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U.S. Military: ‘The Best Defense’ & Your Future In Their Eyes

On Military Thinking About ‘The Best Defense’ and Your Future in Their Eyes

by H. Michael Sweeney,

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military thinking
Dateline Portland, OR Nov 16, 2011
military thinking

Partnership of the Military and the New World Order

We all want a strong military to defend our country, and we would not wish to deny them tools for a ‘best defense,’ but we would prefer that be their only role. Unfortunately, one cannot fear the New World Order without also fearing the U.S. Military Establishment (along with a bunch of other people). The role of the Military in meeting the goals of the NWO to establish a one-World government ruled by (we must logically deduce) the Antichrist has often been made clear. As any Truther will likely tell you, and if not, I will tell you, the 9-11 attacks would surely seem to be such an example, though many other examples are easier to reveal. We must rightly therefore question what the military sees for your future in their eyes. We know what that future is, and I’ve written of it often, but all-too few of us have gotten the message.

And there are other examples.  For one, their fascination with development of ‘antiterrorism’ weapons with Homeland Security funding or through DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Project Agency) or any number of quasi-governmental think tanks such as SIAC (Science International Applications Corp.). As I have shown in my books and newsletters time and again (listing hundreds of examples in The Professional Paranoid’s Defensive Field Guide), the overwhelming majority of such research clearly has nothing to do with terrorists but everything to do with either or both crowd control or mind control, or spying in support thereof  (Political Control Technology,  PCT).

This includes everything from swarms of flying insect-sized spy devices to the mammoth HAARP (High Altitude Auroral Research Program) associated with everything from Weather War (earthquakes, killer storms) to regional mind control to deep-sea communications with submarines and other legitimate defense applications. In fact, it even seems tied to the possible application of HAARP and like facilities around the World for the suspected and feared Project BlueBeam, a NWO plot thought to employ massive global in-air projections of holographic images along with in-head audio to simulate the second coming of Christ… only it will be to help seat the Antichrist. These capabilities would indeed seem to be within HAARP and associated system abilities as seen in my YouTube vid.

We can also add to the list concerns about development of race-specific pathogens and bio weapons based on zoonotics (new never-before existing man-modified animal virus‘ so that man can be infected with little or no hope of a vaccine being developed quickly: e.g., Avian Flu, Swine Flu, Aids, etc.) and nanotech and the deliberate release (testing) of strains on civilian populations, and for the matter, a history of testing such weapons on U.S. Citizens going back more than 100 years. The Defensive Field Guide has pages of such testing listed, and my book set Fatal Rebirth takes a very close look at bio-weapons development and use, though recent investigations reveal that the scary picture emerging on those pages is merely the tip of the iceberg. Those who already know the NWO for what it is know all about the concept of Eugenics and deliberate population reduction with soft and hard kill technologies. How else do you expect them to get us down to 500 million population?

So when I ran across a very simple and innocent blog article by staff writer Skyler Frink in Military & Aerospace Electronics questioning what is ‘the best defense’  strategy for the military, I felt I had to weigh in. They were kind enough to allow me to post a comment to their blog pages (uncensored) with my own viewpoints. I wrote with admitted restraint, citing concerns about the Revolution in Military Affairs (RMA). Since I cannot reproduce their blog here without permissions, I suggest you take a few moments to read it on their site, and my gentler response. Three minutes total read to compare what the rank and file within the military-industrial complex itself presumes to describe our Military’s role and best defense as opposed to the picture painted, here. Then you may continue reading here what I wish I could have said there, but which would have been inappropriate and unwelcome to the point of likely rejection.

military thinking

The Revolution in Military Affairs

RMA was a concept very logical in its basis and would have simply addressed a viable need in a reasonable way, except for one thing. Those responsible for its evolution and results included NWO shills (I’m being polite). Just one example would be the avowed Satanist and U.S. Army Lt. Col. Michael Aquino. Aquino holds a Doctorate Political Science and founded the Temple of Set, a splinter group of the Church of Satan, all of which are organized (like many cults) along Masonic models such that they have a public side (relatively prim and proper, even for Satanic public relations) and a darker, secretive NWO cabal side.

Aquino has been involved in everything from a psychological warfare support role in  Operation Phoenix, the Army/CIA mass civilian assassination program in Vietnam said to have claimed as many as 40,000 persons, to mind control projects there and here in the U.S., to child molestation cases involving the military (see note), and more, including a project to ‘unify all religions’ into a single religion suitable for political control (think THX-1138, where you ‘confess your sins’ to the government’s priest). The devilish (literally) concept and early stage development to combine religions were undertaken at the military occupied Presidio, and continues even today as being associated with the Presidio — which is where Aquino’s child molestation cases came to make news which some say threatened to expose a pedophile ring within the Pentagon itself.

Note: As detailed in depth in my book MC Realities, ritual sexual and Satanic abuse of young children is part and parcel of building Manchurian Candidate-style sleeper agents and super soldiers (Delta). CIA, DOD, and many other organizations have employed this method for centuries and is the one central core technology which enables the tracking of the history of mind control back through time all the way to the Crusades and the Knights Templar, which evolved to hide within the Masons stone worker’s guild, and eventually took it over to become Free Masonry. It is from within that body whence came the Illuminati, the originators of the NWO movement to seat the Antichrist in an extremely long-term game plan which still unfolds today. What DOD has also learned it seems, as also explored in the book, is that it is possible to use fake alien abductions to do the same job with adults.

With top Pentagon clearance Aquino has been described as instrumental in guiding RMA. His power was so considerable (some say he is actually now a General, though retired) and remains in force such that you will not even find an entry for him at Wikpedia, but rather, only an entry for the Temple of Set. There was an entry, but it was removed and is the stuff of conspiracies. Thus his role in RMA must surely have been considerable, and no doubt there were others along side him of like ilk who’s names are unknown to us. Charges are that the military is rife with Satanism and NWO mentality, and based on the outcome of RMA, I must conclude it likely so:

Paramaters, the U.S. Army War College publication some years ago had a short piece on RMA which has since gone into the black hole. It was, however, reproduced in part in The Spotlight Newspaper in Washington D.C., itself also since gone into the black hole. The article cited Parameters description of just one small aspect of RMA which should be of utmost concern to us here: the definition of the kinds of wars the military should expect to face in the near future (NEAR future). One of these was termed as The People’s War. Another related term was Politico-Military Force Matrix. These and dozens of inter-related RMA terms are including among the hundreds of PCT terms found in the Defensive Field Guide. But these two we need to look at, here and now.

military thinking

21st Century Politico-Military Force Matrix

Nonlethal technology (all of which can kill, and has), when coupled with traditional forms of lethal weaponry and general tactical options available to government, the military, and law enforcement, allow for the application of short-term incapacitation, long-term incapacitation, and deadly force against the physical and mental perceptual attributes of human targets as well as the hardware and software attributes of machine targets. The overall collective of advanced types of weapons and psychological mind control methods form an array which can be expressed in a matrix which defines Political and Military options. He who best utilizes the matrix, or has more options within the matrix, wins.

This has been published by the USAF Institute for National Security Studies, and has been well applied in recent Middle East wars and continues during the occupations.  The oil and opium must flow (with apologies to Dune author, Frank Herbert and his phrase, “The Spice must flow,” which justified the Emperor’s  launching a war intent on planet-wide genocide.) Fiction becomes reality, it seems.

It also portends the Military Police State, as these same matrix elements are viewed as key to retaining power and control of a nation. Its all about PCT, which is where this article started. But the few articles available on the Web regarding the finite details of the Matrix seem to have gone the way of the black hole, too. We do have one military look at it which carefully avoids (perhaps because of not being aware of those aspects) such references. Yet it frames the concept nicely.

military thinking

The People’s War

It was defined by RMA (and is cited in Fatal Rebirth and The Defensive Field Guide) essentially as an EXPECTED conflict with  “Constitutionalists, militia, ex-military, patriots, survivalist, and the poor and politically disenfranchised.” In short, the 99%. Add to this quote the factual existence and use of a ‘Shoot Americans Questionnaire‘ given to select military units to see if they would: fire on U.S. Citizens who refused to turn over their guns; obey a United Nations Commander; and supplant Police services (and other NWO useful questions). The entire questionnaire and analysis of answers provided by troops is in The Defensive Field Guide, as well. None of these things are Constitutional, legal, or moral options, though various Presidential Executive Orders and military edicts have pre staged to allow for them (another blog post in works will address this and become linked – subscribe to my blog posts to be informed automatically).

Add also that Dick Cheney authorized the DOD to establish a special group to kidnap and assassinate American Citizens, or enter their homes covertly (for any dark purpose including theft or sabotage, vandalism or arson).  The story broke in the Toronto Sun who has seen fit for some reason to vanish the article, which is reproduced here.  In similar vein, of course, the White House (despite Obama election campaign promises) and DOD have deemed to allow torture and detainment of suspects without due process or trial, though we ‘politely’ ship our prisoners elsewhere for torture so we can have clean hands. How neat and tidy, and we even give it a pretty sounding name, rendition. For all these reasons and more, I ask in Fatal Rebirth

“Do you, as an American citizen, care that the military thinks gun seizure a likely enough future mission to ask this question of troops? If a member of the economic underclass, do you think your conditions will be improving in the near future if the military thinks taking away guns will become their job? Why should the military be allowed to think this way and still hold the power of arms, themselves? Perhaps the only proper gun control is to take them away from a military run amuck that it might target citizens. If this is our national defense force at work, does it not ring of fascism?”

military thinking

The Best Defense?

Thus the way I might have preferred to end my piece at M&AE would have been to suggest that the best defense is the total rework of the Military chain of Command to include sweeping out the trash and putting better controls into place. I’m not even so sure that the Pentagon shouldn’t be leveled to the ground and replaced with the pre WWII system of Command. I’ll admit that I’m not enough the expert to make that call, but by God, if I were President, I’d get some advice on it right away… unless of course, I happened to be just another standard issue NWO Cabal member President, myself. Hmmm…

But the way I answered the article was suitable to the need, and important enough to repeat here, given that one of the highest ranking soldiers in the Land has already publicly stated that nationwide Martial Law is expected soon. US Army General Tommy Franks, who led the coalition invasion of Iraq to oust Saddam Hussein, and who commanded the siege and mass murder at Waco as well as the burial of the evidence with bulldozers…  described in an interview for Cigar Aficionado that the results of another attack by terrorists with weapons of mass destruction would result in our Constitutional form of government being replaced by a Military government. We also know that the new Constitution for such an event has already been written. The Constitution of the NewStates of America, with analysis suggesting surprise America is not spelled with a ‘k,’ is also reproduced in Fatal Rebirth. Don’t cry for us, Argentina!

So I repeat from my response to M&AESince we cannot rely on absolute power to police itself, the best defense in my opinion as student of military thinking is, perhaps, improved observation and control of the planners. Actually, I would prefer a means of divorcing centralized control of National Guard in any such action and instead allowing State’s Governors to be the sole local commanders. And no, I don’t trust FEMA in that role given their less-than-zero-performance track record.

In more direct terms, the only way to insure defense against domestic enemies, in my opinion, is to declare the Pentagon a potential enemy and allow the State Militias (the National Guards and even the citizen militia groups under volunteer command of the Guard) to be responsible for any such Martial Law. That would PREVENT and refuse subservience to any Military government, even to the point of succession from the Union pending reformation of the nation under the Constitution. Tommy Franks, Dick Cheney, Aquino, and a long list of others could then be put on trial for treason, murder, etc.

But that’s in that perfect World that we don’t live in, at least not yet.

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