There are several ways to reach me. However, I am now living completely off the Grid, I have left the Control Matrix. I am living where there is no cell phone coverage, and wifi connectivity is sometimes difficult. Mailing addresses have been abandoned with no forwarding. Not even my family or friends know exactly where I am at any given time. You may need patience to reach me.



No Land Line, No Cell, No Working Skype


 proparanoidgroup at gmail com

Also where to request free Helps Kits, sample newsletters, etc., checked several times each day as a rule

All other email addresses no longer valid

Social Networks

Facebook (H. Michael Sweeney)

Generally on several times a day if I can get online

YouTube (proparanoid)

My videos – generally go there about once a month

Twitter and Linkedin I no longer use these for input

Web Sites Conspiracy and Abuse of Power issues

This site is in distress with bad links I cannot correct (no editing tools.) If links to outside pages, the pages simply no longer exist. If links within my site, the problem is capitalization in the last portion of the URL, the part ending in .htm. Just change the case, hit RETURN.

I have closed this site as I now have a new publisher, Paranoia Publishing (.com)

My Blog. I do not reply to comments very often because I get no notifications they await my review. I do not approve messages from targeted individuals for public view unless the message indicates it is desired. I therefore cannot respond unless there is an associated email address I can use with gmail, as a wordpress reply automatically approves the message and displays it.

Radio and Public Appearances

I can sometimes be reached through show producers willing to relay messages, but I request you not trouble them. Do contact them to request my appearance. You can find many dozens of shows I have already appeared on archived online and in youtube form. You will find the content is still relevant today, and not outdated. What I said then, is still true, today. The list at is very incomplete. Try this. I am generally NOT available for events unless a paid appearance.

  1. You were so interesting on Conspiracy Corner! Truly loved it!

  2. The blood trail behind theatre 9 on the sidewalk. DNA analysis to see if it was little Veronica’s blood? Autopsy report on her. Did she suffer knife or gunshot wounds? My assumption is that the blood is hers and that she died from knife wounds. Thank you for allowing me to comment.

  3. Christie Noland

    I am a TI. Please contact me.

  4. Dear H. M. Sweenie,
    My twin sister and I are new at the being targeted game. We want to know and learn as much as possible. Please contact Dawn @ 760.684.2380 to discuss this matter further!
    Much appreciation : )
    Sincerely, Dawn & Diana

  5. .jeff fidler

    I have been for years trying to prove that i am not crazy to my friends and family. Even was silly enought to get myself diagnosed with paranoid schitzophrenia. Just recently have i found the help through watching gangstalking videos and others on mind control which was very eerie to read about everything that has been happening to yourself. I really would like some help as to what methods i can take to try and protect myself from at least the gangstalking part of the ordeal. Thank you for your time to read this and am looking forward to a reply.

    • Sorry for delay in answering… It is a dangerous thing to give a little advice for a big problem, but I’m no longer doing online consulting (big advice). IMO, gangstalking is nothing to worry about in the sense implied in your question. There is no real ‘threat’ inherent in the method. It is simply harassment designed to make you angry and to act out, and to encourage you to become paranoiac in your behavior, as well as to make you think everyone in the World is in on it (a bigger problem than it really is), in order that you might simply give in. It is a matter of who is playing mind games on who? If you CHOOSE to be angry and fearful, it is a problem, they win. But you can CHOOSE to ignore it or even have fun with it, warping their mind, YOU win.

  6. Hi Michael the email address given ‘proparanoidgroup at gmail net’ is not correct, I believe it should read gmail (dot) com

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