Privacy Policy, Copyright Policy, Social Policy

1) Expectation of privacy. Every user of the Internet MUST rightfully expect and DEMAND guarantees of the right of freedom of expression and freedom to assemble as provided for by the Constitution and Bill of Rights. To visit a Web site is an exercise of those rights, assembling piecemeal to hear (read/see) what another has to say.  Without an expectation that to visit any given URL will not normally constitute a breach of their privacy or personal security, such freedoms are meaningless and non existent.

But both government and businesses on the Web, including our search engines, social media, and matching servers, et. al., are increasingly being found to be spying on our every Web transaction.  This is one reason I am starting NNN OSP, 100% citizen owned and operated wireless Internet alternative with no governmental or corporate spying, censorship, or control even possible. Please join, or it will not come to pass. In the meantime:

As OWNER of this blog site, I hereby reject government’s and any corporate entity’s authority or claims under unconstitutional laws resulting in such spying, which is nothing less than a blatant disregards for the Bill of RIghts. NO ONE has the right to spy on my readers, and I do not recognize the authority of any law or legal body, not even the FISA Court, to so contravene.

Under no circumstances, not even Court Order, will I reveal information about a visitor to my Web site unless it is inherently seen that such person(s) are engaging in criminal enterprise, or in adversarial actions intending harm to me, my site, my content, or my readers. Likewise will I never reveal information about a communication or the identity or contact information of anyone contacting me, unless I have first obtained permission to do so.

Be further warned, however, that I refute the right of anyone who contacts me to assert a right or expectation of privacy as to contents of any communications involving adversarial intent as just described. If you contact me you waive any right to privacy irrespective of any statements, claims, or demands of confidentiality you may choose to employ. I reserve the right to make any such contact information public in part or in full.

It is because so many people on the Web are seeing a need to make such statements as the above, that I have created the NNN OSP, a 100% citizen owned-and-operated wireless Internet Alternative with zero control or access by any ISP, government, or corporate abuser of privacy and security. No monthly bill, no spam, no phishing, no hacking, no censorship, no tracking, NO KIDDING. Please join nnnosp.org, today, or it will not come to pass tomorrow.

2) Copyrights: 100% of the content of this Web site is copyrighted, all rights reserved, irrespective of if a given page so indicates. My general policy is to post blogs with some level of reproduction rights granted specifically for that individual post clearly marked early on the page. If you do not see such a statement, please contact me at pppbooks at comcast (net) for permissions.

You may freely quote portions of text or employ any graphic on my pages provided you properly credit the source with a link back to the original, and place a comment on the page that you are so using the material. My own policy is to always provide such credits when I use someone else’s materials, so make sure that it is not someone else who deserves the credit, instead of me.

3) Social Policy: PLEADE COMMENT, especially if you have a contrary view. I am quite open minded and willing to engage in open (on-the-record) dialog, and tolerant of contrary views. However, I will not tolerate hatreds or abusive behaviors, nor disinformation tactics. SPAM goes nowhere, so don’t bother.

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