My Vids

Below find links to my (mostly) politically incorrect videos at YouTube.

On Political Control Technology…

Electronic Weapons:

  • Actual COINTELPRO Microwave Weapon Attack caught on video, with detailed analysis. Provides new method for detecting/documenting attacks with a video camera.
  • Four videos on the Norway Spiral (boy are you in for a surprise and WOW treat if you never heard of THAT). They should be viewed out of sequence because new knowledge was gained at the end of the series which changed the face of the investigation and revealed several truths and IMPORTANT discoveries unknown elsewhere – very serious and troubling findings. View in order as shown. You only need to view the first three parts to follow the investigation which proves the validity of the fourth part:
  • Part 4: Norway Spiral – SciFi/Conspiracy Collided
  • Part 1: Norway Spiral – SciFi/Conspiracy Collided
  • Part 2: Norway Spiral – SciFi/Conspiracy Collided
  • Part 3: Norway Spiral – SciFi/Conspiracy Collided
        Defensive technology:
  • Rockabye Suspended Sleeper (custom-made rocking bed) promo video. This bed can aid TIs who have trouble sleeping due to electronic targeting, especially if by Microwave or EEG manipulation based on signals from an apartment below their own, and to a degree if from any horizontally located source. Write proparanoid at comcast (net) for explanation if so targeted (and get the Free Helps Kit).
        Disinformation and History of PCT:
  • 25 Rules of Disinformation music video from Alice in Amerikaland Album in support of The Free Will Society
  • MC Realities music video from Alice in Amerikaland Album in support of the Free Will Society
  • Armageddon Machine music video from Alice in Amerikaland Album in support of the Free Will Society
  • Author reads from Fatal Rebirth on video (sobering introduction)
Way Less Serious Stuff…
        Hilarious videos in promotion of Shadows24 Radio show marathon (politically incorrect commentaries via humor)
  • Original Shadows24 promotion video (not my video – this video seems lost and will be linked once located)
  • Uncle Fester’s video Response to Shadows24 Radio Marathon (a deep cover CIA operative, we think) threatening terrible retribution
  • Shadows24 video response to Uncle Fester’s threat (not my video – also lost pending relocation)
  • Uncle Fester is Downsized – his fate as a result caught on video by an assistant framed for Fester’s failure to stop the marathon
  • Guess My Name music video (religious theme shrouded in mystery) from Alice in Amerikaland Album in support of Free Will Society
  • Ergotron vs. The Amazonbies book and screen play project promotional video
  • In Mindless Times book and screen play promotional video (World’s 1st Ergonomic/Heuristic book)
  • 2009 Portland Auto Show video with Matthew Broderick?
  1. This is really great work.

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