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H. Michael Sweene

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There is a section toward the bottom of this page for Targeted Individuals: How to Get Help

There is also a gofundme project to help stalking victims by establishing a targeting free intentional community.

Books by H. Michael Sweeney: To order hardcopy, please visit paranoiapublishing.com. To order ebooks, use paypal to proparanoidgroup at gmail com.

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About this blog site, the author, and his books

This site features the blogs based on the thoughts and collective works of author H. Michael Sweeney, also known as The Professional Paranoid, since that was the title of his first book, a ‘how to’ primer on privacy and security for the targeted individual. Learn more about Mr. Sweeney at aboutus.org. Here the reader will find matters relating to abuse of power issues, the New World Order, and resulting privacy and security issues which impact the reader as result. All should be considered copyrighted, though there is a permissions statement included in many posts. For others, ask permissions before duplicating material by contacting the author at proparanoidgroup gmail com. Naturally, you may freely quote passages with attributing links, though I would appreciate a heads up.

Other books by the author include MC Realities, a sequel to The Professional Paranoid focusing on Political Control Technology (mind control) and the only book of its kind known to discuss detecting and defeating PCT, and The Professional Paranoid Defensive Field Guide, which is a reference resource intended to help activists and targeted individuals make a better case with non believers.

He has also written the four volume bookset, Fatal Rebirth, which is a ‘history’ of the New World Order from 1947 into the future which, by means of a docudrama construct, presents the Unified Conspiracy Theory. Based on a ten-year research, the new theory became a means of showing that the otherwise seemingly random bumps in the night of America’s darker histories (e.g., Francis Gary Powers, the assassinations, mass shootings, Watergate (all of the ‘gates,’ really), Iran Contra, S&L, 9-11 terrorism, the derivatives bankrupting of America, etc.) were all logical stepwise actions toward a single principle goal. The goal the author calls End Game, a goal sought by a group he named Shadow, which is a secretive global shadow government some call the Illuminati, or the round table groups such as the Bilderbergers. Shadow favors the New World Order, which is to say a One-World Government. Evidence suggests the entire purpose may seat the Antichrist, which would make End Game to be Armageddon, if true.

His latest book, now in final editing, is Who’s Killing the Bilderbergers, a murder mystery fiction which explores the conspiracies laid at that group’s feet, with footnotes and Appendix sections to help the reader to separate and judge if fiction or reality.

H. Michael Sweeney

Perhaps the only American Citizen who has gone head to head with terrorists

Technically, the U.S. Government owes Mr. Sweeney $1,000,000 (a standing reward) for thwarting Gas Station Tasking, as described by President Bush in a speech describing ‘ten things done by the U.S. to combat terrorism’ post 9-11.  The adventures are fully detailed in Fatal Rebirth, but a touch of background is needed, here.

The test of the Unified Conspiracy Theory used in Fatal Rebirth is simple. If the UCT were valid, and correctly understood the goal (End Game), by knowing the steps already undertaken (the crimes), it should be possible to predict the next logical criminal step(s). The ten-years of research undertaken for Fatal Rebirth allowed for several such predictions which, unfortunately, came true:

The Unified Conspiracy Theory predicted an assassination effort: So compelling and obvious were the indicators under the theory that an assassination attempt was imminent, Mr. Sweeney felt obliged to act.  He warned the Secret Service that such an attack was likely against H. Ross Perot to prevent him from continuing in his bid for placement on the ballot. Secret Service did NOT inquire further as to details, but instead put the author on a five-year watch list, surveilling him, video taping him, and remaining close at hand whenever the President or Vice President came to town.

As result, the assassination attempt unfolded within weeks of the prediction, later admitted to by Secret Service to have been a mailed Anthrax attack against his family. It was of the same kind of attack and material as used in Washington D.C. post 9-11. As we all know, Perot dropped out of the Primary the very night he would have won the Colorado Primary that would have put him on the national ballot. Shadow decided you should not have the opportunity to vote for him.

The Unified Conspiracy Theory predicted 9-11: It depicted a form of terrorism involving the downing of the WTC by civilian airliners and resulting in a series of Middle East oil wars. That form of terrorism is called Domestic State Sponsored Terrorism, using a plan called Operation Northwoods refined by the Project for A New American Century, who’s members included Bush, Bush, Cheney, and others you know and love to hate. You won’t find it mentioned in media, anywhere, and Fatal Rebirth explains why, and offers never-before revealed evidence on exactly how it was gotten away with. Again, so convinced that Shadow would move in this direction, Mr. Sweeney felt compelled to act. But he knew no one would believe him. So he quickly drafted a screenplay depicting a scenario thought most likely and posted it to his Web site, which was enjoying perhaps 30,000 hits a Month. It clearly depicted downing the WTC by passenger jets and resulting wars. However, his expected time line was the year 2,000 and when nothing transpired, he hopped that by posting the movie he had thwarted the attack, and he additionally felt pressure to remove the post as ‘being unpatriotic.’

The Unified Conspiracy theory predicted a series of Middle-East Oil Wars: These wars were in the guise of anti terrorism and other deceits, but were aimed at two goals. One was to gain leveraged control of key resources, such as oil, gas, and opium. The other was to wreak havoc with Democracies and Kingdoms alike in order to restore the Caliphate (to support terrorism), because in the end, the Globalists are also (not every one, as many do not know whom they serve) Satanists practicing in the same dark arts as the Assassins, the Thugee, and worshipers of Baphomet and Baal, the Gods of the ancient Middle East who evolved to establish the original Caliphate system. There is hard core proof of this in a slide show presented by Richard Perle (Project for a New American Century) at the Pentagon which outlined the wars and the intention to restore the Caliphates.

No wonder then, we might expect that terrorists might take some note of Mr. Sweeney, and elect to do… something.  They did, as described below. NO ONE in government did anything, however, despite having demonstrated that UCT predictive warnings could come true (the assassination effort). The book included other predictions which have come true, as well, including the financial downfall, though the mechanism was not foreseen and that particular prediction was already being forecast by many sources. Only the reasons for the UCT prediction was different (a conspiracy of financial terrorism to insure the economy fell). The book does make even more predictions, including the next wave of terrorism, complete with details as to how and where. Over 1,500 footnotes and a huge appendix section in each volume allow the reader to judge their validity. Yet, even though the theory and predictions have born out, and even though the Web site is visited regularly by the DOD, CIA, FBI, and Department of Justice (at times from the terminal of the Attorney General of the United States), still, no one from government asks a single question.

H. Michael Sweeney

Gas Station Tasking and more

Before (bottom) and after (top) images sent FBI to show what the plane dive bombing the gas station looked like

Gas Station Tasking, surveillance operation: Fully documented in Fatal Rebirth. In the Spring/early Summer of 2001-3, the author was investigating the oil industry for price fixing and took a position at a Portland gas station as acting manger. The station subsequently came under surveillance by three Islamics. One was a Cleric who at least at distance was the spitting image of bin Laden.  The other two, by personal observation, multiple additional witness, and video confirmation, clearly matched two of FBI’s top ten wanted Terrorists. When FBI and FAA failed to respond to telephone and email requests for investigation, Mr. Sweeney undertook to follow them, documented their social activities (which perfectly matched known terrorist patterns, to include visits to porn shops and exercise studios), and obtained images and finger prints, license plates, etc..

Gas Station Tasking, Kamikazi dive bomb runs: In the same time frame (taking place over several weeks), a small Cessna airplane, its tail registration number illegally whited out, regularly overflew the station at illegally low altitudes and dived at the station at the same point in the flight, as if practicing an attack run. It was low enough to easily make out individual metal rivets in the fuselage. A second plane also overflew the station several days along the same flight path as the former, which involves flying dangerously close to two radio towers. These events were scary enough that patrons of the station sometimes fled the station running. Calls to FAA and FBI remained unanswered, as did email updates.

Terror Suspect Adnan Shukri Jumah from FBI’s files (left) and modified (right) to match the man at gas station, as confirmed by all witnesses involved. Jumah is thought to be currently assigned nuclear attack responsibilities.

A call to Shell Security in Houston got better results. CIA, FBI, and FAA officials IMMEDIATELY came to Portland. Still, rather than talking to the author or any of his witnesses, or asking for evidence, they instead visited the corporate offices for the District and TOLD THEM “the plane was a news plane covering a freeway accident,” a clear lie. There were no accidents on the freeway on any of the days the plane flew. A check with EVERY local radio/TV station yielded the same answer: “if we can’t fly a chopper, we don’t fly.”

A few days later, a chopper matching one owned by FBI in Seattle equipped with a nose camera turret visited the station, duplicating the various approaches described for the aircraft, and flew a circle about the station with its nose always aimed at the station at the same altitude as the aircraft, and itself then dove at the station exactly as had been reported for the aircraft. Clearly, they didn’t think it was a news plane. Yet, despite doing nothing, the day before their visit and lies, the plane stopped appearing, and the three Islamics vanished forever.  Not long after, the President claimed victory over terrorism for Gas Station Tasking.

Bioweapon terror Attack Possibly Thwarted: It was only a few months later when, in accordance with one of the predictions of the UCT regarding the next wave of terrorism, that the author may have thwarted a predicted bioterror attack against Portland. Having made a prediction from UCT, he looked for and located and surveilled specific commercial facilities enjoying unusual location and security precautions deemed required for the predicted scenario: an attack using A-B part biological weapons such as designed by the Soviets in the Cold War (and presumably for sale). Participants in two vehicles were eventually observed making what was likely a practice run for what could be deployment of such a weapon. Because it could have been an actual attack in progress, an emergency call to 9-1-1 was made. This resulted in the participants breaking off their runs, and a third vehicle intercepted the author and intimidated him with a spotlight and aggressive driving tactics. There was no Police follow up.

FBI file image (left) of Habis Abdullah al Saoub modified (right) to match second man at gas station. FBI declined any interest in his finger prints when offered along with the other information.

A-B bioweapons are based on two chemical compounds, parts A and B, each of which is both safe to handle individually, and have the casual appearance of and are generally concealed as standard agricultural chemicals in powder or liquid form.  When mixed, however, they form a deadly biochemical weapon, typically using heat to convert to a gaseous state. The two vehicles were identical trucks, brand new, disguised as landscaping service vehicles. Each towed a portable spraying unit which was spraying bursts of liquid onto the roadway in two spray positions, one immediately behind each of the tires. These bursts were timed at five second intervals and were one second in durration, making it ten bursts a minute. This is at 3:30 AM in the morning, before rush hour.

The roadway is a main expressway leading into downtown Portland and also serving the greater ‘Silicon Forest‘ of Beaverton where all the high-tech companies are located, including Intel Corporation factories, labs, and offices. A bioterror attack here could, in addition to the human toll, cripple the American computer industry.

The second vehicle followed the first at a distance which would have allowed the driver to keep the spray mechanism or some other portion of the first truck aligned visibly with the front of his hood, allowing for fairly close synchronized driving, especially since there were virtually no other vehicles driving that night. This is an interesting notion, because it, too, was spraying the same exact pattern. It was observed that the second truck’s spray hit the very spot where the first truck’s spray had hit, leaving only one series of double-sprayed spots on the highway. It was this observation which prompted the 9-1-1 call, though it was simply reported as possible illegal dumping of hazardous chemicals. The concern was this. If these were A-B bioweapon chemicals, when rush hour commenced the buildup of heat from tires would be sufficient to cause aerosol release of deadly gasses. Fortunately, it seems to have been only a practice run.

Suspicious activities and circumstances at 4 adjacent properties w port/freeway access

After making the report to Police, the author pulled ahead and took an exit some miles down the expressway. Immediately he was challenged by a third vehicle which pulled into the intersection and blocked it in front of the author, and which immediately flooded the author’s eyes with light from a spotlight mounted on the door as he drove, forcing a decision to stop. A short standoff took place before driving off.

After the above incidents, information was made available to authorities providing further detail, including maps, photographs, and notes, names of companies, registered owners, and more. To underscore the affair’s potential for having been an actual terror operation in progress, it should be noted that the site under observation was a warehouse and three adjacent ‘entities’ with direct access to the docks of Portland where agricultural chemicals are regularly delivered from overseas shippers.

Yet once more, NO ONE RESPONDED. Government is not likely to own up to the million dollar debt because to do so would reveal that they themselves refused to investigate when offered information and evidence, but instead elected to cover up with lies and silence.  Now you know how the war on terrorism is really being wagedNot at all. The reason why, and more, is explained in Fatal Rebirth.

The author’s books are available almost exclusively from proparanoidpress.com.

What about Targeted Individuals? How to Get Help

Mr. Sweeney no longer offers on-line free and for-fee consulting services, or direct intervention services to targeted individuals. He will gladly respond to direct generic questions about targeting issues provided the answer would not require in depth knowledge of the situation. There is also a Free Helps Kit on request (proparanoidgroup at gmail com). This blog site is rich with posts which address the topic and represent the heart of Mr. Sweeney’s consulting knowledge and methodology.

Mr. Sweeney has founded the Free Will Society, which in turn is seeking to establish Free Will Haven, a targeting-free, self-sustained intentional community based on low-cost communal style living featuring ‘tiny homes.’ There is land, it is occupied, and there is a gofundme project to help develop the site for cause. For more information on how to join or participate, click here.

There is currently an explosion of targeting taking place, the great bulk of it seeming to come from rogue or even official government operatives using advanced Political Control Technology. No one wants to believe a victim and prefers to suggest they seek psychiatric aid. The last place they can get help is from those in law enforcement, and even family and friends fail to understand because, frankly, the symptoms of targeting exactly match those of schizophrenia. Indeed, many who claim to be targeted may be schizophrenic, just as many who claim to be targeted may actually be those responsible for targeting seeking to infiltrate and sabotage defensive efforts. Nothing is what it seems in the World of CIA and the like, the core developer and deployer of such technology.


H. Michael Sweeney

Yet after working with such persons for more than a decade, Mr. Sweeney has learned not to discount even the wildest of claims because in the end, the ‘imagined’ enemies, once cornered and confronted with their crimes in a useful way, tend to make restitution in real World dollars or other tangible forms. Not too many delusions are capable of handing over $40,000, offering a do-nothing government job for high pay, secure a recording contract or book deal, arranging for international relocation, etc. Targeting is real.

Yet the psychiatric community refuses to acknowledge the well documented fact (scientific papers, patents, government documents, and even the Congressional Record) that EVERY symptom of schizophrenia can be duplicated by Political Control Technology. Indeed, that is the whole purpose of targeting: to reduce the victim to as social, financial, and political zero. Perhaps this reluctance has something to do with the fact that the DSM manual used by psychiatrists to diagnose and treat patients, many of the professors who taught them their ‘science’, those who head and found many non profits pretending to provide select mental health services, and the very heads of ever major professional psychiatric association… can be found to have been involved in CIA or DOD mind control research programs, often actual CIA staff scientists.

Thus it is psychiatrists who are delusional in this respect, where they refuse to believe the boogeyman might be real and presume schizophrenia even when treatment fails to produce results. A true schizophrenic should respond to treatment favorably. Thus it should be true that a targeted individual should not fear psychiatric analysis, but welcome it. Unfortunately, the shrinks tend to drug them to stupor if they fail to respond to treatment, and further presume people like me to be doing a disservice for pointing out their fallacies. After all, to them, I’m merely a paranoid delusional, myself. Duck! There goes another one!

H. Michael Sweeney

Thanks for dropping by,


  • Is obsession with conspiracy theories a sign of schizophrenia? (gunnyg.wordpress.com)  A common ploy or theme currently found in an attempt to destroy activists who try to expose conspiracies. It would be very convenient for government if everyone would simply dismiss us as crazy. Credibility of anyone who employs this theme is easily questioned. All you have to do is compare the tactic to that used by former Soviet States to quell dissent: declare dissenters mentally ill and get them off the street. Obsession with anything is not normally ‘healthy’ mentally, of course, unless part of one’s avocation or vocation, or hobby. If it is done as a creative outlet, as opposed to a destructive intent, it is actually a boon to mental health. Anyone who says otherwise has a motive.
  • Illuminati Game Cards, Conspiracy Theories and Recent World Events (socyberty.com) Have not tried this game but anything which educates about the existence of the New World Order (the Illuminati, founded in 1776, was intent on establishing a New World Order in exactly those terms) is useful to understanding what is wrong with the World today.
  1. What is it going to take before we all realize our government has been taken over? A coup has already occurred, and since we didn’t notice, they decided not to send out the memo.

  2. This site is comforting, reassuring and affirming. Thank you for saying what I have been thinking, which is, “It is ‘they’ who are insane.”

  3. Robert Bush Jr

    I appreciate the news updates of current events that will affect us all in the days to come. Boundaries have been crossed by our Governments that were never meant to be crossed. My thanks to those who keep thier eyes open

  4. This is extremely well written and easy for everyone to understand. All anyone has to do is have the willingness to understand.

  5. Thank you for your courage and your devotion to honesty. I have bookmarked your site, I will share your good sense.

  6. Kathleen Handlin

    I am being terrorized by my ex and his family. Getting in and stealing valuables, panties, bras, designer clothes-shoes and handbags as well as household items…too many to mention. I know they have cameras and mics and hacked into my cell. please help. Don’t know where to turn. The police are worthless. Getting worse and just found high levels of arsenic in my system. I’m 65 and have no income.

  7. I am not a terrorist but I am being followed but some agency that has big money I was followed across states by as many as 40 people vehicles from cars to diesel trucks they have car haulers I swear… I’m just a car thief with a few felony arrests for guns but I know cars. These people are organised they effect my electronics at will but the don’t go away My brother a Black Muslim incarcerated for life I cannot think of anything else such a big scale would warrant. I need help this is driving me crazy…

  8. Listening to Mr. Sweeney on ” Ground Zero ” w/ Clyde Lewis right now! 03-03-16
    that’s how I found him.
    Thank You I fear the American people wont grasp this info in time…
    im afraid there’s only one thing left to do!

  9. Robert Livesey

    Victoria informed me about free will haven, and I was wondering about part time residence. In addition, I would be curious about what town would be the closest.
    I recently purchased a mobile home in a co-op type complex in Lomita, Ca. and thinking about a place away. bob

  10. Angela Farrell

    How does one get info on the Micheal Sweeney living quarters ?

  11. How can I get in touch with you?

  12. Hello from Mississippi

    Hi Mr Sweeney, we have been emailing a bit today and I couldn’t get my email to go through.

    I don’t believe that I get hit with electronic weapons. I assume because I’m around other people close to 100% of the time? But I don’t really know how those weapons work, so I am unsure.

    Also, do you have any suggestions about how to go about determining if someone is a part of the stalking/harrassment? I know this is one of the trickiest parts for a victim as it is, but I felt the need to ask. Thank you.

    • There are forms of electronic which one does not exactly detect. EEG entrainment (some wrongly use the term Remote Neural Monitoring, which it embodies, but which does not encompass the entire methodology) for instance, biometric sensing (similar, but physical rather than mental), and even surveillance also apply. While advanced EEG can be detected (sleep/mood alteration in patterns), DEW, when employed to cause pain or other harms is typically intended to be noticed. My book MC Realities goes into great detail on detecting targeting, identifying players, determining reasons, forming defenses. An email to proparanoidgroup at gmail com will get you my Helps Kit which additionally examines your situation usefully, and gives advice… and some other goodies.

  13. Mahmoud Mashaly

    I like what you write

  14. Hi Michael, I need advice. I moved into a new place where there are kilometres of free land in the back, and over the road lives some Mexican billionaire, who is not cooperating. The other units are filled with workers who are temporarily working on some project (maybe lasting for a year). For the first time in many years, the torture stopped (for 2 months). Then the unit directly opposite, which housed 4 or 5 workers, is vacant. The windows have been tinted and there are suddenly closed curtains. There is some draught in there as the curtains are swaying. While during the past two months I was able to work long hours, and earned more money than ever before, the torture is wearing me out (constant sleep deprivation). I was thinking, since I know the direction where it’s coming from, if there might be a way to block it. I thought of mobile sheets of Mylar blankets which I could hang up on frames, would that be a possibility?

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