Abuse of Power/NWO

These are posts on a the same theme not listed in any particular order. Scan the whole list, but if you don’t read them all, you are missing some things you won’t find anywhere else on these topics (I’m known for digging up previously undiscovered material or discovery by situational analysis),


Crime Series: Ten Unexpected Proofs ‘Random’ Mass Shootings are by Intelligent Design

Ten easy-to-grasp but remarkable proofs, both visible and hidden: Illuminati style mystical symbolism and related ancient magical mysteries, calling cards, bragging rights, and Warlock spells cast against America, and the World. Conventional clues, too.

Gas Tax Newest Spy Tool Targets Poor, Economy-Minded

When the Tax Man has a GPS tracker in your car, you dare not go anywhere you don’t want (someone) to know about… because we are talking about ‘public information’ in this case, which ANYONE can access.

On False Flag Zombie Attacks in July

When the CDC starts talking about zombie attacks, DHS buys more ammunition than God and calls out all Federal Agencies to prepare for (something) at 100% strength with two weeks notice… while a Zombie blockbuster movie scares our pants off… there might just be something to worry about. 

Revolt Against Mongressanto: GMO Crops Torched in America

Though a controlled media is suppressing the story, 40 tons of GMO crops were torched, prompting an FBI investigation. We The People do NOT WANT GMO, and if the Monsanto Congress does not watch their step, arson will become outright violence, and from their, lead to revolution.

Flight 800: At Last! I’m no Longer a Conspiracy Theorist!

For nearly a decade I’ve been trying to get media and the public to examine some simple proofs of a conspiracy we call Flight 800 Friendly Fire; the downing of a jumbo jet killing 230 souls with a Navy missile fired in a war game exercise gone wrong. They only wanted to call me ‘just another conspiracy theorist.’


Sorento Secretly Installing Total Surveillance Society

15 Terrabytes of data on every Man, Woman, and Child in the U.S., tracking every trip, call, text, email you make, every URL you visit, every purchase or financial, social, and political action you take, all to profile you so they can predict you and blackmail, jail, or vanish you if it becomes convenient. Welcome to Herr Bush/Clinton/Sorento’s Total Surveillance Corporate Police State. But wait… I have a simple $7 SOLUTION!

On the North American Union and CANAMEX Highways

A road paved with good intentions is often made with dark things — in this case the subversion of the United States into the NewStates of America, a mere co-partner within the North American Union — all in turn as support of establishing a one-World Government over six or fewer such ‘unions.’

Does God Approve of Deposing Tyrannical Governments by Force?

When peaceful change does not correct a tyrannical government, what remains is armed revolution — or — docile subjugation. History shows revolutions are slow to come, but when they do, swift to take hold. Yet, there is an important difference between being able to say ‘this government is tyrannical…’ as opposed to ‘This government is Godless…’

A Poll: Who Is the Real Authority and Power in America?

I really don’t think we can answer that so easily. Is it Mr. Sorento and his Executive Orders? Congress and their unconstitutional laws they don’t even read? Bankers and the FED? The Military and Arms Industry? The Individual States? The United Nations and their Treaties? The Council on Foreign Relations? The Illuminati, the New World Order? Or… is it We, the People and the Constitution?

 How to War With the New World Order (Checklist)

No matter how simple the weapons and tactics of war, you need a checklist; an action plan which is your method to the madness which is war.

How to War with the New World Order (a Primer)

If you are no fan of the notion of a fascist, satanic World government ruling a depopulated World with all the power of the Antichrist, you may want to know there is one simple weapon we hold that the NWO fears we will discover and use, one more dangerous than guns.

Globalism’s Self-Serving Cycles of Terrorism

A reality check for citizens in every nation, democratic, communist, totalitarian, or religiously governed (e.g., Islamic); terrorism is not waged between governments or ideologies as outwardly advertised, but a covert weapon for political control used by Globalists against all peoples, especially the very members of terror groups duped into participation. More to the point, it is waged by powers and principalities, against God and Man, and serves Satan.

N. Korea Can’t Help It: War is NOT Senseless After All

A simple look at history, and I can’t believe no one else has discovered this primal cause of war. While Horace Greely’s sense of direction advised to go West, warriors head elsewhere.

N. Korea EMP Attack Next False Flag per Wag-The-Dog Evidence

If a military coupe planner needed an excuse for Martial Law in a hurry, what better way than to EMP the country and blame N. Korea? Such an attack from N. K. is impossible, and yet Sheeple wallow in the wag-the-dog Sheep Dip in a daze.

Dear Government: I will not Comply w Internet Tax Bill; Go Fish!

Sometimes a citizen has to think Boston Tea Party. My time has come. Neither will I be forced into indentured servitude as involuntary tax collector, nor will I allow government to tax the sweat of my brow creating the goods I sell. There is more I will not, as well.

I’ve Defrauded and Deluded Myself, I Am Not Me, But I AM

We go through life thinking we know who we are and why we do what we do, but like Actors who start believing they are the sum of their Press Clippings and the heroic characters they play, we are frauds. It took a simple but powerful video to teach me the truth, something I once knew, but lost sight of.

Has NDAA Made Shooting Federal Agents, Soldiers, and Cops Legal?

No court should ever find one guilty of murder or manslaughter if defending their own lives from murder or kidnapping. For many people, NDAA, and violations of Posse Comitatus by military represents such a threat, and more recently, the Monsanto Protection Act. Therefore, we all might ought to so consider their reasoning; if one man should so fear the tyrannical act of their government, so then should we all.

Monsanto Protection Act Lights Fuse of Armed Insurrection

Self Defense is the right of all Men regardless of any Law. When an illegal law deems to both make redress and self defense illegal, many will see it as time for a revolution. The Monsanto are coming. To Arms! To Arms!

Don’t Ban Guns, Ban Magic Bullets

Whenever you get a magic bullet explanation, you know there is a cover up. A cover up is proof of a conspiracy; a hidden agenda or dark plot. Why is that so hard for most of us to grasp that we accept without question the claim instead, that it is mere conspiracy theory?

Psyops TV: How They Dumb You Down to Set You UP

You are being indoctrinated and conditioned to accept the Orwellian nightmare. Cancel that. You have been, and here is how.

1776 2.0 Cometh: What Price Treason, and Who Pays?

Gun Control Laws and other Constitutional/Bill of Rights erosions by government are TREASON. Ultimately, YOU decide who is going to pay, and how.

Collateral Damage: A Web Experiment in Which You Judge and Impact Social Policy

Should a line be drawn? When the claimed benefit is thought to outweigh concern for deaths of innocents, what is the difference between a nuclear strike against a city and using a drone or a car bomb to kill everyone in a car where only one person was the target?

12 Frightening New Questions Illuminate the Dorner Urban Legend

Just when you think you’ve heard everything about a major news event which suffers questions pointing to a conspiracy, someone figures out or finds something others have missed, or failed to see in the same light. I like being that person.

1.4 Billion Ammo Orders Use Satanic Magic Numbers

When satanic leadership of the NWO undertakes a plot, you can bet there are satanic magic numbers in use, somewhere. Sometimes the obvious is right in front of our eyes, if we but just look askant.

Dorner, the Urban Legend: Implications Behind a Fraudulent Manifesto

Like many bumps-in-the-night mysteries in our national consciousness… the answer may lead to CIA and the Military.

Dorner’s Manifesto: Manufacturing a D.B.Cooper-ish Urban Legend

What would it mean if it were not written by Dorner? What if he were deliberately being made into an Urban Legend to cover up crimes by the real authors, to include Dorner’s murder before the Cabin assault even took place?

Interview on Mass Shootings: Absolute Patterns Prove NWO Conspiracy

Join me on an interview on Urban Warzone, 1/23/13, 1PM EST to be startled with answers to troubling questions about the images herein

Statistics Prove Gun Control is No Solution; Gun Violence is a Political Ruse

Taking away guns does not stop psychiatric care-sponsored killings; pseudo science and drug industry profits are the real killer

The Clackamas Town Center Shooter… me, my family, and friends

This one came closer than I’d like to those I love… and requires we make comparison to Aurora

TOP 5 Reasons for, Signs of, Methods of, and Solutions for the Internet Spying On YOU

The threats are many, sophisticated, and endless. Solutions need not include Panic (usually), are largely simple and inexpensive, though nowhere near being fun.

SPQR. PAX Amerikana: the Failing Roman Empire of the NWO

And why they must keep you afraid of (something) and distract you from the simple truth

Proof Repeal of Posse Comitatus Will Establish Police State

A victim’s first-hand account of an actual illegal violation of Posse Comitatus which terrorized a whole neighborhood and involved many illegal acts, including shooting of and at bystanders.

What of Early, of Late?

A look at my life and that of a close high-school friend, how one of use chose to fight the NWO with the pen, and the other elected to use a gun… and loose. There are lessons for us all, but it is not about gun violence, its about Political violence by an outlaw government.

I AM Brandon Raub; the importance and relevance thereof

Proof government thinks ex-military are ‘terrorists’ and political dissidents are ‘mentally ill’ – lessons we have failed to learn from fallen empires and literature

Raw Numbers Prove DHS Gearing Up For Martial Law, Revolution, or Chinese Invasion

215 FEMA camps, 1.4 billion bullets, including 9 million sniper rounds… 30,000 drones, 3,000 drone operators, and 50 drone control sites…  and still counting threats…

Web Walker: How to bypass Internet Surveillance or Even a Total Web Shutdown

A simple solution: establish a Web Walker, your own Internet emulation to totally bypass the existing system – and its snoops

25 Questions No One Has Asked About Aurora Shooting

Answering them reveals there was no lone gunman

What the Federal Reserve has Cost You Personally

This article will help you estimate the (#%@!) huge number

Confidential Conversations that Never Happened…

A parody of real-life mechanisms in conspiracy cleanup (coverup contingencies)

USAF Command Solo: Airborne Mind Control for the Masses

Not even the aircrew knows what they are telling you to think

REPOST/UPDATE: Free Speech Requires FBI/CIA/Police Approval

Since original post, government has censored the content!

Mind-Controlled Mass Shootings Don’t Change My Mind

The NWO can’t have my gun until I first get rid of the bullets

In the Rearview Mirror: When You Think You’re Followed

How to know, what to do about it

Your Cell Phone is a Government Agent Spying on You

How to prevent gross violations of your privacy by the Police State

On Being Prepared for Martial Law or Revolution

What activists, militia, gun owners, and EVERYBODY ELSE should expect

Portending Martial Law: Three Facts That Put You at Risk 

Warning signposts from local media which mainstream media deems not to share.

Compare 1776 to 2012 and Tell Me Where You THINK You Live…

Congress and the President are pressing their luck just like King George

Official Formula for Conspiracy Coverups

CU=(AC+P)x(LA+FB)x(4+D)x(FE-TE)^(GI)  Make sense? Should; it works!

Visual Roadmaps to Treason Expose Truth About Terrorism

It’s all about who benefits

Timeline of Masonic/Illuminati/Mind Control Evolutions

From my book MC Realities, history (wars especially) start to make sense

Top 10 Reasons to Order Your Mass Murder Kit, Today

If you think terrorism (and our response) is a farce, you will love this

Series of three posts on prospect of Revolution in the United States 

My three most popular posts with over 1,200 hits in a day:

What does it take to start a revolution, how close are we, what does the military think, what should you do?

On Military Thinking: ‘The Best Defense’ and Your Future in Their Eyes

If you don’t know about the Revolution in Military Affairs… you had better read this

Spin-off post to the above mentioned series

The Olympics and Political Control Technology; Formula for Control

Evidence is that Athletes brains are being zapped… and yours, too, thereby.

How to Deal With Terrorism (How to Love Obama bin Laden)

An experts humorous (political commentary) look at how-to survive the worst

On Routine Assassinations of U.S. Citizens, a Simple Remedy

File murder charges for NDAA-style murders

The Federal Reserve: an Appearance of the Fourth Kind

A look at the Federal Reserve like no other

24 Campaign Planks: H. Michael Sweeney for President of the United States?

Given the power, these are the changes I’d make for you (something for everyone)

A Glimpse of Fatal Rebirth (from the Preface)

The book that predicted 9-11 terrorism, middle-east oil wars, and more…

On Anonymous, Anonymous Methods, and Anonymous Targets

Hacking into the hacker organization’s myths and realities

Bush/Clinton NWO Plans Continue to Unfold Within Obama Administration

The New Boss is the same as the Old boss, so Sich Heil, again

Templehof Reveals Political Control Technology Secrets

What do the Knights Templar, Templehof Airport, the Cold War and HAARP all have in common?

Lion Dance (a screenplay): How China Invades the U.S. via the Canamex Highway

Is it actually fiction, or is it too close to the truth to be allowed onto the Silver Screen?

Two decades of research may hold the answer.

The NWO Class War against Non Elites: The Temp Agencies

How many Temp Employment Agencies make War on the unemployed and feed unemployment trends

FascistBook: a two part series on partnered spying via social media networks

Who are all those people watching you from the other side of your monitor?

Journalistic Free Speech Requires FBI/CIA/Police Approval

Journalism as intended by those who invented it is almost extinct

Madoff’s Ponzi and Social Security step by step IDENTICAL

14 out of 15 steps the same. A fun read with good explanations

The 33 Axioms of Fascism, a Primer (four part series)

A review of modern Fascism as it infects every nation on Earth, its goals, its methods; a very real threat.

A Logical Path to a Credible Planet X

One of the most contested and yet least understood conspiracy topics of the day,

it is also perhaps most serious and impacting on your life… and even death.

Australia’s Carbon Tax 1st Step toward One-World Monetary System

Translation: NWO, no more national sovereignty.


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