Personal Privacy & Security Issues

A Little Help and Advice, a Lot of Education

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These are posts on a the same them not listed in any particular order. To my knowledge, I am the only author/consultant on this topic to offer how-to defensive advice instead of merely talking about the problem. My books cover that, yes, but also detection and defensive tactics. In addition to for-fee ongoing consultation and direct intervention services, I offer a FREE Helps Kit and 30 days on-line consulting to Targeted Individuals (TI). FREE Sample Newsletter on PCT also available.

Email proparanoid at century link net to request these things. Please also visit The Free Will Society which I founded to aid Targeted Individuals. Please make contributions to it via PayPal to FWS at century link net.


Gun Shops, Grocers, Other Retailers Key to Disaster Survival

When the stinkiest FEMA kind of stuff hits the fan, anyone who has a business dealing in key resources will find their valuable inventories and property at risk of sack and pillage by looters, or outright theft by government. There is a way to protect such assets while at the same time insuring better chances of survival of families.

Logical Emergency Response Plan Government Won’t Approve

The government has for some time now been turning up our ‘threat perceptions’ regarding emergency preparedness… taking us to levels of ‘concern’ not seen since the height of the Cold War and the Cuban Missile Crises. As discussed in the prior post of this series, we need to figure out what they are NOT telling us, and prepare for THAT, too.

The REAL Reason FEMA Promotes Emergency Preparedness?

FEMA and the rest of government seems quite paranoid about disasters of late, but clues suggest there are hidden reasons behind urging preparations — not the earthquakes, floods, nor fires they talk about. Conspiracy theories based upon dialogs by geophysicists, astrophysicists, and politicos seem far more likely the cause, and that puts a whole different face on what ‘preparation’ should involve and mean for you.

Military Purge Underway? A Military Revolt Warning Sign

A sure sign that the government fears a military coup or the military itself is about to attempt one, is a purge. The government will purge those it fears unloyal, and/or the military purges itself of those unwilling to go along. Whoever best purges post haste, just might win. Either way, however, the people tend to loose to an errant government and/or would-be military dictator. It is, after all, how authoritarian Police States are born.

Gas Tax Newest Spy Tool Targets Poor, Economy-Minded

When the Tax Man has a GPS tracker in your car, you dare not go anywhere you don’t want (someone) to know about… because we are talking about ‘public information’ in this case, which ANYONE can access.

Sorento Secretly Installing Total Surveillance Society

15 Terrabytes of data on every Man, Woman, and Child in the U.S., tracking every trip, call, text, email you make, every URL you visit, every purchase or financial, social, and political action you take, all to profile you so they can predict you and blackmail, jail, or vanish you if it becomes convenient. Welcome to Herr Bush/Clinton/Sorento’s Total Surveillance Corporate Police State. But wait… I have a simple $7 SOLUTION!

Statistics Prove Gun Control is No Solution; Gun Violence is a Political Ruse

Taking away guns does not stop psychiatric care-sponsored killings; pseudo science and drug industry profits are the real killer

TOP 5 Reasons for, Signs of, Methods of, and Solutions for the Internet Spying On YOU

The threats are many, sophisticated, and endless. Solutions need not include Panic (usually), are largely simple and inexpensive, though nowhere near being fun.

Web Walker: How to bypass Internet Surveillance or Even a Total Web Shutdown

A simple solution: establish a Web Walker, your own Internet emulation to totally bypass the existing system – and its snoops

In the Rearview Mirror: When You Think You’re Followed

How to know, what to do about it

Your Cell Phone is a Government Agent Spying on You

How to prevent gross violations of your privacy by the Police State

Citizen’s Viewpoint: We are ONE Person Away From Revolution

All good Citizens should have have an emergency plan in place

How to Deal With Terrorism (How to Love Obama bin Laden)

An experts look at how-to survive the worst

Eight Steps of a Stalker and Defenses

What every women and many men should know about stalkers

FascistBook (in two parts): The Growing Case for Government Targeting via Social media

Who are all those people watching you from the other side of your monitor?

7 Tips: How to Outreach, Preach, or Beseech if a Targeted Individual

There are right and wrong ways to seek help, and the subtle difference can make things worse than before.


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