Don’t Ban Guns, Ban Magic Bullets

Whenever you get a magic bullet explanation, you know there is a cover up. A cover up is proof of a conspiracy; a hidden agenda or dark plot. Why is that so hard for most of us to grasp that we accept without question the claim that it is, instead, mere conspiracy theory?

by H. Michael Sweeney
copyright © 2013, all rights reserved. Permission to repost hereby granted provided entire post with all links in tact, including this paragraph, are included.
What is a magic bullet explanation?
What you will learn reading this post:
•  Magic Bullet explanations are commonly used as a cover up tool;
•  Such explanations do not always involve bullets, but use the same methodology;
•  To make explanations stick, it is necessary for media or government to label any who question as ‘conspiracy theorists;’
•  Magic bullets, when unquestioned and excused by labeling, are themselves proof a conspiracy exists;
•  There are many dark bumps-in-the-night in our recent history which so illustrate (several included).

Promo artwork for Play, The Magic Bullet Theory,                         which perfectly addresses the problem (click)

Despite the fact that there is a dramatic and continual reduction in gun violence in America over many decades… part of the national experience involves an increase in traumatic mass shootings which are seemingly random and without cause… and we have media to point out every shooting event as though it somehow relates directly to the mass shooting madness, presumably in hopes we will say, ‘Please, won’t someone take our guns away?’

If everything were as it is presented on the surface, I might not be so upset with those who so conclude. The idiocy of a Piers Morgan and others suffering from Feinsteinian mental incapacitation would seem tolerable and understandable. But is everything as it is presented on the surface? Cleary it is not, if you pay the least bit of attention and are not dumbed down by TV Psyops News technology.  I speak of magic bullets being used in the guns they want to ban, and similar use of failed logic in ‘factual presentations’.

I’m talking about JFK assassination quality explanations and related tactics employed in cover ups, even beyond shooting events.

Where do we get the expression, “magic bullet”?

What is a Magic Bullet?

The first Magic Bullet, the definitive illustration, arose out of the conspiracy to conceal the truth behind the murder of President, John Kennedy. In review, the Warren Commission investigating the matter had a big problem in two parts. The first was, the number of shots fired in a narrow interval of time from an obsolete bolt-action rifle in poor repair could not possibly account for the number of wounds of the two men the shots struck — unless there were two or more shooters… or unless there was some magic involved. FBI’s best sharpshooters could not duplicate the number of shots and hits fired in the space of time allotted and came nowhere close to the magical performance alleged of the designated patsy, Lee Harvy Oswald.

The second problem was that they dare not rule a conspiracy of multiple shooters.

In fact, Supreme Court Justice, Earl Warren had privately been both warned and threatened by President Lyndon Johnson that it MUST be ruled a ‘lone gunman,’ because there was a significant fear that the truth would require the U.S. go to war with either Cuba and/or Russia, as there was anecdotal (staged) evidence pointing in those directions. Too, there were early conspiracy theories evolving putting the blame on, variously, the Department of Defense, the CIA, and the Mob. But the later (Mob) included ties yet again to the former (CIA and elements of Defense), and so there could certainly be no conspiracy allowed if one were to skillfully avoid detection of skeletons in the national closet.

In the end, the conspiracy theorists would be proven right, of course — but even today, no one in media or government will so admit. It HAS been proven by sworn courtroom testimony of CIA agents involved (Marita Lorenz, E. Howard Hunt; Hunt vs. Liberty Lobby), and more recently, a Mob shooter involved , and additional evidences over time, all of which has been addressed in earlier blog posts and most of which was covered in detail in my book set, Fatal Rebirth. The Warren Commission had Marita’s testimony, but chose to ignore it.

The solution to prevent any such discovery was, like the problem, in two main parts, plus a third supplemental component. The first was a lie, and the second was to seal the records to conceal the lie. The lie was in the form of a bullet which defied multiple laws of physics and over 100 years of ballistics forensic science. It was first dubbed the ‘Magic Bullet,’ by New Orleans District Attorney, Jim Garrison in the trial for murder of JFK of CIA operative, Clay Bertrand Shaw… who indeed also had significant ties to the military and the Mob, not to mention an international assassination ring using both military and CIA resources (what Lyndon Johnson later calledMurder Inc.’), to include persons involved in the Dallas shooting.

From Jim Garrison’s trial of Clay Shaw

The Magic Bullet did the impossible: it inflicted two non-fatal wounds in Kennedy (entrance/exit), and four wounds in Texas Governor, John Connally, hardly any two of which lay in a straight path with a former point of origin. It traversed through 15 layers of clothing as well as the knot in the President’s tie (say, another 8 dense layers), 7 layers of skin, 15 inches of body tissue, destroyed 4 inches of a rib bone, shattered a radius bone, and came to rest in the Governor’s thigh, whereupon it elected to fall out onto his stretcher so it could be discovered at Parkland Hospital.

There it was found in near pristine condition with no signs whatsoever of having struck anything other than, say, a swimming pool filled with Jello. Such a bullet, copper jacketed, should have not only been significantly deformed by impact with the bodies, but also, shattered or splintered by the bones. But this was indeed a bullet with magical properties…

To have done as claimed, the bullet would have had to changed directions in mid air multiple times, and, according to Garrison, paused briefly in flight if to match the wound reactions in Conally seen in the Zapruder film. You can see why Garrison called it a magic bullet. So problematic was the conclusion, that the Warren Commission arranged for (bought) the testimony of a physics professor that all of the above was possible through a series of incredulous existential explanations using scientific theory (techno-babble). The cover up was begun, and much of America knew it, but could do nothing about it.

And if that were not bad enough… to make the Magic Bullet theory stick, Walter Cronkite, ex military intelligence turned CBS news anchor, thought to be acting under CIA’s Operation Mockingbird (media infiltration and manipulation), effected the supplemental component and coined the term: ‘Conspiracy Theorist.’ This he used skillfully to make anyone who dared question the Warren Commission’s findings seem ‘crazy,’ and ‘unpatriotic.’ That tactic (labeling) is one of the 25 Rules of disinformation, and dovetails nicely with the Official Formula for Conspiracy Coverups. It was so successful that it is still used, today, and in Spades.

Who uses magic bullet explanations, and why?

More Magic Bullets…

Not all magic bullet explanations are directly tied to shooting bullets, though some, as used in Sandy Hook and Aurora, do — as we see, below. They can instead be any key evidencial matter which simply does not make sense, but which is fully embraced and remains unquestioned by government and media, as if nothing were amiss. So let us go down the Rabbit Hole of our more immediate history and find some more magic bullets.

Oklahoma City domestic state sponsored (false flag) home-grown terrorist bombing: there are many magic bullet explanations we might discuss regarding the devastating blast at the Murrah Building that took 168 lives, including 19 young children at a day care facility on site. The most glaring is the nature of the bomb, itself. The official explanation is the use of a traditional home-made ANSFO (oil and fertilizer) explosive. The problem with that explanation is that the blast damage was such that ANSFO was impossible, a matter which forced FBI to continually upgrade the estimated size of (number of containers) the explosives used until they were forced to stop because they would exceed the capacity of the truck used.

The real problem was that the forensic evidence did not quite properly match ANSFO with respect to explosive residue, and, in point of fact, included pointers to a new type of explosive developed at a CIA proprietary which had earlier reported the equipment used to make the devices as having been ‘stolen.’ Additionally, the specific damage to the structure and nearby objects were unique and in opposition to the nature of the relatively low pressure blast waves associated with ANSFO, but sympathetic to the high pressure blast waves created by the CIA device, called METC, which produced forces of nuclear blast caliber on a small scale using an incredibly small bomb construct.

This is fully documented at my Web site, which, unfortunately, the IRS has effectively shut down as I can no longer afford to operate Web sites pending payment of an unexpected tax claim arising out of loosing our home in the Mortgage crunch (contributions via paypal using proparanoid at century link net would help get me back online). But I was not alone in this realization.

Brigadere General, Ben Partin, Ret, was the military’s foremost authority on explosives, and he essentially said much the same thing, and so, while I can’t link to my own Web site, you can hear him explain it in his own words, here. I’d rather you go to my Web site because it additionally contains condemning evidence that the bomb factory, complete with the appropriate Ryder truck used to deliver and detonate the bomb, had been photographed from the air by a hang glider pilot. He appears to have been shot down for the effort… at a secret facility constructed by the National Guard and protected on the roads by Marines with machine gun-mounted jeeps and in the surrounding woods by Men in Black — identically dressed in suits, sunglasses, and sporting shoulder-holstered weapons. You know… your typical National Guard facility built in a STATE PARK, complete with a cover story they were ‘testing Humvees’.

True to the above magic bullet explanation in multiple parts, even Partin was labeled a mere ‘conspiracy theorist,’ despite his credentials — or media failed to tell you he even existed. However, both he and I, among others, were invited by Willis Carto, former Editor of The Spotlight, a defunct Washington, D.C. newspaper — to participate in a round table review of OKC and Flight 800. That event, which I was unable to attend, also failed to make the news despite Carto’s best efforts to insure it.

Robert Kennedy’s murder by CIA’s Thane Ceasar and patsy Sirhan Sirhan: OK, just because a CIA mind control shrink was murdered after bragging to a prostitute that he programmed Sirhan… and because the woman in the Polka Dot dress that shouted ‘We killed Kennedy!’ in glee was seen with Sirhan, earlier… and because the cop in command on the radio that day told the cop that overheard the woman not to investigate because ‘We don’t want any conspiracy theories,’ was himself ex CIA… or because the man that ordered all RFK murder evidence relating to bullets fired destroyed was ex CIA, too…

That does not mean CIA had anything to do with RFK’s death, unless you are a wild conspiracy theorist. But there were some actual magic bullets to deal with, like the ones found in the woodwork destroyed as evidence, which exceeded the number of bullets in Sirhan’s gun… and the fact that the only shots which hit RFK were from immediately behind and fired upward (Sirhan was an appreciable distance in front of Kennedy). These bullets sound pretty magical, to me.

Thane Ceasar, an armed security guard on loan from a CIA proprietary was the person standing immediately behind Robert, that day, but of course, Police never thought to check his gun, lest THEY become conspiracy theorists. Amen.

The Vince Foster murder suicide: A key staff member of the Bill Clinton Whitehouse, Vince Foster, was found dead in a park at a precise location known in some circles for frequent use by spys in clandestine meets (e.g., a KGB meet with CIA). There was a conspiracy coverup at the time suspected (first revealed in The Spotlight) in the Clinton Administration, a matter in which Foster was a key player, and there were expectations he might spill the beans. No chance of that.

Instead, the official story is that he used an antique gun to shoot himself in the mouth at the park. Only problem was, it was indeed a magic bullet; in addition to the gun being inoperable, there was magically an absence of a pool of blood and splatterings at the scene, where his body was neatly laid out completely prone as if falling backward while remaining perfectly rigid. There were also no powder burns, another magical property. Charges of conspiracy theorists would abound at the slightest questioning of these inconsistencies.

Flight 800 friendly fire shoot down fuel tank explosion: Again, the best evidence I would normally point you to exists at my own Web site, where I reveal use the actual information from the official NTSB Crash Report to prove the NTSB altered, concealed, and manufactured evidence in support of the their conclusion that frayed wiring caused the center wing fuel tank to explode, killing 230 persons. Again, there are many magic bullets, but the primary fuel tank explanation is the most glaring — never mind many confirming eye witness reports (including military observers), radar tracks, and other proofs that a missile fired from a warship participating in war games brought down the plane.

There were many magic bullet issues with the fuel tank, the most glaring of which was the absence of soot on the appropriate surfaces of the fuel tank components, sooting which instead existed on surfaces inconsistent with the explanation (sooting on the outside, but not the inside where the explosion was claimed to have initiated). In like manner, the sequence of destruction described did not account for select (ignored) damages, specifically including two holes in the fuselage which were claimed not to exist, but which are visible in photographs if knowing where to look — which if taken as an entrance and exit point for a non exploding (war game) missile, would perfectly account for the sequence of destruction, both cited and ignored. Thirdly, the flight recorder data itself clearly reflected the effects of the missile strike and was sympathetic to the fuller destruction sequence, but was ignored and simply dismissed as ‘faulty data’ by NTSB.

But we who opposed the official story were mere conspiracy theorists, right? Never mind I have some experience in crash investigations while in the USAF, even reporting to Congress as part of a Weapon Systems Acceptance and Evaluation Team where crashes were reviewed and analyzed. Having credentials just means you are extra crazy to disbelieve the official line, it seems.

The Aurora theater false flag shooting team lone gunman event: once more, there are many magic bullets. Here, I’ve already outlined 25 key questions, thankfully NOT at my Web site, but in blog form. Most of these, or at least in combinations, represent magic bullet issues. So many questions, in fact, it took three blog posts to review them all, the last perhaps being key-most. Just a few to pique your interest in summary:

‘Who opened the OUTER door for James Holmes?’
‘Who were the two people who entered the adjacent theaters on either side to warn patrons not to use the exits to the parking lots, and why did they do so, since there was no possible way anyone inside the theater could have known it unwise, and the only logical thing making it unwise would be preventing witnesses from seeing something in the parking lot they could not be allowed to report.’
‘How was it that patrons in the adjacent theater saw flashes of light and heard associated bangs from their theater entrances (the hallway/lobby area) unless someone ALSO threw flash-bang devices there while James threw ONE inside the theater while all doors were closed?’

I’m a damn conspiracy theorist, that’s how!

Sandy Hook false flag lone shooter event: I would hope by now it would not be required to point out that you can’t claim there were only four pistols found inside the school plus a rifle locked in the trunk and then claim the rifle was used to shoot everyone. But it is equally important to question how it would be possible for nearly every bullet to find its mark and to stay inside the bodies of a child as claimed if it was indeed the rifle that was used. Never mind that the Police audio transcripts would seem to describe someone taking an AR-15 out of inventory (“shorting” is the word they use), perhaps that it could be claimed to have been ‘found.’

Surely don’t disbelieve or question the ever changing stories about kids and a bus driver who escaped the shooting by walking past a Fire Station where they could have both taken true safe shelter and reported the shooting to first responders immediately, and instead walked another two blocks to sit on the grass and await discovery by a strange little man with a Masonic emblem cut into the lawn in his back yard. There is more you might ought ignore, but to pay attention and object would make you, too, a conspiracy therorist.

Collection of politically incorrect comic artwork (click)

The election of foreign-born CIA operative Barry Sorento President Obama: I really have to laugh if you don’t already know this one, and won’t even waste my time explaining another crazy conspiracy theory to you. Just go watch that new TV series, The Bible, instead, and you will feel better almost immediately… at least by the time you get to the scene where Christ is tempted by the Devil. LOL.

Sept. 11 false flag precision-crafted terror attack by a man living in a cave: Ditto.

Why are magic bullet explanations used?

Guns or magic bullets?

So, in conclusion, I’d prefer we don’t ban guns, but instead pray we ban magic bullet explanations, and banish news sources that never quite seem to notice their existence or address them, but are quick to label anyone who does. Use your brain, pay attention, and avoid accepting on faith the content of dumbing down TV news shows and, especially, spin-control talking-head commentaries; those sources with mottos like ‘fair and balanced,’ and ‘spin-free zone’ are clear warning signs.

Think for yourself. Question government, question media, question inconsistencies, and be vocal about it, loud and frequently. And simply don’t give a damn if someone calls you a conspiracy theorist for your trouble; you can’t confuse them with the facts, their mind has already been made up for them.

Me, I take the label as a badge of honor. I rather imagine Diogenese would be proud of all who quest for truth over lies. Got lamp?

Does mainstream media tell the truth?


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