A Glimpse of MC Realities (from the Preface)

MC Realities,

a book on Political Control Technology

by H. Michael Sweeney

copyright © 2006 All rights reserved


Political Control Technology (PCT) are any devices and/or special methodologies intended to force behavioral modifications against the will of the victim by (covertly or overtly) sensing and/or altering, or negatively impacting any combination of: a) physical health and comfort; b) mental thoughts, processes, and/or memories; c) spiritual and/or temporal (to include political) beliefs; d) personal, social, and political credibility, standing, and effectiveness; and indirectly, e) financial status, family unity, friendships, and job security.

We do not hear of such things in today’s society. They are instead veiled by politically correct code words. These words do not always mean what they imply, and often, have an alternate meaning associated with PCT: public education, shaping public opinion, unified thinking, social guidance, social cooperation, restructuring beliefs, crowd control, political expedience, national security, global peace, New World Order, area denial, perimeter defense, less than lethal weapons (and many similar terms), unconventional weapons, and more. Behind the code words is one simpler and more direct description: Mind Control (MC).

These are collectively applied in the form of disinformation, psychological warfare, dirty tricks, mind altering drugs, chemical inducements, hypnotherapy, implants, surgical and genetic alterations, electronic or psychotronic weapons, cyberwar, people’s war, bioethnic war, ecowar, ritual sexual abuse, torture, eugenics, suicide cults, and murder. I apologize for the blunt and direct introduction. It must seem terribly impossible to many readers that these things actually happen on a regular basis. If only that impossibility were so…

Yet another Congressional investigation of CIA mind control operations. In various of my books I list over 1,000 CIA fronts. Over half are dedicated to mind control, half of those since 1976 when CIA officially ‘discontinued’ such research. These fronts are divided into three kinds: those which apply MC or research it; those which deny it exists; and those which ‘help’ victims attempting to escape it. Image: Wikpedia

Since very few people have read the Congressional record on topic (start with the 1977 Church and Rockefeller Committee reports), talked with psychologists who will admit what is going on, confronted the intelligence community in head-to-head battles, or studied the mountain of available material on mind control (MC) technology… a logical person might doubt that such a thing as mind control exists. This is exactly how those who possess and apply MC technology want it. In fact, they have gone to great lengths to thwart any actual public awareness and understanding, and even more diligently sought to discredit those who come forward with information on topic — especially the victims.

But the hard evidence exists to prove that not only has research been undertaken by various intelligence community agencies around the world, but that such research has been successful, it continues, and its bitter fruit is being applied regularly today against innocent civilians. Anyone can become victim. A victim is anyone who has suffered any form of mind control attack, a matter which does not necessarily involve being aware of it. Emphasize: ANYONE.

In fact, virtually everyone already is a victim. Emphasize: EVERYONE. That seemingly fantastic claim will be shown true if the reader will be patient. But thankfully, not a victim to the degree that they should likely have noticed, though once informed, to a degree which will surely anger them. The victims that do notice are often the ones who next become victims of more potent forms of MC, and as result, need help the most. Thus the rest of us should take heed of this warning or those who apply MC tech will achieve the dark goals which drive their every effort, and we will all become mind slaves.

Understand, MC is a tool applied towards a goal so dark that only mind control will allow it. So dark it is actually Satanic at its root. This alone should scare anyone into paying attention. People need to know what to look for, and what to do about it. They cannot fight that in which they are in denial any more than an ostrich can survive a direct attack from an alerted lion by burying its head in the sand. Once becoming aware of an MC attack and refusing to bury one’s head… that is when a victim becomes a survivor. It matters not how much success they have in the battle, they still earn the label, for they are fighting, and as long as they fight, they continue to survive…

The ‘how’, the ‘why’, and ‘what to do about it’ are the basis of this book. That said, I do not claim to be expert on topic. No one can make that claim, unfortunately, because only MC practitioners know the things which represent expertise of the sort required for a perfect presentation. Unfortunately, getting CIA and military intelligence to admit such crimes by such a step would seem highly unlikely. I, on the other hand, can merely report my findings.

Want to know more? Read MC Realities!

About Author H. Michael Sweeney

Author of privacy/security/abuse of power, Founder Free Will Society, PALADINs (Post Apocalyptic Local Area Defense Information Network)

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