The 33 Axioms of Fascism, Conclusion

by H. Michael Sweeney,
copyright © 2011, ProparanoidPress, all rights reserved
permissions to reproduce available on request to pppbooks at comcast (net)

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Read the Introduction (part I), here.

Read part III (Axioms as to the Middle Class), here.


Fascism is the expression of the 1776 Illuminati Plan…

to establish the New World Order (they invented the term)…

a World with one Fascist police-state government…

with one supreme World leader…

who would be the Antichrist…

and lead us to the ultimate End Game…

at a place called Armageddon


The 33 Axioms:

As to the Lower Classes (cont.):

23) The lower class must be forced to rely upon societal infrastructure as a means of control by dependency

Yet these must not truly meet their needs to ensure they remain dependant. Health care/insurance programs, financial aids, worker protections and aids, the legal system, and welfare programs must suppress a desire and limit the actual ability to better one’s self by bootstrap and good work ethic by offering just enough to ‘make do without any further effort.’ This better insures they will prefer not to revolt or drop out of the system out of fear of ‘loosing key resources.’

24) The lower classes should not be allowed to long hold the same job

This not only lightens corporate obligations with respect to the cost of retirement programs, but it allows for profiteering by support industries such as firms providing Health Insurance who get to keep enrolling them over and over, but have no obligation for many months pending ‘qualification’ delays. Each new job denies one access to such services for a number of months, and makes everyone more profitable. Pensions no longer become a long term problem. Moreover, it teaches the worker they have insufficient worth and ability, and should not be striving to better themselves, but should instead accept their lot and life and move on as best they can.

25) Activists, protesters, and ‘do gooders’ should be covertly targeted to neutralize or destroy them and their effectiveness

Depending on their cause and their effectiveness, this could be something as simple as a black list or constant harassment by Police, or it could be as sophisticated as the hi-tech methods described in Axiom 30, below. There are, of course, also endless dirty tricks.  Try this on for size. Out of ten activists with children polled, seven state they have had Child Welfare called into play, resulting in very difficult times and expense, and becoming a matter that must be revisited endlessly. So what is it about activism that sponsors them to mistreat their children? Nothing of course, but an anonymous phone call. Likewise, a large percentage of activists are finding themselves being portrayed behind their backs as pedophiles, or persons under investigation for (something nasty).

26) Expendable, gullible, and obedient fools can always be recruited and exploited

They will come from that portion of the lower classes who might naturally care nothing for humanity, morals, or God, and can thus be encouraged to serve Fascist needs by promising them a small portion of power or wealth. These are the dogs that eat the crumbs of their Master and relish barking and gnashing at whatever target they are given. They are psychopaths and are quite expendable. They are well fed as long as they perform perfectly and obediently, but at any time it may amuse those holding their reigns to double cross them and let them suffer for their crimes. Amen.


As to the manner of thinking:

27) Fascism prefers bold audacity and daring, which will achieve much through dependence on public disbelief and apathy

The more impossible it seems to be, the easier it will be to get away with it. The role of media and education in dumbing down the population will ready them for tactics which allow magic bullet explanations to seem plausible. Distractions with bigger news stories, pornography and entertainment fluff and gossip, making matters as complex as possible so as to seem beyond grasp, and hammering them with the same story endlessly hours at a time will insure apathy and lack of interest. The use of constantly moving graphics, multiple talking heads, scrolling text bars, and other visual distractions will assure that only the desired sound bites get through. Ad to the mix a group of talking head shows purporting to be investigative or commentary in nature but which are really political thought assassination machines using loud voices and decisive, argumentative styles designed to block any undesired message.

28) A primary enemy, villain, war, terrorism, or cause must be created upon which all social problems and ills can be blamed

This will provide a motivation for uniting the people under the Fascist leadership in the name of common good or defense. A false flag operation is the easiest means to villainize a target group. Thereby the government need not actually address problems in any useful direct way, and instead blame external forces. The anger toward their lot in life is directed not at the source (government), but at an imaginary cause. It is the perfect framework for getting away with reduction in rights, privacy, and enabling other Draconian actions such as the Patriot Acts, and government spy agency partnering with social media.

29) Fascism makes victims responsible for their own plight, and to pay for their own victimization

While not quite relating in a precisely useful manner, this is a very interesting Psychological bias flow chart for blaming a victim from (click - accompanying podcast))

Especially useful where the victim is targeted and victimized by the government. The tactic enables wrongdoing in the name of good and complicates all efforts in the name of good, that apathy may rule men’s hearts. It must make logic seem illogical, and nonsense seem logical. It is psychological manipulation. Thus the victim of a crime must feel they may have been doing something wrong and must be made to question their motives. This reduces their fervor for justice and renders them docile. A fine or a tax can offset the cost of targeting, or they might be offered commercial treatment or prescribed drugs which return profits to the corporations.

30) Fascism relies upon Political Control Technologies as ‘humane alternatives’ to the gun

In modern times, the use of ‘non lethal’ weapons over more traditional law enforcement techniques is pushed at every opportunity. New PCT must be continually researched and made available for covert application outside of law enforcement, to include electronic weapons for surreptitious targeting of politically incorrect persons. Advanced methodology in gang stalking, microwave weapons, bio implants, voice-to-skull, and other technology will allow such persons to be made to seem mentally ill and cause them to be ignored when they attempt to make an argument for their case or cause.

31) Fascism seeks to demonize, neutralize, and homogenize mainstream religion by association with cults and violence

This may require establishing such cults using psychological indoctrination (mind control) methods, or infiltrating existing cults with manipulative agent provocateurs, to insure that they eventually make the news in some unsavory way, such as Jonestown, Heaven’s Gate, and Koresh. Simultaneously, division and hatred between mainstream religions must be fostered to insure that Jews, Christians, and Muslims will never realize they all worship the same God of Abraham, and unite against the Satanic underpinnings of Fascist goals. And also simultaneous, an attempt at creating an acceptable unified, all-faith, religion acceptable to and obedient to the State should be sought.

32) Fascists are racist by nature as a rule, and thus will at all times seek ways to oppress and destroy any race but the white

Overpopulation of the planet is a concern for which action must be taken at both ends of the problem. Birth rates must decline, and death rates must increase. The target population of one-half billion just happens not to include too many people who are not Caucasians. Thus race-specific pathogens should be sought, such as Avian Flu for the Asians, HIV for the Blacks, Hanta Virus for Native Americans, and Swine Flu for Hispanics, all of which are man-made variants of animal virus’ altered to impact humans in ways which defy good treatment. Of course, these are only prototypes for testing purposes. The real killers are yet to be released.

33) Fascism believes in might is right, the ends justify the means

Nothing more need be added to that.

About Author H. Michael Sweeney

Author of privacy/security/abuse of power, Founder Free Will Society, PALADINs (Post Apocalyptic Local Area Defense Information Network)

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