Templehof Secrets Reveal Political Control Technology

Templehof Secrets

Reveal Political Control Technology

by H. Michael Sweeney,

copyright © 2011, ProparanoidPress, all rights reserved
permissions to reproduce available on request to pppbooks at comcast (net)
Dateline Portland, OR Sept 23, 2011

Some of the HAARP-like facilities World wide

What is Templehof?

Some Facebook friends sent me a URL on an ongoing investigation they were involved in regarding the Templehof Airport, in Berlin. It is written in German but I’ve translated it for you, here. Templehof was the Cold War era airport used to combat the blockade of Berlin by Kruschev with an unprecedented (vid) continuous 24/7/365 airlift of food, medicine, and goods needed to keep the city alive and functioning. The airport, rebuilt by the Germans in the 1930s,  was remodeled again in the Cold War years by the Americans, and that has become the source of a mystery involving Political Control Technology secrets… and more.

Though the runway portion is rather small and, like many, a simple slim rectangle… for some reason, the airport features a mammoth oval perimeter and a completely atypical and massive arcuate terminal building which, even in busy times, was more than needed. Not at all now that the airport is closed and ‘abandoned.’ Abandoned is an odd description given the high security perimeter fencing and human guard network surrounding the periphery of this airport, years after any military presence. This has raised the curiosity level of investigative authors Grazyna Fosar and Franz Bludorf.

Templehof Political Control Technology

Chasing after mysteries at Templehof

Templehof from 1923 to mid 1930s

They wondered why so many people in the shadow of the airport have, over the last several decades, come down with the same unique and serious health problems, with new cases continuing to come from the area. We are talking about health problems associated with bombardment by RF energies of a type common to Political Control Technology. That is, psychotronic weapons known to have been employed during the late Cold War by both sides, and subsequently developed for portable use against individuals as well as groups on an ‘as needed basis.’ Other symptoms of such technology in play also exists at the site; a low frequency hum which seems to have no location or source, heard only by humans and not by recording machines. Ah, but they can be recorded as radio signals… traced to the closed base. Imagine that.

Templehof radar, underground loop and Yagi lookdown path (white line)

Their investigation revealed the existence of a large underground loop antenna for transmission of the ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) signals involved… frequencies which match the human brain’s own EEG signals. It is already proven that if you broadcast an EEG signal as a radio wave at energy levels greater than those of the mind, a human in the radio beam’s path will automatically adopt (be entrained to) those signals as if their own; remote  mood control. All this is the stuff about which I write in my book, MC Realities (proparanoidpress.com).

My own research has included HAARP and an endless number of similar or related facilities World Wide as well as how they seemed tied to a phenomenon called the Norway Spiral seen and videoed in the skies by thousands of people. This strange event was said by some to be related to Project Bluebeam, a conspiracy intending, it is claimed, to fake the second coming of Christ in order to facilitate seating of the Antichrist. It’s a conspiracy pinned on the modern-day Illuminati, which is another way of saying Knights Templar.

Such spirals have actually been seen in three locations around the World (yellow ‘targets’ in the 1st image, above), but Norway was the one that got all the publicity. All bear a set of unique properties and relationships associated with the HAARP-like facilities, and it was my study of these relationships which revealed that a World-wide network of HAARPish sites exist in a way such that if Bluebeam is a real planned event… there is nowhere on Earth they can’t make you see whatever they want you to see. To underscore, more recently, crosses are appearing in the sky (vid1, vid2), and other apparitions which defy logic, such as two Suns (vid1, vid2, vid3), and giant jellyfish creatures (vid1, vid2). But I digress, and these prove nothing but that debunking is getting harder. And do watch out, there are a lot of debunkable things out there.

Templehof Political Control Technology

Templehof, playground of the Knights Templar

Looking at the Templehof matter, the first thing I find of interest is its history. Temple means ‘temple,’ which is also what Templar means (of the Temple) and hof means ‘court’  or ‘palace.’ Templehof was in the centuries before Hitler a home to the Knights Templar, until Friday the 13th, 1307 when the Pope and the Crown Heads of Europe began to hunt them down for crimes not at all proper for the Pope’s own (hint: Satanism). This may be one reason why Hitler, as occultist supreme, elected to make it a key military base and frequently held massive ceremonies there. In my research, I attempt to show links between the Knights Templar and the Illuminati, the dark Satanic cult which sought the establishment of the New World Order, a one-World government ruled by the Antichrist. They coined the word, and they laid out the plan still seen in force today in the New World Order movement, all detailed in my book.

12th Century Templehof 'Castle'

Templar treasure has always been of mythical proportions, but based in truth. They held more wealth than the Crowned Heads, and were generally the money lenders of their day. It is reasonable to assume that as a Templar Hof, there would have been tunnels and secret underground chambers. Thanks to excellent accounts, we know that there were massive, multi-level tunnels beneath Templehof Airport at the end of WWII which had likely been constructed prior to the War or during, perhaps enlarged from ancient digs.

They were so extensive that they ran to distant parts of the airfield as well as the local Police station. When the U.S. took control, a security lid was put on Templehof and the tunnels. Any upgrades for installation of electronics were likely undertaken in the mid 1950’s when the U.S. discovered that Soviets were beaming electronic weapons at our embassies, and we officially but secretly entered into a psychotronic weapons race, as detailed in my book.

Templehof Political Control Technology

Radar synonymous with HAARP and Political Control Technology

Early DEW Line 1st alert radar installation

But the second thing that I noticed was technical, catching my eye for several reasons associated with my earlier study of HAARP-like sites. The unusual terminal shape reminded me of a particular complex located in China in several details. Both form an arc-like structure which could be employed as a giant radar dish, similar to those of the DEW Line and Soviet counterparts during the Cold War era, albeit enclosed in concrete and glass, and not perhaps as tall… both being much, much wider, and both with a more pronounced degree of arc. Understand that all HAARP-like facilities employ multiple forms of radar systems along with their ELF and VLF radio antenna arrays. At Templehof, it would have been relatively easy to incorporate structural elements of a radar ‘wall’ (image left) as part of the existing facade.

But that does not mean it was used as a conventional radar system. Such would blast the planes and workers at the airport with intense and dangerous radar waves. But it could easily be a receiver designed to amplify the traditional radar systems present. If one draws a line (thin white line in my image) bisecting the center of the Templehof arc and plots it on Google Earth, it can be extended to see the ‘line of sight’ such a dish might have.  Extension reveals a precise bisect  within a few degrees of arc with the Cold War military airfields at Prerov in Czech Republic, Cheshnegirovo in Bulgaria, and Neisse Malxetal in Soviet occupied Germany. If one widens the arc additional military fields would be inclusive. Further, there were undoubtedly many mobile and fixed missile launch points within the same zones. Such a viewing angle represents an overlook of what might be described as the ‘front line’ of Soviet offensive launch capabilities against European targets. Prerov faces Italy. Cheshnegirovo for France, and the German bases are closest to Great Britain.

China 'wall' radar, possible underground Yagi

The similar radar structure located in China, on the other hand, is aimed at Australia. In its lookdown path we find several HAARP-like arrays in Australia including the American operated HOLT system for communicating with submarines, a site which, by the way, incorporates ‘sacred geometry’ favored by the Templars and Illuminati (the two groups are related). Thus the Chinese site seems to be a listening post of sorts, but the construct is quite similar to Templehof, and HAARPish elements are nearby.

Embedded within an underground portion at the site, I believe, there is the functional equivalent of a giant Yagi style di-pole antenna which serves to amplify signals within a focused narrow aim. There are visual clues that a huge buried Yagi exists both in China as well as Templehof. And we will find them elsewhere, too…

Yagi highly focused x'mit or receive antenna

Thus in my opinion, if investigators were to go back to Templehof, they might find evidence of an underground placement of a Yagi system running all the way to the Viktoriapark monument, which is likely the actual base of any such antenna element. The distance of any Yagi at Templehof would seem shorter than found in China, but the Chinese system, located at  40∞30’37.90″ N  93∞14’12.03″ E is not as large. I propose the smaller Chinese radar profile requires a longer Yagi to compensate. While this can easily be deemed nothing more than conjecture, I remain confident in the principles applied.

Templehof Political Control Technology

How Deep is the Rabbit Hole?

I have an extensive Google Earth.kmz file available which plots all known HAARP-like facilities World Wide (their number is far more than anyone has suspected). An example at page top comes from  my YouTube videos on the Norway Spiral — I suggest you start with part 4 if wishing to review. The .kmz  may be useful to anyone wishing to conduct further research or cross check my investigative effort. Among that dataset are two sites in the U.S. which relate in their own way to both Templehof and the symptoms shared by victims of electronic PCT in various parts of the World. In terms many Americans might understand, I speak not just of the health issues, but of an additional symptom known as the Taos Hum (and there is the Oregon Hum, etc., etc., etc., a list dozens of places long and World wide), long a mystery thought to be a government mind control conspiracy. Indeed

Huachuca military radar with possible underground loop and 5 Yagi

One of the unusual sites is in Huachuca, N.M. There a particular Radar is associated with a very unusual HAARP-like array (below). It also exhibits evidence of an underground loop such as found in Templehof as well as of five underground Yagi (faint thin  whit lines locate them for you, image right) arranged in parallel and aligned in the same direction, one of which is longer than the others and appears more recently buried.

Moreover, the alignment of these is also in alignment with the actual array, which unlike all prior arrays, seems to involve enclosed antenna structures laid out in a repeating geometric pattern with diminishing dimensions (see image). This, too, achieves a bit of a Yagi type of directional amplification, as I understand it. It establishes a wave guide, or sorts, with a building intensity as the signal is emited… in one direction.

Hauchuca antenna array

Plateville array and four radars aimed at Taos

While the direction of aim of the array and the Yagi are the same and generally toward Taos, N.M., it does not provide a precise ‘hit.’ That’s O.K., because it does hit in the desert area near TAOS where the hum is most often reported. But that is not all. There is in Colorado a second HAARP-like system at Plateville with radar dishes of its own, and they have a fixed angular focus which, according to official information (image) overlaps the Huachuca signal at only one place… the Desert area near Taos. There is no apparent evidence of a possible Yagi or Loop, but that does not mean they do not exist.

With that discovery, I rest my case that,

a) Templehof, China, and Huachuca, likely with aid from Plateville, all  do much the same thing, which is;

b) x’mit Political Control Technology signals, and/or;

c) watch or listen in on potential foe activity; and

d) employ a combination of underground loops and Yagi systems with above ground radar and (often) HAARP-like ELF/VLF arrays; and

e) the entire history of Templehof, the NWO movement, and Political Control Technology share one prime motivating factor… the Templars; and of

f) The Military

But by no means does that prove a conspiracy… and in fact there are no doubt some actual useful purposes not associated with PCT for sites such as Plateville. But that kind of alternative use, be it a cover story or genuine, is NOT why it does not prove a conspiracy. No. It is because no matter how hard you try, no one is going to believe in the boogyman until they personally fall victim. For you, not today, I hope. Me? Been there, done that. Indeed, I believe.

About Author H. Michael Sweeney

Author of privacy/security/abuse of power, Founder Free Will Society, PALADINs (Post Apocalyptic Local Area Defense Information Network)

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