eye witnesses. In this case, they deliberately left their fingerprints, in a manner of speaking. In fact, the bulk of the proofs fall into this category, perhaps even naming individuals behind the plot. At the very least, we are indeed dealing with the Elite, those involved in principalities and powers.

Indeed: Two names have already surfaced by such clues, and both are billionaires. I also have a dozen other names of likely conspirators, but no names are released; these things are my Life Insurance Policy.

Sidebar PostOn Programmable People. This sidebar post addresses the notion of the possibility that at least some mass shooters are mind controlled patsies, and reconciles their coexistence with truly random shootings ­­— those which are more naturally spontaneous crimes — which can collectively still both be component parts of the same intelligent design.  This leads us to the finer details of how shooting event locations and dates lend importance to our consideration, and just how these things can additionally reveal intentional, yet concealed clues.

Here it should be mentioned, that many observers of the New World Order crowd favor the supposition that among their leadership we might find the modern-day Illuminati in spirit, if not in actual blood lineage, even though they may have since assumed a different family name. By way of example, in my research, I have had reason to conclude that the Rotheschild name was assumed; those assuming it being Knights Templar in hidding, their wealth derived from Templar treasure, and not truly Jewish by ancestry or faith, at all.

Many who favor the notion of a Modern-day Illuminati additionally believe, as do I, that there are at least two, and as many as four groups competing with each other within the movement to be the ones ‘honored’ to have one of their own selected to become the Antichrist. Much of what is discovered in this investigative series will point to this being true in one way, or inherently implied in another. It is, in fact, one very good reason to employ symbolisms and other clues which act as signatures of those so bidding for selection.

Such evidence was abundant, even easy to find, and I remain convinced that the trio of presumptions are sound enough to warrant seeking incontrovertible proofs. I sought such proofs both in quality and quantity sufficient to illustrate that ‘random’ was not the right word to describe mass shootings, but rather, ‘intelligent design,’ is.

The path of my continued investigation led to endless shocking discoveries, but there was a problem: to describe the methods and explain findings to the casual reader would, it seemed, require a tedious educational process and boring, repetitious citation of facts. It would be about as fun to read as a spreadsheet or database. Not good.

People want visual sound bites easily grasped. More so if Sheeple content with their Evening News and easily frightened off by words like ‘conspiracy theorist,’ and ‘New World Order,’ or similar. Worse, the investigation bogged because of the real life tragedies each shooting represented. Proper investigation meant exhaustive study of individual events, reviewing endless horrific detailed accounts and sad, brutal media imagery. It was taking an emotional and even physical toll upon my body and mind, and my spirit. Eventually, instead of plodding along 10-14 hours a day as at the start, I found myself barely able to work on it a few hours a week.

I played with several ideas on how to present the story NOW, without completion of the full study, for there is indeed already a mountain of proofs uncovered. But again, the complexities in presentation left me feeling it a hopeless task. Finally, I decided to break it down into about a dozen short compartmentalized components suitable for a series of blog posts. Frankly, I’m hoping it will spur someone to offer useful help; it will take funding and staffing to properly complete the study. Or better still, perhaps some Sheriff or other authority will assume the duty as result of shootings in their jurisdiction.

Follows is a synopsis of the Ten Proofs to be presented. There will additionally be, at appropriate points, companion posts detailing the scientific methods or other analytical procedures involved in select proofs where a doubting Thomas type may wish to challenge the validity of claims. I firmly believe that for my proofs to be accepted, they should be presented in a way such that ANYONE can duplicate my work and verify accuracy and conclusions.

This is a legitimate investigation despite its atypical and unorthodox methods and odd topics involved. NOTE: links will NOT WORK until the various posts involved have been posted. You may click on them to discover their current state. Again, subscription to this blog will notify you when new posts are added.

What are the ten proofs of a mass shooter conspiracy?

The Ten Proofs in review…

Proof One: Gun Grabbers Selectively Ignore Mass Shootings, Conceal Patterns;

Any time you find a cover up, you necessarily have a conspiracy to contend with. Gun grabbing groups, including government and biased or puppet media forces, should be using every opportunity to make their case for gun control, but act as if the bulk of gun violence never took place. Why do they employ selective blinders? There is a reason.

Proof Two: Shootings Exist in Identical ‘Magical’ Categorical Clusters;

The Illuminati loves magical numbers, as they can translate into meaningful words or names, or leverage ‘spells’. Interesting then, that basic shooting statistics establish set after set in the most magical and potent number of all, one which decodes to ‘Satan.’ This alone reveals dramatic coincidences well beyond the possibility of random chance.

Proof Three: Shootings Exist in Endless Sets of Three Forming Straight Lines;

The same Dispersal Pattern Studies method applied by government researchers to UFO sightings reveals Mass Shootings do something UFO sightings allegedly do not: form repetitive patterns with GPS accuracy, doorway-to-doorway-to-doorway.

Proof Four: Straight Lines in Turn Form Complex and Perfect Shapes;

When it comes to symbolism, nothing outperforms a graphical shape. Better still when that shape itself has magical properties or relationships to other shapes, or its own hidden or obvious meaning. 

Proof Five: Shapes in Turn Form Complementary ‘Magical’ Clusters;

It defies odds that perfect shapes should cluster together in ways which share overlapping lines or corners, and be generally both aligned and mirrored in additional symbolism.

Proof Six: Shootings Also Relate or Depict Masonic and Satanic symbols;

Select shootings define such symbols with precision. Masonic Symbols are rendered in 3-D. Satanic Symbols are positioned correctly for magical application by Warlock.

Proof Seven: Shootings Form Multiple Lines to Cheops Exactly 500 Miles Apart;

Extending select shooting lines finds them bisecting at the ancient Cheops Pyramid to establish a series of lines all of equal degrees of arc. But that just prepares us for a bigger bombshell.

Proof Eight: Shooting Lines Also Depict Cheops in 3-D Cutaway View;

The Great Pyramid in Egypt is one of the Holy of Holies to Masons and some satanic cults, and is specifically tied in mysticism to the End Times and historical catastrophic events. This one will scare you.

Proof Nine: Shooting Sets Share ‘Magical’ Data Points Which Decode to Messages;

Shooting line sets share three or more identical magical numbers within their data points. These decode to tell us when and where the next shooting will be, name a shooter, or perfectly prophesy some specific outcome.

Proof Ten: Individual Shootings Examined in Micro Duplicate the National Study Proofs

Two examples are offered; Aurora and Sandy Hook. They not only duplicate the ten proofs, but they mirror each other and one points to the other.
Why are mass shootings on the rise?

Are you ready of this? Buckle up!

So let us begin. I propose your best bet will be to SUBSCRIBE to my blog pages so that you are automatically notified as new posts are made to complete the series. Please link, share, tweet, etc., and by all mean vote your ranking at page top of each one, and comment with your questions, criticisms, or thoughts. How else will other know this is important?

Do bear in mind as you read, each offered proof individually seems to defy the odds or logic path required for truly random shooting events. Collectively, it is monumentally clear. Also bear in mind that I am human, and I, like any other, am prone to making mistakes. A ton of information had to be entered and copied from one location to another multiple times (multiple database and software applications). Therefore, either because of a mistake on my part, or perhaps because of a mistake in media or other accounts/records, any given individual data point in any given set of proofs may be found invalid.

By all means let me know if you find such a discrepancy, but please remember this: a single error in a single data point does not invalidate all other data points, and therefore, does not invalidate the conclusions or the suppositions, themselves. In order to dispute my findings, you will need to offer proofs that the method is flawed, the entire data set was in error, or analytical logic was faulty. More: such dispute must address and ultimately invalidate all ten proofs, or short of that, offer equally viable alternative explanations which fit the findings and afford a more innocent explanation.

Since each proof tends to defy all possible odds of random coincidence, and does so consistently, again and again, naysayers will have their work cut out for them. More so, because in many cases, control groups have been established to show truly random data points enjoy no such pattern. I have done my homework, and carefully so.

I will demand the same of naysayers.

Go to Proof OneGun Grabbers Selectively Ignore Mass Shootings, Conceal Patterns

Go to Side Bar: On on Programmable People


25 Questions No One Has Asked About the Aurora Shooting (pt 3)

There are always little things that go wrong in a crime…  James Holmes compared to JFK things that betray the lies with a screaming truth

Updaate May 14, 2012: Yesterday, I posted an update of significant importance regarding discovery that a key witness, Eric Hunter, had either lied or was majorly confused about key details, and appears to have a significant motive for lying. Further, his interview appears to involve network falsehoods and cover up actions. This was not the first update to the post, but it was the most important due the shocking nature of implications.
Apologies, but there were a series of problems encountered attempting to offer that update. People deserve accuracy and want to be comfortable with reasons for changes, so I try to be explicit in detailing reasons and leave older information in tact, as well. However, attempts at perfecting the complex edit (it impacted many areas of analysis) resulted in undetected wordpress malfunctions or incorrect operation by myself. Whatever the problem, it got worse in attempting to rectify with a new edit, and appears to have caused at least 25 or so readers to visit expecting to find the update, but finding a much older version which pre dates all updates.
There is some possibility this was due to a hack. I simply cannot tell, but the other clue is that the last several edits in the revision history at wordpress are a jumbled mess and unusable. So here am I now posting a single reconstructed edit attempting to rectify all ills and show the impact of Hunter’s folly, reflected in red text, but based on salvaging material from multiple revision history versions. This will not likely be a precise match to any of the updated versions, but will be a better, easier to read version as it will reflect only one update. I’ve also elected to use brown text to reflect material no longer valid as result of Hunter. I apologize for any inconvenience or confusion this may have caused.
Our review continues from PARTs I and II, by H. Michael Sweeney, Copyright © 2012 all rights reserved. No reproduction permissions will be granted for the first 90 days. Links only, please.
In review: This in-depth series of posts will reveal startling new investigative issues for the first time, anywhere. The detail required to make concise arguments on a long list of critical elements forces it to be offered in installments. In fulness, you will discover:
  • Three motives for making James Holmes a Patsy with Fascism as benefactor, and two possible motives for targeting Century Theaters
  • Easy link access to the key-most videos and images for each critical point of evidence presented in a logical, easy to follow order.
  • Reasoning there were at least three additional helpers involved in a professional black operation backed up by even more supporting players
  • Introduction of an actual political REASON for targeting The Dark Knight Rises (TDKR), a reason which fits one of the proposed motives
  • 25 key questions missed by almost everyone, the answer to any one of which could easily provide reasonable doubt that it was a lone gunman event
  • A walk-through narrative portraying an alternate scenario which fits all  conflicting facts into a workable reality.

 James Holmes was a patsy Part Three

James Holmes was a patsy

Was aurora shooting a CIA or DOD job?

If you missed part two, click here, or start with part one

QUESTION 16: How did CBS News know about ‘buckets of ammunition’ in James’ apartment before anyone could look into the apartment? Review the timeline found at Huffington Post (a good timeline to review because it shows also how the story unfolded on the Web and television, which can be useful in answering some questions regarding confusing or conflicting information, and yet raises new questions, as well). There we find CBS reports confirmation at 9:01 AM that morning (Friday, the 20th) that the apartment is booby trapped. They clearly describe it as happening at the present time, and that it will take some time to gain access; the Bomb Squad will have to clear the apartment before investigation can begin.

But wait. The timeline also says CBS News’ Bob Orr reported in tweets three hours earlier (6:07 AM) stating that‘Buckets of ammunition’ were found in the shooter’s apartment.

The timeline further states that the apartment was not cleared by the Bomb Squad until 1:58 PM the FOLLOWING DAY. Channel nine’s Jace Larson tweets with photos the first fire trucks as arriving at 4:42 AM that following day, and we know from video of that day that that’s when Police were able to inspect the apartment using a Ladder truck, also used to break out the window for robots to be inserted. How did CBS learn about buckets of ammunition, and what was their source? The timeline is either missing some key details, or this illustrates some Wag-the-Dog effort undertaken with an error in timing or flawed execution, or worse — prior knowledge.

QUESTION 17: Why did the shooter try to get into theater 10 after leaving 9?

Update :  Thanks to an alert reader with first-hand knowledge, (see reader comments at page bottom), we now know the witness, Eric Hunter, lied (Caveat in order, further down in the chain of update material); the two theaters do not share a common hallway. Here is my original text based on his statements to media, and media accounts based on his remarks.

EXITs in theaters 9 and 10 share the same hallway to the outside. Witness Eric Hunter in an interview on ABC news talks about trying to exit 10 via the EXIT where he sees two girls with wounds followed by the shooter in the exit hallway adjoining with theater 9. Eric helps the girls into theater 10 and holds the door shut as the shooter pounds on it attempting to gain access. Since his gun had jammed and he had switched to and used his pistols, why would the shooter bother?  I’m also wondering how and why two girls would risk running toward and past the shooter to use the EXIT in the first place?

Update continued:  That there is no common hallway can be illustrated to the reader’s satisfaction by review of two different kinds of facility plans for the theater, here, and here, one of them showing the actual emergency exit paths as required by law. Moreover, I’ve uncovered several motives to presume him lying, including implications of media complicity and cover up (ABC News):

a)  In an official ABC follow up interview, Eric states that bullets were coming through the wall in 10, which no other witness so states, and as we have questioned, based on where the Shooter was standing when shooting, in order to shoot into 10 he would have had to turn the gun to a wall immediately to his left, with no one present to shoot at, there. He had already fired a shot into the air which caused people to flee to the aisles. He need only open fire in one direction to hit anyone who might have originally been seated anywhere near the wall shared with 10. He subsequently did turn his gun at an angle toward theater 8 to shoot at people in the  far exit row, and some rounds did go through that wall, but there was no logical reason for rounds to penetrate 10.

b) In that same interview, he stated he saw blood on the carpet as he descended the steps (so he is saying he was in the balcony). How, in a darkened theater, where the carpets are already red, and illuminated dimly, could he tell a fluid on the carpet was blood as opposed to, say, soda pop or water? All would look darker than the carpet? No one was reported injured in 10, either.

c) Also in the same interview, ABC calls Hunter a ‘hero,’ for saving two girls lives and essentially confronting the Shooter when, in point of fact, we now know he is lying (caveat to follow). Turns out Hunter is running for a political post as Councilman, and further bills himself as a rapper and actor on his Facebook page. Being a hero couldn’t hurt any of those aspirations. This speaks to motive. Learn about this in this very interesting video.

d) That same video seems to offer compelling evidence that Hunter’s interview was not shot when and where claimed, or as it appeared. Based on Hunter’s own Facebook pages, again, a self-shot picture of himself in what sure looks like a very large TV studio with blue screen wall behind him. He has exactly the same shirt and necklace, and day’s beard growth in both that snap and the interview. Blue screens and green screens are used to mat people into video backgrounds not actually present. Green is more common than blue, which pre dates green.

e) The original interview, as alluded to in the ABC follow up interview, is no longer available. ABC for some reason, though they never have before for any other story or even other Aurora related YouTubes, ordered YouTube to pull multiple copies of that interview (only), even terminating the account of the poster. That link (here again for your convenience) so indicates. This is rather odd given that use of news footage for YouTube commentaries falls under legal Fair Use. What was on the first video that further conflicts with the second? Or is there some material fact revealed which is far more serious than a lying politician?  End of update, this section, more below.

QUESTION 18: Why was James so calm when arrested… even to appear drugged at his first court appearance? People thought him a zombie with no understanding of reality. Some accounts say he repeatedly asked “Why am I here?” and he was clearly not paying much attention and even seemed to fall asleep briefly at one point. The answer offered by Dianne Sawyer on ABC news would seem a feeble attempt to explain, stating that James told Police he was so calm because he had taken Vicodin. But the effectiveness of this drug is stated to last only 4-8 hrs. for most users, and does NOT cause a drugged stupor in normal doses. Medical advice states that most a given person could take would be six, but it cause them to vomit everything up, or they would die. So this can in no way explain his stupor at his arraignment or his confusion in jail. Where did Sawyer get her facts?

QUESTION 19: Why did James mail specific plans for his assault to his Psychiatrist at the University such that it arrived well before the day of the event? Fox News reports it as mailed July 12. That would mean it arrived several days before the shooting.  To do so risks the operation being uncovered and thwarted. It would have been more logical to drop it in the mail on the way to the theater. Are we to believe James planned the operation for months with exacting detail in every other matter but this one?

QUESTION 20: Why did the Psychiatrist to whom James mailed the notebook initiate a call about a suspicious package which was NOT the packages sent by James, and which therefore resulted in them finding James’ package? Fox News says the first package was slipped under the Doctor’s door and she did not recognize the name on the package, and so called Police. If you choose to buy that as sufficient reason, fine… but then why did Police subsequently decide to then sweep the entire mailroom and find the actual package sent by James? Alex Jones has intimated (and I concur) that it seems as if such a package was expected as part of a conspiratorial plot to make a nice and tidy case, but once it had gone missing, steps were taken to insure it was recovered.

QUESTION 21: Why was everyone in James Holmes Life involved in government projects and agencies associated with Political Control Technology, or the keymost elements, thereof, Psychiatry and the military? That term (PCT) is the polite description for mind control. Take a look. James’ Father, Dr. Robert Holmes, previously worked for HNC Software, a firm contracting to DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Project Agency) to develop ‘cortronic neural networks’ for interfacing with the human brain. His Grandfather was Lt. Col. Robert Holmes, who based on his military history, was likely involved in military intelligence, who are client to PCT science. His Mother is a psychologist.

James himself was a recipient of a Grant through NIH (National Institute of Health) Neuroscience at the Universtity of Colorado’s Anschutz Center, formerly the U.S. Army’s Fitzsimons Medical Center, where military research of this sort was undertaken. Previously, James was a research assistant with the Salk Institute at the University of California, which in turn was partnering with DARPA to help develop ‘Peak Soldier Performance’ through chemical enhancements impacting the brain and physiology. The project there also included brain-machine interfaces quite related to the type of work at HNC where James’ Father worked.

At the school, James was seeing a psychiatrist, Dr. Lynne Fenton, who worked at the school. SHE is the one who called Police regarding the non dangerous package mentioned above. She is an ex-USAF Doctor who holds both a Medical (MD) and Psychiatric degree. She had also warned the school in writing that she felt James was a threat to others, but no action resulted. A psychiatrist is obligated under doctor-patient relationships not to divulge information about clients unless a danger to themselves, or others, but in such cases, they are to contact authorities (State Mental Health). I know of no reason they would be allowed to tell an employer, instead — unless to deliberately bolster a cover story.

This was to be a breaking point to the Fourth Part, but it will instead be a three part article… so here is the rest of it:

James Holmes set up by Men in Black 

And if you dig deeply enough into a conspiracy…  James Holmes compared to JFK assassination you might just find a Clay Shaw


 James Holmes was a patsy Part Four (final)

James Holmes was a patsy

Was aurora shooting a CIA or DOD job?

QUESTION 22: Why and how was a child killed behind the theater and not discussed by Police? The press talks about a six year old girl killed in the theater, and we have a 13 year-old girl who tried to save her, but couldn’t. This is clearly not the same child. Warning: This material is graphic and unsettling.

You can hear Police finding the girl on the dispatch audio (at 6:00 in). There is chilling evidence of it all at the rear of the theater with the second gun and gas mask (photo); the shoes and the blood, but there is no chalk outline. The audio implies the victim may be alive at this time (we can hope), but the blood loss is phenomenal for a child, and such a wound would be fatal in moments.  A pair of child’s sandals, the color common for little girls lays with the gun right at the Exit, and a trail of blood with splatter patterns suggesting a major wound to arteries… runs between doorway area and almost all the way to the gas mask. A lone, crazed gunman out of ammunition would care nothing about anyone exiting the theater behind him. But the visual evidence tells a different story: the shooter appears to have dropped his gun, grabbed a little girl, who in struggling lost her shoes, and broke free. The rest is not a pretty picture, but it can only be told as deductive conjecture:

Photo analysis suggests she ran down the sidewalk chased by the killer, who was seen and reported by Police as a ‘man in a gas mask.’ They do not mention seeing the girl, perhaps because their view was blocked by vehicles in the parking lot. But the shooter must have pulled his gas mask off to see better near the corner of the building, and dropped it, probably to make easier recapture of the girl. He could not kill her there, as it would raise questions, so once corralled, he carried her back toward the doorway where Police found her near the exit door by James’ car. We have audio of that find in Police Dispatch recordings. Recall the gun was left behind, testimony it was indeed out of ammunition. Still struggling with the girl as he went, he had to drop the gas mask along the way to retrieve a knife, which he used. You can see the blood splatters which give testimony. It is these which we must analyze…

Trail of dried blood. See text for analysis of splatters, but not if you just had a meal

I am not a forensics specialist in blood splatters, but I have done photo analysis of varying technical natures in both the military and in civilian employ. Yet the splatters do quite easily suggest some things which seem rather obvious to me: While we can hope it merely a serious wound in the foot area, or that blood streamed down her leg to her feet, my take is that he cut her throat and let her hang in his arms before him as he went, with her head down. At every pace, but without any differences suggesting left-right foot pattern, are the tell-tale blood splatters of two spurts of blood giving testimony to her last remaining terror-filled heart beats.

Each splatter appears almost equal to a spilled top half of a cup of coffee in volume, and there are 18 groupings ending in some larger pools — estimated equal to about 4 pints of blood. An adult only has 10-12 pints max and usually dies if they loose 3-4 pints. These groupings appear as if interrupted in distance by steps of the killer, which would have caused the body to swing toward the next splatter location. They are so well defined that it appears her head was rather close to the ground. The blood spurts toward the door and away from the gas mask, so her body was facing the door and being carried in that direction as she died. They don’t quite make it all the way back to the door before they diminish, suggesting loss of blood pressure. Even if we prefer to think her actually running with a foot wound or blood trailing down her legs, she was starting to black out. Tragic and disgusting, either way.

Also, some Web posts include images of the dropped gas mask where the person posting claims it to show a discarded knife. I do not find them clearly revealing of that fact (blurry), but only suggestive of it. But to chase, kill, and return a body to a doorway is hallmark of a professional who did not want a witness. Why would James even have cared, if all he was going to do was sit and wait for capture? And given his state of stupor and explanation for calmness, how could he even run in the first place?

On the other hand, if James were NOT the shooter, and merely a patsy, anyone exiting the rear of the theater could not be allowed to give testimony to what they would see: a person who was NOT James exiting via a vehicle which was NOT James’ car, and possibly additional helpers such as a driver or clean up man. THAT is why it was important that someone insure no one used the exits in theaters 8 and 10, and why a little girl had to die. Yet thus far, there is no mention of such a little girl beyond the first discovery by an officer. Why? Why no second girl listed in the injured and dead, not even a Jand Doe? How is it that no parent has come forward to ask, unless the answer be that the parent is among the dead? Was there blood on James’ clothing, and if not, why not?

QUESTION 23: Why did the Police Chief repeatedly dodge questions about security cameras capturing the event, and what do they show? Three times he ignored the question. In point of fact several cameras had a view of the rear of the theater (see photos) and should be able to concretely show the true events. Why no acknowledgement of their existence, much less their content?

QUESTION 24: How did media come to interview Steven Foster, and why did he say what he said? Foster is described in various accounts as ‘an international security expert and former Aurora Police officer.’ Actually, he’s a business man spread too thin among a lot of organizations if you read his bio. And, his security background is… like James’ psychiatrist’s background… from the USAF. Foster has tons of credentials, easily as many as any CIA front man I’ve ever encountered. His security expertise is actually in the area of risk management, and leans to the software side of data security… for customers like the Defense Department. I’m hoping that’s all coincidence, and its not all that unusual. But I’m intrigued that his main Denver business is located only seven miles away from the theater, and like all the locations of interest in the shooting, is just a couple of blocks off a main road which leads directly to the theater. It also enjoys easy access to the theater shooting exercise and is even a bit closer. And there’s more to talk about along that line, but not just yet.

Yes, he worked for the Aurora Police Dept. at one time… briefly. The fellow is quite young for all he’s accomplished, his career suggesting a grooming process. He holds key jobs in a variety of firms across multiple states, just like I find in CIA fronts, but on a slightly smaller scale. So I found myself wondering what prompted media to pick up the phone and hunt him down for this interview.

Well, turns out he’s a paid professional standby media interviewee, just the sort of person that make wag-the-dog a viable mechanism. He’s also a paid professional witness in courtroom proceedings. I’m familiar with such persons. I call them ‘professional spoilers and spinners.’ They are a kind of Agenda Insurance mechanism called in to ‘fix things’. Of course, they could actually speak their true mind if they wanted to, and we might not even be able to tell the difference.

But I’m equally curious about what he said, which certainly fits the role of a spoiler. “I think he came here specifically to disengage, and I think the preparation became the assault at the theater. He had to disconnect in Colorado. There would be too many ways he would be seen or caught. It speaks of his personality and the level of preparation around this. His rationale behind his actions point to someone who wants to be admired or worshiped or revered for being a maniacal maniac.”

Excuse me? Nowhere in any of his background do we see any signs of his expertise in psychology. No Policeman… no security expert… no software peddler… no Board member of any corporation… should normally be considered as such. Yet he renders this wonderfully condemning picture of a mentally ill killer describing his innermost thought processes as if privy to personal interviews or reviews of details for which he could not possibly have knowledge. And media spins it as if authoritative?

Let’s shift focus to what was said, and the contradictions inherent. “I think he came here specifically to disengage…” And to think everyone else thought he came her to go to school. “and I think the preparation became the assault at the theater.” Uh… ‘preparation?’ Preparing to disengage? “He had to disconnect in Colorado. There would be too many ways he would be seen or caught. It speaks of his personality and the level of preparation around this.”

He’s trying to say James was distant to everyone so he could undertake his planning without being caught (which again begs the question, why send those plans to someone before the attack). He then goes on to say, “His rationale behind his actions point to someone who wants to be admired or worshiped or revered for being a maniacal maniac.” Excuse me, but this is psychobabble calculated to paint a picture in the mind of John Q. Public, who never questions talking head sound bites, but simply absorbs their tone and select key words. But I question them: He wants to be admired and worshiped? How does that fit with orange hair which he didn’t even bother to reveal at the theater? Should not he have revealed the hair early in the event, right in the theater, to make himself more famous and worthy of worship?

QUESTION 25: Why was Century Theaters targeted? Assume for a moment that political agenda was afoot by the NWO crowd for any of the three cited motives. If so, they could target any theater chain they wanted. One reason to target a given company over another is any loyalty to the NWO by those in ownership. And just to be clear — that’s not the same as saying they themselves were involved, but neither is involvement precluded from consideration. I illustrate the notion by asking you what company’s trucks are ALWAYS used by terrorists to blow stuff up? I’m sure you instantly said Ryder, and you would be correct. How is such a great ‘coincidence’ possible, when in some cases, competitor rental locations were much closer at hand?

Early on, I asked why, and I think I found the answer. Of all the big national rental agencies (in the industry, they prefer to be called Logistics firms), Ryder is the only one where the principle management are NOT part and parcel of the greater Military-Industrial-Intelligence-Media complex. For each of the other firms, however, key officers and Board members tend to have lots of ties to the military and military contractors, several to the intelligence community, and some to media. Nada for Ryder, at least the last time I checked (OKC Bombing — for which, by the way, my investigative findings resulted in startling revelations missed by everyone else).

So let’s look at Century Theaters and the two others making up the top three ranking chains in America (Century is number three). Century is a bit unique in that its management and theater ownership seems to be made up of a collective of smaller independent chains linking together: rebels against the big corporate firms who set out to be big by running independents out of business with overly competitive pricing and then buying them out for a song. That’s probably an exaggeration, at least some of the time, but it seems close to the mark. Their management is quite similar to that of Ryder: squeaky clean, and no ties to the greater motion picture industry. Moreover, management wise, they are doing a much better job than their competitors, making huge gains in profits this last year, while the others struggled to remain flush.

Number one in America is the Regal group. I find one officer of Regal came directly from a firm serving the Defense industry and the Federal Government; another is tied to MGM as a power player (TDKR was Warner Bros., a competitor to MGM); one comes from FEMA and is a member of a Federal Reserve Bank; one comes from the oil industry going back to Rockefeller oil interests in Pennsylvania, and that firm happens to use the same unique Web Site engine and design layout as Regal, so there is some key relationship in management which is not otherwise visible or stated. What is true, is that botfirms share some of the same major shareholders, but not large enough shares to account for like Web site constructs.

The most interesting and questionable point is that the largest shareholder (38%) in Regal is the Anschutz Investment company. Very interesting, given that the school James was attending was built with Anschutz money, and is thus named, the Anschutz Center. And, if you haven’t guessed it… they are also conveniently located about nine miles away, and three blocks off the same main street (East Colfax) where the Anshutz Center is located, and you know how close that is to the other key locations. Starts to get interesting, does it not?

Who is Anschutz, really? A few folks you’ve heard of… like Qwest (Century Link), U.S. West, Southern Pacific Railway (since acquired by Union Pacific), and other subsidiaries, and some major league sports teams (Kings, Lakers). Anschutz is VERY into media beyond just Regal Theataers, with many divisions in everything from publishing to film making (Chronicles of Narnia was theirs, among others). They also happen to run the corporate side of things (concessionaires) in National Parks (Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, Zion, Crater Lake, Death Valley, Mt. Rushmore, and many more).

But its their managers we should look too as a judge of their nature (the same people are involved in the Foundation and the Corporation, by and large, though they take care to draw distinct lines between them as separate entities and purposes). Only one is of any concern to us, here, and he comes from Enron (CIA front that bilked America) and Bankers Trust (there was that other financial bilking thing), though he not associated with BT in the recent debacle, and not everyone at ENRON knew it was CIA or knew what was going on, or they would have stopped it, right? Besides, BT gave the TARP money back, as it was less than $20 million, and hardly enough to cover executive bonuses. While these things greatly pique my interest, I would be remiss if I did not caution against drawing a negative conclusion with respect to indicating any association with the shooting.

Number two in America is number one in the World, AMC. Their ownership is, well, the Red Chinese Army. That’s right. Bought by China, lock, stock, and barrel. I don’t suppose they would have any motive for wanting to see Americans loose the right to be armed, do you? The purchase did not take place until May of this year, however, and that’s hardly enough time for an intelligence operation to be established, researched, planned, prepared for, and execute anything this fiendish… but that’s also conjecture, and presumes such a contingency operation was not started well before acquisition. In looking at the actual management in place, even after the takeover, they look pretty squeaky clean, too.

What does anschutz have to do with the aurora shooting?

Summary of problems

Too many witness accounts have too many people doing things which reveal more than a single gunman theory can match. Too many facts simply contradict logic and each other. Too many points of evidence scream multiple participants: two guns, two masks, someone had to open the outer door, someone had to hold shut the outer door, someone went into each theater to warn, someone discharged flash bang in the Lobby, and more. Someone had to know there was a simultaneous exercise, and it wasn’t some College kid. If you look at it in terms of Modus Operandi using the JFK assassination as a reference point, it is a classic intel cookie-cutter conspiracy, and looks this way:

Anschutz • The Lobby is our Grassy Knoll, where participants that we are told don’t exist were seen.
Anschutz Medical Center
Anschutz • The inner EXIT door is the Schoolbook Depository where we are expected to focus our attention, when the real zinger is elsewhere (the outer exit door).
Anschutz Investment 
Anschutz • Seegar is Reporter Bob Jackson, the only person who claimed to see a rifle in the Schoolbook Depository window, who pointed,
anschutz x and led us all on the  merry media chase which followed, and which pointed to a lone gunman..
Anschutz Corporation
Anschutz • The little girl is Officer Tibbet who had to die as an unexpected material witness, an unwanted complication to plans.
Anschutz Medical Center
Anschutz • The Car is The Texas Theater where the ‘lone gunman’ was magically found and taken easily.
Anschutz Investment 
Anschutz • The gas mask is the Magic Bullet for which we will hear all manner of creative explanations.
Anschutz Corporation
Anschutz  • The Psychiatrist is Jack Ruby (though a real assassination of Holmes by someone else may yet need transpire if the case starts to unravel).
Anschutz  She shoots Holmes with a call to Police forcing discovery of ‘lone gunman plans,’ just in case Police or media were not to believe he acted alone.
Anshcutz Medical Center
Anschutz  • The man who opened the EXIT door is our Oswald double in front of the Soviet Embassy in Mexico.
Anschutz Investment 
Anschutz  • The Apartment is Guy Banister’s Office where staging, operatives, and key elements were centralized.
Anschutz Corporation
Anschutz • The Bombs in his apartment are much like the Cubans in exile who traversed Banister’s office waiting to explode in war with Cuba.
Anschutz Medical Center
Anschutz • The security cameras are the Zapruder film, which the public didn’t get to see until more than a decade later.
Anschutz Investment 
Anschutz • James’ parents fit the puzzle in a way that Oswald’s Russian wife served, which was to hint at background covert matters. In Oswald’s case,
Anschutz • it helped define him as assassin. In James’ case, it may better define him as convenient patsy.
Anschutz Corporation
Anschutz • James’ participation and background in matters related to Political Control technology mirror Oswald’s work in top secret military radar programs.
Anschutz Medical Center
Anschutz • Judge Sylvester is the Warren Commission, sealing evidence and documents from public access.
Anschutz Investment 
Anschutz • People like me, Jon Rappaport, and other Web-based investigators are subbing for Jim Garrison, looking at the official reports incredulously,
Anschutz • and seeking to get at the truth. We will be doomed, of course, and merely labeled as ‘conspiracy theorist’ so they won’t need address the issues.
Anschutz • They even did that to Jim Garrison, after all
Anschutz Corporation
Anschutz • Anschutz (the Center, Investment company, or Foundation) is the New Orleans World Trade Mart where we may at some point find our Clay Shaw,
Anschutz • who may turn out in the end to be James’ psychiatrist, or even Mr. Foster. In fact, perhaps, we have our Man. One of Foster’s business addresses, recall,
Anschutz • enjoys easy access to the theater, and is even closer with like access to the shooting exercise site. Another business address he maintains is
Anschutz  only three blocks away from Anschutz corporate address in Denver, and in Guy Bannister’s dual-address fashion, yet another is right
Anschutz • around the corner. One of the organizations he cites in his credentials seems to have no presence on the Web or discernible address of any kind,
Anschutz • and yet another which does have Web presence cites no address… but seems to hold its meetings at… the Anschutz campus facility. So, once more,
Anschutz • why did Steven get to say what he said? In my book set Fatal Rebirth, I point out several traits of a CIA front. Clustering and multiple business names,
Anschutz • and address problems are among the many traits. Perhaps I should do more research on Anschutz and Foster. But for now, they are merely enigmas.
Anschutz Medical Center
Anschutz • What we really need right now is our Fletcher Prouty, an insider willing to come forward. I’m right here… waiting.
Anschutz Corporation

There is even a similarity to Oswald’s encounter with Police in the break room after the shooting: The police dispatch tape frequently makes reference to employees being found in the break room at the theater, though I doubt they were involved other than being employees, unlike Oswald. Everything is in place except the three hobos from the train yard. They were probably there but simply not noticed. If you listen to the full audio of the Police radio from Aurora, you get hints there may have been such persons of interest, but unlike Dallas, there was no follow on events which recorded details for posterity. In Dallas, a daytime event, people managed to get their picture.

Comparing James Holmes to JFK Assassination

An Alternate Scenario

All these contradictions can be easily reassembled to make sense without contradiction. And so I will, in chronological order, with hope that James’ defense attorney and family can make use of the information for their own investigative efforts:

This kind of operation would require long-term planning and early-stage steps to insure all elements were in place well before the actual shooting could unfold. Key among them would be putting wheels in motion for the staged theater shooting exercise. Such a project would need to be allowed to develop on its own, and the rest of the operation would need to be tuned to its dictates in loction and date… and someone on the inside would need to be part of the conspiracy, especially to control key details and to gain access to appropriate documentation such as badges, radio frequencies, names of participants, etc..

That, in turn, dictated the need to get James to move to Colorado and take up his position at Anschutz Center, and likely, his apartment close to the theater. If you think about it, arranging the close proximity of the theater, the apartment, the Center, and the location for the parallel ‘theater shooting exercise,’ suggests planning well ahead of anything alleged undertaken by James, especially the later, and one other related location yet to be discussed — by anyone. Such a tight grouping of key related locations does not happen coincidentally. So let’s presume all that done, and weapons and material ordered and delivered, and all such support material is in place. Here are the events which could better explain the conflicting facts.

Comparing James Holmes to JFK Assassination

1) The night before the shooting, James is acquired by one or more Operatives under a ruse or by hypnotic command, or after being sedated. He is taken to a safe house or motel, or may have been directed to go there directly to ‘meet’ someone, that he could be acquired. As result, he, his car, and his apartment are under control of operatives. Work on preparing the apartment booby traps and staging evidence there and in his car can begin at any time. It would be unwise to have multiple persons at James’ home for possible witnessing.

2a) Early in the day well before the theater opens, Jame’s car is driven by Operative A to the theater and parked at the key-most location early enough to insure no one else takes the spot. Two additional cars driven by Operative B and C tag along. One of these parks next to James’ car, nose pointed out, also to protect the spot for subsequent need. The other car provides a ride back for all of them.

2b) The early stages of the nearby staged theater shooting exercise also begin their cover operation for the day, most participants unaware of what is really to happen. All Operatives have suitable ID to illustrate participation in that operation should their cover be blown prematurely. They likely also carry Police Detective ID for any issues arising after the event.

3a) Late that night, tickets already in hand, Operatives A and B enter the theater complex well before show time for TDKR. Likely, this is just before the film in theater 10 is about to end. But while A buys popcorn and a drink and then takes a seat in 9, and waits, B goes directly to theater 10 just as or before the film ends to assure he will find himself alone once patrons exit. When so assured, he immediately takes the EXIT door in theater 10 and waits in the adjoining hallway. Update: we now know there was no adjoining hallway. Therefore, B would have instead have entered 9 early, not 10, and used the exit to arrange for the outer door to be opened for the shooter. THIS IS A CRITICAL POINT: SOMEONE HAD TO OPEN THAT OUTER DOOR FROM THE INSIDE.

3b) The Shooter, already dressed for the role except for headwear, drives a van (Perhaps marked as Police or Security) to the rear of the theater. You may prefer to presume the shooter dressed in the hallway once inside the rear of the theater. That is what the delay in time between the inner EXIT being opened and the Shooter’s appearance was likely intended to make you think. Operative C and James, in sedation or hypnotic control, is with him. He is dressed in identical shooter already preprepared with gunshot residue. His fingerprints are already placed on all the weapons. There may be required yet one other person, either an Operative or James’ Controller, perhaps a mind control psychiatrist. It depends only upon the nature of James’ mind and level of true cognizance.

4a) The van stops in front of James’ car leaving clearance for the second parked car, and the side door opens. Operative C exits and he drives the second car away to the nearest empty space while the Van backs into the now vacant spot.

4b) Operative C, leaves the parked secondary car and makes for the outside fire door while placing a call to Operative B waiting in the hallway. B opens the outer fire door for D, and it is rigged to allow reentry as needed.

4c) James’ is facilitated into his car with one or two Operatives standing watch to warn if anyone approaches, to avoid any awkward appearances which might warrant suspicion. For the purpose, Operative C or the Controller are likely in Police uniform for quick relief of more serious eventualities. This step is allowed a lot of time so that blocks of moments can be chosen for best chance at avoiding unwanted observers.

5a) By now, Seegar and her companion are somewhere in theater 9. But as her story does not fit other accounts, I suspect they were not seated where they claimed, and embellished story details for the sake of getting TV interviews. Or, they may have been Operatives A and B (in proper black overcoat, Seegar’s Sihlouett may have passed for a man’s), or they may indeed be paid actors. For our purposes, here, it matters not.

5b) At the same time or a similar point of progress, the Shooter enters the hallway with a bag containing weapons and head gear. If you favor the notion, the bag or bags could contain his assault clothing so that he could get dressed in the hallway. Add a second shooter here, as well, if you favor that option. Operative B will be with him/them, to help. At some point in the process he calls Operative A, who comes forward and opens the door so that Shooter can render it easy to open from the other side. A returns to the Lobby to wait. Shooter prepares and checks the weapons, and dons the headgear. B takes the empty bag to the van and then circles the building to enter Lobby, where he waits with A.

6) Everyone is in position and holds their places to a set timing mark for their next steps. A and B are in the Lobby. Shooter is in the hallway. Operative C and others are in the parking lot. C braces the outer exit door against any possible use by victims. Another operative may have braced the exit shared by theater 7 and 8, if you wish to so believe. (update: we now know no theaters shared exits, but other operatives may have blocked or at least had men positioned at each exit of adjacent theaters on both sides.) Blocking alone is not the first line of defenses against witnesses, but a failsafe should warnings not to use the exits be ignored. A precise accuracy of sequence is not possible given the level of access to witness statements afforded by the Web, which, being news interviews, generally fail to include references and details useful for the purpose. Regardless…

7a) Shooter enters and throws his smoke grenade. We might presume some one else used a cloth, hat, or glove to pick up the hot grenade and throw it back, or it may be that Operative A or B entered the theater and threw a second Grenade, and then retreated back into the Lobby. Operative C blocks the outer exit door against the ability to be opened from the inside.

7b) Shooter then fires a shot into the air, and opens fire on the persons close enough to him that they might be able to interfere if finding the courage or opportunity. Rendering them a zero threat, he turns his attention to the crowd, who has by now had time to make their way into the aisles, providing two target rich kill zones. Since the farthest Aisle is largely protected by the balcony stair/wall, he shoots there, first. Some rounds penetrate the walls into theater 8. He then turns his attention to the Aisle he stands in, for which he has a clear line of fire all the way to the entrance. Once shooting has begun, second shooter might be able to enter unnoticed, but I do not think it possible not to be seen for the whole time. One of these efforts kills the parent(s) or guardian(s) of Jane Doe, a little girl of unknown identity.

7c) Operatives A and B discharge flash-bang and smoke grenades in the Lobby area to deter Police entry and usefulness from that approach. They then enter theaters 8 and 10 respectively to give warnings against using the EXIT doors to the parking lot as that would create unwanted witnesses.

7d) Update: This story element would seem to be a lie as it is based on Eric Hunters statement, now known to be false. However a caveat is in order. It is possible Hunder was in theater 10 and did see evidence of fired rounds penetrating into 10. It is possible he saw ‘something’ on the carpet and later presumed it was blood, or embellished. But it is impossible that he might have rescued two girls from Theater 9 because the only emergency exit in 10 is on the far right of the screen, with 9 to the left of the screen.

Yet there is this possibility, and it dovetails with other steps in this walk through: since Hunter was coming down the steps of the balcony area by his description, and obviously looking down to watch his step at least some of the time (else how see the blood?), then that means anyone might have used the emergency exit ahead of him. If so, it is indeed possible that when he reached and opened the door to the exit, that he encountered two girls and saw a third person which he might have assumed to be the Shooter from theater 9.

To do this, at the time of his statements, he would have had to erroneously presume that theater 9 was to the right instead of the left. That would not be too hard to do, especially if the bullets he thought entering were actually bullets which had already entered from the left and seen striking the right wall where he saw them. But that’s not the important aspect of the two girls story.

Unless a total fabrication, it is indeed possible there were three people in the hallway, two of them girls, one of them wounded. But if so, why were the two girls and the third person trying to get back in? The ONLY way that makes sense, given we know they did not come from theater 9, is if they had been in 10, fled the emergency exit, and once they got to the outer door, were turned back by a second gunman.

THAT could account for any injury, as well (but also, gunfire through the wall from 9 entering 10), and we might presume that, if turned back by a gunman, both the girls and Hunter presumed it to be the Shooter, when in point of fact, it would have to be a second (or third, etc.) participant.

Regardless of if Hunter lied or was foolish, the only possible reason that the Shooter might shoot the adjoining wall remains valid, as explained in the pre update text which follows (end of update, this section, more update2, further below), and that reason dovetails with the above paragraph in confirmation. Therefore, the original material remains seemingly valid, except for how the girls got into the exit hallway — AND did not come from theater 9, at all:

To better insure that theater 10 occupants do not use the EXIT, the Shooter fires at the wall between 9 and 10, immediately to his left, at which point his gun might have jammed. In any event, he is no longer facing centrally to the audience area. While he is attempting to remedy the jam, or facing away and shooting the wall, two teen girls make a break, perhaps having used the darkened area beneath the screen for additional cover, and go behind Shooter to the EXIT. Shooter, frustrated with the inability to fix the gun, sees the girls, or, if the gun had not jammed, he saw them and decided the rifle not the best weapon. He pulls a Glock and empties it in their direction and discards it, but does not yet give chase. He knows the girls will be trapped by Operative C who blocks the outer exit door. A second shooter complicates this explanation, which is a second reason I do not favor it.

Note: One possible remedy to the jam might have been to insert a standard ammo magazine, which would explain why the second gun had magazine and the drum was left inside. Alternately, we might wish to think he never had anything in the gun BUT a standard clip or two, and the half-empty drum was a prop left behind for Congressional anti-gun lobby delight.

7e) The girls are now in the adjoining hallway, but when they try to open the outer door, they find it blocked. Eric Hunter did ignore instructions from Operative B and opens the EXIT where he finds the girls, which he ends up helping back into 10. At this same time, Shooter is ejecting his ammo drum half used, either because it actually jammed, or because it was intended to be left behind to insure the use thereof made it into the press to stir angst against the right to bear arms. He then follows after the girls to kill them.

7f) update: as discussed immediately above, Hunter’s false statement completely invalidates this step, and yet, reanalysis based on discovery of the false statement, shows (also above) an alternate explanation which supplants this one. We might amend to say, it appears that yet another operative was at the exit door to prevent anyone from exiting and seeing anything there to illustrate a conspiracy.

We might even dare presume the two girls have simply elected not to come forward in the realization that, given the official story is a lone shooter lie, that to do so would put them in the same boat as the many witnesses who reported seeing a shooter on the grassy knoll, and soon thereafter met with strange accidents. If I had seen something, I’d conclude such a risk.

Shooter did chase the girls, but could not get past the EXIT door in 10 being held shut by Hunter. While he is attempting it, Jane Doe enters the hallway and is not noticed because Shooter’s vision is limited in a gas mask. It is not safe for shooter to take off his gas mask until there are no possible witnesses, if he is not Holmes — and there was likely some gas in the hallway. Shooter abandons his efforts and makes for the outer exit door and the parking lot. This may be because he is told Police are now approaching the scene via his communications earpiece, warned by Operatives outside based on their assessment of Police sirens. While this is going on, the little girl shot in the theater, and trapped by the body of an adult, is being given CPR by an young teenager, but she will die, and is clearly not Jane Doe.

8a) Operative C also knows that as Police near the scene, it is time for him to act. He releases the outer EXIT door for use by Shooter and enters the van to prepare for getaway. The side doors are open, engine running. Any others present are also ready to go, and James is seated in his car staring blankly, and largely oblivious.

8b) When Shooter opens the door to the outside, the little girl follows (also complicated if there is a second shooter, a third reason for disfavor), and is seen by Operative C as he looks sharply over his right shoulder through the side doors at the EXIT door, looking for Shooter. Shooter is told about Jane and he drops his gun to grab her, and in the struggle her shoes fall off. Perhaps because Shooter had to stoop, and being encumbered with weapons, he may have fallen to the ground, giving Jane a chance at freedom and a head start. He has thus far not even had a chance to remove his gas mask. Because James’ car obscures the details below hood height, and it is night, and all clothing and weapons are black, no one in the Van sees the Shooter drop the gun, and so, they do not retrieve it.

8c) Shooter regains his feet and gives chase as Police actually start to arrive on scene. He may have elected to leave his gas mask on to insure that if anyone saw him, they would not see his face (no orange hair). By the time he catches up to her at the corner of the building, Police see him at distance and call the sighting in to Dispatch; “suspect in gas mask.” The girl may have been concealed visually by cars parked in their line of sight.

8d) Shooter either looses his mask in the struggle or removes it as he makes his way back toward the exit with the girl. It is dropped very near the corner, leaving his hand free to procure his knife. It is soon over except for the bleeding. He lets her body slump forward to prevent blood from covering his clothing as a tell-tale marker, and carries her back to the doorway in a run and drops her.

8e) He likely saw Police and knows time is short. He leaves the gun on the ground or presumes it already picked up, and directly makes for and enters the van which pulls away. If a Police van with one or more uniformed occupants, escape would be assured. If not Police, a calm, cool driving speed and bravado would see them through. Police quickly zero in on James.

9) James is apprehended, and the story plays out in media. The second gun (in the car) is, in my opinion, likely there to imply James was prepared for an extensive standoff. But the second gas mask was not intended to be left behind. Operative(s) A and/or B use the confusion of the greater event to enter the security camera video room and replace or sabotage the tapes. They will flash Police ID if challenged. The first Policeman to arrive at James’ car who is able calls dispatch to report finding Jane Doe, and requesting an ambulance. But one cannot come, because they also find an IED in James’ car, and are waived off. A request to use a Police car is made, and that is likely why there were no chalk marks. But the mystery remains.

Note: since writing this post, the strange drowning death of expert swimmer and athlete nurse, Jennifer Gallagher, has been reported. One is moved to wonder if perhaps the little girl brought to a Hospital had been left in her care, and if perhaps someone was worried the little girl had managed to tell her something. Dead or alive, talking or not — no matter to the killer, because it would not do for a victim to exist with a knife wound and no murder weapon to be found at the crime scene. This would require that her body (dead or alive) and records of her presence would need be taken from the Hospital. If, for whatever reason, it was felt the nurse was the only one who knew about the child (which would be most unusual to normal hospital routines), she, too, would need to die. While this notion should not be a very likely scenario under normal hospital procedures, in a mass shooting with lots of victims, procedures may have been let drop, making it easier to ‘fix’ the situation. In any event, we need to know what happened to Jane Doe, and if it had anything to do with Jennifer’s tragic end. And, in keeping with the JFK analysis earlier offered… dozens of eye witnesses in Dallas suffered mysterious deaths in the weeks to months following the assassination.

10) Jame’s psychiatrist, not receiving a package intended for earlier delivery, calls Police over a package which is received ‘because it has no return address.’ I know you call the cops when that happens all the time.

And now you likely know more than ever before, more than Police are willing to admit, more than those behind this event would wish you to know.

All I want to know is the truth, and the current official version does not fit the bill. Yet I’m unhappy with my explanation, too, because if IT is true, it means the enemy who deems citizens expendable pawns for political power grabs is somewhere in the Military-Industrial-Intelligence-Media Complex. And the problem with that is… they are everywhere.

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25 Questions No One Has Asked About Aurora Shooting (pt. 2)

You can always spot a conspiracy at work… was james holmes a patsy by DOD or CIA? whenever you see evidence of a cover up in play

Our review continues from PART I, by H. Michael Sweeney, Copyright © 2012 all rights reserved. No reproduction permissions will be granted for the first 90 days. Links only, please.

In review: This in-depth series of posts will reveal startling new investigative issues for the first time, anywhere. The detail required to make concise arguments on a long list of critical elements forces it to be offered in installments. You may wish to subscribe to be sure you do not miss one along the way. Doing so, you will discover:

  • Three motives for making James Holmes a Patsy with Fascism as benefactor, and two possible motives for targeting Century Theaters
  • Easy link access to the key-most videos and images for each critical point of evidence presented in a logical, easy to follow order.
  • Reasoning there were at least three additional helpers involved in a professional black operation backed up by even more supporting players
  • Introduction of an actual political REASON for targeting The Dark Knight Rises (TDKR), a reason which fits one of the proposed motives
  • 25 key questions missed by almost everyone, the answer to any one of which could easily provide reasonable doubt that it was a lone gunman event
  • A walk-through narrative portraying an alternate scenario which fits all  conflicting facts into a workable reality.

James Holmes was a patsy Part Two

James Holmes was a patsy

 second gas mask and gun in aurora prove holmes a patsy

If you missed part one, click here

QUESTION 8: Who warned people not to use the EXIT in theater 8, and why? Tim McGrath mentions it, and I’ve seen but lost track of one other witness who confirmed the same point. Tim says the people in 8 were panicking and trying to leave. Toward the end of the clip he states someone entered the theater from the Lobby area and warned everyone not to go outside because the shooter was outside. Excuse me? How would they know this? If there was, WHO was it, because according to this witness, shooting was still going on in theater 9? Could this be misinterpretation or misunderstanding? I’d be open to the suggest except that it also happened in theater 10…

QUESTION 9: Who warned people not to use the EXIT in theater 10, and why? At 2:50 AM Channel 9 coverage has a witness from (by deduction) theater 10 who describes events while the shooting was going on in theater 9.  We really need to pin down if it was theater 10, so here is the deductive logic thread: Someone came into the theater from the left entrance, and warned them not to go outside, again while shooting was still taking place. Theater 9 would be to the left of theater 10, and theater 7 would be the left of theater 8. It would not be logical to presume someone further away from events (nearer to theater 7) to either be criminally involved or otherwise inclined or able to perceive a need for a warning. Any such person would need be closer, so it had to be theater 10. So again, who and why… would someone issue a warning without basis for such knowledge?

QUESTION 10: Why were bullets going through the walls into both theater 8 and 10? A look at the theater diagram from the Denver Post reveals that it would be logical for some rounds to pass through into 8, but there are only two ways it could have happened in theater 10. Either there was a second shooter unseen because people were attempting to hide or flee with their backs to the screen, or James deliberately turned his weapon on the wall. It is also possible any second shooter went behind the screen to appear in the dark on the far side, making them hard to see, but only if they used a silencer to completely suppress flash. This would create a distinctive sound witnesses did not report, as far as we know. Only in a cross fire situation should bullets logically enter 10, as shooting the wall is illogical. Why would James waste rounds to shoot the wall, especially since his shooting spree was ended prematurely when his gun jammed? Has anyone counted the bullet holes and compared to the half-empty magazine?

QUESTION 11: Who wore the second gas mask and used the second rifle found behind the theater? We have multiple Police statements which confirm James was found in his car and had with him in his car, a gas mask, and three guns: an AR-15 rifle, a Remington 870 shotgun, and a Glock handgun, with a second handgun and the high-capacity drum canister for the AR-15 discarded inside the theater.

Yet we have photographic evidence, Police radio traffic (18 minutes in), and additional statements to the press which prove a second mask and weapon were found lying on the ground behind the theater. The gun was at the threshold of the EXIT door, and the gas mask was found all the way at the end of the building, some 150 feet away from the EXIT and Jame’s car, where ‘the shooter’ is first reported being seen. The gas mask is part of a whole other series of questions which are the most troubling, of all. So why did James bring but not use two rifles, and two gas masks? And why does that weapon show a standard magazine (the light gray forward appendage). We were led to believe he quit shooting because his drum magazine jammed (which he left inside). Curious, as I would have thought the gun would be sans clip of any kind.

2nd gun with standard clip, girls shoes at outer exit leading to theater 9 & 10
2nd gas mask at far corner of building well away from where James waited

QUESTION 12: Why did the shooter not shoot the first and most logical victim? Jennifer Seeger clearly describes on ABC, a rifle being the first gun used to shoot into the air, and then it was leveled at her, but the shooter paused and did not shoot. She dropped to the ground and he instead opened fire on the crowd behind her. The clues to the answer as to why may lay in the next few questions.

QUESTION 13: Why does one witness says the first gun used was a rifle, and another a shotgun? We know he had both a Remington 870 shotgun and an AR-15 rifle with him. Both witnesses state the gun used was aimed directly at them, and both were within a couple of yard’s distance of the shooter and near to each other, and both took cover quickly. There are several other questions regarding these accounts, but the bottom line is that there is both a visual difference in the appearance of such weapons, and a stark difference between them their sound when fired. It is inconceivable that one can misidentify a shotgun as a rifle some mere feet away, especially once fired. Does the 870 shown at right look like a rifle, to you? Does the rifle look like a shotgun?

Which is which? Is it that hard to tell? What about the sound difference?

We have already examined Jenifer Seegar’s account. Here is the shotgun account by witness, Pierce O’Farrell, in a Channel 9 report, In point of fact, he was immediately shot at and wounded by shotgun, twice — once before being able to gain cover, and the second while he lay low.  All witnesses seem quite believable taken on their own, but I find a shooting victim with medical treatment confirming their story more credible than someone unscathed. Why two distinctly different accounts? Again, other questions may hold the answers…

QUESTION 14: Why did several witnesses stick around for more than a day and well into the night and even the next day after the shooting to be interviewed endlessly by local and national media, to include multiple appearances on a given media outlet? I raise this question because they both tended to use the same individualized phrases and hand gestures over and over, and both emphasize a lone gunman. In some cases, the cameras seem rather far back to insure we see the gestures. In fact, one of them goes overboard in his efforts, consistently waxing emotional to the point of tears. More to the point, the conflicting facts cited above play into the matter, and may be why more than one ‘conspiracy theorist’ has suggested these are paid actors intending to Wag-the-Dog.

Here is the man, Chris Ramos, on CNN. This is him on ABC. The others are Jenifer Seegar and her friend from the ‘rifle’ account just spoken of. She is seen here on ABC, and here on CNN. Her companion who frequently appears with her but who hardly speaks, becomes a kind of ‘silent confirmation’ to cement the reality of her statements. If these habitual appearances are not a Wag-the-Dog plot element, I’d like to know what they really are? Seegar’s not being shot and not knowing which weapon first was used suggests she was not actually present — but if that’s true, then the only way she could have known about the first shot being in the air would be if she was a participant with prior knowledge of the plan. There are yet other clues of Wag-the-Dog forces in play, as seen next.

QUESTION 15: How did CNN’s Wolf Blitzer manage to so quickly have available a slick 3-D computer-rendered, fully touch-screen interactive replay of the crime, and why was it altered between airings? His show, some 12 hours after the shooting, but only a few hours after witness accounts and Police statements useful for the purpose were known, provided the most comprehensive report yet available, and put EVERYTHING from the OFFICIAL  STORY into clear context. Find it here, the third video down in the group of smaller videos toward page bottom. How did they mange to have this super sophisticated technology ready to go so quickly, unless prepared in advance?

I am additionally concerned because subsequent use of the same presentation in a later program is altered. The first presentation shows only James’ entry via the EXIT and the aftermath (e.g., the kicking in the door first impression). The second shows someone going to the EXIT from within the theater to the EXIT door, depicting them LEAVING, which NO WITNESS HAS DESCRIBED, followed shortly by the shooter’s entrance (as if not expecting someone would end up recounting the man opening the door, and thus it does NOT show him returning from the door, but vanishing). Witnesses specifically describe the man from inside as NOT leaving the theater by the EXIT and a significant delay before the shooter arrives.

You see the altered version here at one minute into the CNN video.  This change took place after challenges to the ‘kick the door’ claims were taking hold on the Web, perhaps best exemplified by Alex Jones’ special report to that end earlier in the day. Yet the witness reports about the man opening the door (and NOT leaving) were known to media before even the first airing. Why was it not included in the first place if not Wag-the-Dog? Why was it subsequently altered to an INCORRECT depiction, later? Yet one more possible clue follows…

Was Aurora shooting a DOD or CIA operation?

The next installment asks these important questions:

James Holmes • How did CBS News know to describe ‘buckets of ammunition’ before anyone had seen inside Jame’s apartment?
James Holmes • Why did the shoot try to get into theater 10 after leaving 9 when his gun was jammed?
James Holmes • Why was James so calm when arrested when the official reason is impossible?
James Holmes • Why did James allegedly mail his attack plan to arrive well before the attack?
James Holmes • Why did his Psychiatrist call Police when it was not delivered to insure they found it anyway? 
James Holmes • Why was almost everyone in James’ life connected directly or indirectly with Mind Control technology?
James Holmes • And more…
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25 Questions No One Has Asked About Aurora Shooting

Answering them reveals there was no lone gunman

A careful in-depth review by an author who specializes in crimes of the NWO and Intelligence Community, to include MC, by H. Michael Sweeney, Copyright © 2012 all rights reserved. No reproduction permissions will be granted for the first 90 days. Links only, please.

This in-depth article will reveal dozens of startling new investigative issues for the first time, anywhere. The detail required to make concise arguments on a long list of critical elements forces it to be offered in installments. You may wish to subscribe to be sure you do not miss one along the way. Doing so, you will discover:

  • Three motives for making James Holmes a Patsy with Fascism as benefactor, and a possible motive for targeting Century Theaters
  • Easy link access to the key-most videos and images for each critical point of evidence presented in a logical, easy to follow order.
  • Reasoning there were at least three additional helpers involved in a professional black operation backed up by even more supporting players
  • Introduction of an actual political REASON for targeting The Dark Knight Rises (TDKR), a reason which supports one of the proposed motives for choosing James Holmes as Patsy
  • 25 key questions missed by almost everyone, the answer to any one of which could easily provide reasonable doubt that it was a lone gunman event, or that James even pulled a trigger
  • A walk-through narrative portraying an alternate scenario which fits all  conflicting facts into a workable reality.

 James Holmes was a patsy Part One 

James Holmes was a patsy

Introduction: my credentials and methods


H. Michael Sweeney

The reader, if to have confidence in my commentary, should know my credentials. I write this as an author of seven books ( generally upon topics which relate directly in any analysis of the matters in Aurora. That includes the topic of Political Control Technology (PCT — mind control), which mainstream media and government still refuses to acknowledge as a real and valid topic. This they do despite the blatantly available facts which abound, even to include evidence uncovered by Congressional Investigation. My full bio is available here.

But before we get into the meat of these matters, I want you to please stop and see this one video which is by far the most emotional and heart tugging (in a good way) of witness accounts: Jamie Rohre, telling how he and his family were under fire, and the frantic events and steps taken while worrying about his infants and their Mother from whom he had become separated. They were apparently not married, but the interview reveals that once reunited in the hospital, he immediately proposed, and she accepted. WORTH A WATCH. Good can overcome tragedy when you let it.

James Holmes was a patsy

Motives and Political Hay vs. Justice

I would hope my feeble efforts would raise serious questions for not just citizens, but also in the minds of officials; questions which a moral person should rightly feel in clear need of answering if justice is to be served. Questions which might lead any legal defense team working for James to a useful defense proving him innocent. Unfortunately, I have no reason to believe that is the goal of either the Court or the Police in this matter, and suspect any defense will be guaranteed to be marginal, at best. As common in all prior mass shooting events, assassination plots, and terrorist events, political hay is more important than a statue of a blindfolded lady, or her set of scales.

Motive 1: The most popular motive talked about the Web is the most obvious; the ‘trade your rights for security’ myth, a key step in order to allow a tighter Police State grip on the people. The hay in mass shootings and assassination plots is gun control, which is the key-most step on the way toward a Police State, and the only way it could long survive or even come to power in America. The proof of these remarks is perhaps easiest to illustrate by the ‘coincidence’ that in every shooting or terror event, Congress just happens to have in hand legislation ready for quick approval (but not reading or due debate) which provides a good deal of such hay for their New World Order horses.

In Aurora, it would be found in three forms, the first of which was, rather than a new law, a need to discuss the United Nations Treaty on Small Arms. Constitutionalists and gun owners fear the Treaty would force the 2nd Amendment to be repealed and guns to be confiscated, the approval of which was scheduled to be determined in a matter of mere days after the shooting. Fortunately, the effort failed and the treaty was not signed, but that does not end the matter; the U.N. has simply rescheduled for reconsideration to give them time to attempt to make the treaty more appealing (the US was not the only country to refuse it), and a new a sales pitch (more mass shootings, perhaps, such as the Temple shooting in Wisconsin?). I have already screamed my warning thoughts on the gun-grab topic in a series of posts cited at the end of this post. For the best overview of the treaty with both sides of view, visit the Judge Ben C. Green Law Library.

Motive 2: Less commonly discussed, but also logical; the Web is flush with stories stating James’ Father is a whistle blower set to testify in a Federal matter which would, if found damaging, be a potential motive for using as Patsy, his son. His father developed software used to monitor banking transactions for fraud, and it is said that his program detected and can prove where the trillion dollar losses really went — as criminal profits. Imagine trading a finding of mental incapacitation instead of a death sentence in exchange for favorable testimony. As result, his Father is said to have been scheduled to appear as a witness in a Federal Court as a whistleblower. At this point I would be remiss if not admitting the factual value as a motive is based on early speculation, as there has been no useful verification of any such court appearance. It would take considerable study of his Father’s situation to find facts before I accept it as factual, but it is sufficient a red flag as to deserve such study. Read about that, here.

Even more interesting, as a related mater, is that TDKR plot line is rather a strong parallel to the financial crimes under consideration. It may be EXACTLY THE REASON why James, and why TDKR. There is an excellent review of the film with that view in mind, here, with some useful background info on the software in question. Later, we will see there is also a potential reason why Century Theaters.

Motive 3: Also a matter to be determined more concretely, the third potential motive remains quite consistent with my findings in case after case when working with targeted individuals. I’m talking about victims of PCT, which is what I fear James Holmes is based on the wealth of clues in the greater picture. Such persons are always targeted for a reason. Almost always, that reason is FEAR of what the individual knows about some covert and illegal or immoral government Agency’s doings.

James Holmes, like so many of my clients, worked in projects associated with such an Agency; in his case, DARPA, the Defense Advance Research Project Agency. The work, in fact, specifically dealt with matters relating to Political Control Technology, though that is certainly not how they choose to describe it publicly. Learn more about his work, here.

What I find particularly interesting is that, in Jame’s case, the location where this work was undertaken was only two main intersections away from the shooting, essentially on the same Street. Just as interesting, is that he lived just ten minutes by foot away from work, only a couple of blocks from the theater, also just off of that same street, again. We will find some significance in that, later.

Being a PCT victim or even a threat to the entire PCT program would not in and of itself be a motive to set up an elaborate ploy to have them put away for life. There would be simpler solutions. However, if considered such a threat, it would make them a more logical candidate for Patsy among other candidates for a project which was slated regardless of if it was to be James, or not. Better to kill two birds with one stone than two stones.

With these motives and curiosities in mind, let’s tear into the conflicts inherent within the official story:

 James Holmes was a patsy

What we told and can see raises serious questions

“Conspiracy theories” happen when there are obvious questions ignored by officials in government and media (Elephants in the room), where presented facts do not jive one with another. This is always the first hallmark of a cover up in a major story. I should make clear to the reader: there is NEVER a cover up UNLESS there is a CONSPIRACY. A cover up REQUIRES it, in fact, or it becomes impossible to arrange — especially when the “the only person of interest” is behind bars and cannot so arrange. Now, because media has not asked ANY of the questions herein, we must assume such a cover up has begun. Failure to question is a tell-tale hallmark which soon enough results in charges of ‘conspiracy theorists’ when challenged.

So let’s take a look at some of the questions I find most troubling, and address them. I’m not talking about external matters such as reports that FBI pulled a terror warning regarding theater attacks being a possibility. I’m talking about shooting details, doing so because I’m anxious to be called conspiracy theorist one more time, because I love pointing out that’s just a labeling game to avoid discussing issues. So, after I ask all the questions, I’ll present the ONLY plausible scenario which answers all the questions without contradictions, a replay of the crime as a false flag event involving multiple participants.

QUESTION 1: Why did a Judge, within mere hours of the shooting, order all records sealed in this matter as ‘contrary to public interests?’ What facts had been uncovered that early in the investigation which prompted such a concern? It would not be until well into the next day that facts even started to usefully unfold for such an important consideration. I’d like to know who moved for such a ruling, and the reasoning behind their request (stated reasons do not always equate to actual motive). Could it have been a call from Washington D.C., which sparked it?

QUESTION 2: Why was there a training exercise based on the same exact scenario underway at the same time, less than ten minutes away? The Denver Post reports such an exercise indeed took place at the Parker Medical Institute. A common theme in ‘terrorist’ events thought to be a false flag operation, is the holding of a training exercise for exactly the same type event at the same general place and time. This was certainly the case for Sept. 11 and the Subway/Bus bombing in London, for instance, and I seem to recall it being so with the Saran gas attacks in Japan.

QUESTION 3: Why did media first talk about the “lone shooter” effecting his crime by “kicking in the EXIT door?” Like all patsy shooting events, the initial stories given to and relayed by media without question create the all-important ‘first and lasting impression’ in the minds of the public. It would be impossible for anyone to kick in a fire door designed to open outward. In like manner, with the confusion clearly in place, no one could know with confidence at the outset that there was only one shooter, even if true.

No witness could rightly so claim. No Cop would be so foolish as to make such a statement. I would hope no reporter would invent it. But several early news accounts, including one aired on FOX Radio (play the second audio file on the linked page) a single witness identified (in print) only as ‘Pam,’ said exactly that.  Why, unless a ‘planted’ statement for Wag-the-Dog* media manipulation? The first known airing was actually from NBC affiliate, Channel 9, on the scene. From their unthinking quote of ‘Pam’, news people everywhere simply repeated the line, just as mindlessly, and as if fact. Isn’t that a great way to get an initial mental image out into the public?

Was Aurora shooting a DOD or CIA operation?

James Holmes * An expression whereby news is manipulated by Men in Black to make people think things are much different than they really are,
James Holmes    popularized and hilariously illustrated in the Book and film of the same name starring Dustin Hoffman, Robert De Niro, 

QUESTION 4: Why did ABC News deliberately take James’ Mother’s quote out of context to indicate ‘they had the right person’ in arresting James? She has officially protested through legal counsel that that statement was in confirmation to HER identity upon first contact by phone. Again, media twists words and thereby assures ‘first and lasting impressions,’ a known Wag-the-Dog tactic.

QUESTION 5: Who lobbed gas canisters into the Lobby? At 3:29AM, as part of an interview with Police Chief Dan Oates after capture of James Holmes at the rear of the theater complex, a Channel 9 report  reveals a lone gunman entered the lobby and discharged a gas canister and THEN went on the shooting spree. As we will soon see, there are other reasons to believe someone was in the Lobby doing just that. In fact, multiple someones. Did the man in the Lobby have orange hair? No one is telling, no one is asking. Why?

We might reasonably assume the above report an error, an assumption. But in a Web radio interview with witness Tim McGrath who was in theater 8 adjacent to the theater 9 where the shooting took place, we learn that while the shooting took place, there were FLASHES seen with the loud pops described as coming from behind, which would be the lobby/hallway area. It would, after all, be impossible to see any visual signs of activity in the adjacent theater where the shooting took place. So there really was additional activity in the lobby area such as flash bang smoke grenades, as confirmed by the other reports. Moreover, the Police dispatch audio tape appears to reference the front door (Lobby entrance) as being ‘blown out,’ at about 3:50 into the audio.

These events could in no way be undertaken by James Holmes, as he would need to take the time to exit the lobby after throwing canisters and make his way all the way around the building to the back, change clothes, arm himself, and then enter via the EXIT… in time for them to go off in the Lobby and be seen and heard while he is shooting. It makes no sense. How is this possible without at least one accomplice?

QUESTION 6: Who opened the EXIT in theater 9 for James? We now have multiple witnesses who saw someone within the theater open the EXIT door something like 20 minutes before it was used by the shooter. Without stating it in so many words, it is clear Police think it Holmes who opened the door, and then exited the theater through the Lobby to go around to the back where he prepared himself and then used that door.

But there is an oddity, here, because the man opening the door is not described by any witness as having blazing orange hair.  Why not? It was not seen on the shooter, either, because of his head covering. Why wear the hair if not intending to show it? We will come back to this question. But we also have to ask, by what logic or reasoning would James not simply take the EXIT directly to his car and then return? Why return into the theater/lobby area, at all, unless it be a different person with yet another assignment to be fulfilled who did so?

QUESTION 7: How did the shooter gain entrance to REAR EXIT of the building at the time of the shooting? We know how he gained entrance to the theater through the EXIT door but that doorway led only to a short hallway serving theater 10 and 9 together, to yet another secure fire door opening to the lot where James’ car was parked. How did that door get opened for James? No one on the Web has addressed this question before me, and I think I know the answer.

Was Aurora shooting a DOD or CIA operation?

The next installment asks these questions:

James Holmes • Who warned people not to use the EXIT doors advising the shooter was outside, and why?
James Holmes • Why did the shooter waste bullets shooting at a blank wall causing bullets to enter theater 10?
James Holmes • Who wore the second gas mask and used the second rifle found at the scene?
James Holmes • Why did the shooter not shoot the most logical victim?
James Holmes • Why did that victim describe the first weapon used was a Rifle, when another says shotgun – who was indeed shot by a shotgun?
James Holmes • And more…
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Updated: Confidential Conversations that Never Happened…

A parody of real-life mechanisms in conspiracy cleanup (coverup contingencies)

by H. Michael Sweeney
permission to duplicate granted provided reproduced in full and all links remain in tact, with credit given to the author and as source.

James holmes is a patsy in a false flag operation

Update Aug. 29, 2012: As result of the popularity of my multi-part post on the Aurora shooting which is the most exhaustive review of facts to date, and because of the revelations the investigation involved in the effort have afforded, this post is woefully inadequate and no longer reflects the true concerns. Therefore, this update is actually a major rewrite to make it more in harmony with the true facts, rather than the early conjecture available on the Web at the time of its first writing. Additions or changes heralded in red. Any original material remains in tact, but in strike-through text, as I do not wish anyone to feel the material may have been censored for any other cause. Article begins:

Whenever the official story starts to have cracks in it, the cleaners go to work in Wag-the-Dog fashion, and power is applied to the weakest pressure points to make things ‘better for all concerned.’  As one CIA operative (one of the clean-cut train hobos at Dallas in ’63 set to cause a ruckus if the Grassy Knoll escape plan looked like it might be compromised) told me, “History is what we say it is, and it will not be changed by you or anyone else.”

Er… OK. But don’t fault me for trying the truth now and then, and forgive me with any liberties I take in the absence of good solid news reports full of details and hard facts… a matter which always makes me wonder what we are really dealing with…

James holmes a mind-controlled patsy?
                                                                                Come the terror at night,
                                                                                            or by day,
                                                                                the citizens Plight is,
                                                                                            or it may,
                                                                                be which one is right,
                                                                                            by what they say,
                                                                                who is guilty of the fright,
                                                                                            and how shall we repay?
                                        I wrote that with Aurora in mind, but it applies to a long American history of dark bumps in the dark, does it not?
James holmes is a patsy in a false flag operation
Aurora was a horror of unimaginable evil, yet I can’t help but believe the cause of it was a greater and even more unfathomable evil than we can know. This parody is to help you see the several reasons I am so concerned. But I remind you I was not there, and I cannot know enough but to be dangerous to those that do. Read between the lines on that statement, as it has double meaning.
James holmes is a patsy in a false flag operation

Added section: Ring: The receiver is lifted, but no greeting is offered, the Executive seated at the expansive desk in a plush office recognizing the calling number.

Voice on line: “The script will be ready on July 20. Adjust your plans accordingly.” The line went dead and the Executive hung up, and then dialed a number of his own.

Executive: “I’m green lighting Drum Roll. Production can begin at once, with a shooting date set for July 20. Make sure the cast and props are ready by then, and there are no problems in the storyboarding and rehearsals.” And then he hangs up.

Note: Double speak is the intelligence community perfected ‘art’ of speaking in the open about something by couching key matters in allegory or parable form. In the above example, we see how someone in the motion picture industry might talk about a film production… that was really something else… Drum Roll being the role played by the drum magazine in the shooting. Storyboarding means contingency planning, and rehearsals means that everyone knows the plan forwards and backwards. The script refers to the scheduled date of the theater shooting exercise which ‘just happened’ to be being held the same day of the shooting some ten minutes away off the same Freeway access as enjoyed by the Century theater. Interesting because high-risk intel ops such as would be true of a false flag operation, tend to employ a similar ‘drill’ for a like event on the same day and in the same city. This provides a cover operation so that if an operative is compromised, they will not be arrested and the plot can be aborted without exposure of the truth. End of added section.

James holmes is a patsy in a false flag operation

Ring:  “Hello? News reporter here.”

Recognized voice: “The word’s going out to all our newsies… be sure to point out he had over $20,000 in high-tech equipment, and have another story by someone else suggest there is reason to believe there were Islamic ties, and be sure to play up the gun violence angle. And be sure not to mention he worked on that DARPA* project to develop super soldiers. That U.N. Treaty must be signed!”

News reporter:  “But the shooting just happened. There’s been no time for an investigation, yet. What’s our source?”

Recognized voice: “Don’t worry about that. Just say ‘sources close to the investigation,’ and people won’t be smart enough to know any better… except for the ‘conspiracy buffs’ which you already know how to deal with.”

News reporter: “Right. By simply calling them that and ridiculing them for it. Got to hand it to Walter Cronkite for making that work so well in the JFK thing.”

*D.A.R.P.A. Defense Advanced Research Project Agency

Note: Walter was ex Army intel, and would have been a logical go-to person as part of CIA’s Operation Mockingbird which infiltrated news media with, by various estimates, over 1,000 operatives from CIA or on their payroll under the table. Since JFK, no conspiracy investigation has made good headway because media keeps trotting this excuse to ignore the valid questions of civilian investigators and investigative authors, or Engineers, Pilots, and other professionals who come forward with challenges to the official explanations. As one well known Comedian like to say, “I don’t get no respect, you know?”

James holmes is a patsy in a false flag operation

Ring: “Hello, Police Public Spokesperson.”

Recognized voice: “You have to stop talking about the possibility of the shooter having help. He’s a lone nut, nothing more.”

Police Public Spokesperson: “But people are trying to figure out how he got he got the larger weapons into the theater and all that gear. We already have one witness who’s been quoted as seeing someone open the Emergency Exit for him.”

Recognized voice: “Don’t worry about him. We have that covered. And don’t worry about what people think. We tell them what to think. Just do as I say.”

Police Public Spokesperson: “O.K. If you say so. Has everyone else in the loop here been so advised, or do I need to have an excuse to pass along?”

Recognized voice: “The key people are our people. We have it all covered, just like L.A. with the RFK matter.”

Note: In Robert Kennedy’s assassination, the Radio Dispatcher who controlled what Cops did that day and the Chief of Police were ex CIA. No wonder cops did not pursue the Woman in the Polka Dot dress, and the L.A.P.D. destroyed all the evidence which indicated more shots were fired than contained in Sirhan Sirhan’s gun, and did not protest that the fatal wounds came from the other side of his body where Thane Ceaser, a security staffer to a CIA involved military contractor had been walking directly behind Robert at the time of the shooting.

James holmes is a patsy in a false flag operation

Door shuts behind the lone interrorgator (spelling on purpose), and he takes a seat before the exhausted man at the desk. Interrorgator: “You told our people at the theater that you saw someone open the Exit Door for the shooter a  second smoke grenade thrown from the opposite direction?”

Eyewitness: “Yes. I couldn’t see who because it was silhouettes against the movie screen might have thrown it.”

Interrorgator: “That’s impossible. We know the shooter was a lone gunman, and had no help. We have lots of people lined up who are going to be saying they saw it differently.”

Eyewitness: “I know what I saw. I was not more than ten feet away, and he crossed in it flew right in front of me.”

Interrorgator: “That’s not what you saw. The confusion and fear of the shooting has simply confused your memory. All you saw was someone getting up to take a leak or buy some popcorn. He never opened the door was some action on the theater screen from the movie…   your mind has simply played a trick on you and filled in the blanks.”

Eyewitness: “No. I’m certain.”

Interrorgator: “Listen, kid. I’m going to lay it on the line for you.” Grabs him by the collar and jerks him halfway across the table. “I’m telling you, and you’d better listen up real careful like, you didn’t see that, you were confused. If you tell anyone you saw that, something bad might happen to you. There are a lot of people upset about this, and some of them have tempers and are looking for someone to go after. They don’t think very clearly, and I’m trying to keep you from getting seriously hurt… or your family for the matter. Do I make myself clear?”

Eyewitness: “You’re threatening me? With those people watching behind the mirror with cameras?”

Interrorgator: “You’re Goddamn right I’m threatening you.” Slaps face. “I sent those people on break and killed the camera, but in five more minutes, I’m going to call them back and we are going to be asking you the same question I started with, and you had better damn well tell me you were confused, or you and yours have NO F***ING FUTURE.” Shoves him back into his seat. “Do we agree on that, or not? Because if not, I can’t protect you!”

Eyewitness: “O.K.  O.K. You win. I’m confused. I didn’t see anything except someone going to get popcorn.”

Note: Something almost identical to this happened to witnesses at JFK, RFK, and MLK, as well as the Flight 80o shoot down. Witnesses are often ‘told what they saw’ and told they were ‘confused by events,’ to allow investigators to later say their initial statements were not useful because of duress under stress impacting their memory.

James holmes is a patsy in a false flag operation

Ring: “Hello, Fire Department.”

Police Department: “We need you to take a Ladder Truck over to the shooter’s place and look in the window for us.”

Fire Department: “Why? We’ve never done anything like that before. What’s going on?”

Police Department: “We just want to make sure its not booby trapped. You need to tell us if it is so you we can send the Bomb Squad out.”

Fire Department: “Did the shooter say something to make you think there’s a bomb?”

Police Department: “Uh… sure. Yea. Something like that.”

Fire Department: “Well why not just send the bomb squad.”

Police Department: “Well, uh… I’m just doing what I’m told. I think they want high visibility with the press. Uh… you know… to make everyone look good. You will look good. We will look good… on TV… our small community will look good on national TV.”

Fire Department: “Whatever you say, Chief.”

Note: At a disadvantage with no concrete facts, there may have been a legitimate reason for asking the Fire Department to participate. Yet they did eventually send the Bomb Squad in and the first thing done was to use robots. Did the robots go in the window? Not that I’ve seen on video. No, they went in the front door. How do we know this? Because we have video of the bomb squad breaking out a portion of the window which would have needed to be removed if using the window for insertion of robots… doing so from the inside after the robots had finished. So why would there not have been a booby trap on the door blowing the robot away? That’s the FIRST thing I’d booby trap if of a mind to booby trap anything.

James holmes is a patsy in a false flag operation

Ring: “Bomb squad.”

Familiar Voice: “Be sure to blow a lot of stuff up at the practice demolition site afterwards.”

Bomb squad: “Why not just use the portable unit we always take with us? There’s nothing here large enough to require the demolition site.”

Familiar Voice: “TV coverage. Want to look good on TV, don’t you? Besides, the order comes from the top.”

Bomb squad: “Fine. We can have the rookies get in some practice at the same time.”

Note: The portable units (Mobile Explosion Containment Units) can contain significant blasts, but are not necessarily used for on-site demolition of bombs. They would perhaps prefer to instead transport explosives to a demolition site, as the units provide increased safety for such transport. However, some devices might be judged unsafe for transport, and should perhaps be destroyed at the crime scene. WHEN MULTIPLE DEVICES are found, there are several interesting possibilities which drove my inclusion of this portion of the dialogs.

a)    The devices were too large to detonate on site. But we know that is not the case because we saw them on TV and they were small explosions (keep in mind that they use explosive devices to explode the bombs, so whatever blast you see is necessarily larger than the bomb by itself would have been.) Further, had this been the case, they should have likely been too large for collective transport, exceeding the safe operating limits of the mobile unit. But they were not shown making multiple trips to accommodate multiple bombs, so we again know this was not the case.

b)   Despite the number of devices, their cumulative potential for damage is collectively within the ability of the chamber’s ability to safely transport through populated streets. IN SUCH A CASE, the bombs would normally be disposed of at the bomb squad’s facilities as a SINGLE BLAST. But we saw video on the news of multiple blasts in close proximity. This CONFIRMS they were not big blasts individually, and should have been done as a single blast. Why not? I can think of only one reason: Publicity stunt.

James holmes is a patsy in a false flag operation

Added section: Ring: “Executive speaking.”

Voice on line: “There’s been a problem with that special script for Drum Roll. It hasn’t been received by the Publicist.”

Executive: “Well where the hell is it, then?”

Voice: “We think it might be lost in the mail room for some reason.”

Executive: “Well get the… ah, you know… the ‘Director of Security’… to go search for it, then. That’s an important matter useful to Advertising and Promoting Drum Roll to the viewing public.”

Voice: “How do I do that? What do I tell them is the reason?”

Executive: Pauses. “I don’t know. It’s your job to solve problems like this.” Pauses again. “But try this; tell the Publicist to call the Director and complain about a suspicious package… and use that to get Security involved. Use your imagination.” Slams the receiver with a curse.

Note: Director of Security is their contact in the Police Dept. The Publicist is the Psychologist, or someone acting on her behalf. For some strange reason, the Psychologist indeed contacted Police about a strange package which showed up on her desk with no name on it, which turned out to be nothing but a text book being returned by a student. The explanation was concern, after the news about the bombs in James’ apartment, that it might be a bomb from James — in which case I wonder how James managed to put it on her desk while he was under arrest. For an even stranger reason, Police then searched the entire mail room to find the ‘script’ James allegedly mailed explaining in detail his plan to shoot up the theater. Strangest of all is that it was sent 8 days prior to the shooting. End of added section.

Next dialog, and the last, most telling of all…

Interrogator: “O.K., James. You want to tell us why you did it?”

James: “Did what? Why I am under arrest?”

Note: Jame’s reaction after the shooting is no different than Sirhan Sirhan (RFK), Jack Ruby (Oswald), David Chapman (John Lennon), Arthur Bremer (George Wallace), Squeaky Fromme (Reagan), and John Hinkley (Reagan), and others: No attempt to escape, in many cases going limp or calmly waiting nearby for arrest. Many of them have no recollection of the event, or have a single line of ‘political’ thought on it which they repeat, or start to explain and then just at the critical moment, change the subject.

These are all known methods of dissociation symptomatic of programmed Manchurian Candidates who are incapable of ‘confessing’ the truth, as they genuinely are not aware of it. In this case, we know he simply waited in his car and put up no resistance. What we don’t really know is if he has told the Police anything at all, but must presume not, or it would have been all over the news in some form or another.

So I’m taking the liberty and risk to assume, here. Please forgive any Ass made out of You and Me thereby. If I’m way off base, I’d be just as happy with the thought you may have gotten some entrainment value from it… because if I’m not off base, we are all going to end up mad enough to bring down the government and lynch some people.

James holmes is a patsy in a false flag operation

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