A Glimpse of Fatal Rebirth (from the Preface)

Fatal Rebirth,

a four-book set by H. Michael Sweeney

Copyright © 1996 All righs reserved.

From The Preface

Truth cannot live on a diet of secrets, withering within entangled lies. Freedom cannot live on a diet of lies, surrendering to the veil of oppression. The human spirit cannot live on a diet of oppression, becoming subservient in the end to the will of evil. God, as truth incarnate, will not long let stand a World devoted to such evil. Therefore, let us have the truth and freedom our spirits require, or let us die seeking these things, for without them, we shall surely and justly perish in an evil world.

Now we have a dark, difficult to see Shadow across the land. It is a secret Shadow, one built upon and operated by lies disguised as truth, dedicated to the works of tyranny and oppression in the guise of freedom’s cause, and driven by the darkest of evil wearing the mask of good intent. This Shadow lusts for and worships power, and applies it with great and frequent abuse to acquire even greater power. It wants the ultimate power to control the World, to decide who lives and who dies, and to directly or indirectly own and control all things. Many do not yet see it, and sadly, will not, until it is too late. Untold millions more will die never knowing why. Who or what is Shadow? Read and learn, learn and decide.

This author was once an ordinary man eking out an ordinary existence. This was my happy state and my presumed ongoing fate — until I came into possession of an innocuous and incredulous document. It was unbelievable: a tremendously conspiratorial document detailing many sins of the empowered elite and their minions within government — especially within the intelligence community. Preposterous as it seemed on the surface, something within that document must have been true, for merely mentioning its existence transformed my ordinary life into an extraordinary 007 nightmare.

They spent perhaps $250,000 a month in surveilling me and manipulating my life in devious ways. What about that document, unless it be the conspiracies detailed therein, so frightened them that they took such measures against me? Indeed, what was the purpose of the document — why was it ever written? More key, as the document itself attests, who were the people behind the conspiracies, and what dark motive drove their actions? Who are they that should so fear mere words on paper? They are Shadow. This book is their story. It is my story. It is the story of other Americans also caught in Shadow’s web. It is your story — a story of your historical past revealed to be lies, and of a dark future, if you do not take care.

This book is an attempt at revealing the true nature of a Shadow manipulated past, the true Shadow fostered dangers of our present time, and the all-too possible future Shadow plans for us all. It must be said up front that this author began this work completely unawares of the social and political realities perceived by any of the many organizations that exist on the political fringes to the left and right of the staid Republican and Democratic parties. As an overly naive and easily pacified American, there was no understanding of what CFR or NSA was, what a constituted a leftist or extreme right point of view, a Populist or Elitist, nor of little in between. Huntly-Brinkly were my sole political enlightenment, and the balm and ointment of my few political fears and concerns. I was mere fodder for the engines of media manipulation: Hear Ye, Hear Ye, believe and obey. I believed. I obeyed. But then came proof of Shadow.

Shadow is a secret society with its own secret government. Shadow is a secret business community with its own secret monetary system. Shadow is a secret intelligence community with its own secret police. Shadow has a secret agenda achieved with secret resources. At Shadow’s darkest, innermost place lies a black, satanic religion whose secret roots are the very essence evil — so dark as to have origin beyond mere mortal man. Shadow’s branches are everywhere, and its greatest branch may ultimately prove to be the anti-Christ.

With combined resources of unimaginable wealth, influence, and power, there is likely no high place Shadow does not control or sway in some way or to some degree. Shadow’s greatest tool and protector lies in secret works and an invisibility to detection, thus making it impervious to would-be enemies. We would be Shadow’s natural enemy, would we recognize it for what it is. As we do not, we remain its prized and willing victims. We are no more wary than a gnat buzzing about a spider’s ever growing web. Save some awakening of our dull wit and even duller senses, it’s only a matter of time…

Legend tells us that thousands of years ago, Diogenes searched a lifetime with his lantern held high in a futile search for just one honest man. The centuries do not seem to have changed the odds in his favor. But in our modern times and societal infrastructures, should there not be some source of truth and honesty? Is there no place where we can seek the essence of righteousness? If not, then as the opening suggests, we are doomed to evolve or collapse into a kind of world-wide tyranny wrought by those that thrive in lies and secrets. Indeed, everything points to that eventuality becoming reality. The military-industrial-intelligence-media complex, in an unholy alliance with what many term the super-elite of the one-world crowd, steadily remakes us into a fascist-like corporate-manipulated state. Sweeping statements, yes.

Such sweeping statements need explanation if we are to understand the nature and identity of Shadow. To start with, many people today do not understand what a fascist is — thinking it some irrelevant term from a bygone past. They should look up the word, especially if from among the poor or minorities, for they already are suffering under the first signs of its growing yoke. Fascism holds a special, unkind place for them under its unbridled reign. Indeed, perhaps for us all. Failure to understand and accept the existence of Shadow and their dark crimes may very well mean a kind of death through slavery to a dark will – the difference between all good things which the reader desires and believes in and the loss of all hope that they might come to pass. Fascism favors the moneyed elite, and Shadow’s head is formed largely from among the leadership of the megacorporate giants. The reader cannot turn away from these notions unless and until satisfied beyond all Shadow of doubt that they are untrue.

Want to know more?  Read Fatal Rebirth!

About Author H. Michael Sweeney

Author of privacy/security/abuse of power, Founder Free Will Society, PALADINs (Post Apocalyptic Local Area Defense Information Network)

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