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Informed Citizen of the Web… or Just Another Web Walleroo?


Try this short and fun test to see how dumbed down you might be…

Who knows? You might even be (gasp!) a Sheeple!

by H. Michael Sweeney
Copyright © 2012, all rights reserved,  Permission to duplicate in unaltered entirety with links in tact hereby given but please advise with URL via Comment or contact to proparanoid at century link net.


A Walleroo is a kind of kangaroo.

Abandoned Walleroo cared for
by Japanese Zookeeper (click)

A Web Walleroo is someone who hops around a lot on the Internet but doesn’t do much besides leave an occasional footprint of their passing through the digital landscape. They hop in and hop out with the briefest of glimpses and seldom stick around to actually absorb messages intended for them. Even when they do, they tend to do nothing useful with the information, being quick to gather visual fluff and short ‘textual or video sound bites,’ but sloth to consider actual substance and knowledge that might challenge their dumbed down state of mind. Got to hop on to the next visual bite!

Why the test? Because I note that while I may post advice to 6,000 ‘friends’ in groups of alleged mutual interests on important topics, less than 5% tend to take note and check out the material offered, and of those (say 300), less than 2% will bother to like, share, repost, rate (page top), or retweet. So I was wondering… is my writing style that bad (mostly get 5 stars when they do rate it) or do I just have nothing useful to say… or am I simply friends to a lot of Web Walleroos.

You can help me answer that by taking the test (or simply tell me you think my messages are just no good). I can deal with rejection very well, thank you.  I think…

You know who you are:

So take the test: Don’t worry if a given answer seems low or high, as they are used in calculations in unexpected ways. Everyone has some level of interest in ‘fluff’ matters of personal interest and some level of interest in more serious matters. This test attempts to quantify and measure one’s degree of interest in these two areas, and thereby to indicate their standing as either (Web citizen) Netizen or Walleroo.

You also needn’t worry if the answer seems unflattering to your sensibilities, because you can easily change your score by simply becoming more involved with the things that truly matter in life. Remember Aesop’s fable about the Ant and the Grasshopper.

Moreover, like all such tests derived by people too smart for their own britches (that would be me), it is not ‘scientific,’ and assumes much not in true evidence. It may therefore not truly reflect your actual status any more than a Political Poll really reflects who is actually going to win an election.

Straws. We are all grasping for straws. But that’s what makes it fun, isn’t it? To see if we can actually catch a straw and find it the right one? Give it a go…

Test questions (pencil and pad in hand), First section:

If you don’t regularly watch TV at all, skip this section (good for you).

How many times a week to you watch a network news show> Jot the number down, and again  a ways to the right of it to make a second column with the same number.

How many times a week to you watch a talking head news/political commentary show? Jot it down, then multiply by 2 and jot that down in the second column.

How many times a week to you watch a reality TV shows? Jot it, then multiply your answer by 3 in the next column.

How many times a week to you watch a celebrity gossip/entertainment/talent show? Jot and multiply by 4.

How many times a week to you watch a sitcom or late night host show? Jot and multiply by 5. Underline these answers and add the columns up and write down the answers.

Now, think hard about the years just prior to Sept. 11 attacks and look at the total number of times for all shows. Ask yourself if you think as you look at each category if you likely watched notably more television then, than today, about the same (+ or – 10%), or notably less?

If less, double the second column total and jot it down just beneath it. If the same, do nothing, we will use the number directly. If less, divide the multiplied number in half and jot that down (approximate whole number is fine).

This is your ‘TV Media Impact‘ Score, which reflects how much of a chance your opinions, attitudes, and ACTIONS are altered by television.

New section: draw a line

How many Web Social Networks do you belong to or blogs, groups or causes do you regularly visit on line?  Jot it down

Beneath this, jot down the total number of times you log into or visit them each week in total. You may wish to use margin space to jot down each one and add them up if you can’t do it in your head.

Multiply the two numbers and jot it down in the second column.

What is a typical number of times you like, share, comment, or rate someone else’s post or blog in a week – ONLY those posts which are NOT about personal matters but are actually about causes and topical matters of a more serious nature externally impacting your life, the country, or the World. Jot it down in the second column.

What is the typical number of times you like, share, comment, or rate where the topics are  more of personal interests of less serious nature than the above. Put it in the second column and underline for a subtraction.

Subtract the second from the first. If less than zero, use zero.

This is your “Social Media Impact score.”

New Section: draw a line

Now subtract Social Media from TV Media and jot it down as a single, middle column. If less than zero, use a minus sign and keep going. You can probably do the rest of it in your head from here on.

subtract one for each real-world (e.g., Greenpeace, Republican Party, Garden Club, Exercise Club membership) or Web cause to which you belong and made a cash contribution or pay a membership fee, or have to go somewhere to participate.

Subtract one more for each such group to which you have attended at least three meetings in a year, and subtract five more for each instance which required overnight travel.

Subtract five for each attendance at a protest rally or public forum/debate, and five more for overnight travel, and 10 more if you participated as speaker or open dialog with a speaker, and 10 more again if you had an unpleasant confrontation with Police or other participants as result (stern words or worse).

Subtract 25 for each Web site or blog page, Cause, or Group you personally created and manage on the Web which has to do with the serious type of matters.

Circle this last result, which your final score for determining your status: Netizen vs. Web Walleroo. Lower is better as you may by now have guessed…

Scoring Section

Book by Chesa Boudin, Kenyon Farrow,           and Dan Berger, Nation Books (click)

0-5 You are a concerned and aware citizen.

The closer to zero, the more active and informed you are compared to others on the Web, and the more potent you are as activist both on the Web and in real life (they amplify your power in one with the other). you’ve probably Read at least one book each by Ayn Rand, George Orwell, Adios Huxley, and Hunter S. Thompson. You’ve read the Constitution and Bill of Rights and something by Thomas Jefferson SINCE school days, know at least two Constitutional Amendments for which you can correctly identify their number and purpose, and you know what Posse Comitatus refers to.

Now, if a negative number, you are a subversive radical

Yes, just like me, and as result you are probably being watched by one or more government agencies! Better read my book, The Professional Paranoid: How to Fight Back When Investigated, Surveilled, Stalked or Targeted by Any Individual, Group, or Agency. You tend to be a Truther and think the FED, Congress, the IRS, the UN, the Bilderbergers, the National Debt, and Terrorism are just forms of phony baloney. You have pet conspiracies you follow and probably believe in UFOs and mind control. GOOD FOR YOU! Right on all counts!

The larger the negative number, the more lists you are on with government, and the more likely you are to end up targeted by a Drone for surveillance, liable to actions sanctioned under the NDAA, have a FEMA Camp bed with your name on it, or likely to enjoy targeting with Political Control Technology (e.g., voices in your head, microwave assaults, street theater and gang stalking, etc.) You should use FOIA with all of the initialed Agencies of government to see how many files there are opened on you and what they are willing to tell you is in them. The more redactions you see, the more of a terrorist you are considered to be, and the more sophisticated resources they are throwing at you in order to keep tabs on you. In other words, THEY FEAR YOU! You are being a PATRIOT who questions government!

5-10 You are wishy washy on controversial matters, not terribly concerned that all the bad things out there can have too much impact on your life, but probably enjoy watching it all unfold, a form of entertainment. You join groups but  don’t participate and probably don’t contribute. You sometimes shrug your shoulders and may catch yourself saying any of the following. ‘That may be true, but we can’t do anything about it.’ ‘As long as it isn’t me, I’m not sticking my nose where it don’t belong.’ ‘They probably know what’s best.’ ‘If you have nothing to hide, it shouldn’t matter.’ When you do choose to participate, it may be a contrarian remark or criticism, an attempt to change the subject.

10-25. You are a Walleroo! You should become more proactive in your beliefs, and perhaps should be taking a very close look at just what you do believe, and why. Challenge your beliefs to pass hard tests as proposed by those who believe contrary, and the truth may just set you free. This can alter (adjust) your priorities to be more in line with your true needs, which you’ve likely been hiding from yourself. You may even be that Ostrich with its head in the sand as the Lion approaches, hoping that if you can’t see the evil, it will not see you — like the Ravenous Blugblatter Beast of Traal, which is described in the Hitchiker’s Guide to the Universe this way…

The Ravenous Blugblatter Beast of Traal; 
A rather large creature that likes to eat things. 

The Ravenous Bugblatter Beast is so mind-bogglingly stupid that it thinks that if you can’t see it, it can’t see you. Therefore, the best defense against a Bugblatter Beast is to wrap a towel around your head. 

My note: That’s not how it works, folks. The ravenous beast which is in the Earth and roareth about seeking whosoever he may devour looks first for those who pretend not to know he is there, or even refuses to admit he exists in the first place. The Ostrich among us is is easiest to take and has no opportunity to protest.

More than 25? You are not only a Walleroo, but a Sheeple! You are probably perfectly content to buy whatever media and government hands you as Gospel, and tend not to care too much about scandals where they are caught lying to you, stealing your tax money, having sex with under age moist cigars, and the like. You are an adamant consumer of products and likely a staunch Republican or Democrat who accepts party line as the only line because that’s what your parents did.

As long as you can continue to enjoy your small World of pleasures you have defined for yourself (like the Grasshopper  who preferred to play his fiddle than worry about things to come), you remain content. You have a towel wrapped around your head at all times, and will not even know what hit you when evil finds you. Now, hop off happily to the next bit of fluff, if I haven’t already lost you somewhere around the definitions – because if you are still reading this, I doubt we are talking about you, at all!


If you enjoyed this in any way, shape or form, I KNOW you will enjoy my companion post on calculating how much money the Federal Reserve has cost you personally. Its a bit more complex, but far more interesting and shocking in results.


REPOST/UPDATE Free Speech Requires FBI/CIA/Police Approval


Journalistic Free Speech Requires FBI/CIA/Police Approval

by H. Michael Sweeney
copyright lifted, permission to reproduce granted if reproduced in full and citing with link to same

Journalism as intended by those who invented it is almost extinct

As it is for Journalism, so it is for Free Speech, Truth, and thereby, Freedom.

Original post August 17, 2011, Updated July 21, 2012

free speechREASON FOR UPDATE: Government Renews Attacks on INDYMEDIA (updates flagged red)

Click for 100 years of Propaganda (

What follows is an origial short article from the ProParanoid Newsletter written in the Spring of 2004, entitled CIA and FBI Targets Media Group. It deserves follow up and expansion, because the targeting of independent media continues, today. The article has been reformatted to allow a chronological presentation.

While this article is largely focusing in Indymedia to make its point, it is imperative that it be understood that virtually all non mainstream media is being targeted. Julian Assange’s targeting with bogus ‘sex crime’ charges arranged for by paid CIA female operatives as a way of punishing him for his Wikileaks exposure of government crimes is probably a more well known example, but the goal here, is to show a growing pattern of systemic assaults on freedom of speech… when not from sanctioned (sanitized) sources. And, as we will see, even they can get into trouble.

Now, the reason for update is related to several new assaults on the truth by governments, most notably our own, World-Wide. This article certainly did not slap their wrists severely enough to give them pause, it seems. In fact, one such event detailed below created a situation where, whether by coincidence or intention, THE GOVERNMENT HAS CENSORED CONTENT IN THIS POST FROM MY READERS. So please read while you still can, though there is nothing I can do to restore the part that has been censored (photographic evidence).

We should start by defining what Indymedia is. Or what it is not.

It is NOT mainstream media.

 Free speech

What is mainstream media?

Mainstream media is this: Ruppert Murdoch saying “For better or worse, our company (his media conglomerate) is a reflection of my thinking, my character, my values.” in a speech to the Globalist Round Table group, The Asia Society, in Nov. 1999. They are a counterpart to our Council on Foreign Relations, only instead of wanting to establish a North America Union, they want to establish an Asiatic Union. A Globalist by any other name would still smell rotten in Denmark, methinks.

It is also this: Six transcontinental corporations which own better than 90 percent of all media holding in the U.S., and with significant penetration of other World markets. They include Disney, Viacom (CBS), Time Warner (which I maintain is heavily CIA influenced), Murdoch’s News Corporation, Bertlesman, and General Electric, a Defense Contractor. During the time frame of the Flight 800 shootdown by a Navy missile fired in a war game, all three major networks were owned by Defense contractors who made missile components for the Navy. Of course then, it wasn’t friendly fire, and they fired any reporter who dared say otherwise, and even gag writers for Saturday Night Live who intimated otherwise in their jokes.

In like vein, mainstream is also this: TWENTY award winning journalists prevented by corporate ownership from reporting the truth on major news stories (including Flight 800). Learn more here, which is a tempting taste from the book, Into the Buzzsaw. You won’t like what you discover about mainstream found buried beneath the sawdust. Example: “The news is what I say it is,” according to the General Manager of ‘unafraid Fox’ who refused to allow a new report unfavorable to Monsanto. Don’t get me started on Fox OR Monsanto. One or the other of them is liable to end up starting a revolution in this country.

 Free speech

What else is there beyond mainstream? What about Indymedia?

If you don’t like that definition, there is an alternative; YOU can reclaim media (a useful handbook), which is exactly what Indymedia is about.

Indymedia is an international, fully independent and open Web/radio network where anyone can report news and bypass the bias and disinformation engines    of the Fourth Estate. It tempers submissions with journalistic considerations to prevent personal bias and shoddy reporting from ruining the value.  They additionally field their own staff of journalists. As result, it seems, Indymedia has been gathering a reputation to itself, earning a new red and  white target for a logo. Personally, I prefer the current logo.

It was Indymedia who first reported in the U.S. about Colin Powell’s role in negotiating with coalition nations for partnership in the war against Afghanistan… more than a year before September 11!  Yet this also serves to illustrate:  Mainstream media regularly culls foreign press looking for news worthy of passing along. The Powell story had already been told in a mainstream Indian newspaper and the biggest newspaper in the UK, so we know they knew about it, and deliberately covered it up, even after Sept. 11 and the resulting war in Afghanistan. Talk about prior knowledge!

Actually, depending on what country you are talking about, citizens from all over the globe are reading about dirty little secrets and criminal abuse of power by governments (theirs or ours), thanks to Indymedia. It is a global success story with respect to beating mainstream at its own professed game (the truth). But that does not mean it has been smooth sailing.

  Free speech

Indymedia regularly targeted by government(s)

So we should perhaps not be surprised then, to learn the the U.S .Government, in partnership with other governments (or they on their own), have officially targeted Indymedia through the actions of the dirty tricks department of CIA and FBI. Even local cops are induced to cooperate. Of course, CIA is getting help from OTHER governments, too, as we shall see. Thankfully, they got their tits caught in the ringer.

I like that image. CIA with tits. The sucklings must be quite undernourished, having been renditioned no doubt.

 Let’s take a look at the time line of increasingly common, increasingly blatant, and ever escalating events:

free speech

Aug. 2000, Police block Indymedia satellite feed covering Democratic National Convention

Indymedia was starting to broadcast coverage of the Democratic National Convention from their Los Angeles studio. Not to be. Police descended and shut them down claiming there were explosives in a van in the adjacent parking some 20 feet from the Indymedia van. Funny, but there are no news reports of any such event in any news source. No bomb squad arrived.

July of 2001, police beat and arrest Indymedia journalists covering G8 Summit

This time in Genoa, Italy, while they were covering the G8 meet. They had set up a media center and broadcast facility in a closed school rented for the purpose. It was late night, and like the anti-globalism G8 protesters who had gathered in a nearby parking area, Indymedia staff was sleeping. Without warning, 150 Police attacked them melee style right where they lay and clubbed at least 60 so badly they had to be hospitalized. More than 500 were injured, one was killed, and 300 were arrested.

Perhaps at discovering their actions were being observed and recorded by Indimedia, Police then assaulted the IndyMedia team. Twenty Nine officers were indicted for grievous bodily harm, wrongful arrest, and even for planting evidence. Thirteen were convicted. Additionally, 45 assorted government officials, including Police, prison guards, and even doctors, were charged with physically and mentally abusing demonstrators and Indymedia staff while held in detention. It was Indymedia video evidence which assured convictions.

July of 2002, Police grenade seriously injures Indymedia reporter covering that year’s G8

While covering a different G8 Summit in Geneva, Switzerland, Indymedia journalist Guy Smallman, while close in with protestors, was seriously injured by a Police grenade, and fired upon with unknown weapons. As he was in a crowd of protestors being attacked by Police we cannot claim the assault was personally directed at him, but like all journalists in such situations, you can bet press credentials were held high.

June 2004, Founding Member of Indymedia Ecuador assassinated by what were believed to be government thugs

Like the above event, not all events are solidly incriminating of governmental targeting, but the reasons for suspecting they are tied will become apparent. For instance, Lenin Cali Najera was a respected young man known for his work rescuing youngsters from the clutches of gangs, so you might think that the Ecuadorian officials would appreciate him. apparently not. He was shot to death in the jugular by men thought to be government agents by those at hand, fitting the modus operandi of paramilitary death squads. His would not be the only murder of Indymedia journalists.

It is unclear if there was any specific investigation or article written by Lenin which might shed light as to the motivation behind his murder. Any articles written by him would be in Spanish and as I do not speak Spanish, are not easily reviewed for the purpose. There seems to be no speculation about a specific article in any of the English accounts of his death, of which there are few. But at about the same time, an Indymedia article surfaced in Cyprus which led to quite a lot of trouble, lasting for several weeks before coming to a head. A blackhead, which burst wide open. And what a stench!

June 2004, CIA and US Military go head to head with Indymedia via Cypriot Police

It started when an Indymedia contributor, Petros Evdoka, published an article exposing a disinformation campaign tied to Cypriot political issues which were, thereby, being manipulated by the U.S. Department of Defense cyberwarriors of the same sort I’ve had to go head to head with in my Flight 800 shoot- down investigation. The Cyprus matter was hardly a ‘legal’ or proper thing for the military to be doing by any standards.

Someone took exception at the exposure almost immediately. Police descended upon the entire Evdoka family and questioned them mercilessly, the focus clearly how he had come by his information. In the exchange, the Police, evidently trying to underscore the seriousness of the matter and to further intimidate, inadvertently and quite unwisely stated that their raid was at the direction of CIA. Bad move, threatening a journalist, even an amateur, with information they can use against you.

That erupted into a month’s long battle between Indymedia, the Cyprus and US governments, and of course, CIA and the DOD. It eventually resulted in a victory for Indymedia. The Cyprus Government officially admitted it had yielded to US pressures to play co conspirator with CIA against Indymedia.

Oct. 2004  FBI raids Indymedia and seizes servers, shutting down massive portions of the network

After all, it is rare to ‘win’ a battle with CIA without paying a price. Revenge is a dish best served by covert counterintelligence operations from other quarters, it seems (a blind side attack). FBI moved to seize third-party Web servers hosting more than 20 international Indymedia Web services to the US, Germany, France, and UK, as well as worldwide audio streaming news services and conventional Web resources. Even in Switzerland, a neutral country not known for yesmanship, kowtowed to US pressures in a raid, there. Indymedia was served with gag orders to prevent them from reporting the incident as news. That did not work very well, apparently.

Wikpedia has a nice summary of this affair, but the highlights are this. The actual warrant called only for surrender of log files. Instead, Indymedia was shut down by confiscation of all storage mediums, prompting a barrage of criticism from groups such as the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Statewatch, IFJ, the International Federation of Journalists, and the World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters.

FBI strangely denied ‘involvement,’ stating that the orders were initiated at the request of the Italian government, which speculators believe was at the request of Cypriot officials, or the CIA, which maintains a strong influence in Italian affairs. No one knows where the confiscated material went, or how or even if it was used in any investigation. Gag orders would seem to circumvent your right to know. In my own life, I doubt I will EVER obey a gag order of that sort. Make me a martyr for it, if you will, .gov. News is news, and truth is truth. It shall not be gagged by mere edict of a Judge in your pocket.

June of 2005, Local Police raid Indymedia UK and once more seize and shut down servers

Police ignored laws regarding journalistic protections and arrested an Indymedia employee at the site based on a submitted article which the Police deemed to be related to vandalism against a train connected to an upcoming G8 conference.’ Once more protests by professional organizations and watchdog groups followed, this time by UK groups NUJ, the National Union of Journalists, Liberty, and Privacy International.

July 2006, Indymedia server in San Francisco hacked by Zionist



Update: In July 2012, I accidentally noticed the image at right in support of this section was blank. Trying to find out why, I discovered ‘Server Not Found’.  So I did some digging and found that not only had the Indymedia Server used by San Francisco been seized by FBI, but that no reason was given.

It appears they had relocated their server from San Francisco after the hacking incident described below and other problems in San Francisco with authorities, to Texas. FBI served a warrant on their Host as well as a GAG ORDER, so information is scant. FBI does state that it was NOT THE US GOVERNMENT that ordered the seizure, but ANOTHER UNSPECIFIED COUNTRY, the FBI responding to an International agreement of cooperation in matters of investigation of certain crimes. What kinds of crimes? Terrorism, kidnapping, and Money Laundering. So apparently those villainous Indymedia types have discovered a way to write news stories that make people captive against their will, and to launder money associated with their ransom, and then magically became exploding underwear?

More likely, the server was taken at the request of Israel’s Mossad. Take a look at the rest of my original article on the hacking event, and that assumptions will make some sense: The censored photo was evidence of participation by Mossad in attacks on US News Media (Indymedia). The only places it existed on the Web were, it seems, by links to the original image at IndyMedia. By shutting down Indymedia, they automatically censored the entire Web access to the image. I would therefore assume that if I had copied the image and posted it from my own computer, FBI would now have my computer, too. Close one! Here is the original hacking incident which has apparently led to censorship:

Hacked severely by a ‘Zionist’ hacker, indeed, who left a calling card to prove his Zionist motivation. There are no direct ties to any government, but as Indymedia has been a real pain in the ass to Israeli by covering violent actions against Palestinian and like misadventures, it would not surprise me to learn Mossad was the true source of the attack. I suppose this makes me an anti-Semite by Anti Defamation League standards, for so thinking. Whatever.

But wait. It was in this time frame that San Francisco was perusing a law suite against the ADL and B’nai B’rith (a Mossad infested version of ADL) for their participation in illegal spying operations against American Citizens in cooperation with San Francisco, Portland, and 18 other Police Departments, and other entities. Indymedia was covering that with clarity. San Francisco eventually had to drop the suit because of intimidation by the ADL and other external pressures insisting it anti semitic prosecution. So perhaps my supposition of Mossad hacking is not so supposing after all?

Look at the calling card (right). I did. Note the domain This Web site has had eight registrars (places they registered the name) on 36 changes between 19 unique name servers with 63 changes on 23 unique IP addresses in six years. The ‘owner’ (a shell corporation, colours Ltd) operates 2,509 other domains. A useful set of tools to make tracking true ownership and association ‘difficult.’ The site is full of pro-Mossad ‘information.’

Update: Since my original post, and perhaps as yet another indicator that Mossad requested the FBI hit on Indymedia S.F., it turns out that has changed hands yet again, and now, the content no longer has anything whatsoever to do with Israel and the Zionist material once found there.

In fact, it is a bit of a ‘mock site’ designed around a ‘shell’ or ‘skin’ I recognize as common to several CIA operated ‘commercial web sites.’ So you get a lot of ads and links that make it look like a decent, ordinary site on the edges, which are nothing but fluff and camouflage, and the disinfo in the middle.  Again, what they present there is really intending to make non mainstream media look bad (today, for instance, it tries to make Alex Jones look crazy for talking about the Aurora shooting as false flag, and then proceeds to reveal information painting it as ties to Muslim terrorism.

How do we always seem to come up with these condemning terrorism details so quickly after an event? Like finding the wallet of the terrorist pilot on the street after nothing else identified with any passenger of the 9-11 aircraft survived the crash. Convenient. Back to the original article, and one more update section, below…

Oct. 2006, Police in civilian garb suspected of shooting Indymedia journalist to death

New Yorker Bradley Roland Will was killed covering a protest in Oaxaca, Mexico regarding a teacher’s strike. He and two protesters where shot to death by ‘upset residents’ who were later tentatively identified as Police by the U.S. Ambassador to Mexico. Despite this, Associated Press claims that some protesters were also armed and it was actually more of a shoot out than outright murder. However, this was the event which, due to the more popular media accounts as a murder, sparked what many refer to as a revolt in the State of Oaxaco by the APPO, The Popular Assembly of the Peoples of Oaxaca.

          September, 2009, U.S. Army violates Posse Comitatus and arrests Indymedia reporter, destroys her camera, seizes video

Members of the U.S. Army (possibly National Guard) operating illegally as deputized Police in violation of the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878, arrested Indymedia reporter Melissa Hill and three other reporters covering the G20 Conference in Pittsburg. Her camera was destroyed and her media confiscated. The military was even operating the jail and running the booking operation per her YouTube interview. Unless Martial Law has been declared, it is illegal for military to engage in Police actions. This has been something the Military has been repeatedly in violation of since 1990, in a long list of states, with Oregon, California, and Texas NGs being the most frequent abusers. This abuse will be the subject of another blog.

April 2010, Police use invalid warrant to illegally raid home of Editor for Gizmodo 

San Mateo Police use an invalid warrant to raid the home of an Editor for Gizmodo, destroying his front door and seizing his computers and other equipment, the warrant being exercised when the home was empty. Not only was the warrant invalid in legal terms, but the hours allowed for its use were ignored. The raid was prompted by an article written for Gizmodo. Journalists are protected from warrants seeking materials related to their work by State and Federal law.

Also April 2010, Cops and the District Attorney illegally raid a student newspaper

Seven Officers and the District Attorney entered the offices of The Breeze, a student newspaper for the James Madison University in Harrisburg, VA, and threatened to seize all computers if they did not turn over all photographs in their possession relating to a party covered by one of their reporters where violence had broken out. There was a warrant but the student journalist was quick to point out that the Privacy Protection Act of 1980 prohibited such a warrant, at which time the threats were made and the student relented. Police copied hundreds of photos to a CD, including many unrelated to the party, further in violation of their own warrant.

Dec. 2010, The French Minister of the Interior attacks Indymedia with accusations of being out to get Police

The French Minister of the Interior (like the head of the Justice Department in the U.S.) claimed Indymedia was attempting to identify Police and endanger their safety. What? I thought Police were supposed to identify themselves on request. The link is largely in french save some casual comments giving summary and personal opinion.

May 2011, Google in possible collusion with U.S. intelligence community enables assault on Indymedia viability

Google, often described as partnering with the U.S. intelligence community, modifies their search engines to de-rank Indymedia in search results. Simultaneously, a hack was attempted of Indymedia resources to augment the Google de-ranking to burry articles 20 pages deep in searches. Also simultaneously, a flood of tactically anti-Semitic comments hit the UK Indymedia resulting in accusations of ani Semitism in an attempt to discredit the organization, and a like flood of intimidating criticisms and accusations against legitimate Indymedia contributors (name calling, etc.).

free speech

What about the rest of media? Are they free from abuse of power issues?

Indymedia is not the only one to suffer such ills. While it is popular to see mainstream media as controlled, they do sometimes get out of hand with their Masters and end up causing problems. Sometimes a little corrective conditioning is required to remind them where their hearts should really lay. Here is a partial list of a growing epidemic of Police and government assault on journalistic free speech. I fear it is only a matter of time before Congress will once more attempt to censure free speech entirely with a Sedition law which makes any criticism of government, even with evidence of wrongdoing, a Federal crime. It has already been attempted in form.

More than 1,100 journalists and support staff have been killed over the last ten years while at their job. Below follows a very brief list which represents about an hour’s effort to locate and document. While it is a global phenomenon most commonly found in association with a Globalist agenda or in an oppressive regime, I have tried to focus mostly on U.S. examples. The bulk came from a single source. You can easily find more, as seen in the surprisingly good two pages of video reports by  Russian’s RT Network, and this page detailing all known incidents in Egypt.

April 8 2003, Al Jazeera’s office in Bagdad rocket attacked by a US warplane

The DOD had been given its coordinates by Al Jazeera in exchange for assurances it would not be attacked. Correspondent Tareq Ayyoub was killed while reporting live on details of a firefight some distance from his balcony. His coverage did not include or illustrate local combatants being present, but the US insists the attack was due to fire from his building.

 Also April 8 2003, US Abrams tank opens fire on hotel where more than 100 journalists are located

The Palestine Hotel is where non embedded international journalists were under armed quarantine ‘for their protection.’ The attack hit the Reuters office on the 15th floor killing two cameramen. The U.S. military again claimed self defense, despite counter claims by multiple news agencies present including a French team which video taped the incident. The Pentagon countered that non embedded journalists should get out of Dodge, an implied threat gently worded. Embedded Journalism, when unbalanced with non embedded, is a controlled media.

March 2004, US Soldiers shoot 2 journalists dead at a checkpoint, Reuters cameraman shot by US fire filming combatants

The Pentagon claims the shootings were within the ‘rules of engagement,’ fail to mention a tank collided with the vehicle they were in.

Jan and March of 2004, three Reuters staffers and two Al Jazeera reporters detained and brutalized by U.S. forces

In the case of Reuters, it was immediately after they had filmed a crash of a U.S. Chopper.

Nov. 2009, Man arrested for taking video of public statement for possible news worthiness

Quite odd because he had already filmed the same participants the day before, and both knew and accompanied them to the two-day event.

June 2010, Police harass, beat, arrest journalist covering G20

Jesse Rosenfeld was abused without provocation as he was held by two officers and hit by a third because one officer did not believe his press credentials were genuine. Journalist Jesse Rosenfeld reports for the Gaurdian, Now Magazine, The Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, The Montreal Mirror, and CBC Radio Canada.

And, my personal favorite, and the best possible place to end the article with a bang:

April 2011, Maui Times Publisher assaulted by bounty hunters and then Police for video interview

Not Wanted (from Thank You

Publisher Tommy Russo was covering with (video) matters relating to the TV Reality show “Dog the Bounty Hunter” (which I firmly believe is a CIA propaganda exploit, it being true that CIA runs a school for bounty hunters as I document in my book set, Fatal Rebirth) when he was confronted by a member of the show’s security team (a BIG guy), who is adamant he stop video NOW. Russo identifies himself as media and asserts his right to video in public any public event, and that’s when the big guy bashes him in the face without warning.

Russo  tries to call Maui Police. While trying to call 9-11 for help, the security man takes his camera (phone) it and throws it while hitting Russo in the mouth. It is a crime to interfere with a 9-1-1 call. After regaining the phone, multiple dogs are screaming at him as he is trying once more to talk to the 9-1-1 operator, all happening while the Police actually show up. All they see is a lot of shouting at one guy, so he must be the bad guy, right?

Exact replay: A cop then attacks Russo as well, without warning of any kind, ostensibly for the same cause, that he was attempting to document everything on video. Their claim is because it was ‘an agressive movement. ’ The movement? He turned (rotated) toward the officer to whom he was responding, who punched him and grabbed his phone for the third time, again.

Moral might be: shoot a gun, not a camera when they are that big and ornery  :}

free speech

What can you do as a citizen to reclaim media?

Simple. Be the media. Learn about Indymedia. Keep a video capable device with you, always. You never know when you will be at the right place at the right time. I wound up sitting in the middle of a Police Command Post during an unrighteous Police shooting of an elderly man, and heard the lies they foisted on the public in the process. They were informed in the Command Post that the man had a .22 cal starter’s pistol (fires blanks), but they told media he was armed with two other larger weapons. Hopefully you will never have to experience anything as dramatic and traumatic as that, but the point is, be ready to tell the truth because you cannot count on Police or media to do so in your absence.

If YOU want to know the truth, you must also be wiling to SHARE the truth with others, or you don’t deserve to complain when you don’t get it.

When you see Police or any other form of violence, get it on video, and make verbal comments as you go on details as to where and what circumstances, etc. Some communities (fascist rule) prohibit video taping cops. I don’t care it there is a law against it or not. If they are behaving badly, the law and any court daring to enforce it be damned. You can make that choice for yourself. With or without video, write it up and submit it to Indymedia, and get any video on YouTube (you can reference the video at YouTube in your article).

Final update: In looking for the San Francisco server, I also discovered more than a dozen more examples of independent media assaults undertaken by government. Most were server seizures, but there were also physical assaults, and in one instance, arrest and prosecution for felonies and other charges for simply being present covering a breaking news story of a crime in progress (if you call a sit in a crime)… essentially charging the reporter and camera crew with the same crime as those effecting the story. What is wrong with this picture? Oh, I forgot. They took the picture, so you don’t get to see it!

End of speech.

End of article.

End of free speech in journalism?

Nibiru Updated: A Logical Path to a Credible Planet X

Between government conspiracy to disinform and lunatic fringe misinformation, how do you know what you NEED to know about Nibiru?

by H. Michael Sweeney,
copyright © 2011, ProparanoidPress, all rights reserved
permissions to reproduce available on request to pppbooks at comcast (net)

Planet X

Disinformation via Lunatic Fringe vs. Science Fact

Planet X

Dateline Portland, OR August 4, 2011 Updated Aug. 29, 2012 (updates in red)

Planet X

In an age where FEAR is a Political Control Technology applied with eager abandon by our own government through the 4th Estate (media), do we really need to have yet another Doomsday theory and all the disinformation, misinformation, and twisted derivatives that usually accompany?

Yes, if it’s true. Otherwise, Heaven forbid, thank you. I’ve had enough just dealing with JFK, much less all that has followed.

But as an investigator I like to think I’ve made significant inroads in major conspiracy fact finding. I pride myself for revealing what others have missed, and for exposing disinformation and misinformation along the way, generally bringing one (hopefully) closer to the truth. And that makes this the perfect time to state what media seems unwilling to admit: a cover up and the use of disinformation is only necessary when there IS a conspiracy. It is, in fact, proof of a conspiracy. So when the officially insane among us who dare to look at, talk about, or investigate a given conspiracy are labeled with the ‘medical term’ for our insanity as ‘conspiracy theorists,’ I have to say I prefer that insanity  to instead ignoring the lies and inconsistencies in official accounts and accepting them as truth.

End of soap box speech. But I wanted you to understand, if one seeks to discover lies, the easiest place to start looking with success is government and media statements. When you become a conspiracy theorist and are labeled as mentally ill for your trouble, you’ve likely found exactly what you were looking for; truth. Liars label truthers as a means of discrediting them without having to deal with their contentions. They have to, because they fear the truth when it becomes too visible. And when the labeling tactics come right out of the Iron Curtain political control manual (labeling those who question government as mentally ill), you know the kettle is as black as it can be.

You are only allowed to think what they want you to think, or else your mind is sick. How sick is that?

planet x

Planet X, the Conspiracy

Google it if you wish, but if you read everything you can on it you will find as many kooky, half-baked, and downright impossible theories as you will scientifically sound. And yet your determination as to which is which may be less sound, because when it comes to conspiracies, the truth is often closer to the weird than the probable. There are reasons for that, but this is not the time and place to detail. The purpose of this article is to help one weed through the hype and find the most logical path to a credible theory about Planet X. I do think I’ve found that path, with reasonable proof of a conspiracy via cover up, to boot. It (gulp) does portend of Doomsday, to the point that perhaps I won’t put off seeing the movie, 2012, until 2013 after all ~ procrastinator that I am.

The basic elements of all Planet X theory is based in fact, though many of the disinformation sites out there will give you wrong facts, made up facts, or no facts at all, in order to discredit the remaining theories otherwise worthy of your consideration. These are common cover up ploys as seen in my 25 Rules of Disinformation. The basic true facts are these:  There is a large astronomical body of some sort out there which is captive to our sun. It has been temporarily named Planet X. No one can precisely tell us what it is, where it is, where it is going, or if it is a threat… or they are unwilling to do so, despite having spent a hundred million dollars or more on custom space craft and programs for the purpose.

planet x

What they can tell us (but prefer not, it seems) is that:

  • it is big… bigger than the Earth in mass by more than three hundred times.
  • It is dark and does not reflect useful light, which is a bit of a problem, of course, if trying to find and define it.
  • It is so big it tends to collect other bodies and objects as it travels, and is a bit like its own small solar system as result.
  • It is, in fact, possibly a Protostar, a body of dense matter not yet dense enough to ‘ignite’ and become a sun. That could change.
  • It is traveling through our solar system in an extremely elliptical orbit about 30 degrees off axis compared to the orbits of the planets.
  • It takes about 3,650 years to make its own orbit. There are historical evidences of its passing.
  • It is so big that it causes wobbles and other anomalies in planets it comes near (specifically, Pluto, and Uranus, and perhaps EARTH).
  • Such proximity can be harmful to the well being and structural integrity of a planet, and in turn, any life on said planet.
  • It is on its way toward us as you read, scheduled to visit a sky near you next year, give or take.
  • Exactly when, how close, and to what end, is where the theories come in. 
  • Because the answers are scary, an organized conspiracy to cover up exists.

Finding the Path

I was started on the path by a international client to my security/privacy consulting services. I tend not to get too excited when there is a new conspiracy to consider. I don’t enjoy exercising my insanity all that much, I guess. Rather, if anything, I tend to take a look at it in hopes of proving it invalid, assuming I look at all (Ostrich Syndrome). Disproving is much easier work in the long run, I assure you, where true. You can’t prove a negative hypothesis, but you can prove misinformation, when so. Trouble was, his informational starting points were solid. He gave me a name, and associated facts to get me started.

The start of the path is  one John DiNardo

While no astrophysicist, DiNardo  has credentials sufficient for me to find him credible on the topic: High School Physics Teacher with a degree in Science Education, and a background in electronics, and an ex-Marine electronics specialist. Someone who who understands critical thinking, logic, and principles of scientific study, someone trained not to jump to conclusions, demand proofs which can be tested, and test them. Moreover, in listening to several of his many radio interviews I found him very careful to provide only acceptable, verifiable resources and to go well out of his way to insure there was no misunderstanding of meaning. Better still, things he said which I thought might be challenged, could not.

That was me demanding proofs, and testing. He was right every time when I checked his points. Kudos, JD.

planet x

First waypoint: a USAF satellite and the Pioneer series of deep-space craft

His start takes us next back in time to 1983, and the early 1800s, and even thousands of years earlier. But the key points easiest to grasp and illustrate were in 1983. Two newspaper articles which concretely prove the existence of Planet X and start us on the trail to proof of a conspiracy by means of cover up and disinformation. A New York Times article detailed the launch of a multinational (US, Netherlands, Britain) $80M Infrared Astronomical Satelite specifically to attempt to locate, identify Planet X, and ascertain its trajectory. The article IS worth your brief reading.

It points out that Mount Palomar’s observatory was already tracking the Pioneer shots as they approached Pluto to judge any variation in their trajectories due to the existence of an inbound Planet X, and that the satellite was specifically constructed to find  the dark ‘planet’ (compute the approximate mass and location based on gravitational effect).  It also points out that Planet X has been thought by astronomers to exist because of orbital anomalies of Pluto and Neptune for roughly 200 years, anomalies only possible if impacted by a strong gravitational pull of something very large an relatively near. The article is remarkably uncensored and ‘open’ in content, detail, and style compared to all that has since followed. Someone rendered Planet X news into a black hole.

The second article was exactly 11 months later, to the day, in The Washington Post. By comparison to the former, it is brief, sans much detail, and contains at least three demonstrable falsehoods from official sources, and clear tones attempting to minimize importance. It is almost an apology for existing. The cover up starts here, it seems. The first article already well defined Planet X and its path and destination, and as being part of the Solar System, and states that scientists are “so sure of the 10th planet, they think there’s nothing left but to name it.”  But the official quoted in the second article wants us to think it is another galaxy far away, and not inbound.

“It’s not incoming mail, I want to douse that idea with as much cold water as I can.” “I believe it’s one of these dark, young galaxies that we have never been able to observe before.”  That from the man overseeing the launch and operation of the USAF Satellite, Dr. Gerry Neugebauer.

planet x

Second Waypoint: mysterious deaths

Remember the first article? The two Doctors quoted extensively in the article who were quite open and forthcoming with information, are dead. Some mystery suitable for our flavor of insane thinking do, unfortunately, exist, though certainly with ample plausible deniability, a key element of any good cover up. Dr. Robert S. Harrington died of Cancer while on a field trip tracking Planet X in 1993, attempting to prove it was inbound. Yes, he had recently been diagnosed with cancer, and was engaged in fighting it. No, it was not advanced to the point where it was debilitating, or near terminal, or he would not have undertaken such a field trip.

Yet while on his field trip in Australia, he ‘died of cancer.’ Well, that’s after at least one report that he died of ‘an accident,’ but I’ve not been able to track down that report as mentioned off-hand in an otherwise non authoritative source. Benefit of the doubt, except that…

The other Doctor in the article, Dr. Thomas C. Van Flandern, also died of Cancer in 2009. Nothing quite so distinctively mysterious in his case, perhaps, except that… one other scientist working on revealing Planet X died of Cancer in 2006. Dr. Giacomo Giampieri was an Italian Astrophysicist who was barely 40 years old. I must tell you that there is nothing in the way of evidence to say these were murders, or imply it directly. Yet, it is, of course, the kind of facts that you start with when investigating for possible conspiracy, just like any good Policeman wanting to insure there was no foul play.

But I’m also compelled to tell you that it is a fact that CIA has been known to employ a specific methodology to induce cancerous tumors in targets. I’ve written of their use of radioactive discs in my various books, as have others. While it is not a very fast way to kill someone, it certainly offers plausible deniability, and tends to take them out of the picture well before they succumb. This, the unlikely eventuality that someone near death from cancer would tramp off to the Outback on a strenuous quest, and the odds that all three scientists should coincidentally die of the same cause in opposition to all actuarial table math… leaves us with a question mark which weighs toward wondering if they are not signs of a cover up/conspiracy in the foulest-of-play form. We do not know, but we are required to consider it.

planet x

Third Waypoint: Tactical Distraction; Comet Elenin

Another disinformation tactic commonly used is to distract from one story by creating a ‘bigger’ story. I use ticks because it isn’t always truly bigger, but simply hyped as such. If you can somehow confuse the new story with elements of the old story, you end up with a win win disinfo effort.  Now that DiNardo has been getting a lot of radio interview time and the Planet X conspiracy is taking root in the Web, comes forward the Comet, Elenin, just in time to be useful as disinformation fodder. IT IS A COMET. It has no properties of Planet X. Yet the Web is awash with inference and claims that they are one and the same. They even go out of their way to describe it as ‘The Dwarf Star,’ which is a Planet X descriptor, and talk about it having captive ‘moons’.

Moreover, scientific data is being trotted out to equate Elenin with the kind of catastrophic effects (fears thereof) foreseen for any pass by of Planet X near to Earth. Pole shifting earthquakes, weather upheaval, magnetic storms, etc. Elenin is already ‘here’ for all practical purposes, whereas Planet X, is yet distant in space and time. But you can see through this smoke screen with some basic logic. They point out for example that earthquakes are happening and are synchronous with Elinin and thus ‘proof’ it is Planet X. But wait. Look at the WHOLE of earthquakes and you find them happening constantly. So no matter what event you want to relate an earthquake to (e.g., an Obama speech,) you can find multiple correlating earthquakes that day.

I in fact took the first speech by Obama for which I could ascertain the time – a press statement on economic matters for Aug. 2, 2011, 12:15 ET, the very day I’m writing this.  As it is now 3:24 PM, Pacific, he has already spoken, and so I undertook a look for quakes. There are already 19 quakes today (and ‘yesterday’ across the International Time Line), posted (more may exist and not yet be posted). All but two are near or greater than 5.0 in magnitude and of the general strength as used as ‘evidence’ in the Elenin trash. One was closer to 4.0, and one closer to 7.0. THREE of the 4.0-5.0 category were actually within an hour of his speech, two before, and one after… which means we should ask President Obama never again to speak, via Eleninian fuzzy logic, which chooses to focus only on those facts which sound like they have a bearing, and ignoring the balance of information which contradicts that assumption. Feel free, if you wish.

But let’s make it simpler: comets have virtually no mass for their size and are barely solid objects, and thus have non of the properties of Planet X. PERIOD.

Meanwhile, NASA, normally prone to flood the Web with pictures of all things astronomical, fails to include ANY images for Elenin in their Elenin library, making it easier for wild claims about accompanying moons and the like a’la Planet X. You can find NASA images of Hale Bopp, a lesser comet but of similar conspiracy theory fame (Heaven’s Gate Cult, another mind control thing variously tied to CIA/DOD), but you can only find amateur images, faked images, and artwork depicting Elenin on line. Why, I wonder, is that? Someone prefer us not to have factual information at hand?

Comets come and pass all the time, often relatively close, and not one of them has been called a dwarf star (rightly so), nor accused of causing massive disruptions on Earth of the sort posed for Planet X. The Web is awash with this nonsense, and it smells like a disinfo campaign by professional cyberwarriors, to me. It fits the same pattern seen time and again with all major conspiracies and cover ups. We are a stupid people to swallow the hook, line, sinker, rod, and reel. Only the disinfo angler gets to walk away unscathed.

Planet X

Fourth Waypoint: Silence

What the ****?

Scientists for hundreds of years have been wondering about Planet X with solid evidence it exists, some of it thousands of years old. We spend enough money to put 4,000 kids through a year of college on satellite designed to figure it out… and watch two deep-space craft to get more evidence… and the rock gets so close that a scientist is taking his own portable telescope to the Outback to watch it in person… which also means it is so close that it is starting to reflect light… which also means that it MUST be heading in our general direction (incoming mail, after all)… AND NOT ONE NEWSPAPER OR SCIENCE ARTICLE BRINGS THE SUBJECT UP?  No. Instead, however, whole groups spring up to ‘debunk’ and discredit the deceased, and whole new (and considerably wilder) theories involving aliens, ancient cults and religions — and poser Planet X comets — pop up to sidetrack the path seeker.

And, Mt. Palomar goes black about course deflections of the deep-space craft well before their guys die off. Meanwhile a bit of official disinformation on said deflection seeks to rewrite physics to account for the deflections, and fails to even describe the location and times of the deflections, because that would show their rewrite was bogus. The scientific paper, The Anomalous Trajectories of the Pioneer Spacecraft, is totally bereft of useful data for review of their findings (very atypical of scientists), and is a joint paper written by people from several government funded entities: Jet Propulsion Laboratories (they monitored the craft), Los Alamos National Laboratory (they worry about physics a lot), and the Aerospace Corporation, a major contractor in the project. Authoritative sources, it would seem.

So why do they come up with three different explanations, one of which requires us to believe both ships sprung a leak in thruster fuel, and one of which rewrites physics? The third tries to blame it on faulty data, about as lame as leaks. What galls me is that this report was then passed along and commented upon in various media resources as if it was an outstanding and thorough job. Excuse me, the thing is hardly 20 short paragraphs! All that, and the fact that they rely heavily on government money, gives me significant pause.

Why? Because THAT, is how a cover up is effected. And all that mess and confusion is why I wrote this article! When scientists, academia, media, and government all clam up and, worse, all start slandering truth and truth sayers… the cover up is in evidence. Throw in some mystery surrounding the deaths, and it starts to form a time-honored pattern in cover ups. When those who remain silent depend (largely) on Federal budgets and grants… or when the nasty ‘national security’ blanket descends on one’s work and findings, it is easy to squelch the truth. When most of Media is controlled by military contractors and a few civilians (e.g., Murdoch, Gates,) it is easy to police the squelch. Thus only free thinking independents like DiNardo dare come forward.

But unless free thinking individuals listen to them, it is to no avail. Only you can answer if that be the case, or not. Are you free thinking, or manipulated?

plante x

Path’s final destination: EARTH?

That’s the big question. It’s not IF Planet X is real, or not, it clearly IS real. It’s not if Planet X is inbound, or not, it IS inbound. The question is WILL IT COME CLOSE ENOUGH TO CAUSE HARM, and if so, WHEN, and to what EXTENT?  At this point, because the scientific community is not forthcoming, and media is not seeking, and government is pretending to know nothing, I’m tending to stick with listening to Dr. DiNardo.

Their silence speaks volumes about the possibility that the answer is not one we would hope to hear. Fortunately, listening to Dr. DiNardo is easy to do. He points out, that because of these same silences, not even he is able to give a solid answer. He can only estimate. He has. And I for one hope he is wrong. Because if he is right, I’d better check out a copy of 2012 right away, or just plan to watch the main event in real time and save the rental money for… nothing.

In closing… I’m not including any Related Articles as I might normally do, as the ones I trust are already linked, above. There are so many questionable Web pages out there on Planet X that I simply don’t want to take any more time trying. I got frustrated trying, because so many of them had bogus facts or errors which made them strawman material. I can’t tell you how many seemed to deliberately get names and other factoids wrong. Forgive me, please.

Added material… not exactly an article, but a video featuring material from a BBC documentary  which revealed Nibiru, and which explains what our paranoid government has preferred to cover up in a conspiratorial effort to ‘protect us’ from (something), we must presume. It explains why many people around the World have seen two suns in the sky at sunrise and sunset, and many other phenomenon that otherwise simply made no sense. FASCINATING to watch.

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