Predictive Programming, Q anon, Anonymous, and the NWO

Predictive Programing is a psychologically manipulative political control methodology based on suggestive subliminal messaging, usually well ahead of planned events. It can be found in all forms of media, and shapes our acceptance of things to come, things we would not wish to accept… like 9-11, and the New World Order…


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Spooky introduction…

Sometimes a secret truth is put in front of you as entertainment. CIA, for instance, often puts out fiction books which reflect real-world plots, as a kind of run it up the flag pole test market as to public reaction, intentionally quite non specific so as not to put any real operations at risk. They also scan other fiction looking for ideas for such plots, which is certainly one reason the real-world sometimes mirrors fiction. In fact, one can find multiple CIA fronts engaged in making motion pictures, either as part of the production team, or as the primary mover and shaker, funding source. Could be why The Lone Gunmen, a TV pilot movie about a false flag terror attack on the WTC with a passenger jet aired in New York, only, a number of months prior to 9-11, and was followed up with a ‘viewer market survey’ (normal for such pilots).  That’s just a taste, to get your attention.



Now to the main point:

I’m writing this post because, being retired, and after having been homeless for several years and now able to ‘catch up,’ I binge watch TV. And I find predictive programming. The TV series, Mr. Robot, for instance, would seem to be about the creation of Q anon… some two years before Q ever came into existence. There are even oblique references to both Q and Anonymous variously within both the story presentation and the production credits. The series began in 2015 and makes a lot of intelligent sense of a number of things political, social, financial, and about human nature… but especially about computers and cyber security. It deals with such things in a technical sense which hackers and psychologists would not find in error, but in a way in which the average person can understand (cool, and educational).

The main character is a quirky paranoiac schizophrenic drug user with memory problems who is a cyber security firm’s best tech employee — while at the same time the nation’s most dangerous hacker, well hidden. His mind is a maze of complex conflict and imagined constructs, which is a deep character study in the very problem which infects Artificial Intelligence (quirky human-like mental aberrations). They drive him to increasingly dangerous and self-destructive peradventures focused on the forced elimination of virtually all debt, by destroying the bulk of all financial records stored in computers by ‘the World’s largest corporation,’ which happens to serve as the principle cloud repository for all banks and lesser corporations (today, that would be… Amazon, Microsoft, IBM, and friends).


Note: one theory out there by conspiracy theorists, is that such an actual event would render such a catastrophic failure of governments, corporations, and society as to throw us into a stone age, with little or no cash on hand, no way to transact business or acquire daily needs, and a shut down of all infrastructure. No one could prove ownership or contractual obligations without paperwork, and the institutions who rely on computerization for records keeping would be hard pressed to deal with the mountain of historical paperwork if they had bothered to keep it after digitization (most do not). This much is part of Mr. Robot’s presentation.

But it would also have much the same effect as a fire sale (an apocalyptic hacking scenario portrayed, and hopefully not predictive, in Bruce Willis’ Live Free or Die Hard), but be slower, rendered in domino fashion. People would take to the streets, riot and pillage, and turn into mobs seeking to take from others whatever they needed to survive. The plot aspect, is that it would give the World such trouble as to legitimize creation of carbon currency, carbon tax, and carbon credit-based economies, and seat an Antichrist figure able to justify chipping all humans and controlling all aspects of life to insure ‘peace, security, and stability,’ upon reboot.

The troubled ‘hero’ becomes embroiled in a hacker conspiracy which strongly resembles Anonymous, and which is full of equally quirky weirdo social misfits, including a Muslim (terrorist?). Almost everything about the show quite reflects the nature of, description of, and the creepy problems of AI, in subtle ways — AI’s bad habit of exhibiting or mirroring human-like mental foibles and mental illnesses, or at least personality flaws. Make no mistake, its great entertainment, rich with plot twists which have you rethinking earlier episodes and readjusting your understanding, expectations, and points of interest.

Quotes: from a Wired Magazine article about mentally ill AI, citing AI Scientist, Steven Theyer, who directly explores the phenomenon with a deliberately mentally ill AI of his own construct, called DABUS. “At one end, we see all the characteristic symptoms of mental illness; hallucinations, attention deficit, and mania. At the other end, we have reduced cognitive flow ad depression… The AI systems of the future will have their bouts of metal illness, especially if they aspire to create more than what they know.”

In parallel summary, many people believe and can make a strong case that Q anon is not a person, but an AI operated from within a very powerful computer who’s primary data input is the sum total of Web activity, principally focused upon social media. Huh? Look at that… I just allowed it a human personna by using the term ‘who’, as opposed to using ‘which,’ which would render it more correctly as a thing. That’s a bit of psychological programming in evidence, right there.

If so, it’s chief output is suggestions as to what the best psychological response is to the public at large, to best accommodate the matrix of human thought thus expressed, and move the dialog and thinking in a desired direction towards a desired goal. This is then used to create clever videos, memes, and posts/comments in an array of fake online social media avatars in support, thereof… or other forms of predictive programming, such as in TV shows, etc. The machine knows we will respond just the way we do.

That goal would logically be some significant shift in the political social paradigm which benefited whomever spent the huge sum of money necessary to develop the AI, the computer powerful enough for the task, and plans for executing the specific gaol in mind, be it for financial gain, political gain, or dealing with enemies… or all of the above. There is such a computer and AI program or modeling system already in use.

It was conceived and is operated by perhaps the most dangerous NWO secret society in the World, descendants no doubt of the Illuminati: The Club of Rome, which is far more powerful and secret than even the BIlderbergers, which they created, as well. I’ve seen their computer model flow diagram as part of secret papers from the Club of Rome to a high Bilderberger (below). They were made available only because he had passed away, and the papers coincidentally fell into a series of changing hands, which I was in time able to access as part of my research for my latest book, Who’s Killing the Bilderbergers — a fictional murder mystery based on footnoted real-world conspiracies.










Just two of hundreds of pages of secret Club of Rome and Bilderberger documents

As it happens, there is only one likely AI computing source for such an artificial Q entity; D-Wave Computing. Ask Anthony Patch and Clyde Lewis (Ground Zero radio show) about that. It’s all tied into other scary things, such as CERN, the NWO, and spiritual warfare. Heady stuff to be sure, but… and here’s the clever part: you don’t have to take it seriously as an intellectual exercise or consider it an educational matter impacting your defensive posture or altering your World view… because it also makes great entertainment you can easily dismiss as pure fiction, if you can’t handle the truth within.

That’s the insidious nature of predictive programming… it does not even want critical thought to be involved; it relies on subliminal matters which the mind will recall as a hidden and unannounced memory when the time is right… and in a way which moves one to behave in a desired manner, in response to unexplained and unrealized emotional-based reasoning.

That is revealed in Ground Zero’s heavy analysis. But if using conscious awareness and critical thought when watching Mr. Robot, and other TV programming… one can often find this ‘programming’ of our minds or advance warnings which simply would not be allowed in any other medium without severe retribution by ‘Men in Black.’ If such plots were recognized for what they were, it would be treason and high crime. But, no… it’s ‘just entertainment.’

Note: You should go to the archives and do keyword searches, including Q anon, and even Anonymous, and artificial intelligence. There are many informative and stimulating shows, all of which swirl about each other in intricate ways. Don’t discount one because it seems less targeted, topically; expand your horizons, and learn that there are connections. Listen to his shows as you also watch Mr. Robot, intermixed, and see if you don’t see what I’m seeing.

Another note: while fleshing out this post, I watched another show, Bosch. Having been a professional photographer at one point in my life, one of my specialties was architecture. So when I see a unique building on TV or in a movie, I try to find it on Google Earth, to learn more about it. There was one such building in the Cop show, and so I tracked it down. The other thing about me which comes into play, is that I’m extremely good at discovering front operations; I’ve listed over 1000 in my book, The Professional Paranoid Defensive Field Guide, though that list contains less than a dozen I’ve personally outed as illegal operations.

So imagine my surprise when the first thing I discovered in Google Earth aerial and street views, were the same kinds of clues I’ve seen time and again in CIA fronts. Things like high security, low profile, little signs of activity, yet a massive presence which would normally require a lot of activity. So I researched the address and discovered the firm’s identity that was using the building. Next, I tracked down their corporate information, starting with their corporate description (which I’m saving for last, here), and their Board of Directors and CEO, etc. A CIA (or other intelligence operation, including any established for the benefit of military operations) front almost always has at least one former intelligence officer and/or high ranking military officer in the list of (roughly six people or so) corporate leaders.

So I’m reading the CEO and, focusing on prior employment, I’m looking at firms which have in the past been tied to dark bumps in the night of American history, and I’m thinking ‘CIA’…  right up to the last sentence, which says, he was a former CIA operations Officer! The very next person I checked, was a former Marine General. But to be fair, that proves little, of course, and the odds are these are fine people with honorable intentions… but it surely triggers my ‘spidey senses.’

And what did I discover about the firms purpose? They are key part of the Cloud, and just about the only firm that handles storage of paper records for financial institutions and the fortune 500, and on and on. Mr. Robot would take note. Ergo, not only does Mr. Robot represent a potential predictive programming of the existence of a Q anon… but the entire story line may predictive of things, to come. A cyber attack of the sort in the plot, with the added twist of causing fires to start in the real-world records storage facilities, would wipe out both digital and paper trails on virtually all debt and ownership records, public and private. And that brings us to two final facts about both the show and the actual storage services firm.

The show plot’s final destructive mechanism was simply a hack into the computerized climate control system of the building… heating and cooling. The idea was simply to significantly overheat the data systems in a way to cause catastrophic failure beyond recovery… the same sort of attack which might be able to cause a fire to start, and inhibit automated fire-fighting systems. The other point is, the name of the real-world storage company: Iron Mountain.

The significance of that, is The Report from Iron Mountain is the title of one of those CIA-style authored ‘fiction’ documents which was itself predictive of wag-the-dog wars and events designed to create fear in Americans as a tool for replacing rights and freedoms with promises of ‘security’ and control. It is, in fact, the very first example of predictive programming one might be able to point to as being such. What is especially interesting, is that is was also one of the earliest examples of a work of ‘fiction’ being book vanished by CIA, though several editions had been printed by three different publishing houses over time, such that the effort failed.

ironmtn.pngThe spooky thing about that book of importance to predictive programming, is not just the example within its content, but the covers. It was first put out to look like an official U.S. document, and that is the style of the writing, as well. But one of the subsequent covers employs a small pyramid at the top (image), the logo of the publisher. And guess what the logo is of the Iron Mountain storage company? Yes, a pyramid, although different in detail.

The one final question about Iron Mountain, is why do they claim to be one of the largest if not the largest of their kind… and yet not appear in the graph at page top? Answer: because they don’t directly offer cloud services… they offer the storage sites and their maintenance, security, management, that the others employ as partners or clients. This means, that just as in Mr. Robot, there is only ONE central target that can take out the great bulk of the Cloud, and all of its users’ content, and that same target also happens to be the same source for hardcopy storage, as well.

I don’t want to be accused of pandering to fears in paranoiac character assassination of Iron Mountain… I’m sure the firm has excellent protection against cyber attacks, and against fires. That is exactly what they, themselves, will tell you at their Web site and sales pitches. But so did the firm in Mr. Robot… and it is all these linkages and coincidences which make the entire thing predictive, in the first place. It is, in fact, the perfect example of how predictive programming works.

Other examples of Predictive Programming in entertainment

The film, Pearl Harbor, released just prior to the 9-11 attacks, perfectly set the mindset of Americans to see those attacks as a ‘new Pearl Harbor,’ and more readily rush into war with those claimed (but not proven at the time) to be responsible.

The Simpsons aired an episode where Trump was elected President some 15 years before it happened. In one particular scene, he is descending an escalator post victory while crowds cheer from all points, including a transparent barrier above the escalator. A woman holding a placard ends up dropping it. When Trump really did win, media covering the event shot the exact scene from the same angle, and a woman did drop a poster at the same scene position and with the same timing as in the animated scene… behind a transparent barrier. This wasn’t the only episode in The Simpsons which has mirrored real events in forecast.


For more examples, check out this search result, and in particular, this one listing many predictive film projects which also portended 9-11. What prior knowledge?


The Simpsons raises another point

We must ask how predictive programming is possible to be so accurate fifteen years in advance, prior to AI technology? One might be tempted to think that Trump was preordained to be President by the NWO fifteen years ago, but that does not really deal with the question usefully. Someone had to also set up and control the news event, to insure a camera angle was able to mirror the event, and someone in place to drop a poster on cue. The planner had to be aware of the predictive programming (that episode). But that is merely a clue, to something else.

The similarity between the scenes is itself a predictive programming tool which reinforces the notion in our minds that we should accept predictive media as some kind of natural, mystical, or divine ‘warning,’ and therefore be far more afraid of the future when we watch disaster flicks, and other dark fiction which impacts our political and social future. Predictive programming, in fact, is sold to us as just that. The last link above reveals dozen’s of articles where media itself is trying to convince you that this is some kind of ‘normal’ and ‘coincidental’ thing, many suggesting it is some form of natural ability to unknowingly foresee the future… and glaringly ‘unaware’ of the term and nature of predictive programming.

AI, the D-wave computer, and the Club of Rome’s use of it did not exist when the Simpson’s episode was penned. Therefore, it is not about Trump being picked by and promoted to Office by the NWO, a notion which itself benefits the NWO by casting doubts on Trump as a conspiratorial affair; Trump opposes and does harm to the NWO.  But it is about reinforcing the illusion of predictive programming is nothing but coincidental prophetic realizations.

But then, who knows? Perhaps it is just that. Perhaps this post is actually by Q anon, or an Anonymous hacker? Or perhaps I’m schizophrenic and there are no such shows… or am I merely an AI construct imagining I’m writing this?

Or is it that you are the one who is imagining? I’ll wait right here for your answer… unless someone pulls my plug, first.

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