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Sorento Secretly Installing Total Surveillance Society

15 Terrabytes of data on every Man, Woman, and Child in the U.S., tracking every trip, call, text, email you make, every URL you visit, every purchase or financial, social, and political action you take, all to profile you so they can predict you and blackmail, jail, or vanish you if it becomes convenient. Welcome to Herr Bush/Clinton/Sorento’s Total Surveillance Corporate Police State.

But wait… I have a simple $7 SOLUTION!

The NSA is secretly establishing the Total Information Awareness Office!

by H. Michael Sweeney

copyright © 2013, all rights reserved. Permission to repost hereby granted provided entire post with all links in tact, including this paragraph, are included.

This particular post is intended to serve as recap and extended explanation of key concepts covered during a four-hour radio show interview with Clyde Lewis on Ground Zero, Friday, June 7th, 2013.

What you will learn reading this post…

• The nature of a Fascist Corporate Police State as defined largely by cooperative surveillance and spying upon ‘client’ citizens.
• That the National Security Agency (USARMY) is secretly implementing the Total Information Awareness Office under Sorento despite its being banned as unconstitutional by Congress, originally a Bush-Cheney plan;
• The Role of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Devices) and PROMIS back-door spy software in TIAO;
• That traditional redress of grievances no longer remain a viable remedy TIAO;
• How you can spend just $7 to thwart the $2.7 billion dollar spying operation.

How can seven dollars stop government and corporations from spying on us?

How Fascism defines a Corporate Police State

NWOlogosIn America, there is something called a Social Contract between government and We, the People; the Constitution and Bill of Rights. That document makes We, the People, clients to a government body who we employ to serve our needs for societal functions; to govern and provide for the common good and protection. That is a sacred trust as well as a contractual obligation to government to so perform, and the contract additionally provides mechanisms for redress of grievances when government fails to fulfill its duties properly.

In America, We, the People also enter into financial contracts with all manner of big businesses; banks, phone companies, Internet providers, health care providers, insurance companies, and more. These contracts obligate these firms to provide select services with a certain fiduciary and legal responsibility to adhere to simple, basic guidelines of operational limits with respect to the privacy and security of our personal information entrusted to them.

These limits are essentially the same in scope and detail as those provided for in the Constitution and Bill of Rights, though perhaps spelled out in different terms. We are talking about the right to protect not just the privacy and security of our person, property, and information, but the rights of redress, freedom of speech, and so forth. No contract we have ever signed with any major firm has forfeited these rights or provided firms with any form of blank check to violate them. But that is what has happened…

Both government and most major corporations have grossly violated and betrayed every one of these rights.

How can you spot a corporate police state?

A clue:  when both government and big business act in collusion to violate those rights, and do so under Color of Law (twisting or claiming legal basis, illegally usurping the ‘power’ to violate our rights) — you have a Corporate Police State, a fascist regime.

What defines a corporate police state?

Another clue: When the intelligence community partners with or invests in Google and Facebook (and on and on) and uses their Web technology to spy on you (and in some cases to target you)… when the intelligence community accesses without warrant your email and your phone calls through partnerships with your Internet Service Provider and your telephone company… when banks report to the government your financial transactions and your medical and insurance records are available to Internal Revenue Service-enforced insurance companies… you are in a Corporate Police State, a fascist regime.

what is a corporate police state?

A final clue: when the government seeks to catalog every single activity, transaction, and event in the life of every man, woman, and child, regardless of if related to business, personal, public, or private affairs, and then employs sophisticated methods to psychologically profile and predict the individual, including sexual preferences and ‘practices,’ and saves all such information for use against them should they become ‘politically incorrect…’ you have what is called a total surveillance society, which also defines a Corporate Police State, a fascist regime. Below, we will see that is exactly what is about to take place in a matter of mere weeks.

Welcome to Sorento’s Corporate Police State.

What is a corporate police state?

Why we no longer have redress of grievances in America

In just a few short months of Sorento’s usurping the power of a pre Magna Carta King (claiming for himself the power to murder a citizen or vanish or torture them without due process or explanation under the NDAA), we have learned of an endless onslaught of exactly such proofs of the true nature of our government’s form as reviewed above. Almost daily, we learn our Constitution means nothing, and there is no redress seemingly possible, save perhaps that of armed revolt, always a serious question, but also much easier to effect than imagined. Governments literally make their own gallows.

Our Court System is too costly and slow to reign in Color of Law mechanisms (unconstitutional laws, executive orders, etc.) used to suppress rights; they can write new laws faster than we can challenge them, especially since the offending clauses are buried within innocent legislation. Because our Congress does not even read the Bills it signs, and is so full of subversive New World Order types (members of the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderbergers, Trilateral Commission, Skull and Bones, etc., all working to end national sovereignty in favor of a North American Union under one-World leader), we might as well give up on any help, there.

Our elections are a farce, there being no true difference in the hidden agenda of the power brokers of one party or the other, who collectively decide in back rooms who we get to choose from on our ballots in a two-party Dog and Pony Show. We are always offered candidates who are both marketable based on ‘publicly declared’ beliefs and agenda, but who in truth share a true common secret agenda and darker beliefs. We can prove this; the darker policies of Clinton were continued by Bush and then continued yet again by Obama, and yet once more this posting proves it when revealing the TIAO project being secreted within NSA.

Should poor Barry claim yet once more, ‘I didn’t know anything about (NSA=TIAO) until I turned on my TV…’ then he will have no choice but to arrest and try everyone in Command at NSA for treason. No. Instead Congress should be talking about arresting them AND Sorento, and Clinton, and, likely, Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld. But fat chance of any of the above, of course, as there IS NO REDRESS remaining in America. The fix is in.

Our media is bought and paid for, owned outright by essentially four corporations made up of more power Elite Boards of Directors and controlling shareholders from the New World Order crowd.  The Internet is slowly but surely being transformed into something ever more friendly to spying, censorship, and corporate/government’s total control. There is an Internet Kill switch in our near future, as well as a tax on every use. However, the Internet is where we will find the seven-dollar cure, thankfully, as disclosed at the end of this Post.

Sorento has ordered 30,000 drones to the skies to spy on us. He is spending up to 5 million per city to fund installation of surveillance cameras, some with microphones. As previously described, he has been working with the top Internet Service providers (e.g., Comcast, Century Link, et. Al) to insure every email and URL visit is accessible to government. He has done the same with every major cell phone carrier to allow access to our calls and text messages. But he was still not done, and now we learn of one final straw designed deliberately to break our backs…

What is Total Information Awareness?

Total Information Awareness is Reborn: Remember the TIAO?

Now we learn one more truth which reveals the full horror of our true predicament: Sorento, in continuation of plans started by Bush, and continued by Clinton, is having NSA (National Security Agency) quietly build a gargantuan secret new surveillance monitoring facility in Utah, and a somewhat smaller one to expand the existing facility at Ft. Mead, Maryland… in order to quietly and illegally implement the Total Information Awareness Office mandate already outlawed by Congressional decree as an unconstitutional, immoral, and intolerable invasion of privacy.

The TIAO was a military concept proposed under former Secretary of Defense (under Bush I) become Vice President (under Bush II), Dick Cheney, and former Secretary of Defense (under Ford and Bush II), Donald Rumsfeld, and former operator of CIA/DOD’s Operation Phoenix (mass assassination program of civilians during Vietnam War), and convicted felon (5 counts of obstruction of justice and lying to Congress about his illegal activities in Iran Contra), John Poindexter, Rear Admiral USN, Ret., and former head of a CIA front involved in health care database management systems.

TIAO was a Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA) plan to track every ‘transaction’ of every citizen, just as described in the teaser at page top. A transaction is defined, according to the original White Paper and Request for Proposals which I have personally reviewed, as going through doorways, passing before cameras, making a purchase or selling something or any other financial transaction, traveling, undertaking a communication by voice, fax, data, or any other information access or exchange, even to include mail and public libraries. In short, TOTAL INFORMATION AWARENESS.

It managed all this, in part, by backdoor access to corporate databases via directly partnering with businesses or by covert use of PROMIS spy software developed by CIA and embedded at every opportunity within popular commercial database as well as custom written database management software. Since all major corporate Intranets (private corporate Internet-like services) rely upon a telecommunications backplane (PBX phone systems), and because every major maker of PBX equipment includes (by buried legislation) a receptiveness to special signal codes which allow covert remote access by the military, triggering PROMIS infected database back doors is a simple matter.

Note: This fact was confirmed to me directly by a highly placed technical expert working for Lucient Technologies, a major supplier of PBX gear; his explanation as to how government was able to access and effect surveillance of any phone extension or computer within the corporate offices where I was working at the time. He revealed that clients were not to be informed that these backdoors exist.

What is RFID? What are Radio Frequency Identification Devices?

The Role of RFID

Two RFID tags of the smallest kind. (click)

The ‘secret weapon’ component of TIAO was to be RFID technology, those little Radio Frequency Identification Devices which are currently everywhere: they are in your money ($5 and up – though debunkers claim they are merely polyester strips designed to thwart counterfeiting… but polyester does not explode in a microwave, though it will melt), in most newer credit cards, many drivers licenses, all Passports, shipping labels (and soon, postage stamps), transportation tickets, and almost any product you buy (soon, all products). If you have bought Gillette razor blades, Max Factor make up, Pampers, and any of thousands of other popular items from ink pens to computers from any major retailer, you have RFID all over your home and, likely, on your person.

Cash registers, bank tellers, secure access doorways, turnstiles, security cameras, and just plane hidden sensors anywhere can be modified to scan and learn the unique serial number of an RFID tag (which it reports upon radio command at distances of several hundred feet, and even through walls when special equipment is employed for the purpose). Once a tag is identified with an individual in a database, everything they do while possessing it can be tracked and cataloged. RFID devices are often large (I’ve seen as large as two-inches square in mailing labels) and easy to spot, but they can also be as small as the period at the end of this sentence .

Note: The tracking bioimplant, Digital Angel (aka Mark of the Beast) manufactured and sold by CIA fronts, is nothing more than an RFID tag with Web/Cell phone GPS technology added, a feature common to many RFID chips installed in cell phones (common to most new phones), watches, ink pens, ankle and wrist bracelets, and other devices intended to be tracked. The original part number of the first known RFID application to ‘track inventory’ was a Boeing Aircraft component with the number 666.

In fact, there is an insidious form of it known as Smart Dust, so small they can float in the air, and even be directed up or down on currents of air as if operated by a glider pilot. These (motes) are sometimes placed on persons of interest (one way: ‘air puffer machines’ at Airport security can ‘sniff’ for explosives, or plant smart dust in your hair and clothes). These migrate from person to person in general contact with one another, and permeate anything they might handle and any place they might sit.

Smart dust can do more than track, with select motes capable of sensing (some dedicated thing) and communicating one with another to act with a hive intelligence. This allows them to report information as if a more traditional complex surveillance system, triggered remotely by laser beams perhaps a mile or more distant.

The US Army can and can track RFID at select points along American highways, railways, and some waterways (esp., ferrys, bridges). This is a key tactical component of the Canamex Corridor which will serve as precursor to and lever for the North American Union. Combined with the other ‘transactions’ earlier cited, as well as feeds from security cameras and drones using advanced facial recognition, license plate readers, and other biometric and tracking methods, not to mention the full array of telecommunications signal capture, NSA can process bulk data without human interaction for analysis,  reporting, cataloging and storage, or undertake requested analytical tasks against specific targets, or sift through information to locate or focus on select targets by human analyists.

If you suddenly are deemed politically incorrect sufficient by almost any given person in the chain of command at NSA, the military, FEMA, DHS, FBI, CIA, the White House, or almost any other government power center, you could be quickly psychologically profiled to see what kind of targeting would best reduce you to a social, financial, and political zero, or to predict your every move in case it was felt you needed a visit by Men in Black for ‘special handling.’ That could mean anything from scare tactics to arrest and detention, to torture and vanishing by murder.

That was the TIA as originally envisioned, and it was so horrifying to anyone with an inkling of understanding of words like Constitution, Rights, Freedom, and America, that even our Globalist bought Congress said “NO!” But Bush, Clinton, and now Sorento have blessed covert continuance of the military plan. The new NSA facilities will become at some level, the de facto TIAO without so declaring, according to NSA expert, James Bamford.

This whole affair is especially significant in one way which is quite calculated and extremely dangerous to your family’s future…

What is less obvious but truly significant is that TIAO establishes the only difference between all failed despot-driven tyrannical rule-the-World attempts through history and what is taking place right here, right now in America. Specifically, the technological advances you have just read about might actually let them pull it off. All prior efforts failed because once the people understand their prediciment, they can elect to revolt, and it then becomes a wild-card battle with no way to guarantee victory to the despot. Too many people doing Lord knows what quietly and acting out suddenly without warning.

Once NSA goes online with TIAO, however, within a matter of Months (by this September at soonest), no activist, no gun owner, no politician, no law enforcement official, no judge, no news reporter, no person of wealth, no citizen, and yes, no criminal or terrorist, will be able to make a move without it being documented, analyzed — duly considered and potentially countered with quiet surgical attacks before the move can even be completed.

Yet — will they use this powerful tool to prevent terrorism or criminal acts, the sole basis for justifying the tool in the first place?

NOT ON YOUR LIFE. They will be used ONLY to maintain and tighten political control (why it’s called Political Control Technology of the Military-Police-Politico Force Matrix — as defined by the Revolution in Military Affairs).  They dare not use it for something as unimportant to ‘National Security’ (their definition being security of the people in power) as might be seen in a terror plot on a school or a city, unless it happened to include an attack on the President or someone key to the Power Elite.

To risk doing so would risk revealing the true power and capability of the TIAO tools, and thereby, risk full-scale revolt by those in the Military and Law Enforcement who still understand and obey their Oaths of Office. Besides, every terror or criminal act carried out empowers them to effect more political control; government benefits thereby.

I’ve already personally done more to fight terror attacks in America as a citizen than they ever will be able to claim by using any weapon of Political Control — though Bush took credit for my efforts as if his Administration’s own.

Therefore, NSA, via TIAO, will be able to pick us off one by one as we wake up and start to exhibit politically incorrect thoughts or take actions which do not serve or go along with the interests of those in control; the corporate friendly thugs running a fascist police state for the Globalist agenda.

First they will go for Anon and Anarchists, and you won’t say anything because you are not Anon or an Anarchist. They will next go for Truthers and 99% crowd, and you won’t say anything because you are not one of them, either. Then they will go for the rest of the Activists and Conspiracy Theorists, and you still won’t say anything. Then they will start to go for the investigative writers and newsmen, and lawmen, and politicians who do start to question, and you still won’t say anything, because if they can take them out, what could YOU possibly do.

Finally, when they come for you, no one will be left to say anything on your behalf.

What can we do to stop wholesale spying on citizens?

A simple $7 cure

Only you can prevent Fascism (click)

There are many things you can do. Make clear to your Congressman that you will not tolerate a secret TIAO and demand the NSA be reigned in, and (almost literally) NUKE the project in Utah and Ft. Mead; level it to the ground. Demand reversal of all post 9-11 legislation that deals with ‘terrorism’ by taking away our rights to privacy. Demand the 30,000 drones never reach American skies. Demand an investigation as to who really runs this country with the aim to kick Globalists out of government posts, starting with criminals in the White House and Congress. We need a political purge.

Become politically incorrect, question government, protest as a 99 percenter, Truther, or activist of some useful sort; be a functioning participating citizen! Make yourself heard above the rhetoric of a controlled media.

And one more thing, as I promised…

Spend $7 (or more if you wish) to join NNN OSP, the Nodular Netizen Network Open Source Project to create a 100% citizen-owned-and-operated wireless Internet alternative. Why? Because ONLY citizens make it up, there is no corporate ISP needed and thus no monthly fee. There is no government control or censorship, no government or corporate spying even possible; YOU are the Web!

If just five people join in each neighborhood, it is sufficient to assure its existence and success, creating a communications channel which is beyond NSA’s ability to access. In fact, the ONLY way government can access NNN communications is to go directly to the sender or reciever; the data does not reside anywhere else along the chain, and never passes through a government friendly corporate portal. And, once NNN OSP becomes popular enough, it will also support VOIP with Smart Phones and take away TIAO’s access to voice conversations, as well.

Visit to learn more.

There are many, many features and benefits not even possible on the WWW. There are even ways the NNN can make you money. Become the Web, TODAY… right this very MINUTE!

Once we have millions of members, the message may just get through… errant governments are superfluous to the Will of the People when they can freely discuss in private what they think about their government (or anything else). They will at last fear us as they should… as our Founding Father’s said it should be. Then, and only then, will they do our bidding, instead of the bidding of the Globalist corporate powers.

Can you afford NOT to spend $7 to thwart the New World Order?


Lion Dance: How China Invades US via the Canamex Highway

Screenplay Lion Dance; 

How China Invades US via the Canamex Highway

by H. Michael Sweeney,
copyright © 2011, ProparanoidPress, all rights reserved
permissions to reproduce available on request to pppbooks at comcast (net)

Lion Dance

Dateline Portland, OR  August 13, 2011

Updated June 2012: with regrets, an attempt to update shortly after original post did not apparently take. Update via this Statement: I wish everyone to understand concretely, that the Amero Currency shown is part of a series of fraudulent PhotoShop efforts by a disinformation site (Federal Jack) which has repeatedly offered fake Amero and fake (edited) news stories in what seems an attempt to blur the truth to the favor of government. Their site is aptly named.

lion dance

A group of strangers, each top notch professionals in their various fields, are recruited quietly amid protest and assembled, along with a small military unit, at an abandoned railroad station where a special but ordinary looking train awaits. They learn MTSR-7 is one of seven trains operated by the Department of Defense, made up of custom railroad cars disguised to be ordinary looking, but which serve as a Mobile Tactical Situation Room. Intended to thwart nuclear and biological attacks on fixed sites, MTSR-7’s civilian and military occupants will become analysts who track and study mountains of intelligence data in deadly earnest to attempt to prevent, and if need be, manage an impending national security crisis. Their project is called Lion Dance, which is explained as a style of Chinese dance, and is the code-name for a potential conflict with Red China which, they learn, looms on the immediate horizon.

Lion Dance

For the moment, at least, that’s fiction. This is not:

Seen from the changes in the World situation and the United States’ hegemonic strategy for creating monopolarity, war is inevitable. We cannot avoid it. The issue is that the Chinese armed forces must control the initiative in this war...”  Chinese Defense Minister Chi Haotian as quoted in Hong Kong’s Cheng Ming newspaper in January of 2000.

“Initiative,” in military terms (link: see Operational Concept, section 3-15)  means ‘first strike.‘ With that in mind, we fast forward…

Red Chinese subs can evade U.S. Fleet detection even in combat (not even Soviet Subs could do that very well.) Fast forward some more…

Red Chinese launch missile in U.S. waters off  California Coast (popular conjecture since it was not a U.S. firing and it happened the same day as the surfacing sub, above.) Fast forward one again…

Red Chinese military constructing bases in Mexico, including near U.S. Border with 10,000 armored vehicles? I sure hope someone was snorting dope.

In fact, see my caution about this particular report at page bottom. But just in case, it sounds like we might ought to fast forward yet one last time…

The Canamex Highway is something vey few Americans know about or fully understand, thanks to a controlled media and secret corporate dealings, including bribes and blackmail of politicians. That and covert international agreements undertaken without Congressional knowledge or approval by the leaders of the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, all under the flag of the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP), which was the springboard for Canamex and what many fear will become the North American Union.

More on the Security and Prosperity Partnership from:, the government’s own site established to fend off cries of fowl play (translation: it is propoganda). Well, after Ron Paul and others showed it to be full of inaccurate statements (that’s being polite for disinformation and lies), they seem to have taken it down as of this post date.

Wikpedia, which seems to parrot the official favorable descriptions such that it was likely originally defined by SPP proponents, and which itself also states that SPP was cancelled in 2009, at the height of the debate over the truth.

Lou Dobbs Journal (a 2007 YouTube) tells it like it really is on national TV, and starts to open people’s eyes.

When you tell people about it, they don’t believe you. Even government leaders, despite limited mainstream media exposure until just recently, frequently denied it was true (it was, after all, done outside of and without consultation with Congress by the Bush Shadow Government ~ a term I use in my book series, Fatal Rebirth), and were shocked to learn otherwise by means of hard evidence, such as one of the official Web sites and official documents leaked by Wikileaks. Ask Presidential hopeful Ron Paul, who was criticized endlessly by other Congressional Members and media for speaking out (YouTube vid) against something ‘which just isn’t true.’ Sadly, I fear his tough pro American, pro sovereignty, pro Constitutional stance will ensure his downfall in any election, even if it takes a bullet. They tried to kill Ross Perot when he gave it a try… but very few people know about that, because you weren’t supposed to know about why he dropped out of the election at the last minute.

Well I knew, and knew about it in advance, and tried to warn him and the Secret Service. It may have saved his life, but it cost him a place on the ballot… and cost you and I the right to vote for him if we wished. It also cost me five years of being targeted by the Secret Service every time a President visited nearby. And, oh yes, it was privately acknowledged by Secret Service to involve mailed anthrax of the same military grade as used in Washington, D.C. some years later. Same stuff was also earlier being sold illegally to combatants in the Iran/Iraq War, there having been a CIA front established in Canada with money provided in part by Hillary Clinton (per two NSA retirees as documented in my book series, Fatal Rebirth) which would have been the logical delivery path.

How interesting. Military-grade anthrax from U.S. Army depositories used to shape an election, and later to intimidate Congress into signing the Patriot Act(s). Hmm…  Election by chads and death threats, and rule of law as well. Charming political system, eh? Republicrat dog and pony shows (‘…pray we don’t get fooled again. Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss.’) or nothing. I’d rather have nothingThe Who knew what they were singing about, why don’t we ever seem to get it?

But Canamex and SPP is true, and that reality has finally has hit home amid heavy mainstream media reports of President Obama’s green light signature confirming the reality. It had already been in place, and is now about to go on line; a vast road and rail network sponsored by Globalist corporate interests and corrupt politicians was, secretly at first, and later more openly, conceptualized and plotted in what many fear is a key stepping stone toward a North American Union where the United States, Mexico, and Canada are no longer independent sovereign nations with their own currencies and militaries. The question is, if SPP and Canamex (bad enough) are true, then what of the NAU – the North American Union?

They deny the NAU exists, too. Perhaps that is because they intend to call it something else. Something like… United Federation of North America? Or how about NewStates of America (I have a copy of the Constitution of the NewStates of America reproduced in my book set Fatal Rebirth, complete with analysis which reveals it a Fascist document). Think it untrue? Keep reading, and take a look at the image below:

How many Amero’s will you be paid for minimum wage, we might well wonder?

Lion Dance

UPDATE Aug 13, 2001: Images of ‘Ameros’ leaked <– CLICK!!


Or will you be out of work because of a flood of migrants and a worsening economy? To whom do you pledge allegiance as citizen, and whos’ laws do you swear to uphold as soldier? To whom do you report a crime as traveler when portions of the highway are to be deemed Mexican and or International territories? Interpol? The Mexican Military? Smith and Wesson?

The Highway is intended to allow Pacific Rim nations to stop shipping goods into the United States via American Western Seaports, and to instead ship them to newly constructed super ports in Mexico, save those shipments intended for final delivery in the Western States. This would effectively gut the maritime industries and curtail port activity and employment by some 70-80% in California, Oregon, and Washington, as well as Canadian ports in Vancouver and elsewhere. The intent is to make doing so dramatically less expensive, despite a somewhat longer rail or highway transit to reach the American Heartland. But since less costly Mexican rail and truck firms would be employed instead of U.S. shippers, that cost would be minimized, stealing even more jobs from U.S. workers in those industries, to include air freight carriers, as well.

They are apparently not done giving us the shafta with NAFTA and CAFTA, so they have to go afta more with a Canamex dissasta.

NAFTA: North American Free Trade Agreement  +  CAFTA: Central American Free Trade Agreement  = exporting 1,000,000 plus jobs

Yes, one is right to ask about the safety of U.S. highways with Mexican trucks driving non stop from deep within Mexico to the middle of the United States and beyond… since Mexican freight carriers are not subject to the same standards of safety in maintenance and operations as the United States. Oh sure, there is a lot of press coverage on how we are going to require tests and assurances, but that is to draw our attention away from the real issues. This was, in fact, the ONLY reason mainstream media talked about the President giving the green light to Mexican vehicles crossing the U.S. border without Custom’s inspection.

Yes, you are right to ask how this will insure terrorists do not have an easier way to enter the country undetected. As I have detailed in my book, Fatal Rebirth, you can rent and direct a boxcar or tank car from anywhere in Mexico to anywhere in the U.S. with a laptop on the Internet. But the entire collective of all such issues are largely being ignored or, at best, given lip service by those pushing for Globalization and a One-World Government, one region at a time. Canamex is, and will be.  Period. Take it or leave it. The country, that is. If you don’t want to become a global plantation worker aside your Mexican brethren, get out, now. The war against the lower classes by the one percent who control 90% of America’s wealth is not over. They don’t yet own the other ten percent. Canamex will help get it.

Here are a few good collectives of information on Canamex. The best and most in-depth, in my humble opinion, is a collective of my own, available only by email request as it is in the form of a sample of my ProParanoid newsletter. Request a free copy by email using pppbooks at comcast (net.)

highwaysThe greater network of Canamex routes

There are three principle prongs in the Canamex Highway, but each fans out with alternates and secondaries, like so many rivers fed by creeks and streams. From Mexico through the MidWest States, the Mississippi River States, and the Eastern Seaboard States, and on into Canada. There is even a route along the Western Coast ‘to facilitate goods delivery to Mexico’ from those states. The Super Ports are nearly finished and already quite operational. And that is where perhaps the scariest elements of Canamex spring forth.

The fear of loss of jobs, soverignty, highway safety, and border security aside, there is one fear no one has expressed.

And that fear is become the backdrop for the new screenplay I am working on called Lion Dance. The scariest element to this author is that the Super Ports are being constructed by the Red Chinese in partnership with Mexican authorities and firms. Now, understand this: any partnership with the Red Chinese means partnership with the Red Chinese Army. All corporate business in China is at least 50% owned by the Red Chinese Army. Thus the Red Chinese Army is now in Mexico, at least in terms of logistics. Moreover, they are also in de facto control of both ends of the Panama canal.

Logistics is about moving large amounts of material. In peacetime, that is goods, mail, and presents to Aunt Matilda. In war, it’s a bit damn sight more serious, transporting weapons, troops, food, medical supplies, and ammunition. It is what enables, drives, feeds, supports, and propels military adventure. If you do not have logistics, you cannot move an army or wage a war. If your logistics are poor, your army can be defeated by a lesser army if it has better logistics. So the first step in any war planning is to insure you have excellent logistics in place, and your planning must consider attacking the enemy’s logistics abilities. Canamex has no peer in this respect. It is pure logistics start to finish, and it has no weaknesses. Moreover, its logistics advantages are a two-edged sword, because they are also part and parcel of the very logistics required in defense of the United States. In a war with China, the U.S. looses those logistic resources, and finds them turned against them. No powerful seaports remain, no inbound supply in place, no relief ships in route, no access to the Panama Canal, a weakened trucking and rail industry, and as Lion Dance reveals, a very real potential for something far worse than even that.

Lion Dance

That is absolute fact. This is HOPEFULLY fiction:

The people thrust into MTSR-7 and the mysteries they will encounter slowly reveal EXACTLY how Canamex can be used to easily invade and seize control of the United States almost overnight. A taught thriller with unexpected twists and revelations, it is 100% based on fact, and has nearly two decades of research behind it. How good was that research? It was the research for my book set, Fatal Rebirth (, and was good enough to predict (in another screenplay published on my Web site in 1999) the downing of the World Trade Center by civilian airliners, resulting in a series of Middle East Oil Wars. It made other predictions correctly, too, including the above mentioned assassination attempt, and the North American Union well before the term was otherwise known.

Thus one must ask if Lion Dance is mere fiction, or unfortunate prophesy? Time will tell. But the telling of the tale may itself serve to preempt such a possible future. The Chinese would dare not attempt it if the notion were to gain public scrutiny before the fact. That strategy didn’t work with the first screenplay with respect to September 11 attacks, but that screenplay was taken down early due to external pressure after only a few months of posting. Only one big name Hollywood producer had examined it, and he thought it an impossible scenario, and declined. We won’t name him as it would embarrass him with guilt, but he is as solid in Hollywood as a ‘rock.’ Who knows what history would have been if it had been left up and had gotten wide exposure, or picked up by a studio and put into production?

Hollywood? Are you listening?

Oh, I know you put a lot of stock into quick pitches, but that has to be delivered in person, because I dare not put the details on this page. It would give away the major plot twists, and potential for a sequel and prequel. Are three sentences High Profile enough for you?

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IMPORTANT: these are unverified reports. In fact, I am skeptical of some aspects, such as reports of 10,000 vehicles. An ability to count (as claimed) rows x vehicles is limited when at ground level (as claimed). One would need to be able to count, in best case scenario, 100 rows by 100 units per row. Either should stretch into the distance with reduced visual resolution to the point of loosing count well before 100. 100 vehicles would stretch a fifth of a mile. Can you count 100 cars down the road from an intersection? Can you even count 100 dashed lines on that road? I think not.

In point of fact, one of the best ways to cover up an actual event is to stage fake reports about such an event which can later be shown false and discredited. Then when real reports do leak out, they, too, are thought to be fake. This is called the ‘straw man’ tactic in the 25 Rules of Disinformation.

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