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What of Early, of Late?

How vastly different life turns out for one friend compared the next… and yet how much so alike as to be frightening

Copyright (c) 1996 by H. Michael Sweeney — All Rights Reserved
Permission to reproduce for non profit use granted provided it is reproduced in full and links back to This article was written for the Oregonian, but the Editor notified me that they no longer wanted my Op-Ed submissions because they generated too many responses critical of government. So I added the Oregonian stings and published it instead in my book set, Fatal Rebirth.

posse comitatus act posse comitatus group gun control

From the local news: A Portland man was arrested today for shooting two State Troopers in the back after being stopped for a traffic infraction. Neither officer was seriously wounded, thanks to bullet proof vests. Arrested at the scene on charges of attempted murder was Phil Early, of Portland, Oregon…

As it happens with many news stories, there is more to the story than meets the eye. Sometimes, there is a story behind the story.

I knew Phil Early in a more innocent time. I knew him as well as anyone, both teenagers attending Jefferson High School. He was a very different person then, certainly exhibiting no characteristic that might lead to his shooting a female State Trooper and young man wearing a State Trooper uniform* in the back. His worst offenses in those school days were being suspended for playing hooky.

Having lost track of Phil after I went into the military, and having often thought about him over the years and the many good experiences we had shared together, I must wonder what could have brought him to this unlikely end. Having heard that he had joined the Army and was killed in Vietnam, it is a shame that it took this tragic news event to reveal the error in that information and open the possibility of our meeting again. Perhaps, under the right circumstances, I might even have made a difference in his fate. This haunts me.

posse comitatus act posse comitatus group gun control

But that is not all that haunts

Despite the outwardly heinous act and the many negative stories of Phil in the local media, there still seems much good about Phil in tact from when I knew him. He still is a caring and giving person, according to those who knew and worked with him in his last days as a free man. It is said that he helped anyone who asked and gave of himself freely, without judgment. I even understand that he had fallen victim to con artists who took advantage of his giving nature, but he had not let their greed dim his caring for or trusting of other strangers in need.

This was the Phil I knew, who would volunteer to loan his best blazer to a casual acquaintance (I had known him all of fifteen minutes when he offered it to me), or a Phil who would give his last two bucks for gas to a stranger stuck in front of the local grocery store. And that memory does not tally with the news reports of a man who supposedly, by association with Posse comitatus, has a hatred for other races. The stranger he had helped to buy gas in the early 60’s was a black man. In those times, equality was a mere dream in Martin Luther’s sermons, but already reality in Phil’s heart.

And speaking of Posse comitatus, I try not to automatically think harshly at the sounding of the name. It was the Posse comitatus Act of 1864 which protects citizens from abusive application of military against civilians in police actions, unless under martial law. This, perhaps, is why the current group by that same name does not recognize the State Police as a duly authorized Police agency.

Rather, they feel that any armed force under direct authority of State rule, regardless of the name it uses, regardless of the document of law or charter which empowers it, and regardless of its stated mission or rules of procedure, is nothing more than a state militia — a military body. As such, just like the National Guard, it is seen as a military unit subject to the Posse comitatus Act.

It was originally reported that Phil, like many Posse members, had an arsenal of weapons and ammunition. The Posse apparently believes, like many groups, that it is up to the citizens to protect themselves from the possibility of a military overthrow of the government — a thinking which, in exercise, requires a well armed and well trained civilian population. I now understand that Phil’s arsenal has turned out to be closer to the number of guns owned by the average farming family in Kansas. The description of many of these weapons apparently better matches that of “collector items” than of “arsenal.” This is closer to the Phil I remember, who liked to collect a variety of many like things, as would please his eye. In blazer’s for instance, he had nearly a dozen. He had many fewer guns.

There is one disturbing thought, however. As different as our lives must have been, and as different as our current situations seem, there is much about Phil’s late history that matches my own life. I, too, have grown suspicious of many in law enforcement, and have had my share of confrontations with them, including multiple attempts on my life by assassination.

Phil’s negative experiences might be deemed politically shaped by Posse comitatus. Mine have been as a result of investigating illegal activities of those within law enforcement — coincidentally involving illegal application of National Guard and other Federal agencies by or within police — the very thing feared by Posse comitatus.

posse comitatus act posse comitatus group gun control

The nature of fate?

In realizing this commonality, I ask what might bring us so tenuously close in our thinking and experiences, despite the many years and miles between us? I go back to the innocent times, and a possible answer seems apparent. It was the time of Camelot. We, the youth of the nation, had a man in the White House we could love and look up to, regardless of any political realities perceived by our elders. And then, he was gone, taken away in violence under questionable circumstances.

I remember well the weighty discussions with my peers at the time, including Phil, of course. Even then, the theories were abundant. As more was learned, the doubts grew about the lone gunman theory. Perhaps this dashed our innocence and planted a seed of mistrust of an armed government and its secret minions of intelligencia – a mistrust which ultimately led us each along separate but similar paths, once we parted ways at the end of high school.

Now of course, there are more facts pointing to CIA assassination than to Oswald. Despite CIA Operative testimony under oath in court that CIA was directly involved in the murder and a cover up, which necessarily and demonstrably began before the murder, media still chooses to label anyone who questions such things as “conspiracy buffs” — despite the fact that major media was present in the court at the time to hear that critical testimony.

That the CIA-Operative witness had, within weeks of the assassination, come forward to FBI with the same material, and later, also testified to the Warren Commission — and all ignored the truth, does not make us “conspiracy buffs” feel any better about media or government. Apparently media prefers to continue to publish fiction as fact rather than admitting they were blinded to the truth from day one. Perhaps government simply finds cover up the only acceptable way of life.

Come to think of it, local media and government did the same with local murders undertaken by Portland Police. Despite abundant witnesses to the contrary, media blithely published verbatim as fact, Police accounts of the shooting of a young man named Shaw — an event which I have researched to conclusions contrary to their version of the story, as documented elsewhere. There was a similar conspiracy of silence with respect to the 104th and Liebe Street Raid.

There, National Guard, including a helicopter and an Armored Personnel Carrier (APC), was illegally used in an alleged drug raid, but this author has discovered was more likely connected to the murder of Shaw. Local TV station KATU was the only station covering the raid, a matter itself perhaps telling since their former anchorman was also a former Police Commissioner and current City Councilman. Civic-minded KATU edited in new questions to field interviews of the neighbors of Liebe Street, in effect reversing their answers to make them sound supportive of Police actions, instead of condemning… everyone on Liebe Street was outraged at Police, the Guard, and KATU, but media would not air their grievances, nor would any government agency.

Surely, this angered the Posse. It angered many people, especially because of the abuse of power exhibited by Police. That summer saw Portland host the Guns and Hoses Olympics, where police and firemen from around the nation came to visit. With competitions in sniper shooting and police dog attacks, there was also likely an effort to show off Portland as a modern and well-equipped Police Department. Perhaps, but some would point to statistics to show it one of the more deadly departments, with the best way to die of gunfire by Police was to call 911 and threaten to kill yourself. They usually finished the job that those less dedicated to the deed could not. Perhaps it was such things, both old and new, that drove Phil’s anger.

Perhaps there are many from my generation who cannot let go of our misgivings and outrage from such things as the murder and cover up of our President by our own government agents. Perhaps there are many who, at least secretly within, believe in their heart that that terrible act in Dallas was the first of many dark chapters — chapters sufficiently dark to suggest a fearsome future at the hands of their authors.

That we see and deal with seemingly endless supply of similar Federal abuses and lesser version on a more local scale, does not help. Some of our generation are moved to action, while others prefer the safety of quiet contemplation. For those of us moved to act, some choose the pen, as have I, and some of us choose the gun, as apparently did Phil. Phil himself deeply regrets his actions, which he says were driven by the dominating and abusive attitude of the officer. Something, he says, just snapped within him.

posse comitatus act posse comitatus group gun control

How do we judge such matters?

I cannot condone what Phil as apparently done. I can, perhaps, understand its root cause. Society must condemn his actions. In friendship, however, I am moved to point out that this is not a simple case of gun violence, as many in media have promoted with gusto. Indeed, there is no such thing. Gun violence is not a living thing which happens of its own volition. Gun violence is the result of a given set of life experiences and circumstances. In fact, those things would conspire to vent violent action even in the absence of a gun — such as stabbings or other assaults.

Those that believe the guns are the evil root should therefore also seek to take away all the knives, baseball bats, pillows with which to smother, stockings and ties with which to strangle, etc. Each case of gun violence deserves some degree of calm analysis towards possible prevention of future shootings — not a knee jerk call for seizure of arms. In analysis of Phil’s case, I suggest his actions were driven by something which those very actions themselves could not possibly well serve.

Could Phil have thought through the emotions that drove the instant, and looked beyond in some considered philosophical light, he might have come to the same conclusion. I would suggest to Phil that his enemy was not present when he opened fire. It was not present in the persons he shot, except perhaps by some misapplication of mere symbolism. They were most likely doing a tough job in a just cause. Nor was his enemy their leaders or those that worked to create agencies so troublesome to the Posse.

No, not these things, but far less tangible things. An unhappy history with no suitable answers of blame. A docile public apathy with unconscionable surrender of power to an increasingly errant and abusive government. A growing frustration with no means of proper release. A gradual loss of freedoms to a New World Order. A reasonable fear allowed unreasonable control.

Looking back, and talking to others, I wonder: how many of my generation have traveled so perilously close to Phil’s path? How many more of us are near the line he has crossed? Too many, I fear. A legacy, perhaps, of Dallas? A signpost, perhaps, of our future path?


posse comitatus act posse comitatus group gun control

* The second person shot was, of all things, an Explorer Scout.

Under some extremely inappropriate reasoning, the State of Oregon and the Boy Scouts of America have decided that it is appropriate to dress Explorer Scouts in full State Police uniforms, sans weapons, and put them on the streets and in patrol cars — on the front line against crime, unarmed, untrained, and often, unsupervised.

This deserves another article of its own, as yet another example of the growing Police State in Portland, Oregon. Here, in Portland, highway workers, Explorer Scouts, firemen, private security firms, the National Guard, and even gang members, have all been inducted into the general law enforcement umbrella in one way or the other. One has to ask, why?

I only wish that Phil had thought to ask such questions first, and not have shot, at all.


The NWO’s Dirtiest Secrets and How They Saved the World


All the King’s Horses and all the King’s Men, couldn’t put them into power again. Long live the NWO.


A modern fairytale with a chance at becoming true…


by H. Michael Sweeney


Permissions to reproduce granted provided credits and links remain in tact, and cite this blog as original source.


The revolution called ‘NOW!’



{revolution} (Photo credit: stargardener)


When the Sheeple finally started to wake up and realize the false flag terror campaign that had by then cost nearly a billion souls to perish, the surge of angry humanity was more than the militaries of North America, Europe, Asia, and elsewhere, could contain. As the deaths were largely from the pandemics of race-specific pathogens targeting Asians, blacks, and Hispanics abroad, the ‘fear factor’ in America and Europe proved not to be strong enough to suppress the truth about who was really responsible.


NOW!” they chanted, at every confrontation. “NOW” read their flags of many colors as found in their respective national flags. They didn’t have to say what it meant. Everyone understood, and it struck fear in the minds of those in power, and gave strength to those opposing them. NOW was indeed the time for their action, as well as the basis of their urgent need, the source of their power, and the effect they would have by it. NOW was the movement, and it was the goal, and yet it may as well have been an acronym, as some insisted; ‘No Ordered World.’


In Europe, it was the Bilderbergers, and in the United States, the Council on Foreign Relations, and related groups of the so-called Round Tables and the think tanks, and the globalist foundations. It was they who were ruthlessly targeted by angry citizens who held them accountable in general for the rise of Fascism which drove the engines of the march toward a One-World Corporate State government controlled by the banks. Naturally, the minions such groups controlled to do their bidding by various means, such high persons as found in the military, intelligence communities, and governmental seats of power, were also declared enemies of humanity. The Boards of many corporations of the Military-Industrial-Intelligence-Media Complex were also on their list of enemies. After all, these were the only ones capable of engineering the false flag operations, of willfully concealing the truth, and the ones giving and obeying orders which drove vicious oppression.


The final straw and Agenda 21


The clues, or perhaps better described as the mistake… that thing which triggered this ‘understanding,’ it seems, was the move to form the North American Union and a World Currency based on the Central Bank model able to print what was claimed to be a replacement for fiat currency. This was oft referred to on the street as the Carbon Credits System, and these steps were deemed lines in the sand that, now being crossed, sparked a tide of revolt.


Somehow, the people realized it was still just another fiat currency printed at will, and not only represented more financial slavery through debt, but also, that it mainly served the interests of corporations, especially those in energy and finance, above all else. Coupled with the notion that sustainability should drive all political decisions, and discovery that the power-elite, pushing Agenda 21, believed that people were ‘not a sustainable product’ and thus had to be forced to sacrifice lifestyle and ownership of property, and be relocated to cubicle living near factories and farms ‘as the only way to usefully fit them into the new Carbon model’… caused international revolt on a scale not thought possible even by those who had long hoped for it to happen.


Bang, bang, too late, bang, bang, seals your fate


Militaries and Police the World over were overwhelmed, in part because huge portions of their ranks joined with the people. In some nations, the Air Force turned against the Army when the Army continued to fight the people. In others, the heads of militaries elected to resign, and in still others, to seize control of government, only to then be ousted by the people who wanted non of that nonsense, either. They sought only rule by the people of the people, and not to the benefit of persons, powers, or principalities.


Yet remarkably, most of the violence remained one sided. Despite their anger, most civil unrest was aimed at destroying the infrastructure of the power elite and going after individuals, and not directed at people in uniform who stood staunchly in the way with smoking weapons. Select individuals known to be chief among Globalists did not always fare well at the hands of crowds who managed to corner them, but by and large, Ghandi would have been proud that, despite the fact that citizens often had more guns, whole confrontations were resolved with gunfire originating almost exclusively from governmental forces.


Those in uniform, it seemed, did not understand the power of martyrdom or the true cost of tyrannical behavior. But then, they were the same people who did not understand their Oath of office, or they would have changed sides early on. They were the dumbest of Sheeple, of all, and did not have enough bullets to bridge their lack of understanding.


The truth that finally set men free


When it was over, vast stores of Globalist documents in print and digital form were acquired and pieced together to reveal that the people had entirely underestimated the depth of depravity and deceits, and the breadth of injustice and treachery, that the NWO had secretly undertaken. It was found to be, as many had claimed, a centuries old plot with an international tangle of conspiratorial Webs unimaginable. Among the many plots, one above all else was deemed the most insidious, more so than even the pandemics and false flag operations which had taken so many lives. It was the development of technologies to control men’s minds, and deprive them of God’s gift of Free Will; Political Control Technology.


The array of such technology was immense. Beyond the ability to imagine for most people, it encompassed almost every aspect of the functioning of the brain, from motor control and matters of the subconscious, to thought, reason and logic of the conscious mind, to simple mood and emotions, and much, much more. By the time this had been made public, and the magnitude of its use was revealed, some 400,000 key Globalists and their henchmen were in custody, and much of the technology itself. Thus, an international tribunal was being called for to weed out the true Globalists from those merely guilty of greed without understanding and perhaps duped or blackmailed into participation. Someone came up with an idea on how to best deal with the guilty.


They would construct a large ‘city’ on a preserve set aside in the middle of the Amazon’s deforested area (a practice quickly ended by the revolution) to serve as a prison for those who were convicted of crimes against humanity. It would be constructed in the manner of ancient pre Bronz civilizations without any modern facilities available, and only those tools and supplies needed to farm the land. For all practical purposes, inhabitants would be living in a single megalopolis circa 3,000 B.C., effectively in the Stone Age, sans great predatory beasts, that they might remake their small little World as they saw fit… from scratch.


That would be the façade, but concealed deep within all the stone and clay walls and the bare ground, hidden beneath steel plates to prevent discovery and access, would be the very mechanisms of political control these people had developed, to include surveillance.  This would be used to cause them to suffer reduced mental effectiveness in ways similar to that endured by victims of the technology at their own hands. However, limitations would be put in place lest it be deemed inhumane punishment, because like any other technology, it could easily be abused. The difference was, that the Globalist designed it for such abuse, not realizing that it could also be used to prevent them from growing in power with less harshness in application.


Because almost all such Globalists had been of what were defined as ‘bloodline families’ for many generations, some going back for centuries in what was described as a Satanic plot to eventually seat the Antichrist, it was felt that they should be thrust together and allowed to live for generations amongst themselves. They would be free to wreck whatever havoc among themselves as might arise by so many ‘A type personalities’ being confined in one place and having only each other to victimize or overcome.


As they were almost exclusively Godless men who above all else hated the God of Abraham and those who worshiped Him, the Jews, Christians, and Muslims, the only literature they were to be provided, was the writings of those three faiths. Only if and when they were able to form a society which functioned free of conflict and competition for control through oppression, and forsake Satanic beliefs and fostered religious freedom, would there be any chance for leaving their prison, which was otherwise surrounded by significant security barriers.


The Illuminati lives


The name of the place was to be called Illumin, that those within its confines might rightly be called by the name they secretly coveted, the Illuminati. This was intended to be their Hell on Earth, the just reward for their crimes short of death. All the King’s Horses, and all the King’s Men, couldn’t put them into power again.


Note:  While many elements of this pipe dream could certainly come to pass, and select of them are actually in works by the NWO, at best Men on Earth can only hope to deter that final Judgement Day which truly ends the war between Good and Evil. We cannot of our own volition earn such freedom as described here, as it would be in defiance of God’s plan, but that does not mean we must go like Sheeple to our doom. The Day of the Antichrist will come at is appointed time, but I believe Man is able to take part in the determination of when that time should be.


It is simply a matter of righteousness (right use ness) of power through God’s gifts of Grace and Free Will. At the moment, more and more power is being usurped to evil around the Globe. Grace is being subverted by temptations and deceits designed to keep us from thinking clearly and acting righteously. Free Will is under assault by Political Control Technology from disinformation to outright electronic manipulation of brain waves.


Very few people are daring to resist these forces or point them out, and far too many refuse to even see it when it is right under their noses, even in their heads daily. We need to change that if we don’t want the End Times upon us. The choice is YOURS to make, and no other’s. THAT is what Free Will is about more than anything else. And I believe that irrespective of the notion of forgiveness inherent within the principles of Grace, good use of Free Will is what helps us maintain any useful collective presence within His Grace. That is the key to how much time and how much freedom we might enjoy before End Times. It is so many grains of sand in an hour glass, and we determine the number thereof by our actions. The choice is your’s to make, and no other’s.


We are all John Gault. We are each that leader we’ve been waiting for. No one can save you but yourself, short of Judgement day.


This is why I write. I hope that is why you read and why you will share, “NOW!




Future Dread: A Prologue (to the fatal rebirth of Man)

Prologue from the book, Fatal Rebirth, by H. Michael Sweeney, (which in 1999 predicted the WTC being brought down by jet liners and resulting in Middle East Oil Wars). Note: the prologue is not where such details are introduced, though it is hinted at.

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Future Dread: A Prologue

The streets of New York in the fall of 1999 were brisk. Brisk weather to be sure; it was both cold and windy, people tugged at their coat collars and hunched their shoulders to keep their necks warmly covered. Brisk also the foot traffic, both because it was cold enough to demand reasonable haste, and because to most New Yorkers, there is always a sense of urgency in the crowd. But amid the sea of bustle, one lone figure stood out, a solitary human island seemingly unaware of either the weather or the crowd’s urgency. Yet this assumption would be false. Though he stood patiently, virtually an obstacle to the pulsing crowds that flowed steadily past him, he had his own kind of desperate urgency. He was on a sacred mission.

Even from a distance he could be easily picked out of the sea of dispassionate humanity; his was the only head not bobbing to and fro. Too, there was his poster board sign. Its message indiscernible, it danced atop the carpet of undulating heads as if obeying some steady rhythm of its own; high, then low, turning briefly, then back and high once more. The sign was tracking people unfortunate enough to have made eye contact with the man. The belief was that it made it easier for them to read. All it really seemed to do was to intimidate them, and cause them to give wider berth.

Nearer, one large word could be read upon the sign, but it was madness, the kind of word rejected out of hand by reasonable people, and especially by people in a hurry, and even more so if they were New Yorkers. They had already seen every bizarre thing the city could offer, and generally knew when some kind of repeat performance was threatening their psyche. Better to tune it out than to think about it. After all, who wants to wonder about…


Closer, the man can be heard ranting at the crowd, chastising them with his message of terrible doom. Regardless, it was meaningless to those asleep in their own thoughts of the day, of deeds already done or things yet undone. No time for abstract words hung in the air like so many taxi cab horns; far too easy to ignore, his unwanted words were a mere murmuring amongst the city’s noise. No reason to pay attention, to turn on the brain and listen or to actually think about what was being said; noisy distractions such as these have no value to those in a hurry.

Closer yet, he was fully revealed as the crowd parted to avoid him, and he somehow exploded into the consciousness against one’s natural will. His stark white robe and turban, and a long white beard gave him a glowing reality in the noonday sun. Hard on the eyes but even harder to turn away, seizing attention as if by gunpoint. Something about his eyes, perhaps, or his dark leathery skin, or just the fierceness in his expression. His intensity and sincerity were cocked and aimed as effectively as a menacing handgun.

Now, his words penetrated despite the crowd’s happy apathy, and the sign accentuated without remorse. The would-be passerby was accosted with certainty, and was forced to decide: pretend not to see him, or actually dare to contemplate him. He shouted his message, a hint of foreign dialect adding a scary flavor: For many, this broke any remaining will to ignore, and briefly thrust them into his reality.

“Heed my words! The judgment of the God of Abraham is upon us! Repent for your sins! The Tribulation is at hand! I have seen the vision! The Year 2000 will usher in the Antichrist! There will be seven years of terror and tribulation, wars between nations and great religions, and then shall rise Gog and Magog! I have seen the vision! The towers of civilization will fall and thousands will perish! Millions will die soon after! Repent and be saved! I have seen the vision!”

The simple message was repeated, the enthusiasm seemingly greater than before, and it is echoed in the sign’s details ‘Tribulation comes! Beware the Antichrist! Repent and be saved!The letters were large and black, but of childish quality, making it easier for some to discount their meaning. The absurdity of a man dressed like a Middle-East Cleric using Christian-sounding slogans gave others reason to ignore what, to them, was simply another New York moment.

People largely pretended not to see him, or to hear his words, and increased their pace in order to insure he did not think they had. Those who did give him attention promptly decided they did not subscribe; they looked away quickly as they walked around him and even ducked to ignore the sign which seemed to follow them briefly. A few, mostly the young and unemployed, spat or cursed at the man, or even lashed out physically to intimidate him. Undaunted, he continued. He was on a mission. He had seen the vision.

Unconvinced, the crowd passed by and quickly reacquired their original purpose, course, and close-mindedness.

No. They did not subscribe. They didn’t have time. Not then. But little did they know that the future held enough terror for them that they might have been better off to stop, to listen, and to heed. Indeed, the wheels were already set in unstoppable motion, turning through time much faster than anyone would wish; irresistible and undeniable gears in the clockworks of prophesy. Not just Biblical, but also, Satanic prophesies wrought real in the Shadows of the Northwoods of ancient realms. New York City would soon have its private little doomsday.

Towers would fall, thousands would perish. And that was only the beginning. It would be called the beginning of a war. Some, those perhaps more wise… in some cases more guilty than most… would say the beginning of the end. But that was not quite right, either. It was, more correctly, to be the beginning of the End Game Scenario…

For some, the actual countdown had begun a decade earlier. For others, it was four decades earlier, and earlier still for yet others — much earlier. It seems that a Shadow is a fleeting thing only when exposed to the truth men call light. Yet a Shadow able to live in darkness moves slowly and methodically, and is free to set its own timetables with the luxury of decades, or even centuries, to allow for their unfolding. When immortal, and working through the greed of man, time is a plaything. It whispers a word… ‘Illuminati.’

Darkness, you see, has a special patience. It waits so easily. It waits for you and for me until it is our time, much like a poisonous spider awaits its meals. And when, like a fly caught in a web, we are suddenly taken by our waiting spider without warning, without recourse, only just then will we understand our role as victim. Yet even so, we will fail to understand how we came to our fate. We never saw the cunning, the deceit, the dark plans. We never understood the true meaning of all that had led us to the moment.

Our eagerness to center on self was the bait used to lure us too near the web. Our blindness to truth was the web spun to ensnare us, and to wrap us into neat little meals surrounded by silken lies. Our petty hatreds and prejudices, and fears were the poisons which paralyzed us. In such a state, we were tender morsels ready to be consumed. Yea, some of us were even unaware well after the meal had begun. Devoured in a dumbed-down bliss, blind to the pain of bitter truth, perhaps they were the lucky ones after all.

So it is with the ultimate Shadow form, the one who had been working in darkness since before Adam and Eve. So it is with his finely crafted web, one spun ever larger and more infallible over the centuries. So it is with his deft application of our favorite poisons, dividing us for the final conquering. The whole of the effort had only one goal; End Game was one of his best and most anticipated plans… and unfortunately, by its inevitable workings, our time is now. Drink the poison deeply, and enjoy it while you can…

… for the final sleep is almost upon us all.


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What Does the Voice of the Flag Say to YOU?


I am not the flag. I am but its shadow. I am whatever you make me; nothing more. I am your belief in yourself, your dream of what a people may become.

Betsy Ross flag

Betsy Ross flag (Photo credit: David Robert Wright)

I am all that you hope to be and have the courage to try for. I am the Constitution and the Courts, the statutes and the statute makers.

I am no more than what you believe me to be. I swing before your eyes, a bright gleam of color, a symbol of yourself, the pictured suggestion of that big thing which makes this nation.

My stars and stripes are your dream and your labors. They are bright with cheer, brilliant with courage, firm with faith, because you have made them so out of your own hearts; for you are the makers of the flag, and it is well that you glory in the making.

Behold it! Listen to it! It’s voice is a command. Every star has a tongue; every stripe is articulate. There is magic in the web of it. It has an answer for every question of duty. It has a solution for every doubt and perplexity. It has a word of good cheer for every hour of gloom or despondency.

It speaks of earlier and later struggles. It speaks of victories, and sometimes of reverses, on the sea and on the land. It speaks of patriots and heroes among the living and the dead.

But before all and above all other associations and memories, whether of glorious deeds, or glorious places, its voice is ever of Constitution and the Laws, of Union and Liberty.

Author unknown, circa 1926.

Note: This is the first post I’ve ever made which brought a tear to my eye as I worked. 
It is a shame we do not know to whom we owe thanks for it.

A Glimpse of Fatal Rebirth (from the Preface)

Fatal Rebirth,

a four-book set by H. Michael Sweeney

Copyright © 1996 All righs reserved.

From The Preface

Truth cannot live on a diet of secrets, withering within entangled lies. Freedom cannot live on a diet of lies, surrendering to the veil of oppression. The human spirit cannot live on a diet of oppression, becoming subservient in the end to the will of evil. God, as truth incarnate, will not long let stand a World devoted to such evil. Therefore, let us have the truth and freedom our spirits require, or let us die seeking these things, for without them, we shall surely and justly perish in an evil world.

Now we have a dark, difficult to see Shadow across the land. It is a secret Shadow, one built upon and operated by lies disguised as truth, dedicated to the works of tyranny and oppression in the guise of freedom’s cause, and driven by the darkest of evil wearing the mask of good intent. This Shadow lusts for and worships power, and applies it with great and frequent abuse to acquire even greater power. It wants the ultimate power to control the World, to decide who lives and who dies, and to directly or indirectly own and control all things. Many do not yet see it, and sadly, will not, until it is too late. Untold millions more will die never knowing why. Who or what is Shadow? Read and learn, learn and decide.

This author was once an ordinary man eking out an ordinary existence. This was my happy state and my presumed ongoing fate — until I came into possession of an innocuous and incredulous document. It was unbelievable: a tremendously conspiratorial document detailing many sins of the empowered elite and their minions within government — especially within the intelligence community. Preposterous as it seemed on the surface, something within that document must have been true, for merely mentioning its existence transformed my ordinary life into an extraordinary 007 nightmare.

They spent perhaps $250,000 a month in surveilling me and manipulating my life in devious ways. What about that document, unless it be the conspiracies detailed therein, so frightened them that they took such measures against me? Indeed, what was the purpose of the document — why was it ever written? More key, as the document itself attests, who were the people behind the conspiracies, and what dark motive drove their actions? Who are they that should so fear mere words on paper? They are Shadow. This book is their story. It is my story. It is the story of other Americans also caught in Shadow’s web. It is your story — a story of your historical past revealed to be lies, and of a dark future, if you do not take care.

This book is an attempt at revealing the true nature of a Shadow manipulated past, the true Shadow fostered dangers of our present time, and the all-too possible future Shadow plans for us all. It must be said up front that this author began this work completely unawares of the social and political realities perceived by any of the many organizations that exist on the political fringes to the left and right of the staid Republican and Democratic parties. As an overly naive and easily pacified American, there was no understanding of what CFR or NSA was, what a constituted a leftist or extreme right point of view, a Populist or Elitist, nor of little in between. Huntly-Brinkly were my sole political enlightenment, and the balm and ointment of my few political fears and concerns. I was mere fodder for the engines of media manipulation: Hear Ye, Hear Ye, believe and obey. I believed. I obeyed. But then came proof of Shadow.

Shadow is a secret society with its own secret government. Shadow is a secret business community with its own secret monetary system. Shadow is a secret intelligence community with its own secret police. Shadow has a secret agenda achieved with secret resources. At Shadow’s darkest, innermost place lies a black, satanic religion whose secret roots are the very essence evil — so dark as to have origin beyond mere mortal man. Shadow’s branches are everywhere, and its greatest branch may ultimately prove to be the anti-Christ.

With combined resources of unimaginable wealth, influence, and power, there is likely no high place Shadow does not control or sway in some way or to some degree. Shadow’s greatest tool and protector lies in secret works and an invisibility to detection, thus making it impervious to would-be enemies. We would be Shadow’s natural enemy, would we recognize it for what it is. As we do not, we remain its prized and willing victims. We are no more wary than a gnat buzzing about a spider’s ever growing web. Save some awakening of our dull wit and even duller senses, it’s only a matter of time…

Legend tells us that thousands of years ago, Diogenes searched a lifetime with his lantern held high in a futile search for just one honest man. The centuries do not seem to have changed the odds in his favor. But in our modern times and societal infrastructures, should there not be some source of truth and honesty? Is there no place where we can seek the essence of righteousness? If not, then as the opening suggests, we are doomed to evolve or collapse into a kind of world-wide tyranny wrought by those that thrive in lies and secrets. Indeed, everything points to that eventuality becoming reality. The military-industrial-intelligence-media complex, in an unholy alliance with what many term the super-elite of the one-world crowd, steadily remakes us into a fascist-like corporate-manipulated state. Sweeping statements, yes.

Such sweeping statements need explanation if we are to understand the nature and identity of Shadow. To start with, many people today do not understand what a fascist is — thinking it some irrelevant term from a bygone past. They should look up the word, especially if from among the poor or minorities, for they already are suffering under the first signs of its growing yoke. Fascism holds a special, unkind place for them under its unbridled reign. Indeed, perhaps for us all. Failure to understand and accept the existence of Shadow and their dark crimes may very well mean a kind of death through slavery to a dark will – the difference between all good things which the reader desires and believes in and the loss of all hope that they might come to pass. Fascism favors the moneyed elite, and Shadow’s head is formed largely from among the leadership of the megacorporate giants. The reader cannot turn away from these notions unless and until satisfied beyond all Shadow of doubt that they are untrue.

Want to know more?  Read Fatal Rebirth!

FascistBook, Part II


The Growing Case for Government Targeting via Social Media

by H. Michael Sweeney,
copyright © 2011, ProparanoidPress, all rights reserved
permissions to reproduce available on request to pppbooks at comcast (net)
In two parts.
Dateline Portland, OR Sept 8, 2011 (part II)


Part II, The Scope of the Threat

in Social Media Spy Partnering

fascistbook Read Part I, here

Very detailed map (click for full size) of all the clicks needed to use Facebook, each such click useful in gathering/sorting information collected about you. From

Again I remind you that I write this as an activist, investigative writer with seven books generally on abuse of power, privacy, and security matters, and as a consultant to targeted persons. If I make any errors in the remaining presentation, it is likely on the side of underestimating capabilities rather than overstating. The technology involved is all powerful and all-too easy to manipulate for nefarious purposes, and evolves to new levels of capability faster than can be learned of.

The threat goes far beyond the simple image most people have in mind when you talk about social media privacy issues. The threats are quite real, but should be tempered against cause and effect realities and personal strategies as discussed in the closing section. Actual threat levels vary according to the individual, and to the individual’s concerns as may be fostered by circumstances. The threat can exist and be employed against one individual without their ever sensing consequence, but for another individual, it could result in catastrophic injustice. I remind you that where just one citizen is victimized by tyranny, all remain under its yolk and subject to its whims.

The threats come about naturally enough; the very things which allow social media constructs to function are the very things which pose a threat if abused. In and of themselves, a reasonable company operating with reasonable business sense would not deem to abuse any power inherent, lest their getting caught should damage their credibility and ruin a good thing. Yet it is true that absolute power corrupts absolutely, and thus, in time, even the most honest and well meaning entity can cross the line at some point in time. Yet even so, such threats are relatively minimal given that some logical constraints would yet remain in play. We can hope, anyway.

The real threat is in the context of the thrust of  this article; involvement of intelligence community, military, or other government agencies in any access to or sharing of your information. For the purpose of such consideration, it may be helpful to think of them simply as themselves being the folks actually managing the social media in question or, at the very least, having the same functionality as their advertising and promotional partners. That is to say, that anything that is true for a social media network or one of their partners, is true for the government snoops with respect to ability to access and abuse information. Actually, MORE is true, as we shall see.

Unlike the folks who found and operate a social media network, they observe no constraints on abuse because any abuses they undertake remain covert in nature, and thus, the existence of the abuse is not likely to be uncovered, and certainly not likely to be proven. Thus the social media entity has little risk in such partnerships, no fear of damage caused by some scandalous revelation. This fact, alone, makes the threats that much more serious. Because if you give a government an inch, it will take a foot, then a yard, then a mile, and on and on until it does get caught. By then, it is far too late and the greater damage has been done than can be known, than can be undone. I doubt Facebook and the like understand this, or they would see how illogical it is to prostitute themselves to Dracos dominatus (draconian rule).


Ten Different Threat Areas to be Considered:

The remainder of this article will deal with several separate, yet interlocking areas of concern. Some may share properties and elements of others and yet remain their own form of threat with a unique set of additional, unique concerns. These are:

  • Marketing (You are a commodity)
  • Beliefs (Real and esoteric)
  • Contacts (You are who you know)
  • Profiling (Labels and lists)
  • Tracking (Web and real World)
  • Predictives (Thought Police)
  • Reward/Punishment (Carrot and Stick)
  • Spying (Dataveillance, physical surveillance)
  • Trading (Interagency Networking)
  • Targeting (Dirty tricks)


The Intelligence Community and Social Media

I would normally focus on ‘what to do’ in response to such threats, as is the construct of almost all of my books on privacy and security issues. However, in the case of someone who is choosing to participate in social media, the options are few… outside of the obvious choice of rejecting participation altogether. What few choices may exist beyond that drastic alternative will be mentioned as we go. Generally speaking, my books in The Professional Paranoid series do offer useful advice in many of these categories, but were not written to specifically address social media, which did not yet exist when they were penned.


1: Marketing

Everyone knows that information on consumers is Gold when it comes to marketing. Almost all Web sites participate in marketing to one degree or another, especially if they themselves have something to hawk. But even ‘non commercial’ sites may participate in one form or another of advertising, or in information gathering and sharing arrangements with one or more Web partners. In the old days, information was pretty much limited to contact information and perhaps the kind of things purchased from those keeping the information. It’s now way out of hand thanks to the digital age. Anything about you is fair game if it allows predictive marketing, which is a fancy term for insuring that the ads you see on the Web are more likely to interest you.

The larger and more powerful the dynamics of the (.com, etc.) and the greater their resulting Web traffic, the more likely it is they will be engaged in some form of partnering with other firms to share information about you. Thus it behoves us to read the privacy statements of the various sites we visit BEFORE we engage with the content at the site. Few of us do, of course. Those of us who do, often wish we hadn’t, because it unmercifully kills countless brain cells trying to translate lawyer-speak to plain English. You can lose a first-born if you don’t do it right.

The following is a collection of some scarier parts of Facebook’s privacy policy and user agreements (each of which consists of many pages). An ellipse (…) or double tilde (~~) means I have snipped non relevant passages. Bold text highlights a potentially problematic issue. Parens contain material added by me:

  • For content that is covered by intellectual property rights, like photos and videos (IP content), you specifically give us the following permission, subject to your privacyand application settings: you grant us a non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable, royalty-free, worldwide license to use any IP content that you post on or in connection with Facebook (IP License).
  • We receive data about you whenever you interact with Facebook, such as when you look at another person’s profile, send someone a message, search for a friend or a Page, click on an ad, or purchase Facebook Credits.
  • When you post things like photos or videos on Facebook, we may receive additional related data (or metadata), such as the time, date, and place you took the photo or video.
  • We receive data from the computer, mobile phone or other device you use to access Facebook. This may include your IP address, location, the type of browser you use, or the pages you visit. For example, we may get your GPS location so we can tell you if any of your friends are nearby.
  • We receive data whenever you visit a game, application, or website that uses Facebook Platform or visit a site with a Facebook feature (such as a social plugin). This may include the date and time you visit the site; the web address, or URL, you’re on; technical information about the IP address, browser and the operating system you use; and, if you are logged in to Facebook, your User ID.
  • Sometimes we get data from our advertising partners, customers and other third parties that helps us (or them) deliver ads, understand online activity, and generally make Facebook better. For example, an advertiser may tell us how you responded to an ad on Facebook or on another site in order to measure the effectiveness of – and improve the quality of – those ads.
  • Games, applications and websites can serve ads directly to you if they have your User ID. (Ergo, do not stay logged into Facebook when you surf if you do not wish your User ID logged, which is exactly what points directly to YOU).
  • Advertisers (and Facebook) sometimes place cookies on your computer in order to make their ads more effective. Cookies are small pieces of data that we store on your computer, mobile phone or other device… we may use them to know ~~ when you are interacting with our advertising or Platform partners.
  • We may also ask advertisers to serve ads to computers, mobile phones or other devices with a cookie placed by Facebook… You can always remove or block cookies (such as by using the settings in your browser), but it may affect your ability to use Facebook.
  • Sometimes we allow advertisers to target a category of user, like a “moviegoer” or a “sci-fi fan.” We do this by bundling characteristics that we believe are related to the category. For example, if a person “likes” the “Star Trek” Page and mentions “Star Wars” when they check into a movie theater, we may conclude that this person is likely to be a sci-fi fan.
  • We sometimes allow businesses or anyone else to sponsor stories like the ones that show up in your News Feed, subject to the audience set for that story… Your friends will see these stories even if you have opted out of the “Show my social actions in Facebook Ads” setting.
  • We use the information we receive about you in connection with the services and features we provide to you and other users like your friends, the advertisers that purchase ads on the site, and the developers that build the games, applications, and websites you use.


2. Beliefs

Consider that every time you post something… every time you ‘like’ or ‘share’ something… you are making a statement about what you believe, or at least what you believe to be valuable or important. It is not about ‘likes,’ it is about beliefs. Yet Facebook does not have a good way of looking at that aspect of information beyond any marketing related elements which may be present, because it is not quite part of their data construct.

However, the intelligence community DOES have a way of looking at it. Be it real (like a political stance) or esoteric (like spiritual matters), you reveal much about your belief structure in every such action. It can become very useful in spying operations because it helps paint the psychological profile of the individual, which is actually its own threat better described below. But it also can be used to flag their attention.

Everyone has heard about NSA’s ECHELON monitoring system which essentially seeks to monitor 100% of global communications on the lookout for useful intelligence. It is essentially an automated key-word sensitive system that electronically listens into information on the fly looking for a set key word or phrase, or perhaps a target audio sequence or voice pattern. Thus it can scan effortlessly for utterances of words like ‘bomb’ or ‘assassinate’ as well as for sounds associated with specific activities or individuals of interest. On any match, the entire communication is recorded for human examination.

We can debate the legality all we want, but Congress has elected to ignore any violation of Constitutional rights represented by the warrantless intrusions which happen by the hundreds or even hundreds of thousands every hour. Worse, it seems, the system can be politically and corporately aimed, it being discovered that ECHELON was being used for industrial spying on behalf of U.S. corporations who were heavy financial contributors to the Democratic National Committee. As defining clues go, that is huge one, the quintessential essence of a fascist government (see my blog 33 Axioms of Fascism) being to function as a corporate state.

But the point is, a social media being watched by the intelligence community can easily be made to work the same way. In point of fact, it can be done without the permission of the social media, though it is greatly facilitated by such cooperation. Every post, every like, every share… the content is all monitored against keywords and then shuffled off for human review if deemed appropriate. Once flagged, you become a person of interest for possible political spying, or even political targeting. You can find yourself on a list… but will more likely be unaware of it for some time.


3. Contacts

You are indeed who you know to the intelligence community. I assure you that guilt by association is the number one guideline in the overzealous world of counterintelligence, counterinsurgency, and counterterrorism (what FBI, CIA, etc., do to protect against espionage, etc.). Thus if you have among your social media ‘friends’ just one person who is suspected of having involvement with what can be loosely (very loosely) defined as a ‘suspect,’ then you, too, are automatically suspect.

In fact, FBI and CIA, and others, use ‘rings of influence’ as an excuse to spy on hundreds of people where only one actual suspect may exist. A suspect, and anyone the suspect is in contact with (one ring), and anyone the contacts are in turn in contact with (second ring), and anyone they are in contact with (third ring), and so one, for some arbitrarily set limit as to the number of rings… anyone within those rings is also suspect, and fervently spied upon on the presumption of likely guilt.

So abusive has this policy been, that just dialing a wrong phone number can get you involved in a ring, and has in more than one case caused innocent persons to be hauled in for relentless questioning and put under a five-year full surveillance net (the standard minimum ‘investigation’ period for FBI types). Spy agencies LOVE this system because they get to report to Congress that they are investigating on a given quantity (untold tens of thousands) of ‘suspects’ to justify their massive budgets, and to paint the problem as being bigger than it really is in order to justify requests for more abusive power and more exotic spy technology.

Thus the problem spirals out of control based merely on conjecture that person A who knows person B who knows person C who knows someone who MIGHT be a criminal, might therefore also be a criminal. So, if you only have a few very close personal friends on Facebook, you probably won’t be targeted for this reason, but if you have 1,000 more casual followers, I can guarantee you a significant chance exists that at least one of those people is in a ring, somewhere – and therefore, so are you, and all of them, too.

So if this makes you afraid to read anyone’s politically incorrect viewpoints, your fear is justified… and is also proof positive that you are a victim of a fascist police state where such fear is an element of political control. Welcome to the New World Order. But not to worry… they fear you more than you fear them. Keep in mind that lists are meaningless if everyone is on the list. We outnumber them millions to one.


4. Profiling

We hear a lot about profiling as being a ‘no no’ when Police use it to hassle someone because they have the ‘profile’ deemed to increase the likelihood that a person may have a given criminal involvement. For example, if you are stopped on a North South freeway near the Mexican border and the cop sees a ton of McDonald’s trash in your car, you ‘fit’ the profile to be a drug runner. Thus some family man who regularly stops with the kids for Happy Meals and just happens not to keep his car clean, can be hassled to manipulate him into a search of the car.

The unfortunate thing about profiling, is that it tends to get you identified as (something you are not) based merely on the initial suspicion, and thus you get added to a list just as if guilty, and that tends to lead to all manner of problems down the road. Some lists, therefore, are completely bogus, such as the infamous ‘non existent’ No Fly List, where anyone with the same or similar name will rue the day they bought an airline ticket. Profiling is wrong, as are target lists, but we can see why they might want to use them. The problem is, they don’t ‘use them,’ they abuse them, and thereby abuse everyone so identified.

The intelligence community profiles all the time, and because the victims never know about it, they get away with it. But they also engage in another form of profiling – the psychological profile. On the assumption you do get targeted for human review of your on-line activities, I can assure you that a psychological profile will be part of their information gathering goal. Called Q-Methodology when first developed, computer analysis has advanced to the point that a good psychological profile will enable the predicting of how you would react to any given specific situation. In reverse manner, should they desire a given reaction, then can computer what specific situation would most likely generate it, and then work to create that situation by means of dirty tricks (its own section, below).

In my Professional Paranoid series of ‘how to’ books on protecting privacy and security, I spend a great deal of time on this topic, and how to thwart the psychological profile. Thwarting it is very important if you are truly targeted, because any use of it against you can have devastating results, if that is their intention. And in final summary of the threat, it should perhaps also be mentioned that profiling (the sum total thereof), can also predict your future actions and activities (also a threat detailed below), often useful for setting up or arranging advanced surveillance or other operations against you as you wend your way through life. Very dangerous to the politically incorrect among us (e.g., anyone who thinks for themselves and expresses opinions contrary to main stream sheeple).


5. Tracking

There are two kinds of tracking which might come to mind. Certainly, social media can track your Web activity, as seen in the first section on Marketing. But the greater threat to the politically incorrect is real-World tracking in real time. Think about it: the latest additions to Facebook have been all about tracking:

You now have the ability to ‘tell your friends’ where you are at any given moment, and what you are doing. OK, but you are also telling Big Brother. The same provision now lets you say who you are with. So now, Big Brother can, if having profiles and data files on you and your friends, along with information about the location, deduce WHY you are there and what you are potentially doing which may be completely other than you have described. Thus if you were putting out false information to conceal some other activity, they will likely figure it out. On the other hand, if you really are doing the benign thing, they will still be suspicious you may be doing some less ‘nice’ thing.

But the problem is far more serious than just what you volunteer, because the investigative agencies partnering with social media can do so much more. If you have linked your cell phone or portable laptop to your social media, they can know EXACTLY where you are at ALL TIMES those items are with you and powered up and connected to a network. Remember, in the first threat, above, we learned that Facebook knows your GPS position in such cases. Further, even if your cell phone is not GPS equipped (the newer it is, the more likely it is to use it, even if not advertised as a ‘feature’), or you are using a wifi connection on a laptop, your location can be ascertained through information inherent in the network’s connection with you. Everyone has heard of cell phone tower triangulation, for instance — which was used to capture O.J. Simpson while he was driving on the highway and using his cell phone.

Again, in my Professional Paranoid series, I offer solutions and advice on how to protect against or reduce this kind of threat.


6. Predictives

We’ve touched on this in the prior dialogs. But the various aspects discussed can be combined in ways which amplify the abilities beyond those already mentioned. Remember the Total Information Awareness Office, renamed Terrorist Information Awareness Office once it was revealed that it represented wholesale spying by the military on every citizen’s every ‘transaction’? They tried to conceal a lot of sins by renaming things and altering artworks, but the truth got out, anyway, thanks to yours truly, and others.

A transaction meant not just purchases, but any event where trackable information could be acquired by use of RFID chips (Radio Frequency Identification Device) which are to be found on virtually every product sold… thereby meaning that ANYTHING on your person, including your clothes, can be used to identify you by means of an electrical scan. So just passing through a doorway or turnstile could be rendered a transaction by simply placing a covert sensor to read the RFIDs as they pass by. I’ve lectured on this (video).

I bring this up only because TIAO’s chief tool was an escalated version of profiling software employed by CIA. Based on the sum grand total history of your transactions, it can predict future transactions. When and where you will go, and what you will do, and why. By additionally interfacing the sum total of one’s social media activity, and general Web activities, this ability is amplified many times over. And don’t you believe it for a minute that TIAO is after terrorists. WE are the ONLY terrorists the system is designed to monitor. While they might actually be able to net a terrorist eventually by use of this system, that represents less than 1/100th of one percent of the people it will be spying on. It is a tool intended to maintain political control, only.

But more than all this, TIAO’s thrust is also to predict what you are thinking about and planning to do which they might object to seeing come to pass. Terrorist events, sure. But why stop there? If they see you might be likely to organize a local protest when the next international financial summit is scheduled to be held in your home town, don’t be surprised to find unmarked black vans trolling your street and sings that things have been moved in your home. I assure you they are more likely to take action to stop that than to stop some guy from blowing up his underwear in a public venue.


7. Reward/Punishment

When you join in a social media you can expect that certain actions will be tracked and have certain consequences. You will be rewarded for ‘good actions’ as judged by the firm running it, things which represent using the system in ways which generate useful information about you. So if you post, share, or like something, it is useful and appreciated, and can result in subtle rewards, such as promoting you to others who then may invite you to friend them. Usually, the rewards are so subtle you don’t see them. Punishment, on the other hand, can be quite visible.

There are indeed actions they would prefer you not engage in. Inviting too many strangers to join your social network, for instance. Why is that a no no? Because to track information about you and your activities, as far as the intelligence community is concerned, is far more manageable and meaningful if they know that those people on your friends list are truly your friends. Remember the rings when you consider that. Punishment usually comes in the form of warning messages or even temporary inability to exercise certain options, typically with threats that your continued use of the network is in jeopardy. But as we will see in yet another section (threat 10), it can be far more serious than just that.


8. Spying/Dataveillance

Well, of course, that’s what this whole article is about, isn’t it?  But it is listed as its own threat because when the intelligence community is involved, there are whole new levels of spying which can result when their snooping of your activities is determined to make you a person of interest (your politically incorrectness). Depending on why they take an interest, all manner of escalation is possible. Dataveillance is the soft core spying on a soft target, the relatively easy access through back doors to all your personal computer files everywhere of importance. Banks and commercial accounts, insurance companies, medical records, law enforcement, IRS, etc.  All of it can be compromised by cyber warriors to one degree of penetration or another. Then we have the hard core variety:

Your phones, car, home, and workplace could be bugged, with or without a warrant. There are whole new kinds of warrants which have been added to the arsenal in post 9-11 hysteria which essentially makes the word meaningless. There is a FISA (the so-called Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, which really means DOMESTIC intelligence) Warrant which is issued by a secret judge in a secret court and allows the government cart blanch surreptitious entry into your home, wholesale spying to include cameras in your bedroom, and accessing and taking whatever they wish from your home without your knowledge… and putting things back, if they wish, perhaps even planting evidence since no one is looking. And there is the new ‘roving warrant’ which allows them to target one person and then another, principally through the rings phenomenon earlier discussed. And there are now whole new classes of warrantless actions which are deemed ‘probable cause’ justifications by Presidential order, completely bypassing Congressional law and constitutional considerations altogether.

If they are going to do any of that, you can also bet they will consider a more traditional full surveillance net, which means surveillance posts nearby to watch your entrances, windows, monitor your conversations, who comes and goes, and record everything. You will be followed, perhaps by car, by foot, and even in the air. That can mean aircraft or even micr0-sized robotic camera ‘toy’ planes that can be small enough to fit in your palm. You probably won’t see them, if used.

Then there is smart dust, which are literally small enough to free float in the air (again, my lecture topic), and which work in ‘swarms’ or ‘hives’ to collect and relay information by laser beam to a central monitoring point. Each little ‘mote’ is designed to do a single specific task, but as a collective, they can provide information as useful as if having someone standing there. This is the kind of technology I lecture on, and I assure you it is far more capable than the sci-fi like description implies. Once more, I do write about all these surveillance concerns in my books, and how to deal with them.


9. Trading

I’ve already written in part one of this post about interagency trading of spy files, using as example the well-known case involving the Anti Deflamation League, B’nai B’rith (both arms of Mossad with respect to spying operations), CIA, and the Police Criminal Intelligence Divisions of San Francisco, Portland, and four other cities. Tens of thousands of citizens of the United States who were targeted for political spying to include surveillance, financial snooping, and personal matters such as friends, beliefs, etc… much like we’ve been talking about, all along.

Agencies all-too often illegally collect and trade files like this at all levels. Local/State agencies share with other locals, federal agencies with other feds, and with locals, and internationally. What one agency is forbidden by law or charter to do, another might be willing to do in exchange for like favors. Reasons for spying are moot. In point of fact, such spying may uncover wrongdoing and do absolutely nothing about it, even if as serious as murder. Agencies simply want information that may be useful later (perhaps as a blackmail tool), either because a given person might come under scrutiny (remember the rings), or because they may be seen as a useful resource for oblique reasons, such as where they work, or a special skill.

Too, I’ve mentioned in other articles that CIA maintains two fronts pretending to be marketing research firms (and more), one in the U.S., and one in Europe. These firms, Locate Plus, and Metro Risk Management, are part of the 1,001 CIA fronts and infiltrated entities I list in The Professional Paranoid Defensive Field Guide. They boast they have and will sell information (a marketing information arm, and an investigative information arm) to anyone on 98% of U.S. citizens (and also happen to market RFID-based tracking bioimplants by Verachip, aka Digital Angel, or the Mark of the Beast).

Excuse me, but I would raze Langley to the ground for this one sin alone, were I President. But these firms are only symptomatic. Social media has revolutionized this aspect of the problem, allowing any agency integrated into the machinery of a Facebook or the like a superlative access to information it can barter to other agencies or sell to fund their illegal black operations being run ‘off the books.’


10. Targeting/Dirty Tricks

O.K., so you made for yourself a place on someone’s watch list AND you are ‘hip’ to it. You probably don’t like it, and figure you will let people know about it and complain. So you actually dare to post something ‘offensive’ to the system… and I mean by ‘system,’ either the social media folks (verbally assail their policies) or the government or one of its agencies (verbally assail their activities). In other words, you wax even more politically incorrect. Been there, done that.

And what I can tell you is that it certainly feels like targeting and dirty tricks result. For example, I and many of my activist friends on Facebook have had many situations where a negative post seems to have resulted in some form of punitive response such as described above (7), and below, next. But it can easily go beyond that, especially if at the hands of a spy agency or the military, who have whole armies of cyber warriors at their beck and call, all ready, willing, and able to serve up any mischief deemed useful.

My experience in the hours and days following the posting of part one of FascistBook:

Within hours of the blog post and subsequent Facebook/Twitter posts that it had been posted, every Facebook post, share, or like action suddenly required me to answer the silly little pop ups with the scrambled text ‘security phrases.’ Six times in a row, until I became so frustrated that I logged out and gave up for the evening. Normally, these pop up very randomly and infrequently. A normal user might have it happen once a month.If you are an activist, it seems like several times a week. If you are like me, every single transaction, apparently.  And not just any scrambled text. Virtually every one of them was completely unreadable, and required as many as six attempts to figure out what they wanted me to type in.

Within one day, which was the next day I logged in, the matter had escalated. Now I had to re enter my email address and password with each post, like, or share. Again, I logged off. When I came back the second day, things seemed back to normal by comparison. I was still had to log in multiple times and was getting a lot of pup up scrambles to solve, but they were easier and far less frequent events to deal with. Perhaps they backed off because my Facebook posts were mainly about this experience. I don’t know. But additionally, now my posts would not take. There would be a kind of ‘hang fire’ where after I hit return, the window stared at me as if I had done nothing. No error message, and no way to redo. Had to log off and back on, and re enter my post. Three or four times per post.

On day four, my browser suddenly started telling me when it fired up that in order to see this page (my home page) I needed to enter my .api user name and password. Mind you, there is no such thing on my computer or associated with my Web activities. Additionally, a second pop up informs me that my browser is not compatible with a particular function I again have nothing to do with in my computing experience. As I work on this post, my browser will simply crash without warning even in the middle of a period of no activity (no action to trigger it). About every ten minutes, on the mark — at least until I typed in this part, after which, it seems to have ceased. Clearly reason to wonder if some cyber warriors might have been having some fun at my expense.

Add to this the fact that in attempting to add new friends at Facebook, I am warned that ‘I am going to fast’ and my ability to add friends is being curtailed for a week as punishment. Gee, that’s funny, because I’m talking three people, here, and I normally add up to twenty at a time or more without such warnings. And one final thing to note… select of my posts seem to have vanished. But of course, none of this proves anyone at Facebook or in government is doing anything in retaliation. That’s the beauty of their system; you can’t prove anything if you are being targeted. All you can do is bitch about it. Guess I’m being rather bitchy, eh?

Just another fun day on FBIbook, I guess. Please feel free to share your own experiences here using the comments.

But this is nothing. If you really do something to upset these folks, you can count on real-world targeting and dirty tricks. They could start messing with your financial situation, your job, or start altering digital information on you such that you are suddenly a dead beat in arrears on your mortgage and car payments, find your insurance policies cancelled, and that you suddenly have a Police record a mile long and outstanding wants and warrants. You’ve seen it all before in the movie, Enemy of the State. And I must tell you that in the past I have been victim of even more unusual antics, which I fortunately overcame and which was the basis of my first book. It is what made me the politically incorrect person I am today.


Cause and Effect, Personal Strategies

Where does all this leave YOU. It is a matter of cause and effect, I suppose. If you are just another dumbed down citizen happy with mainstream media and government explanations about major events other people tend to call ‘conspiracies’ and ‘cover ups,’ then you are not generating a ’cause’ for which to worry about any ‘effect’ of government spying. You are, instead, simply another idiot who things that ‘if you have nothing to hide, then you have nothing to fear from government spying.’  Excuse me, but if that’s the way you feel then get rid of your shades and blinds and let the government watch your wife changing clothes, because they are engaging in that kind of activity against people they THINK have something to hide. And given how loosely they define things now days, the likelihood of YOU getting on one of their suspect lists grows daily.

But if, on the other hand, you are already politically incorrect, then it is your precise situation which should be analyzed regularly for any signs of spying or targeting. It will be subtle if such evidence exists, because they do not want you to know they are there in the woodwork like so many termites. If you do not know how to spot the signs of being followed, surveilled, or of having your home entered and snooped, being bugged, etc., then you need my books. If you do already know these things, or are simply thinking there is even the slightest clue they are true in your case, then you need to be emailing me for some free consultation: proparanoid at comcast (net).

Regardless of where you fall in the above spectrum of possibilities, even if one of the idiots, you need to have a personal strategy in place about how you use your social media. There are simply some things you should not be posting, liking, or sharing, or saying, unless you also are willing to deal with the consequences, or have a strategy in place to thwart them. That, however, is a far more complex dialog than will fit this space. It is the kind of dialog that involves a lot of  variables and which is best addressed on a personal basis… so go ahead and email me if that sounds like you.

World’s 1st Ergonomic/Heuristic Book may resolve Dyslexia

by H. Michael Sweeney,
copyright © 2011, ProparanoidPress, all rights reserved
permissions to reproduce available on request to pppbooks at comcast (net)


Dateline Portland, OR August 1, 2011


Initial tests show remarkable ease of reading for all readers,

with improved retention and comprehension.


ProparanoidPress has released the World’s 1st Ergonomic book. I know, you are asking how can a book be ergonomic? Does it fit the hand better?  No. Well, just a bit, perhaps. But the way it is ergonomic is the way it reads… how it interacts with the eyes and the mind. That brings us to being heuristic. I know, you are asking what does heuristic even mean?  The simple answer means it improves one’s ability to learn while doing. OK, then, so how does this new book manage to do all that?

It uses a new print technology, a method of displaying text called ErgoText by its inventor, ErgoDox LLC, a small start up in Oregon. I just happen to know the inventor and thus was quick to seek license to use the new technology for my next book. What’s really cool about from a publisher’s standpoint it is that is saves paper, which makes the book smaller, which means it DOES fit the hand a little better (I did say “a bit, perhaps”). What it really means though, is that the book costs about 20% less to print, which makes everyone happy, especially since heavy wood and paper products have to be shipped (with fuel prices sky high) up to ten times from forest to bookstore. But there is lot more than lower price to make consumers happy.

First, it is ergonomic in that it is easier to read for reasons which defy simple explanation. It even reads faster, because it is almost impossible to loose one’s place or misread a word unless there is a grave contextual error or misspelling. Yet for Editor’s of a book (or anything else using ErgoText), it is discovered that such error’s tend to jump off the page and thus there are fewer errors to be found in the final product.

Second, it is indeed heuristic, in that it converts textual material, which normally uses only the left-brain hemisphere inmost readers, into a form which is also seen as being graphical in nature by the mind, thus activating the right-brain hemisphere, as well. This means better comprehension and retention — as does the fact that there are fewer reading errors as described above. In fact, some uses can even activate other parts of the brain not normally used in either textual or graphical analysis, parts which stimulate episodic memory, which means a significant memory aid. Perfect for text books, manuals, and other serious texts. I’m so pleased with ErgoText that in the future, all ProparanoidPress books will be using it.

But perhaps the most amazing and unexpected thing is this: it seems to help readers who are Dyslexic or suffer other reading difficulties. I’ve only sold a handful of copies personally to users at Conspiracy Conference 11 last June, but as it happened, two of them were Dyslexic, and the reason they bought it was because they could instantly read it without struggling. I was shocked, as were they! It was as if scales had fallen from their eyes.  So I next went out of my way to get some ErgoText material in front of several other Dyslexics I knew, and they said almost exactly the same thing.

In the process I learned that there are many forms of Dyslexia, each type causing a different viewing and comprehension experience roadblock. Some see letters jumbled (the most common). Some see the text quiver, shake, or move about. Some see funny visual effects which make letters and words unreadable except at vision center. And more. But thus far, of the 6 Dyslexics I’ve worked with, who have among them four of the various kinds of Dyslexia, ALL said it was dramatically better than regular text to read. So I contacted the folks at ErgoDox and, as result, they are currently offering a comparative reading challenge (remember the Pepsi Challenge?) to help quantify this phenomenon and determine what to do, next.

Go there and take the challenge!

It takes about 5 minutes to compare two paragraphs of material in each format for time it takes to read, ability to spot errors, and ability to find select text quickly. They want lots of people to take the test, because almost EVERYONE finds it easier to read, but especially want Dyslexics and persons with other reading issues to PLEASE take the test. Everyone who does take it should be sure to answer the anonymous questions about their experience. One does have the option of leaving an email address in which case they can receive a free downloadable print-your-own writing paper file of ErgoScript, which is the writing paper the firm offers based on the same technology. So even hand writing now becomes easier to read, etc.

I’d show you a sample of ErgoText right here, but I want to give you a reason (curiosity) to go to their Web site and take the challenge. Sorry if that seems like dirty pool, but its really important to learn if it really helps Dyslexics, et. al., or not, how much it helps, and what percentage of sufferers are helped. If enough good data is collected, it may justify a more formal scientific study which could result in further improvements for Dyslexics. Imagine if you didn’t know how to read at all, how much a loss of communication power that would represent. Dyslexic individuals are often just a notch away from that status, where any large block of text is difficult enough to read that they would just as soon pass as not, and go without the information.

Now imagine all the good stuff you’ve read in just the last 24 hours. That’s probably about as much as they would read in several years. Give them a break, and take the challenge, regardless of if you are Dyslexic, or not. And if you know someone who is Dyslexic, get them to read it by hook or by crook. Such a small thing to mean so much to so many. There are, after all, perhaps 50,000,000 Dyslexics in the U.S. alone.  As a writer and publisher, I want to reach them, too.

Oh, yeah. The book? It’s called In Mindless Times.

A sci-fi time travel yarn determined not to bore you with the same old tired impossible time-loop plot twists. Not one single time traveler goes back in time to have sex and become their own father! However, there still is a lot of sex going on… and lots of plot twisting to go along with that trysting.  Unlike many sci-fi works by other authors, I did a lot of research into the current state-of-the-art in actual  time travel research. Discovered there is a lot of current (and well funded) research going on, and I think that effort made the book more plausible and realistic than most. That research is even summed up in the Appendix. How cool is that? A sci-fi book with an Appendix of facts. Who knows? Might start a trend; workable science fiction.

Want to learn more about time travel or the book? Listen to my interview on Truth Brigade Radio Show with Christie Czajkowski. There is dialog on other topics until about half an hour into the long show.

I promise it will be fun. So will be taking the challenge.

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