My Favs – please read

My Fav 5 Posts at a Glance

These posts are underdog (under read) posts closest to my heart, often breaking my heart that they are not more widely read and responded to by readers. Some are for the benefit of others (call for help). Some are simply promoting myself, my beliefs, or projects.


#1               How FED (Federal Reserve) Co Conspirator Bank Robs the Poor and Their Dead

The shameful case of Bank America and Wordy Mae (you can help)

 #2              24 Campaign Planks: H. Michael Sweeney for President of the United States?

Given the power, these are the changes I’d make for you (something for everyone)

#3              Lion Dance (a screenplay): How China Invades the U.S. via the Canamex Highway

Is it actually fiction, or is it too close to the truth to be allowed onto the Silver Screen?

Two decades of research may hold the answer.

#4              World’s 1st Ergonomic/Heuristic Book May Resolve Dyslexia

A better way to read for almost everyone, it is dramatically easier to read for Dyslexics.

Very green technology, its also 20% more cost effective.

#5              Eight Steps of a Stalker and Defenses

What every women and many men should know about stalkers


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