On the North American Union and CANAMEX Highways

A road paved with good intentions is often made with dark things — in this case the subversion of the United States into the NewStates of America, a mere co-partner within the North American Union — all in turn as support of establishing a one-World Government over six or fewer such ‘unions.’

On the North American Union and Canamex Highways

by H. Michael Sweeney
copyright © 2009, 2013, all rights reserved. Permission to repost hereby granted provided entire post with all links in tact, including this paragraph, are included. This material originally from The Professional Paranoid Newsletter.

What is the North American Union?

What you will learn reading this post…

  • The reality of an impending North American Union will be understood;
  • The relationship of NAFTA, CAFTA, will be understood;
  • The existence of the Canamex Corridors will be shown and explained;
  • The Texas Canamex Corridor will be reviewed to reveal examples of just how sovereignty is threatened;
  • The Kansas City Corridor will be reviewed to reveal military-intelligence interests;
  • The possible ties to mass internment and disposal of US populations under Martial Law will be explored.

 What is the Canamex?


From NAIPN Web Site

This is an abridged version of a much more detailed article from the Professional Paranoid Newsletter. While it was written early in 2009, it remains largely current and especially useful to those who have never heard of CANAMEX in the first place. It appears, even now, to be more comprehensive than any other single Web resource on topic. To get a free emailed copy of the Newsletter with the full article, rich with numerous additional graphics, simply (one or more) comment, like, share, tweet, or rate this post AND email pppbooks at Comcast (net) requesting same and citing your action(s) taken.

Activism, after all, has two ‘I’s in it; ‘I’ believe strongly, and ‘I’ will tell others.

Note: Unlike most of my blogs, resource links are provided in Bibliography form at post end. However, it is extremely interesting that almost every single link no longer works, as indicated in red. A sanitization has taken place on topic since publishing my newsletter: in many cases whole Web sites have been taken down, in other cases, pages have simply been pulled. Only Lou Dobbs and Alex Jones have not been censured. Further, when you attempt to search for new links, the search engines conveniently focus on CAFTA and NAFTA, mostly, but I stand by the facts as I have reported them. Only my conjecture as to meaning is subject to reasonable question.

 What is the true cost of NAFTA/CAFTA?

The NAFTA/CAFTA doorway to treason 

This author has long warned that the NWO would not stop until the US Constitution was replaced with a version which would support a one-World government. The day of the NewStates of America is now much closer than thought, and there are now two avenues by which it may come, either separately, or cojoined. The first is foretold in my book set, Fatal Rebirth, which focuses on the use of false-flag terrorism to force Martial Law and suspension of the Constitution for the purpose. The book predicted Sept. 11 and resulting Middle East Oil Wars. Want a free ebook copy of Volume I?

Now comes a second means: the implementation of the Canamex Corridors under the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP), which are key steps leading to the North American Union and the Amero currency, for which everyone denies any such plan exists, just as they at first denied the existence of the SPP, which had already been officially embraced by President Bush and finally admitted to by the governments of Canada, Mexico, and the US.

It is complex. It is important. Frighteningly important, as the reader may soon see for themselves. Therefore, despite aggressive abridgement efforts, this is regrettably the largest single post I have ever made. KISS cannot be applied and well serve the truth. All facts herein are from official Web sites of key players involved. All images are from authoritative sources, mostly from the ‘enemy’s own official Web sites, some DOD materials, and Google Earth images. Some editing to direct the viewer’s attention to select unedited details has been undertaken.

Decades ago Congress approved NAFTA and CAFTA international trade agreements which many opponents described as opening the doors to loss of American sovereignty, not to mention millions of jobs and other forms of equally negative impact. These international agreements bind the US into subverting national and domestic policy to the will and needs of foreign trade partners under the pretext of promoting international commerce. Many protested the veiled goals which were actually intended to move the U.S. one-step closer to a governmental position suitable for establishing the North American Union, itself a step towards a One-World government…

NAFTA/CAFTA cost jobs, and worse, just as opponents warned, and the opposite of promises of what it would do. We were sold lies and as result have had to subvert our laws to conform to the wishes of our trading partners (lost some of our sovereignty) and to the detriment of our own citizens and GNP, trade deficits, etc. Little good has been made evident. Since then, focus of opponents and activists, patriots and outraged citizens, has shifted to try to find and stop whatever the next steps in the globalization of America and the world, were next intended.

It is only a matter of time, it seems, before all of the nations of the world will unite under a single banner. Not too long thereafter, comes a special day, a day called Armageddon. Thus it may prove true that the only way to forestall the end of the World as we know it, is to delay the NWO at every step along the way. A return to good Christian values and beliefs wouldn’t hurt in that effort, either, in my opinion.

What is the Security and Prosperity Partnership? 

The North American Union (NAU) and the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP)

For several decades, we activists and our friends have indeed long-feared the existence of plans for the NAU (North American Union), a New World Order goal indeed advanced daily by Globalist groups, especially the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and the highly secretive Bilderbergers. These groups are heavily membered and led by the power elite, such as the Rockefellers and Rotheschildes, and the Bush Dynasties, as well as players from the Military-Industrial-Intelligence-Media (MIIM) Complex. Now they come upon us, again, seeking to establish a regional governmental body consisting of (at the minimum) the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

And for decades, everyone in government denied there was any such plan, or a regular group event involved in the SPP. Keep in mind, that the North American Union would require the US Constitution to be replaced with something far less useful to citizens, but much more useful to the megacorps who would profit by the NAU, just as they did under NAFTA and CAFTA. But wait, it turns out the SPP is just the merest tip of a NWO tippy-toe iceberg.

The SPP attempts to marry the military-intelligence communities and the corporate needs of all three nations. It is attributed as the source of the CANAMEX project, which in turn even forms a defacto partnership between Globalst trading partners, the Red Chinese Army, and the U.S. Army, which in turn enables spying on citizens based on their purchases. These partnerships are odd to say the least, and the spying is due a neat trick, but the idea is ‘to share intelligence’ between law enforcement and purveyors of ‘National Security’ between all three nations being sold as a tool to combat terrorism.

Funny thing is, I don’t recall much terrorism in either Mexico or Canada, at least not the sort the America has faced. So I wonder what they really want to share, and why, since citizen spying is also mixed into it, somehow. Who do they really fear? This kind of combination of ‘Security and Prosperity,’ leaves me with a need to redefine ‘National Security’ as ‘Corporate Well Being’ — again sounding a lot like Fascism, to me.

Lou Dobbs (Lou Dobbs Journal) frequently televised critical views on the topic of NAU and SPP. Dobbs also calls it a tool of the power elite which serves only the corporate giants, and he has no problem making the point, especially since SPP is being ‘sponsored’ by more than 20 mainstream US Corporations to include everyone from McDonnell Douglas to Campbell’s Soups. Dobbs and other materials on the Web confirm the declared time line for implementation of Canamex was originally 2010. This goal was not met, thanks to activists, and to Senator Ron Paul’s Presidential election bid, and specifically to the citizens of Texas who have long opposed the earliest CANAMEX efforts in that key CANAMEX State.

How does Canamex threaten national sovereignty?

Loss of US Sovereignty is a one-way road

The Canamex Corridors are strongly supported by the CFR and Rockefeller’s Council on Americas, and similar round table groups both all three countries, and corporate coalitions who, through political PACs, adopt and pocket Globalist friendly State legislators who help establish official State positions favorable to the project. Even in Texas, however, there seems to never be available an actual forum for public debate, and government itself, though pushing through legislation laden with hidden language which supports the corridors, seems not to really know what is going on. That should be a warning sign. We are being sold out by deceit, yet again.

While even Senators still today profess disbelief and lack of knowledge (as most recently in the Presidential race, Mit Romney  said ‘Huh?’), there are already more than 30 Canamex corridors already defined by US DOT legislative funding of highway projects for nearly a decade, now. Of course, they don’t call them that, preferring instead ‘High Priority’ corridors, but when you map them out, they just happen to match the corridor’s talked about at CANAMEX friendly sites. Convenient coincidence?

What is highway project TTC35?

The Texas Canamex redefines Treason; it is called Bush


65 Counties impacted by TTC35,                               and 77 Counties under Martial Law

Even before Canamex was a formal concept, (it has yet to be presented to Congress), President George Bush had opened the borders to Mexican trucks, allowing access to American highways without traditional border stops or truck inspections, with more than 5,000 trucks a day (1.8 million a year) flooding into America. The Teamster’s Union would normally have the job of handling this freight, and objects on both the basis that American jobs are being exported in the move (excused as a NAFTA obligation), but also cites that the typical Mexican truck would fail US required safety standards if checked, a function of Border stops. But then, the exportation of jobs was always one of the secret goals of CAFTA/NAFTA treaties.

We look at Texas, in part because it appears that while Bush was the State’s Governor, he pushed for something called the Trans-Texas Corridor (internally described as TTC35) project. Mexican Round Table groups were lobbying hard at both state and national levels and followed the SmartPort method described a bit later, herein, to rally supporters and fund efforts, even bringing the Red Chinese into the picture. But the prime reason for our focus on it, is that TTC35 as defined by the Texas Department of Transportation would create a new superhighway (termed a supercorridor) forming a paved and largely impassable line vertically dividing much of the State into two distinct halves. This was no State highway for use by citizens at large…

Thus communities along the way which relied upon lesser state or county roads would be forced to pay for their own multimillion dollar overpasses if they wanted and could afford them, or loose all access to what lay beyond — short of perhaps an extra hundred-mile trip to gain a quarter mile’s travel. This would absolutely kill many communities and businesses which depended on existing roadways bisected by the project. Even some farms would be bisected, and financially ruined thereby. Bush did not care.

Presumably, Oklahoma and the rest of the states in its path toward Canada would yield to the method and follow suit, creating two distinctively separate United States territories (or 60 or more if all primary Canamex highways followed suit). That certainly would simplify regional control of populations in the event of Martial Law. Martial Law?

Note: edited out, here was material about both undeclared and declared Martial Law in 77 Texas counties along the corridor, thought to be a test of ability effect sudden control in event of something dire relating to the highway.

Of course, division of the entire nation on such a scale would be untenable. Even in Texas, it was to prove to be so. Nearly 600,000 acres of private land was to confiscated by Texas using Eminent Domain laws without paying a fair value for the property (normally, when a freeway is built, fair value is paid). Farms, ranches, and other properties divided by the highway would be destroyed, as it would be impossible for a land owner or livestock to travel between both pieces of their property in a useful way.

The corridor was intended to be a full quarter-mile to two full miles wide with plans for very few entrance or exit ramps within Texas. Whole communities would be literally walled off from the remainder of their county and suburbs, emergency services, and so forth. The most troubling part about such corridors, which provide both rail and road throughways, is that there would be absolutely no US Customs or Immigrations/Border Patrol intervention along the route, except at exit points designated for the purpose (why there were few exits, we must presume).


T DOT artwork TTC35: 12 Lanes: No waiting!

As the Texas DOT artwork shows, it would at points near exits have 12 lanes, half of which would be for ‘local access,’ and the others ‘non stop express throughways,’ plus multiple rail lines and power lines for needs along the way. The only other overpasses and cloverleafs planned were for select Federal and primary State highway intersects, some of which are CANAMEX branch routes.

In addition to all these concerns, many Web references talk about dedicating a portion of land in the Kansas City area to be a landing spot for trucks and rail cars from Mexico, which would be considered Sovereign Mexican territory: loss of US Sovereignty. Of course, government documentation uses the term, “Free-Trade Zone,” but language implies there would be no US authority present. This is even a problem for the TTC35 project, and any others like it which might evolve…

A Spanish holding company, Cintra (ever heard of AeroMexico?), under a ‘Comprehensive Development Agreement’ signed by Texas officials (find the actual document link on last page), would have been given the exclusive right to provide all facilities along the highway for rest, gas, vehicle service and repair, retail, and food. Incredibly, a guaranteed return on investment by Texas to the firm was to be included, which is effectively a ‘cost plus’ arrangement which insures over-budget spending in developing such facilities: a boondoggle in the making. This absolute monopoly would last for 50 years, and could only serve to inflate the cost of goods delivered through high take-it-or-leave-it prices to travelers.

In addition, and unbelievably, the construction of TTC35 was to be contracted to Mexican firms who were also a part of the Mexican Globalist coalition, using both Federal and State tax dollars to export jobs to another country. At no time would taxpayers have an opportunity to vote on the project or have a say so in the use of their money by foreign powers, which is another form of loss of sovereignty.

But it gets worse.

Any highway crimes or other criminal matters would not be subject to either Texas or US law! Instead, anyone with a complaint would need to file a grievance within the International Court System, as if that would be useful. Let’s see, I think that Interpol phone number is in my wallet, somewhere… There would therefore, by definition, be complete loss of sovereign control over US soil the full length of the highway. This is the Bush legacy, one intended we might presume, to be a model for the rest of CANAMEX in other States.

The Texas plans were never quite public information, as such. They were first exposed to the public by a grassroots action of a group and Web site called CorridoreWatch(.org), but thus far, the Governor and State of Texas have still refused to discuss the matter publicly, and media has retained their docile, blind eye in this mater, by and large. Regardless, the battle sparked by Corridor Watch would seem to have forced TexDOT and the greater CANAMEX effort to slow down and undergo a change of policy; to adapt existing highways instead of butchering the state and terrorizing landowners and townships in the name of terracorp profits. Regardless, the entire affair shows the brute force being applied under the banner of just the SPP and, dare we presume, the non existent NAU for which the SPP is simply a first ‘baby’ step.

Kansas City and Canamex

The Kansas City Corridor: Highway of Political Control

Top: Phase 1, including SubTropolis; Middle: Phase 2 expansion, including existing USAF underground; 3 308th PsyOps Group and 'Housing.'

Top: Phase 1, including SubTropolis; Middle: Phase 2 expansion, existing USAF underground; Bottom and beyond image: 308th PsyOps Group and ‘Housing.’

But now, we have the Kansas City corridor to look at. Actually, let’s just look at what is going on in the Kansas City area. Like Texans, local and other activists are quite alarmed at discovering that an Air Force Base is being renovated into an Intermodal Hub for transferring cargo between trucks/rail/air traffic along that Canamex corridor, just South of Kansas City. Actually, more than one such military base is involved, and civilian properties, too.

Since we activists are also described variously as alarmists and conspiracy theory nuts, some of us have been forced to meet those expectations. We worry about the usual NWO things and look for clues which might support dark goals, such as declaration of Martial Law in order to force replacement of the Constitution upon us.

We know the goal (the Constitution of the NewStates of America has already been written at the cost of $12M, as reproduced with analysis in Fatal Rebirth), and thus, work backwards to see what steps would be required to meet it. We then compare that with what we see unfolding before us to insure it is not wolf in sheep’s clothing, something much more dangerous in purpose than we are told up front.

Thus we worry about the fact that there is tons of housing on the property which could be used to hold large numbers of politically incorrect detainees that might be rounded up under Martial Law — use of the so-called ‘Red and Green Lists,’ for instance. We worry that the reported underground facilities being constructed (described as the World’s largest underground city in the contractor’s words) could be used to hide the processing of detainees. We worry that the whole center could be used to invisibly distribute detainees to other detention facilities around the country, perhaps to include death camps.

In point of fact, it could, as could any such center, if that was intended. It is no different than it was for Hitler’s death camps, where the Railroads played a key role. Conjecture is fun to amature theorists, but the facts are actually much scarier to investigative writers:

Richard-Gebaur AFB and CANAMEX

Richard-Gebaur AFB Intermodal Center 

The idea is that the AFB was acquired by commercial interests (I think that would be a first for a military base) with the intention of remodeling it into an Intermodal Center, which is a kind of joint hub for varied forms of transportation where cargo may be transferred between them. In this case, we are talking about rail and trucking hubs. Even though the facility is being built on a former Air Base, there is no air service at the site, the rail load/offload sidings being built atop the old runways. To my mind, this is the first warning sign that something is not right with the project: it is quite a bit more expensive and difficult to lay rail on 3 foot-thick cement runways than on open soil. I suspect something is being built under the runway, something which benefits from the protection and sound proofing of a cement ceiling.

First lets describe the center, and then take a look at some other things going on, there. The closer one looks at the matter, both in the micro and the macro, the more one wants to ask tougher questions, and the more such questions we find in the answers. This is a very large elephant, and so we have no choice but to look at it one bite at a time. Richard-Gebaur is located just south of Kansas City, Missouri. It is an unabandoned abandoned AFB, which is to say the USAF no longer uses it, but someone in the military does. I won’t say who, just yet. But they are not leaving, and would seem to have no such intent. They have made room, giving up all but the nuclear attack proof building with the umpteen-foot thick walls and underground facilities, and the barracks and other base housing. Actually, lots and lots of barracks and base housing. More on that, later.

Someone decided it would be a great idea to make the base into an intermodal center — to simply lay railroad tracks on the runway and build massive warehouses with their own underground interconnecting networks and such atop of what used to be hangar pads. Ignore that the plans have areas marked ‘Detention Area,’ (see images below and on next page — four areas shaded pale blue) since that is talking about ground water collection and drainage (at least above ground). But it does get one thinking, does it not, about what might be underground, there?

This is no small project. I could throw lots of massive numbers like acres, square footage, dollars involved, etc. But that’s not what I mean. I mean, you’ve got to line up endless green lights from dozens of government agencies at federal, state, county, and city level, including all manner of DOD brass. We are talking about people not prone to giving green lights without lots and lots of red tape and hoop jumping, some of which might reasonably involve tons of fees or even bribes. But that is not enough. Especially since we are not talking about doing just the RichardGebaur deal, also known as KCS Centerpoint, but no fewer than six such deals — all within an hour’s drive of one another, most of them within a half hour of Kansas City.

In fact, four existing air fields, two military, one private, and one international airport, plus 6 rail yards would be involved, providing highly redundant and overlapping intermodal services for rail, air, and trucking. The Kansas City area already has amassive network of intermodal facilities, but the six new facilities would seem to give it perhaps a 30 or 40 fold increase, based simply by comparing visually (Google Earth) the current real estate devoted to the task against the proposed additions.

In the images found herein offered in support of that claim and others, the reader will find the new projects in green overtones, and existing facilities in blue, with rail lines shown in pink. I would have to ask if it is financially viable to glut the market with capacity, but then, I haven’t been fired up by being offered a slice of the action (phone number at bottom of page, guys).

Which brings us to money — always follow the money when suspicious. You absolutely would need to line up some serious capital for even just one, much less six such projects. So much, in fact, that only an extremely powerful megacorp or megacorp owner (e.g., a Warren Buffett) could possibly afford to play. Think about it for a second. If this was a really legit deal with lots of profit potential, would there not be such a player involved?

There is no Warren type around (and I’m thankful). I wonder why not. No. Instead, in order to get enough funding, they had to do something else. And that in and of itself offers clues.

What is the Kansas City SmartPort or Smart Port?

The Kansas City SmartPort effort

It’s an old parlor trick, of sorts. First you spend a lot of time and money on promoting the concept somewhat quietly (can’t upset the environmentalists, activists, and the like until you have enough momentum to overrun their objections). You promote it to all the kinds of companies that can stand to make a lot of money any time property is developed, marketed, managed, etc.

You need to build a concerted body of like-minded individuals who are willing to take up political, social, and financial arms on your behalf. You create as many organizations as possible of interested parties to develop the idea and further promote it to fruition in tandem, which makes it seem like a virtual ground swell of support. Of course, you don’t tell participants everything, but you do tell them it will make them rich. Greed, after all, is the best salesman known to man.

Such an organization typically needs to fund its own way, so you offer investment opportunities which make the organization itself a vested partner in the venture (and thus, its member firms) and go to work. You can then use your funded and highly credentialed and official sounding organizations to impress green light givers and companies who might be interested in being customers once the sites are ready for business. This would be trucking and rail companies, warehousers, and local manufacturers and other firms involved in or relying upon import/export trade, and service, insurance, and real estate firms who cater to the needs of all such entities, and so forth.

Uh… we find all this at the Web site of such a group, where it lists its investors in promotion of the six sites. The group is something called KC SmartPort, made up of almost exclusively the key players, movers, and shakers who stand to benefit if the six (or even just some of the six) intermodal facilities are actually built. A visit to their Web site will find a comprehensive list of all investors, and almost without exception, they are as described above: realtors, managers, developers, contractors, etc., plus logical partners such as railroads near or already serving the properties, and local civic groups (e.g., Chamber of Commerce, etc.) interested in driving jobs and business to their communities. All very reasonable, of course.

Note: The term SmartPort likely refers to the employment of RFID smart chip technology to control movement and tracking of goods through the Port. That is its own topic of significant concerns, covered below.

Then there is also the KC Area Development Council, Greater KC Free Trade Zone, Inc., and the Mid-America Regional Council, all pretty much the same people saying the same thing from as many different angles as possible. Pretty soon, everyone thinks it must be a great idea. There are even whole Globalist tri-national alignments such as NAIPN, the North American Inland Ports Network, NASCO, the North American SuperCorridor Coalition, and NACC (North American Competitiveness Council). This was enough juice to have all six sites declared Free Trade Zones (2006 Free Trade Zone Act) in just two years of effort. Someone paved the way!

Whoa! A few SmartPort executives, according to World Net Daily, are now even admitting that portions of the SmartPort properties may need to be declared as sovereign Mexican soil! Imagine that. But no one is admitting to the need to create the Amero, the NAU monetary unit not unlike the Euro. That, is another thing everyone denies.

Then there is the other little bombshell one can find in foreign press and on the Web: the Red Chinese Army has heavily invested in the entire supercorridor project. They are paying to expand and modernize Mexican ports and have even been guaranteed profit sharing with Mexican firms who profit from the highway. This could even be a means for support of a military land invasion of America.

OK. We have our army of supporting organizations. Once you have some momentum behind the project, you start dolling out portions of the project to those who might be become prime contractors or service providers, and get them to sign onto the project (e.g., Chinese/Mexican construction firms). This is all done behind the scenes. You go for redundancy, which means that you have multiples of realtors, managers, contractors, etc., all doing the same thing. Nobody sees or gets the whole pie, probably not even a full slice.

Now that could also be a clue, unless you simply say it’s too big for just one company. Normally, however, the greed factor would make one company despise the presence of a competitor, so when I see whole legions of competitors working happily together, I wonder if it is not simply a tool to create something other than the project, itself. There could be unseen goals, and even unseen partners/players. It could even mean that someone has sold 1000% or more of the project (in the way of Mel Brooks’ The Producers, a zany film featuring Zero Mostel and Gene Wilder, Crossbow Productions, 1968). Mostel’s character sold 50% of a theater production’s profits to about six different investors, expecting the play to be a flop so there would be no payout, at all.

If you get a lot of local movers and shakers excited enough, you can start to go public and talk to green light specialists out loud — you have nexus for dealing with environmentalists and other potential protesters. Of course, this whole process goes a lot better if somewhere along the line, the fix is in, or grease has been applied, arrangements already in place. I’ll simply state that if there was any form of conspiracy or NWO at work, it wouldn’t be undertaken unless already assured of relatively smooth sailing. Government agencies (e.g., DOD) would likely already be holding the door open, and there would probably be some boondoggling to go along with it. That may explain why military contractors abound in this particular project.

The above critical commentary on SmartPort stems from review of SmartPort’s’ own materials as well as those of their participating corporate partners, as well as materials related to the various projects as cited on the last page of the newsletter. Review those links to get a start on comparing against my commentary.

Why is there an underground city at Richard-Gebaur?

What lies underground may be lies, indeed

All of this convoluted investment promotion is, however, merely superficial surface discoloration, at best. It is not sufficient to condemn SmartPort or the intent of the project(s) based on their methodology, which certainly may be legitimate, contrary to my conjecture. Rather, the questions raised discolor things sufficiently that we might want to take a closer look. To best do that, we focus at Richard-Gebaur, and how it relates to the players themselves, who indeed deserve a the inspection. Because if there is a hidden agenda, there will be warning signs in both the project and the participants.

Put another way, if we find problems similar to those of funding in both the participants and the project itself, then the picture is far more serious, and conjecture leans toward being factual. Thus, it is not what we see on the surface, but what lies underneath, which is of concern. That is both figurative and literal in meaning, as we shall see: The base itself indeed contains underground facilities designed to survive a nuclear attack, as stated.

The base includes a large command and control building, as well as munitions bunkers, and perhaps other areas which are already underground. The planned intermodal facility is intended to have what is acknowledged to be SubTropolis, which is to say, complete underground city of facilities which are all interconnected. A firm named Hunt Midwest has trademarked the term, and is a major player in the underground portion of the project.

SubTropolis is a viable business concept, and the firm has marketed or participated in several small-scale projects of this kind already. It provides numerous benefits to include improved efficiency above ground, and safety — as there will be less above ground motor and pedestrian traffic. Their participation at KCS represents no reason to condemn the firm or the concept, but it does worry those who fear it could be used to conceal processing of human detainees at the facility, or any other covert operation.

What we need is something which suggests that possibility is more than wild conjecture. That’s a tough assignment, to be sure, because covert operations by nature, are, well, secret and unseen. So where do you look when you need to find something invisible?

What is the military and intelligence community involvement in CANAMEX?

The Military-Industrial-Intelligence players at Richard-Gebaur

If there were any darker plans for the Centerpoint facility at Richard-Gebaur, we should be able to find the footprints or fingerprints of appropriate military or intelligence community players, or firms who are key service providers to them. This brings us to TranSystem Corporation, an international transportation solution firm based in Kansas City, as it happens; a member of SmartPort. They are listed in Janes Aerospace and boast military and aerospace contractors as clients. Might be a footprint, but the company actually looks squeaky clean upon casual review, more like innocent bystanders.

Are there any other footprints to suggest more than just standing around is taking place? Well… yes, and TranSystem seems to partner with them at every opportunity well beyond Centerpoint, to include both military, civilian, and even intelligence community related matters or affiliations. We might presume them to be almost inseparable, in fact with this other firm, but there are no true management ties which make it perfectly clear:

URS Corp. is this other SmartPort player of concern; United Research Services. They are a major US federal contractor serving DOD, DHS, and DOE, and FEMA, and were originally a think tank for DOD. They are a Carlyle Group company, which makes them especially scary to anyone familiar with conspiracy theories having anything to do with the military and or the NWO, and URS certainly has to do with both.

They specialize in refurbishing and modernizing weapons systems and military vehicles and aircraft, and manage entire government installations. The firm was chief manager of Ground Zero recovery processes at the WTC, placing in a key position were there to be any cover up of otherwise useful clues as to crimes other than visually apparent on September 11, such as controlled demolition, or remotely flown aircraft, etc. Read all about those kinds of things in Fatal Rebirth, which was after all ‘The book that foretold of 9/11.’

URS started small and grew quickly not by traditional means, but by gobbling up other defense companies. Notables would include EG&G about which many conspiracy theories have danced, perhaps the most colorful being they serviced Area 51 with aircraft and management teams when it didn’t exist. The first company absorbed, which led to its name change from Broadview Research, was United Research, both research firms steeped in secrecy and black projects for the DOD/DOE/AEC since the inception of those agencies. That, by the way, should logically have included Mind Control projects.

While there is no mention of their direct participation in available documentation, non consensual radiation tests on both American GIs and private citizens, including children, was the kind of research undertaken by these agencies until uncovered and terminated (they tell us) as part of Congressional action against those agency’s mind control experiments. However, the Rockefeller Commission and Church Committee reports both failed to note the details of participating sub agencies or proprietaries, by and large.

FEMA prisoner detention processing center 

The notion of plans for detainee processing at Richard-Gebaur

Since 9/11, URS has managed various terrorism exercises on behalf of FEMA, DOD, and Homeland Security, to involve local communities. They also run the Denver Airport, thought by many activists to be a ‘on-demand’ extension of FEMA, since that agency has its own national emergency headquarters based virtually on site. In the event of Martial Law, the airport would undoubtedly be used to serve FEMA needs, which to those who fear the roundup of the politically incorrect, could also serve the needs of collection and distribution of detainees. So if Martial Law ever is declared, URS will be very close to FEMA, indeed.

These are also the folks (URS) that manage all four of the nations over-engineered disposal sites for chemweapon stockpiles in Alabama, Arkansas, Utah, and Oregon. Each site has approximately a 4000% capacity greater than the entire national need as mandated by UN agreements to destroy all such weapons. They were each built at a cost of hundreds of millions when smaller and less expensive systems would do, and they are only needed for a few short years (after which the weapons will be gone).

So I have been asking all along, what else might they do with these facilities such that they deliberately over engineered capacity and longevity? The answer of course is, that they can reduce ANYTHING (or any body) to hot gases in an instant. That is well beyond where we might allow our imaginations to go, except that we do plan for worst case scenarios in war (against the NWO), and we know the Fascist legacy in WWII regarding the Final Solution.

All of these locations are secure facilities well away from prying eyes, all operated by a relatively small handful of people (and a large number of guards), and all served by rail connections: anything transportable by rail can be destroyed quietly. Thus it is logical that if there was to be a program of mass liquidation or even just detention, URS would want to be involved at key facilities having to do with distribution and disposition of said detainees. To this author, if there is no such dark intent, the participation by URS in SmartPort does not quite make much sense. So let’s look a little closer.

Who is General Joseph Ralston

URS underpinnings

We could talk all day about the evil Carlyle Group and scare any reader, but most readers already know how scary that might be with names like Cheney and Bush previously at the helm. So let’s instead look at URS key people, such as General Joseph W. Ralston, USAF (Ret.) Ralston has served as one of URS directors since October 2003.

He also served as Vice Chairman of The Cohen Group since 2003, which is scarier than Carlyle, headed by three Generals, an Admiral, and even a Lord and UK Defense Minister. Hmmm. Carlyle had a Lord and a lot of Generals and such, too, and Presidents. But Cohen had Henry Kissinger at one time, perhaps the world’s most prominent and outspoken Globalist planner.

The Cohen Group is a blatantly Globalist firm involved peripherally in intelligence matters and deeply involved in ‘Red’ China projects which might serve as a base of intelligence operations. I personally rate it as a spook company (what in the old days would be a CIA proprietary, except that this ‘front’ would serve the needs of the DOD). As such, it likely has at least one hidden agenda in each and every thing it does. While it is not quite so, it is ironic that the emblem behind Ralston (image) looks like CIA’s logo.

General Ralston was also a director of Lockheed Martin since 2003. Lockheed was waist-deep in development of Global Hawk technology this author believes (Fatal Rebirth) was used to facilitate the 9/11 attacks, so it is interesting that he is also involved with the very firm (URS) which cleaned up after the attacks. While at Lockheed, the firm enjoyed lucrative F-16 sales to Turkey… while Ralston was also advisory member to the American-Turkish League, a CIA-veted Turkish lobby group in Washington, and he was therefore accused of a conflict of interest. This is the fascist model: military, politics, intelligence, and business incest.

The General’s military career ran between 1965 and 2003. He served as Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and, later, Commander, U.S. European Command, and even as NATO Supreme Allied Commander, almost exactly the same career path as Army General, Tommy Franks. He actually has connections within the intelligence community to include an embarrassing extramarital affair with a CIA officer which resulted in scrutiny by both media and Congress, and a team of divorce lawyers.

Both the General and URS share a common trait, which is to have both a public and a private agenda associated with all of their strategic moves. This is hallmark of intelligence operations, as well as of fascist government, not to mention greed. Thus Ralston’s otherwise honorable career is twice tainted with scandal. While not a spook, it would seem that he knows them… a little too intimately. Sorry. Could not resist.

Why does CANAMEX need a psychological warfare unit? 

Spooks at Richard-Gebaur?

That leaves us with multiple footsteps at Richard Gebaur, some suggesting military if not intelligence community shoes were involved. But who really left those prints? Do they lead to a dark threat, or are they merely strolling about for fun and profit as they seem to claim? To find out, lets once more look at KCS, itself.

It seems that the Centerpoint project is not fully utilizing the property, as it otherwise seems to be doing at the other locations. In fact, a look at their own strategic plans shows the base is essentially divided into three parts. Two of the parts are described as phases, a common thing to do in real estate development. If you build it, they will come, but not necessarily in a flood, so you build it in stages. This is legitimate, normally.

But look carefully at the dividing lines shown in both the Google Earth image on the prior pages, and the project plan. The underground facilities already in place are located in the area held back in phase II (another map shows the red-line areas are ‘base’ property). This implies there may actually be another (covert) use intended for phase II which has nothing to do with warehouses, since commercial firms probably don’t need nuke-proof underground facilities. The real clue to the truth may lie in who controls the rest of the base as current resident, one not intended to leave any time soon, and one that might enjoy the original underground facilities, especially if secretly accessed and thought associated with civilian, and not military use.

Why is a mind control part of CANAMEX?

Mind Control is a terrible thing to waste

The question is who is this resident? It is a military unit: The 308th Psychological Operations Group. What? An Army unit on a closed Air base? What for? Psy Ops? That’s a tactical form of mind control used by the military. Tactical means covert, and can include interrorgation (misspelled on purpose, given the current bloodlust in Washington in favor of torture) of hostile prisoners.

Frankly, the whole thing reeks of a frightening hidden agenda complete with a cast of characters and plots (capabilities) out of spy novel about a military coup… exactly what we find when projecting the steps needed to force America toward the NAU.

To repeat myself, in the exotic world of the military and intelligence communities, you plan for caabilities, not intentions, and thus, we should do the same when considering RichardGebaur. The sharing of a facility, especially one with multiple underground facilities which could easily be interconnected with high-security gateways, makes the entire Centerpoint project into a resource which (as a mere speculative capability) remains ‘on tap’ for any military application, regardless of how scary you define it.

Recall that in an earlier Newsletter I revealed that Tom Ridge, the original head of Homeland Security, and his Number One man (Roger Mackin, Chief of Security for DHS,) were both snipers in Operation Phoenix, the Vietnam assassination program run by CIA which is said to have murdered tens of thousands of North and South Vietnamese citizens deemed politically incorrect by the South Vietnam Police? I offered a copy of DOD records as proof.

I only mention the whole Phoenix thing as being kind of interesting for a couple of reasons. One is this: Normally, a Psy Ops group is a support group for a larger battalion, and as such, is based with the battalion. In this case, that would the 10th Psychological Operations Battalion stationed in St. Louis. The 10th actually has three such groups attached to it, but ONLY the 308th is ‘misplaced.’ I wonder why? So let’s look at the 10th and see what is different about them, if anything. Turns out there is something interesting

The 10th was created during the Vietnam War and was deployed there. There it operated under the command structure of something called JUSPAO (Joint US Public Affairs Office), which is generally responsible for, among other things, disseminating disinformation to the populace. In point of fact, many Psy Ops units actually call themselves ‘Civil Affairs Groups’ because their job includes making civilians think something other than the truth — a form of mind control well exercised by mainstream media here in this country, as it happens, and well documented, too…

As it happens, there are declassified Army documents (page bottom) which tells us a bit about JUSPAO activities in Vietnam. Turns out that Operation Phoenix involved USAID (CIA front) and JUSPAO, among others, with specific involvement of psychological operations (and other deeds). Of course, they don’t use words like assassination in the document when describing those deeds, preferring instead the prettier term ‘pacification.’

Additionally, document snippets reveal the 10th was directly involved in the pacification portion of operations, though it generally talks about propaganda leaflets. Thus it seems fairly clear that if the 10th was under JUSPAO command and JUSPAO was associated with Phoenix. Therefore the 308th is tied to Phoenix just as is Homeland Security, if not more.

So now, the ‘wild theory’ about possible covert use of the Centerpoint facility for processing of civilian detainees at the hands of Homeland Security or the military would now seem to hold at least a little water. It is as if Tom wanted his old friends to be with him in Kansas City, when the hard red rain falls. I bet you wonder if he has any other friends going along for the ride. Let’s look…

Well, funny you should ask. Tom Ridge no longer heads Homeland Security, of course. No. He does other things. One of them has him being a board member at Savi Technology, a firm specializing in container security, which includes RFID identification systems. Funny. Also turns out that Savi has partnered with NASCO such that NASCO, a Globalist promotional organization key to establishing the Canamex corridors, mind you, will reap huge profits from the Kansas City corridor, earning a fee every time a container is tagged with the ID chips. No conflict of interest, of course. Oh, but remember the Red Chinese? They also get a cut of that action. Isn’t that special?

And Tom serves on the Board of Lockheed Martin, primary sponsor of SPP, where, lo, it also turns out that each RFID transaction will be monitored. What? A defense contractor monitors shipping containers. You bet, and its called a ‘Center for Excellence,’ the new code word for surveillance facilities. If you check around, you will find something spooky going on in almost any such facility regardless of its outward nature (e.g., colleges, foundations, government bodies, etc.)

No, really. This is not some civilian project contracted to Lockheed, because all such data is going directly into Lockheed’s militarized Global Transport Network Command (GTN) and Control Center. The GTN was specifically developed for the DOD and is operated by the U.S. Transportation Command (USTRANSCOM) at Scott Air Force Base in Illinois. I owe this and the above tidbits on Savi, by the way, to World Net Daily in their review of NASCO, and a little digging of my own, which includes discovery that SmartPort also had to sign off on the GTN/Savi/NASCO deal, according to the 2006 North America Works Conference reports.

But it gets better… er, worse, actually. Savi developed its technology with Lockheed Martin and SAIC (Science Applications International Corporation), a heady mix of CIA/DOD proprietary interests that works hand-in-hand with DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Project Agency) to develop its nastiest, most secret toys, mostly. SAIC’s hallways and executive offices have been no stranger to men like John Poindexter & Richard Secord. You remember them… something to do with Iran Contra? Oh, yes, and one other lesser known little tidbit. They, too were in Operation Phoenix, right at the topmost posts.

Thus what we really have is an intermodal facility which is capable of receiving large numbers of persons by rail delivery who could then be taken underground and sorted into categories, some of which can be accessed by the 308th for questioning and disposition to other facilities as appropriate, be it detention or ‘disposal.’ The entire process can be automated using RFID chipped shipping containers and rail cars, and monitored and operated remotely by the military; no human ever need approach a rail car in the entire journey, save to open the doors, and that can be a military person.

So we see one of the prime companies involved in pushing for and, likely, to be involved in the management of the center also has access to and control of sites suitable for disposal of an endless volume of persons deemed expendable. They are also deeply enmeshed with military and FEMA such as to be a virtual partner, planner, and executor of any declared Martial Law. The footprints lead us in a circle of capabilities about Richard-Gebaur which fully encompass all requirements of any such covert agenda.

Almost all of the key players have something to do with Operation Phoenix, or firms and/or person tied to it and one another like a chain link fence. Worse, they all will profit by whatever takes place with the Canamex corridor through Kansas City, whether legitimate, treasonous, or murderous. This is, again, the fascist model.

While most activists focus on worries about SPP and NAU, Globalization and loss of Sovereignty, the real concerns may be far more dangerous, especially to the activists, themselves, since they would be the first to be on a ‘Red List.’ The greater network of six sites in works by SmartPort amplifies any such concerns. A greater review is in the newsletter, but I’m terminating the blog post, here. It, too, supports the scariest of ‘connectures.’

If one agrees there is more fire than smoke at work, they need not protest the feared conspiracy, they need only protest the SPP NAU and the entire SmartPort project with it. Even if not fearing detention camps or fascists, you should fear the NAU, which is yet one more advance toward the NWO, which is one more step toward the Antichrist’s coming. Hell is not far behind, especially those who choose to ignore the warning.

The truth about Canamex


Official information on SSP:

Critical Reviews on SSP:

Official information on Canamex

Critical Reviews on Canamex:

Official information on NAU (“does not exist”)

Critical commentary:

About firms, persons, military:

About Author H. Michael Sweeney

Author of privacy/security/abuse of power, Founder Free Will Society, PALADINs (Post Apocalyptic Local Area Defense Information Network)

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    This is an excellent compilation of a large amount of material that is pertinent to understanding the intentional destruction of the southern border of the United States of America. The North American Union is the objective and the destruction of America will allow the forward progress of the New World Satanic Order and slavery for all.

  2. thetruthisstrangerthanfiction

    So much here to digest, but the vast amounts of circumstantial and associative evidence is overwhelming, and quite sobering…

    Until now, I hadn’t really thought much about how such a network of super highways, underground tunnels, and hubs, could serve simultaneously as a means of transporting/processing the “problem children”, as well as a type of ultra-secure transport/bunker system for those with enough “elite” status to have access to their use. Well, I suppose you outline how it would also serve as the model for how the Beast financial system would have to work as well, whereby every single manufactured/purchased good was tracked from beginning to end. So I guess this super-transport-infrastructure would serve all three purposes at once. It makes a lot of sense to me.

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