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The NWO Class War on the Non Elites/Professionals

The NWO Class War on Non Elites: The Temp Agencies

by H. Michael Sweeney,

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 Class War
Dateline Portland, OR Oct 12, 2011
Class War

If you are not an Elite, watch out, as even professionals can find themselves out of work and victim of Class War.Class War

Oregon Unemployment first 8 months 2011

Official unemployment figures are unreliable because they deliberately stop tracking people who no longer draw unemployment insurance payments, and people who do not qualify drop off the list the same month they are reported. How we, as a nation, allow government to cook figures in such a way so that they may continue in power, is beyond me. Since you are reading this, I’m presuming  you are not quite that dumbed down by media.

They do this, of course, so we won’t know how bad things really are. Here’s how bad they really are:  Portland, Oregon, a population of about 1.8 M, had a total of 300 new jobs listed with the State Employment Offices for (as I recall, June of 2011). The official chart shows UE at 9% in June (6th vertice), which means about 150,000 people were competing for 300 Jobs!

If everyone applied only for one job, that’s 500 per job. But its worse than that, because over half the jobs require specific skills in the Medical industry or other technical disciplines which decreases the opportunities for those without the needed skills.

The unemployment stats seem to be improving in the chart, by the way, not because more people are going back to work, but because more people are dropping off the chart than are being laid off. But none of this is what motivates this article, it is merely background information. I’m not even motivated to write this not because I’ve suffered the Class War depicted herein as related to unemployment issues, even though I have.

No. I’m motivated because my balcony overlooks a portion of parking lot for one of those low-rent Temp Employment joints. You know, the kind of place where the unemployed go to stand around like illegal immigrants waiting for a farmer’s truck to drive by and choose workers for the day.  As distasteful as the image sounds, it is very close to the mark for those who rely on such sources for meager opportunities to earn a little money. Its really another example or clue regarding the very real Class War being waged by the NWO against anyone not of their ‘ilk.’ And again, as distasteful as the image sounds, that’s not the worst of it, and not my motivation.

The motivation stems from observations made both from the balcony, and by talking with those found in the lot and within the office. There are two aspects. One is what I see them do, and one is what I hear them  say.

Class War

Here is what I see them do:

• Live in their cars, junker vehicles typically on the edge of being mistaken for scrap. Cars that have plastic over busted windows, no working heater, no working starter, a door that can only be opened from the outside, missing fenders, hoods, bumpers, you name it. The NWO wars on the poor with taxes, fines, and fees on automobiles, as well as safety, environmental, and insurance regulations which are weighted to impact the poor more seriously than the rest of us.

A single moving violation can wipe them off the face of the earth, as if they can’t afford the $300 minimum, they lose their license, and if caught driving suspended, their car is towed and lost forever, as they cannot get it back without their license.

• Sleep overnight in the parking lot in sleeping bags they hide, along with the backpack or shopping cart out of which they are living, behind the building. There seems to be some kind of ‘honor’ among them such that those who do not get to work watch over the goods of those that do… most of the time. The NWO wars on the homeless by systematically ‘cleaning house’ on their camps as discovered, taking their possessions and throwing them away as trash, and often arresting, roughing up, harassing, or forcefully ejecting them from the community. The idea is to make some other community more attractive, we might presume. I’ve talked to some who say they have been routed out of a dozen cities or more, in some cases the very night they arrive.

• Urinate and defecate in the lot, as it is too far to make it to the nearest gas station or restaurant when pressed, and most of them have already been kicked out of those establishments as ‘non customers,’ given that they can’t afford to buy anything most of the time they need to use the facilities. Every few days they risk being thrown out and use a public restroom to ‘bath’ themselves in the sink, and once a month, perhaps, if it can be afforded, toss one of their two sets of clothes into a laundromat’s machine. The NWO wars on the homeless by placing profits of their consumer outlets above the most basic humane considerations most people would afford an animal.

Unless you are my age, you may not be aware: they actually had to pass a law to force restaurants to offer water to non paying customers. Despite this, they can get away with charging for the paper cup if a fast-food joint.

• Show up hours before the place opens; those lucky enough to have homes or places to crash will want to be next in line after those who slept there overnight. Many walk or ride a bike, some take the bus if they can afford it. A few have cars. It seems to be a first-come, first-serve matter when the jobs available require no skills, which is almost all that is made available through these kinds of low-rent places.

Just as the illegal alien migrant workers are oppressed into perpetual impoverishment by the farmer’s methods of employment, the NWO’s oppressive Class War simulates that method in the nature of temp agencies. They sell hope, they deliver crumbs, and of course, take a portion of the wages for themselves that would not be lost if the firms would simply advertise the job directly. Ah, but that would mean actual hiring, wouldn’t it, and that would mean some level of benefits would need to be paid.

• Everyone will wait endless hours. Since there is little room inside, most sit on the curb, the fender of their car or in it, or bring their own chairs. By  two or three PM, it is clear that those remaining (typically more than half) will get no work for the day, so they leave to forage for bottles and cans on the road, or do whatever else they do to survive. I shudder to think, but the Police, a primary tool of the NWO, will surely hassle them whenever they see an opportunity. Again, they would like them to consider some other community a better choice.

Class War

Here is what they say:

• Less than one in ten is drawing unemployment. They therefore ‘do not exist’ in government unemployment statistics. Vanishing the problem this way is a War tactic, because if no one knows there are victims of a War, no one will protest the War and insist it be ended. There is no useful reason to lie so harmfully beyond this.  Judge your civilization by how civilized it is toward the unfortunate.

• Most of them have mouths to feed which is why they try so hard for so little. Bless them and love them for not turning to crime. At best, they tend to work 1-3 days a week, but suffer those statistics because they are TOLD and they hope and pray for a chance to be ‘hired’ by the company for whom they will be a temp if they can just get a shot at it.

That is an illusion. Statistically less than one in ten will be asked to hire on as an actual employee. The NWO corporations are more and more relying on part time and temp workers because they get to avoid paying benefits and retirement programs, one way they War on the lower classes.

• More than half have health problems which will likely never be addressed until they keel over and someone calls an ambulance. While perhaps 15 percent may have insurance benefits, they cannot afford the copays or deductibles. That, too, is by NWO design, as almost all insurance programs are set up so only people with money can play, and others stay away, even when forced to keep up the premiums. That is a whole other blog post, because there is a lot to talk about, there.

• Only about one in four admit to being homeless due to bad choices in life, such as gambling, drinking, or crime and punishment, or divorce or other personal matters gone awry. Of the balance, most blame the Banks and Commercial Credit, the financial debacle, and the economy as having made it impossible to keep their home. That is the NWO war at its finest.

And when Obama came to give help, how did he do it? Did it give money to allow these people to get back into their homes? No. he gave money to the very banks that evicted them… and he gave money to others still in their home to help pay those banks. Everyone else gets the pavement or, if they haven’t lost them, their cars. Welcome to the cold night of political reality, now please leave town because we don’t want you here if you can’t pay anymore money to the banks and other NWO businesses (syndrome).

Class War

Just 20 of the 120 can be seen at a time

I’m sure there are more upscale Temp Agencies (bigger) who will hopefully be able to offer a better snapshot than the one presented. But they cater to the more skilled workers, the ones who should be holding good paying jobs, but who, through the Temp process, will earn less than minimum wage for the year.  The ‘upscale’ nature of it does not improve the picture all that much, it only increases the money they shave off the wages.

As for the low end of the spectrum, I find it troubling that there are two such Temp agencies within walking distance of my home, some six blocks apart. There 120 temp agency offices in the greater Portland area according to City Search, so close together in some cases you can’t see them on the Map (core area shown).

The Occupy Wall Street (and everywhere else) people have it right. Anonymous even has most of it right (one can argue about ethics of hacking). The Truthers have it right. Most activists have it right. I urge you to join them when the opportunity arises. If you are waiting for things to get better, I have news for you:

YOU are what you’ve been waiting for.

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