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On Anonymous, Anonymous Methods, and Anonymous Targets

On Anonymous,

Anonymous Methods,

and Anonymous Targets

by H. Michael Sweeney,

copyright © 2011, ProparanoidPress, all rights reserved
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V is for Vendetta
Dateline Portland, OR Sept 26, 2011

V is for Vendetta

“We are Anonymous; V is for Vendetta”
Anonymous, the hacker group, should perhaps be both feared and revered, depending on… POV

V is for Vendetta

Introduction… Who is Anonymous?

A shadowy freedom fighter using terrorist/assassin methods known only as ‘V‘ was originally the concept and character of DC Comics, in a comic book series which lasted for only ten issues in March of ’82 through May of ’89. Called V for Vendetta, it was written by Alan Moore and relied on the wonderful artwork of David Lloyd. V, as a character, described himself as Anonymous (the 1st, if you will). A viral hacker group has hence adopted the name, the mask and other graphical elements of the character, and elements of V’s tactical modus operandi (vendetta, for one) for their own use. And they seem all powerful thereby.

Not just the hacker group, Anonymous, but a much greater group of seeming millions of would-be revolutionaries (I include myself, of late) seeking to right things wrong with the World and its ‘System,’ who in all likelihood are at least sympathetic with the goals of the hackers, if not their methods. Anonymous is, after all, a symbol, an idea, and not merely a fictional character, or even a hacker group. It is something which has taken on its own living persona as a collective of human expression as much as any idealistic movement in history, intangible and shapeless, and yet indelible and impacting. In the sixties, it was the Peace Symbol and a raised pair of fingers to form a ‘V’ behind which we rallied. Today, it is a mask and a V within a circle, arguably, the circle of the peace symbol as it reflects the non violence philosophy embraced by Anonymous.

Certainly,  a typical person is quite enamored with the romantic image of rogue defiance of injustice, a popular theme in art and life. But we many who take up the mask have no direct affiliation with Anonymous beyond such visages and ideals… have no such power or ability to take direct action against the system as hackers… and most lack the desire to risk the kind of bravado exhibited by Anonymous, and shrink at the notion of criminality required. The later determinations are highly personal, of course, and undoubtedly vary person to person, but we all share the dream with the hackers, all share the visual trappings. Thus we all may rightly claim, “We are legion. We are Anonymous.” It is a kind of Political statement, a slogan behind which to rally and taunt the enemy called the New World Order.

An unstated but important message to the System is, however, that this could change at any time. Should the system wax even more repressive or make one false move, it could easily find that the greater army of mask wearers would unite and act in ways resulting in an actual revolution of the kind which replaces governments. Such an army could grow manifold overnight, like a flash flood, in fact, because for everyone willing to adopt the Mask, there are likely 10 or even 100 who teeter on the edge of doing so, and even more who like the idea but simply think it is not appropriate for them at the time. All can change in an instant depending on the stimuli. The System should rightly fear and respect that possibility, and behave accordingly, and not transgress. That is the great logic and genius at work within the idea of Anonymous.

V is for Vendetta

Hollywood screenplay and distant history drive the movement

V (Hugo Weaving) confronts the Dictator (John Hurt)

In 2006, a screen adaptation by Warner Bros was produced which has become a cult classic. As such, it became a kind of springboard for the ideas which led to the Hacker group and those who share their goals. The film is revered and promoted almost as if a recruitment tool by those fed up with the New World Order, Fascism, and corruption in government and corporate machines. There are several places where one can watch the movie on line if they do not mind endless popups and commercial interruptions. I refuse to recommend a specific site for this reason. Go buy or rent the film, it is well worth it. In the watching you will learn truths about America and much of the World which you may have overlooked if not yet awaken to the fact that you have been lied to consistently by media and government for decades. It can be a Sheeple eye opener.

The film reveals these things despite a setting in a future Great Britain, a nation by then an outright Police State. Interestingly, one bit of dialog sounds very much like a reverse of the Boston Tea Party in description, where goods from the U.S. are to be dumped into the London Harbor, and the American government is decried as corrupt and overbearing as was the King of England in 1776. The screenplay, by the way, was written by Larry and Andy Wachowski, better known for their stunning work in The Matrix series, which is perhaps why some popular Web depictions of V or related graphics such as the mask sometimes bear an uncanny ‘green’ resemblance to the tumbling Matrix symbols so frequently seen in those films.

V must wear a mask because of disfigurement, not unlike the Phantom of the Opera. And in many respects he is a bit superhuman because of non consensual genetic manipulations on prisoners by a foul government experiment gone terribly wrong. There is also a hint of his being mentally unhinged to a ‘useful degree’ as well, especially a fixation upon a particular date and a poetic line repeated in the film: “Remember, remember, the fifth of November, the gunpowder treason and plot. I know of no reason why the gunpowder treason should ever be forgot.” This is in turn based on a real historical plot on Nov. 5, 1605, to kill King James I and the full House of Parliament by blowing up the Bailey, a building of Parliament. It was called the gunpowder rebellion.

It was a foiled plot, undertaken by a lone revolutionary named Guy Fawkes, hoping to spark followers by his act. Like V, Fawkes was imprisoned and tortured, but unlike V, eventually executed. Actually, the plot was Jesuit orchestrated and tied to the fact that the government of England was at the time Protestant, and Queen Elizabeth I had been excommunicated, along with the rest of England’s non Catholics. This may be more than we need to know, but it is fascinating background, more so because V himself suffered horrifically on the same date (we know not exactly the future year), at which time he also manages to escape and be reborn as Anonymous. He then sets about establishing revenge for both himself and for Guy Fawkes… starting with blowing up the Bailey on the next available Nov. 5th he can manage.

This is followed by a subsequent invitation for the Sheeple to join with him on that same date one year hence — if they approve of and appreciate his efforts on their behalf. His efforts include much education on the lies and sins of their Fearless Leader, not to mention a lot of assassinations. As it happens, Anonymous is following a similar course of action, sans violence, as we shall see.

V is for Vendetta

Come now the NWO, and a real World version of V

The World depicted in the movie would seem to have come to pass in many respects in just four or five years since the film’s release. Some very specific events in the film are especially haunting to anyone who is fully informed on the criminal actions of the New World Order. No wonder then, perhaps, that someone should get the idea to reincarnate V in principle, theory,  and in fact.

That would be, of course,  the hacker group, which while rather small, appears to be globally based. Being a hacker is not conducive to making lots of friends and freely sharing risky ideas, especially when any use of such ideas means direct head-to-head confrontation with vast armies of sophisticated enemies — enemies who work tirelessly 24/7 and have an endless  budget (e.g., government intelligence agencies). But the ideals expressed by V and Anonymous have indeed additionally infected millions of savvy Web users who have, for one reason or another, elected to employ the mask or some other symbol of V as their iconic avatar in various social media groups such as Facebook. Millions more take the mask into the street as political statement at protests, and thereby thwart FBI and Police cameras pending some abusive act to remove the mask by force.

They are everywhere, and even I am one who has elected such graphical trappings. It is not illegal, though repressive minds may move to make it so in their fear of an idea.

V is for Vendetta

A terrorist group with a Public Relations effort

One feels empowered by the Mask... it's own statement

Knowing the value of spreading the word, Anonymous seems fond of issuing videos to promote themselves. Like bin Laden videos, there are undoubtedly fakes claiming to be the real deal. But there are YouTube vids which promote and explain Anonymous which certainly seem to be created by them much in the same way as V employed himself in the film to educate the public and attempt to rally the people in support. Such works are compelling and intriguing, if not disturbing to watch. Out of fear the government or YouTube itself may eventually pull the works, I herewith outline one of the more key videos, detailing their hacking activities along the way:

V is for Vendetta

  • It starts with a quotes from V “Each of us has our own path,” and adds “but we share the same goal: a Free Humanity.”
  • A series of newscasts detail its hacking victories in Vendetta for government’s assault on WikiLeaks
  • Hacks crashing VISA and MasterCard financial services in Vendetta for suspending WikiLeaks accounts
  • Hacks of 51 government sites in Malaysia overnight in Vendetta for Internet censorship
  • Hacks of HB Gary, a Federally contracted Web security firm in Vendetta for boasting it would catch Anonymous
  • Hack of HB Gary posted thousands of confidential emails and forced resignation of their CEO
  • Hacks of government Web sites in Egypt, Libya, and Tunisia during unrest there, literally powering the revolution
  • Public statement “We are Anonymous. We are Legion, We do not forgive, We do not forget. Expect us.”
  • They threaten attacks in Vendetta for mistreatment of Bradley Manning (WikiLeaks source of DOD documents)
  • A news commentary describing Anonymous as ‘a new way to fight back… direct peaceful resistance.’
  • Quotes from John Kennedy regarding undue intrusion by government into privacy and censorship
  • A statement purpose for non violent restoration of the rule of law and fight the organized criminal class
  • A PBS interview describing Anonymous methods as highly democratic in deciding what targets to hit, and why
  • A quote from Sun Tzu’s Art of War, “Supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting.”
  • A long list of Cabalistic NWO entities and projects (e.g., HAARP, Controlled Media, Globalist Groups) as enemy
  • A Russian TV news clip warning all that governments can do to stop them is shut down the Internet
  • … and the advice that when that happens, the people will rise up to shut down the government
  • Closing quotes, “The resistance has begun,” and an introduction of a plan similar to V’s own…

V is for Vendetta

A Plan is hatched and you’re invited to play a role

That you in the back? No, its me. No, its the real Anonymous!

That year began June 15th and features it’s own Web site ( where all who wish to participate may do so more actively as an actual member of, presumably, Anonymous. Going there, you are redirected ( Though considered an expert in privacy/security, I do not claim to be an expert in Web security. Yet I do know the redirect does not appear to offer anonymity and thus joining as invited may not be wise without additional precautions.

There are ways to visit ‘anonymously,’ such as afforded by first going to (natch) an anonymous surfing resource such as (natch) Once using their free service, your Web activities cannot be tracked by the activities themselves. You can then only be tracked by having already been put under a full surveillance net. But the site clearly states that hacking and other illegal activities are not to be discussed, and thus one might be moved to presume that as long as they merely put about and keep their nose clean, they could care less that Big Brother is watching. Yet, under the Patriot Act, one cannot depend on government failing to define the act of registering at this site as ‘supporting terrorists’ in some way. Fascists love to persecute the soft targets of the unsuspecting as form of building their personal power within the system.

Else why would they murder poor Troy Davis? This one matter, alone, would drive me to consider being an Anonymous hacker, had I the skills. That is the power of a Martyr, it moves people to act and becomes its own backlash.

Regardless of the dangers in open surfing, I will myself join and report further as my opinion is molded by the experience. I’ve done battle with the FBI and the other agencies already, and I suspect they will not wish to target me further for reasons not useful to this article, though such detail might enamor the reader to me and result in more book sales. Relax — I’ll not abuse the reader thus.

Anonymous advises: “It is time we start becoming our own legends… If you feel something inside you pushing you toward acting on the plan… (join us.)” They describe a three phase plan. Phase II starts five months (November), they say, but neither it nor phase III are described.  CBS is reporting they plan to shut Facebook down on Guy Fowkes day, as it is known in England (I would be happy to endure such an attack if it resulted in Facebook decoupling itself from the intelligence community — see my post on FascistBook) as described in a related article listed at page bottom, here.

Anonymous continues in exactly the strategic manner of V; “So if you see nothing, if the crimes of governments remain unknown to you, then we would suggest you allow this year to pass unmarked. But if you see what we see and you feel as we feel, and you would seek as we seek, then you too, are Anonymous. Stand beside us this year as we execute the plan, and together we shall give them a year which shall never be forgot. We are anonymous, united as one, divided by zero.”

If finally ends with one of the closing lines of the film, “Beneath this Mask… there is no flesh. Beneath this Mask is… an idea,” for which the punch line is, to underscore, “...and ideas are bullet proof.”  That is true. You can kill a man for expressing an idea, but having had listeners, the idea lingers on long after his passing. Indeed, it is amplified in his martyrdom. That is one reason the Pen of Truth is mightier than the Sword of Lies. And when the one wielding the Pen is Anonymous, the Sword has nowhere to swing usefully, and it instead lashes forth in recklessly to cause collateral damage, and making martyrs of all in its path.

That speeds its undoing, for at noting the carnage, those nearby take warning, and consider the idea with more interest and, almost always, adopt it, and being quickly educated to the truth, and seeking to overpower the sword’s obvious evil. That is what Anonymous seeks to do. Unite us behind one idea… the idea that the day of tyrants and thieves in government is over. The New World Order is self-rendered as obsolete by their own greed, wanton murder, and their lashing out. They will extinguish themselves with just a little Anonymous help.

Are you that help?

V is for Vendetta

Target rich environment

I’d hate to be Anonymous and faced with trying to set priorities among all the possible deserving targets guilty of tyranny. They already have their own list of course, and I find it interesting (and appropriate) that amongst their list is the quasi-religious cult, Scientology, which has been linked to CIA and mind control projects in my research. But the problem of choosing targets as faced by a hacker group is just as huge for any legal form of targeting by activism, protest, or media efforts. My book, The Professional Paranoid Defensive Field Guide  list over 1,000 CIA fronts, half of which have engaged in illegal mind control projects or other criminal enterprise, such as drug smuggling, illegal weapons sales, etc. It also has page after page listing illegal non consensual bioweapon and similar experiments on unwitting Americans, some not terribly dissimilar from those inflicted upon V as Guinea Pig.

My book set Fatal Rebirth details the truth behind decades of dark news events which dot the American historical landscape from 1947 forward, to include Sept. 11, which it predicted. I’ve personally gone head-to-head with a lot of these people and might reasonably and rightly claim I owe a Vendetta, for the personal cost has been high. But it is not about me. It is about the crimes against countless others, and whole nations, races, and classes of people. Why? Because the NWO is at its heart Satanic and thus hates all who have faith. Because the NWO is at its heart racist and hates non whites. Because the NWO at its heart is greed driven and hates any competition for ownership of each existent dollar.  Because the NWO is at its heart fascist and hates freedom. Because the NWO hates Free WIll and life itself, and seeks death for all who have it.

As consultant to countless victims of electronic weapons of Political Control Technology and organized stalking, I’ve encountered groups, organizations, and agencies deserving of targeting for the grievous suffering they have caused thousands. They have relentlessly destroyed individual lives with nightmares well beyond anything ever depicted in any documentary or commercial film, and which defy mere verbal description. As investigative writer, even more such criminal power brokers have been discovered. And, of course, there are the major criminal events of our time; false flag operations, fraudulent financial debacles and bail outs, behind the scenes deals. These events are exposed endlessly, and yet they continue on and on and on.  Not all these people and groups can be touched in a direct way by Anonymous hacking, but they can be touched by you and me by our activism. Anonymous proposes that such activism is empowered by the use of their Mask and name. Thus far, I tend to agree.

In Fatal Rebirth I offer my own advice which, I suppose, could easily be adapted by an Anonymous group. It talks about who the enemy is, what the rules of engagement should be with a focus on nonviolent opportunities as well as what they should be in any eventual armed confrontation (revolution) forced by the other side. I would hope that it would deter at least one person for making a tragic mistake which results in loss of life. Other elements of my advice may serve to be a kind of challenge to Anonymous: the creation of an easy to use and spread… and quite ultimate encryption tool to allow completely safe Web communications without fear of prying government eyes even being aware of encryption. The basic design construct is laid out, and awaits only one talented person to create and distribute it. But of course, such is already illegal under Dracos law.

There is even advice in The Professional Paranoid on how to react when dealing with arrest and detention, interrogation, etc.

V is for Vendetta

Being Anonymous is not child’s play

Arrested at Anonymous Protest

So one should not casually join or support anonymous unless confident they may actually do so Anonymously or otherwise have in place some useful level of immunity from investigative reprisals. And there is one other thing: one must ask if a given Anonymous contact, either from the hacker group or the greater public body of mask wearers is the real deal, or if they are a government operative seeking entrapment.

Half the people in jail for ‘terrorism’ would never have considered doing anything criminal except for being duped into it, or worse, framed by agent provocateurs pretending to be terrorists themselves. You can earn $100,000 cash setting someone up for arrest, so entrapment  has become ‘big business‘ among the low lifes so employed. You can bet governments will freely use such methods to trap actual hackers through their less savvy supporters, even if they have to threaten or actually prosecute innocents along the way. So if you are going to be Anonymous, don’t forget your mask, and don’t tell anyone you have it.

Me? I’ve already gone on record as having a mask (albeit mere artwork at the moment). So the FBI, CIA, DIA, NSA, HSA, and any other initial set may freely seek me out if they wish. Just know that my insurance policies still remain in place, and that there will be Vendetta of another sort should their hand (sword) be too heavily applied. They’ve already targeted me both intensively and randomly over the decades, sometimes devastatingly. But that was before I got the goods on some of their matters. Since then we’ve coexisted fairly peacefully in the same cyberspace.  I don’t mind that they are in the woodwork, and they don’t mind that I talk about them. The Mask shouldn’t change things that much. Having dared to write this, I guess we will soon enough see.

Yet there is also safety in numbers. They can start lists of people who visit a Web site and register. They can make lists of people on the Internet to use Anonymous symbology and phraseology. They can make all the lists they wish, and add to them as many names as they wish, and what I wish, is that they do so, endlessly. Because the more names there are on the lists, and the more lists they have, the more meaningless and useless they become. We outnumber them millions to one. No matter how big their budgets, they cannot target us all for investigation and surveillance, much less arrest, prosecute, and jail us. And to attempt any of it detracts from their resources and abilities to go after Anonymous, the hackers. Thus there is only one possible way to logically end this article:

We are legion. Expect us.

V is for Vendetta

YouTube Vids of interest

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