Hate Negative Political Campaign Ads? Why? They are PERFECT!

Targeting Democrat & Republican Candidates leaves only GOOD Choices… Ron Paul and Populist or Independent Candidates… and Voters Win

by H. Michael Sweeney (opinion)

I used to Hate negative campaign ads, but have come to understand that if the 99% are ever going to get a fair break in the crooked elections, the big candidates being backed by the NWO (1%) crowd should go ahead and destroy each other. Take a look at the Presidential race, for example.

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Negative on Obama bin Laden, the Demoncrat

You have to admit: negative ads against Mr. Obama are easy to come up with…

Not only has he failed to fulfill any campaign promises, literally doing the opposite in almost every case, but he has been the worst President we have ever had in select categories: he has passed the two largest tax hikes in our history, one the largest the World has ever seen (Health Care Bill), and the other the inflation (a form of unlevied tax) caused by the trillion plus dollar bailout of fat-cat Bankers. Why? So they can rape us yet again, we must presume. I’m sorry I voted for him, and I may never vote again in an election given the damage I’ve done, which led to this:

He has done more to destroy the Constitution and Bill of Rights than any other President in an endless series of Executive Orders and signing of unlawful Bills such as NDAA. NDAA alone literally gives him the literal life-and-death ‘Off with their heads! — assassination’ and ‘Throw them in the dungeon, — indefinite covert detention other countries call vanishing‘ or ‘Draw and quarter them, — torture’ powers of pre Magna Carta Kings. NDAA ended America as we know it since it bypasses the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Magna Carta.

Revolution, anyone? Better check out the possibility, it may be nearer than you think according to the Military, for whom NDAA was passed (unlike the rest of this post, this sentence is written in deadly earnest).

Negative on Mit the $nit, Repulsivcrat


from political themes.blogspot.com (click)

But Obama can strike back with ease, too. Mit Romney just this morning is being hit by Obama backed ads criticizing Mit’s refusal to discuss his off-shore money accounts or release more tax records than just the last year’s. That’s a good call to the carpet, as Mit is defiantly (deliberate typo) a wealthy power broker who can in no way represent we the people without deferring to more Bankers, big Pharma, big Oil, and the Military Industrial Complex. Not just another cog in the NWO, he’s kind of cute in a beguiling Grimlinish sort of way. I’m talking about the movie, Gremlins.


But notice no one is doing much to criticize Ron Paul? A Restorrepublicrat

from reporters.wordpress.com (click)

They largely ignore him in hopes he will just go away… almost like they did with Ross Perot. I think they figure the rigged election process and controlled media will do him in before the election even rolls around. That’s what they thought about Ross until it got up to the TV debates, where they actually had to admit he existed, and deal with him face to face. Shortly after that, when they realized he might upset both the Republican and Democrat parties, since negative ad options were next to zero, they did the only other thing they could to get him out of the race: they threatened his family with mailed Anthrax attacks, and he withdrew… just hours before he Won the Colorado Primary which would have put him on the Ballot. That’s how Fascism keeps checks and balances in a Free society!

So when candidates are squeaky clean and their Platform is based on what people want instead of artificial planks designed to polarize voters and make us think we have free-will choice based on (what they think we should think are the real issues) fluff… negative ads WORK WELL FOR YOU AND ME, and the good guys we should be voting for.

Hooray for negative Ads and more power to you, Republicrats and Democans! Keep it up!

About Author H. Michael Sweeney

Author of privacy/security/abuse of power, Founder Free Will Society, PALADINs (Post Apocalyptic Local Area Defense Information Network)

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  1. Kanisha Kammerzell

    mit romney has some nice platform of government but i find him very conservative.^

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