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Visual Roadmaps to Treason Expose Truth About Terrorism

It’s all about who benefits: Globalism needs Terrorism to prompt Patriotism to support Capitalism which drives Globalism

reproduced from book Fatal Rebirth, by H. Michael Sweeney
though copyrighted, image reproduction OK if reproduced in full and notifying Author at pppbooks at century link net with resulting URl
by H. Michael Sweeney

Note: the relevance of relationships or even the identity of some names may seem lost to those who have not read Fatal Rebirth or otherwise studied such matters in depth. The book set (1,500 footnotes) clearly explains their presence in the graphics. Non the less, the bulk of names are known and should make sense to any individual who is half-way informed about news events of the last decade.

Image One: Satan’s Franchises, paths to seating the Antichrist

This is the engine of power and profit which drives the cooperation of greedy men. I draw special attention to Ali Mohammed, and Richard Perle with these links explaining their importance as puzzle pieces, pieces so important they combine to make almost all of the other elements in the pattern make perfect sense. This chart, by the way, can be drawn for almost any War in modern times. The name on the lines and intersects may change, but the franchises remain valid. It may further be useful to note that two of the players, Zalmay Khalilzad and Hamid Karzai were the CIA-backed, oil industry selected people we put in charge of Afghanistan, because most of us do not know who they are.

Image Two: Roadmap to Sept. 11 Treason

How can it be anything but an inside job when the terrorist both flight schools were CIA operations, and virtually every other resource used by the alleged terrorists was US military or military contractors? The map lets you follow the money (banking money, oil money, Saudi money, drug money, etc.) as well as key resources and allies from inception to destination in history. For example, the aircraft and staff of the Florida flight schools came from Caribe Air of Iran Contra fame, and were used by Jeb Bush as their own personal airline.

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