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Bush/Clinton NWO plans continue to unfold within Obama Administration

Bush/Clinton NWO Plans
Continue to Unfold in Obama Administration

The two party system is a sham. There is only one party with two heads; the NWO Globalist Agenda Party (RepubliDems). New Boss same as the old boss… hope we don’t get fooled again! 

New boss same as the old boss… hope we don’t get fooled again!

by H. Michael Sweeney,
copyright © 2011, ProparanoidPress, all rights reserved
permissions to reproduce available on request to pppbooks at comcast (net)
Dateline Portland, OR Sept 25, 2011

Obama equals bush

Introduction… and about suspension of belief structures

My book set Fatal Rebirth is in four volumes because it takes a lot of words to explain the Unified Conspiracy Theory and the history and future plans of the New World Order movement, originally founded by the Illuminati in 1776. It’s about logical, calculated, and cunning steps toward achieving End Game, and if you are thinking that ‘End Game’ does not bode well for you and me, you are absolutely correct. So this post, due to lack of space, cannot possibly catch you up on that background material and the ten-year research which went into it. So instead, may we please simply start with some basic assumptions you may or may not already be comfortable with? If you are, we are on the same page, but if not, then I beg you to suspend your current belief structures long enough to hear me out… because it may just help you to avoid making the same mistakes every four years… and avoid End Game.

The postulation is that there is no difference between one NWO Globalist in the White House, and another, regardless of the political robes they wear as Republicans or Democrats. In other words, with respect to advancing  End Game,  George Bush = Bill Clinton = George Bush = Barrack Obama (and other Presidents can be added to that list, save perhaps those murdered in office and those closer to the founding of the nation.) Fortunately, there are at least a few more steps which must be taken before End Game is upon us. But precious few are they, and so scary (predicted in Fatal Rebirth, which also predicted assassination efforts and 9-11 events, and resulting oil wars) — that we can afford to squander any remaining time running around in circles arguing over ‘issues’ which are meant from the very beginning to be divisive  in order to distract us. They are manufactured and largely ‘artificial’ party politics, when the real questions should be “Why can’t we actually have a President and a Congress who represents Americans and America’s best interests instead of the NWO agenda?”

If we could get that, all of our other concerns would be far easier to address, including divisive party politics.

Obama equals bush

Four assumptions useful in following this presentation:

1) The NWO  Globalist Agenda is, at its heart, Fascist thinking      (see my 33 Axioms of Fascism) with respect to how it wants government and business interests handled. moreover, it is, at its heart, satanic or occult oriented, whereby the real purpose of a One-World Government is to have a single leader who, by definition as well as confirmation in prophesy, would have to be the Antichrist. This was the sole End Game goal of the Illuminati, and so now you know why you should not allow their modern counterparts to reach that goal.

2) Bill Clinton was a NWO agenda bought-and-paid-for weapon. In my book I show his and Hillary  Clinton‘s ties to CIA and the Globalist Round Table Groups, and recite anecdotal material which shows his Presidency was arranged for in advance to meet said agenda. His Rhodes Scholarship is also evidence, though most readers are not aware of the fact that the ONLY purpose of granting a Rhodes Scholarship is to leverage globalist-thinking students into positions of power and influence, also explained in Fatal Rebirth and elsewhere. Being a Rhodes Scholar should not be an honor, it should be the mark of a traitor, as the Globalist’s agenda requires destruction of national sovereignty.

3) The Bush Presidents were also part and parcel of the same Globalist crowd, and their Presidencies were guaranteed at the SAME MEETING of Power Elite as was Clinton’s. Their Dynasty goes back to the very roots of Fascism and Nazism during WWII, granddaddy Bush being found guilty of Trading with the Enemy by Congress. It also is deeply involved (three generations of Bushs) with the Globalistic and Satanic Skull and Bones, which is a kindred or sister group to the Thule Society to which Adolf and his ‘friends’ belonged. There is a lot more to that notion than just those two points, but I suggest they are more colorful inks for drawing the desired image with clarity.

4) That virtually EVERYTHING majorly bad which has happened in U.S. history since 1947 can be shown not to be some random bump in the night, but is part of the NWO march toward End Game. The very people who planned for Presidents also planned for the series of wars in the Middle East well before Sept. 11, right down to details such as the week of invasion of Afghanistan.

So it makes me wonder just  how did they know there would be a basis for such an invasion years in advance, as seen in the timeline for treason? How did the ANSER Institute know two years in advance to the day that they would ‘need’ a Homeland Security and plan for it? How did the Pentagon know the invasion date before 9-11? How did Colin Powell know in advance to tour the allies and seek combat partners against Afghanistan?

Exactly: False Flag terrorism identical in style and purpose to the Reichstag Fire. An event blamed conveniently on Communists but accomplished by Hitler’s henchmen, it put Adolf Hitler into power and allowed him to launch a series of political moves which turned Germany into a nightmare for the World. His steps under that empowerment were virtually identical to those seen in America in the  post 9-11 timeline, and yet we see the Fascism not in our hysteria, a hysteria made up of manufactured ‘fears’ to justify trading liberty for security.

If you do not at least see the potential for parallels to what is happening in America with draconian destruction of the Constitution…

then stop reading, NOW, because you will not want to be confused by facts, your mind is already made up for you.

Obame = bush

Right: from 33 Axioms of Fascism — Globalist Logos share visual clues

Obama equals bush

Obame = bush

Four simple proofs of Globalist Agenda traversing presidencies

Now, with the assumptions in place, proofs exist which show continuity of the NWO agenda seamlessly through transitions between the current presidencies. We might argue they prove the Four Assumptions, too. We have four simple proofs, and I’m sure there are more I could throw in were I to dig further, but these four are all interlocking and quite parallel to the kinds of things Hitler did once he started wielding his power. That Obama is executing these plans is only part of the proof.

The other half is that none of these steps originated with him. They in fact originated in a Bush White House in full confidence that the next President(s) would continue them. Or else why bother? Lame Duck Presidents earn that name because they KNOW whatever they do will tend to be undone by the other party or even another President of the same party where politics do not align. But if the ‘politics’ are not part and parcel of two-party divisive issues and are instead of value to the Globalists, there is NO FEAR of their being undone, because they know the New Boss IS GOING TO BE  the same as the Old Boss. It IS A DOG AND PONY SHOW. That is probably why Ron Paul is gaining so much popularity so fast… because he seems to be neither Dog nor Pony, though he must necessarily wear the mantle of one of their Parties (Republican).

1: Universal Voluntary Public Service Program. This is America’s version of Hitler’s Brown Shirts when you look at it closely. It is neither intended to be voluntary (or it would not be ‘universal’) nor is it public service though it is sold as such by comparing it to an ‘extended Peace Corps’.)  The name is constructed as a marketing tool to feed it to us gently so we won’t realize it is not the medicine claimed, but a Nazi brand of poison with a new label.

The idea originated with Bush in 2003 but as a long-range plan failed to manifest during his presidency. It has subsequently been reenergized by Obama (this link also describes the program in ways which parallel that of Hitler’s Brown Shirts, though the author does not use the analogy directly) and has become part of Obama’s agenda even though not related to any of his campaign promises (not that it matters, since he has broken virtually every major promise). This link compares it directly to the Brown Shirts to insure the point is not lost.

Don’t be fooled, again.

Right: Modified Nazi Brown Shirts propaganda art

Obame = bush

From Poster Collection

2: Citizen Spies Program. This (Nationwide Suspicious Activity Reporting Initiative, aka SAR or NSI) is a rehash of the Red Scare under Joe McCarthy’s reign of Fascist terror, a multi-step program to make every citizen fear every other citizen in order to deter free thought and its expression. Any dissent renders one liable to persecution via McCarthyism’s Red-Scare mechanics, which ironically matched those of Communist Bloc nations in many ways:

You equate normal activities associated with matters unprofitable to the Powers That Be with (communism or terrorism) and then ask people to report on anyone found guilty of being, well, normal, if otherwise also politically incorrect to the preferred thinking. Insurance for status quo, and control of the masses through fear.

Like most s**t served up by fascist mentality, they give it a reverse engineered name to make it sound tasty for spoon feeding to a dumbed down public: Communities of Trust. This Fact Sheet clearly shows that recruitment of spies will subvert almost any influential social body. The effort intends that citizens equate and fear ‘whites that don’t think like we (those in power) do’ with muslim extremists as exemplified in the MIAC Report. It isn’t terrorists they are targeting, its free thinkers.

The idea originate with President Bush, though due to its radical nature, the goal was to establish a modest root system for future growth of the program, intending less than 5% saturation. Even so, that meant 1,500,000 citizen spies. Here is an excellent resource to review his plan, modeled after the East German STASI (Secret Police) program headed by Hitler’s master spy, Reinhard Gehland. The idea is to be expanded by Obama in a way which will at least give the impression that almost every American MIGHT be a snitch, and THAT is the mechanism which stifles freedom.

This link makes that easier to grasp, and this video illustrates it visually by mocking the fact that there is an government organized assault on Ron Paul and Ron Paul supporters as well as government’s attempts to label people as conspirators and mentally ill if they doubt government. Regardless of if you support Ron Paul, or not, that he and supporters are being equated with terrorism by government targeting campaigns (dirty tricks and abusive Police actions) proves you are not free to speak your mind if it opposes the status quo. I do not quite yet support Ron Paul, but such targeting causes me to lean his way; the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

3. Continuance of planned financial looting of America. This one is easy. All it takes is one simple and painfully funny video.  And if you like that vid, you will want to watch this one, too.

4. Militarization of Police and CIA within Police. This one is also easier, except that you need to know about the Posse Comitatus Act of 1874, which forbids the military to be employed in police actions against citizens except in a state of Martial Law. Since the first Bush, this has been violated many dozens of times, as many as three times in one 90 day period here in Oregon, and more than a dozen times in Texas, alone. This article (forget that the page is pro cannabis, or relish the fact if you wish, but the facts presented bear the truth) shows how Bush started a program for militarization which was continued by Clinton (another Globalist President), which is why I elected the site. It has continued under the second Bush, and now under Obama, too. Obama wants a National Police (also previously illegal for same cause) ‘just as powerful’ as the military as pointed out in the video at this site (selected because it also explains Posse Comitatus.)

Obama equals Bush

Summary; the New Boss is the Old Boss

You don’t even need to take my word for it. Below you will find what the Presidents themselves think about other President’s following policies of other presidents (hurts my head). All the same. Thus it did not matter if you did not like Bush and voted for Clinton to ‘undo’ the Bush regime, because Bush policies did continue under Clinton. It did not matter if you did not like Clinton and voted for Bush to undo him, because the second Bush policies were more of the same. It did not matter if you voted for Obama to undo Bush, because it didn’t. Obama, Bush, and the others, are synonymous when it comes to Globalist NWO agenda. To break the pattern, you must break the two party system one way or another, be it by an insider like Ron Paul, or someone from an independent populist party.

If you fail to do so, your only other recourse is to either become an obedient Sich Heil citizen willing to (eventually) raise your arm in salute to the Antichrist… or to pick up a gun in armed revolt. Heaven please forbid either of these last two options, because it leaves only one viable choice. And yet is it viable? Politics by the barrel of a gun does not seem to me to be any better philosophically when at the hands of a freedom fighter than when at the hands of a Fascist Police State. Both are a waste and in opposition to (someone’s) free choice.

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